The Father Says Today – February 2014

Used with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden

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Doctrine of Christ: The Man Jesus Christ (Video) You have let HIM be GOD… have your LET HIM BE MAN? There are many opinions about what the Doctrine of Christ is. The scripture indicates that the Doctrine of Christ is the red line that determines heretical beliefs. Lesson 8 of the Baseline 52 Week Bible Study is the fourth of four lessons in the 52 Week Bible Study that cover this important doctrine. There is 1.) One God 2.) On Mediator 3.) the Man Christ Jesus. You have to let him be GOD – MAN – MEDIATOR or you have stepped outside the doctrine of Christ.Apostle Don Matison: All Things to All Men (Video) Feb 2014 Mediachurch net Live Event: Prophet Russ Walden interviews Apostle Don Matison at the Live Event for February 2014. Apostle Don worked with Teen Challenge on the West Coast in the early days of the Jesus Movement and he shares out of his experience the need to “COMMUNICATE through IDENTIFICATION.” This is an awesome example of apostolic anointing breaking through cultural barriers with the good news of Jesus Christ.


28 February 2014:   The Father says today that I am the foundation in your life that cannot be overthrown.  I am the foundation and I am also the capstone.  When I am finished building Myself into you the angels will cry GRACE, GRACE into the architecture of Myself that I have established within you.  Others look at you and refuse to validate what I am doing but look not at their faces and do not fear the opinions of men.  Let humility and silence adorn and beautify you as I shift and transition you to a new purpose and greater blessing than you have ever experienced.

Do you trust Me?  Let Me take you through the narrow place that is just ahead.  Look not to the right hand or to the left.  Do not check with those around you to see how you are doing in the task.  Let Me guide you with My eye.  Find your approval and your peace in My presence and not any other thing.  Where others only see a wall I am opening a door and you will be ushered into a place of provision and accomplishment that others only dream of and would never see you experiencing.  I am your protection and I am your advancement says the Father and I am pleased to reveal Myself in your life today in a new way that you have never known.

27 February 2014:   The Father says today that the angel recorders have been released into your life.  The angel recorders are tabulating every tear, every prayer, every cry in your heart by which you have called upon Me in your distress.  My voice says the Father even My LOUD voice with which I now CRY over your life “IT IS ENOUGH!”  For I will bring an end to sorrow and an end to distress and difficulty.  This is who I AM and what I DO and I have graven upon your heart and your forehead EL-SHADDAI – for I am more than enough and more than willing to act in your behalf says the Father.

This is trusting time for you are moving and transitioning into the RECEIVING SEASON by My hand. No more delay says the Father.  No more wondering “God will this EVER change…”  Yes My son and yes My daughter I have maintained the vigil of My faithfulness in your life and I am bringing to the full the answer and the provision and the shift that you have petitioned Me for.  Look for it, expect it, hope for it for YOUR faith is giving SUBSTANCE this day to that which you have required at My hand.

26 February 2014:   The Father says today that change isn’t harmful, change is beneficial.  If you want something different you must do something different.  What you DO with what I have already said is much more powerful than what you are waiting upon Me to do or to say.  My kingdom is a participatory kingdom not an observation gallery.  Religion observes but faith acts.  Faith steps forward.  Faith takes risks and thereby reaps rewards.  What risks are you prepared to take to move toward and fulfill your destiny?

Cast aside the vain opinions of men and their illegitimate.  When you hit the targets and meet the marks they have set for you they will simply move the bar and establish a whole new set of expectations.  With Me says the Father you are seated with Christ in heavenly places.  With man you never know where you stand for prideful men will always prey upon your weakness and vulnerability.  I will take your weakness and give wings to you in your vulnerability and cause you to soar into the fulfillment of all that which I have surely promised you even this day.

25 February 2014:  The Father says today I have seen your service of sacrifice before Me.  Others have looked away as though your efforts were of no consequence but that is not My assessment says the Father.  Fret not about the outcome or success says the Father.  The outcome is mine and the success is Mine.  Let your attention and your attentiveness be upon willingness and obedience.  In your willingness and your obedience you will eat the good of the land, and there IS goodness in the land for you says the Father.

The landscape of your life has seemed bleak and unproductive but I am the Root that delights to spring out of your dry ground.  So fill your valley of heaviness with trenches of expectation for what I am about to pour out will not be contained even in your highest anticipations.  Are you ready?  This is MY now time therefore it is YOUR now time.  In your NOW you will rejoice – you will not pine for some distant promise.  I will cause you even this day to partake of the marrow and substance of what others decided not to believe for any longer.  Rejoice and be glad says the Father for this is the mourning that is turned into rejoicing even now.

24 February 2014:   The Father says today I am moving you from BURDEN to BLESSING.  I call upon you to make the “great relinquishing.”  I want you to give that situation, that person, that problem to Me today in a full and final release and don’t ever pick it up again.  It isn’t your burden to bear why would you chafe your shoulders with the load?  My shoulders are broad and My sinews are strong – roll those cares over on My back today for I will carry you through to a new place in My Spirit.

Cast those cares, roll those cares, abandon your cares and come into the CARE-LESS place for I am caring for you.  I am caring for you says the Father, it is who I am and what I do.  It is YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT time.  What I’m saying to you son and daughter is TAKE A LOAD OFF and allow Me to carry you and relieve you once and for all in an on-going, consistent burden bearing grace.  That is My gift and My benevolence that I extend to you this day My Beloved.

23 February 2014:   The Father says today that I love you all the way – all the time.  There are no gradients or levels of faithfulness in My promises.  I am going all the way with you today till you experience all My promises, all the time.  Can you take “all” for a measurement of My blessing?  I don’t work My will by anemic percentages measured by the dead hand of unbelief.  I come to you today in FULL and ROBUST COMPLETENESS to do a COMPLETE and FULL work in your life.

There is no border of your life that I am ignoring or neglecting.  I SEE and I KNOW and I am working even in the darkest recesses of your soul where you have no courage to look or even to pray – I am THERE says the Father – I am THERE applying the efficacy of the blood-soaked hyssop of the Cross in your behalf.  Be encouraged today says the Father.  Be lifted up.  Be intoxicated with My love and My watch care over your life for I am working, and mending, and sparing you and in no wise will I allow you to be harmed in any way.

22 February 2014:   The Father says today let there be a unified people in your midst today.  Do not allow men with small-minded visions raise again the middle-wall of partition that I destroyed on the cross.  I say to you again that from My throne I recognize is NO distinction between male or female, NO segregation, NO sect, clique, party or division among you.  I hate – I HATE the deeds of those who brand My people like cattle and count them as commodities and numbers to contain and spend as a consumable resource.  I am bringing My people in this day and hour to a place of liberty.

My purposes this day will NOT allow My people, will not allow you to be made merchandise of.  You are the apple of My eye and he that touches you and reviles and uses you will be brought to task by MY HAND says your Father.  So shake yourself from the mesmerism of the spirit of religion and reclaim the autonomy of My throne that does not sit idle within you for I am seated IN YOU and WORKING through you to bring about My purpose and My mercy in this NEW DAY says your Father.

21 February 2014:   The Father says today bring your alabaster oblation today pour it over My head and pour it over My feet this day.  Go ahead says your Father, render up your praise and adoration and your gift – will I not receive it?  Will not your worship become the oil that makes My face to shine at the right hand of My Father?  Go ahead and pour out upon My feet will they not be washed?  As you have worshiped Me as head in the heavenly realm so now pour out your oblation upon My feet on the earth.  My feet – the feet of My body –  My sons and My daughters are dusty, dry and bleeding, will you NOT wash MY feet today?

As much as you have washed the feet of the least of these so you have done it unto Me says the Father.  So take your opportunity as you have envisioned and as you have craved that occasion to wash My feet with your tears and wipe them with the hairs of your head EVEN SO says the Nail-Scarred-One go out NOW and find My feet on the earth and as you wash THOSE FEET I will receive your service of worship and CAPTURE YOU and catch you away into a NEW place of intimacy and experience of My fullness for it is My heart and My pleasure to give place to those with the heart of humility and service to find their portion in My bosom even this day.

20 February 2014:   The Father says today that I am washing you.  I am the cleansing you says the Father – you need to seek no further remedy.  I AM the washing and refreshing you have need of another resource.  I am that I am and I am washing you in My I-AM-NESS even this day.  I am with you and in you – heart to Heart and spirit to Spirit.  Cast yourself adrift on the streams of My compassion this day and find the cleansing of My grace.  No more contamination, no more crying “unclean, unclean!”  You are now cleansed and washed and made free by the waters of the word and the words that I speak TO you and INTO you this day.

I give you leave says the Father – I give you permission to be FOREVER changed.  I give you liberty to advance into the fullness of the Christ by which I am seated in the heavenly places IN YOU even as you are IN ME.  So go ahead says the Father – go ahead and revel in the streams of mercy that are pouring over you at this moment.  Be immersed, yes be immersed and baptized in mercy and arise with a torrent of mercy flowing out of your belly to all those around you who are beset by guilt and sin even those that are captives of past regret and failure. Be a conduit of mercy now out to others and give them, GIVE THEM FREELY the full and free flowing love that I so liberally saturate you with today.

19 February 2014:   The Father says today that you are blessed going out and coming in.  Your very movements invoke My presence and My favor.  The angels assigned to you plan their day according to the slightest changes in your schedule and activities.  My blessing upon you is more than warm wishes or mere religious sentiments.  My blessing upon your life is to cause you to prosper and prevail in every circumstance and situation.  I am with you says the Father.  I am with you and I am for you – I am on your side in all things, even choices you make that would have been otherwise had you listened to Me.  I bore the reproaches against you 2000 years ago and I bear them now, but I would prefer you to have a listening ear.

I completely accept you says the Father. I accept you without reservation as My beloved and as one eligible to all the kingdom entitlements of BEING My BELOVED.  Only know this that My approval is another matter.  Acceptance is unconditional but approval must be earned. Take the yoke of My approval upon you and learn My ways and model yourself after My thoughts and purposes.  I am raising you up to be a beloved son who reflects My character and not that of immaturity or foolishness.  Listen to My voice that echoes in the silence between your own thoughts.  Be still and know and in the knowing take on My nature and not only enjoy My favor but manifest My character in all your dealings even this day.

18 February 2014:   The Father says today that you are blessed going out and coming in.  Your very movements invoke My presence and My favor.  The angels assigned to you plan their day according to the slightest changes in your schedule and activities.  My blessing upon you is more than warm wishes or mere religious sentiments.  My blessing upon your life is to cause you to prosper and prevail in every circumstance and situation.  I am with you says the Father.  I am with you and I am for you – I am on your side in all things, even choices you make that would have been otherwise had you listened to Me. I bore the reproaches against you 2000 years ago and I bear them now, but I would prefer you to have a listening ear.

I completely accept you says the Father.  I accept you without reservation as My beloved and as one eligible to all the kingdom entitlements of BEING My BELOVED.  Only know this that My approval is another matter.  Acceptance is unconditional but approval must be earned.  Take the yoke of My approval upon you and learn My ways and model yourself after My thoughts and purposes. I am raising you up to be a beloved son who reflects My character and not that of immaturity or foolishness.  Listen to My voice that echoes in the silence between your own thoughts.  Be still and know and in the knowing take on My nature and not only enjoy My favor but manifest My character in all your dealings even this day.

18 February 2014:    The Father says today that My grace in your life is an enriching influence in ways you have not considered.  I delight to show you My love in unique, unusual and uncommon ways.  Expect Me show up in your life today and do the extraordinary in regard to mundane things that some erroneously think I have no interest in.  Know this says the Father I keep a running inventory of every hair of your head and every cell of your body.  I mark your organs, your limbs for blessing and benefit by My hand.  I rummage through your cabinets and tally your bank accounts.  I know every item of clothing and when the last time was you wore them.  I am passionate, willing and moving now to display My uncommon, extraordinary grace in your behalf oh My beloved.

I AM your supply and your increase.  I am preserving even your personal property with the preservation that caused the shoes of the Israelites not to wear out in the wilderness.  They will ask you what your maintenance schedule is and what products you use and you will laugh and say “it is the product line of Jehovah-Jireh, for He cares for Me in ways that are incalculable to appreciate.”  In the stressed filled, fear driven culture about you I am bringing you to rest and favor as a sign and a wonder.  They will see the permanent smile on your face and will have to know just Who your Poppa is and how to get to know Him!

17 February 2014:   The Father says today that you are My Declared Inheritor.  Say this and know it as your portion from My hand!  You have inherited the blessings once bestowed upon Abraham.  I will bless those that bless you but I will execrate those from your life that even dare to trifle with you in the least.  I will bless you coming and going in all of your affairs today so EXPECT and TRUST that I am moving ahead of you to settle all your concerns.

You see says the Father you are an inheritor of the entitlements of Christ that He earned through His sinless life and vicarious death.  The death of the cross was not only about taking away sin, suffering, sickness or deprivation.  The death of the cross released a covenantal impartation to you on a personal level intended to totally transform your life.  I have bonded the spiritual genetics of My wholeness, Lordship and authority into your very being.  You are bone of My bone, made in My image as I said in My word!

16 February 2014:   The Father says today that My blessing is an all inclusive blessing.  I will bless what you do right and I will bless even your mistakes.  My blessing is upon all that which you put your hand to even as I promised in My word. My blessing is not exclusively a spiritual blessing as some suggest.  My blessing touches every aspect of your life from the temporal to the eternal.  Even as in sin all tends to decay because you are in My Kingdom all tends to blessing, success and outcome.  I place no premium on human suffering for human suffering was fully ameliorated at the cross.

Men of limited minds and unbelieving hearts have misrepresented My purposes says the Father.  There is no part of sickness, disease, lack, deprivation or sorrow that was not PAID in FULL upon the cross.  Exercise your faith in My promise and I certify that you will experience the substance of all that Calvary affords.  This was the blessing ratified under the law and fully extended to you by grace in the new covenant, sealed with the blood of My own dear Son.  So EXPECT the blessing and ANTICIPATE My favor and know it as the free gift that I will in no wise withdraw from you as you yield yourself daily afresh and anew to My unconditional love.

15 February 2014:   The Father says today that your enrollment in the school of the Spirit is an advanced degree in the law of love.  The law of love brings you to the place where the law of sowing and reaping originated for Love is Who I am.  As you step into love says the Father you step into Me.  When you respond in love you clothe yourself in My person and My fullness covers you like a mantle.  Depth in My Spirit does not come through some charter membership in the “deeper life club.”  The place where deep calls to deep says the Father is that place where “some having compassion are making a difference.”

I have called you to relinquish position and entitlement that you might gain influence and impact over an orphan generation that does not know who their Father is.  I commission you this day to demonstrate the no-strings-attached unconditional love that never falters and never fails.  Refuse the distractions of small minds and cold hearts.  Allow Me to reach through your heart to establish My paternity in a disenfranchised and marginalized people.  This is My plan and this is your service as you align yourself with the beating of My heart this day.

14 February 2014:   The Father says today drink waters out of your own cistern.  The resources of breakthrough, change, restoration and healing are available and accessible to you this day.  My strength and My power is an INWARD supply not an OUTWARD dependency.  Those resources that are outward and alien to you are finite and will come to the end of themselves before your deliverance is complete.  The rivers of life I have placed within you on the other hand are UNTAPPABLE and cannot be diminished no matter the depth of your need.

The waterways of My Spirit do not flow down from some outward location says your Father.  The springs of living water flow OUT from within you in all their fullness to inundate and refresh and reframe your entire existence.  Say to those streams “spring up!” Say to the refreshing within you “spring forth!”  Call upon the river of living water that I placed within you today, and that mighty current will flow out and reshape the entire landscape of your life for your good and My glory.

13 February 2014:   The Father says today you are blessed in the city and in the field.  Exercise yourself to take dominion.  The soles of your feet, the treads of your tires mark the jurisdiction of your habitation and the boundaries of your blessing.  Ask Me and I will give you the wealth of the heathen as your inheritance.  I am not limited by the grasping, selfish agendas of men and women blinded by self-seeking.  Know this says the Father that money, resources, and favor – all of these things move by My Spirit.  As you move IN My Spirit wealth will find you.  You are called not to be a repository of insecurity but a flowing resource giving out of this world’s goods to the necessities of My kingdom mandate.

So prepare yourself for blessing and not for blight today says the Father.  Put your hand to the assignment and GIVE OUT of yourself.  Choose to NOT follow the example of those who HOLD BACK this world’s goods to their own hurt.  Grasping and clutching at those few and meager resources will not prepare you for the day to come.  Let your joy be full for I will fatten your bones in the good times and I will uphold you in the lean times.  Learn to be independent of circumstances by reliance upon Me and by rejecting the territorial, selfish attitudes of those contaminated with the spirit of poverty.  I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly and that does not happen under the rigors of grinding poverty and lack.  Receive your abundance today says the Father for it is your portion!

12 February 2014:   The Father says today that when you choose to be a water-walker you will see My suddenlies will become an everyday occurrence in your life.  It is time to suspend your expectations of what I might do in your life and prepare yourself for what I WILL do.  I am not bound in My actions to the dust-choked opinions of religious mentalities says the Father.  I can and will do anything I want anytime I want and I don’t have to check with anyone.  The person who says “God will NOT do thus and so…” is not accurately demonstrating My character; rather he is accurately demonstrating his own ignorance.

I love you says the Father.  My love for you required the cross and the cross measured the lengths I was willing to go in order to free you and liberate you from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of light.  Take no heed to those who say I “will not” or those who say I “cannot” for My love constrains Me and I have already demonstrated in the shed blood the lengths My love will go to bless and to favor and to empower and free you from every constraint of life and every assault of the dark one.  So rejoice in anticipation of My sudden favor that is showing up in your life to change and restore and surprise even you oh My beloved.

11 February 2014:   The Father says today that My blessings are in hot pursuit of your life.  My favor and blessing is not elusive or unattainable.  My blessings gravitate toward My glory and My glory is in you.  The blessing that came upon Abraham and changed human history is in pursuit of you and will continually make its mark in your life.  You are not estranged from Me for the blood of the Cross has drawn you near to Me in bonds that cannot be broken.  Because you are in Me you are the beloved and the blessed one.  Do not be dissuaded by circumstances or situations because these are subject to change but My promise endures forever.

Your heart is the anchor point of My blessing and they are overtaking you indeed the blessing is taking hold of you with a tenacity that will not relent.  There are those who presume to say who I will and will not bless but they are not in charge says the Father.  I rain upon the just and the unjust so even when you exclude yourself from My goodness through shame and guilt I still include you and renew My mercy every single morning in your behalf.  So fret not says the Father neither be dismayed.  I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anybody.  You are the blessed of your Father and I declare this day is the day of favor in your life.

10 February 2014:  The Father says today I have seated you in the high places of the earth.  You are a principality and a power.  You have jurisdiction in the earth that is secured by My hand.  I say to you this day open your mouth wide and speak for your words have weight in the heavenlies.  If you say it says the Father I will do it.  If you won’t say it I won’t do it.  You are an intrinsic part of the process by which I move, act, provide and deliver even in your own every day situation.

Lay aside the victim mentality says the Father and take on the mantle of a victor.  Persist. Prevail. Refuse to relent or draw back for My soul has no pleasure in drawing back.  Press in and appropriate the full measure of your portion from My throne.  I have granted you authority in My kingdom and you are NOW seated in heavenly places at My right hand.  This is not a “someday” proposition it is a NOW reality purchased for you by the shed blood of Calvary.  Rejoice says the Father, rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is a day of liberation and this for you is that day.

9 February 2014:   The Father says today that suffering, sorrow, lack and scarcity are not your portion. I took the full measure of these deprivations upon Myself on the cross that you might be free of such things. There is no portion of disease, poverty or rejection that I did not pay the last full measure of suffering for on the cross. I was nailed to the tree in order to alleviate those things in your life. When the assault of the enemy comes upon you make it your determination to allow no place for the prince of this world to accommodate himself in your life. Say within your heart “I will not capitulate to the domain of darkness!”

When the enemy roars at you says the Father ROAR BACK! The scripture cannot be broken; if you resist the devil he WILL flee. If it were possible for the enemy to overcome your resistance then the promise of My word would be valueless. Know that I have armed you and armored you. I have given you My name and the efficacy of the blood that was shed. Take full advantage of this spiritual armory! Refuse to accept one setback, one downturn. Lean on My grace for I know your weaknesses. I took your weakness into account when I said even so you are a conqueror. You are more, FAR MORE than a conqueror! You are My entitled child, authorized in My name and empowered by My strength to overcome every obstacle.

8 February 2014:   The Father says today it is new day for you this day, take out the quill of your faith and pen your promise!  My default answer to the cry of your heart is YES says the Father.  I am not an austere distant patriarch!  I am your right now in-the-moment ABBA FATHER!  The suffering of Calvary was the price I paid that I might have off-the-charts intimacy with you in-the-moment not just an occasional interlude of cathartic emotional release.  There is no measurement conceived by man that can plumb the depths or define the parameters of My love for you!.

Your assignment today is to be loved.  Your task this day is to go out and be the beloved. Go ahead says the Father.  Seek out the parameters of My love.  I dare you to be the beloved this day.  I dare you to find the boundaries of My love.  They are beyond your capacity to cross or to escape.  I have loved you says the Father and will love you.  I will love you and there is nothing you can do about for I have loved you before the foundation of the world.  Revel in that love today.  Receive it as the fruit of My compassion for you and let it refresh you and bring you to rest – even the deep release of rest by which you know beyond all finality that you are My beloved one.

7 February 2014:   The Father says today that I will meet you in the way and you shall be forever changed.  When Jacob traveled to face his brother Esau he experienced an encounter by which he was transformed from a heel-grabbing trickster to a prince among men.  Do not be distracted by the current distresses of life.  Know this says your Father that I will meet you in the way and you shall be transformed.  From the depths of your being I will transform you in such a way that even your sworn adversaries will seek peace with you.

You see says the Father I will save you from yourself and stamp the image of My character and My Spirit upon you.  It shall be said of you what was said of the disciples of old: “they took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.”  The aroma of Christ will replace the stench of the flesh by which you at times even loathed yourself.  Your life and your character will become an incense of praise that even the angels will defer to for in your heart I have found says the Father a sweet smelling savor of fidelity and passion for My face, My throne and My kingdom.

6 February 2014:   The Father says today receive of My super-abundance.  The wealth of the wayward is laid up whose lives reflect the full understanding of My ways.  The ungodly see My acts and scoff.  The righteous perceives My ways and prospers.  When I descended into the earth I clothed Myself in frailty that I might display My Father’s glory.  That same glory is available to you this day.  Clothe yourself in the I-AM-NESS of My completeness.  Speak into the darkness and say “Light BE!”  Look into the chaos and say “KINGDOM COME!”  For I have released My power and My anointing to you and through you that you might reign on the earth as New Creations born of My Father’s hand.

I have bestowed upon you the Zoe-life of the Father that you might reveal My glory.  I have emboldened you with My love and crowned you with My favor.  Go out into your day and challenge the darkness and see My glory made manifest.  You are My lamp and I will fill you with My light and My effulgence.  You are My diadem and My scepter and I will wield you against the oppressor.  Take to you the full armor of My Father and know it as your provision, protection and promotion for the banner of Jehovah-Nissi waves over you in its glory enunciating the outcome of victory and liberation and deliverance in your life.

5 February 2014:    The Father says today son and daughter open your eyes and your heart to greater blessing and higher callings.  Do not allow the mundane things of life to clip your wings or steal your joy.  Trials and struggles have their end.  Trials and struggle will exhaust themselves and have an end because the energy that drives them does not come from My throne but from the domain of darkness.  You will not be held bound for I have declared life over you and life more abundantly.

I am reaching today into that guarded place within you where you have hoped against hope for things to be different than they have been.  I am breathing new life, new hope, new joy into you. I am placing you on an ascension footing out of deprivation, struggle and the strife of tongues.  Your life and your person will not be defined by human limitation or past regrets.  Your life will be defined by My promise, My presence, My provision and My protection that is even now released as a canopy of favor over you in full and complete measure this very day!

4 February 2014:     The Father says today allow generosity of spirit to flow through you today like water.  I live on the inside of you – give Me room to move in and through you to others.  Love unconditionally.  Give lavishly.  Forgive unreasonably.  Love, give and forgive until your love scandalizes the small-minded, religious professors whose love has grown cold.  Reach out to the undeserving and those who haven’t loved you back.  Let your testimony toward them be “I am going to love you and there is nothing you can do about it!”

This is the audacity of love says the Father.  Men can place restriction and constraint upon you but the nature of love is to break out and flow out to the lowest common denominator of relationship and expectation.  Love is a spiritual geography to itself that is alien to failure or defeat.  So export all your hopes and dreams and petitions to the geography of love for that is where faith’s fullest measure spontaneously gives substance to every vision and dream born in your heart by My incorruptible Seed.

3 February 2014:      The Father says today which would you rather have, peace or understanding?  You can’t have both.  My thoughts are not your thoughts and My mind is not your mind.  Allow My peace to lead you where human understanding can never go.  You must subdue your mind to the rule of your human spirit for I live in your heart and reign from your spirit.  Turn from mental speculations and skepticism and embrace My glory.  My glory is resident in your spirit man and I will meet your needs today from the riches therein.

This day I give you the peace that passes understanding.  This day signs, miracles and wonders are your portion.  I said in My word that you would go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  Let this be your proceeding word today.  My joy is your portion and your forth-going initiative.  The fullness of My joy will never be taken from you as you keep your attention upon Me.  I am not willing for you to live without joy.  Open your heart to joy and know as the precursor of every answered prayer and petition.

2 February 2014:    The Father says today make it your determination never to live below your privileges in My Kingdom.  The blood of the cross entitles you, enables you and empowers you to live your life within a consistent profile of victory.  Weakness is not your portion.  Failure is not your portion.  Out of the wilderness of struggle and difficulty I will bring deliverers out of Zion.  There is a place for you among that Roll Call of the Faithful.

You shall call upon Me and I will say “Here I am.”  You shall decree a thing and it shall rise up before you and be established.  The enemy will not be able to rob you of My character, My holiness or My favor.  Set your expectations higher says the Father.  Do not sell yourself short or cheapen your experience in Me . Refuse to rationalize away your blessings or the fullness of My stature that you are destined to walk in.

1 February 2014:     The Father says today work while it is day for the night comes when no man can work. There is a time to find a quiet place in yourself and wait for the dust to clear. All flesh is as dust. When sinful flesh rears itself up to challenge you let your first response be to look to the throne. The distractions of the enemy will always strive to cause you to look away from My face says the Father. Make it your determination to look to the throne even when the enemy bears down on you with his lies and threats and tyranny. I am your defense and your shield. The enemy’s strategies only facilitate his downfall and not your destruction when you choose to look to Me and disallow any distraction.

So go ahead and seek the kingdom says the Father. Go ahead and wait upon Me. Let Me guide you with My eye. As you look to Me I will cause the winds and the waves to subside and the storms of men and demons to be stilled in your behalf. As you trust Me I will bring the immediacy of My deliverance into your situation and establish you in a place from which you will not be moved or molested in any way. Trust in My fidelity and trust in My established word. I will never fail you and My promises will never overdraft the bank of heaven in your behalf.


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