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Standby to Launch: The Time of Triumph has Come! — 7 Comments

  1. I am a part of the army of God, because the Spirit told me so and I have been made ready for whatever He wills me to do. HE IS COMING SOON/

  2. Hallelujah ! Glory to God ! Thanks be to God ! I am Blessed of thee Almighty God. I Highly Praise thy name on high.

  3. Thank you, Almighty God for my time has finally arrived. All Praise, All Glory, and All Eternal Honor to You.

    Love, Jay

  4. Hallelujah! I praise the Lord! I believe DWF is a prophet and I believe and rejoice in this word! Amen Glory to God. Thank you DWF dear sister in the Lord. Again I say AMEN !!!!!

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