The Father Says Today – December 2017

Daily prophecy for December 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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December 31, 2017.   The Father says today, close the books on the past and walk into the brighter day ahead.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless.  Move on.  Forget the past.  No more need to be right or to prove your point.  Quiet the internal dialogue that arises from the backward look and the wistful glance to what could have been our should have been.  Listen to My voice calling to you, resonating in the depths of your being saying, “come away My beloved…”  Come away to new things and new life and new promise, for that is your portion in Me.

Just stand up and walk away from the prison house of men’s making, says the Father.  There is no need to come to any conclusion about what has been.  You need only make a choice to refrain from definitions, labels, descriptions, interpretations, analyses and judgments that only bring turbulence and despair.  Step into the silence where the atmosphere of heaven usurps by My power every negative influence.  People, situations, circumstances that seem so powerful to control your outcome fall to dust and ashes at one word from My mouth.  Can you hear the clarion declaration of your liberty going forth from My throne?  It is a sound of love and a sound of hope, extended to you this day – launching you into a tomorrow crafted by My hand.

December 30, 2017.   The Father says today, leave all judgments about your past behind.  Relinquish the option to assess, evaluate, or weigh out the prospects of your tomorrow based on the disappointments of the past or even the present.  Quiet yourself.  Choose to have no opinion, for Beloved, the luxury of opinion becomes the shackle that restrains your hopes and limits your dreams.  Dare to look beyond what you have known and dream the bigger dream.  Dare to hope for something different, something better than what circumstance has dictated in your situation.  Know that I AM here and I AM working.  You are not alone.

I AM all about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  There is no dream so big that I would say no, you can’t have that or no, you can’t do that.  When I walked the earth I issued the blanket hope that was expressed as “all things are possible, only believe…”  Believest thou this?  Are you willing, are you prepared to shake yourself from the self-imposed limitation that failure is the only outcome waiting for you?  Listen to My voice, says the Father.  I AM speaking in the silence between your own thoughts saying, “this is the way – walk you in it…”   New hope, new life awaits only the occasion of your willingness to respond to that one great hope I hold out to you and for you this day.

December 29, 2017.   The Father says today, never allow My blessing to be countermanded in your life.  Are you going to believe what the circumstance says or what My word declares?  Refuse to be double-minded.  I have given you the capacity to be resolute in your faith.  The enemy would keep you in a place of wishful speculation regarding My promises.  I say to you that the work of the Cross is the result of My unbending intent to bring you to Myself, deliver you from all darkness and reproduce My nature in your life.  That includes dominion, blessing and abundance.  There is no defeat in heaven.  This is no resignation in heaven, so do not allow yourself to be resigned to anything other than My highest and best in your life.

This is an hour to be single-minded about My promise and about My lordship in your life.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it from here.  Be the one walking in obedience when all others have deviated from My command.  Be that one person in the midst of the situation that stands firm with an unbending intent that I will get what I paid for on the cross in your life.  It is that unbending intent that will cause others to decide you are lost without remedy, but it is also that unbending intent that will secure for you the very thing that others would never conceive of you being blessed with.  I say again My beloved, adopt an unbending fixity of purpose to follow Me and trust Me and obey Me above all else in this season you are walking through.

December 28, 2017.   The Father says today, you are called to be a light in the earth.  While others grope in darkness, choose to be a solution to the pollution around you.  I said in My word I would send deliverers out of Zion and that is part of your calling.  As you go about your day, let your contribution to every person you meet be that of peace and comfort no matter what they are going through.  It isn’t necessary to agree that things may look bleak or without hope.  It doesn’t take any insight or talent to acknowledge what the enemy is doing.  Put your attention on what I AM doing and direct others to what I AM doing in their situation as well, whether they realize it or not.

I came into the earth that I might bring life and life more abundantly.  Express that life and that hope to all that you meet.  Find a way in even the most casual interaction to leave your peace as I instructed the apostles to leave their peace in every place they traveled.  Refuse to be so self-contained that you wall yourself away from the needs and struggles of those around you.  The most put together person you meet, if they don’t know Me are languishing in darkness.  Show them the light.  Show them who I AM by allowing the life I have filled you with to be made manifest in helpful and substantive ways by the merest glance, or kind word or gentle encouragement out of your mouth.

December 27, 2017.   The Father says today, have a take-no-prisoners determination.  The good fight of faith is only good because you win.  The end of the good fight of faith is with your foot in the enemy’s neck taking the spoil from his teeth and rejoicing in the testimony.  You are a champion.  You may not feel that way or look that way in the mirror, but know because I am in you – the GREATER ONE is within you, that makes you more than a conqueror!

This a make or break year.  Never back down.  The only surrender necessary is a surrender to My perfected will in your life.  This is the year your dreams take root or die in the ground.  What are you saving it for?  A rainy day?  Look outside.  The rain of My kingdom and of My Spirit is falling.  This is your time.  It’s all or nothing.  This is your now time.

December 26, 2017.   The Father says today, step into My intentionality.  I AM an intentional God.  Every process of creation is under My direct and immediate stewardship each and every moment.  There is nothing random about who I AM or what I do.  Make a choice to be intentional as I AM intentional.  I give each and every breath you breathe along with every creature on the planet as an active choice moment by moment.  My attention span is not limited by the billions of acts of creation that I hold in My regard.  For this reason, I AM as near as the breath of your nostrils for each one is a gift offered when you breath in and given back to Me when you breath out.  The enemy wants you to fret over what happened yesterday and worry about what is coming tomorrow and that is so absolutely unnecessary.

I AM the God of your tomorrows and there is nothing of your past that has the power to define what your tomorrows look like.  Your past has no power to breach My intentionality where your future is concerned.  Rejoice then and be glad.  Aren’t you pleased that what others think of you does not determine what I think or what I have planned?  I AM not adjusting My eternal purposes where you are concerned by the good or bad opinion of men.  In that light then, make it your choice today to waste no more of the precious strength I have given you thinking about or wondering what others are thinking or saying about you.  Let that go.  Forgive them and look up.  Relinquish every false anchor in your life to that man pleasing spirit for what I have in mind for you will never be checked or impeded by the small-minded ideas of men who refuse to take into account the lovingkindness that I shower you with each and every day.

December 25, 2017.   The Father says today, quiet your thoughts.  The thoughts of the natural mind will always track toward penury and disappointment.  Relinquish the natural way of thinking and adopt My mind – the Christ mentality this day, and you will come to a place of rest deeper than you have ever known.  The pharaohs in this life and the spirit of the world will always expect you to make bricks without straw, to labor all your life with nothing to show for it.  That is not My plan for you.  The silver is mine and the gold is mine.  The trees of the field from which the currencies of the earth are printed belong to Me and it is My good pleasure to remunerate and stipend your life.  No more waiting on some ephemeral false hope to make your ship come in.  Act now in wealth consciousness, for the wealth of this world is laid up for all those who connect with and partner with the reality of My lordship, even over these mundane things.

Keep sowing, says God.  Wait patiently for the fruit of your faithfulness.  The seed of your faith-believing will come out of the verdant soil you have planted in.  Don’t dig it up to check on it.  Just rest.  Rest in faith and rest in the credulity of My promise.  The harvest is great.  The storehouse will be full.  Your winepresses will overrun.  The souls are coming in abundance and I would that you serve Me without the distraction of lack or not having enough.  Reject the poverty mentality.  Poverty has become a religious idol – tear it down.  I place no premium on not having enough.  I AM the God who is more than enough and more than enough is what I have for you.  Believe it!  Accept it as your portion this day, says God!

December 24, 2017.   The Father says today, when you sow out of your resources I will increase the fruit of your labors.  Are you ready for money to move by the Spirit?  Are you ready to lay hold on the treasuries of unrighteous mammon and cast them at My feet as the bounty of your beneficence toward My Kingdom?  You must be rich in the Kingdom.  In the wealth of the Kingdom you will no longer be conflicted about being a conduit of blessing out to others and out to ministry purposes.  You cannot serve Me and mammon, but I will cause you to plunder the economy of man that you might know the economy of My Kingdom.

I AM teaching you, says the Father.  I AM instructing you.  Relinquish the understandings and doctrines of limitation.  Man scoffs but faith acts.  Act in faith this day.  Feed the poor.  House the homeless.  Care for the widow.  Visit the prisoner.  Cast your bounty at the feet of the apostles.  Activate the economy of My Kingdom over your life.  Tear down the altar of the idol that impedes the nature I have imparted to you – even the nature of a giving heart.  Act now. Make Me a little cake first.  What you make happen for others I will make happen for you.  As much as you have done it to the least of these, you have indeed done it unto Me.  It is your time.  This is the hour.  No more delay and no more denial.  The bounty of heaven is this day showering upon your life, says God.

December 23, 2017.   The Father says today, the wealth of the wicked is laid up for you.  It is laying there, waiting.  Just pick it up.  Act now by faith to take that substance to your heart.  It is in your wallet and in your bank accounts.  It is your faith that retrieves it.  This is banking in the glory and I AM your investment Counselor, says God!  Others will say “it isn’t justifiable for you to believe this…”  Why would you listen to the voice of unbelief?  The resources of the ungodly are laid up for the just – even those that I have justified, not by religious works or moral excellence but by the blood that was shed on Calvary.  Have you given up trying to be good enough yet?  Yes – repentance is the pre-requisite, but what motivates the repentance that brings the blessing?  The repentance motivated by My goodness is what I AM looking for.  My goodness leads to the repentance that produces the blessing, says the Father!

Make no mistake, says God – I have expectations on your life.  There are things in your character and your disposition that have no place in the heart of a child of God.  I will never relinquish the demand that you offer up and relinquish all those treasured indecencies that do not serve My purpose, and you KNOW what that addresses!  But realize this – My heart is to inundate you in joyful holiness that brings you to a rejoicing and exuberance that will cause you to love and serve in My kingdom FOREVER.  Fully supplied.  Completely provisioned.  Totally abounding with no lack.  You will inherit and you will receive, laden down with benefit, the wealth of Egypt and come out to manna on the ground every morning and water from the rock with your head held high rejoicing because of whose you are and what I have promised you even THIS DAY!

December 22, 2017.   The Father says today, abundance is the base state I have chosen for you and in fact for every one of My children.  I AM not a less-than God.  I AM a more than enough God.  There is no lack or poverty in heaven.  I intend there to be no lack or poverty in your life.  If you cannot describe your life’s circumstances as “more than enough” then partner with Me even this day and we will change all that.  Abraham knew what it was to have more than enough.  He was known even by his enemies as the FRIEND of God.  That word beloved, means something contractual.  Renew the pact of association with Me today.  What does that look like?  When you take care of My business I will take care of YOUR business!  Even when I ask for your Isaacs, be willing to maintain fidelity that is implied and in fact required.  In so doing the limitations are removed and you step into that rarified atmosphere of experience where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Adopt My nature and My character as your role model today.  Do it now without delay.  In every situation when others ask, “what are we going to do”, let your answer be, “we are going to do what God would do if He were in our situation…”  In reality, I AM in every situation you face.  I AM in you.  You are in Me.  The circumstance that you face, the problem in front of you is as much MY problem as it is yours.  When is the last time you confronted the challenge before you, threw back your head in laughter and said “Father?   You’ve got a problem!!!”  That is the laugh of faith.  That is your response today even in what you are facing because it has finally set in just how willing I AM to move in your life and bring you to the affluence, benefit and blessing that is your portion in My Kingdom.

December 21, 2017.   The Father says today, this is the now time to increase the fruits of your generosity. I so loved that I gave.  That is My base nature.  When you are a giver My very nature surrounds you, fills you and sets the preamble for what happens next in your life.  Giving out of your substance and giving out of yourself closes the rift between My supply and your own personal need.  Be enlarged, says the Father, for the enlargement of your heart in giving amplifies and intensifies your capacity to receive the net breaking catch I have prepared for you.  The goals you are striving for will spontaneously be fulfilled as you step into the potentiality created by sacrificial, specific and faith filled giving.

Give, says the Father, to those in need.  Give into the anointing.  Lay the money at the apostle’s feet.  Give into the glory.  Break off the small-minded tentacles of religious thinking that have excluded you for so long.  Cast off the yoke of the poverty mentality.  Reach deep and cast wide your seed and see that I will make it return posthaste to your own reserves.  I will keep you in surplus as you give out of your surplus.  I will meet your need as you give, even out of deep poverty, for in so doing you are banking in the glory.  I AM this day your investment banker, says God, and the returns I transfer as dividends of the kingdom into your life will bless you beyond your expectations!

December 20, 2017.   The Father says today, let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth.  Your enemies are being made your footstool.  The promise given is being fulfilled beyond your expectations.  The illegitimate authorities encroaching upon your life are being supplanted by My favor.  This is your new base state as a constituent of the kingdom and your right standing and entitlement are of Me.  Others may object.  Others may complain that you haven’t earned or shown yourself worthy, but it isn’t about you, says God.  I move in your life because of who I AM and what I brought about on Calvary and not the worthless works of man’s alleged moral character or quality.

Do not therefore, answer again or try to vindicate yourself to those who will not rejoice when My favor overtakes you and immerses you in My goodness.  Just hold your peace and know that I AM your vindication and it matters not what the opinion of man is, for the price of Calvary paid it all.  In the blood that was shed is the full entitlement to My goodness and My favor.  All that is needed is for you to renew your mind to the FAITH FACTS of the cross and thereby ENTER IN with a yielded, obedient heart to the FINISHED WORK of Calvary, thus affecting every area of your life for GOOD and for BLESSING and BENEDICTION.

December 19, 2017.   The Father says today, get wrapped up in the faith facts of what I have done for you.  I AM, therefore YOU ARE.  You are the blessed of heaven.  You are supplied by My hand.  I AM your defense in every challenge.  You are where your attention takes you.  If you dwell ON failure and negative outcomes, you will dwell IN failure and negative outcomes.  There is nothing of My purposes or My heart for you that is worked out in failure or the negative.  The probability amplitude of heaven come to earth in your life does not require the polar opposites of the domain of darkness to do their work in your life.  Trust!  Be willing to risk!

When you set My faith facts – the truth of who I AM and what I AM doing in your life as your default perspective, you will embrace risk and risk taking in My Kingdom with joyful abandon, knowing that I AM with you all the way. Embrace the pressure.  Endure the hardship! Allow My kingdom to break into your thoughts and expectations so you might break OUT into all that I have for you.  You need not wait.  All of heaven waits with bated breath to pour out on the life of a faith walking man and a faith walking woman.  This is who you are.  This is what I AM doing.  Get ready and know that the best is about to break over your life in a tsunami of blessing!

December 18, 2017.   The Father says today, in My Kingdom – failure is never failure.  The kernel of triumph is in every failed enterprise, every failed relationship, every failed objective.  There is no failure in My Kingdom.  My Spirit on the inside of you will always leave you conquering and to conquer.  There is no failure, only recalibrating your choices for the promised outcome.  As you live in My Spirit, so you will – YOU WILL advance to the fullness of all that I have promised, says the Father.

Relinquish the outcome therefore and know that ego, pride and self-referral could never survive the life of the cross I have called you to.  Anchor your sense of self in who I AM in your life and then you will sustain and maintain through the pressure that you must penetrate in the circumstance in order to break out into the kingdom.  Choose to have no opinion in the process and no attachment to the outcome.  Then and only then will you come into that place where everything you say and do becomes as effective, as powerful as if I said it or did it.

December 17, 2017.   The Father says today, rejoice at the success of others.  The breakthrough you are advocating for others establishes the dimensions of the advancement you will experience.  Everything I do in your life comes through faith – and faith only works and becomes active in love.  Love your neighbor.  Love your brother.  Love your enemy.  Why?  Because love is who I AM.  Love is what I do.  Everything I do in your life or in the lives of others comes through love.  When you do not see My promise becoming active in your situation – check up on your love life.

When I look at you, I see the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.  I never look past the blood of the lamb on the doorpost of your heart.  You will experience that reality to the degree that you choose to look at others in the same way.  The dividends of heaven are made available through faith but they are manifest because of love.  Exalt then when others are blessed.  Rejoice, even when those with whom you have no favor are advanced.  Your expectancy in behalf of others, even those who are your detractors, will establish what happens next in your life.  Let love then have its’ perfect work, that you might experience all that is waiting for you on the other side of the love decision.

December 16, 2017.   The Father says today, be of good courage.  The breakthrough you are waiting for is the end result of the assignment I have opened the door to in your behalf, even now.  When the pressure is intense and you want to turn back, remember this: on the other side of obedience there is always reward.  Step into the calling I have summoned you to and experience My choosing.  When faithfulness and fidelity are your first and last action in My Kingdom, you will then penetrate the chaos and resistance against you and breakout into a place where all you say and do is as effective as if I said it or did it.  That is the outworking, the practical reality of what it means to walk in the righteousness, the entitlement that is the base state of every child of My Kingdom.

I have heard you in a time appointed.  You are not being ignored.  You do not have to overcome My reluctance to move in your life, because I have none.  Your prayers are heard on high and the answer is on its way to you.  War in your prayers and militate in your petitions.  The angels are assigned and the task is in fulfillment.  Cooperate with the pull of My Spirit and be willing to go where fear held you back in times past.  I will be with you every step of the way.  This is what walking in My kingdom is all about.  This is the turbulence associated with coming out of the way things have been and into the place of entitlement, privilege and favor that is your portion in Me, oh My beloved.

December 15, 2017.   The Father says today, enter into My purposes.  You are not an accident.  Your place in the timeline of human events is not a random happenstance.  You were brought to the kingdom for such a time as this.  Your life matters.  What you do matters.  As you connect and engage with My intentionality in your life you will experience My purposefulness moving you, establishing you and provisioning you for My greater glory.

Know, says the Father, that what I have uniquely created you to do and who I have distinctively made you to be is on demand in the earth.  Refrain from worrying about what people think or why no one is paying attention.  There are multitudes out there ready to drink from well of salvation that your testimony represents.  All you need do is daily ask the question “how may I serve” and “how can I help?”  The answers are within you.

December 14, 2017.   The Father says today, make a demand upon My resources.  The resources of heaven are at the disposal of your faith filled prayer.  Let your mouth pray.  I created the earth with words of command and authority.  Open your mouth and verbalize the depth of your need and the cry of your heart.  I AM more interested in transparency and honesty than I AM in a well-crafted, theologically sound petition.  There are supplications that your religious training would suggest I would turn a deaf ear to, that My heart in reality, longs to hear come out of your mouth because they reflect the authentic, earnest cry of your heart.  Again, I say My cherished one – let your mouth pray.  Seek out and implement every form of petition, supplication, intercession and entreaty that delights My heart and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.  Prayers that are not verbalized beloved are not prayers at all, just wishful thinking.  The deliberation and care essential to petition My courts activates in you the faith that moves mountains, even the measure of faith I have imparted to you.

Be encouraged beloved.  I AM aware of your limitations.  Simply because you feel spent and exhausted from the challenges assailing you does not mean you are left to your own devices.  I AM not asking you to be powerful.  I AM not asking you to be mighty or invincible in your own strength.  Your prayers are powerful, not because you speak them but because I hear them.  I search throughout the earth and My ear is bent low in readiness to answer the call of one who has fearless faith, even the faith that I gave you as your portion when you came into the world.  You have permission beloved, to have faith in your faith because it originated as a gift from My hand and not anything you conjured up in yourself. Trust Me.  Believe Me. Look to My word, for in My word is the promise of AS IN HEAVEN so ON EARTH – even your earth, your life and your circumstance as you devote yourself to the altar of petition where I await the occasion of your plea to move mightily in your life, even THIS day.

December 13, 2017.   The Father says today, you are not crazy.  You are not crazy, you are not backslidden, and you are not alone.  I extend to you this day a basis of relationship and a proceeding word that does not require you to go back to what you know I have called you out of.  It is a new day, says God, a new day with a fresh path.  You have not passed this way before says the Father, so listen with a focused heart and mind.  The direction I AM taking you in will cause your mind to go “tilt” and your rationale will rebel, but as you put your foot where I put My foot, the dividends of kingdom living will be dispensed into your life in powerful and practical ways.

I call you to a new carefreeness today says the Father.  When problems assail and distractions abound, say out of your mouth “I could care less!” because you have cast your cares upon Me, and cast the whole of your expectations on what I AM doing to subvert the plan of the enemy and to bring you into your wealthy place.  Without carefreeness, says the Father, it doesn’t matter what your bank balance is.  A wealthy miser with no heart of liberality is a destitute pauper.  The Christ consciousness I AM fostering within you is always abundance minded regardless of your bank balance because you know that the money, favor, whatever is needed will come from wherever it is at the time just when it is due.  Because of this liberality of supply, you will from this day forward begin to move in an unforced charity toward others – giving out of yourself even more, FAR MORE than you ever have in your lifetime.

December 12, 2017.   The Father says today, believe Me for the best.  When you pray – articulate to Me BETTER and BEST in all that you are anticipating.  I AM not a God of small outcomes, why would you ask Me for provision to just barely get by?  Beloved, coping prayers are not faith filled prayers.  Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, and barely getting by – just barely surviving is not a legitimate hope.  Ask for things that better, better and best.  That is the prayer that delights My heart and the prayer I AM disposed to answer.

Make a decision this day to live by the principle of “highest first”.  I have given you all things richly to enjoy.  There is nothing anemic about the promises of My word.  The work of Calvary is in your life to do a complete, full and over-abundant deliverance, not a barely-getting-by, weak answer to a feeble prayer.  So, plan, says God to go first class all the way – for I AM not a second-class God in any manner.  In believing for better and best you are finally opening your thinking up to what I actually have in mind for you.

December 11, 2017.   The Father says today, dream of the possibilities.  In the work of the cross there is a resolute and absolute intent that you might be blessed and brought to breakthrough in life.  The curse is expired.  Downturn is dissipated.  Disappointment and frustration are yielding to the authority of My word that is inherent in your life.  Highest heart’s desire and greatness dream fulfilled is the ground state of your true nature in Christ.  Embrace that reality and fix it in your thinking as your most basic inheritance in My Kingdom.

As a new creation in Christ you are the beneficiary of the creative power of My hand that formed the universe.  Go ahead and dream.  Go ahead and envision in your mind and heart just what your life would look like if all the truth of My word came into manifestation in your life.  When I walked the earth I was the first to say, “all things are possible, only believe” and guess what?  I haven’t changed My mind.  Abundance is your portion.  The affluence of My kingdom is your lot, so rejoice.  Rejoice and expect this one great reality to begin from this day forward to characterize every area of your life.

December 10, 2017.   The Father says today, be conscious of My abundance in your life.  There is no lack in heaven, no frustration or sorrow, therefore as for Me there is no place for such things in your life.  In your thinking, overrule every contradiction in your circumstance to “life and life more abundantly”.  You are not moving into downturn.  That is not the path that I have outlined for you.  Refuse that suggestion for it doesn’t originate in Me.  I AM an over-the-top kind of God and it is in blessing I will bless you and in delivering I will deliver you from every situation and circumstance contrary to the standard of “as in heaven so on earth”.

Take your hand off the tiller of your life, says the Father, and allow Me to guide the bark of your ship to fairer waters.  I AM not holding you back.  I have not determined denial or despair to be your portion.  I AM moving and advocating for highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Your responsibility is to focus, not upon the outcome, but upon what “seek the kingdom always” looks like in your life in both large and small ways. In so doing you are demonstrating that you are My devoted servant and thereby I will demonstrate you are My beloved child.

December 9, 2017.   The Father says today, refuse to give in to fear.  When fear comes, know that it is something that did not originate in Me.  When fear infects your personality and you can’t shake it, know that this is the assault of the enemy.  I do not originate fear in you and I do not originate intimidation, timidity or hesitancy on any level in your life.  You feel vulnerable but that is not who you are in Me.  The enemy wants to tell you that you are naked but I say you are clothed upon with My glory.  Nakedness, fear and vulnerability come because of what someone said to you – whether outwardly by an individual seeking to control you or by the insidious inward suggestion of Satan himself.  You are not naked.  You are not vulnerable.  You are secure in My everlasting arms.

If you make your bed in hell I will be with you.  Though you be surrounded on every side, I AM with you.  I AM so with you that I AM more interested in setting a table before you in the midst of your enemy than I AM of defeating the enemy.  I want the enemy to first see just how casual and unconcerned you are in My presence.  I want the enemy to see that I AM satisfying you and filling you with joy and peace and blessing all the while as he rattles his sword and screams his defiance.  When he sees just how I love you and just how you know it – then we will excuse him to his failure as you come forth into triumph in every area of your life.

December 8, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM the way where there was no way.  You may look at the circumstance and say “no way” because you cannot see the escape I have made open to you.  No matter how much pressure that is coming to bear against you, realize this – that in every human condition whereby the enemy tries to capture you, I have provided an escape.  As I promised in My word, there will always be a way of escape for you out of the terrors and torments of the enemy’s assault, into the place of peace and life.  It isn’t necessary to think your way through the problem.  I AM the way, that is who I AM in My person and there is no mental construct that can encompass what that means but it is the one truth that makes you free when you simply accept it and act upon it.

Let there be no deviation from the path that I have placed before you.  Men may threaten you, I say to you that on the other side of your deliverance, what man says will no longer matter.  I AM not willing that you would serve Me without joy.  I hate, I despise the absence of peace in your life.  Those who would hinder you or impede you for their own gain are working sorcery, even when they do so (allegedly) in My name.  Know that I don’t consult with man or man’s opinion regarding who I AM in your life and I do not require you to confer with man regarding who you are in Me.  This is between us.  This is where you get for yourself by faith what I promised you so long ago.  Now comes the fulfillment of the promise and the reality of all that I have made available to you in the cross.

December 7, 2017.   The Father says today, I did not send My Son to establish a religion.  Man has made a religion out of the fact that I did come, but that was not why I bled and died.  I didn’t come to provoke the development of a religious culture.  I came to be made manifest as an immediate and ever-present help in the lives of all those who would call on My name.  This includes your life, beloved.  You are the wholeness and totality of My focus.  Your need and the cry of your heart is the occasion of My sacrifice and My purposes in the earth.  I AM with you and I AM for you.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  Religion separates man from Me, but My presence makes you one with Me without any intervening process.  There is a time and place for relatedness with others of like faith, but never allow mere men to suggest to you that somehow, they stand as an intermediary between you and Me.  There is only one intermediary and it is He who bled, and died and rose again that you might become one with Me.  Come out in your thinking then from the cloistered thinking of dusty, religious mentality.

Allow My love to burst out upon you as the noon day sun at midnight.  In the midst of darkness all around I will be your light and will show you the path that leads to light, that you might be free and might lead others to freedom.  You are mine.  I AM yours.  You have brothers and sisters all around you of like precious faith.  They are coming out as you are coming out of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that history and culture have imposed upon you.  This is your coming out time.  This is the hour that you will walk as representatives of My life and My throne that religion, ultimately knows nothing about.

December 6, 2017.   The Father says today, you don’t have a problem, you have a promise.  Enter into the promise this day.  You will do one or the other, beloved, by where you choose to focus your attention.  Will you enter into the promise or the problem?  If your mind is on death, then death is working in you.  If your mind is on lack, then lack breaks out and grips your life.  Learn to become God-inside minded.  Know that your inner man is a pressurized chamber with a heavenly atmosphere.  Because I AM there on the inside of you, there is no death, no lack, no downturn, because these things cannot exist in Me and because I AM in you, these things cannot hold you.

You have been baptized into the one Spirit that constitutes the immediacy of My presence in the earth.  In that presence is victory. In that presence, My presence, is resurrection and reconciliation of every contradiction in your life.  You have asked what I AM doing in your life and I say unto you that I AM constantly, always working to close every gap in your life between My promise and your experience.  I AM not holding you at arm’s length.  I AM not denying you.  If I didn’t hold back My only Son, by what obscene manner of religious thinking will anyone suggest I AM holding any lesser thing from you?  Sweep all such cobwebs of religious contamination from your thinking.  I AM a yes God.  As you say yes to Me, then My yes to you will begin working in and through you till all is fulfilled, and the work is done and your rejoicing will then be complete.

December 5, 2017.   The Father says today, the work is done.  Those things that you are looking to happen in your life have already been accomplished.  This will be clear and you will know this for a fact when you look through the lens of the finished work of Calvary.  When I said, “it is finished”, I left nothing out.  I rested on the seventh day because I finished the work.  The implications of what I finished on the seventh day have reverberated through history and throughout all the universe since time immemorial.  Open your eyes to the kingdom perspective.  When you see things in your life from the position of being seated with Me in the throne, then you will know the end from the beginning as I know the end from the beginning.  You will know “it is done” and now there is nothing left to do but to birth My eternal “now” into the temporal process of your human experience.

This is what it means to “pray out the mysteries”.  This is why you pray always in the Spirit, thus building yourself up in your holy faith.  Never allow the enemy to entrap you in the serpentine coils of a natural perspective.  He wants you to see “no” where I have stated an eternal “yes and amen”.  I say yes and amen to the cry of your heart.  I say yes and amen to every promise afforded you by the cross.  I say yes and amen to the word of My power that was ratified in My blood and released to you in order to put you over in life.  Refuse to all men, or demons, or religious thinking to rob you of the potency of My word that is bringing about full and complete deliverance in your life, even this day.

December 4, 2017.   The Father says today, My creative word is in your mouth.  When you believe in your heart and allow what you believe to come out of your mouth – creative things happen.  It isn’t necessary to have some esoteric, mystical experience to come to you in order to effect change.  I AM that I AM and because I AM in you – the rule of heaven is in effect.  No power in heaven or on earth can breach the walls of protection I have erected around your life.  Make sure you do not open the gates of your mouth to allow the enemy in.  Set a guard on your lips and refuse to allow anything uncharacteristic of My nature to escape them.  My word on your lips brings Me on the scene.  My word on your lips will provoke the manifestation of what is going on in your heart, so guard your heart and trim your words in anticipation of a great blessing that will come because you so do.

I AM maintaining and sustaining you in the midst of outward pressure.  The intensity of who I AM within is greater than anything outward.  The current and flow of corrupt communication will never contaminate you as you keep your mind stayed on Me.  Say within yourself every day – “great is the pressure on the inside (flowing out) than the pressure on the outside, (of the enemy) trying to gain access to my inward man…”  When you feel exposed and vulnerable, know this – that I have caused your human spirit to be the citadel of strength from which all the resources of heaven are released at the very moment of your need.  The answers will come, even instantaneously at times, when you discipline yourself to keep your soul aligned with your spirit that is My habitation.  In this, you will experience being one with Me as I was one with our Father in My earth walk.

December 3, 2017.   The Father says today, come out where there are waters to swim in.  Let the shorelines go and get out into the trackless billows of My purposes.  In the next days and weeks, I AM drawing you to Myself as never before.  Make time where time has not been available in times past.  Soak in My presence in the quiet place.  Feed on the green pastures and still waters I AM leading you to.  Respond to the call of the Spirit as I say to your inner man “come away My beloved…”  There is intimacy and experience in My kingdom that doesn’t come in the midst of the crowd.  Be willing to get alone with your thoughts and alone with the subtle whispers of the wind of My Spirit.  There will be instruction given.  There will be comfort extended.  The wounding of past disappointments will be lifted and new vitality released to you for the way ahead.

There is greatness in you, says the Father.  Because you are in Me and I AM in you, there is nothing insignificant about you.  Others may pass you by, or pay no heed to your words, but I say to you that not one hair of your head is stirred without My knowledge.  Angel warriors and ministering spirits were created in the eternities just for the purpose of defending you and strengthening you in times of weakness.  In this time frame, I AM feeding you the manna from heaven that changes and transforms you from one who struggles to one who stands upright and strong in the presence of your God.  There will be fresh insight and clarity that will be off the scale for where you’ve been walking in times past.  I AM taking you on and leading you on, so seek My face and know that I will meet you in that secret stair of ascension into the deeps of My Kingdom.

December 2, 2017.   The Father says today, step into your appointed time.  This is zero hour for you.  No more waiting and wondering.  No more having to endure the enemy’s lies as he says “hath God said…”  You have clung to My promises and put your expectation on My promise and you will not be disappointed.  You will not be denied.  This is the sounding of a trumpet to you this day – a clarion sound of deliverance and culmination.  Rejoice, says God! Cast off the grave clothes of sorrow and frustration – put on your dancing shoes and rejoice!

Dance in advance, says the Father.  Dance on the head of the enemy.  Let the serpent’s head be crushed by the confident step of one who knows I AM with them.  I AM with you and I AM in you – willing to do and to accomplish My good pleasure.  Let that heart – the heart of David, bring you now into whitened fields of ripe harvest.  You will gather the fruits of My promise by handfuls and armfuls, for this is the jubilee moment and in you I will be magnified.

December 1, 2017.   The Father says today, step into the “Holy, Holy, Holy” of My presence.  In My presence is fullness of joy. In My presence is liberty beyond your reckoning. In My presence, I will cast away every weight and every impediment that has hindered you in any way.  Give glory to My name and My name will release glory into your life.  Your love is the lifeline and umbilical that connects you to My love.  I in you and you in Me until the lines of where I take up and you leave off are blurred and we become one!

This is the experience of My “amazing”, says the Father.  I delight to amaze and astound you.  I delight to lift you up above the fray and give you peace.  I delight to give you joy unspeakable and full of My glory.  This day I have decorated you and beautified your life with salvation.  I call you My Beloved.  This is who you really, really are.  You are not an earthbound creature of limitation. You are My beloved child and I delight to magnify the fullness of My name in you.


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