The Father Says Today – February 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

February 29, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM substantiating Myself in you today.  I AM the One on the inside of you doing the work.  What you cannot build into yourself by your own efforts or wisdom I AM releasing to you in this moment.  What you hoped to receive by process I will now bring by impartation.  Open your heart and your mind and My wind will come and you will be transformed.  I say again you will be transformed and forever changed!

So mount up this day into My rest says the Father.  Ascend and be seated in that place prepared for you before time and eternity.  This is the new day accorded to you as a free gift drawn from My heart of favor toward you as My beloved.  Say of your soul “this day I am a new creation in Christ Jesus”.  I will be with you when challenged and will keep you and spare you with tender mercy and loving kindness.  This is your heritage and inheritance in Me says your God.

February 28, 2016.   The Father says today I have heard you in a day appointed. In death it is appointed once to die but in life it is appointed ever to live.  I ever live therefore you ever live says the Father.  It is a sacred thing that I do on the inside of you.  Your inward parts are being stirred by the hand of My glory.  My face you will behold and My hand will stir your bowels that you might know and experience in a real and powerful way the transforming life that makes you a new creation.  Put on life this day says the Father.  Put on the life – the ZOE life that I paid the price of Calvary that you might lay hold on and appropriate.  This is the release.  This is the time such as this that you are manifesting as My beloved – that you might drink of My yes and My amen.

Rise up says the Father and be who I have said you are.  Do what I have called you to do.  Banish fear.  Banish unbelief.  Pour out your heart like a drink offering and I will so bless and so move that your life and the lives of those around you will be rendered unrecognizable for the glory that I will shed forth upon you.  It is a new day . It is a new time says the Father – even fullness of time upon your life and My CHOSEN NOW SEASON is breaking forth to bring change and transformation and rejoicing in you this day says your God!

February 27, 2016.   The Father says today My deeps are calling to your deeps this day.  As you call out to Me so I will hear and as I hear I will act and you will see My glory.  I will hide you in the cleft of the rock and pass by – I will show you not My hinder parts as Moses of old but I will show you My face – My face you will behold and you will be changed. I AM changing and I AM transforming you this day for I AM your King and your God.  You will trample your foes because of the blinding light of My glory in your life.  You will praise My name forever and you will make your boast in Me for I will never fail you and I will never forsake you.  There is no failure in Me says the Father therefore there is no failure in you.  Reject the theology of failure says the Father.  Reject the culture of scorn and mockery that surges around you foaming out its shame.  I will cause you to stand up and know Me as I am and be forever changed.

I AM working in you this day.  I AM working in you and working out through you to display My image and My likeness.  When others look into your eyes they will see My love and My Spirit looking back at them.  I will reveal in you the bride I have called you to be.  As you call out to Me this day I will give you more.  I will give you more of My substance and My strength that you might run beside Me and cover the earth in judgment and verity as I sing My War Song over the nations of the earth.  Men will tremble and kiss the Son.  They will come trembling and know that I have loved you and that I have paid the dread price of Calvary that they might fully and finally go free from sin and death and mortal limitation says your Father.

February 26, 2016.   The Father says today shall the Lion of Judah roar and the enemy not tremble?  Shall I breach the fortress of darkness and the enemy not tremble and cower?  Have I not promised?  Have I not been your assurance in the night seasons?  As you have trusted so I shall deliver.  As you have expected so shall I make good.  I AM not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent.  I will manifest in your life My terrible resoluteness to destroy all the works of the enemy till nothing but smoke and ashes remains of that which the enemy planned – for you are My beloved and I am ascending and roaring this day in your behalf.

Call out says the Father.  Will I not answer?  Cry out to Me and I will come to you in visitation and glory and cause you to know and cause you to experience all My power and My might.  I will bear My arm in your defense says the Father and men will tremble and know that there is a God on High upon whose palm your name is engraved.  I will never forget you.  I will never forsake My mercies in your behalf.  I will come and I will war and make judgment with the kings of the earth and establish you in righteousness and verity forever says the Father. No man will move you.  No stronghold will resist you for I AM in you – manifesting and substantiating My faithfulness till the whole of the benefit of the cross is paid into your life says your God!

February 25, 2016.   The Father says today you are seated in heavenly places.  I sit in heavenly places and because you are in Me you are likewise seated in heavenly places in Christ.  You are in Me in the heavens and I AM in you on the earth.  I declare this day and I speak this day to your spirit that you might receive all that I have for you.  I speak to the constituent components of who you are in the earth to receive the authority and understanding that you are far above principalities, powers, might, and dominions.  I AM breaking, I AM rebuking every program and strategy that is operating against you.  The ungodly forces of operation against you are broken.  There is no more disaster, says the Father.  There is breakthrough into the heavens that you might be seated above the heavens and know what it is to rule.  Ruling and reigning is not only after death – ruling and reigning is now.

I am inaugurating My rule in you and over you and through you even now.  The angels of the throne that have attended you since your conception are tracking your every movement.  They’re tracking your minutes, your hours, your days, your weeks, your months and they are appointed and they are commissioned to bring breakthrough in your life.  As you yield yourself today to Me and as you relinquish the earthly and as you surrender the human aspect of yourself unto My divining grace, says the Father I will fill you afresh and flood you with My glory and cause your race to be run and to be won in joy and great abandon to My highest and best purpose for you in life.

February 24, 2016.   The Father says today, I AM releasing an anointing for the marketplace into the earth.  I will send you forth into the public square and cause My voice to be reflected in your words, deeds and demeanor.  I AM activating My gifts on the inside of you and you will not apologize or equivocate regarding that gifting you have received by My hand.  You will demonstrate My nature outside the parameters of the religious realm and even unbelievers will seek you out – to inquire of the hope that is in you.  I’m going to give favor with those who have been gospel resistant and you will speak My word and it will be a word of reconciliation, hope and change.

I AM imparting to you a level of grace and understanding how to do what you haven’t been able to do in times past regarding the sharing of your faith.  I will bring the right people at the right time to partner with you and work with you in a fresh, new approach to the Great Commission that will open hearts and open many doors.  You’ve asked about the timing, the Father says, and the timing will be established.  Begin now to pray for the provisioning the launching.  I’m going to partner with you those that are going to believe in what you’re doing.  They are going to get behind you and the blessing will come upon them and come upon you.  Open your heart and mind and receive now that which I am imparting and step out into your destiny.

February 23, 2016.     The Father says today never move in strife.  Strife and contention quench the anointing and shut My presence out of your life.  It takes two offenders to enter into conflict – do not allow yourself to be that person.  Debate, argument, unsanctified opinion are all strategies of the enemy to get your eyes off of seeking first the kingdom.  Make it your determination that you will not allow the enemy to use your ego and your pride to drag your feet from the path that I have set for you.  Make peace and quietness of spirit your refuge in times when you are challenged and confronted. Know that the boundaries I have given you are there to preserve and maintain the level of grace and empowerment that I have deposited in your life.  It is up to you to take responsibility for your own response to unenlightened opinion and misdirection that the enemy brings your way.

Keep on loving.  Keep on doing the love thing.  Sometimes love is about reinforcing boundaries.  Sometimes love is about refusing to keep on smiling and say nothing.  Take stock of the situation and turn your ear to My guidance and My direction.  I will always move you to the place of peace and progress.  I will never sign off or approve sending you into a dead end path of endless disharmony and disputation.  When the temptation comes – get quiet and go down inside in order to hear what I am saying – and respond to that. In so doing you will stay your course and keep seeking the kingdom.  Refuse to judge, validate or assess – even your own actions at times.  I will come.  I will show up in the situation and then all involved will be appraised and rewarded according to My valuation says the Father.

February 22, 2016.   The Father says today I don’t step on toes, I wash feet!  I AM washing your feet with the water of My word and I AM anointing your head with the oil of gladness.  As you walk through this day you will leave a fragrance of My Spirit with all that you come in contact with.  People are going to follow behind, they’re going to smell that smell.  To some it is the aroma of life – to others the aroma of death that they want nothing to do with.  I will draw those that I will draw and I will set My mark upon those that refuse the testimony of My truth and will so move in their lives that they to will come as though with a hook in their jaw.

The aroma of My Spirit is on the inside of you and it is now coming forth in a supernatural way.  You will see it and know it as the aroma of My favor because I have set My love upon you this day.  I AM showing forth My favor – even My great favor towards you this day.  I love everyone even the sinner but some people I like more than others and those are the people I will linger with and manifest My unique blessing and benefit towards.  Sometimes you have felt alone and as though you can’t continue but the Father says, never stop.  I AM a great God.  I AM a great God and because you put your hope in Me, I will renew your strength.  You’re going to soar with the wings of eagles.  You’re coming over the top in the things of life and as you come over the top and you spread your wings you will fling off the false burdens and begin to soar in My Spirit. Rejoice for I AM your yoke easy and your burden light.  I AM bringing transformation and transfiguration in your life this day and you will see it and know it as your new place in Me, a place of rest and benefit beyond all your imagining.

February 21, 2016.   The Father says it is always election time in My kingdom.  It is always election time and you are one of My elect.  I call you the elect of My kingdom because in My kingdom says the Father My vote is the only one that counts.  I have elected you to privilege.  I have elected you to a position of authority and favor and blessing.  You cannot be impeached for I am your righteousness and your assurance is in Me.  I have elected you therefore you will take your place and rule and reign as My beloved in the earth.  You are My elect and there is an authority and there is a favor that rests upon you.  I AM placing a scepter in your hand that is going to release My power breakthrough in your life and the life of others.  You are looking to Me but I have put the entitlement in your hand – you are now in the jurisdiction of My blessing and all you need to do is step forward with expectation knowing that I AM enlarging every step beneath you.

Let your mouth pray beloved! Reject the prayers of whining and unbelief – rather pray “Father I’d like You to put Your attention right there.”  And as you pray I will move by My hand and focus directly upon the things and the people that you pray about.  As you pray for others that are opposing themselves you will see hearts change and stubborn minds turn to contrition and repentance.  I AM going to break the spirit of pride, the spirit of Leviathan that has caused people in your life to be obstinate and people to be stubborn and they’re going to come and sit at your feet not because of who you are but because of who God is in you.  They’re literally going to come and they’re just going to look you in your face and you’ll just know that they’re ready to hear what you have to say.  And you’re going to be able to open your mouth and say the things that you have longed to say to bring healing and restoration to broken relationships because you are walking and speaking My love that never fails says the Father.

February 20, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM clothing you with the garment of joy.  The enemy would wrap you in the death-shroud of heaviness and depression but I have acted in your behalf to defeat his strategy.  Things are not hopeless.  I always provide a way out.  You are not at a dead end.  I AM your way, your truth and your life – what can man do to you?  I AM your way therefore you cannot be stopped.  Because I AM your truth the facts can never contradict My promise to you and over you.  Because I am your life you will have a life worth living.  You will not be cut short in your days and you will not be denied.  Let your hope and your expectation be upon Me and not what the enemy would convince you lies on the horizon of lying circumstance.

Do not allow the enemy to deceive you into owning the negative outcome.  The enemy of your soul says “you have it coming – you don’t deserve to live…”  It isn’t about you says the Father.  Your blessing is based on who I AM inside you and not what you have or have not done.  Guilt and shame do not control your outcomes.  I AM the God of life and life more abundantly and as you release all to Me and trust in Me you will come out of the struggle shiny and new – exultant and rejoicing.  The enemy lies and says you are worthless but I say to you that your worth is determined by who I AM and what I did for you 2,000 years ago.  My purpose for your life is more than just struggling from one trial to the next.  I AM clearing a path to your blessing time.  Rise up out of depression and despondency and put on your running shoes for I AM the wind in your wings to hasten you to the finish line of victory.

February 19, 2016.   The Father says today objects are closer than they appear.  There are things you are believing for in your life that seem so far off but I say to you that they are near to hand.  This is your NOW season.  Say of your soul “I am walking in my NOW!”  There are answers and hopes that you have laid before Me that in the natural seem that they will be a long time in coming… but I say to you: Objects are closer than they appear!  I AM the God of God-speed acceleration and I AM bringing a quick work in your situation.  You are about to make your exit out of the rat maze of confusion and make some real progress toward seeing your dreams and desires come to pass AS THOUGH IN A DAY.

I AM a GIFT GIVER and I am knocking at your door with new gifts, insights and anointings. I will distinguish these gifts and activate them one by one in your heart that you might see the signs and miracles you have been asking for.  I will expose the enemy and put a target on his back – that you might target in prayer the strongholds of Satan and see them come down because you believed in what I promised.  I will clothe you in joy and put the laugh of faith in your heart.  The sense of guilt and heaviness and depression are dissipating from your spirit RIGHT NOW for I declare that RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY ARE YOUR PORTION!  This is your now provisioning by My hand so stand up – cast off the grave-clothes of inaction and step out in your destiny for I AM with you both to will and to do My good pleasure!

February 18, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM waiting upon you.  There are times you wait upon Me and there are also times that I AM waiting upon you.  I will guide you with My eye in the season that you are walking through and all you need do is seek My face and respond to the subtle nuance of My leading.  I will not beat a drum or raise My voice to speak above the confusion in the room.  You must discriminate beloved between all of the voices and noises around you and choose to hear My voice and My voice only.  You have asked for leading and I am leading you.  You have asked for answers and I am answering you.  My sheep know My voice and another they will not follow.  Live out of your sheep nature.  Live out of your dependency upon Me and not some suggestion that you can solve the problem on your own.

I AM working to mend the strife and the estrangements and conflict of relationships in your life.  Be willing to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem in those broken and strained relationships.  Let the law of kindness be in your mouth every time you speak.  Deal with those around you according to the need I reveal in their lives and not the problem they present to you.  Do not respond to threats or demands or ultimatums.  Do not make threats or demands or ultimatums.  Choose to walk in maturity.  Respond to My voice speaking in the silence between your own thoughts.  When confronted speak to the potential of My peace in the situation.  A soft answer turns away wrath and I will cause even those who see themselves as your enemy to be at peace with you – because you have chosen My way and My voice and My revealed directives to walk by this day.

February 17, 2016.   The Father says today do not allow the enemy to silence you.  Cry aloud says the Father and you will be heard on high.  Determine in your heart to no longer keep silent in the struggle.  Let your mouth pray! My Spirit is coming upon you and My word in your mouth is articulating the immediacy of your deliverance by My hand.  If you will say it says the Father, I will do it.  If you won’t say it I won’t do it!  I AM calling you to come alongside Me with the words of your mouth even as I come alongside you.  As you move forward with unflinching declaration so I will confirm My word in your mouth with signs, wonders, and miracles.  As My word proceeds out of your lips, and My word churns and rumbles in your breast and comes forth with boldness with articulate clarity, you will see the manifestation of My glory!

Speak, says the Father even concerning your future, even concerning that immediate trial you are facing.  Even so as you speak expectantly of My hand upon you I will break forth on the right hand and I will break forth upon the left and I will break through and bring you through that which the dark one – the enemy has constructed to impede you.  The obstacles will be removed, says the Father.  My Spirit even this day is bringing forth deliverance and liberty in your behalf because of your faith filled prayers.  Make haste therefore and be bold – let My sound proceed out of your mouth and it will bring forth the breaker anointing that will activate by the oil of My Spirit that deliverance that you’ve been crying out to Me for.

February 16, 2016.   The Father says today I will perform that which you have believed and trusted Me for.  Have I not said it?  Will I not do it?  Is there anything too hard for me, says the Lord?  Look not upon the things that are seen.  The things that are seen do not represent the parameters of that which I AM establishing in your life.  Look not at the things that are seen for the things that are seen are temporary and changeable, but the things that are unseen are eternal and proceed from My hand.  Do not be distracted from what seeking My kingdom constitutes.  Do not be turned aside by the problems of life from what I AM calling you to.  I not only call upon you to hear My voice I call upon you to KNOW My voice and impart what you hear to others.  As you speak deliverance and breakthrough for others you are going to experience breakthrough for yourself.

Open your mouth wide this day says the Father.  As My words come forth out of your mouth to the ears of those who are crying out even so your own deliverance will be made manifest.  Fear not says the Father for My word is a word of encouragement and good news.  I AM going to do for you what you can’t do for yourself, as you do for others what they can’t do for themselves.  They need to hear My word but haven’t been taught or trained.  Be one who shares and mentors those who long to know My voice.  I will put the words in your mouth and give you the methodology of delivery, how to put it in such a way that they won’t reject what I say to them through you.  I will give you unique ways to impart the things that I AM going to share with you for others and as you pour out to others I will pour out upon you those things you have sought Me for.   So step up and step out says the Father.  Rise up and speak forth.  This is your day – this is your time and My faithfulness will be seen in your land.

February 15, 2016.   The Father says today come away with Me oh My beloved.  When you feel My hand upon you, no matter what is going on say, “I must go and get alone with God.”  You will feel My hand upon you in that moment and when you retreat to that quiet place alone with Me I AM going to open your mouth and new decrees are going to come forth that you have never uttered.  You will hear your own mouth speaking things that you have never read in a book or heard in a teaching by someone else.  I AM increasing the territory of My Lordship on the inside of you that I might increase the boundaries of your habitation by My hand even in the natural earth.  I AM going to set you over the works of My hands that were committed to you before the foundation of the earth was laid.

I will place the enemy under your feet and give you victory at a level you have never seen says the Father.  I AM pouring over your head the fresh oil.  This is an anointing that comes through My touch and is going to cause a rooting up, and a pulling down and a total destruction of the works and strategies of the wicked one against you, around you and around the lives of those you love and care for.  This is the staging ground of My destiny in your life and we are going to root up, we’re going to pull down, we’re going to destroy some things and in the midst of the rooting up, the pulling down, and the destroying is going to come a shaking and after the shaking a building, planted of greater purpose and greater benefit, blessing and favor in your life than you have ever known.  This is your portion says the Father and that which I delight to do because you have set your love on Me.

February 14, 2016.    The Father says I AM breaking down the works of the enemy in your life.  In this season and in the coming year there must be a breaking down before there can be a breakthrough.  Don’t think it is a strange thing says the Father for I AM bringing a breaking down in your life of those things that are not compatible with the blood of Christ applied to your circumstance and applied to your situation.  My Spirit is flowing down and into your life with great force to bring deliverance and transformation.  Do not be afraid of the turbulence that is brought by My hand.  Fear not when the shaking comes for the shaking that comes only removes those things that carry death, only removes those things that diminish and only removes things from your life that are not constituent elements of the destiny that I have for you.

I AM as well touching your mouth, even as I said in Jeremiah, I AM putting forth My hand, says the Father, I AM touching your mouth and I am putting My words in your mouth.  My touch in your mouth will produce My words in your mouth, says the Father.  You are going to feel and you are going to sense My hand and My touch upon you and when that comes there will be a decree that will accompany it, a decree that proceeds forth not just out of what you have been taught but it will proceed forth out of that resonant intimacy with Me that I AM establishing as I draw you away with Me.  So rejoice says the Father for the cry of your heart has been heard and the response of heaven is coming even this day upon you for transformation and deliverance!

February 13, 2016.   The Father says today that you are a king and a priest appointed to serve at My courts.  Others did not bestow this privilege upon you.  The did not give this honor to you therefore they cannot take it away.  I AM causing today the king on the inside of you to stand up.  My Spirit is upon you and My Spirit is flowing out from you and out through you to secure your place of spiritual administration by My hand.  I will use you even at times to provide a mentoring to those in need of understanding.  You will foster My paternity in the fatherless and direct those who have lost their way that they might find their place in Me.  I AM synchronizing your life with the destined purpose for which I brought you into the earth.  This is your Kairos moment when the fullness of time is visited upon you.  This is a watershed season that situations and circumstances will flow together to cause My living substance on the inside of you to mold and shape afresh and anew what daily living and loving and rejoicing look like in your heart and life.

The Father says, as you seek me for these things, you will see that I AM giving you favor with those that you need to have favor with and I’m going to surprise you with the immediate increase and breakthrough that will come.  This is the positive promise of My heart over you for the coming year.  You are going to walk under an open heaven for the entirety of the twelve month period.  You’re going to know what it is to have the fountains of the deep broke up under your feet and when the fountains of the deep are broke up under your feet then you’ll find yourself walking on the water.  Don’t look at the winds and the waves and the challenges.  Keep your eye upon what I AM doing and saying and lean into that and your fruitfulness will be beyond measure.

February 12, 2016.   The Father says I see you as a willing worker.  You are one that works willingly with your hands.  You have been willing but haven’t always had opportunity to give of your time and your substance and your effort into My kingdom.  I AM about to change all that, in fact change is moving under your feet right now at this instance.  I have seen what others have not seen.  I have seen you working behind the scenes without thanks, acknowledgment or cooperation from others.  You are one who is willing to go and do the things that are done by the unsung servants, people that are willing to do little natural things that nobody else tends to notice, but make a big difference in other’s lives.  I have seen your faithfulness and now is the time and the season that recompense will be released from My hand.

It is yoke easy and burden light time for you says the Father.  You have made things easier for others and now I am making these easier for you.  You will say out of your mouth – “I didn’t think it would be that easy…”  Because that is who I AM – then that is who you will experience Me to be.  You didn’t think I would keep things hard your whole life did you?  Even strangers and people you don’t know well are going to start moving by My suggestion and leading to bless you with little acts of service because I will cause them to have recognition that there’s an anointing upon you and they will want to give into that anointing in various and many practical ways.  So rejoice says the Father for you are coming front and center into the fullness of My blessing.  You will no longer labor alone either but you will be joined by those of like mind and heart who give selflessly and love unconditionally.  This will be a great relief to you and a tremendous favor bestowed by My hand upon you at this time.

February 11, 2016.   The Father says today that the River of My Spirit is flowing through your land.  My river is for the healing of the nations and for your healing and restoration My beloved.  Even as there were four rivers flowing out of Eden – there are likewise four rivers that proceed out of the human heart.  One of these rivers goes out as Hiddekel out of Eden into the land where there is gold and it is meant to go out and bring back into your life the provisioning of My kingdom.  Did I not say that out of your belly would flow RIVERS?  Yes, I will cause you to break forth upon the right hand and upon the left and saturate your life with My blessing.  Where there have been dry bones, and cracked earth says the Father, I’m going to cause the irrigation of my Spirit and My presence to begin to moisten the bones of dead visions and bring them back to life.

Yes beloved, by the force of My will I AM bringing a resurrection of those things you have nigh given up believing Me for.  Time has passed and your faith waned and became anemic – but I NEVER changed My mind about what I promised you.  I AM bringing by My river a deliverance and a liberty where there has been bondage and where there’s been lack.  Where there’s been brokenness I AM bringing a rejoining and a healing and a mending because I am a mending God.  I AM mending, restoring and provisioning those dreams, visions and hopes that have been broken in your life.  This is your portion so enter in.  Define each day what cooperation with My heart for you looks like.  In so doing the landscape of the dry and barren will become a verdant tableau of blessing and goodness that will redefine your whole existence.

February 10, 2016    The Father says today that I AM coming alongside of you this day.  I am the Comforter, the Helper and the Guide who brings you up and out of detriment and impediment and into the rarified atmosphere of My glory.  I AM bringing heaven and earth together over you in your circumstance.  All things are possible!  As it is in heaven so shall it be upon your earth and in your life!  Listen to My voice and hear My heart for you says the Father.  There is coming a new cooperation that brings the deliverance, the provisioning, the healing, and the blessing that you’re crying out for in this hour!

When you rise in the morning it will be My voice you will hear before anything else.  As you lay your head down upon the bed, I will whisper sweetly in your ear and I will cause you to know what is on the morrow and that which I expect you to do for as I do My part so you must do YOUR part.  There is that which must be fulfilled in obedience from you that will be answered from the throne as I keep my good promise over your life.  So stay the course and maintain obedience says the Father.  Do not yield to the temptation to become a “do nothing” who decides there is nothing to do.  The day is far spent and the laborers are few.  Yet I have called you and equipped you and as you act in straightforward obedience to My voice and My call things will change and blessing will come and My favor will be seen in your land.

February 9, 2016    The Father says the rhema word is being released over you today.  The provisioning of the rhema utterance of My Spirit is redefining, reshaping and remolding your life and situation.  Your circumstances, your relationships, even the DNA of your physical body is being moved upon by the utterance of My mouth to cause you to be as one that breaks forth upon the right hand and upon the left.  You are being that one who walks in enlargement of step according My power and the presence of God that is resident within you.  I AM manifesting the pillar of My presence and My glory in your life that you might walk in the Shadow of the Almighty.

I AM illuminating your path that you will now follow in the leading that I have stirred in your heart.  You have wondered when and how and the Father says NOW is the time – put your foot forward.  The provision will be there.  No more tarrying.  No more standing on the sidelines. I call you forth to bold action today. Move now. Act now. I am tugging at your heart, I AM whispering in your ear, I AM rustling in the trees and stirring up by My Spirit on the inside of you.  This is the time to act says the Father – refuse to sit in silence and inaction for I AM with you to confirm My word with signs following.

February 8, 2016.   The Father says today that you have run the race well.  You have competed and you haven’t quit in disgust or walked away from the challenge I put before you.  The enemy has whispered to you that time is running out and he has pressured you to do something quick.  The enemy has tried to derail you by tempting you to take some rash action but the Lord says this is not the time.  This is not the time to speak or act in impatience or desperation.  He Father says he wants you to relax and live in the now.  The enemy says to you that time is running out but I say unto you that you are at the beginning of My goodness not the end of your rope.

It’s a beautiful thing says the Father.  You have more than enough time.  The Father says to you I have lots of time; therefore, you have lots of time.  There is no urgency when you are with the Father.  The enemy wants you to push the panic button but the Father says be at peace. Watch what I am about to do to roll back the urgent and reestablish the important in your life.  So keep watching and wait waiting for My Spirit to manifest in your life – in your earth.  I will show up and you will take back what the enemy stole in the beginning.  Yes, you can relax.  It’s a good day and a good race you are running.  Enjoy the challenge for we are just getting started.  Take a deep breath and relax and let My blessing flow like a river over your life.

February 7, 2016.    The Father says today you have a ministry.  There is ministry portion over your life.  I have called and anointed you that you might walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you were called.  I AM blessing you with ministry portion and anointing that you might serve Me in kingdom power and kingdom purpose.  There is a mantle that rests upon you that I have placed over you by My mighty hand.  It is a mantle of service.  It is a mantle you felt on your life in years previous and now it comes upon you in fullness and great power.  This is that time that I promised and that time that you are coming out of the school of difficult experience and into a place of impact and influence in My Kingdom.

You have been embattled but you chose not to be bitter.  You didn’t like what you went through, but the fire in your belly stayed strong.  You kept a soft heart towards the things of God and you kept asking, seeking and knocking.  The Father says, I reward the seeker.  You have asked, I’m going to answer.  You have sought and I will be found of you and I will activate who I am on the inside of you.  Fear not neither be dismayed for you will fulfill your purpose and serve me without distraction for I’ve put all your enemies as your footstool.  Rise up says the Father and know that transition is at hand and your destiny is being made manifest this very hour.

February 6, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM sending reinforcements.  You are never expected to go it alone.  I AM sending reinforcement in the angelic, and I AM sending those who will partner with you and stand with you even as you will partner with them and stand with them.  The walls of intercession are being rebuilt.  The rubbish of foolish prayers and unenlightened strategy are being removed by the blast of My nostrils.  In your heart I have planted that word “no more foolishness!” and out of that word is being made manifest an apostolic maturity.  You will not labor alone but I AM sending those who will come alongside and be in agreement.  You will not impede one another but you will rejoice in the fellowship of the saints and the new relationships that I am bringing to bear in your life.

There is angelic armament and agreement being activated in your situation says the Father.  Put on your armor and begin to think and act like those who are going forth that will not break ranks or spear one another.  The power of agreement is activating angelic armament and angelic strategies, to begin to war and pull down the strongholds of the enemy in your life and the lives of My people.  Even as Adam and Eve when they were placed in the garden, I  have placed you in your life both to tend and to keep, to guard and to displace the chaos the enemy has dared to bring against you.  So realize that your prayers are ratified and accepted in the heavens and the petitions and declarations of your mouth are being heard this hour.  The marching feet of angel warriors is all around you and now everything begins to change.

February 5, 2016.   The Father says today I set the solitary in families – and that includes you.  I AM moving to connect you with partnership in the kingdom.  I AM going to team you up with others of like heart and like spirit to pursue and fulfill kingdom purpose.  I will lead you into settings large and small to commit and go forth and open your mouth to be heard in testimony and declaration.  You will stand up and say, “This is what I hear the Father saying…”  and that word will be received and it will bring a shift and a change to that people there gathered.  Say not in your heart that you are not able or perhaps someone else should be chosen – for the Father says I choose you and I have put My hand upon you so open your mouth boldly and speak.

This is a season of accountability says the Father and I will no longer stand mute in the company of unaccountable sons.  I will woo them and I will work in their midst and I will love them with the love that never fails. I will use you – you will be My words and you will be My hands and change will come.  This is coming out time.  Coming out of obscurity and stepping out of silence and causing your voice – and My voice within you to come forth to the benefit and blessing of all that are gathered.  This is a new time when I AM gathering the people with the trumpet blast for the death knell against defeat and sorrow has gone forth and there is a new victory being experienced in the land by all those who are walking in obedience to My mandate in their lives.

February 4, 2016.    The Father says today I AM coming in visitation in your life.  As the prophet Joel declared concerning the day of the Lord, behold this is that day that I AM causing to dawn in your life and your experience says the Father.  This is not a day of trembling or consternation for you are not of those who have no hope, no truth or life.  Because you have set your attention and your affection upon Me, this is a time of the glory spread upon the mountains of adversity around you.  Look with the eye of the Spirit says the Father though it may seem there is an army of issues bearing down upon you – know this that is not all that is taking place.  I AM working and I AM willing to do My good pleasure to bring you into a NEW SEASON of time and favor and blessing.  Do not be concerned about the darkness or the shaking for I AM only acting to remove those things and situations and circumstances that are an impediment to My higher purpose and plan in your behalf.

So know this says the Father the very things you have been praying about with regard to your family are being answered even now.  I AM going through your present state and I AM combing out the residue and the backwash of the past.  I will so act in your defense that you might stand before Me unfettered and undistracted.  I AM removing distraction that you might enter into the ministry portion that you are anointed to move in.  Your life is not just about managing your present and overseeing personal issues.  The Father says, you have a ministry portion, and that anointing is being poured out upon you in full measure at this time.  You will move in My Spirit and flow in My timing and know that My glory is being made manifest in the darkest of places to redeem and heal and save by the anointed process that is manifesting in you and through you now.

February 3, 2016.   The Father says today that the disdain of men is not greater than the grace of My throne.  My favor will find you and wrap around you like a shield that cannot be breached.  You are the apple of My eye.  He that touches you touches the pupil of My eye – I will have a reaction!  I don’t have to think about defending you or make a decision whether to come to your aid.  I respond to your need with an autonomic reaction that does not require volition on My part for I have already decided that you are My beloved!

So run into My name this day.  Run into My name like a high tower in a time of battle.  Climb the battlements of My name and release the sword of My word against the hordes of the enemy who would come against you.  Realize that you are not bereft of My power.  I AM feeding you from the table of My bounty even as the enemy would think to entrap you and turn you away from the goodness I have prepared for you.  The battle is yours.  You are simply implementing by your faith what I have already promised for an outcome (in your favor) that is already decided!

February 2, 2016.   The Father says today have faith in your faith.  It originates with Me.  It is My gift to you.  It is the measure of ability to believe that I have given to every man, woman and child.  It is not wrong to have faith in the gifts and graces I have given.  Would I give you something you cannot trust in?  If you ask for bread would I give you a stone?  If you ask for a fish would I give you a scorpion?  I say again – have faith in your faith – it is My gift to you.  As you begin to have an authentic confidence in the gift of faith on the inside of you – interesting things will begin to happen.  You will no longer repel blessing.  Success will no longer elude you.  Inaction and helplessness will not be your response in even the most difficult decisions.  You will know that you know that you know that I am with you and I will never forsake you.  You will rise up into that place of expectation and confidence not in yourself but in that redeemed character that I have infused into you by the shed blood of the cross.

No more helplessness.  No more feeble prayers. No more desperation when under fire.  You and I are a majority against seeming overwhelming odds.  You will not be overrun or overtaken.  You will neither be perplexed or dismayed or disillusioned because the gift of heaven on the inside of you will give you crystal clarity even from this moment.  This is your day says the Father.  This is the hour that changes your world.  From this point forward the character of the kingdom will mark your path and not the shuffling steps of failure and hopelessness.  Rejoice – for now (this very moment) the validity and authenticity of who I am on the inside of you is rising up to redefine every aspect of your life.

February 1, 2016.   The Father says today that your mind can be turned into an engine of faith.  You were born with the simplicity of a child to expect and believe all things.  Life taught you to disbelieve.  Life taught you disappointment, despair and mistrust.  I AM changing all of that.  What the mind can learn I can cause you to unlearn.  Taste and see that I AM good and have good things in store for you.  Reject the protocols of unbelief and misbelief.  No more missing the mark. No more coming up empty.  No more vainly wishing for better things and happier days.  I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  This is your line of demarcation.  I AM drawing the line between blessing and cursing today and inviting you to step over into your blessing time.

That will be enough of that says the Father! Enough of sorrow.  Enough of disappointment. You have agreed and you have accepted but beloved now you must apply.  You are a part of the process.  Change is not going to come as you stand idly by hoping beyond hope that “this time” you will not be disappointed.  The children of Israel in the wilderness WALKED out of their wilderness on their OWN TWO FEET.  You are going to WALK out of despair and defeat ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET.  Rise up and shake yourself.  Say of your soul “as I man thinks in his heart so is he…”  Uninstall the contaminated thinking of defeat and embrace the download of heaven that reconfigures your day and your life for NEW BLESSING, BENEFIT and FULLNESS this day!


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  1. Thank you for this timely word!! It was a confirmation. I would like to receive The Father Says Today! Thank you and God bless