The Change is Here…


FROM THE THRONE OF GRACE.  The change is Here, the change is Now, says The Lord of Hosts.

So many counted you out, but they will wish they had counted you in.  They hurt you repeatedly and dogged you out, left you for dead, BUT I HAD YOUR DESTINY IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS, says The Lord of Hosts, I AM RESURRECTING YOU AND YOUR PROMISES.  This was a costly thing for you but I had to teach you the difference between My Spirit and the TARES.  Faithfulness, I honor your Faithfulness and Obedience to Me, says The Lord.  The King of All Kings, I indeed used it all to RAISE YOU UP..

Higher. higher and higher in Me.  The more they ran their mouths and told their LIES, hating you without a cause the MORE YOU LEARNED OF ME.



You were PREDESTINED for this that I have ordained.  Even the suffering. (Romans 8:29-31) Adversity teaches you to Seek My Face and press even the more into Me.  It transformed you and crucified your flesh man.  The more you forgave, the more you prayed, the more you loved even when it hurt!  I had to make you Strong and pliable so you will not PERISH in the END.  So you learned to obey Me.

They cursed, but you blessed.  In this I am well pleased yet I must indeed vindicate my Own.  Cursed with a curse they are, all of whom have cursed and blasphemed MY HOLY GHOST!


Being perfected and conditioned in your Faith, through the trials, you cried out to me like David  (Psalm 18).

In this, while they tried to destroy you, silently, I continued to refill you secretly, now I will reward you OPENLY.  Restoring you and loving You through the pain, we grew closer together.  Years and years of Healing your heart, drying your tears. training you, testing you and using you for My Glory.  I will show them all that I have loved you.  And I myself will reward you for your beautiful works, and the cleanness of your hands in my sight.

And for your sacrifices and your love, I AM. I AM GOD.  I AM JUST.  I WILL HONOR MY WORD.  I will send you into NEW places, higher places, for the hurting, broken and the lost, for I AM SOON TO COME….. and much turmoil will be upon the Earth.  Yet I will surely preserve, protect and spare My Bride as I test them who also dwell on the EARTH.  You have endured many tests and trials also but not like those that are coming upon the Earth, FOR IT IS WRITTEN.

Did not I say it would be as the days of Noah?

My word shall be fulfilled.  Not one jot or tittle shall pass away, not until all is fulfilled.  All that is written of Me.  I will do it.  I will do it for My Namesake, for My Glory.  I AM THE LORD.  I DO NOT CHANGE!  I AM that I AM.


I KNOW THY WORKS: BEHOLD, I have set before thee an OPEN DOOR, and NO MAN CAN SHUT IT: for thou hast a LITTLE STRENGTH, and hast KEPT MY WORD, and hast not denied MY NAME.

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship BEFORE THY FEET, and to know that I HAVE LOVED THEE.

Because thou hast kept the Word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the “hour of temptation”, which shall come upon ALL THE WORLD, to TRY THEM that DWELL upon the EARTH (Revelation 3:8-10 KJV).



~ Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell
Crown Jewel Ministries.
Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.

End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne KendellOriginal message written and published by End Time Apostle-Prophet Adrianne Kendell




The Change is Here… — 6 Comments

  1. Genesis 50:20 (AMP)
    20 As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really needed to hear this!! I gladly receive it in Jesus’ name!  I wondered if God still heard me!

  3. Thank u for this accurate word, Oh How long have I waited for this change, I thought this suffering would never end, This word came at the right time in the Most darkest hour of my life but I know CHANGE is HERE!!!THANK YOU JESUS

  4. The word on “Change is Here” spoke exactly to me and my situation. It was so personalized.  Thank you Jesus!