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  1. Thank you, dear Joyce, for this message. Often all hell breaks loose when such articles come out. Always the same story: When a brother or a sister touches the ungodly pride and arrogance in churches, the messenger gets attacked. If they cannot silence you, they dig in your past, trying to grab long forgiven things out and twist everything, to discredit you or calling you sick. When you are quiet, they provoke you. And when you speak or write, they come from every corner and cry: “Shut up !”
    Brother Robert posted this article to STOP the spiritual show on church stages ! He got down beside the piano and humbled himself. Oh, how I did this, too.
    I returned after a week of no posts to confirm his experiences. No matter what I say or describe – some try always to discredit me. I never was a fearful person. And exactly that’s the reason why many were and still are after me. If anybody wants to know what Psalm 120 says, so read it, and you will know. First I left facebook, but today I finally leave here, too. Just want to let you know: My son met musician Paul Wilbur at age 14. He was a happy, handsome skilled young man, no way oldfashioned or oppressed by his mother. At age 16 they manipulated him to leave mom and church and highschool. We were and we are NOT asocials and we are NOT addicted to any substance. We work both and we are doing way more good than bad. And we are NOT fearful sick cowards. We had and have good and powerful influence to society. GOD has confirmed me so often. Signs and wonders are following those who are with Him. Mark 16 ! It is so sad when the battlefield is not only in the world, but inside the churches.
    Google will shut down it’s google+ service on April 2. A last time I publish here my page. I avoided to do so since a long time. That page/ channel never was for my own fame or applause. GOD knows – it was meant to help others.
    Again, thank you all who have prayed and / or have encouraged me. A final note concerning my future: I am actually in preparation for going back to my homeland. If anyone feels the urge to pray for me, so please pray that the hidden strategists and operators never again dare to block or to hinder my destiny or the destiny of my son.
    To Angus and Jill I want to apologize for having written a little out of topic here today or whenever. May GOD confirm to you all who I really am. And don’t forget Psalm 120. SHALOM

  2. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord! What an excellent word to the body of Christ. It is way overdue! Thank you!

    I’m a musician and there is so much pride in this area. I get so weary watching the “performance” of church music. I have to watch how angry it makes me when I’m around it.
    I find it highly offensive that it is a paid position in some churches. I have to constantly remember Who I’m playing for and keep that in focus.

    Thank you and God bless you!

  3. Here is the Bible verse Amos 5:23
    “Take away from me the noise / the tumult of your songs; the melody of your harps I will not listen.”
    Another translation says instead of noise: “tumult”. Amos 8 gives more warnings.
    Brother, I was in a big church choir. I understand you so much how precious it is when the stronger voices give others strength and courage to sing. A few, only 2 women in 2 choirs had this noble character to help others. But mostly it was about this: Who stands in the first row. GOD is my witness, it is true.

  4. Thank you, dear brother. I understand you so much. GOD has a Holy Scripture for this screaming prostitution in churches: Amos 5:23
    You describe it right: Often it is only for this reason: “Look at me, I am a pop star for God”. When my son once sang strong and clear the old hymn in a Pentecostal congregation “How great THOU art” the church turned through many gossip against me ! They discussed that he might be under too strong influence of his mom. My son wanted to leave that church. He said, “I can’t stand this show behind their microphones”. So guess what ?? They wanted to blame ME, and they suggested to bring him in foster care ! They asked him at the local office, which “sects” his mother has brought him in over the years. Long story short: It was a ‘church’ who is known for taking away the kids of single mothers. Much damage then started. My son and I almost got ruined when he made what they wanted. I do NOT complain. I just want to confirm your article. Read Amos 8, too. God hates all religious show.

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