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The Bear Nation Arises With a Hunger for War! — 20 Comments

  1. Please please can you help me understand all thats happening & going to happen.
    I do know some things..
    But words aren’t something i understand properly..
    Old lay woman..
    Bear, Dragon, red dragon i can interpret as China..
    I struggle to understand the references in the bible..
    I know i need to be in God..
    I please please need help interpreting.
    Its like code names & i just don’t understand.
    My whole life has been abuse.
    So politics & anything in the world, i knew nothing about.
    As much as we were bought up in the church & i was born again 6yrs ago..
    Im luke warm & i know it. I don’t want to be..
    But i desperately need help..
    Thank you for considering me as a student.
    Im 56 & sick..
    God bless you..
    Sorry i dont know how to get on like telegram etc. Not tech savvy in the slightest..

    • Call JSM Jimmy Jimmy Swaggart Ministry and order you a Study Bible, he’s a great biblical scholar and under the scriptures he has the meaning of what it means! Ask them if it’s the Exspoitory bible or the Study bible that you need to help you learn!

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