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Standing Against the Wiles of the Devil — 1 Comment

  1. Dear brother Jahfas Victor
    Thank you for your caring work for your brothers and sisters worldwide. Thank you for pointing to Hebrews 2:15. I dare to share, I was very fearless and bold, I was and I AM a courageous free woman. And very loving, caring and speaking truth in freedom, in respectful ways, helping every person in needs, giving them room, food, money, physical and mentoring help in all areas, and I know when to say nothing or to be quiet, to not hurt people with reproaches or accuses. Mostly people do know inside where they need change or repentence. My appearance and my “simple” clear speech often caused jealousy and rage, even revenge in some people and groups. As I shared at this forum, I do not stand out with make up or high heels. Often people sense immediately that I have a calling FROM GOD, and I pray that this does not cause more shootings against me. Brother, the devil and his hordes were so hard and wicked after me, that over the years fear crawled in. When they sense it they turn up the torture, and you get to know how bottomless deep the wicked are. I thank you for your prayers, I need your prayer right now, and GOD willing, I attend tomorrow to your online congregation. You know, I already registered.

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