The Father Says Today – February 2017

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

28 February 2017.   The Father says today, that the life that you seek and desire emits only from Me.  There is no life or fulfillment to be found in any other pursuit outside of relationship and intimacy with Me.  Therefore, My word is “if any man would see life and know good days, let Him come to Me”.  In coming to Me, you will not be turned out.  There is no disqualification in your character or person that would cause Me to turn you aside or send you away.  The cross and the death on the cross takes care of it all.  The power of the resurrection is fully capable of transforming you from the flawed image of a fatherless son, into the perfect image of the Daystar that I AM, arising in your heart.  Where is guilt?  It is excluded.  Where is condemnation?  It has no place.  Where is shame?  Washed away in the cleansing flow.  You are accepted.  You are beloved.  Your place at My table is assured.

Come then.  Come expecting.  Come in cooperation and yielding.  Know that yes, there is much that will be reformed and reshaped on the potter’s wheel that turns at My feet.  You can trust in the end vessel that I am forming you to be.  Stay pliable.  Soak yourself in the water of My word and refuse to pull back when My hand sinks deeply into the clay of your own finite, imperfect substance.  I AM forming you.  I AM extracting every impediment and all the debris of sin and sinful choices that have marred your life.  You will come out pristine, a vessel fit for My use. Work with Me and not against Me.  Tender the full commitment of your heart at the pay window of faith.  Do you trust Me?  Then let Me take it from here.  Allow Me to change what no man can change on the inside of you.  Let healing come.  Let transformation be experienced as you say “yes” to Me, knowing that I AM a good Father who will never harm or injure you in any way.

27 February 2017.   The Father says today, I AM Alpha and Omega.  I AM YOUR personal beginning and YOUR personal ending.  Before any process or circumstance confronts you in your day, I AM.  Before you come to the end of your wisdom or resources to solve the problem, I AM.  I was there before the problem asserted itself in your day and I will be there overlooking and shepherding your soul when the present troubles are mere footnotes in the annals of My faithfulness in your life.  Look to Me beloved.  Look and live.  Immerse yourself in the I AM mentality that always realizes that you are breathing in and breathing out of My faithfulness at all times.  Even when it seems I AM far away – that is the false illusion of the fallen perspective.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  I AM that I AM both before, during and after all that you are going through.  Trust Me.  Flow with Me.  Align yourself in yieldedness to what I AM doing and saying.

I AM with you.  My basic nature is to be with you.  If ever I would withdraw Myself from you – then you would cease to exist and evaporate into nothingness.  Therefore, as you continue to live and breathe and think – that is the proof that I AM right there.  I AM right there in your situation being who I AM.  I AM comforting you.  I AM teaching you.  I AM helping you.  There is no resistance in Me against your well-being.  Peacefulness and joyfulness are all I have to offer you.  I AM not the one who troubles.  I AM not the one who weighs you down with burdens too heavy to bear.  That is the false god appearing real.  That is the god of this world, the god of religious misdirection that never lifts the heavy burden or the brutal yoke of despair.  Step away from that unreality and embrace Me as the “I AM” ever-with-you-at-all times God.  Then our acquaintance will be fully made.  Then we can step off together into the reality of “as in heaven so on earth” that represents the full provision of all I have accorded you in the death of the Cross.

26 February 2017.   The Father says today, that the pouring out you have made to others is about to become a pouring in of My grace and recompense back to you.  As you have seen people around you hurting and struggling, you longed to share your testimony.  You knew that your testimony would make a difference because I AM no respecter of persons.  What I have done for you – you are well aware, I will do for others.  Yet at times you found that the pearls of your testament of My faithfulness were cast before skeptical hearts that turned away and did not believe.  Fret not.  Your reward does not come because your words were received.  Your reward comes because you had a heart for the needs of others and the courage to share who I AM willing to be in their lives.

Keep pouring out. Give out of your heart those experiences and circumstances where I came through for you.  Even those who don’t seem to hear will recall in their time of crises and will cash in on your testimony of My faithfulness.  They will cry out to Me and become as you are – one that knows the reality of who I AM and what I have done in the work of the cross for every shipwrecked life.  Continue to walk in preparedness to speak.  Be instant in season and out.  Open your mouth even at times that it seems you are merely being brash.  It isn’t men’s wisdom or knowledge that convinces.  It is the witness of My Spirit.  I will go with you in signs following and cause hardened hearts to be softened and lives changed because you made yourself available and chose to be obedient to My call.

25 February 2017.   The Father says today, I have called you to be of a peculiar tribe.  As I manifest Myself in you, there will be a peculiarity come to the surface that not everyone will understand.  As you grow in your place – in your new place of freedom, there will be an anointing that will come and will bring release and deliverance to even those who do not understand you or Me.  They will puzzle and they will remain quizzical, but they will undeniably acknowledge that their desperation was met with the deliverance through your testimony and your ministry of love and kindness toward them.  I will litter the landscape of your life with the revealing of Myself in these peculiar ways, says the Father – that will change your perspective and the perspective of others who thought they knew who I was and what I would do until they met you and saw what I was doing in and through you.

This is the excellence of what I AM doing in your life.  My goal is bringing about in you total and absolute confidence in My name and in My revealed nature.  I will teach you.  I will instruct and illuminate you.  You will know not just My acts, but you will understand My ways and My ways will be made manifest in you.  I will teach you to minister to Me and I will minister to you.  Then out of that transactional gifting, favor will flow out of you to overwhelm others.  People will arise – My people will arise to subvert the tolerance of the religious systems of man, and what My kingdom truly looks like and how it operates to bring about a new day.  I will bring together those with whom you seemingly have nothing in common with and you will see them and know them as members of your tribe.  This is the family that I set you in.  This is the new breed of prophetic people I am raising up and inviting you to be a part of, says the Father.

24 February 2017.   The Father says today, I AM blasting the walls of spiritual captivity to release My people.  East shall meet west, says the Father, and the west shall meet the east.  There shall be rejoicing, favor and authority among My people beyond what they have experienced in times past.  I will bring the powers of the political and cultural enmity of man to heel at the foot of the cross.  This is that which proceeds from My throne that you are bidden to participate in and soak in.  I would that you rise up and soak yourself afresh and anew in My influence and resolve again to live life according to the dictates of the culture of the kingdom and not the culture of man.

Nothing shall be impossible for those who choose to live from the inside out.  Those who realize that My Kingdom originates in them, and not in the paltry, pathetic influence of man’s kingdom.  This is the bride that is arising.  This is the people that will be known, not as those from the west or those from the east, but as those from My throne.  No border will confine My purpose.  No boundary will restrain My people. You will be translated here and you will arrive there and even the authorities will say “how did you get here and who sent you?”  Your answer will be this, “I am that I am has sent Me” and that will be only the beginning of that which I will do in you and through you in that day, and I say to you that THAT day is THIS day that you are living NOW.

23 February 2017.   The Father says today, I give you power to get wealth.  Riches in My kingdom do not represent resources you store up or hoard for a future need.  Riches in My kingdom spring from the word of faith I have put in your mouth to meet your need on the spot and on demand.  The sore evil on the earth results from riches held back by the owners thereof to their own hurt.  I have and I will continue to cause money, wealth, favor and blessing to flow in your life by My Spirit.  There is no need to fill your mind with concerns for the natural, because as you seek the kingdom all that will be added.  As you seek Me passionately and diligently, I will see to it at the end of every day your need will be satisfied and at every sunrise your need will be spontaneously met by My provisioning hand.

Refuse to accept the theology of impoverishment.  Those who have gilded the experience of lack and poverty as though it were some virtue they assume I espouse are wrong.  They have no clue as to what life and life more abundantly are all about.  They preach the virtues of poverty but never volunteer to experience it themselves.  Reject all such anemic, distempered teaching of men, whose minds are not enlightened to My truth.  I became poor that you might be made rich.  I became impoverished, not as an example for you to follow – but as a suffering savior lifting you out of need consciousness into God consciousness.  Receive the impartation of My mind, says the Father. Accept My limitlessness in place of lack and hopelessness, for I AM the God who provides for you every need.

22 February 2017.   The Father says today, step into new liberty in Me right now.  Not the liberty that leads to bondage, but the liberty that leads to life.  I AM working with you and in you to establish authority that puts your own lesser character in check and elevates to ascendancy who I AM on the inside of you.  There is now a fresh opportunity opening up to you in the area of My favor.  I favor you, says the Father.  I bestow favor upon you.  This is not a casual thing.  This is not something you will be able to access through passivity or an attitude of banality.  Press in, says the Father.  Refuse to take no for an answer.  Give up the need to be cool, look chic, appear to be “with it”.  Be willing to lose the respect of those who have lost their hunger for intimacy with Me.  Come out to Me, outside the camp and see what others are missing who prefer the company of the tepid and halfhearted.

Space is opening up to you now to enter into a new place in Me.  Step up.  Come up higher.  Receive the anointing held in reserve for all of those whose feet are like hind’s feet, leaping on the rocky crags of the high places in Me.  No longer fearing failure.  No longer expecting to fall.  No longer suffering from spiritual vertigo or choosing to stick your head in the sand and just veg out on carnal activities.  Step into your becoming.  Step into who I have called you to be.  Surrender all appetites that no longer, and in fact never did serve My purposes in your life.  I AM drawing you into an unrestricted place of allowance and concession whose end result will be a deeper immersion in My presence than you have ever experienced before.

21 February 2017.   The Father says today, widen your vision. Increase the scope of who I AM for you and who you are in Me.  You have been seeking an upgrade in your relationship to Me and it is available.  Though you would live for 100’s of years, there will always be a deep calling to deep far beyond anything you have experienced in Me.  This is My invitation to you.  Come up higher.  Go further.  Go deeper.  Go deeper in authenticity of intimate relationship with Me.  Not only to go on your own initiative by yourself but to take others with you.  You don’t have to do this alone, says the Father.  There are those around you that are hungering and thirsting for more.  Come together.  Join in this new discovery together, that I might make of you a community of exploration in the greater things that I went to the cross to make available to you.

Many go out looking for a new life and new opportunity, but find nothing.  Is it possible for you to be dissuaded from the deep calls to deep territory I AM calling you to?  Can you be dissuaded as Esau was dissuaded – to give up your birthright?  It is your birthright as My beloved child to come to the high places.  Step up, says the Father, for this day I grant to you fresh permission to come up into a higher place in My presence than you have been before.  Have you figured out that having a high profile in the kingdom or popularity in the ranks of religion is an empty achievement?  What you are longing for is only found in who you become in Me.  Everything else is just details.  Provision, success, victory, achievement – you can have all of that, but true fulfillment will only be found in the throne experience. It is that experience that I bid you to move toward this day.

20 February 2017.   The Father says today, meet this day with abandon.  Abandon all things related to the “Martha Mentality” and come before Me with an ear like Mary – to sit at My feet and learn of Me.  Meet this day with joyful expectation!  This is a day when space is opening up before you to enter into a new place in Me.  Become an explorer.  Become an explorer as I come alongside you granting permission to you to come up into the higher place with Me.  I have made this clear to you in times past but you confused gifting and anointing with intimacy and greater relationship with Me.  Never pursue gifts.  The children of Keturah, Abraham’s third wife, received gifts and were willing to go away – to be sent away.  Unto Isaac I gave all I had and launched him into his destiny as a beloved son.  Come to Me in search of and in quest of greater relationship, that you might know the extent of My love toward you.

I AM drawing you into a scope of intimacy that is unrestricted.  I will indulge Myself with your love toward Me in this place.  I will satisfy My own desire and affection for you.  All you need do is to allow Me to revel in My paternal role in your life.  Your part in this habitation is simply be a cherished one – the object of My favor.  Be at rest in this new experience – knowing My favor and the faithfulness of all those past promises that are coming to pass in this season.  Do not get distracted by making ministry portion central in this time.  Rather make intimacy central and ministry will flow out of that peculiar grace of intimacy and depth with Me.  Make time for Me and let all else go, says the Father.

19 February 2017.    The Father says today, authenticity in the prophetic arises from falling in love with My process.  Validity in a prophetic walk in My Kingdom for you is not about hastening to the outcome at the end, but in relishing the process by which I take you to the place I have promised you.  All haste, all demand to pick up the pace, every complaint of the duration of the process arises out of unbelief, doubt and fear.  Stop complaining about the process and the pace – just enjoy the ride.  You know what the outcome is.  How many times must I prove over and again what I ratified on the cross?  You know how this turns out, don’t you?  You have experience in My Kingdom.  You aren’t a novice casting about, worrying if any of this is true.  You know Me and you know My handiwork.  Stop worrying.  Break the habit of unbelief and just settle in to the place of trust.

The process you engage in with Me is what enriches you.  This is the process by which you prospect the gold out of the mountain of adversity in front of you.  We are not leaving until you have followed out and mined every vein of the precious ore of My goodness out of this mountain the enemy has so politely put in your way.  You didn’t have to go far to find it – wasn’t that nice of the enemy to make it this easy?  So take the pick axe of your faith and put your trust in Me and “heave ho” against that rock of difficulty and see what happens when it splits open and renders up the ore – the precious yellow ore of My goodness to enrich you and enlarge you, yea even for years to come.  This is what it looks like to press into the kingdom beloved.  This is what you were born for and this is what you are good at.  Quit complaining and have at it!  You will come away with the gold of God in your sack and a testimony worth sharing.

18 February 2017.    The Father says today, come to Me and find Me in the quiet place.  The wicked are like the raging sea, never restful, never silent.  Make it your determination to close your door, enter into the place of solitude and know My heart and My thoughts.  My thoughts will be disclosed to you in the quiet place.  Many have clamored for My word and sought out a word from My throne, but are completely unwilling to go down deep inside, to the place of communion where My heart is disclosed.  Come into the quiet place beloved.  My first and most choice method of speaking to you is in your own heart and life.  Make room for this.

Seek Me and do so early in your day, realizing that as you seek Me out, My voice will come walking in the cool of the day to make Myself known to you.  Let all distractions go.  Even the words of others and those who claim to have THE word for your life are not serving their purpose if you are not turned inwardly to the kingdom I said was within you.  You have asked to know My will.  You have cried out for more of Me . It isn’t found in the noise and clamor of the crowd.  Learn to seek My face before you seek the face of man.  Learn to receive My word directly and not always limiting yourself to filtering My thoughts through the teachings of others.  I AM the teacher on the inside of you.  I AM the comforter on the inside of you.  Neglect not the gift of intimacy with Me that does not require any outside input.  I say to you again, set aside time to seclude yourself with Me.

17 February 2017.   The Father says today, receive the demonstration of Spirit and of power in your life.  There are gifts being activated on the inside of you right now in the name of Jesus.  The ordination of heaven is upon you, to be who is going to move not just in the demonstration of My Spirit but in demonstration of My power.  You will not always be repeating what others have done or giving testimonies from the past.  I will give you a testimony of your own in the present day that will not be a fantastic tale of years gone by.  You will not be one who only talks about, but one who will demonstrate.  Say this in your heart: “I don’t have to talk about what I demonstrate…”  Do not be burdened down with concerns of how eloquent you must be or how persuasive you must be.  Just rely on My Spirit to show up in signs, miracles and wonders to reveal My goodness and affirm My gospel.  It isn’t men’s wisdom or men’s knowledge that convinces the heart of the unbeliever – but My Spirit and My power that destroys doubt and changes heart.

Spend time soaking in My word and meditating on the things of My Spirit.  Listen to My voice as I speak to you in the stillness of the night season.  Learn to respond and act in obedience to what you hear.  Remember that faith works by love – it isn’t a side show.  Just concentrate on loving others and showing forth My love, even to those that are harsh and unforgiving.  I didn’t call you to debate or argument.  I didn’t call you to denounce or put others down.  I have called you to demonstrate My goodness to those who have seen precious little of it, and I will cause you to be the example of what that goodness – My goodness looks like in the land of the living.  Drink deeply of My word and when you are called upon to give an answer for yourself, there will be a fountain of truth flowing out of you that is peaceable and easy to be entreated.  They will ask you to pray for them.  They will ask you for help that you know isn’t something that originates in you, but in My Spirit on the inside of you.  Then move forward with boldness and see the miracle come forth.  See the secrets of men’s hearts revealed as I use you mightily in My kingdom.

16 February 2017.   The Father says today, this is where it gets interesting.  You didn’t think I would leave you where you are at, did you?  I AM a God of momentum and the wind of My Spirit is now filling the sails of your life for a shift.  I call for the shift, says the Father.  The angel of My presence is standing with one foot on the earth and one foot on the sea and there is a declaration going forth.  Get ready, says the Father.  Take your staff in your hand and the sword of My word in your mouth.  We are about to skewer the enemy, and his doubts and fears, with the sword of My confidence, even My sure word in your mouth.  Let your expectations be increased.  You will not be diminished.  As you go low and worship Me, I will cause you to ride on the high places of the earth.

This is the upside down kingdom.  It doesn’t make sense to the natural man or the natural mind. It isn’t logical or an answer to the rationale of the wisdom of man.  My thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts.  As you receive My mind and accept My directives, I will cause you to ascend to a habitation that only eagle saints can aspire to.  Come out of the hen yard of religious thinking.  Come out of the mire and the hog trough of men’s opinions. I haven’t called you to have an opinion – I have called you to say yes to My Spirit and yes to My directives, and in so doing, you will pierce the veil of limitation and lack, and soar into the stratosphere of My goodness that is held in reserve for all of those who abandon themselves to Me.

15 February 2017.   The Father says today, you aren’t crazy.  You aren’t crazy, you aren’t backslid and you aren’t alone.  I have surrounded you with a tribe of those who have come out of the status quo and stepped into the chaos from which My kingdom arises and is established.  Men around you may not understand.  Those in your path may point you the other way, because they do not understand the mandate of heaven that drives you forward.  Keep pressing into the pressure.  Keep moving against the forces of darkness that would plow you under and leave you in a place of stagnation and death.  This is your hour.  This is that moment in your life that changes the whole circumstance and situation.  Keep trusting.  Keep walking in love.  Refuse to war with natural weapons, but rather war with the armament of a life poured out like a drink offering unto Me.

I know the way that you take, says the Father.  I know you hold yourself responsible for many missteps and shortcomings . Realize that even though you felt gullible and foolish, that My perfection was still working in you to bring forth My perfect will.  Those that took advantage of you and lied to you will be dealt with.  They will not prosper in the things that they have purposed to do.  Leave them to Me.  Do what you can with what is in front of you and leave the rest go.  Refuse to sit in the tombs of past regret, cutting yourself with the shards of self-recrimination.  Forgive others and forgive yourself.  Move on.  Receive the peace that passes understanding.  Receive the peace that doesn’t make sense right now but will keep you and bring you into the rest from which all transformation takes place.  I hold you in the palm of My hand.  I AM working both to will and to do My good pleasure.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

February 14, 2017.   The Father says today, that I will do nothing without revealing the same to My people and My prophets.  Ask of Me concerning the things to come and I will tell you.  I will never leave you in the dark.  I will never choose to leave you uninformed or unaware about what is coming.  It is not necessary for you to be in the dark about what is on the morrow.  I will reveal to you and disclose to you intimate details regarding the days to come.  I will speak to you and inform you and see to it that you are where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing to get by in life and find blessing and favor in all that you do.  My people perish for a lack of knowledge.  I AM the source of that knowledge and as you seek My face and listen for My still small voice, nothing shall take you by surprise.  I will not allow the enemy to ambush you or assault you – I AM your defense, and in defending you I will expose the enemy and cause all his strategies to come to failure.

So let your mouth pray, says the Father.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  Then spend time before Me in quietness and in petition.  Let your heart cry out to Me regarding every need and then begin to listen, always stop to listen, says the Father.  You will hear My still small voice.  You will hear and come to know – you will hear and be informed of tomorrow’s task and meet it with faith in your heart and hope in your heart for a positive outcome.   Remember to pray, not just the problem but pray the end result.  I promise you an outcome, but I retain My sovereignty as to HOW I bring about that which you have asked.  Many prayers go unanswered because you are putting your faith on just how you think I should act in your defense.  That prayer will never be answered.  Pray the end result and leave the details to Me.  Leave HOW I deliver and save up to Me and you will never be disappointed.

13 February 2017.    The Father says today, that My gifts in your heart are making room in your life. Your gift – the gift I have placed on the inside of you is about to expand the wineskin of ministry portion in an unusual way.  Expect change.  Expect that which is different and unique to begin to flow through you and become in evidence around you.  Some will not understand nor accept what I AM doing.  There are those who never accept anything unless it is familiar to them and part of their current understanding.  Refuse to be defined by that which is passing away.  Give yourself over to that which is emerging in your life and in the earth in terms of anointed ministry.  Make it also your determination to not be dismissive of those around you that likewise are moving in My kingdom in new and different ways.  Just because they don’t bear the pedigree of the familiar – doesn’t mean they are not obeying Me and doing exactly what I have called them to do.

As for those around you that you carry in your heart and pray for daily – put them in My capable hands.  Do not allow yourself to be so distracted and so distraught that you falter in seeking the kingdom feeling like you must rescue someone from themselves.  You are not the savior.  I AM the Savior.  I will keep that and those that you have committed to Me in prayer.  I will spare them and I will show mercy where mercy is needed to be poured out.  I have given you strength to endure what is coming in their lives because it is not to their destruction but to their redemption.  What I am doing will mend and what I AM doing will heal, so go ahead and just keep seeking the kingdom.  Do not allow the fracture or rebellion in those closest to you to tempt you to pull back from your calling in any way.  Receive the faith, then obey and step out knowing that I will keep the home front in order and see to it at the end of the matter that My Kingdom will come and My will shall be done in all things – even those that haven’t cooperated up to this point.

12 February 2017.   The Father says today, this is the hour of gladness in your life.  This is the season that I AM pouring out the former and the latter rain of My Spirit upon you.  You are not waiting on what will come, you are walking into what is already here.  You are walking into your now.  I have not condemned you to an endless waiting upon that which will never arrive.  I have not consigned you in life to pressing your nose against the glass of someone else’s experience in My Kingdom.  My Kingdom is a now provision for you.  The outpouring of My Spirit is a now experience for those operating in now faith.  Can you take now for an answer?  Then give legs to your faith.  Rise up and walk into that which you have been waiting on all your life.  Walk into the greater works I promised you from the hand of My Father.  Walk into favor, entitlement and empowerment that only awaits the occasion of your faith.

The former and the latter rain are falling on you now.  Old Covenant power and New Testament release are showering down into your life.  The beneficial rains of My Spirit are coming forth to fill every crevice and every dry place in your life.  The dry places are being filled up.  The new wine skin is oiled and prepared to stretch and adapt and receive the living, dynamic new wine from the wine press of My fullness.  Receive it, says the Father.  Breathe in of My Spirit. Breathe out of My goodness.  Step up now into the season of grinding out the wheat of My harvest in your life.  I AM bringing you to rest at the threshing floor of My purposes.  I AM your kinsman redeemer and alongside Me you will find rest and validity of Spirit in your passion for Me.  The bridal season has come.  The waters of past testimony are become the wine of a present experience for you now, says your God.

11 February 2017.   The Father says today, that I have placed a mantle upon you.  From the heavens to the earth, I have surrounded you and descended upon you in an expectation of goodness and blessing beyond what you have expected in times past.  There is a great expansion, acceleration and promotion I am bringing about, even generationally and in your family line.  Allow yourself to anticipate My blessing.  Let your mouth pray.  Release your faith and open your mouth wide that I might fill it.  Open your heart and cause your petitions to be heard.  Your prayers expressed on the earth will echo in heaven.  As you pray out My purposes and pray out My plans, I will give you clarity and understanding beyond that of the natural mind or comprehension.  I have encoded within your heart My expectations and My desires that are coming this day into manifestation in an increased and exponential way.

The Father says, I have assigned angels to attend you everywhere you go.  Your life from this day forward will be attended by the angels who will bring about signs and mighty miracles.  You will not have to seek the signs or have to follow after them.  The signs will seek you.  You will not have to accommodate the miraculous.  The miraculous is going to accommodate you and follow you everywhere you go.  You will sense, even when you are alone in a room, that you are not by yourself.  The angels of My presence are attending you, and standing by you.  As you have faith to ask, so your words will not fall to the ground.  Many will interpret this in different ways as you cry out to Me and see answers.  What you need to know simply is that you are My servant, connected to my Spirit and engaged with my mind and My heart.  In so doing, you will walk by faith, out from under the limitations of the natural, and experience My Kingdom come in a higher measure than you could ever ask or think.

10 February 2017.   The Father says today, fear not.  Fear not what man can do to you because man does not have the last say.  They claim to be acting in your best interests, but their hearts are compromised and their own fears are hunting them down in the night and causing their motives, though outwardly pure, to be turned in opposition to My purpose.  Trust Me, says the Father. Know that the outcome is assured and you will not be diminished in any way.  The angel of My presence stands by you this very day to vanguard you and strengthen you and protect you from every hidden danger.

There are choices to be made in life every day Beloved.  Always make the choice to be a Father pleaser and a kingdom seeker above all else.  Those around you might not be as excited as you are about obeying Me but refuse to be distracted.  Choose never to listen to Sanballat the Mocker, who tried to bring My servants down off the building of the wall as I commanded them.  Keep obeying.  Keep building.  Keep pursuing highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I will be there every step of the way until the final outcome of benefit and blessing.

9 February 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM the God of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I know what you long for.  I put those longings there in the midst of your heart.  I didn’t do so to torment you with what you could never experience as a reality in your life.  Set aside all those thoughts that suggest you must endure the unendurable or go through life miserable and unhappy.  That is not My plan.  I AM not willing for you to live without fullness of joy.  I want you to have joy unspeakable and full of glory.  I want you to be as one that dreams for the majesty and awestruck reality of heaven come to earth in your life.  This is My plan and this is My purpose, so come along side and be a believing believer!  Trust and have confidence that those very things you long for will be brought about in My timing.

You see, says the Father, those things that you have dreamed of and cried out for are not a vain hope.  I AM not a God of vain things, I AM the God of genuine substance who answers the cry of those who call out to Me with a whole heart.  I not only plan to bring about what you have asked for, I AM purposing to bring about what you have not dared to ask for because you have thought it was presumption.  Learn to dismiss those who would deny you access to My throne with your petition.  My rebuke is on those who would deny you, even as I rebuked the disciples who forbade the children to come unto Me.  Just run to Me this day says the Father.  Run to Me with the full cry of your heart and disclose to Me every hope, every fear and every challenge and I will meet you and comfort you and set you in a place of abundance and freedom beyond all that you might imagine possible.

8 February, 2017.   The Father says today, this is your day of launching into greater blessing.  This is a year, a season of upgrades.  Reach out by faith and lay hold on the promise of My word. Meditate on My word and allow My promises to wash you clean of all doubt, fear or negative expectancy.  I have surrounded you with My favor as with a shield.  My intentionality will bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.  Everything and everyone you touch is blessed because of your touch.  In blessing, I have blessed you and in multiplying you, I will multiply you until the nations know that you are the apple, the very pupil of My eye.  This is My plan and this is My purpose and there is no other.  Be of good cheer.  Be encouraged, for I have already caused you to go in the way that you should go, and in this hour and this day you will find fullness of joy and total blessing in every area of your life.

It’s not a pipe dream. My promises are not fantasy.  My goodness is not unattainable and My grace is not an unreachable supply.  What you have seen Me do in the lives of others I will do in your life.  Trust Me.  Rejoice in Me.  Set Me as a frontlet for your eyes and refuse to look to the right or to the left.  The upward path will take you to the place of promise and the fountain of contentment in My Spirit.  You have learned how to be abased and yet trust Me.  Now learn to abound and trust Me still.  You have stayed faithful in the lean times, now fear not to believe Me for the seasons of increase and fullness.  This is the portion I have accorded you this day.  This is the purpose that I AM working out in your life.  Rejoice in My goodness.  Accept the fullness of My favor.  Know it as the base state, the very beginning of your relationship with Me.  You will drink to the full and sit at My table, knowing that I have loved you and love you still.

7 February 2017.   The Father says today, let My kindness work change in your life.  I AM the Changeless God who requires His children to live in a continual state of change.  Never allow yourself to feel as though you have arrived and no longer stand in need of growth and greater maturity.  There are young men and there are fathers in My Kingdom, and at every point in your growth you are both learning and exemplifying to others what growing up in My Kingdom looks like.  This is the maturing process that every sincere believer embraces and looks for on a daily basis.  I have not called you simply to make a decision for Me – I desire that you walk moment by moment as a yielded disciple, ever learning and ever coming into greater truth and greater understanding.

I have dispatched the Teacher – My Holy Spirit into your heart.  The lessons most valuable to you are not found without but by hearkening to those instructions that originate in the deeper recesses of your heart.  Do not allow your heart to be filled continually with the vacuous foolishness of man’s thoughts and man’s ways.  Hide My word in your heart.  Fill yourself continually with the truth and verities of the scripture.  My word will keep you from sin and spare you by its wisdom many hurtful experiences. In those hours when you grope in darkness, My Word will illuminate the path and save you from the precipice of failure and sorrow.  Give yourself over even this day to My Word and make time for it every hour of every day until change comes and establishes you in a fresh place in My Kingdom.

6 February 2017.   The Father says today, you are a creature of the spirit and not of this world.  Learn to live out of your spirit man.  It is your spirit and not your emotions nor your mind that are equipped to see, know and act upon the fallen environment around you as a victor and not a victim.  Your mind can and will be victimized if you allow it to overrule your spirit man.  Your emotions can and will be mistreated if you allow their considerations to be first on your priority list.  Neither your natural mind nor your emotional make up can comprehend nor contain the mind of the spirit.  Learn to keep the natural man in a place of abeyance and silence before Me.  Only then can you hear My thoughts and see the world around you through pure eyes of truth and transparency.

Say to your natural mind, “be still”. Say to the emotions raging in your heart, “quiet yourself”.  Listen for the voice, MY VOICE that speaks in the silence between your own human thoughts.  Listen for My voice that whispers amid the raging turmoil of emotion and senseless passion within you, that can never and will never know My mind.  Come and sit at My feet and learn of Me.  Come away, My beloved.  The wineskin of the natural man can never contain the new wine of My thoughts, My joy and My mind that flows freely as the vintage pressed for you from Calvary’s vine.  Abide in Me.  Learn to see THROUGH and not just WITH the eyes.  I have touched your eyes that you might see.  I have opened your ears this day that you might hear.  I have loosed your tongue that you might speak with the authority of heaven.  This is your portion.  This is your share of My irreducible Kingdom.  Seize upon it with all your getting, and step up to your destiny in Me.

5 February 2017.   The Father says today, expect an upgrade.  Be consistent in the daily expectation that things are getting better, blessings are coming, difficulties are fading into the past.  This may not be what life’s experiences have taught you, but I haven’t called you to learn from experience, I have called you to learn by the Great Teacher – the Holy Spirit I have placed on the inside of you.  Are you willing to relinquish the lessons life has taught you in exchange for the truths that proceed from My throne?  There cannot be two authorities in the life of a believer.  You will either yield to the authority of unpleasant, past experiences, or to what My word says and what I have promised you.  It is time to drop out of the school of hard knocks and enroll in the school of the Spirit, where highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled is course 101!

This is the better way that I have chosen for you, says the Father.  These are the better things that I have laid in store for you, even this day. My Spirit is a Spirit of Lordship and Empowerment, not coping and barely just getting by.  Are you listening, says the Father?  This is where life takes the upturn that you have prayed for and hoped for and expected.  This is where I shod your feet with the hope of the gospel.  This is where the trajectory of your life shifts out of bitter disappointment and into the brighter day of My continually manifest promise.  Day by day – moment by moment, look for the best and the highest to be your portion.  This is the message of the Kingdom.  This is the hope wherewith I have caused you to hope, and in this hope you will never be ashamed.

4 February 2017.   The Father says today, that My Spirit is your covering.  There are those that have called you to sit under their shadow, but this is a vain defense and a false security.  Let your trust be in who I AM in your life and not in any self-appointed authority.  Refuse to sell yourself into the ranks of godless men who have no power to save.  Refuse to set your light under a bushel basket – the certain dry measure of man’s making. In the day of battle and in the hour of jeopardy they will be elsewhere, but I will be right by your side to deliver, strengthen and set you in a secure place, safe from all harm.  I AM the LORD your God and I AM a jealous God.  Let Me be your trust beloved, and not any lesser power.  Learn as the prophet Jonah finally learned, that I AM your salvation and there is no other.  Your confidence in Me is the only confidence, that once anchored behind the veil, will never be disappointed.

Rise, says the Father, and shake yourself free of the enchantments of charismatic leaders who promise what they cannot deliver.  I AM your rock and your fortress.  I AM the pillar of strength in the midst of the temple – which temple you are.  My voice is the voice speaking from the throne in the midst of your own heart – that causes the lentils of the door to smoke and the angels to fall on their face and cry holy, holy, holy.  I AM the God that thunders and comes down, causing the hills to melt and the trees of the forest to burn away – that I might draw you out of many waters and save you from every trouble and every trial you are facing.  Look to your God, oh My beloved, and yield to Me your utmost fidelity and trust, for I have saved you, I AM saving you and I will save you from every pitfall and every trial and every challenge, by My hand, and not the hand of another.

3 February 2017.   The Father says today, contend for the faith.  Contend for the faith that was delivered to you by My hand before the foundation of the world.  I AM the light that lights every man that comes into the world, and that light was activated to full luminosity on the day you accepted Me as LORD and Savior.  That is the light of the true reason that proceeds from My throne.  The reason of man is darkened and only leads into darkness.  The reason of heaven illuminates your path and leads you to the pondering stone of truth and verity based on kingdom values, and not the flawed thinking of man.  Say to your mind therefore “think the thoughts of God”.  Say to your soul “put on the mind of Christ”.  As you think My thoughts and put on My mind you will notice that the trajectory of life will begin to change.

As you think My thoughts, the measure of faith I gave you before you were even born will begin to produce highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your circumstance.  As My beloved child, it is absolutely unacceptable and abnormal to live a “less than” existence.  You are a child of the King!  You are an entitled one!  No more thinking with a darkened mind the dark thoughts of failure, gloom and despair.  My mind is elevating you and elevating life’s experiences until all you see around you is qualified by that great promise “as in heaven – so on earth”.  This is your portion.  This is what My Spirit is generating on the inside of you and establishing all around you says the Father.

2 February 2017.   The Father says today, fear not the gathering of the wicked nor the power of their counsels.  The wicked counsel together and they come into agreement that their will shall be done.  I will hold them in derision.  I will bring the wicked into contempt and bring the gavel down in your favor.  The enemy will send word and make sure you know what his plan is.  He wants to cause you to tremble and to fear.  The enemy feeds on fear.  Those who refuse to walk in love delight in bringing torment and discomfort to you.  They aren’t just after you – they are after My peace on the inside of you.  Refuse to allow ANYTHING or ANYONE to deprive you of My peace.  My peace IS My Kingdom.  As you stay in My peace, so My Kingdom will surround and protect you.

Make My peace your trust and place your confidence not in your ability to out think the adversaries.  I have not called you to be more shrewd than your enemy.  Jacob tried to out think Esau and was forced to run for his life regardless.  Be harmless as a dove yet wise as a serpent.  Learn to go low and listen in quietness for My voice.  My voice will lead you in My timing.  As you listen, you will be preserved and delivered.  I have called you to come to Me in rest and in peace, and enter into the protection that only My hand provides.  Man is not your stay.  There is no fortress of strength outside of My power that will protect you and deliver you.  Come and hide yourself under the shadow of My wings and in My everlasting arms you will be secure and safe until the storm is over past.

1 February 2017.   The Father says today, look for and expect My highest blessing.  The pressure you are feeling is the boundary between the wilderness experience and the fullness of My Kingdom.  Keep pressing in.  Do not relent.  Do not allow yourself to feel as though your efforts are futile.  When I choose to breathe on your motives and your obedience, even the weakest effort on your part will move the mightiest mountain.  You do realize there is mountain moving faith on the inside of you?  This is the measure of faith I have given to every man.  Every man, every woman’s measure of faith is the measure of their personal mountain.  Speak to the mountain.  Refuse to live in the shadow of adversity.

The track record of down turn and difficulty from past years is not an indicator of what the future holds for you.  Your life and your path are governed by My hand.  I AM carving out for you the place of Jabez enlargement.  Cry out to Me.  Let your mouth pray.  Cry out, “LORD, enlarge My coast” and see if I will not answer far beyond what you would dare to expect.  My plans for you and My willingness toward you includes a destiny and blessing so great, that a religious mind would consider it presumption.  I say to you, presume upon My goodness.  Dare to believe the unbelievable.  You can never bankrupt the treasuries of heaven or tax My willingness to pour out of My goodness upon you, says your Father.


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The Father Says Today – February 2017 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks be to the Lord our God, who has Richly Blessed me with all spiritual blessings this Month 0f Feb. 1,2017 Higher Praises lifted up to you Fahther
    God. Amen !

  2. Thank you for this WORD! You have no idea what I and my family have been though this last year and soon it will all come to a close. What you have said above is what I have been praying for and I needed this. God had to lead me to this page somehow and I praise God That I found it. Thank you for being obedient and sharing what God has given you.

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