The Father Says Today – April 2014


April 30, 2014.   The Father says today adopt the luxury of love as a lifestyle.  Go out in your day and love with abandon, accept without qualification and give expecting nothing in return.  Your response time in the act of love is a measurement says the Father of My response time to meet your own need.  Love with haste says the Father.  Love without talking yourself out of unselfish acts of love.  Love without consideration for how it makes you look, feel or how you are disadvantaged by your magnanimity.  This is the mind that must be in you even as it is the mind of My Spirit that causes you to ascend and prevail in every area of life.

Say yes to love says the Father.  Say yes to love and reject the social conditioning of selfishness and small mindedness.  Let your love have breadth and depth today says the Father and I will cause you to know the depth and breadth of My love.  My love is without limits and I would that your love be without limits.  Love the undeserving.  Give to the unthankful.  Serve the indifferent.  In so doing I will bring a joy and an authority up in your heart like a life giving stream

April 29, 2014.   The Father says today leave the details to Me. As Lazarus’ sister you are cumbered and troubled about many things.  There is only one thing necessary to bring the release of your hopes and dreams and that is simple, relinquishing faith.  Relinquish the hopes and desires to My everlasting love for those hopes represent My unbending intent in your life.

I formed and fashioned you says the Father.  I formed and fashioned you and placed those desires that you long for as the DNA of what I absolutely intend to bring about in your behalf.  Do you know what I am saying to you?  I am saying to you says the Father that the ACHE in your HEART is the prophecy over your life.  The longing in your heart is the template that I am working from to shape and mold your tomorrows.  Selah!

April 28, 2014.   The Father says today that I am bringing you into your wealthy place.  You are standing this moment in your wealthy place – you need not look to some unreachable something just BELIEVE.  I say to you says the Father – BELOVED only BELIEVE!  All things are possible as you believe and trust and expectantly hope for that which you dared not even ask.

Ask today that your joy might be full. It is true that I know what is in your heart but My process – My sovereign process requires asking, seeking and knocking. So what are you waiting for?  Do you have something else to do with your life, your day your morning? Go ahead and ask Me.  You are GOING TO HAVE TO ASK ME.  Be audacious and daring and I will bring you into the still place in your heart where transformation takes place as you recline your heart in safety and trust on My everlasting arms.

April 27, 2014.   The Father says today that My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  I have given you the capacity to manifest the substance of your hopes and dreams.  You do not need to stress or strain or cultivate some ethereal attitude to move in the miraculous.  Just as you have experienced the knowledge gifts and the spoken gifts of tongues and prophecy so I am bringing you to the place that miracles will flow and healing will flow out of you to others in an effortless and natural way.

Miracles don’t tax My ability says the Father.  I have made it possible for you as a new creation might become NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL.  You need not become religiously worked up or altered in some unnatural way.  Just allow the miraculous to flow out from who I AM on the inside of you.  This is the process at work in you and through this My fullness is being birthed in you in a dramatic and powerful way.

April 26, 2014   The Father says today that I will not leave you languishing in sorrow and helplessness.  Things will get better by My hand.  Cast all your cares upon Me for I care for you and will provide the necessary superintendence to bring about change.  Expect change says the Father.  Expect SUDDEN and CERTAIN change.  Hold everything loosely and be prepared to respond and not to react to the shaking and upheaval that breaks every chain and brings every captive free.

I am the God that brings freedom says the Father.  When you invoke My presence you are invoking liberty for where My Spirit is liberty is manifest and bondage is removed.  I am not willing for you to live without joy therefore you will not live without joy.  I am standing in your future but I am also manifesting in your now, even this day to bring you to a ground state of joy and fulfillment says the Father.

April 25, 2014   The Father says today that I am the originator of every true desire within you.  It is not wrong to want or to long or to dream.  I have created you to have a sense of dissatisfaction when life is empty or full of sorrow. Religion says “want nothing and you will find contentment.”  That is not My plan says the Father.  I came that you might have life and that more abundantly.

There are those who say that My blessing is only for spiritual abundance – achieved through human suffering.  That is a despicable lie says the Father.  Those who say such things have no knowledge of who I am or what I have truly done for you.

So you are going to have to ask Me says the Father.  Your asking may seem childish or imperfect but I rejoice in your honesty and transparency.  Do not fear to ask the difficult thing or the hidden heart’s longing.  I will not punish you for transparency. Cry out to Me even in the day of trouble will I not answer you and avenge you speedily? Come to the table says the Father and let us reason together and move toward openness and liberty and breakthrough for that is your portion in this season.

April 24, 2014   The Father says today that all things are possible ONLY BELIEVE.  Unbelief will hinder and dampen your connection to My power and strength.  Set aside thoughts of hindrance and impediment.  Ask and it shall be given.  Seek and you will find.  You are where your attention takes you.  Put your attention upon Me and you will experience all that I am and all that I am willing to be in this moment right now.

I am your healer.  I am your provider.  I am your protector and your joy unspeakable and full of glory.  I have placed My glory within you and I am meeting your needs out of the riches of that glory.  In the glory IN YOU is the full inventory of every prayer you will ever pray.  So pray into the glory and call forth that glory within you and it WILL make a difference and it will – My glory WILL dismantle every curse of the enemy against your life.

April 23, 2014   The Father says today that as I brought abundance from a void of nothingness in the beginning – so I am bringing abundance from the void of your own life. You have felt empty and void but know this says the Father – I am in that void. I am in the void in your life and I am speaking and manifesting and bringing about in your behalf the fullness of My blessing that you might know it and partake of My favor as the ground state of your being.

You are a creature formed and fashion to live, move and breathe in the realm of making the impossible – POSSIBLE. I haven’t merely called you to be a possibility thinker says the Father, I am calling upon you to see yourself, your human spirit as a dynamic force bringing life and blessing and substance from brokenness and despair. That is who I AM in you and from My dwelling place in your life I will make manifest the Eden

April 22, 2014   The Father says today that I am defining the parameters of blessing in your life and releasing the power to bring it about.  All that is important is that you connect with My mind and see what I have planned.   I do have plans with you in mind says the Father.  Allow yourself to process and metabolize the fact that I am working in your behalf and will not be stymied in bringing about your destiny.

All things are possible says the Father.  Refuse to be small-minded.  Mind not earthly things but mind heavenly things where My authority flows down to you and My affluence connects with you.  Affluence is My base state and it is affluence of spirit, soul and body that I am releasing and activating in you today.

April 21, 2014   The Father says today that I am not on a budget therefore you are not on a budget.  Oh yes there is the natural side of things that must be administrated but at the end of the day your life is bounded only by My boundlessness.  Your strength is measure by My right arm and your limitations are established by the parameters of My limitlessness.  I want you to factor in My limitlessness and boundlessness into every decision that you make.

You see says the Father I have a ways and means committed deployed in your life to bring out your highest heart’s desire.  Set your attention upon THAT and not upon limited resources.  I am in the bow of your boat and will bring you to “peace be still” territory.  Be at peace.  Refuse to have little faith.  Speak to the storm and the adversity.  Will it not obey you as it would obey Me?  I have put My words in your mouth. I am underwriting your prayers.  You will not be disappointed.

April 20, 2014   The Father says today I have given you dominion over YOUR earth.  Your life represents the jurisdiction that I have empowered you to bless and be blessed from.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. Look for My table of blessing – you will see it has ALREADY been prepared in your behalf.  Do not put your attention on the negative, for you ARE where your attention takes you.  Whatsoever things are pure, perfect, of good report THINK ON THESE THINGS for that is your portion from My hand.

I am not a far off God from you today.  I am not far off neither am I aloof from your struggle.  I am as close to you as hands and feet.  I am present in the breath of your mouth.  Breathe out My favor and breathe in My blessing.  Say of your soul “You are the blessed one…”  Refuse to enter into the stress and strain of religious concepts of believing.  Put your attention upon My faithfulness and acknowledge My advocacy in every area of life.  It is time that you cash the blank check of My faithfulness says the Father for My favor toward you is without boundary.

April 19, 2014   The Father says today you are destined for a face-to-face encounter with Me. There is coming a day and an hour and a moment when your experience in Me will not require any interpretation or discernment. I will meet you as I met Abram on the plains of Mamre and you will see Me and know Me as I am. Fear not. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the things around you or events taking place that threaten your peace. Know that My covenantal protection safeguards you every hour and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I have far more for you than gifts and words and anointings. These are those things by which you serve My purpose and fulfill the assignments I give you day by day. Know this that intimacy is your portion and the deeps of My presence will be the environment where you will know Me and the fellowship My glory. In My glory is every treasure that satisfies the soul and causes you to know and reflect the fulness of My person as a mirror reflects the face. In that reflection every contrary image will fade and you will be changed – forever changed into My likeness.

April 18, 2014   The Father says today this is your entering in time. I would that you enter into joy this day and enter in to peace. Adopt righteousness as your base state says the Father for this is what My kingdom is comprised of. My righteousness, joy and peace are the atmosphere of heaven that you breathe in as favor and breathe out as blessing. Just have the faith to breathe in – and breathe out and know that every day you sojourn through this life is a day of entitlement and blessing.

My eye probes throughout the earth that I might find faith among the sons of man. Let your faith be a signal flare of hope that hastens My rescue in your life. I am always on time and on target. I will not fail therefore you will not fail. This is the day of your rescue and the day that rejoicing becomes commonplace in your life even this hour. Trust says the Father. Rest and know that all is well in the midst of your challenge.

April 17, 2014   The Father says today let all fretfulness go by the wayside.  I have planted within you the incorruptible seed of Myself.  There is no crop blight on the harvest of blessings I am bringing up out of your life.  As you yield to Me and cooperate with My influence on your life the harvest will come and be bountiful.  Trust in My process. Listen to My voice.  Allow My word to establish the boundaries that will keep you moving forward in My purpose.

All will be clear in time.  I have placed blinders on your eyes at times to keep you from distraction.  Had you known the challenge ahead you might have turned and run away but that was not what I wanted . I am here to WALK YOU THROUGH the trial.  My delivering hand will cast aside every assault against you both seen and unseen.  There is nothing transpiring that takes Me by surprise or is outside the bounds of My saving strength.  Be confident says the Father.  Be assured.  Your faith is growing and your strength in Me is mounting up and working change within and deliverance without.

April 16, 2014    The Father says today you are not a son of dust.  You are not a son of dust but you are My beloved.  Be thankful that I ended those relationships that were contaminated by unbelief and jealousy.  Release the emotional entanglements of the past and move on. It is a serious time and I have called you to higher things.

Forgive, release, bless.  Move on.  Forget.  Press in and lay hold on the future I have planned for you.  I will settle every account and bring the dividends of faithfulness to your hand.  Owe no man anything but to love him.  Reject the demands of others for any other expectation that love rendered over is an illegitimate authority that has no claim to your life.

April 15, 2014     The Father says today do not despair over those who take and give nothing back.  I will prosper you beyond their boundaries and lengthen your tent stakes beyond their reach.  Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto Me that which is Mine. Your base state in My kingdom is one of abundance and no plan of man will ever diminish that. Your striving is not with man says the Father.  Be at peace and allow yourself to come to rest.  Even as I avoided out of the presence of those who had other plans for Me so you shall walk through limitations imposed by man and breakthrough into My limitlessness.

Say of your soul this day “I am limitless with His Limit-lessness.”  The breaker anointing is on you to change the outcome and bring the harvest.  There is yet even harvests that you planted in times past that you thought failed and would come to nothing.  But I say to you that there is not one planting season that you participated with Me in that will not bring in the 100 fold return.  Call in the failed harvest says the Father.  Expect to full measure, for this is your entitlement by My hand and nothing shall impede it.

April 14, 2014     The Father says today that laughter is your armament and rejoicing is a salvo of bombardment against the enemy.  Laugh, says the Father.  Laugh the laugh of faith.  Laugh the laugh that Sarah laughed and laugh the laugh that Abram laughed.  There are those that look at you and think you are a joke but the answer of My grace and favor will adjust their thinking.  I will vindicate you says the Father so give no further thought to what others are saying or thinking.

Be delivered this day from the fear of man.  The fear of man will not magnify itself in your life any longer.  I brought you into this place and I will lead you out in My time.  They have said you will fall and that you will falter but I have written it in the archives of time that your rejoicing will be full and you will by no means be turned back on disappointed on a single score!

April 13, 2014   The Father says today I am sitting over the land as a refiners fire and fuller’s soap.  My dealings will seem caustic at times but it is necessary for My land will be cleansed.  My land will be cleansed and I will renew the hopes of the prisoners and lift up the heads of those who have been cast down and disappointed.  I have not worked folly in your life neither have I rejected your prayers.  Your prayers are heard says the Father but the shaking is necessary.

When the enemy taunts you and bids you surrender – just wrap yourself in My presence and guard the entrances to your heart.  Refuse to be in fear. Refuse to feel rejected.  You are not the rejected says the Father – you are the Accepted and the Entitled by My hand.  Any other counsel is a LIE OF THE ADVERSARY!  So be at peace and know that every scourge will pass over and I will establish you in your own place and in with your own eyes you will see all My goodness known!

April 12, 2014   The Father says today My Heart understands your heart.  Let there be a constant abiding of your heart with My heart.  I am enlarging My heart around you and causing you to know the depths of My love and favor.  This isn’t about earning or performing or proving yourself to Me.  I have taken you at My word when you prayed those consecration prayers.  I heard you and you need not endlessly repeat them for I have graven them in the archives of heaven that your willing heart might be testified of in the eternities.

The angels assigned to you that always behold My face are moving into a new assignment in your life.  The word they march forward on is “that will be enough of that!”  So expect sudden answers and sudden blessing and sudden deliverance.  I place no value on delay – I simply work on a timetable that isn’t influenced by fear or impatience.  Rest!  Rejoice!  Trust!  For this is your NOW season says the Father and in that timeframe you will see My hand and know My work and be satisfied in fullness with the validity of My promise in your life.

April 11, 2014   The Father says today stand upright upon your feet and be in readiness!  Let your staff be in your hand and My authority in your mouth.  Let there be NO hesitation or timidity to cause you to hold back your words for I have made your mouth as My mouth that you might SPEAK with boldness and see the lies of the enemy brought to nothing.

Trust this day says the Father.  Be of good courage and go forward.  Go forward when all you see in the natural is impediment and delay.  I will move the heavens and I will mark the earth.  I will turn time in your favor and cause you to step out of Chronos-Time limitation into Chairos-Time potential.  This is the day of realization says the Father.  You are in the seed-casting, harvest-reaping moment that you might in one season see that which in the natural would take years to develop.  Get ready, get ready, get ready says the Father for this is your blessing time!

April 10, 2014   The Father says today that the Baal spirit is being broken in your midst.  The Baal spirit is a spirit of abuse and torment and harshness.  I will stop the mouth of the mocker and I will stay the hand of the striker says the Father.  My children have grown up in timidity and fear because of those who have brought the rod across their backs and claimed it was My directive to do so.  It has been said it was necessary and they were only acting for your good but I took the blows that were intended for you and the reproach against you has landed upon My brow.

So forgive yourself and forgive those who mis-spoke and misrepresented who I AM and what I am doing. I am not who they say I AM and I haven’t done what they say I have done.  You see were are in this together and I am walking you out of the house of Baal and bringing you to the still waters and green pastures of the shepherds after My own heart.  You will come up as calves of the stall and the yoke of bondage will be broken off your neck.  Rejoice says the Father for this is the work of My hand in your life.

April 9, 2014    The Father says today that prayers without faith are merely wishes without substance.  I have given you of My substance says the Father.  Just because you don’t see it on the horizon doesn’t mean the wave of My power is not crashing down into your circumstance even now.  So fear not neither be dismayed for I am the FOURTH MAN in your fire.  Others will look who expect only your destruction but they will see My hand and My testimony established in your life.

I will be found faithful in your life says the Father.  The work is already done.  Enter into the finished work and despair not over the prattling rage of those who reject the anointing and reject My presence.  Make My presence your priority this day and I will bring visitation and renewal to you beyond your expectations says the Father.

April 8, 2014   The Father says today that your destiny is not an abortion.  The enemy has lied to you and tried to run a game on you but I say that My highest and best plan for your life is still activate and working.  Your hopes will not be stillborn says the Father.  The pressure you are feeling is not LOSS but a BIRTHING.  You cried out to Me and you authorized Me and now I am bringing about change.  However uncomfortable it may be says the Father – take your hands away and do not interfere with My process.

Come this day into new and fresh cooperation with My mind and My heart toward you.  There are voices in your life it is NOW time to deafen yourself to. They will actually say “are you listening to me?”  Answer them NOT ONE WORD.  Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth for I will answer when and how I purpose says the Father.  The validity of your gift and your destiny is based upon My word in your mouth and not the mocking taunts of those who never believed anyway.  It is a new day says the Father, and it is in your life the GOOD season when My goodness will be seen in your land.

April 7, 2014   The Father says today that I will never say NO to what the cross says YES to!  I say to you this day to REJECT the error those who immune My promises with doctrines of unbelief!  Every promise of the scripture – finds its YES in Me says the Father.  You are IN Me therefore you are IN the promise.  My promise is an ecosystem of favor that rests over you like a canopy of love.  BREATHE in My faithfulness.  Breathe in My faithfulness and breathe out My blessing and My favor.  I will never leave you and I will never forsake you and I will NEVER deny you what the cross of Christ has afforded you!

This is your day says the Father. Reject the theology of “what if and maybe.”  I say to you and certify by My throne that My plan for you is clearly stated in My word.  I would that you be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers.  Am I not also the prosperity of your soul?  Why would men of letters disdain that blessing that I shed blood to bring to you?  They will not shed blood to ratify their unbelief but I shed the blood of the Most Precious to ratify every promise and every blessing and every victory promised to you in My word!

April 6, 2014   The Father says today that repentance is a lifestyle and not a one-time experience.  Repentance is allowing yourself to have the mind-set NOW that you will have AFTER all My goodness has passed before you.  Repentance requires faith says the Father for the repentant heart sees My goodness and adjusts to that expectation and that thankfulness and that joy.

Repentance is not about a doomsday scenario or fear of consequences.  The doom and gloomers have seen some things but am I not the glory spread on the mountains?  Look not at the gathering darkness and shriek “the sky is falling!”  The sky isn’t falling says the Father the KINGDOM is COMING!  Therefore REJOICE in expectation! Rejoice in ANTICIPATION for though kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall you WILL continue day by day to see the GOODNESS of God in the land of the living!

April 5, 2014   The Father says today that I am bringing you to a position of REST.  Your efforts and your labors do not determine the outcome for you.  In returning and rest your blessing will be made manifest.  I will cause you to rest with the composure that I rested with on the seventh day.  You see says the Father REST in Me is not inactivity.  Rest in Me is a position of trust and confidence that the processes of faith are working in your behalf.

Outside of My blessing all things tend to decay.  You are not outside of My blessing.  You are the object of My favor.  My determinate purpose is to elevate and promote you in all that you put your hand to.  This is a covenantal obligation that I hold Myself to with the sacredness of My name.  Trust in what I have already provided.  No more looking around for an exit strategy.  I am on the scene therefore there is no need to withdraw or retreat.  Do you trust Me?  Then enter My beloved into your rest this day and allow Me to provide the necessary superintendence over your life.

April 4, 2014   The Father says it is time to clean house within your cluttered heart.  Clean out the clutter of half-baked plans and withered dreams.  Throw out every teaching and tape and book whose spiritual expiration date is long past.  I am sending fresh manna to you today.  Where truth has become stale doctrine I will bring pulsating vivacious revelation.  Where instruction has become wrinkled and dry I am sending succulent wisdom from My throne that will bring INSTANT CHANGE.

Transformation is much more available than you know says the Father.  There are miracles awaiting the occasion of your faith that do not require any further delay or prolonged time frame.  Release the anger of misspent expectations.  Lay aside the disillusionment and lies of the enemy who suggests My word cannot be relied upon.  Grasp hold and extract the root of bitterness that would wrap its tentacles of contamination around your heart.  It is a NEW DAY says the Father.  This is a new day and a time of refreshing and renewal.  Make preparation!  Make preparation says the Father for this is your NOW day of visitation!

Guest Prophetic Word from Pam Rice:

I am calling you to come, my beloved, into the deep chambers of my love.  I want you to know how high, how wide, how deep, and how unending is the freedom of my love for you.  Let me wash you with my love; Let it flow over you like a waterfall of delight and let me fill you with my goodness.  I am not a God of deprivation that wants you benched on the sidelines of life.  No, I want you to ride on the high places with me.  I want you to rule and reign in wisdom with the scepter of my righteousness raised high.  I want you to laugh in the face of the enemy and dismantle all his strongholds as you put him under your feet.  I want you to know me in the fullness of my majesty, glory and love for you.

I created the beauty of this world for you to enjoy and even as I gave Adam rulership over the garden… I give you rulership in this life over your earthly domain.  Come into the chambers of my love and I will teach you the mysteries of my kingdom and you will come forth as that benevolent ruler, that mighty warrior, that loving magistrate who will see my kingdom come and my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

April 3, 2014    The Father says today you can set your own season in your life.  If you can look to the sky and know tomorrow’s weather even so I have given you authority and insight to bring the rains of My Spirit into your own life to water the dry and thirsty lands within you.  Say therefore to your eyes “be opened…” and to your mind “be enlightened…”  Say to your human spirit “come forth…” even as I called forth Lazarus from the grave on the fourth day.

There are situations and broken relationships whose time you are thinking may be past the point of no return.  I don’t operate within those boundaries says the Father.  The past is the past so let it go.  Forgive, release and bless.  It is time to reset your tired and exhausted expectations and allow fresh hope and fresh fire to be rained down upon your battered dreams.  Can you feel the refreshing says the Father?  Can you smell the beneficial rains of My Spirit cascading down upon your parched life?  It is time says the Father.  Receive the refreshing.

Guest Prophetic Word from Leisa Coburn: 

The Father says to you today to unfasten yourself from the seatbelts of seasons past because you are now stepping onto My Glory Train and the ride is about to begin!  Are you ready?  I have been waiting for this hour and My Glory Train is ready for take-off!  All aboard this Glory Train!  The time to ascend into My Glory is here!  Buckle up and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

Now hang on tight and don’t let go because you are getting ready to fly and to soar My heavenly realms!  I will take you places on this Glory Train that will amaze you and astound you!  You will become so one with this Glory Train that is going to accelerate you into the…”more than you can ask or think!”  You will wear My Glory and everywhere you are you will impart My Glory! Get ready for the ride of your lives for Glory Train is about to take off!  Once you take off you cannot get off, but trust Me says the Father.  Those who get on this ride of a lifetime will not want to get off!  It will be the most glorious decision you ever made when you step onto My Glory Train!

April 2, 2014   The Father says today make humility your choice.  Make humility your choice by saying in your heart “Go low and worship…”  When you go low and worship you will ascend into the high and lofty place where only the humble and the contrite ones can enter.  Humility is the key and humility is your secret weapon.  I am not asking you to deprecate yourself or to think less of yourself than I do.  You are in fact fearfully and wonderfully made.  Humility has nothing to do with how you see yourself in My sight.  Humility has to do with refusing to define yourself with respect to the opinions or thoughts of others.

When I walked the earth the Pharisees complained, “we piped and you did not dance – we mourned and you did not lament…”  Be aware says the Father that when humility is your choice you will find yourself OUT OF STEP with those who wear badges of illegitimate authority and those who carelessly throw around words like “alignment” and “covering” and “authority.”  I have called you and I have anointed you.  I will bring you under My covering and My authority and My anointing that breaks every false yoke.  So go low and worship.  Refuse to answer your critics.  Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth.  Yes they may throw you in the lion’s den of shattered reputation and religious ignominy, but from thence I will draw you to Myself and make My heart known to you and give you opportunity to serve and to love outside the framework of men’s small minded thinking.

Guest Prophetic Word from Steve Axtell:

The Father says today that an About To is About To happen!  I am bring to an end the About To happen in your life.  You have been waiting most all of your life for something that is About To happen.  The Israelite’s waited 430 years saying our deliverance is About To happen.  Then they waited for the Messiah who was About To be revealed.  Now all are waiting for the Rapture that is About To happen.  All the while You are waiting for your About To, to happen when you will walk as I walked, Talk as I talked and do the greater things that I said you will do on this earth before I return.  That About To is Now Happening to you even this day Walk as I did, Talk as I did, Pray with the Father as I did.  Your About To is Here and Now.  For all the About To’s have just become suddenly Now.

For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are.  The waiting eagerly time is over.  The future day is Now.  The out pouring is upon you sweeping you up into a place that you will be revealed as My Child with all My authority, all My strength, and all My wisdom.  The creation will have will have no doubt that you are my child and you will not either.

April 1, 2014   The Father says today addiction is being broken today.  Salvation is not by the will of man but by My empowering grace.  I release that to you now.  You have prayed and cried out.  You have called out LOUDLY at times.  You have vowed.  I heard you says the Father.  I heard your voice before the sound came out of your throat.  Pay your vows says the Father.  The power of the vow can hold you back or launch you forward.  Pay your vows.  Defer not.  Defer not to believe that I will do that which you have asked Me for.

You have inquired regarding HOW I will do what I said I would do.  I will bring the change as I ALWAYS do.  My methods are consistent.  Are you ready for the shaking?  Are you ready for the shaking that shakes out and shakes away and shakes off of you the things that the enemy has tried to hold you in bondage with?  So trust Me says the Father for I am with you and it begins to get better EVEN NOW.

Guest Prophetic Word from James Williams:

The Father Yahweh Says Today:  Be Not Weary in Well Doing.  For in Due Season We Shall Reap if We Faint Not.  Remember You Reap what You Sow.  Cast your Cares upon Yahweh, for He cares for You.  Ask and It Shall Be Given Unto You, Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and It Shall Be Opened Unto You.  Whosoever Asketh Receiveth.  Whosoever Seeks Shall Find. Knock and It Shall Be Opened Unto You.  Let Your Light Shine Among Men for they Will Know You Have Been With the Father.  Study to Show Thyself Approved Unto Elohim, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth.  You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits.  Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. Love Yahweh Your Elohim With All Your Heart, Soul and Mind.  Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.


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The Father Says Today – April 2014 — 2 Comments

  1. What does Fourth Man mean?
    “So fear not neither be dismayed for I am the FOURTH MAN in your fire.”

    • Dear Carole,
      This relates to the OT Bible record of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from Daniel 3, who were thrown into a fiery furnace.  Then as vv24-25 say “Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was amazed. And he rose up in haste and spoke and said to his advisers, Did we not throw three men bound into the middle of the fire? They answered and said to the king, True, O king. He answered and said, Behold! I see four men loose, walking in the middle of the fire, and there is no harm among them. And the form of the fourth is like a son of the gods.”
      As the Life Application study Bible says of this “Fourth Man” “It was obvious to those watching that this fourth person was supernatural. We cannot be certain who the fourth man was. It could have been an angel or a preincarnate appearance of Christ. In either case, God sent a heavenly visitor to accompany these faithful men during their time of great trial.”
      I pray this helps your understanding of the reference in the word by Prophet Russ Walden.
      Blessings in Christ,