The Father Says Today – August 2017

Daily prophecy for August 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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August 31, 2017.   The Father says today, be renewed in the spirit of your mind.  The old assumptions no longer fit what your tomorrows look like – they never did.  Men may look at you and think they know what tomorrow holds but grace is at work that they haven’t taken into account.  You may have even written off your own blessings because it just seems like your hopes and dreams are merely foolish wishes.  Take another look, says the Father.  Look through the lens of Calvary’s provision at all that I AM bringing about in your life.  Tomorrow is bright with promise.  Yesterday and your past failures are now washed away fully in My clemency.  This is the hour and the day I declare the declaration over you, “behold! I make all things new!!”

You are a new creation.  This is not some ephemeral pipe dream.  You are a new creation, a new species altogether in Me.  Old things have passed away and are passing away.  Yesterday can no longer hold you in chains.  Tomorrow is opening up with clouds bordered with great promise.  My plans for you are so beyond what you might think that if I revealed them in a moment you would think they were absolute fantasy.  Get with the program, says the Father.  My heart toward you is for good.  Let go of the past.  Settle all accounts with those who have disappointed you.  Forgive, Release, Bless!  Step into your now.  Step into the entitlement of sons where all I have promised is at your disposal as the low hanging fruit of the tree of life that brings resurrection to all that you are and all that you ever will be.

August 30, 2017.   The Father says today, cast your care upon Me.  Those things that you cannot change and cannot get free from, make them My concern and not yours.  In My earth walk I was tempted.  I was tempted in every point such as you have been tempted, yet without sin.  Your efforts to deal with difficulty and problems often result in making matters worse and polluting your testimony by ungodly responses.  Face the reality of your own inability to have a godly response to the ghastly treatment you have received from others.  Let Me step in.  Run into the high tower of My name.  Take your refuge in Me and stop trying to defend the indefensible.  I endured rejection.  I was hated and despised.  I endured all these things so you wouldn’t have to.  It doesn’t mean others won’t come against you.  It simply means that the sting of hate and sin against you will be assuaged and alleviated by My grace, if you will just give it to Me.

Be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.  Learn to go quiet when you are in the presence of your enemies.  When others narrow the eye and whisper behind closed doors against you – just go low and worship.  Go low, take the posture of humility, for I give grace to the humble but resist the proud.  Humility is your secret weapon.  They may mock and say, “who do you think you are?” but just stay in stillness and trust.  They may goad and despise you because those are the things that provoke pride.  Refuse to be baited into coming out of the secret place.  Let the heathen rage.  Let the godless spew their vitriol against you but stay in the place of quiet trust and deep abiding in Me till the storm is passed.  This is the path of freedom.  It isn’t what you have been told by those who think they are the authority in such things, but you be a Father-pleaser and seek the Kingdom against all opposition and see the reward that comes to you as a result.

August 29, 2017.   The Father says today, your life over the next five years is going to be anything but boring.  You are one that does not thrive in listlessness. You have no interest in marching in place till Jesus comes.  There is nothing pedantic about your character – you desire with all your heart to run with the footmen and overtake the chariots.  I have put an adventurous spirit on the inside of you.  You will experience three very distinct and quite different and diverse experiences over the next five years that will be watershed transitions bringing you from one glory to another.  One area will be in relationships.  The other will be in the area of finances and natural provision.  The other will be a time of supernatural visitation that will cause everything you thought you knew to be seen through a new set of Kingdom glasses.

You are going to travel.  This will involve serving in ministry portion like never before.  There are projects and assignments before you.  There are projects and assignments and these things going to involve a time of learning and adjusting to the new reality that I am establishing in your life.  I AM launching you out of the old and into the new says the Father – remarkably so over the next five years.   Neither will you be going alone, says the Father, but there will be those who will go with you.  I set the solitary in families.  For there will be community in your life.  There will be those that you can love and rely on and those who can love and rely on you.  I have many surprises ahead for you.  Your life is going to be filled with many suddenlies as I cause you to know the fullness of life as I intended it to be lived and experienced.

August 28, 2017.   The Father says today, opportunities are opening up to you.  Doors are opening wide in favor toward you this day.  There is coming an occasion to you to minister to a segment of society, to a group of people who have been waiting and waiting and waiting.  They have been waiting, and the waiting has been long, but I have put a word of refreshing in your mouth.  I AM sending you to those who have given up in despair.  Yes, they gave up because they didn’t have what was necessary to bring change in their situation, so they gave up on life.  They once rejoiced in the infancy of their salvation, but now the trials of life have turned them sour.  Love them.  Encourage them.  You feel that you need encouragement, but I say to you, go out and give to others what you feel you have the least to give.

As you encourage others, I will encourage you.  As you speak joy to others, I will pour out upon you joy unspeakable and full of glory. No one is disposable, says the Father.  I have written upon your heart, no one is disposable and everybody counts.  I AM sending you to the widow, the orphan and the prisoner to help the widowed and the orphan and those that are struggling.  They will shake themselves from the lethargy of despair, and find new direction in life through the simple testimony that I have placed in your heart.  Be faithful. Be faithful in that which I have called you to do.  I will cause your words that at times seem so ineffective, to bring breakthrough, and those who have languished in suffering will rise up and be mighty in your midst.  Go out.  Go out now, this day and let your words be words of life.  As you speak words of life to others I will answer from on high and meet every need in your situation.

August 27, 2017.   The Father says today, listen to My still, small voice.  Your answers do not come from man.  Seek the Spirit of Counsel that flows from My throne.  My voice speaks constantly in the inner recesses of your spirit.  My voice speaks constantly and never stops.  As the light of the sun goes forth in every direction at once throughout ages and eons of time, it is My light that is shining down and bringing every good gift in your life.  It isn’t about planning for poverty or downturn.  Look to Me and plan on breakthrough, benefit and blessing.  I AM all about life and life more abundantly.  I have given you all things that pertain to life and godliness.  I delight in the prosperity of My servant.  Just stay focused on walking before Me as a servant and see all your desires spontaneously fulfilled and every need met according to My riches in glory.

Learn to become detached from those things and urges that only originate in the spirit of the world.  The voice of the body, the voice of the carnal mind and the flesh will always offer you a buffet of distractions and dispossession.  Do not allow the flesh man and the old man to disenfranchise you from My promise.  I AM all about entitlement and fulfillment.  Frustration will never be your portion as you envelope yourself daily and greet the morning each day in the Christ-consciousness, filled with My thoughts, bathed in My love and walking in My righteousness.  This is your portion, says the Father.  This is what I have promised you.  This is why I came into the earth – to bear witness to you of My truth and My love and My glory.

August 26, 2017.   The Father says today, embrace the process.  Lose the attitude.  Keep pressing in to the Glory!  Lose the attitude of negativity.  Negativity, pessimism and sarcasm are not once named in the heavens.  Let your mind and spirit yield to the “as in heaven, so on earth” mentality.  You are not being naïve when you choose to think only upon those things that are pure, just, lovely and of good report.  You are where your attention takes you.  Do you really want to take a nose dive into that world of problems, torment, fear and difficulty that the world wants to surround you with and entertain you with?  This is the observation effect that causes the elements of your life to respond to the attenuation you give them.  Focus on My throne.  Focus on My goodness.  Give yourself over to My gospel, for My gospel is the good news.

As you give yourself over to My gospel – then the Good News of My kingdom will set the preamble for what happens next in your life.  Give up on the negative.  Come out of the darkness.  Wrap your mind up and every thought with thoughts of faith, trust and rejoicing because this is heaven-come-to-earth season for you.  Though all the world vanish and be swept away in one vast cataclysm, when your heart is set on Me and My promise – you will be left standing.  You will be left standing and those that are around you will want to know about the hope that I have placed in you.  You are an ambassador of hope, and I say to you that you are coming out.  You are coming out of lifelessness into the glory and blessing and rejoicing of My throne.

August 25, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM establishing you in My abundance.  My abundance is on the inside of you – in the Glory.  The glory – My glory as Christ IN YOU is what you are contending for, learning about and that which is on the increase on the inside of you.  Those things that are outward are temporary and changing.  If you can see it and identify it you are looking at something that is transitory.  Problems may seem so permanent and such towering mountains set against you but look and see as I bring the mountain down low and move you forward where progress was impossible yesterday.  The enemy has no power, says the Father.  The enemy has no power because all power is Mine in heaven and in earth.

All power is Mine, says the Father – the enemy is only capable of what he can talk you into.  Reject the narrative of the natural.  Reject the dialogue of the enemy when he whispers your name and seeks to tear you down and wrap chains of sin and sorrow about you.  I say to you, come forth.  Come forth into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.  My Spirit is on the inside of you and where My spirit is – there is freedom, deliverance and conscious union with Me as your Father, your Maker and the one that is putting you over in every challenge of life.

August 24, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM with you and will always put you over in life as you align yourself with the values of My Kingdom.  When I AM on your side, there is no contest.  Though hell itself be ranged against you the outcome is yet assured.  Let the initiatives of My Kingdom influence and shape every decision you make, regardless of the pressure you are under.  Even when you feel isolated and alone, know that My strong right arm is working in your defense.  Though no one stands with you or believes in your dream or your vision, I will not allow you to fall when you partner with Me.  We are in the majority – you and I as you step out in faith.  No longer waiting for the approval of man or for others to “get” you or understand what I have and what I will put it in your heart to do.

Be willing to be sent, says the Father.  Be ready to go into new assignments.  I AM the sender – you are the goer.  The delay is over. No longer waiting and watching but going and expecting.  Going and believing that I will be with you no matter what.  Stop waiting for a plan.  I didn’t die for a plan, I died for you.  I AM not in love with a plan, I AM in love with you.  I have not sanctioned a plan, I have sanctioned you, that you will go forth in My name.  As I went with the disciples of old confirming My word with signs following, so I will be with you confirming My word with signs following.  It’s a new day, says the Father, and you will be walking with Me in a new way that you have not traveled before, but I will cause every step to be a step into blessing and benefit and victory, for that is My purpose that I am working out in your life, says the Father.

August 23, 2017.   The Father says today, My hand of protection is upon you.  The enemy of your soul has longed to assault you.  The enemy has purposed that he would sift you as wheat.  This was the enemy’s purpose, but I AM your defense says the Father.  I AM your defense, and as you run into My name, you will find yourself surrounded by My impregnable favor.  You are protected.  You are under My protection, says the Father.  The price that was paid on Calvary is your rescue.  The price that was paid on Calvary is your provisioning.  The price that was paid on Calvary is your advancement and your promotion.  Fret not, therefore. Have no fear but trust and rest in that trust that I AM with you, and will never leave you nor forsake you.

Set your sights upon higher things, says the Father.  This is a time of sobriety but also a time of rejoicing.  Know this, that the enemy would distract you with his “smoke and mirror” strategies and threatenings, but I AM the intercessor at the right hand of the Father who is ever interceding.  In your path, there are many angel encounters.  You will see them and you will know them.  Others will say that they heard thunder, and others will say one thing or the other but as Nathan, I will cause you to see the angels of God ascending and descending upon your life as they ascended and descended upon My life when I walked in My earthly sojourn.  You will be defended, protected and hastened into a place of new favor and fullness of My blessing in your life.  You will say “what else could possibly go right?”

August 22, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM drawing you into a new assignment.  You have dwelt in this mountain long enough.  I AM calling you to step out of the experience and seasons of disappointment into a new paradigm of blessing and entitlement.  Pack up the failed expectations of what you have been doing and move toward the new promise of realized vision that is just ahead.  I AM breathing upon your vision.  I AM monetizing your vision.  I AM pro-vision says the Father.  This blessing and more beyond will be yours as you pass the trust test and walk into a whole new environment of entitlement and blessing.

Be faithful, says the Father, to that which I have called you to do.  Be faithful in little and I will give you stewardship over much.  What you do in times of lack reflects what your choices will be when I put you in surplus.  Money moves by the Spirit says the Father.  What are you doing with what I have made available to you?  I have called you not to be a repository of expenditure to your personal need only, but a conduit of the transfer of the wealth out to ministry purpose and kingdom benefit.  Money is like blood.  It must flow, and it all belongs to Me.  Breathe in of My substance and breathe out of your own provision to fund the vision of others.  Adopt generosity and benevolence as your default state and in so doing militantly take authority over every area of need in your life.

August 21, 2017.   The Father says today, My Kingdom does not come with observation.  There is nothing passive about walking in My Kingdom or pursuing after the Kingdom.  I have called you to dominance in the earth over all the manifestations of darkness around you.  My Kingdom is a Kingdom that responds to the actions, initiatives and visions of God minded people.  The sleeping giant that is My people is about to awaken and shake herself.  Be shaken says the Father.  Become one who is no longer embarrassed, merely praying for boldness.  You know Me!  You are dominant because I AM on the inside of you.  This is your natural state.  Join yourself with those of like mind so that you rise up as lights in the world that dispel all darkness.  This is your mandate.  This is where elusive success that you’ve been trying to figure out is going to be found.

Step into the initiatives of My Kingdom says the Father.  Organize, plan and act.  Organize how to bring those together of like mind and spirit.  Do it now.  No more delay.  No more excuses.  Plan just how you and those like you are going to pass the tests at hand and become empowered to do and to be what I have called you to do and be.  Go forth in your day and ACT!  Take action.  Take radical action and I will meet you.  My ability will meet your audacity and cause vision to become a reality.  You will create, renew and establish things that other people only thought about.  You will step into invention and creativity where usually only the world will go.  You will be a trendsetter and go where the dead traditions of a limp, lifeless relic of the past cannot and will not go.  This is who you are.  This is what you are called to.  This is where integrity, authenticity and validity become the underpinning of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

August 20, 2017.   The Father says today, you are not disqualified.  You are not disqualified in My Kingdom, so don’t disqualify yourself by what you do and don’t do in times when you are under pressure.  What is it that you can release in My name that I will not breath on and prosper?  Go ahead and invest. Go ahead and give out.  Go ahead and live sacrificially, for I AM working in your life to bless everything that leaves your life as an investment in Kingdom principles.  Make the adjustments, says the Father.  I haven’t lied to you.  I AM not a liar in wait to bring you to impoverishment or disappointment.  Make a commitment and take your stand in a radical way.

Put on hope, says the Father. In spite of every contrary situation and condition of your life, put on hope.  No matter what you think is against you or who is against you choose to have hope.  Have the audacity of hope and the conspicuous hope that what I have promised in My word is attainable to you now and not just in the distant ephemeral future.  I will bless you in your work and I will bless you in your home. I will make your life to be a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in.  Adopt this as your default posture toward every day that you rise to meet.  Rise up in hope and pay forward in all your actions and decisions the thankfulness for what I have done, yes but also for what I have promised I will do. Invest, spend and give toward your dreams and the dreams of others until all is brought to pass and your rejoicing is not just a faith proposition but a real and present blessing.

August 19, 2017.   The Father says today, rise up as a governing force in the earth.  I AM the King of kings and you are a king and a priest in My domain.  The domain of darkness is receding and the domain of light, love and liberty are ascending.  Step into your portion in the platform of ascension I have given you.  It is a breathtaking leap but you will not be destroyed.  What you have seen in terms of My blessing in the lives of others is just a vestigial suggestion of the fullness of resource and destiny I have afforded you and that I am pouring out upon you this day.  Today – this day the power of My throne is coursing through your being to cause you to come into the very central manifestation of all I have called you to.  This is what highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled looks like, and it has your name on it.

So, go out in your day and be the principality and the power in the jurisdiction I have given you.  Satan is not the legitimate principality and power in the earth.  Ruling and reigning begins now. Inaccurate theology says you must die first but why would I use the last enemy of My throne to perfect you and elevate you to the place destined as yours before the foundation of the world?  Step up and be that authority.  I give you leave today to step from authority to authorization.  Many that I have authorized years ago are still milling around, wringing their hands waiting for Me to do it all for them.  Say to yourself and say to them THAT ISN’T HOW THIS WORKS!  Your place in My Kingdom is about being a doer and not an observer.  You aren’t waiting ON, says the Father, you are stepping INTO.  Are you ready?  It is not your portion to languish in delay.  You will not look back in disappointment.  You will live to the fullest the privilege I have accorded you through the cross in this life and the life to come!

August 18, 2017.   The Father says today, walk with Me in openness.  I don’t want you to hide anymore.  You have withheld yourself at times and stepped back because you didn’t want a target on your back.  Listen to My voice, says the Father, for I want you to be conspicuous to your peers and those around you.  Have conspicuous confidence in Me from this day forward.  I will never disappoint those who put their trust in Me.   I want to make you conspicuous by the spirit with which you excel.  I want you to be conspicuous by which you move in discipline regarding the vision that I have laid up in your heart.  I want you to be conspicuous by which you refuse to live your life on the margins of provision but decide to go first class all the way.

Be a giver, says the Father.  Give of yourself and give of your substance.  As you lavish yourself, your love and your resources upon others, I will lavish Myself, My love and My resources upon you in equal measure.  If you hold back then there will be unnecessary delay . If you launch out, I will inundate you with all of My goodness to the point you will cry out “Oh God, I cannot contain anymore!”  This is who I AM, says the Father, and who I want you to be to those around you.  They are hiding, pretending and struggling with lack and fear.  I want you to adopt largess of spirit as your default response to all those in need around you.  Love the needy and be generous.  Lavish your love upon them in substantive ways.  What you make happen for others I will make happen for you and according to your sowing I will amplify your reaping and cause you to inherit the high places of the earth.

August 17, 2017.   The Father says today, I have given you territory.  There is fresh territory in My Kingdom that I have appointed you a stewardship over.  This is where you will grow the most, excel the quickest and accomplish the greatest for My Kingdom.  Why would you waste your energies trying to prosper in someone else’s measure?  Step into your own calling.  Determine to be uniquely and authentically the person I have called you to be.  Your gifting and calling will not be fully realized until you leave the finished plane of someone else’s accomplishment and plant yourself in the construction zone where your vision and destiny will be realized.  This is the place called “there” where I told the prophet I would feed and provide for him.  There is a place called “THERE” for you where the ravens of provision have been sent.  They are circling and searching, waiting to drop their payload of My blessing in your life when you decide simply to show up!

This is a day of reformation and retooling your walk with Me from a mentality based on mere wishful thinking to a devoted lifestyle of willingness, to risk and believe Me for all that I have promised you.  I have called you to live your life in the Jesus style.  This is your day to make a decision to walk after Me and reflect My values and My principles and not those of an antiquated, out of touch religious system that deigns to call itself by My name. It’s a new day, says the Father.  It is an explosive time.  You can step into the blast zone and be decimated because you are unwilling to change, or you can be launched utterly and completely into the full measure of all that I have promised.  Don’t hesitate, says the Father.  Take your territory. If you don’t the world will and I will let them.  I will not wait forever for you to finally and fully get that I have authorized you and I have afforded you full latitude and permission to fulfill that purpose for which you were brought into the earth, says the Father.

August 16, 2017.   The Father says today, walk in authenticity before Me.  Allow the narrative of My Word to conform you into My image.  Allow the culture of the Kingdom to be the anchor of your life and not the wind of men’s opinions.  Refuse to be manipulated.  Refuse to allow preconceived ideas about who I AM in your life to shape what you actually believe about Me.  The traditions of men pollute My truth.  The presumptions of popular thought dilute the reality of who I really am in the midst of My people.  The popular “Jesus” and the secular understanding of “Jesus” is not who I AM.  That is the “other Jesus” that Paul warned about.  Reject all such notions and return daily, at times hourly to the sure testimony of My word.  Return to the testimony of My Word and upon the wheel of My Word.  Become clay under My hands that I might mold you into what you are called to be.

Be bendable to My will, says the Father.  Be bendable, sendable and spendable.  There are many titillating teachings and wisdoms that present themselves as worthy of your consideration.  Know this – I AM your wisdom.  In My person – who I AM on the inside of you, I AM your wisdom and I AM your truth.  There is no secret method.  There is no mystical protocol that you can follow to gain special access to My throne.  All such thinking is simply repackaged religious legalism that I have already delivered you from.  You are already special to Me.  I have engraved you on the palms of My hands with a diamond point.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Come willingly to Me.  Lay aside the vanities that have presented themselves to you in the false garb of deeper truth.  I AM your all in all.  I AM changing you and I AM transforming you by who I AM on the inside of you even into My perfect image.

August 15, 2017.   The Father says today, come into My image.  SEE TO IT that conformity to the image of Christ is your TOP PRIORITY.  Purpose in your heart that there will be NO UNCONTESTED GROUND in your heart that the enemy can access.  Embrace the testing THIS DAY and THIS HOUR that will bring you into the NEXT DAY and the NEXT HOUR that is dawning on the earth.  Stop pushing the crumbs of yesterday’s wormy manna around your plate.  Go out into the unknown ground of THIS DAY and find THIS DAY’S MANNA.  Be obedient and be willing because when you walk away from the table I have spread, you deprive yourself of what you have actually prayed that I would send as supply into your life.

Not everyone will understand.  Not everyone will be as excited about what I AM doing in your life as you are.  Some will even consider themselves your enemy.  Those who fellowshipped with you in your weakness will despise you in My strength.  Forgive them.  Keep pressing into what I have for you.  From this day, says the Father, you will walk into rooms and into situations that are charged with the spirit of this world and you will DOMINATE by manifesting who I AM even in the darkest places.  All you have to do is KNOW who you are and who is speaking.  Don’t be intimidated.  You KNOW WHO YOU ARE as I KNOW WHO I AM.  Allow My Lordship to manifest.  This is the Lordship of My Spirit flowing to you and through you to destroy all the works of the enemy by the words of your mouth and the willingness of your heart to go where I send you this day.

August 14, 2017.   The Father says today, get ready for dramatic and sudden eventuality.  Get ready to be interrupted by outcomes and endeavors that will make others shake their heads in bewilderment.  Let My word of command cause the dynamics of rationale to be humbled by the supernatural things that I AM manifesting.  I AM the LORD of the hour and the LORD in the earth and will not be shut out.  I cannot be shut out and I will not be hindered, says the Father.  Others will shout, scream and protest but in the midst there will be sudden miracles that will stop the mouths of the gainsayers.  I will pick you up like Ezekiel and cast you by a lock of your hair right into the midst of the naysayers and the skeptics and you will become a LIVING detonation of My glory and anointing and THINGS will begin to happen beyond all your thinking.

If you didn’t think I would put wealth in your hands then you have another think coming.  You will go back into the past and bring out tools and strategies that others will say are outmoded, but nonetheless I will bless and I will bless you for being open enough and obedient enough to follow through.  You will step across boundaries between the sacred and the secular until you no longer know whether you are walking in the Kingdom in the mountains of influence in the church or in the public square.  It doesn’t matter WHERE you are but only WHO you are with.  I AM with you, says the Father. Just obey and let My glory be manifest!

August 13, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM dispelling the counterfeit.  There is a counterfeit liberty and a counterfeit initiative in the earth that promises freedom and only leaves men and women with heavy hearts and misdirected minds.  I AM going to push you where you thought you would never go.  Do not be like Peter who refused to kill and eat.  I AM sending you where others would not dare darken the door.  I AM releasing you to a people despised and rejected who will receive My truth and accept My testimony in your life.  You will step up to a closed door and it will open to you of its own accord.  Those who shook their fist in your face will embrace you, for they will look at you and see Me looking back at them with the love that made Calvary a necessity.

I AM making you impervious to disappointment, says the Father.  I AM teaching you how to dial into My presence even where darkness, yea gross darkness is prevailing.  I will manifest the LORDship of My Spirit and bring down the strongholds as you refuse to be intimidated by the malice of the enemy against you.  You are now walking through a process where I AM transforming you from potential to manifest substance and reality in signs, miracles and wonders.  Hear My word, says the Father!  You are becoming that one in the earth who will DEMONSTRATE what others have only been able to talk about. Hear My voice and enjoy what I AM doing.  I am unpacking and taking away misconceptions and filling you with My identity that no one will take away from you as you obey Me and bring in the sheaves of these latter days.

August 12, 2017.   The Father says today, make your calling and election sure!  Never allow My fruit in your life to whither on the vine.  I have placed a fruitfulness in you that is now expanding and enlarging and taking over all the ground of your life that has been encroached upon by the enemy.  You ARE taking territory and I AM accelerating you far beyond your current boundaries and perspectives.  Ask of Me the strategy and I will show you what things look like from My point of view.  You will not fail! My anointing, the prophetic, the impartations and the visitations is increasing and enlarging in your life.  I will take you far beyond yourself until you will look in the mirror and not recognize who I have made you to become.

Reach into My creative genius.  Witty inventions, radical solutions, fresh ideas and directions are coming to light.  I have revealed things to you that will alter spaces and even shift technologies.  Stop complaining that the godless are sitting in the pinnacle of innovation and just receive the invention and advances that I AM  releasing to you and that I have caused to pass by you in dreams, visions and ideas on a regular basis.  As you allow Me to bring you to health in your soul, you will ADVANCE nations and peoples by the fullness of My goodness that is getting unpacked in your life and your mind even this day.

August 11, 2017.   The Father says today, rise up and begin to MILITATE in My name!  I am opening doors.  I AM opening doors to you where others have only seen blank walls with no way in to the conquest that I have promised.  You are well able, says the Father.  My truth and My Kingdom is penetrating government and penetrating economics on a global scale.  I have made you fit for the fight, that you might take ground for Me where others have yielded and given up the territory that I gave them for this hour and this time.  Others say it isn’t possible, but the Father says, I have prepared you and empowered you, so DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.  Base what you are moving into on what I have said and not what others say cannot be done.

This is the hour, says the Father, to NOW begin to MILITATE in My name.  You are going to TAKE OVER and DISPOSSESS the goat nations and the goat cities and the goat economies until the SHEEP of My possession will take the high places and establish a testimony to My name.  This is what I want to do.  You may not feel qualified and it may be against your theology, but this – THIS is the INVITATION I AM extending to you, says the Father.  Will you be a defender of the status quo?  Or will you be an adventurer into what I have said IS possible and IS coming, says the Father.  Cast aside the old, tired wineskins of the way things have been done and embrace the new wineskin of My purposes that are unfolding around you even now.

August 10, 2017.   The Father says today, rise up as My army.  A massive campaign against the enemy is coming.  A generational shift is coming to My people that will literally see nations turn to righteousness on a global scale.  I have called you to go and confront the nations.  I have called you to disciple the population centers of the earth.  The 40-year wandering – the wilderness journeying is over.  I AM mopping up the unbelief issues and the bones of those who haven’t believed the good report.  I AM offering you cities.  I AM offering you nations.  I AM bidding you to be that one who transitions from helplessness and hapless prospects to a new expectation that will snatch you up out of the place of despondency to a place of ascendancy where things get done and the work of the enemy is completely decimated and destroyed.

Advancement is coming, says the Father.  My initiatives are coming to bear in the earth and in your life.  I AM passing by and My word of life to you is “come and follow Me…”  I AM offering you the opportunity to leave all and sacrifice all.  You will render up but the amazing thing is you will be so benefited that you will hardly notice the deficit.  You will hardly notice the deficit because I will catch you up into the vortex of favor where the plowman overtakes the reaper and the seeds of your obedience will produce a harvest before they hit the ground.  Step in.  Step in to the equipping by which I AM equipping you, says the Father.

August 9, 2017.   The Father says today, receive the reward of intimacy.  The reward of intimacy is proximity to My person.  I have ordained that all those who walk in intimacy with Me will experience the dividends of proximity to My glory.  Many who love Me and have walked with Me have often wondered why I seemed hidden to them.  Hiddenness is not your portion.  When you experience My hiddenness, ask yourself what I AM trying to show you and teach you?  When the lessons in the time of intimacy are received the manifest glory returns.  When My manifest glory comes closer and closer you are changed in spirit, soul and body in fundamental ways that answer the greatest cries of your life.

Press in to the glory.  Be teachable.  Receive the message of My heart for the day and complete the assignment.  Move INTO and not AWAY FROM the pressure that is pressing upon you right now.  As you press into the pressure – you break out in to the Kingdom.  Whether that pressure is coming from a person or a situation, do not yield.  I haven’t called you to yield to man, I have called you to yield to My call and My plan for your life.  There is a script written for every one of the days you live in your earthly sojourn.  Trust Me for the screenplay of your life.  It isn’t a tragedy.  It isn’t some sad drama or cautionary tale.  Others watch your life and think you are going to fail.  You are not coming to failure, you are moving in victory.  Enjoy the process.  Stop obsessing over the end result and just trust Me, knowing that the suddenlies of heaven will reach you and become secure in your experience as you maintain and pursue deeper intimacy with Me.

August 8, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM the rewarder.  As you diligently seek Me you will activate in your life the incentive plan of the Kingdom.  Allow Me in your thinking to incentivize you for the harvest.  I have called you and I have anointed you.  I have destined you and I have made the provision.  I have spun out all your days in time and eternity to fulfill that which represents the high calling in your life.  There are many callings, says the Father.  Set your mind on the high calling.  Set your mind on what the Christ-calling looks like in your life.  When I walked the earth, it took Me to the throne by way of the cross.  In your life, there is a trajectory of faithfulness that will lead you to My highest and best as you align and yield to all that I make clear to you.   So, embrace My highest, says the Father, and embrace My best purpose and plan for what tomorrow looks like.

Do not fret or be afraid that things may or may not look like what you want them to.  You are called to do more than mark time till I come.  My word of command over you is to occupy till I come.  Occupy all the space that I have given you both inwardly and outwardly as a king and a priest before My throne.  Press in, says the Father.  Press in to the way, the truth and the life of who I AM in the jurisdiction over which I have given you authority.  Take responsibility and refuse to make excuses.  Refuse to adopt the polluted doctrine of those who form and fashion lies to hide their powerlessness in My Kingdom.  I am your provision.  I AM your deliverer.  My power is in you and in that strength, you will go forth conquering and to conquer.

August 7, 2017.   The Father says today, make your words this day be a fountain of fresh water.  Refuse to get bitter.  Let all bitterness and gainsaying go.  Bitterness will block every avenue of increase that I AM opening for you.  Bitterness makes you vulnerable.  Bitterness robs you of that which it alleges I have withheld from you.  I have not withheld anything from you, says the Father.  I have given you all things richly to enjoy.  What you haven’t experienced yet may seem delayed but know this – delay is not denial.  Your birthright is secure.  My promise is sure.  My goodness is available.  You are a favored child of a loving Father.  Let go of all frustration about what isn’t happening.  Stay aligned in your thinking and in your heart with what I have promised.

Do not allow any behavior or attitude to disqualify you from what I AM willing to release to you.  You are accepted in the beloved but know this – bitterness is rejected.  If you pull the fetid robe of bitterness and self-focus around yourself you will feel as though I have rejected you.  The truth is if you will cast aside the garments of self-focus and self-pity, the robe of righteousness and the signet ring of My favor will immediately be found upon your shoulders and on your right hand.  Awake then to righteousness.  Wake up to the fact that I deal with sin all the while I AM blessing My men and My women.  This is the goodness that leads to repentance.  Receive of My goodness.  Receive of My life and My fullness.  It is yours to receive and to impart to others.  Believe it and make it your default expectation as to what happens next in your life.

August 6, 2017.   The Father says today, I have made you an administrator of My glory in the earth.  The glory is in you, says the Father.  Who I AM on the inside of you must be released.  Press into the place that all I have given becomes life to you and life to those around you.  My glory that originates in My throne is released and manifested in fullness in you.  Administrate that glory.  Take full stewardship of all that I am on the inside of you.  Stand up in boldness and be who I have called you to be.  Take on the responsibility that everyone else has rejected.  Refuse to turn a blind eye to the hurting and neglected.  Take up the mantle of the first born and know that you bear responsibility that others might not recognize.

Shaking does come in the earth, says the Father.  Fret not when you see things not working out for many who thought they knew what I would do next.  In the midst of great shaking in the earth I AM causing the administration of heaven to bring the full manifestation of My Kingdom.  The whole of My purpose is defined in understanding that the template of My purpose is all about “as in heaven so on earth…”  Keep working and keep pressing in.  Open your mouth and I will fill it.  Get out of the ranks of the uninformed and those who see no mandate for them to do anything other than sit and wait for My arrival.  Occupy till I come.  Speak with authority and act with audacity.  I will bless and I will favor and I will bring you to full and vital understanding of just how powerful a thing I am willing to do in your life.

August 5, 217.  The Father says today, you are accepted in the beloved!  You are not Esau, you are Jacob.  You felt like you were excluded and left wanting.  You are not excluded, says the Father.  I have included you in all that I have planned.  I have included you and it is My purposes that are unfolding around you even now.  The old patterns of failure are being dismantled.  The idea that others had about who you are and what your potential is no longer applies.  I have appointed to you the double portion.  You are a double portion believer and with that comes great responsibility and greater anointing.  Step into that responsibility.  Be willing to speak to the needs of others and to meet those needs out of the power of what I have brought you to even this day.

You are not the least and you will not be the last.  The complete genome of My DNA is on the inside of you through the shed blood of Calvary.  You are not left out.  You are not excluded or rejected.  You are accepted and the invitation to greater things is extended toward you daily.  Others might be offended, turned off and walk away, but you realize that there is nowhere else to go, for in Me you have found the words of life.  Did I not choose you?  You are chosen. Many have been called but only a few wind up being chosen.  Faithfulness makes the difference.  Be faithful to that which I have called you to do.  In your faithfulness,  I will take that little that you have given to Me so wholeheartedly and increase it to fill all the earth with My testimony of greatness in your life.

August 4, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM giving you a front row seat of a signs and wonders move of My Spirit.  Though many despise it, I AM God and can do anything I want, any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone.  Get ready for a surprise move of My Spirit that few have anticipated.  You will witness the transition that moves from demonstration of Spirit to demonstration of power.  Do not cling so tightly to the prophetic or to the current move of My Spirit that you fail to transition to the unfolding of My purposes now coming on the scene.  Embrace the prophetic.  Receive all that there is for you in the prophetic.  Embrace and accept, but realize the double portion greater works ministry is out there making its way to you like a wave racing to the shore.

Get ready for the cresting wave of signs, miracles and wonders that is emerging from the deeps at a great pace.  It will crest over the earth and even the networks and newsmakers will be unable to dismiss it.  I AM raising up a people to confront entrenched unbelief in the earth and even among My people.  My people have settled into a coping strategy that accepts things the way they are.  I will not leave you nor will I leave My people the way they are.  I will take you on into the place of transformation till all that I AM is manifest in your character and in your life, even in the timeline of your days as a testimony of power and majesty in My name.

August 3, 2017.    The Father says today, not everyone will go with you where I AM taking you.  Not everyone will be as excited about what I AM doing in your life as you are.  Be willing to love them – and let them go.  Do not be so invested in the comfortable experience of where you are that you settle for something less than what I have called you to.  Learn to seek and to hunger for fellowship with Me in the deep places, more than lounging comfortably in the shallows of religious experience.  You have asked for more and more is available but it does not come to those that are casual in their pursuit of what I AM willing to do in their lives.

Accelerate in your perception of the gifts, talents and abilities I have placed in your life and the lives of others.  I AM willing to work with you and through you every day and not just occasionally.  Refuse to stay in the place where you are irrelevant and unnecessary.  You are not vestigial to My purposes.  You are central to what I AM doing in the earth.  I AM not willing to do the things in the earth that I AM going to do without your engagement and involvement.  Immerse yourself into My truth and My presence.  Do not be distracted by those who do not have an appetite for what you are unwilling to live without.  You are a member of the bridal company.  Keep the oil of anointing and recognition of what I AM doing burning brightly.  Press in without taking no for an answer for all that I have promised.  You will not always be understood by others.  Love them anyway.  Bless them and keep moving into the greater favor of heaven that is leading you and guiding you this day.

August 2, 2017.   The Father says today, recognize the season of transition you are in.  When you recognize what I AM doing in the earth you will immediately transition to the next level of My purposes in your life.  Receive the anointing of recognition that I have destined for you to receive in yourself and impart to others.  Understand the anointing, says the Father.  It is for more than goosebumps or falling on the floor, yet getting up unchanged.  The anointing that I give may be internal but it always produces an external result.  The anointing causes you to BE, that you might go out and DO.  Your acceptance in Me is determined by who I have caused you to BE.  Your effectiveness in the earth is determined by what you do.  Be a doer.  Refuse to be in the company of all the “do-nothing” people whose highest revelation is that there is nothing to do!

You have been blessed this day with a capacity for more.  You are not destined to remain in the 30 fold realm.  Step out of the 30 fold and into the 60 and 100 fold experience that I have appointed for you.  Realize that 30 fold fellowship and common ground will have to be left behind when you move to the 100 fold authority and benefit.  A 30 fold believer will never receive or tolerate 100 fold truth.  That doesn’t make them less than.  It doesn’t make you better or more spiritual.  It simply means that you refuse to be so invested in the lowlands of spiritual experience that you are content to live without the fullness of all that I died to provide in your life.  Press in, says the Father.  Step out.  Be willing to be misunderstood in your hot pursuit of all that I am bringing about this day.

August 1, 2017.   The Father says today, I will bring My people together.  Unity will come one way or the other in the earth among My people.  What I would do by design, I will when necessary compel to come to pass.  This is a time to determine in your heart what solidarity with My people looks like in your life.  I AM a God that sets the solitary in families.  Everything I do in the earth is done within the fellowship of saints who choose to say yes to My yes and flow with the transition that I AM bringing about.  When you come together in agreement, nothing that you agree upon will fail to be done. This is the principle of Matthew 18.  However, as few as My people might be – they are in the majority when they walk in solidarity and unity that brings the oil – even the oil that flowed down Aaron’s beard to establish My Kingdom upon the earth.

Step into the transition I AM bringing, says the Father.  I AM not interested in warehousing My people in cloistered groups shut away from the world.  It is time to spill out of the salt shaker and into the world.  I have not prayed that you be taken out of the world, but that you be kept from the evil.  Be not afraid, for I have overcome the world and I AM on the inside of you.  It is time to blow the roof off of the culture of Christianity and actually be that light on the hill that I designed you to be.  The Saul mentality in leadership is coming down.  My Davids are coming forth to accept the mantle of leadership in Hebron.  The third anointing that leads to rule and enthronement is out there.  It is coming and blessed be all of those who press into it.


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The Father Says Today – August 2017 — 1 Comment

  1. I read all 12 messages of August 2017, from 1st day until the 12th. I was profoundly blessed and even more so when twice a message I had written was confirmed. My wife and I were ordained in the prophetic office last month, so this site was a God send for me. I can hardly wait to share. As someone said to me about a message God gave to them through me, “It seems like God is speaking directly to me!” My response was “He is speaking directly to you”. And so it was for these nuggets of God’s truth’s impacting my spirit through these messages. I was blessed indeed as my spirit was imparted appropriate questions and answers to peck my expectation for more of Him. Amen