The Father Says Today – December 2016

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31 December 2016.   The Father says today get ready for a great shift in your circumstances.  The heavy equipment of heaven is coming in and the landscape of your life is being re-sculpted for greater benefit and blessing.  You will feel the shaking but fear not for this is a project fully under My control.  I will change things even in the financial area of your need.  Money moves by the Spirit.  Money is not evil.  People say money is the root of all evil.  Money is not the root of all evil.  Money moves by the Spirit and it’s not about being a repository of bounty for merely personal needs.  No, it’s about becoming a conduit through which money can flow.  This understanding is how you connect with the transfer of the wealth set aside for My sons and daughters in the earth.  This day I begin to teach you some things about handling money differently than the way you’ve been handling it.  Your finances will become seed and your faith will become the currency of the kingdom well spent for your benefit and the benefit of others.

This is a time to liquidate your surplus.  You don’t think you have any surplus but I AM going to show you a surplus that I want you to liquidate and give to others in need.  There are things in your life that you can live without.  You don’t use them, you don’t need them, and they are in your way.  I AM going to show you who, what, where and when to liquidate that excess because it’s cluttering up the conduit through which your blessing will come – if you obey.  This is not metaphor; this is money coming your way.  There are things that you have been believing for and now is the time to get fresh seed into the ground that it might be the abundant harvest then – just when you need it.  Act now.  This is not something in the past or in the far-off future – you are in the threshold of this right now to receive the bounty and dispense it in the direction that I have already instructed you.  Start now.  Let it be by faith.  Refuse to have a Thomas mentality but as you start out with what little you have I will

30 December 2016.   The Father says today, that a fresh wind is blowing.  You aren’t going to feel qualified to participate in what I AM doing, but know this – the fact that I chose you establishes your bona fides in My Kingdom.  I AM the God that never planted anything in a row, and I don’t use those who qualify themselves, neither do I use those that others qualify.  It is My delight to pit you against the impossibilities of life, and give you success as testimony to My glory.  I’m going to use you like a billboard, says the Father.  You are going to be a poster child for the incongruous way in which I do things that nobody expects that I will do.  Be willing for the magnitude of My promise and My word to try you.  My word tried Joseph.  He was in prison and I promised him a palace.  He had to make up his mind what he was going to believe. Are you going to believe circumstances or what I have said over you?

Get out your prophetic words and those promises I made to you and do war with them.  Do not allow your circumstance to war against My promise – rather take My promise and war against the circumstance.  You will have battles.  Not because the enemy is advancing into your territory, but because I AM advancing you into HIS territory.  Stop complaining about the battle.  That is where I am teaching you how to conquer your enemy.  There will be times that your spirit will soar but your mind will say “I don’t even know if I know what salvation is”.  This is the refining I am doing in your life.  Accept it.  Go with it.  You will be glad when you see where the pressure is taking you.  Press into the pressure and you will – you WILL break out into the Kingdom.

29 December 2016.   The Father says today, that promotion is at hand.  I AM bringing promotion, says the Father.  I’m bringing acceleration in your life.  As the velocity of change is implemented, do not be alarmed with the dizzying landscape of situation and circumstance that is passing you by.  It isn’t important to comprehend all that I’m doing – just say yes.  Just say yes to all I AM doing, and be willing to leave things open ended and not so tidy all the time.  There is order in My Kingdom, but there is nothing tidy about what I AM doing.  I AM here to mess up the enemy.  I AM here to tear down and destroy.  There will be debris scattered around in your life that the enemy will try to make you responsible for.  Just bear this in mind – you were not responsible for the good things I did in the past, so don’t allow others to hold you responsible for the things I did that they didn’t like and didn’t care for.

You see, says the Father, kings have kingdoms.  I AM the KING of kings.  You are one of those.  You are a prince in the earth.  The enemy, ONLY BY REBELLION, became the prince of the power of the air.  What was lost in Eden is recovered on Golgotha.  All power is given to Me in heaven and in earth – GO YOU THEREFORE in the knowing of the power that is yours because of your connection to Me.  I AM establishing you as a principality and a power, even in your area and your immediate environment.  As you say “not my will but THINE be done …” – just so, you will suddenly see the words coming out of your mouth, becoming life and truth and substance around you.  The things that you pray, I will not allow your words to fall to the ground.  As you pray, things are going to begin to change.  You will be known as one who has answers and they’re going to come to you, and when they come to you, I’m going to open your mouth to speak.  As you speak, liberty will come and captives will be set free as you are obedient to My directives.

28 December 2016.   The Father says today, I AM giving you favor with those you need to have favor with.  Even those that are hard taskmasters and difficult with everyone they deal with – will have favor toward you that even they cannot explain.  This is the hour of the open door.  This is the time that I put more opportunity before you than you can measure.  Not only one door will open, but many, and I will delight to watch you as a Father delights in a son to see what your decision will be.  I AM dealing with you as a beloved son and not only as a servant.  You have been willing to serve, and in serving Me and laying your life down, I will fulfill your sonship in My house.  When I say that I AM the God of more than enough, then expect the blessing that you cannot contain.  Be prepared to extend, enlarge and increase the boundaries of your habitation and still not be able to contain everything I have released to you and blessed you with.

I will cause you to have knowledge of things that didn’t come from a natural source.  You are going to know things in your “knower” and must learn to trust My voice inwardly when I speak.  I will reveal those things that are hidden and they will be made manifest.  I will teach, train and instruct you, so pay attention and realize this is the working of the gift of the word of knowledge.  Continue as well, to pray always in the Spirit with all prayer and supplication.  Push back against prayerlessness and listlessness of Spirit.  Be enterprising in the things of the Kingdom.  Be active – more active in the things of the kingdom than you are the things of this world.  Walk in My truth and choose the path of humility – for in the path of humility the enemy cannot find you or lay hold on you in any way.

27 December 2016.  The Father says today, that this is the day of your visitation.  I have been visiting your life, and I have been doing some things to confound those round about you.  They think they have you all figured out, and they think they have Me all figured out regarding what I will and won’t do in your life.  They’ve got Me all wrong, says the Father.  They struggle to see you through the lens that I looked through when I sent My Son to die for you.  There have been times that you also have not looked at yourself, and who I made you to be, through the lens of Calvary’s cross.  In you, I have invested the reality of who I am, and what I did 2000 years ago.

I AM determined in My purposes that I will get what I paid for in the gift of My Son in your life.  I AM determined that YOU will get what I paid for in the price of Calvary.  Toward that end, I will shake and I will arrange and move things in your circumstances until all that you know, and all that you experience, will come into conformity with the purchased price of heaven in your behalf.

So, do not allow the enemy to seduce you with the visible, for your life is guided by the invisible – even My hand and My eternal power and Godhead.  I AM coming into and I AM bringing an atmosphere of change to produce blessing and benefit for you.  Do not be distracted by the natural perspective.  This isn’t going to be a negative, it is going to be a positive.  Trust Me.  Trust in what I am doing.  Make it your determination not to get in the way, but rather to say in your heart EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS!

>Know this – the angels are surrounding you.  They are warring in your behalf.  They are moving in your life and even in the lives of those around you.  This is a manifestation of My hand.  Surely, the enemy may come in and intend to make things difficult for you, but the angels assigned to you will expose those things that are done in darkness, to bring to light those agendas that have been self-seeking.  I will cause My will and My wisdom to be made manifest.  You will know ahead of time the end from the beginning and find that your rejoicing now by faith, will be justified then by sight, for you will not falter and I will not fail!

26 December 2016.   The Father says today, enter into the finished work of Calvary.  From the foundation of the world the lamb was slain.  From the foundation of the world the price was paid.  This is an eternal truth and a universal verity.  This is the one great fact of the world.  This is the reference point in every dealing that I have with you.  The works were finished from the foundation of the world.  It is finished.  It is over.  It is done.  I have made up My mind that in blessing, I will bless you.  In increase, I will increase you. In enlargement, I will enlarge you.  There is no wavering nor shadow of turning.  This is My plan and will My plan be overthrown?

So, set your mind and heart upon the throne, says the Father.  Refuse to exclude yourself through unbelief from all that I have set in store for you.  My default answer toward you is yes.  You are moving in My latitude and indulgence far more than you realize.  My patience extends much farther than you would accord to yourself, but I won’t wait forever.  Keep short accounts and stay in the place of humility and forgiveness.  See the lamb that sits on the throne of your heart and refuse to step out of the lamb nature in your dealings with others.

25 December 2016.   The Father says today, peace on earth, good will toward men.  That is My heart, says the Father.  My heart is that men might know peace both inwardly and outwardly.  My heart is that good will would prevail among men and every heart would find contentment in Me.  The war by which I war is against the enemy of your soul.  There are casualties yes, but My soul takes no pleasure in destruction – not even in the destruction of the wicked.  So, rejoice not when you see your enemy fall.  Rather pray for him and fast for him as though he were your best friend.  Refuse to gloat over the sufferings of those for whom I died.  Refuse to separate yourself, as the Pharisee who rejoiced that he was not like the publican.  Remember, it was the publican who went home justified from My altar.

Peace, I say to you, and good will.  Let all clamor and foolishness come to an end.  You have no control over how others conduct themselves, but let your own heart and your own mouth be a well of peace and a resource of good will and kindness.  Let no strife or division come out of your mouth.  Refrain from your opinions even if you think you are right.  I haven’t called you to have an opinion – I have called you to represent the cross whereby I said “whosever will let him come….”  In so doing you prove yourself and authenticate your sonship, and that you belong to Me.  I will bless the peacemaker, says the Father.  Let that blessing be upon you this day as you comply with My heart and My mind in the earth, and in your circumstance.

24 December 2016.   The Father says today, you are more than a conqueror.  You are not a mere worm groveling for crumbs from the master’s table.  You are an anointed son.  You are one whose entitlements are validated in the shed blood of Calvary.  As I esteemed My son when He walked the earth, so I esteem you, for under His mantle you are walking.  You are the body of Christ and members in particular.  He that puts his hand upon you touches the apple of My eye.  I have given My angels charge over you lest you dash your foot against a stone.  Though Satan himself assail you, I will protect and defend you against every assault.

Revel in the favor that I accord you now, says the Father.  Accept the reality of the price that was paid. You are forgiven.  You are cleansed.  You are redeemed and justified.  I have set you at My right hand.  You are seated with Me in heavenly places and there is no attack of the enemy that can penetrate the hedge of protection I place round about you.  As My Son Himself sits on the throne, I say to you this day, “as He is, so are YOU in the earth…”  So boldly expect, declare and pray “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven…”  What is My plan?  My plan and My overarching purpose is to make your life a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in.  Accept no substitutes.  Reject all religious vanities that suggest otherwise.  This is My purpose and I will bring it to pass as you rely and rest in Me.

23 December 2016.   The Father says today, receive the kingdom that I have given you as the free gift of heaven.  My Kingdom is righteousness.  My Kingdom is joy.  My Kingdom is peace.  These are the markers of My presence in your life.  They are your portion and the gift of heaven that I give you now.  You are not excluded.  You are not cast out.  Others have cast you out and kicked you to the curb, but I have received you in a time appointed, and washed and cleansed you, that you might sit at My table.  I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies.  Come hungering.  Come thirsting and I will fill you with My goodness and My favor at every turn.

Press into the pressure.  There is pressure, says the Father, and I know that.  Push back and push through.  Refuse to be denied.  Refuse to accept the pressure of men’s opinions, for they will never agree with My blessing on your life.  Be like the woman with the issue of blood who came at Me in the press and would not take no for an answer.  She touched the hem of My garment and was delivered of her plague.  I have much more for you than the hem of a garment.  I AM casting a mantle of favor and anointing over your life.  Draw on the virtue that is resident within Me and you will be made whole.  I AM your wholeness this day.  I AM your deliverance.  Press in and receive.

22 December 2016.  The Father says today that I AM moving you from authority to authorization.  The requisition orders of heaven have been signed, and the way has been made for you to step up into the higher place of destiny.  I have a plan and a purpose that will not be denied.  I will not be denied therefore you will not be denied.  The enemy cannot exclude you.  Though accusation and allegations be cast against you, I AM the one great advocate who washes and cleanses you from every stain.  Nothing shall separate you from My love.  Not life, or death or things present or things past.  It is all taken care of and paid for in the sacrifice of Calvary.

When I ascended from the grave and led captivity captive, there was a scepter given to Me of My father.  The keys of death, hell and the grave were secure in My hand.  That which was afforded to Me I gave freely to the apostles and bade them go into all the world.  That authorization is still in the earth.  Accept it.  I have never taken those words back, nor rescinded the authorization of heaven that backed Me when I said it.  Receive today the keys of death, hell and the grave.  As I set the captive free, make it your determination to go out in your day and set the captive free, open the graves and depopulate hell, that heaven might receive the newly forgiven.  Don’t wait for permission from men.  I have called you.  I have authorized you, and now all power is manifesting in you and around you to make a difference!

21 December 2016.   The Father says today, step into the blessing place.  You know what it is to fail and falter – now allow yourself to become acquainted with favor, benefit and blessing.  It is a new thing that I AM doing in the earth, says the Father.  I have no plan to spade you under or to turn you out to despair, discouragement or hopelessness.  From the foundation of the world there was a legacy laid out for you.  Everyone of your days were written in My book, even before Adam opened his eyes and rose from the dust.  You were among the sons of God that sang for joy when I cast the stars in the heavens as a testimony of My goodness and My love for you.  Before the foundation of the world you were holy and without blame before Me in love.  This is who you were and this is who you are.  Every other perspective does not originate in My mind.

Let your heart receive this one great truth.  I know the thoughts that I have for you.  Thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.  To give you a life worth living.  I AM enlarging your tent and strengthening your tent stakes.  I AM increasing you with the increase of God.  I AM expanding you and promoting you.  Stay on the path I have appointed.  Refuse to deviate into the mind or mentality of earthly things.  Be cleansed of contaminated thinking and sinful choices.  Never give in to the spirit of the world that would lead you to destruction.  You know what disobedience looks like and feels like.  Don’t go there.  Refuse to deviate out from under My hand.  When you find yourself astray – repent quickly.  Do not allow anything or anyone to keep you from the blessing place I have appointed to you this day as your portion.

20 December 2016.   The Father says today, step out of the past and into the future I have prepared for you.  I have many great and mighty things I want to do in the earth says the Father.  But I need a willing, obedient and humble people.  Pride looks back.  Humility leans forward.  Do not look back on what was, or allow yourself to pine for days gone by.  I have things ahead for you that will cause the greatest accomplishments in your past to pale into absurdity by what I now will accomplish in you and through you.  I have a path laid out for you today.  I have a path laid out for you and it does not lead into darkness.  You are stepping into the brighter day.  Every morning My mercies are renewed and the possibilities of life stretch out before you like an untraveled highway.

Life and circumstance have conspired to tell you the lie that your better days are behind you, and that past successes will never be repeated.  This is the contaminated perspective of unregenerate thinking.  Put on the mind of Christ.  Let My mind be your mind, and cause your eyes to see what I have in store for you.  Right now, by an act of your will Beloved, reject all such contaminated thinking.  There is no going back.  Let go. Release the past, no longer mourning over the faded glories of yesterday’s laurels.  Look up!  Shake yourself, and look forward for the day I have promised is dawning with bright and new promise!

19 December 2016.   The Father says today, let My peace surround you this day.  I AM the Prince of Peace.  When you settle yourself down into My peace you are surrounding yourself with My favor and My goodness.  My peace is the arbiter that keeps you calm in the midst of every storm. My Kingdom is righteousness, joy and PEACE.  My Kingdom doesn’t just bring peace, it IS peace.  Allow My peace to be the boundary that you will not cross over for any reason.  Why would you ever step out of peace when My peace constitutes the embrace by which I hold you and keep you?  Refuse to be seduced from the place of peace.  Make it your determination today to be settled, firm and securely, ensconced in the place of peace, where nothing and no one can disrupt your undisturbed composure.

There will be those in the coming days who will sense the depths of peace and composure by which I hold you, and they will attempt to unsettle you and distract you.  Keep your eyes upon Me.  Love them.  Speak words of peace to them.  If your peace – the peace I have given you returns to you, then shake the dust off your feet and keep moving.  Dust is the serpent’s food.  Do not allow the spirit of the flesh operating in unenlightened lives around you to affect your walk.  Shake it off and keep moving in My peace.  They won’t understand and you could never explain to them because the only narrative those in darkness accept is the narrative of the negative.  I haven’t called you to be negative.  I haven’t called you to bang the claxon of an alarmist mentality.  In the face of challenge and threat, just look for Me in the bow of your boat and join Me in the place of peace and rest.  The storm will be quieted.  You will be suddenly at land and all will be well.

18 December 2016.   The Father says today, the door is opened and not closed.  I have opened the door, says the Father.  I have opened the door of My mercy to you.  Open the door of your heart and let My mercy wind begin to blow.  Open the windows of your mind.  Open the door of your heart.  Let the door, even of the past be open to Me, and I will blow out all the dust of regret and shame, oh My beloved.  I say to you be opened.  You thought I would not want to see those things you have hidden, but I saw them already.  I saw them and bled.  I saw them and died.  I saw them and rose from the dead to set you free from your secret shame.  I say to you this day, be free, says the Father.  Be free.  Cast yourself on the altar and let your house be filled with the fragrance of My mercy, even this day.

The Father says, you will no longer be sense-ruled.  I release you this day from the unending quest for the sensational.  I have not called you to the sensational, says the Father.  I have called you to My altar.  Your salvation is not in the shout – your salvation is in Me.  Let your silence wait for Me.  When you hear My sound, it will not be the fanfare of man, or the performing spirit of man that will capture your attention.  Man will not distract you, for you will be caught up in My glory.  This is the marriage altar I call you to.  This is where the graves are opened, and the dead whisper to the living of the life that death cannot extinguish.  Come forth, says the Father.  Come forth and hear My voice, and as My voice speaks to the hearts of men – your heart will respond.

17 December 2016.   The Father says today, I call forth My apostles in the earth.  Have you considered translation as a form of transportation?  You will come forth into the nations, says the Father, and they will ask you “let me see your passport” for they will have no record of you entering their borders.  They will say “show me your plane ticket” for they will not know that I brought you by My glory into their nation to confront and confound them, and declare My glory to a people in darkness.  France will see My glory.  London will see My glory.  Syria, Iraq and Iran will see My glory.  I will send forth deliverers from Zion.  They will see My glory and cry out “what must we do to be saved?”  Be ready!  Stand, with your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand, for the time is now!

I AM bringing a shaking into the earth, says the Father.  Not a shaking of destruction, but a shaking that causes shackles to fall off, and prison doors to open.  I AM opening the prisons.  You will not be held by man.  You will not be held by bars.  Even the grave will not hold you My people, for I am calling you forth.  The ram’s horn has been set to the mouth of My holy angel, and the prison houses will shake, and My holy ones will come forth.  The temples of man will be shattered and brought low.  From the dark recesses of the earth, My light will shine with great glory, to make known My salvation in the earth, says the Father.

16 December 2016.   The Father says today, I AM bringing recovery into the land.  I AM recovering the land, says the Father.  I AM recapturing the land in your life that man has taken for a prey.  Come into the land that I have recovered for you.  Come and build your house there.  Come and build your hopes and dreams in that new place that I have prepared for you.  Man did not do this.  Princes of the earth did not do this. It is by My hand that all is accomplished, and by My hand My promise is being made secure unto you.  You are secure in My hand.  Walls will not secure you.  Arms will not secure you.  I will secure you.  I will be a wall of fire round about you and a fire in your midst.  It is I and none other to whom you will give the glory, says your Father.

We are at the beginning of an apostolic recovery, says the Father.  The apostles are coming forth in the earth.  My ordained, called and sent ones are coming forth in the earth.  The great and coming day of the LORD is at hand and will I not present My truth in the earth once again with apostolic authority?  Will I not come with signs, miracles and wonders?  Will I not be known by My name Yah?  By My name Yah will I be made known.  I am coming and upon My thigh is that which is written “King of kings”.  Come forth oh My apostles.  Come forth My holy apostles.  You do not belong to the nations – you belong to Me.  You belong to Me and I will send you to the nations.  You will step over borders and boundaries and be unscathed.

15 December 2016.   The Father says today, forget not the sacrifice that was made in your behalf.  Do not forget that saving grace is only found in the labors of the cross, and not the labors of man.  Do you remember the first time I touched your life?  You experienced amazing grace in that moment, and I brought you out of many waters.  It was My amazing grace and not any other resource.  Stop striving beloved.  I AM always first.  I drew you.  It wasn’t your idea.  No man comes to the Father except the Spirit draw him.  I drew you.  I AM drawing you, and I AM keeping you.  I AM keeping you, and I AM drawing you deeper.  It isn’t up to you, it is up to Me.  I AM the one in charge.  I take responsibility for you this day.  I will bring you beyond the veil.

Come, says the Father.  Come beyond the veil.  Step beyond the veil and into eternity.  Step into the place I have prepared for you.  This is your hour.  This is your time.  Empty your hands and open your heart.  This is the time.  Now is the time.  The past is gone.  The present is in My hand. Cast yourself – abandon yourself to what I have for you this day.  Take the step of faith that brings you beyond pain and sorrow and rejection of men.  Be who I called you to be.  Be what I called you to be.  I know your name.  I know your name – even your secret name that no man knows.  It is by that name I call you now, to come beyond the veil, and into that place I have prepared for you.

14 December 2016.   The Father says today, come up higher.  Come, says the Father.  Come with your offerings and your oblations.  Come with the sin offering of Myself, for there is cleansing in no other.  Leave all the “Cain” offerings behind and let your gift be the return of the shed blood of Calvary, for full and complete expiation of every transgression.  Now you are clean.  Now you are made whole.  Now the new eclipses the old.  The perverse is swallowed up of the newness I have brought forth in you.  You are clean.  My light is shining to you now.  My light is shining even to the darkest, deepest recesses of your past.  All is wiped clean.  I pronounce you clean.  You may enter.  Now you may enter.  Now you may come forward and lay your whole burnt offering on the altar.  Now I will receive the sweet smelling savor of your life, wholly consumed in the fires of My altars.

This is the time of your jubilee.  Now is the time of going forth.  All debts are forgiven.  All obligations are released.  You do not owe anything, says the Father, except to love.  What will you repay Me, says the Father?  What will you repay Me – for I own it all.  The earth is Mine and the people are Mine.  You are Mine.  Your love is the only currency that I accept.  Your love is the coin of the realm in My Kingdom.  Receive My love and return it to Me this day.  Return your love to Me in the heavens and return it in the earth.  On the coin of My love is inscribed “Amazing Grace” and “Freely Forgiven”.  It applies to you.  It is your portion because of the shed blood of Calvary.  Calvary bore away the pain, the sorrow and suffering.  Reject sorrow.  Reject rejection.  Say unto rejection “I am forgiven!  I am accepted!”  You are fully and freely accepted, says the Father – and in that acceptance comes through you and in you, all that I require.

13 December 2016.   The Father says today, do you want to go to the mountain of the LORD?  Are you willing to relinquish the refreshment of earthly things and come into the parched place, the sunlit place – the Zion of God?  There are no angels that attend the wells of man’s wisdom.  There is no cloud by day or fire by night attending the wells of man – but on My holy mountain, My glory overshadows all.  Come into My mountain beloved.  There on My mountain is peace, joy and fullness of bread – in My mountain.  No fear monger will dwell there.  No hate monger will dwell there.  There in My mountain you will touch My face.  There in that place, all those that thirst for living waters will taste and thirst no more.  Come into My mountain beloved.  Forsake the plains of Sodom and sameness.  Forsake the plains of man’s conveniences and comforts, and come to the cleft of the rock where I will overshadow you.

Touch My face beloved.  Touch My hands.  Touch My feet.  See the wounds wherein I was wounded for all your transgressions and smitten for all your iniquities.  Wash My feet with the tears of your love, for there I will receive you.  There you will find no recrimination or condemnation.  There you will know love, and life, forevermore.  There is no other overshadowing of glory to be found other than in My holy mountain.  Come. I say to you, come.  Come up higher.  Let your feet be like hind’s feet on high places.  Let your hands grasp the rocky crags and pull yourself higher and higher.  Feel the attending angels surrounding you and lifting you.  You will not fall.  You will not fail.  Come.  Come forward and come upward.  This is what you were born for.  This is what you were created for.

12 December 2016.   The Father says today, your blessing time has come.  You do not have to keep repeating those same prayers any longer.  Some prayers get prayed through and all that is left is anticipating the answer.  I AM faithful to answer, says the Father.  I have heard you in a time appointed.  You have asked Me and asked Me, and you do not have to keep on asking.  Do you realize that there is a point that the receipt of heaven is in your hand, and all you need do is catch your breath for the answer is about to manifest?  This is one of those times.  The answer is not simply on the way – it is nigh, even at the doors, so rejoice!

Rejoice in My faithfulness, says the Father. Rejoice in My fullness.  I AM a God of full promise, and it is the fullness of My promise that is coming to pass in your life.  I AM Jehovah-Jireh, and I AM the ram caught in the thicket.  Your answers are all in Me.  Every question and every need.  Every cry of your heart reaches Me.  I AM not ignoring you or standing aloof to watch you suffering.  I AM in your midst.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will never turn My favor from you.  Run to Me, says the Father.  No more hide and seek.  Run to Me and embrace all that I have for you.  Rest in My bosom, and see My faithfulness reshape and remold your life according to My purpose.

11 December 2016.   The Father says today that the past is the past.  Let it go.  Forgive and release. Release and bless.  Bless even those who cursed you in times past.  Bless those who are cursing you now.  They have said that you will not prosper.  They have said trouble and adversity will follow you all the days of your life.  They have said you will never again know My blessing.  They are predicting their own future.  Forgive them.  If they knew what they were doing they would not crucify who I AM on the inside of you.  When they put their mouth upon you they are accusing Me, for I AM in you.  Put your hand over your mouth and let your silence wait for what I do next.

You do not wrestle against flesh and blood beloved.  Man is not your enemy.  The sword that I place between mother and daughter, between brother and brother is a blade by which I circumcise your own heart.  Yield to the cutting.  Allow Me to show you who your brothers and your sisters really are.  Be willing to walk always from the false notion of familial trust, and bring you into the tribe that eternity populates with your name on it.  You are a beloved one in My camp.  Come out to Me outside the approval of man, and the manipulations of man, and find your trust in Me.  I AM waiting outside the camp for all of those who will go with Me where others have chosen not to proceed.

10 December 2016.   The Father says today, that I AM stepping into your past to rewrite your future.  I AM the God of time and eternity.  There is nothing too hard for Me.  The person who says “you cannot change the past” hasn’t taken My sovereignty into consideration.  My yoke is easy and My burden is light.  It is time for you to lay down the burden – even the false burden of past mistakes and failures.  They are forgiven.  The price has been paid.  I will cut off of you the tentacles of regret and cause you to go free as a bird from the hand of the fowler.  This is your portion in Me this day and your righteousness is of Me.

Others will not let go of your past so easily.  They will complain and accuse.  They will taunt you with lies and with things that I have put away from My heart as far as the east is from the west.  I will not take kindly to being reminded of those things I have chosen to forget. I will stop the mouths of the gainsayers.  I will occupy them elsewhere.  I will give them space to repent and if not, they will know the woodshed of God.  I have heard the accusations and the recriminations of those who think they have a right to point the finger, and I have declared ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Your eyes will see My hand at work in this and you will tremble at My dread purpose at work to free you from every lying tongue and false accusation.

9 December 2016.   The Father says today, allow My gentleness to be your portion this day.  Gentleness is the fruit of My Spirit in your life.  Being loud, gruff and unkind may look like strength, but it is really weakness.  What others have called boldness is not boldness at all.  Those who prattle, pronounce and stick out their chests are not the measurement of maturity in My Kingdom.  In quietness and confidence is your rest.  Come into the place of rest and composure in Me.  Look out at the upheaval and difficulty around you, and know the composure of one who understands that your heavenly Father is at work and all is well.  All is well, says the Father.  All is well and you are at peace as you keep your mind stayed on Me.

Refuse to be distracted, says the Father.  As a man thinks, so is he.  Refuse to lend your mental capacities to the narrative that man works so hard to capture and contain.  Break out of the mesmerism of the narrative of man, and begin to see with the eyes of My Spirit.  Let your mouth pray.  Open your mouth in prayer and supplications with strong crying.  I am sinless, spotless and at the right hand of the Father, yet I AM ever interceding.  If I have to pray, you have to pray.  Prayerlessness is not an option.  Those who refuse to pray or fail to pray are standing on the wrong side of history.  Fortune favors the person who bows the knee.  I will open the treasuries of heaven to that one who seeks My face before he seeks the face of man.

8 December 2016.   The Father says today, can you take NOW for an answer?  Today is the day of salvation!  Today is your day of salvation even as I said in My word.  Stop looking over into the pastures of tomorrow as though that is where your promise lies.  Your victory is a now proposition.  Today we will confront the naysayers and step into all that I have promised you.  Put down your binoculars.  The hour of your visitation is now.  You are not “waiting for”, you are standing in.  Open your eyes.  Command your eyes to see.  Say to your eyes “be opened” and to your eyes say, “see all that the Father has prepared for you…”  This is your portion.  There is no more delay.  Those things in which you felt denied are standing before you at your feet, ready to be unwrapped as the gift of heaven, just for you.

Revel in My kindness this day.  Thank Me for all that I have already done.  You have asked and you have asked, but I say to you enter into the finished work.  I gave you dominion and I told you to subdue, now let that territory of life you live in become the jurisdiction where you stand as the principality and the power.  You are not really going to allow Satan to be the prince of the power of your air, are you?  He is not a legitimate authority.  Let your mouth say “the LORD rebuke you” and see what happens next.  Resist the enemy and he will flee.  Stand boldly in your faith and know that I AM with you to perform all My good word in your behalf.

7 December 2016.   The Father says today, that the ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  Say within yourself “the ache is the prophecy”.  I have caused your heart to desire the very things that I purposed to bring about in My timing and My sovereignty.  I never tease.  I never taunt.  I don’t do the carrot and stick method of leading.  When I purpose to do a thing in your life, it will come about as you align yourself with what I AM saying and what I am revealing.  Refuse to be distracted.  Do not look to the right hand or to the left, for this is the time to move straight forward into all that I have for you.

It is time to pack up those things that have held you back and kept you distracted.  Learn to live with loose ends, says the Father.  Realize that having a neat and tidy life is for those who do not know how to move in the Spirit toward the goals that I have for them.  Break even now in your thinking, the demand that everything make sense and add up, for I do not calculate or plan as man thinks in a logical way.  I AM the God who never planted anything in a row, and as you abandon yourself to My way of thinking, you will come through and see all that I promised become your reality.

6 December 2016.   The Father says today, drink deeply of the milk of My word.  My word is as milk for those who feed on the breast of My faithfulness.  Those who have no place for My word in their lives have excluded themselves from the very kingdom they claim to serve.  Come to Me as a little child.  Desire the sincere milk of My word and make it your daily sustenance.  Others may desire to drink of the folly and foolishness of the narrative of man, but choose in your heart that My word will be the lamp that guides your feet and illuminates your path.  I will see to it that all you need to know will be found in the fullness of My word as you draw yourself away with Me.

Expect new instructions today.  Let your ear be attentive, for I AM speaking through people, circumstances and situations.  I AM whispering over your shoulder saying “this is the way, walk you in it …”  As you hear My voice – wait for confirmation and move forward.  Moving forward is the only option, for there is no going back.  There have been those who have called to you on the backward trek, but I say to you that My soul will have no pleasure in those who turn back.  Turning back is not an option – you must press forward into the undiscovered territory of tomorrows promise.  You will not be disappointed with what you find there, says the Father, for I AM there, waiting to be made known as your faithful Father, even there.

5 December 2016.    The Father says today, that specificity has its price tag.  You have asked for specific instruction and for clear understanding of what comes next.  I say to you, what have you done with the last specific instructions that I gave you?  Beloved, what I have already said to you is much more powerful than what you are waiting upon Me to do or say.  Step out on that which has been made known.  No more waiting in the galleries of human speculation, as though it was up to Me to give you more information than I already have.  Follow your joy.  Your joy will never lead you astray when it is anchored in Me and not any other thing.  Go out with joy.  Be led forth with My peace.

Are you willing to be clueless?  Abraham went out seeking a city, but he knew not where.  He knew not where he was going, and there were 318 men and their loved ones dependent upon what he did next.  The enemy has taunted you, and tempted you with a false sense of responsibility that said you couldn’t step out in faith, because other lives would be affected.  You have no idea what a debilitating effect your timidity is having upon those same tender lives you claim to be so concerned about.  Step out, says the Father.  Expect great things.  Know that I will meet you in the way, open every door and propel you to the new territory of My promise – even a land flowing with milk and honey.

4 December 2016.   The Father says today, it is time to wrap up this assignment.  You’ve had an assignment, says the Father, and you have had a sense of being stationed and appointed in a particular place for a particular season.  Know this – assignments have beginnings and endings.  You have permission to say “that will be enough of that” and to move on.  Moving on to the next assignment is not admitting failure.  Those who fear change, and are committed to the status quo, will never relinquish their hold on you.  You are going to have to pry their fingers off, one by one, and remind them that I am their source, and not any other person, place or thing.

Do you trust Me, says the Father?  Then receive these marching orders, for it is time.  You have dwelled long enough around this mountain.  Behold I shake the mountain and cause it to become a plain.  The path of progress that was denied you now stands clear for you to move ahead.  It is time to go forward with those things that you have long thought impossible.  Open your eyes.  Open those eyes that have been so tightly shut because you didn’t want to see any more disappointment.  The obstacles have been removed.  The way stands clear.  It is the Father in you that does the work, and your marching orders are in your hand.

3 December 2016.   The Father says today, come to Me and rest.  Climb up in My lap and nestle yourself in My bosom.  Let your hands reach up in the simplicity of a child and wrap your fingers in My beard and listen to My heart beating with love as you lay your ear on My breast.  I AM your Papa.  I AM your Papa God and My heart is turned toward you this day.  I love you with a love that is limitless.  I love you with a love for which only Calvary is the proper metric.  I gave heaven’s best for you that I might draw you out of many waters and deliver you from all adversity.  This is that hour that changes the world – this is the hour that changes your world. It is time beloved for a new trust in My faithfulness.

>Are your ready for change?  The Father says today, give Me some cooperation and I will give you some change.  Be a vessel up-ended in generosity and kindness flowing out to others.  Make it your assignment in the earth to connect and solidify relationship with those around you who are speaking to your potential and not your problem.  Do  you want more problems or do you want to see more of My potential in the days ahead? Then realize that you are where your attention takes you, and make a choice to stop worrying and begin planning for everything to go right and to see all that I have promised you come to manifestation as you stay your trust in Me.

2 December 2016.   The Father says today, find your strength in Me.  I AM your strength and I AM your shield.  When the enemy comes against you with his assault, it is My fist that responds.  When you have expended your last resource, and can see nothing but failure, I will come through for you in complete and utter deliverance.  Fear not human extremity.  There is no need to take inventory and estimate just how long before your supply is exhausted.  The treasuries of heaven are at your disposal.  You have the overdraft protection of the bank of heaven.  The blank check of heaven is NOW handed to you, signed from ink drawn from the crimson, stained, inkwell of Calvary.

Spend your faith today, says the Father.  Go shopping in the mall of the heavenlies, and allow yourself to dream of just how life could be.  Dream not a little dream, but a big dream.  I AM a God of bigness and there are big things I can and will do in your life.  Trust Me.  Let Me take it from here.  You are not merely window shopping.  You are not pressing your nose against the glass of someone else’s testimony.  This is your portion.  This is the promise wherewith I reshape, and mold, and fashion for you the manifest substance of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled, says the Father.

1 December 2016.     The Father says today, that I AM a man of war and Jehovah is My name.  I will be known by My name JAH, for I AM a covenant keeping God.  The covenant by which I put you over in life is written on My thigh.  Your name is graven on My hand and though others dismiss you and see you as a lesser someone, know this – I only have eyes for you.  If you were the only inheritor of heaven’s best, I would still empty the vaults of heaven to meet your need and fulfill your destiny.  Though all the earth were void of life and only you were left standing, I would repopulate and replenish it all just to meet your slightest need.  This is the scope of My love for you.  This is who I AM to you and who you are to Me.

So refuse to see yourself through the eyes of the self-important.  They have compared themselves by themselves and concluded in their vanity just how significant they are, when in fact in all their preponderance, they are only the small dust of the balance.  I have measured you, says the Father.  I have laid the plumbline of My estimation over the foundation of your life, and it is I who will build there and not man.  Put your expectations upon Me.  Know that it is the Father in you that does the work.  You need not seek the favor of man, for the favor of the Father is upon you and overshadowing you.  Look only to Me.  Look and live.  Look and fully experience all that I have for you, for this is your time.


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The Father Says Today – December 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. Good morning.  I look forward to the breakthrough words each month. I was not able to see the translation today and cannot get the video on my computer.  Would you be able to post the translation of the December breakthrough word?  Thank you in advance.  Blessings.