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Russia — Ukraine: Confirmation of Prophetic Word — 5 Comments

  1. The Biden administration said in January and February that the US would sever the pipeline. This creates crisis, in gas supplies, and in pollution.  The Globalist Cabal will take advantage of these crises.  That is the only motivation for doing it.  God is faithful.  I’m sure that this He will use to advance against Lucifer.

  2. America is an antichrist nation (Babylon) – not Russia. The teachings of the American churches are so far removed from the early church it is unreal.

    America under the guise of peace, freedom and security etc… has:

    Started countless wars in the middle-east and Asia, now Europe.
    Exported the poison dart.
    Prolonging a war in Ukraine, they cannot win and dragging Europe into it.
    Weakened Europe so it cannot defend itself.
    Exported Jezebel/Feminist/Woke theology all around the world, destabilising many nations.
    Started colour revolutions around the world, using those same techniques in the US.

    It is not in Russia’s interest to blow-up its own pipeline, when it can just turn off the tap. America did it to break to kill the European economy and make them wholly dependent on the US. Though I think it will have the opposite effect.

    America is EVIL.

    • America is not the only evil one. I believe as Veronika prophesied a short while ago, the evil ones doing the rounds of the knock-out games.

  3. Russia can just shut off Nord stream 2. He has no reason to blow the pipeline but the cabal does benefit fr the energy crisis it had manufactured over Europe with its Green deal. As usual, the cabal blew the pipeline n blamed it on Putin. BidAn even said he could hv it done just b4 the news of pipeline leaks emerged

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