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The Resting Butterflies Getting Ready to Fly! — 8 Comments

  1. Proprio ieri una farfalla bellissima è venuta a trovarmi mentre ero indaffarata a pulire le finestre! Insolito in questo periodo dell’anno! Un caro saluto dalla Sicilia ❤️

  2. Good day Sis. Deborah Fry!
    Thanks for the buterfly analogy. I was gutting grass this morning and three white buterflies cross my face,i thought about the caption above. Please advice what this mean.

  3. WOW ! Thank you for sharing this with us. It’t can’t be long now…. Suddenly I got reminded to a song from Justin Rizzo’s Christmas Album. There is a special powerful song with the title GLORY TO GOD, in the end the grande finale, the cry “COME, LORD JESUS, COME !”


  4. Wow! This is totally amazing! God is really on the move. He is talk to me so any times and has compared me to the butterfly. Praise God for his dwelling with In us

  5. 是的阿们!“这样,耶和华所救赎的人要歌唱返回,进入锡安,得着永远的喜乐为冠冕。欢喜快乐要追上他们,忧愁叹息都要逃避,”以赛亚书35:10。

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Yes, amen!” In this way, the redeemed of the Lord will sing back and enter Zion, crowned with eternal joy. Rejoice and rejoice will catch up with them, and sorrow and sigh will flee from them,” Isaiah 35:10. Therefore, I will awaken to the Lord, always with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and always to be acutely awakened and no longer to reject Christ Jesus to do new and greater things in my life.” ]

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