The Father Says Today – August 2013


31 August 2013:     The Father says today that you are not in the problem you are IN CHRIST! No more crying in the night. No more groping in darkness for you, My child. I am taking off of you the cloak of confusion and unknowing this day. The clatter and clamor of difficulties, challenges and problems are NOW being stilled in your life by My hand. I am turning all your questions and doubtings into exclamations and testimonies of My faithfulness to bring about My purposes in your life.

The only way to solve the problem My child is to ASCEND above the problem. You cannot solve the situation before you on the level of the problem. This is why I have prepared for you an ASCENSION PLACE here by Me. I have seated you in heavenly places in Christ. So adopt the IN CHRIST mentality and not the “in the problem” mentality.

You see says the Father you have expected Me to come down into the circumstance but I’m not going to repeat that process. I descended into your circumstance 2000 years ago and paid the full price for your deliverance. So lift up your head and adjust the trajectory of your expectations for I am even this day and this very hour placing you in My economy and in My station and position FAR above every encroachment of the enemy in your life.

30 August 2013:     The Father says today that there are many voices in the earth around you.  There is only ONE true voice and that is My voice that speaks in the depths of your being.  It is My voice that is being heard down deep in the acoustics of your inner self.  I have spoken to you.  I am speaking even now.  I will speak to you again and again and again until you get it and hear the sound of heaven that extinguishes every other contrary sound.

I promised in My word that My voice would be the sound of one speaking over your shoulder saying “this is the way walk you in it …”  Step forward says the Father.  Do not take no for an answer for My default position toward you is always YES.  Do not accept the voice that says “you cannot – you will not – you must not….”  That is illegitimate authority says the Father for I am not the god of limitation or impediment I am the Source FOR YOU of breakthrough and change.

So listen to My voice and align your choices and actions and aspirations to My words.  My words will work in you and you will walk out of the figment of restriction that the enemy has projected as a lie against My promise.  You are the object afresh and anew this day says the Father of My unfailing favor and love.  Let that sound – the sound of acceptance and yes the sound of approval – My approval that is encouraging you FORWARD to blessing upon blessing this day.

29 August 2013:     The Father says today I have set you to be a watchman in the earth. Even as I watched in the beginning I set the example for you how to watch, how to rule and how to initiate change. That which you see says the Father that is contrary to My character and My promise MUST change and WILL change as you WATCH and COMMAND change to come.

Do not allow your mind to be an obstacle to change says the Father. Do not allow your natural understanding cloud the reality of your true place IN ME. I have authorized you and I have empowered you and I have FREED you to RULERSHIP and AUTHOIRTY in life says the Father.

So walk in that freedom whereby I have made you free. You are free to be independent of any and all circumstances. You are independent of the prognostications and prediction of your sense bound mind. With mind you will see problems but with your spirit WHERE I LIVE and RULE you will see that which can and will change at your command. So open your mouth wide says the Father and SPEAK the word of AUTHORITY. As you speak even inanimate things will heed you even as the fig tree that I cursed. Storms in life will become calm and the entire landscape of your life will adjust and conform to the template of heaven-on-through through the faith-filled words that I have given you permission to speak.

28 August 2013:     The Father says today that this circumstance you are facing didn’t catch Me by surprise. I am not wringing My hands or pacing before the throne wondering how I am going to get you out of this one. Others around you, even trusted counselors are going to astonished to the point of having no right answers for you. In this situation you are going to have to listen to My voice and not the cold comfort of uninformed and uninspired advisors.

I am not only the Comforter and I am the counselor. I will guide you every step of the way and fast track you through the snares of Satan. So come let us reason together says the Father. Pour out your heart to Me for you have My undivided attention. All of heaven is focused upon your plight and the cry of your heart this day. This is not a day for hopelessness but for trust. I haven’t abandoned you or left you to your own devices. I am working in the midst of the darkness and though you don’t always see it I am bringing you to your safe haven.

27 August 2013:     The Father says today that I am equipping you with revelatory insight, wisdom and knowledge.  I am giving you the advantage over the enemy because these gifts can only be vainly counterfeited and not actually reproduced by him.  You must begin to see the advantage says the Father I have given you over the enemy of your soul.  He has been estranged from My presence for thousands of years.  You are NOW and ALWAYS surrounded by My person and bathed in My presence at every moment.

I am causing you this day to see afresh and anew with My eyes the situations at hand that you might avoid the pitfalls and snares of the wicked one.  I am equipping your heart with My wisdom that will baffle Satan with great bewilderment.  The enemy of your soul will be unable to know what you will do next and will be unable to steal from you the promises of your tomorrows.  I am releasing to you knowledge through dreams, visions and supernatural insights that will give you the true picture of those relationships that make up the columns and infrastructure of your life.

So fear not says the Father for I have given you the edge and the advantage over all the strategies of hell and you will prevail and overcome.  You will walk into your blessing time with the sure and certain promise that you will come behind in no gift that the cross has paid for in your life.

26 August 2013:   The Father says today that My kingdom is come in your life. I am pouring out My rule and the dividends of My rule in extreme measure in your life says the Father. When I give I give all. When I pour out it is to the dregs. When I purpose to move in your life in blessing it is to the fullest. Make it your purpose to refuse to sit in the seat of the scornful or to stand in the company of mockers. There are those who only see the negative and find their certitudes in the evil report. All such attitudes are only destined for the wilderness. Purpose in your heart to bleach the bones of unbelief and to rise up and shake yourself and enter into that geography of promise I have set before you.

Yes says the Father abandon the well populated plains of skepticism and unbelief and set your course for the high country of My promises. The mixed multitude of unbelievers and nay-sayers cannot go where I have purposed for you to sojourn. Gird yourself with My truth and My promises for they will surely come to pass. Those who have mocked you and scrutinized and criticized will see of the salvation I have wrought for you and know that My hand of favor has been made manifest in your behalf. I will not exclude you says the Father nor will I leave you out. Your hands will I fill with the spoils of the victor and your heart will sing the war songs of tribute and thankfulness for I will in nothing allow you to come to failure or defeat.

25 August 2013: The Father says today that you are not disqualified from your destiny. The enemy has whispered to you that your opportunity is passed. He has suggested to you that you have sinned away your day of grace. He has implied that you cannot have My best plan for your life. These are all lies says the Father. I verify to you this day that My best and perfect plan for you is still on the table and there is no set back or failure on your part that has denied you the destiny crafted for you before the foundation of the world was laid.

You are perfect and without blame before Me says the Father for I only look at you with the eyes of love. When I turn My focus upon you I only see that which motivated Me to send My only begotten Son to die the death of the cross because in My estimation you were AND are worth the sacrifice. So cast down the lies of the enemy. You are the privileged child of a Loving Father and I have purposed that you will live your life in Kingdom Entitlement from which I will fulfill your dreams, satisfy your longings and meet every possible need. This is who I am says the Father and what I do and you are fully eligible this day so ASK and see My hand of deliverance come to bear in your life this day.

24 August 2013:    The Father says today I am the God of all Comfort in your life.  I am committed to your comfort.  Those who think they are called to afflict the comforted are at cross-purposes to My nature.  I am so invested in a campaign of comfort in your life that one of My names by which I am known is COMFORTER!

So make yourself comfortable says the Father.  Be comfortable and be comforted in My presence.  Remember that I am not the God of SOME comfort but I am the God of ALL COMFORT.  So there is Spiritual Comfort available to you and relational comfort and yes I have prepared PROVISIONAL comfort in the natural resources of the world.

I place no premium upon suffering says the Father because it is contrary to My comfort.  The suffering of the cross was solely designed to alleviate your sorrows and bring you to fulfillment and solace and comfort in My name.  Are you comfortable with that says the Father?  Is there anything in your life that I can do to make you MORE comfortable?  You are going to have to ask Me.  Ask that your joy may be full.  Ask that your comfort might be complete for your comfort is My priority this day.

23 August 2013:   The Father says today that you are not a consumer but a producer in My kingdom. I am producing My peace within you. I am producing My joy within you. You are a fruitful branch says the Father. Let this realization wash over you and cause you to see within yourself that which I see within you. It is now high time to reject the lack mentality and the denial mentality of fallen man in your thinking. I declare to you this day that you come behind in no gift. You are denied no not on a single score.

Those who have sought to explain why your answers are not forthcoming are asking the wrong questions. When you ask the wrong questions you cannot help but come up with wrong answers. So open your heart to the reality of who I AM and what I have purposed to be in your life. Come to Me as a child, even a suckling babe and draw out from My faithfulness the manifest demonstration of My fidelity to heal and save and deliver you even this day to the very fullest extent.

22 August 2013:   The Father says today that I am burying the Adam in you that I might raise up the Christ in you.  Christ in you is your hope says the Father.  I am bringing a shift in your consciousness until you experience the realization of the Christ-consciousness in your own being. I did not bleed on the tree to be something OUTWARD to you – I died on the hill to be SOMEONE INWARD to you in all power and authority.

So think not that you must ATTAIN or strive to achieve spiritual blessings.  My gifts and graces are being produced in you as fruit is continually being produced on a branch.  I know what you have need of says the Father.  Do not allow your need to blind you from the fact that I am the fullness of all things bodily in your behalf.  I have accorded you through the work of the cross all that you might every want or desire.  Think not in your heart you must work or perform or earn those things I have freely given.  I declare to you this day that you have arrived at ONENESS with Me and in that one-ness every deficient and longing is being realized and manifest by the influence of My tempering presence within you.

21 August 2013:     The Father says today that there is only ONE only begotten of the Father – and He has been ONLY begotten IN YOU. You are not alone or isolated from Me says the Father. I sent My son into your heart and into your life as the unique and singular Son that I might be reproduced in you. Even as you were born with the Adam-likeness I have birthed you to bear the Christ-likeness of My Son. So yield to My shaping and My formative process says the Father. I see Myself in you as the sculptor sees the figure in the block of stone. There is a chipping away of that which doesn’t reflect My image but there is also a building and polishing to cause you to represent My nature and character in the earth.

I am adorning you as a representation of Myself in the earth and to those around you. You have asked for clarification of your purpose and destiny says the Father but know that this is My over-arching purpose even this day and day by day. So render your life to Me this day says the Father and I will deaden and deprive of power the man of earth and the man of sin within you and cause WHO I AM to rise up within you and establish My authority and My blessing in your behalf.

20 August 2013: The Father says today that I am turning back the spite of the enemy against your life. Your blessing will not be spoiled by the spoiler that comes to contaminate your peace.  Know that I am safeguarding you and bringing My protection into your life even into this day.  There is not one minor aspect of your day that is not under My scrutiny says the Father.  Even the hairs of your head are accounted for how much more those things that give you pause and cause you to carry the load of care and burden?

Roll those cares and concerns over on Me says the Father for I am a good manager.  I am managing and providing necessary superintendence in your life at every level and every juncture . As you walk on the scene of each hour and each new day you will find the package of My renewed mercy awaiting there with the bow already untied ready for you to enjoy and partake of.  So laugh the laugh of one who has found their relief for I am relieving you of the burden and I am taking up those cares that the enemy has suggested are for your shoulders alone.  You will not be disappointed says the Father for I will show Myself mighty in your behalf.

19 August 2013:    The Father says today that I am watching over your harvest.  There are seeds you have planted and fields of faith you have furrowed that will not fail.  They will produce says the Father.  You planted with joy looked with expectation that they should bring forth.  Though the answers have been long in coming I have counted every act of obedience and every act of sacrifice.  I will repay says the Father.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

So waste not your time with the backward glance.  Move forward with joy and with anticipation that the rewards of obedience will be rich.  I will see that the garners of your hope will be full of substance.  Failure is not an option in My kingdom says the Father.  Put your hand to the task at hand.  Live in your now and refuse to look back or to speculate for I am watching over your past and safeguarding your future.  This is your day says the Father.  Your blessing time has come.

18 August 2013:   The Father says today that the gavel has come down in your favor.  The judgment is determined and the outcome is assured.  Your redemption is secure and your exoneration is certain says the Father.  I am coming into the midst of your situation and My reward is with Me.  There is no voice of dissent that can silence the declaration that rang from the cross in your behalf:


It is finished says the Father and I will hear no accusatory arguments of the enemy against you.  I have declared your freedom and directed the angelic custodians that you can and must go free from all impediment, detriment and bondage.  So let there be rejoicing says the Father.  Even as the apostles sang at the stocks in the lower part of the prison know this that I am bringing a shaking that will cause the prison doors to be opened and the chains to fall away.  Those gates that have barred you will open of their own accord and your proclamation will be that “this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!”

17 August 2013:   The Father says today do you like surprises?  When I ascended up on high with the liberated Old Covenant captives I released gifts into the earth. I gave the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, pastor and teacher.  I released these offices and mantles that you might be equipped to overcome in every avenue of life.  I released these gifts as mantles of grace designed to flow through men and women with feet of clay and hearts made of flesh and blood just like you.  Learn to recognize the gift of God in your life today says the Father.

Though these men and women be vessels of earth I will pour through them the liquidity of My glory to change and shape and empower you to be the demonstrators of My might and My wisdom.  You are not called to sit idly by and watch others fulfill their purpose.  You have a calling says the Father.  You have ministry portion pressing against you even this day.  My kingdom is pressing upon you and out from within you to others.  You are My instrument formed and fashion for a higher purpose than you know.  See yourself as My chosen one today for I have brought you to the earth for this hour and this time and you will in no means be defeated by the wicked one in any way.

16 August 2013:   The Father says today never lay down in a war zone.  Your enemy the devil is determined to define your life by his campaign of victimization and denial.  Push back says the Father.  Resist the devil and yes, he will fly and he will flee.  There is no resource in the enemy to withstand you when you counter his attack with My name.  Stand fast says the Father.  Resist your enemy.  I will add My strength to your determination.  I will bring the angelic host about you online to empower and support you until victory is won.

You are now armed and equipped with an impenetrable armor of faith, righteousness, and grace.  I will turn back the army of the enemies who have set themselves against you.  I will raise My destiny for you as a banner that the heavens will rally to.  Know that the blood that was shed is your sure and certain defense against deprivation, impediment and restriction.  Open your mouth boldly.  Invoke the power of the blood.  Weild the sword of the Spirit.  Advance in the armor of light.  See this day the tide of resistance against your blessing but fully and finally turned back.

15 august 2013:     The Father says today I am not concerned with proving Myself to the unbelieving.  Unbelief is a soul-deep stain that cannot be cleansed by successful arguments or theological inquiry.  Shall the thing made say to him that made it why have you made me this way?  Launch out into PURE TRUST in Me this day.  Put your mind and emotions in check and simply KNOW that I am nurturing and caring for you at every level.

FAITH and PROOF have nothing to do with one another says the Father.  Thomas wanted PROOF.  Cease from all striving says the Father!  Cease trying to convince others or to be convinced yourself.  The mind is a petty tyrant that will never cease to prattle on in its prideful assertions of logic and vain conclusions.  TRUST ME from your HEART and your HEAD will adjust to the new reality.  It’s a new day says the Father.  A new day of TRUST and REST as you allow the FAITH in your HEART transcend into unquestioned trust in My word.

14 August 2013:   The Father says today that you are an inheritor by birth of all that My kingdom entails.  I have birthed you into My government and I have birthed My government in you.  My government is increasing and increasing on the inside of you until ALL CONTRARY RULE is put down and destroyed within your precincts.  You see says the Father you can take My word and your authority through My word and destroy the entire scope of the works of the devil against you.

You are no less anointed, no less entitled and no less empowered than I was during My earth walk.  Rise up in the entitlement purchased for you on the cross.  Rise up in the empowerment released to you in the resurrection.  The resurrection is NOT only for some day hence!  The resurrection and the power thereof is a RESOURCE of RULE and GOVERNANCE in your life now!  Exercise the GOVERNANCE of My kingdom today says the Father.  Exercise your governance and you will see your enemy the devil cower at your feet!

13 August 2013:   The Father says today that I placed you in the earth to be a tender and a keeper.  The authority that Adam lost in the fall is restored to you in Christ.  You are a repository into which I have placed dominion and authority from My throne.  All rule from heaven is enunciated from My throne in the human heart says the Father.  I will do nothing unless I am first asked.  So ask says the Father.  Ask largely.  Ask with audacity.  Ask with impunity in the face of religious attitudes toward lack and suffering which I take no pleasure in.

The authority I have bestowed upon you is the authority to ask and to requisition My hand to act.  I know what your needs are but I am unwilling to act without you . I want your involvement in every transaction between heaven and earth. I call for your petitions, I look for your declarations, I anticipate your decrees.  Call upon Me in the day of trouble says the Father and I will answer speedily and with the full force of heaven’s might to descend and draw you out of the waters of adversity the enemy has cast against you in life!

12 August 2013:   The Father says today be interruptible.  Be flexible and bendable as to your plans and your expectations.  Elijah didn’t know the very moment I would send the fiery chariots to take him to his promotion.  Neither did Enoch know that I would take him to Myself.  I have many suddenlies in store for you.  The day ahead for you will be anything but predictable.  There are answers to prayer that you have laid out before Me.  Your expectations are that those answers will be long in coming.  But there are things that you have put far off that are going to be on your doorstep tomorrow morning.

I am the God of time and therefore I am neither bound by time nor restricted by past, present or future.  Seek My face says the Father and I will unveil the past and cause you to understand the path you have been walking.  I will shatter the illusions of the present and give you stark clarity as to your current situation.  I will draw back the curtains of tomorrow and will reveal exactly what is ahead.  You will see it and know it as My grace and mercy to prepare you for the full reception of My goodness.  You see says your Father that because you are IN Me and I am IN YOU – you are no longer a time bound creature.  Though you measure the days and months and years you are however walking in eternity even know and will go in and out and find the pastures of My blessing as an ever present provender for your life.

11 August 2013:    The Father says today that the work I have done in and for you is a finished work.  You are not a work in progress says the Father.  What I have finished in you I finished before the foundation of the world was laid.  In the primordial fog banks of eternity I formed and shaped and molded you as a reflection of My mercy and My perfection.  This is the image that My grace is establishing in you today . The process is undeterred.  The outcome assured.  See yourself this way says the Father.  See My perfection in you.  See My kingdom and rule IN you.  See it and now it as your one true reality.  All else is an illusory figment of demonic suggestion.

So as you rise and go about your day know that you are adorning and clothing a perfected image of your heavenly Father.  As you open your mouth to greet those around you let the dignity and grace of an entitled son and privileged scion of heaven be the character of your conversation.  Do not allow anyone or anything to move you from the place of composure I have prepared for you in Me.  This is YOUR day says the Father.  I have crafted it for you as a jeweler crafts a setting for an exquisite gem.  You are that jewel says the Father.  You are that jewel and I am refracting My glory in your life this day.

10 August 2013:     The Father says that I am incapable of being anything other than faithful to you.  I will be known to you as Faithful One.  My purpose is incontrovertible and My intent unyielding says the Father.  The sole focus of My heart is to demonstrate to you the scope and breadth of just what the Cross of Christ paid for in your life.  I don’t use half measures or taunting useless promises.  I AM says the Father!  I am the YES and the AMEN in your life!

So enter into rest and be seated at My right hand says the Father.  For I am IN POSITION in you and I have placed you in Myself according to the Mystery of Godliness.  You are now spirit of My Spirit and breath of My Breath.  I exhale the enablement of My grace and you inhale the entitlement of Heaven.  Accept this says the Father and know it as your base state in the God-tribe that I established when the new birth was initiated on that blood spattered tree.

9 August 2013:    The Father says today concerning the works of My hands I invite you to command Me.  I have established many entitlements in the earth intended to be for your benefit and blessing.  My purpose is that you take full advantage of what the work of the Cross affords in your behalf.  My righteousness IS your entitlement that I imparted to your account 2000 years ago.  The work of the Cross is your eligibility and the resurrection is your entitlement.  Don’t hold back says the Father.  Do not allow religious foolishness to guild the death lilies of unbelief and thereby rob you of your blessing.

The authority you receive in Christ is more than authority over demons and devils.  I have given you authority to direct My hand in behalf of your own need and the needs of others.  My authority is My “exousia” and My power is My “dunamis”.  It is the Exousia-Authority that directs My Dunamis-Power.  So fret not that you feel weak at times and without strength.  The strength is Mine to display and the Authority is yours to direct by your prayers, petitions, declarations and decrees.  So open your mouth today says the Father in audacious dependence upon the finished work of the Cross.  You will NOT be disappointed but rather you will see of the work of My hand in your life.

8 August 2013:   The Father says today are you willing to take YES and NOW for your answer?  No more crying in the night.  No more waiting and wondering.  I am not a God of delay.  I am the God who hears your cry and answers right speedily.  Call on Me in the time of trouble and I will be petitioned of you.  Look past the assertions of time and circumstance and know that it is never too late and I am always on time.  In the circumstance you face there is information you do not yet have.  I am uncovering and revealing.  You will then see My fingerprint on the situation and know that I am working all things to your betterment.

Remember says the Father that I place no premium on suffering.  I am not pursuing some obscure agenda that requires Me to sit back arms folded while you suffer and cry out.  That is not who I am.  There are those who teach such nonsense but they do not understand the cross.  The cross paid a FULL price and there is no deprivation or difficulty that must be experienced before you see your answer.  Are you willing to take yes and amen for an answer?  Then let rejoicing be in your heart today for your prayers are answered and your deliverance by My hand is assured.

7 August 2013:    The Father says today that I am opening your eyes to the answers already around you.  I stood before the first century Jews in My incarnate glory and they knew Me not.  Unbelief blinded them.  They saw what they expected to see and cried out “Crucify Him!”  Elisha’s servant could not see the fiery angelic chariots and horses round about them because he couldn’t see past the chariots and horses of the enemy.  Know this says the Father,  the chariots of the enemy only showed up BECAUSE the chariots of the Lord were present.

So open your eyes to read clearly the implications of the threats of the enemy.  They reflect the truth that EXACTLY the opposite is available to you by My hand.  The enemy threatens your health because by My stripes you were healed.  He threatens you financially only because My provision is available and ready to hand.  He threatens your family and loved ones only because their day of Salvation is at hand.

Fear not and do not be blinded.  Learn to look THROUGH and not just WITH the eye and you will see My kingdom burgeoning around you with promise and blessing!

6 August 2013:   The Father says today there will be times that you won’t know where you leave off and I take up. I am imbuing you with My strength and My wisdom.  My knowledge and My thoughts are providing everything necessary for life and godliness says the Father.  I have sowed Myself into you as a resource of provision and protection and rest.  Because of who I AM you are one who comes behind in NO gift.  The giftedness inherent in My presence is a well that you can draw upon and a river that flows out to every area of need in your life.

Understand this says the Father that RESTING in My Spirit has nothing to do with inactivity.  I spoke and created for six days and when I rested on the seventh day My creation continued on producing according the dictates of My command.  I have placed this same word of command in your mouth.  So know that the REST I have for you is the rest of one whose warfare has ended and now the reaping time is at hand.  Do not give up on the sowing of your faith. Your hopes and dreams will not be thwarted.

5 August 2013:   The Father says today let the wisdom from above set the character of your day today.  My wisdom in your heart is first pure, then peaceable, easy to be entreated and prevailed upon.  Do not allow the interruptions and inconveniences of today to adulterate the purity of My presence on the inside of you.  There are those around you with an appetite for strife who will not find rest until they rob you of your rest.  Do not allow yourself to be brought to warfare in a fleshly exchange.

All of My paths are peace says the Father.  You will find that path as you go low and worship.  When anger and frustration arise know that this is not who you really are at the core of your being.  Live out of the depths says the Father.  Live out of the depths of your Spirit where I sit as Lord.  From there is where prayers are answered.  From there My secret becomes your illumination to draw you into My protection and provision today.

4 August 2013:    The Father says today that My purposes in the earth are sweeping away the principality and powers that have been ranged against you.  I resist the proud says the Father and give grace to the humble.  Satan and his cohorts know nothing BUT pride.  Shall the enemy of your soul stand against My plan for your life?  Shall the enemy of your soul be able to resist My strength in your behalf for one split second?  Know this says the Father that I have prepared a place for you here by Me that you might find protection under My wings.

I am a Mighty Man of War in your life today says the Father.  In righteousness will I judge and make war in behalf of My determinations in your life.  You are not going to lose says the Father.  You are not a failure.  You are not a loser.  Cast down the lies of the enemy and take your refuge in Me.  I will occupy your enemies elsewhere.  I will bring My blessing over you like a canopy of favor to shield you from every assault.  This day you will see My provision and protection.  This day says the Father I will be known in your life as the Faithful One to meet every need.

3 August 2013:   The Father says today that without Me you can do nothing.  Without Me you can do nothing but YOU are NOT without Me!  I have placed My genius on the inside of you that My wisdom would put you over and see you through every difficulty.  I am the ACTIVE PRINCIPLE within you that makes ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!  Can you hear says the Father?  Can you hear the truth that I am both IN YOU and ABLE to work through your human frailty to do more than you could ever think?

I am not an OUTWARD something says the Father for you are not separate from Me.  I am an INWARD sentience making Myself known to you as GOD and FATHER and HEALER and DELIVERER.  The enemy in the fall attempted to darken your ability to know Me as I AM.  The death of the cross has restored irrevocably your ability to accept My indwelling and find within yourself the full potency of My Spirit and Strength and Character.

So THIS DAY says the Father place your dependence on WHO I AM on the inside of you.  The heart of My gospel is the Christ anointing dwelling in you and manifesting as the template for My character and My very person on the inside of you.  From that perspective I am guarding and guiding and provisioning in every area of your life from the least unto the greatest of your needs.

2 August 2013:   The Father says today be ready.  Live in readiness and expectation of My goodness to be manifested in your life.  I am a good God and  I would that you partake of My goodness in full measure.  I say to you says the Father that there will be delay no longer regarding all those things that I have promised you and those things of which I have assured you would take place.

I put no premium upon delay says the Father.  I am the God of prompt supply.  I move in My power and grace to meet your need even before you ask.  When I brought the children of Israel out of Egypt I bade them eat their Passover with their staffs in their hands and sandals upon their feet.  I instructed them as I instruct you now live in readiness.  Expect breakthrough.  Anticipate deliverance.  Know that I am the God who is swift of foot and strong of hand and mighty to act in your behalf.  This is your day says the Lord.  This is the day I will show Myself ever ready and fully willing to bless you and sanction every good thing to be manifest in your behalf.

1 August 2013:   The Father says today that if you bring the harvest I will bring the seed.  Let your hand be open to bring the harvest to one more needy than you.  Let your eye withhold not to bless and bring breakthrough to one who others have neglected and pretended not to see.  When you mollify the wounds and devastation in the life of another I will descend upon you in a level of glory and blessing that is unprecedented in your life.

So take what is in your hand and bring it as increase to one in need that is close at hand.  When you give to the impoverished you have loaned to Me and I will repay with dividends beyond your ability to calculate.  Open your hand says the Father.  Open your hand and I WILL bare my arm in your behalf.  This is your day of reaping and the reaping season begins with the harvest you pour out in answer to the cry of those that others have turned away from in disgust.

What you make happen for others says the Father I will make happen for you.  This is the nature of reciprocity in My kingdom.  I have ordained and purposed that you will be the beneficiary of kingdom entitlement.  You will see it and know it as your portion as you act in sacrificial obedience in giving to the broken and downtrodden.  I will recompense in great blessing on an expedited schedule in your life says the Father.




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The Father Says Today – August 2013 — 1 Comment

  1. John 15:16
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    16 You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you [I have planted you], that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting [that it may remain, abide], so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name [as [a]presenting all that I Am], He may give it to you.