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  1. This was such a beautiful time of surrender, peace and of being very transparent.

    I felt loved and refreshed. I did not write it out at the time. This is what I now receive. “You will not encounter the same problems as you have up to now. I am making a way for you where there seems no way. You will eat of My Bread in a way that you have not previously done so. I am navigating your way this season. You will climb over yesterday’s troubles and will surmount with your hand within Mine. No longer shall you be plagued with indecision or confusion. You shall trust My leading and know that you are on the right track for all shall become clear to you as you seek Me for all of your answers. I AM the Way Maker and I AM for you and not against you. Yesterday’s troubles are behind you and much grace and mercy is ahead of you. My promises for you are “Yes & Amen”.

    Thank you, Angela for this exercise which I partook in – one could call it a glimpse at one’s future.

    • Oh wow Therese Praise Be to God! 
      How encouraging & beautiful to walk with The Father in Spirit as He promises all troubles are behind. This is promotion and He is trusting you with new bread ( revelation) in the days ahead. 
      So exciting! We have such a loving Father. Thank you dear sister for sharing.
      Blessings Over you house,

    • Praise the Lord Dorothy! All Glory to The Father. I am honored to be a helper!!

      I have been led by the Lord to begin a podcast series “Recognizing God’s voice. The link is on my blog.  Angela

  2. Awesome Julie… This is so wonderful to hear. I will be praying you receive mightily in this season. Blessings to you. 

  3. Angela, thank you for sharing this.  I have been asking God how to still my mind and you have told me how to begin and follow through.  JRW

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