What has Jesus done in YOUR life?


This morning is a wonderful time to brag on my God and King.  My greatest problem is where to begin…

My organization has taken on a couple of contract employees to help out with a particularly busy season that is upcoming.  Over the past month or so I have been getting to know them as I have helped them get acclimated to our systems and processes.  One of the two, I have discovered, is an overt Christian.  Naturally we bonded quickly in that area.

Yesterday, as I was walking through the common area out by the printer I noticed her.  Although a smile remained on her face, there was a lot of physical pain that was evident.  Her extremely pronounced, almost pathetic limp couldn’t be ignored and so I asked, “What happened?”

She began to tell me how the previous day she had been walking her dog, or as she put it, “I think my dog was walking me.”  In the process she had broken her toe and was now barely mobile.  I looked at her and knew what needed to be done.  I said, “I want to stop by your desk in a little while.”  She knew right away what I was talking about.

Penelope’s desk was particularly busy and there was a lot of activity going on on.  It didn’t seem like the right place to drop to a knee, take hold of her foot and begin proclaiming healing in Jesus’ name so we agreed to utilize one of the conference rooms.

As I laid hands on her foot and began to the pray, one of the first things I noted was the distinct sound of weeping.  Clearly something was happening.  I continued praying and as I did I would pause periodically to confirm what was going on with her physiologically.  When I finished she stood up and immediately began WALKING.  There was still some sign of limping but the improvement was quite evident.

When we opened the door to the conference room and began to walk out, Hannibal, another of my co-workers was just outside the door.  He asked, “What are you up to?”  I responded (even to my surprise) “Oh, I was just laying hands on my sister here and proclaiming healing over her in Jesus’ name!”

Everyone went back to their desks and business went back to usual.  A little while later I decided to check in.  I sent her an instant message (IM):

  • Mitch [2:37 PM]: How’s that foot doing?
  • Penelope [2:43 PM]: Nothing but a few pinches here and there brother :)
  • Mitch [2:49 PM]: Healing???
  • Penelope [2:52 PM]: WOOOOHOOOOO!  THANK YOU JESUS! ALL glory to my living God :)
  • Mitch [2:55 PM]:  AMEN! I gotta tell my wife!
  • Mitch [3:19 PM]:  JESUS!!!
  • Penelope [3:46 PM]:  God is Good ALL the time :)  Thank you Brother for being obedient…. I shall follow suit
  • Mitch [4:13 PM]:  That’s the best news.  All glory to God. Tell everyone what Jesus has done!

In the process of praying over her I asked her to agree with me that she would tell everyone what Jesus had done.  I believe that is a large part of why we receive healing.  It is about giving glory to God and bearing testimony to what He has done.  It is just another facet of His mercy that people will know that there is a true, living God.  That is the obedience of which she spoke…

When I was about to leave the office I went by her desk again.  I asked her, “How are you feeling?”  I wish I had trained a camera on her for her response.  She stood up, began standing one the previously injured foot while taking her other foot off the ground.  It reminded me of the first “Karate Kid” movie where he learns to stand on one leg in the “crane pose.”  He used that move when he injured his other leg.

For Penelope it was the opposite.  She was putting all of her weight on the leg that had been injured.  Then she began DANCING around! I’m sure that the neighbor across the way that had let her BORROW HIS CANE earlier in the day had to be wondering what was going on!

I called over a friend that sits close by.  “Denny, you remember how Penelope was limping?  Penelope, show him!”  She began dancing all around at that point but mostly I was watching his face as his jaw dropped.  I summed it up simply for him, “Jesus healed her foot!”

Note that this was not a Sunday morning church service or even a weeknight revival.  It was here in my workplace…  and this has not been the first miraculous healing here. There have been many others prior to this one!  I wonder if perhaps, as we are so urgently seeking spiritual revival, we aren’t looking for it to spring up in the wrong place.

One final thought…  Perhaps this is why the LORD was ministering to me so many words about doubt yesterday morning in my prayer time.  He wanted to make sure all doubt was out of the way for what was to come later in the day!  (See posts below for the words He gave me)  God is GOOD.

Jesus is alive and well and He wants to use you right where you are.  You don’t need to find a church to come into His power and authority . If you have given your life to Him, wherever you are He is also!  So proclaim Him in your workplace, at the gas station, at the grocery store, at the gym or wherever you are!

Tell me, what has Jesus done in your life?


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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