Most of us won’t see it.  It will come to others, but not to us.  At least not until we get a full understanding of what that word really means – REVIVAL.  What we tend to get mixed up here, is the great outpouring of the Holy Ghost in these last times; but, that which only comes after revival.  Common thinking, leads us to have an understanding, that you cannot revive, something that was never alive to start with.  Let’s see what this word really means.

Restoration of force, validity or effect.  The growth of something or an increase in the activity of something, after a long period of no growth or activity.  It’s the condition of being revived.  Restoration of something lapsed, or set aside.  We once taught, that revival, was for the church, and only the church.  When that came in reality, sons and daughters were born into the Kingdom.  A weak or sick body, cannot bring forth healthy children.  Once the body was brought back to it’s original state, the Power of God came down.

We’ve gotten out of order.  Whether we admit it or not, over time, we have changed some truths of God and His Word.  We’ve taken out certain things, and replaced them with our own word. In doing so, we have lost our validity.  The Spirit, will not operate in a very lopsided sense of authority.  We were first to declare, that not one iota of His word, could be changed or altered.  Yet, we did it.  God had a divine order for the church; the apostles wrote it clearly.  Are we aware, that if we take out even one office of the ministries, the entire thing is designated for collapse.  Changing, His divine order.

Self.  The first disaster mentioned that leads to the most perilous times ever, in these last days we are in now.  Following our way and our program and our direction, rather than following the leading of the Holy Ghost, is a ticket to deceiving ourselves and those who hear us.  Without the gifts of the Spirit, all we have, are the works of the flesh.  The reality of anyone attempting to direct the moving of the Spirit or the suppression or man-made approval of the gifts He bestowed to His church, His people, has brought a deep grieving of the Holy Ghost.  Laying our hand, to the Spirit.

What are the things that must be brought back; what ways must we return to, before the Spirit can do the work we say we desire?  I think, rather than me trying to name them, we should each ask it of ourselves.

Meekly I pray, Jesus Christ, is the Head of the five-fold ministry; there is no exception.  It is His church; not ours or not all those who think they are in control.  As it was in His time, a den of thieves, has set itself up in what was to be His house.  You can rest assured, that He will drive them out again, before He comes back.

Most will not believe that, but it is happening even now; in truth, it has been happening for some time now.  Can we make this more personal.  What things do I need to revive in me, that will once again allow the Spirit to work and flow freely as it once did.  What have I laid aside, or let slide, that once kept me full of His Power and real Holy Ghost demonstration.

What must those in authority do, to bring back the true anointing and manifestation of the same things the first church had?  We in the streets; those who have been lost but found again and rebuilt by the Master, what can we yet bring back, that will demonstrate the love, He renewed in us?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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