The Father Says Today – April 2015

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Breakthrough Word for April 2015. 
The Father says I will always save you. I will always rescue you. I will always come to your rescue. I am the Alpha and the Omega – the First and the Last. You will never be left alone. You will never be abandoned. You will never be without provision, supply and assistance from My mighty hand.
Come into sync with My mind and My thoughts this day. You have nothing to fear for I am rising up in you and around you. I am your rear guard and your forward assistance. I am safe guarding you and protecting you. I am your protection says the Father.
I am your All in All and there is no need for any contingency plan for you will not come to failure. The cross is the cosmic yes for all time and eternity to every promise that I have made. I WILL heal you. I WILL provision you. I am PRO-vision says the Father. I will MAKE you and MEND you and bring you – I will bring you to HIGHEST heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. It is who I AM and WHAT I DO and My I-AM-NESS is coming to full manifestation in your life this day. 


30 April 2015:   The Father says today that I am doing a quick work.  I AM hastening My work in righteousness to bring to a place of entitlement and manifest authority.  I AM not a God bringing forth an anemic answer to your need.  Religious platitudes do not adequately address your challenge nor do they express My mind.  I’m not hesitant take on the hard cases and I do not overlook impossible situations as though they don’t exist.  I have NEVER apologized says the Father for I have NEVER failed to come through for those who have set their hopes on Me.

I AM doing a quick work says the Father. Listen to My voice and the harmony of My power as it resonates in response to your need.  I AM with you says the Father.  I will never leave you and never forsake you.  I AM sending confusion upon the ranks of the enemy. He will seek you out and not find you.  He will set ambushes for you and be snared in the trap he sets for you.  You will move at GOD SPEED because I AM setting Myself in you as a vehicle for My greatness and My purposes says the Father.  Rejoice!  This is the day of your salvation for I AM near to deliver and renew and refresh you this day.

29 April 2018:   The Father says you are wrapped up in My arms this day.  This day I AM buffering you round about with My kindness, even My lovingkindness.  My lovingkindness is upon you says the Father – My unfathomable mercies are causing you to rise above and be buoyed and buoyant above the raging tide of causality and happenstance.  Even as the angels ministered to Jesus went he was wearied and battle worn in the temptation in the wilderness so the angels are standing around you RIGHT NOW to minister to you and to ANCHOR you in My goodness and grace and yes – My KINDNESS.

The sure mercies of David are surrounding you says the Father.  You are being CARRIED.  There are days that I command you to take your shoes off your feet and walk circumspectly but this is a day that I AM CARRYING YOU.  Refuse to heed the voice of alarm and negativity and contention.  My voice is not in contention because when I surround and protect you there are no legitimate challengers to take you out of My hand.  Come to your place of rest.  I AM bringing you to rest on the threshing floor as I thresh the nations and yet preserve you alive and blessed and refreshed in My arms and in My favor.

28 April 2018:   The Father says today that I am singing My song over you.  I am singing My song and it is reverberating through every vein of fracture and wounding that has ever marked your life.  I am singing My song and as My song sinks to deep into your human spirit I am mending and molding a re-fashioning you.  I am re-fashioning you into the image that you saw in the mirror of Myself when I brought you forth from the substance of Myself.  I have longed for your companionship says the Father.  I not only call you son and daughter I call you Bride.  The Bride and the Bridegroom are becoming one and the end result of that will be a peace and a joy that you have never known in its depths.

There is therefore NO crisis because if crisis was allowed it would distract from My purpose.  I will not be distracted says the Father therefore you will not be distracted.  The prattling and threats of the enemy are just the small dust of the balance on the scale of majesty that I am bringing to bear upon you and in you and around you.  Be at rest Beloved and find your peace in My majesty.  There is no trial or trouble or challenge that can deter what I am doing or what I am about to do.  You will not be left out.  I would no more leave you out than I would leave My bride at the altar.  You are My bride.  I call you espoused.  I call you My espoused and I will defend you.  I will defend you and surround you and cause you to know in this time the fullness of joy that I have in store for them that love My appearing in them.

27 April 2015:   The Father says today set your sights higher. Raise your expectations. Know that the limits of My favor in your life have not been reached or even faintly fathomed.  My people are too soon satisfied says the Father.  I pour out a drop of blessing and they think I have sent the latter rain! Not so! Cry out to Me.  Cry out even as I said in My word – cry out UNTIL!  Cry out to Me until the nations tremble.  Cry out to Me until the mountains and the hills do melt and come down.  Cry out to Me for I am disposed to hear you and respond.  The cry and expectation of your heart sets the preamble for what I am about to do in the earth hand what I am about to do in your life even on an individual level.

I never asked you to settle for second best. The voice of “less than” is NOT My voice says the Father.  Go first class all the way.  Expect total and complete victory.  Say to your heart each and every day “you get to have it all!”  Did I not say if you seek the kingdom that ALL things would be added?  Reject the voice of unbelief that says I am God who delights in impoverishment!  All means all.  I have given you all things that pertain to godliness AND all things that pertain to life.  I purpose to give you ALL things because I do not want you distracted from seeking the kingdom.  Because you are a kingdom seeker I will sweep away lack, want, strife, contention and every challenge because I want your full and complete attention.  So set your mind to the tasks ahead and know that I am coordinating and working in every situation of your life.  I am with you says the Father.  I am working in you and through you.  It is a NEW day – a day of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Are you ready?  Let’s get started then…

26 April 2015:   The Father says today that I am raising up a relevant prophetic generation.  You are a part of this and you have your place in My kingdom as a prophetic person.  You are drawn to the prophetic because you ARE prophetic.  My gospel is a gospel that must arise from that which you have seen and heard.  You have seen the prophetic.  You have heard the prophetic.  The prophetic has molded and shaped your life.  Your gifting and My anointing in your life flows in the release of My voice in you and through you.  Your commissioning is to set others free and to walk in freedom yourself.  This is a question that should be put to rest in your life says the Father.  From out of My mercy I am releasing a word through you that will redefine what it means to hear My voice and to share what I hear for your benefit and the benefit of others.

So look to see this day says the Father.  Listen to hear. Sense to feel.  I will cause you to experience the seer anointing and to hear the very subtle nuance of what I am saying and doing.  Remember that being prophetic is not about seeing through the eyes of the accuser but through the filter of the cross and My unconditional love.  Your dreams are going to transition from personal direction to night visions revealing the principalities and powers operating around you.  Your priorities will shift according to the deeper reality being made known to you even in the night seasons.  Say to your ears “hear” and to your eyes “be opened.”  Take what you receive and make it life and breath and encouragement to others. This is your assignment and your ministry portion says the Father.

25 April 2015:   The Father says today turn a deaf ear to the accuser.  Your affirmation comes from Me and not from what others think or what they do.  My favor is upon you says the Father.  My favor is a shield that protects and safeguards you in every area of your life.  Your blessing and promotion is not based on your intelligence or doing everything right.  I am the God who makes you prosper even in the midst of mistakes and errors and miscalculations.  If others look down on you or don’t take you seriously they are not discounting you they are discounting themselves from the things I have purposed to do in your life.

Take the accusations against you and make them a point of ascension in your life.  Refuse to be distracted by your critics.  Instead of responding to what they are saying respond to what I AM saying.  See yourself as I see you.  Believe what I say about you and not what others or what circumstances says about you.  You will either believe and respond to what I say of you or what others say but you can’t do both.  You cannot honor God and fear man.  Turn to me and I will turn to you with an avalanche of blessing.  Be bold enough and determined enough to take a risk and move forward believing that I AM with you and will not leave you or forsake you.  I will bring you to promotion and My plan for you will come to fruition and fulfillment even as you have asked.

24 April 2015:    The Father says today that there are things being poured out upon you now to establish and strengthen you in My personal purposes for your life.  I am changing your perspective and giving you a view of the spiritual geography of the coming months.  It is an important time for Me and therefore important time for you.  It is a new season for Me and therefore a new season for you.  The song of the redeemed is about to be released in a new way.  It is a song with a message.  I AM setting the table – even an apostolic table of authority in the earth.  The baton must be passed and you must come up higher.  You must come alongside those I have called you to come along side with.  I will cause what is upon them to be upon you and you will walk in a new flow and anointing.

I AM bringing forth a blending of the streams.  There will be a joy once again in the House of the Lord – even My body where all men are received and loved and forever changed. Teaching and equipping will take place.  Training will be needed and training will be provided.  Set aside time and make the sacrifice to get it done.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted.  There is a new stirring and a new awakening.

A new call has been issued and here they come – some are coming one by one others are coming in whole groups all choosing to migrate where ground zero of My glory can be found.  Now it is time for the planting to become reaping and reaping to become ruling and reigning even in the mountain of media and the modern marketplace that the enemy has tried to shut My people out of.  They will be taught and equipped and find out what true family means for they will be received. You will never be pushed away – you will be forever changed.

23 April 2015:   The Father says today I choose you.  Because I have time you have time.  Look not at the days, weeks, months or years.  Look at eternity.  I AM stepping back through time even the days of your past to shorten the time between your struggle and your breakthrough.  You will say “that isn’t how I remember it…”  For in fact I AM God of eternity and I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone.  No longer listen to the illegitimate authority of dead religion.  Come out to Me.  Suffer with Me outside the camp. Come OUT  – come ALL THE WAY OUT for I AM about to be avenged upon all that which exists outside of My grace and mercy and blessing.  I will wait no longer.  I will hesitate no longer.  Come under the shadow of My wings and be shelter till the scourge on the enemy’s ranks is overpast.

You are among those that will be left standing says the Father.  You will be of the herald company, those that are crying “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ…”  I choose you.  I choose you because I choose the foolish things of the world to confound those things that are mighty.  No longer any need to curry the favor of those who fancy themselves wise and strong and capable.  Their wisdom and their strength excludes them.  Your vulnerability and humility includes you . I will not leave you out.  Align yourself with Me.  Refuse to listen to your critics. They don’t GET IT … they never have and they never will.  Enter into My purposes and know that your portion awaits you.  Your provision and your miracle and your promise is emerging and manifesting now.  This is your now time!

22 April 2015:   The Father says today there are no bargain moves of the Spirit.  They will cost you everything.  Come to Me holding nothing back.  Pour all out on the table restraining nothing . I will see to it that the FULL DIVIDENDS of the cross are paid into your life in resurrection power.  Those that hold back and hesitate will have no part in what I am doing for this is a new day – this is a new day of no longer waiting and no longer wondering or wandering.  You will KNOW and I will BE KNOWN in your midst.  The mocker and the scoffer is excluded . I SAID the MOCKER and the SCOFFER is excluded.  Leave them to Me.  Press in to My glory.

Love without limits this day.  You have asked for the limits to be taken off of what I am doing in your life.  I say to you take the limits off of My love.  No longer qualifying the release of your love to only those you find attractive and acceptable.  No longer filtering My glory through the lens of limited thinking and judgmental attitudes.  This is My NOW season.  Can you take NOW for an answer?  Now is your portion when you allow who I AM  to be made evident in you.  When you allow who I am to eclipse who you are and nothing is left to do but experience My glory.  Enter in.  Come out of the leeks and garlics of dead religious experience.  Abandon the catharsis of empty emotionalism. Come into the authenticity of My glory.  It is available to those who are yielded, surrendered and abandoned to My heart and My purposes.

21 April 2015:   The Father says today the catching up into My Spirit is a NOW as well as a FUTURE event.  Be caught up into My mind and My Spirit and all those things that confuse and confound you will be made clear.  I will strongly send My word into your heart and your mind.  There will be confirmations in the heavens.  There will be confirmations in the earth.  There will be confirmations through the mouths of My prophets.  The powerful release of My Spirit is unleashed TO you and IN you this day.  Things are about to shift and change. It has begun already.  It is different from what you have been doing and what you have been thinking and planning for.  There are different people on their way into your life.  Make room for them.  Let go of unfruitful relationships so you can move forward.

There are documents about to be delivered upon you from the courts of heaven.  They are signed.  My seal is upon them.  It is finished even though from your perspective it hasn’t begun.  The decree of heaven has been issued.  Your Lord and Master has spoken.  The dunamis energy of My Spirit will now propel you forward.  You will feel it physically and you will feel it in your inner man . You will see the impact of what I am doing in your life.  Do not get distracted.  Do not look to the right hand or to the left.  I am using you where you are.  There are others on their way to you.  I am marrying the work of God in North America and the work of God in Western Europe.  The mouths of My prophets and My apostles are being opened.  They will be challenged to accept what they hear coming out of their own mouths.  It’s a new day says the Father and I say unto you HASTEN INTO IT!

20 April 2015:   The Father says today I AM bringing you to a new level of surrender.  I AM calling for a new level of surrender in My five-fold ministers and in My body.  This is a work of deep calling to deep in this season.  You will speak and things will shift.  Continents will shift and MOVE at the words of My surrendered ones.  Say what I say and do what I do.  Always be found walking in love.  Allow love to do it’s purifying work in you for in the absence of purity power is negated.  There is no power outside of My love.  Outside of love there is emptiness, frustration and fear.  In My love you will say and do a thing and it will be as if I said it and I did it. In love all of heaven will UNDERWRITE the works of your hands.

I am prepared to walk with you according to My plan and My purpose.  There will be a change and a shift in people’s hearts.  The outcome will be people walking in unity whether they are in agreement or not.  Focus on relationship and hearing Me and you will be on time and in season.  You are ordained – I HAVE ORDAINED that you be one that is IN SEASON.  Surely the promise is not to all but IT IS TO ALL who will come to a new place of surrender in Me says the Father.  There will be those who will be left out for all they know is gnashing of teeth and railing and accusation.  They are excluded.  Do not meddle with them says the Father for the spirit of accusation will get on you and then you will not enjoy the fullness of that which I have set aside for you.  Run to Me.  Run to My purposes.  Surrender afresh and anew.  Now is the time.  Now is the hour all the world has waited for.

19 April 20415:    The Father says today you are seated in the heavenlies with Me.  When you pray “Hear O Heavens and Hear O Earth” you are equally addressing that which I have placed WITHIN you – in your inner man.  By My heavens WITHIN YOU I sustain and maintain your earth, your heart and your life.  You are My handiwork.  You are the work of God.  My work does not judge or criticize.  You will not be governed by outward judgments from this time forward.  You will now be led by My Spirit like never before.  You are being led by My Spirit into the indescribable fullness of who I AM and what I AM on the inside of you.  Fear not says the Father – IT IS I!

Open your mouth by the Spirit and say to your soul “believest thou this?”  Behold the covenant with death is disannulled and the Spirit of Life has come.  Receive that life as the bubbling spring of who I AM on the inside of you.  As the new heavens to come even so on the inside of you the environment of heaven is flowing and coming forth.  This is the resurrection NOW that will be in fullness THEN.  This is the beauty of holiness says the Father.  Tell your mind to accept the recovery of that MIND that was in the beginning with God to cause you to know and remember that before you were born you were in fact without blame before Me in love.  So Beloved – be loved.  Be accepted.  Embrace My approval and live in pursuit of My perfection in your life for that is My purpose and My plan and your destiny.

18 April 2015:   The Father says today make a choice to walk in audacious and bold faith.  Go out in your day and overcome the enemy with your freshness.  Make a determination to walk on the water knowing that you will not falter or fail.  I do not delight in timidity or small vision.  There is nothing spiritual about burying your talent that I have given you in the sand.  I delight when you push past the boundaries that men would set for you.  I delight when you PRESUME ahead of time that I will be found faithful in your behalf.  I know you can err Beloved, but if you have to choose between unbelief and presumption choose presumption.  I would rather you make a presumption of My goodness than to assume that I am not with you in the fight.

Overcome negativity with My joy.  Do not relinquish the joy that I have given you – for it will sustain and maintain you till Shiloh come.  Terminate the lines of communication with the negative.  Open up wide your heart to receive the full bandwidth of My goodness and favor.  My favor in you will vouch safe your vision and your expectations before Me.  You ARE the object of My favor.  My goodness DOES rest upon you this day.  I will NEVER change My mind about you Beloved for upon you I have fixed My purposes and because I will not be denied even so YOU will not be denied says your Father

17 April 2015:   The Father says today put your trust in Me and not in your own natural abilities.  It is not possible to do the work of My Spirit in the power of the flesh.  If you try to use your natural talents, skills and ability to influence the circumstance, you WILL get in over your head.  Go low and worship.  Let the law of kindness be in your mouth.  Let the wisdom that is in you be peaceable and easy to be entreated.  Do not return accusation against those who have disparaged and maligned you.  Be still and know.  Stand not in your own confidence.  Your confidence will fail and be shattered but My love never fails.  Stand in My love.  Put your expectations upon Me and not upon man.

Put your hand to the plow of My purposes and don’t look back.  The only life that past hurts and offences have is the life you give them.  Refuse to live in the past.  Refuse to see others through the perspective past failures.  People change.  You have changed.  You are not the same person you were neither are your enemies.  Some have gotten worse – others have repented.  Don’t require your pound of flesh by saying “I will believe it when I see it…”  Leave them to Me.  Keep walking in love.  This is where it gets personal.  Will you follow Me through this territory?  Or will you react and lose your way in the wilderness of offense and wounding?  Take My hand.  Allow Me to be the voice over your shoulder that says “this is the way walk ye in it…”  You will come out of this season into a place of promotion without even the stink of the sewage of the past upon your person!

16 April 2015:   The Father says today this is a time to praise and not to panic.  Examine your responses to life’s challenges today.  Know that whatever is going on in your life it didn’t catch Me by surprise.  Beloved, I am not pacing before the throne wringing My hands wondering how I am going to get you out of the mess you are in.  If I am for you then WHO can be against you?  What makes others this tremble in fear should cause you to simply shrug your shoulders and remark glibly “if God is for me who can be against me?”  I AM for you says the Father.  There are those with religious mentalities who are so clueless that they rather suggest that I AM actually the one “doing it” to you.  Makes you wonder what bible they have been reading does it not?

I AM for you says the Father. Know that I AM for you.  I AM with you says the Father.  Know that I AM with you.  You will come out of this and every other challenge in life just as the Israelites did – laden down with the spoils of the enemy.

I don’t do things in small ways – I am a big God and I work BIG miracles in CONSPICOUS WAYS that make it abundantly clear that YOU are the object of My favor and the recipient of My affection.  So sit down, take a breath and just know how much I love you.  There are days that you will feel overwhelmed this is true.  When you feel that coming on you just kneel down and kiss the hand of the One who loves you.  I AM working behind the scenes even if it doesn’t look like it.  When you feel like you are falling short know this that the enemy is way more depressed, weary, tired and frustrated than you are.  He just doesn’t get why I don’t let him loose on you – but the enemy just like those with religious mentality don’t understand that I love you, I favor you and guess what beloved?  You win!

15 April 2015:   The Father says today come and bask in My favor.  Ask of Me says the Father and My heart will say YES to you.  You are not a widow says the Father you are a BRIDE!  So ask of Me this day like a woman in love.  There is nothing of My goodness that I will restrain from you.  Come Beloved and I will teach you to pray things that will amaze you.  I extend My permissiveness to you.  I create this day a place of indulgent love before you and I invite you to come in.  Take new territory in the place of faith.  Move out of unbelief and I will disclose My YES and AMEN in your circumstance.  You will know that I regard you as the object of My affection even as I am the focus of your worship.

Into your inner man now I place the will to explore and to expand and fully know My goodness and favor.  I am taking away all that is half-hearted or casual regarding My promises.  Explore this day the boundaries of My favor and know them as the default state I have created for you to live in.  Rise up on the inside says the Father.  I am the Father so that you can go FARTHER!   Look to Me within and see Me inwardly as your provision and resource.  In that understanding the outward manifestation will be EFFORTLESS. This is the “NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE” place of existence that has been waiting for you for your entire life says your God.

14 April 2015:   The Father says today that I AM extending to you radical permission.  Enter into My permissiveness this day.  I permit you to stand up and demonstrate who I AM in the earth.  I permit you to cast out demons and heal the sick.  I permit you to proclaim the acceptable year of My beneficence and mercy over your life and the lives of your loved ones.  You do understand says the Father that your most imaginative idea of My favor doesn’t even come close to measuring the scope of My love and determination to show up in your for goodness and blessing?

So enter into My permissiveness says the Father.  No longer allow others to be the gatekeepers of My blessing in your life.  When there is correction needed I will make it abundantly clear that it comes from ME and not from man or some religious ideation of what man thinks your life should look like.  Reclaim today your station and place in the kingdom.  Yield afresh and anew to My Spirit and My character.  Make it your purpose to press in every day to the knowledge and experience of being My Beloved – for I have set My love upon you even My relentless love in full measure beyond what you could ever imagine.

13 April 2015:   The Father says today that My kingdom is your native habitat.  You are a citizen of the kingdom.  My kingdom is the environment I have fashioned for you not just when you die but now in your everyday existence.  Experience today what it means to be seated in heavenly places in Christ.  Welcome to heaven come to earth.  Heaven is your home now not just after you die.  You are seated in heavenly places NOW and the authority in the heavens is your entitlement upon the earth until you receive your discharge from earthly life.

There is no suffering in heaven says the Father.  Go out in your day today and speak and touch the wounded and rejected.  Flow in My heart and My compassion.  There is creative power in your words and even in your touch.  Go out and touch the lost and the hurting says the Father for even your touch will create, heal and deliver.  You are the ambassador in your life of heaven come to earth.  This is your blessing, your provision and beloved also your commission!

12 April 2015:   The Father says today that the angel of change comes to initiate the change.  The change you have cried out for.  The change you have petitioned My hand to see is upon you.  As the Israelites when they left Egypt – eat your meat with your sandals upon your feet and your staff in your hand.  You are leaving some things behind and you are moving into new territory.  Get ready.  Prepare.  Obey.  Respond to the tug of My Spirit as I lead you not by the sternness of the law but the breadth of My grace and love and mercy.

Transformation and change begin within and proceed out from there.  Be the example.  Be the exemplar of willingness to bend and willingness to change.  Do not grieve My Spirit by clinging to old ways of thinking and judging.  Leave off all judgment and condemnation.  Stop allowing others to hand you their prejudices as though they were the arbiters of My truth.  Reject the opinions of men and their false authority and knowledge.  Open yourself to the breath of heaven that will blow over your life to cleanse and renew and strengthen you for the new day that is upon you.

11 April 2015:   The Father says today that I am tasking you to the entitlement of a son.  I call you My beloved for you are the object of My favor and the target of My blessing.  Press into the heart of a servant and I will bestow upon you the favor of a son.  Consider not the entitlements of sonship to be a thing to be grasped or grappled for.  The price has been paid.  You do not aspire to sonship you are born to be a son.  I have given you power to become so let the becoming commence!  Take upon yourself the willingness to serve.  Be willing to be bendable, sendable and spendable.  Be malleable as clay in My hand and I will form and fashion you into a vessel of honor.

You are not a vessel of lesser honor says the Father.  I have a plan and a purpose that I am inducting you into.  Yield to My hand as I fire you in the kiln of My character.  Allow Me to bring you through the crucible of My perfection so that all the dross and tin is taken away and you are left as pure silver and pure gold.  I will set you before nobles and potentates says the Father.  You are not a cast off or a throw away vessel.  Others may have rejected you but know that you are accepted in Me today.  Flow into that acceptance and with all your heart desire and seek My approval.  When acceptance and approval kiss  – when they come together in you that is

10 April 2015:   The Father says today that your faith is the title deed to your heart’s desires.  Ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.  I know you believe – now allow Me to help your unbelief.  I will never disqualify you from what Calvary so freely paid for.  I will never disqualify you – but see to it that you do not disqualify yourself.  You have been translated out of the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of My Love.  Let your mind no longer think thoughts of darkness, denial and delay.  I am with you.  Be not conformed but receive the transformation in your heart to now think not like a lowly beggar but rather as an entitled son, willing to serve, willing to find your place in My purposes.

I am with you says the Father.  I will never leave you.  I will never forsake you.  My mercy will find you even when you fail and bring shame on your testimony.  Forgive yourself.  Move on.  In every failure always return to a default position of trust in My unconditional love and enabling grace.  I am not only working to change the circumstance but to change you into the very image that you were created to portray.  Rejoice says the Father.  You can’t mess this up! Keep trusting.  Keep moving toward Me in humility and willingness to cooperate.  I AM the I AM and I AM on station in your life to bring you through every calamity.

9 April 2015:   The Father says today I am bringing you from the insignificance to promotion.  I am taking you for the ignominy of your beginning into great increase and advancement.  This is a season of advancement for you says the Father.  The way-points of your blessing are on the horizon.  Those things that you thought were afar off will soon be a footnote in the record of My goodness.  My goodness is overshadowing you this day. The embrace of heaven surrounds you.  The template of heaven come to earth is being implemented even now in your life.

No more delay and no more denial says the Father.  There is even a new favor upon you this day.  Those who ignored you and disdained you and scorned you will seek you out.  They will seek you out for they will know that you are My friend and that I am your Father.  Be magnanimous.  Be generous.  You are not only to be blessed you are to BE a blessing.  Bless your friends and bless your enemies.  Bless those who opposed and resisted you in times past.  Do the “love thing” says the Father for in acts of love and undeserved kindness I will bless and benefit you and divide the victor’s spoils to you in great measure.

8 April 2015:    The Father says today that the declaration of heaven is upon you this day.  I have set the preconditions for increase and advancement and promotion.  Because you have chosen to have a servant’s heart I will cause you to walk in the entitlement only reserved for a son.  This is the power to become says the Father even as I said in My word.  I have given you power to enter into “kingdom entitlement”.  Choose to have the heart of a servant but the mind of a son.  Think like a son would think for all of heaven’s resources are at your disposal.

Because I have declared over you therefore you have authority to declare over the earth.  Declare says the Father.  Decree the decree of heaven over your life and the lives of others.  Proclaim audaciously.  Decree lavishly with expectation and knowing that surely the thing you say will come to pass and be made manifest.  Declare the declaration of heaven for in you heaven is come to earth.  You are not looking for a portal says the Father you are the portal of heaven and through you the grace and mercy and joy of Calvary’s purchase price is coming to fruition in the earth.

7 April 2015:    The Father says today time for you to fly.  Doing things by the works of the flesh and the efforts of the natural man will become for you a thing of the past.  Expect acceleration in tasks and responsibilities that have bogged you down in the past and left you discouraged.  You will do more from a position of rest than you have done in times past exerting all your effort and will and capability.  I am a God who rules from a position of rest.  As you understand this and enter into My rest you will see your performance and productivity go off the charts.

I am a good businessman says the Father.  I underwrite your vision and your life because I know there will be a return for the investment of Myself in your life.  Again I say – TIME FOR YOU TO FLY.  This day I call upon you to go back through the checklist of your commitment to Me.  You have asked Me to examine you and try you but I say unto you EXAMINE YOURSELF to see if you are IN THE FAITH.  That is the no fail zone where ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE and every breath of My promise becomes substance in your life before you breath the prayer.

6 April 2015:   The Father says today be a doer and not just a hearer.  My kingdom doesn’t come with observation – you must act.  As you take My promises and make them action words in your life you will see change visited upon you.  Areas of stagnation and stubborn problems will yield to actions corresponding with your faith filled words.  You must believe and act.  In so doing YOU will make YOUR way prosperous.  This is how to activate the endorsement of heaven over your life and plans.  Be interruptible.  Be flexible.  Be willing to relinquish your thinking for My planning.  I have a plan says the Father and it is not to leave you languishing in doubt and hopelessness.

Choose this day to restructure your approach to My promises this day. I said RESTRUCTURE your APPROACH to My promises.  The territory you are moving into as you mature in Me will be that of blessing and benefit and entitlement.  I am not holding out on you says the Father.  Some suggest to you that I have said NO but I haven’t said NO rather I have said NOT YET.  My blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow.  You must mature into your entitlement and adopt My character as your default choice in every situation. In so doing you will come into a “never fail” experience.  Shake off the failed policies of the past and the false hopes that were only birthed in vanity and foolishness.  I have much more in mind for you says the Father and if you can receive – this day we are walking into a new place of blessing.

5 April 2015:    The Father says today I am here for you.  I do not withhold Myself when you don’t get it right.  You’ve made a mess or two and beloved I stayed right beside you.  I didn’t send My son to die for the perfect version of you.  I sent My son for the ups and downs and the times when you have lost your way.  Know that you are loved.  You are loved in your imperfections and failures and foibles.  You are loved when you close your eyes and pretend that I don’t see.  I am here when you return to Me heavy with guilt and knowing you need to be washed.  Come to Me . I will give you rest and I will cleanse you and purify you and cause you to be who you were destined to be.

We are tethered together says the Father with cords and bands of love.  It is despicable that those who claim to represent Me torment you with the withdrawal of My love.  I love you My beloved.  You are Mine.  I am yours.  Every time you see Me in truth you will see Me walking toward you in love and acceptance and willingness to work you through every failure and fault.  Come to Papa says the Father and let Me gather you to Myself and bring the change and transformation you have longed for.

4 April 2015:   The Father says today that you are in the crosshairs of My favor today. Calvary’s purchase price will be made real and substantial today and you will praise and thank Me for the outcome.  You see says the Father My purpose toward you is not disappointment or disillusionment.  My plan is to bless you and to go beyond and make you a blessing to many.  So fear not for I will not be bested in the contest of blessing over your life.  You do understand that as you have opened your heart and your treasuries to Me – I will even so open heaven’s resources and pour out that which you cannot contain?

I am pro-vision and I will provision the vision that I have placed in your heart.  Strip away the distractions and the dark thoughts of discouragement and frustration.  Adopt My mind.  Let the Christ-mentality be in you and guide all your decisions and all the interactions you have with others.  When you encounter opposition do the “love thing” for love never fails.  Do not allow others to set the tone for your day or your response.  I am with you – leave the warfare to Me.  Take your place at the table I have prepared for you even in the presence of your detractors and your outright enemies.  This is your portion and your place in My kingdom says the Father.

3 April; 2015:   The Father says today that I will turn back those who have pursued you.  Those who have expended their energy and resources to take from you, to oppress and belittle you will be turned back.  They will hear a sound and receive word from another area of their life and will be called away to attend more pressing matters.  You see says the Father the blessing of Abraham is upon you.  Through the work of the cross you are an heir and joint heir with Abraham of old.  My promise to Abraham is My promise to you.  I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.  I will execrate from your life those that even trifle with you says the Father.

Be of good cheer and do not give thought to the encroachments and threats that come to you in the mail, on the phone or across the internet.  Even those who have challenged you to your face will be removed from the equation.  They don’t know who they are dealing with for I take it personally when you are harassed.  I have set you as the apple of My eye and those that come near you will not escape My notice.

So now get ready for blessing.  The scope of the enemy’s assault now becomes the measurement by which I will bless you.  They thought they would take you for a prey but I am shutting the door in their face today.  Seek My face. Seek My kingdom.  Move forward without distraction.  The plans of the enemy will come to naught.  You will not be denied.  You will not come to failure.  Think My thoughts and move in My heart and My character.  The door of adversity is closing and the door of blessing is opening.  Rush in.  Step in.  Set your heart to seek Me with all that is within you for I will never disappoint or reject you in any way.

2 April 2015:   The Father says today that angels are running interference for you today.  There is a garrison of angel warriors surrounding you for your life is prime real estate in my kingdom.  Angels vie for assignment over you for they know you will be a kingdom seeker and in seeking the kingdom they will excel and prevail in their purposes.  Be aware as you go about your day and know that many times you have already interacted with angel messengers without realizing it.  You are surrounded says the Father.  You are safe.  The orchestration of angels unseen by you is moving and arranging circumstances around you so that you will walk into My purpose and favor.

So be of good cheer and fear not for I will suffer none to hurt you or set on your well being in any way.  Guard your words and your expectations for the angels will come daily and hourly to see what words from you that they can war with and bring to pass in your life.  They are listening for I have mandated them to bring you to highest heart desire greatest dream fulfilled.  Reject all perverse speech or the language of defeat.  Bolster your prayer life for without prayer the angels fold their hands and stand silent until you begin again to offer up petitions and supplications to Me.  Your prayers are the requisition forms of heaven directing what happens next.  Your prayers are heard.  Give them something to respond to by your faith filled prayers and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

1 April 2015:   The Father says today I release to you My faith.  The faith OF God not just faith IN God.  I framed the worlds by My faith says the Father.  This is the faith – the creative impetus that dwells in you.  This is My dunamas, generative power.  Your faith is not a dead faith for My faith is not dead.  Even now My faith upholds and sustains the universe moment by moment.  All of creation blinks in and out of existence by faith.   It is My faith that establishes the substance of all things.  Just as all things consist by My faith so I have given you My faith that you might rule in the jurisdiction and domain I have accorded you.

I have placed you in your life as I placed Adam in the garden.  You are a tender and a keeper of your own vine.  I have given you dominion now go out and SUBDUE your environment.  Begin with your own human spirit.  He that rules his spirit is BETTER than he that takes a city.  Rule over your own heart not in religious legalism and austerity but in benevolence, love and authority.   Know the importance of  My faith.  I have this day caused you to be restored even though you have lost it all I will restore and bring a work of restitution over your life.  Seek Me first says the Father for when you seek Me first THE SCRIPTURE cannot be broken.  It is not possible that ALL things will not be added unto you when you put your affection and attention on Me.



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