The Father Says Today – December 2016

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3 December 2016.   The Father says today, come to Me and rest.  Climb up in My lap and nestle yourself in My bosom.  Let your hands reach up in the simplicity of a child and wrap your fingers in My beard and listen to My heart beating with love as you lay your ear on My breast.  I AM your Papa.  I AM your Papa God and My heart is turned toward you this day.  I love you with a love that is limitless.  I love you with a love for which only Calvary is the proper metric.  I gave heaven’s best for you that I might draw you out of many waters and deliver you from all adversity.  This is that hour that changes the world – this is the hour that changes your world. It is time beloved for a new trust in My faithfulness.

>Are your ready for change?  The Father says today, give Me some cooperation and I will give you some change.  Be a vessel up-ended in generosity and kindness flowing out to others.  Make it your assignment in the earth to connect and solidify relationship with those around you who are speaking to your potential and not your problem.  Do  you want more problems or do you want to see more of My potential in the days ahead? Then realize that you are where your attention takes you, and make a choice to stop worrying and begin planning for everything to go right and to see all that I have promised you come to manifestation as you stay your trust in Me.

2 December 2016.   The Father says today, find your strength in Me.  I AM your strength and I AM your shield.  When the enemy comes against you with his assault, it is My fist that responds.  When you have expended your last resource, and can see nothing but failure, I will come through for you in complete and utter deliverance.  Fear not human extremity.  There is no need to take inventory and estimate just how long before your supply is exhausted.  The treasuries of heaven are at your disposal.  You have the overdraft protection of the bank of heaven.  The blank check of heaven is NOW handed to you, signed from ink drawn from the crimson, stained, inkwell of Calvary.

Spend your faith today, says the Father.  Go shopping in the mall of the heavenlies, and allow yourself to dream of just how life could be.  Dream not a little dream, but a big dream.  I AM a God of bigness and there are big things I can and will do in your life.  Trust Me.  Let Me take it from here.  You are not merely window shopping.  You are not pressing your nose against the glass of someone else’s testimony.  This is your portion.  This is the promise wherewith I reshape, and mold, and fashion for you the manifest substance of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled, says the Father.

1 December 2016.     The Father says today, that I AM a man of war and Jehovah is My name.  I will be known by My name JAH, for I AM a covenant keeping God.  The covenant by which I put you over in life is written on My thigh.  Your name is graven on My hand and though others dismiss you and see you as a lesser someone, know this – I only have eyes for you.  If you were the only inheritor of heaven’s best, I would still empty the vaults of heaven to meet your need and fulfill your destiny.  Though all the earth were void of life and only you were left standing, I would repopulate and replenish it all just to meet your slightest need.  This is the scope of My love for you.  This is who I AM to you and who you are to Me.

So refuse to see yourself through the eyes of the self-important.  They have compared themselves by themselves and concluded in their vanity just how significant they are, when in fact in all their preponderance, they are only the small dust of the balance.  I have measured you, says the Father.  I have laid the plumbline of My estimation over the foundation of your life, and it is I who will build there and not man.  Put your expectations upon Me.  Know that it is the Father in you that does the work.  You need not seek the favor of man, for the favor of the Father is upon you and overshadowing you.  Look only to Me.  Look and live.  Look and fully experience all that I have for you, for this is your time.


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  1. Good morning.  I look forward to the breakthrough words each month. I was not able to see the translation today and cannot get the video on my computer.  Would you be able to post the translation of the December breakthrough word?  Thank you in advance.  Blessings.

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