Stop rejecting the Word of God!


Stop rejecting the Word of God!  

God will use whomever He desires to use!

Some people worry about being accepted or doing the work of god because they fear what others think.  Or they may feel rejected by family and relatives, friends, associates, neighbors and community.  It’s true, some people overlook and reject the word of god because of who is bringing the message, some people may feel that you are not qualified or God didn’t call you.  Actually they may be upset and wondering why God is not using them instead of you!  A lot of time jealousy will play into their actions.

They may feel that they should be above you, being that they are the ones with the money, status, wealth, or worldly influence.  The truth be told, if God wanted to, He would have chosen them instead of you.  So it doesn’t matter who brings the word, as long as it is the true Word given by God.

Those who reject the Word because the focus is on the messenger, will be held accountable to God for His word, because of pride and arrogance….

It doesn’t matter who is speaking the word, as long as they are willing vessels.  Then God can use them.  So in essence, just because a person doesn’t want to acknowledge or recognize the fact that God is using that particular person, doesn’t make his word any less effective.

God is not going to use whomever we think He should be using, He uses whom He chooses to use!  He uses those who are humble, willing, teachable, and bold enough to proclaim his word.  It is God who gives gifts, talents, abilities, knowledge, and skills to be used for His glory and purpose!

It happens all the time, that people tend to reject the word because of the familiarity of the person.  Just like the people who were familiar with Jesus.  There were people in His town and community who were familiar with his family and grew up with him… so they shunned him off and just would not accept the fact that He was the Son of the Living God.  And that’s the way it is today; most people who are the most familiar with the men and women of God will usually have a hard time accepting them, because they know them personally and are familiar with their past, their family or their background.

The lord is saying when you reject those that I send because of your pride and arrogance, then you are not rejecting them, but you are in fact rejecting Him. In essence, we are being warned of rejecting the word of God because of who is bringing the message.  The rejection of the Word is rejection of God and not the person… and when you stand before God, you will be held accountable…

“Therefore, whoever rejects this instruction is not rejecting human authority but god, who gives you his holy spirit”  1 Thessalonians 4:8(ISV).


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine Coleman imageGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.




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