The Father Says Today – February 2019

Daily prophecy for February 2019, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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February 16, 2019.  The Father says today, the invitation to My courts stand open before you.  There is nothing in your life that impedes your approach to Me when you come leaning on the work of the cross and not your own works.  Your heart might condemn you but what I have called clean do not call unclean.  I have cleansed you, and I have purified your way.  Make it your choice to approach My courts knowing you will be forever changed.  The man of sin will die, and the new creation will stand up in authority and righteousness in right standing before Me.

The visitation of My glory goes with you today to make the crooked path straight and the painful road to be “yoke easy and burden light.”  In so doing, I will crown your year this year with My goodness and cause all your paths to be rich with My surplus and blessing.  This is your portion, says the Father, because I have placed you in My flocks and regard you as the sheep of My pasture.  Fear not.  Refuse to be discouraged or anxious in any way for I AM nurturing you and changing you and raising you up as an entitled one in My presence.

February 15, 2019.   The Father says today, take your refuge in Me from the lies and assaults of men.  Men make their plans and pursue their purposes in opposition to what I have said, but I AM your defense and your stronghold of safety from every attack.  They watch your steps to snare you in your own decisions, but they will fall under the arrows of My bow, says the Father, and in the trap they lay for you, they will be taken.  Purpose in your heart not to be distracted by what others are doing or how their actions might affect you.  There is one outcome and one only that will be seen when you put your trust in Me.

This is My work, says the Father, and the day will declare it and the night seasons will not prevent it from coming to completion.  What I have promised you will come to pass.  What I have planted in your heart of hope and desire will not see deprivation.  Refuse to look to the right hand or the left.  Don’t bother searching out all the dark strategies of the enemy against you.  Instead, give yourself to know My counsels and to declare what I AM doing on your behalf.  As you look to Me only and trust in My providence, your heart will be glad, and your boast will be in My faithfulness all the day long.

February 14, 2019.   The Father says today, you are My habitation and My chosen dwelling place.  In you, I have placed My name, and in you My glory radiates out to the world.  I have saturated you with My power, and My majesty, says the Father.  My loving-kindness drips down like nectar covering you in the sweetness of communion with My Spirit to satisfy your soul and to lead you in the way that you should go.  Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.  Make your boast in My faithfulness for you will not be ashamed.

In the night watches you will discover My deeps, and in the night seasons, your fellowship with Me will be abiding and profound.  Look away from the distractions of earthly thoughts for I AM your Helper in the time of need.  Those that seek after your soul to destroy you will not find you for I have hidden you in the secret place where My mysteries are made known, and you are forever changed.  Rejoice in your King for everyone that seeks My face will receive of My glory but the mouths that speak lies in deceit against you will be utterly brought to their end.

February 13, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM your deliverance.  I AM not merely saving you.  I AM your salvation.  What that means is that I don’t make up My mind on a case-by-case basis whether or not I AM going to be there for you.  I AM your God, and I never change.  I AM your Healing.  I AM your Deliverance.  I AM your provision.  I can be nothing other than your All in All.  My default posture toward you is yes, and nothing other than your personal choices determine whether or not you enjoy that privilege.  Be adaptable.  Be flexible.  Be willing to be change in My pocket that I might spend you on the initiatives of My kingdom on the earth.  Let every decision you make in life be in deference to My Lordship moment by moment and day by day.  Allow Me to live out My life in you and through you in fundamental ways, and you will see a radical shift in the level of blessing you will know and enjoy.

As you come to know Me as your salvation and as your Way, Truth and Life, things will fundamentally change for you.  The water table of My blessing day by day will get higher and higher.  You will find yourself moving from glory to glory and not reeling from one catastrophe to another.  I never intended for your life to be a roller coaster careening from one problem situation to another.  That isn’t how I operate.  I AM a good God, and I have no other plan for you than to taste daily of My goodness.  Reject every other perspective and embrace the leading of My Spirit as I mold and shape you into that fit vessel for My purpose.  This is your destiny, and this is your portion-to be utilized in My Kingdom and to reap the rewards of all things being added because you cooperated with My plan.

February 12, 2019.   The Father says today, get ready for the opposition to falter.  It may seem like all is lost and no hope can be found, but the strategy of hell against you is tottering on the brink of total collapse.  Every thought or expectation against you that cannot pass the filter of how I see things will be rendered entirely inert.  Maintain faith and exercise patience as I AM working both to will and do My good pleasure in your life.  Wait upon Me. Keep your expectation upon what I am doing, not what the enemy is planning.

Be steadfast and immovable.  When the pressure is intense, find your quiet place before Me and pour out your heart.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  The lies and oppression of faithless men will fail.  Remember, despite all appearances that power belongs to Me and not the enemy or to those who are held captive by him at his will.  Wait patiently, exercise mercy in all your words and deeds, for I AM watching, and I AM working.  I AM working out the best-case outcome for you, and it will come about right on time, says the Father.

February 11, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM your shelter and your high tower.  From the ends of the earth My wind will blow to drive back those ranged against you, until the heavens open and the Daystar arises in full in your life.  You will abide in My tabernacle forever.  I AM your defense in the night and your covering in the midst of the storm.  I will prolong your life and your years to many generations.  Not for your own righteousness but for the virtue of My name on which you have put your trust.

I have heard your vows, says the Father.  What promise will you make Me?  What bargain will you strike with Me that will move Me any further than the scope of the price of Calvary?  The price is paid, says the Father.  What remains for you is one thing-fear not, only believe!  The mercy I have prepared for you does not come from anything that you might do to impress Me or move Me to love you more than I do at this moment.  Rest in that truth and rest in the wind of My Spirit that leads you this day to the Rock that is Higher than you.

February 10, 2019.   The Father says today, enter into the rest I have afforded you.  Transgression and offense weary the soul and leave men spent and exhausted.  Love on the other hand never tires.  Love never loses its way.  When you feel hemmed in with no way out, just wait for the opening I provide for you.  No matter how powerful the enemy shows himself to be, know that he is not on an unlimited budget of resources and energy to oppress you.  On the other hand, you are undergirded by My irreducible life that never exhausts itself or becomes weary in maintaining your defense and keeping you walking in life and life more abundantly.

Refuse to denigrate yourself or put yourself down in any way.  If you can’t love yourself and be tolerant of your own shortcomings, you will never be able to show My love to those that are without.  Be patient and kind toward the obnoxious and those who are full of themselves.  Your kindness is the only clemency they may ever know-for an eternity.  Be a good steward of My fruit of longsuffering knowing that there will be rewards waiting for you at the end of the situation.  Do not stain your character or contaminate your spirit by responding in kind to the vicious and the cruel.  I AM watching, and I AM defending you.  When you feel outwardly you are defenseless.  At the end of the day your rejoicing will be sweet and your rest in Me profound for you will see I was taking care of things all along the way.

February 9, 2019.   The Father says today, you are included and not excluded from what I AM doing in the earth.  The wicked are estranged from the womb, but you are not alienated from Me in any way.  The wicked go astray from birth, but in the new birth-your personal experience of accepting salvation, I have corrected your course of life into that which was ordained from the foundation of the world.  Your destiny will not cast its young.  Things may look bleak, but I AM working.  New life and new breath are coming as a fresh wind to revive your hopes and bring you out of the struggle.

Align your expectations with what I say and not what the circumstance implies.  Do not listen to those that would distract you and mesmerize you with falsehood and paralyze you with fear.  My Kingdom rules over all, and that includes those who think they answer to no one.  They are as young lions confident in themselves but their jaw teeth I will break, and they will find themselves unable to accomplish their assault against you.  You will tread on the serpent, and nothing shall by any means hurt you, for you are Mine, and I AM yours, and this is the moment of your deliverance, says the Father.

February 8, 2019.   The Father says today, the depth of your trust in Me is a metric for the scope of My mercy being poured out upon your life.  Receive My mercy.  Extend My mercy out to others, even those who see things differently than you do and those who have opposed you in times past.  In that very moment, you will experience the fluttering of My wings round about you encapsulating you in the refuge of My compassion and loving kindness which you are most in need of right now.

Fear not the reproach of the opposition, says the Father.  I AM descending over you by My Spirit, and you will not be swallowed up by those who are your detractors.  When predatory people move in, I will blunt their ability to gape upon you with their mouths.  When they cast a net to take you in your steps, I will snatch you from their snare and lift you out of the pit that they have dug for you.  Be fixed in your mind, says the Father.  Let fixity of purpose be your resolve to know My heart above all else.  Change is coming, and things are shifting.  As you hear and obey, you will come out right on target for My favor to open every necessary door.

February 7, 2019.   The Father says today, anytime you are afraid-trust in Me. Circumstances of life come to overwhelm you, but I AM the standard lifted up to quell the breakers of trouble and turn back the assault of hell against your life.  When the bombardment of fear comes, make a concerted effort to look to Me and enlarge in your thinking who I AM in the situation.  Nothing you are going through takes Me by surprise.  I am not pacing back and forth before the throne wondering how am I going to get you out of this one?  Stay in the place of peace.  Refuse to allow anything or anyone to dissuade you from your posture of rest.  This is the rest that remains available for My people, and this is the rest wherewith I would cause the weary to rest and cause you to rest from all worry and anxiety.

My fear is clean-every other fear is unclean.  What can man do to you?  Nothing.  What can angels or demons take from you?  Nothing.  I AM your strength this day.  Set your affection on things above and not on things of earth.  Do not allow your heart to be overwhelmed with the cares of life.  Refuse to be drunk with fear or to stop thinking in the midst of battle.  I AM here.  I AM online in your life.  You are not left to yourself.  The enemy does not have the upper hand.  All that Satan brings is smoke and mirror deception.  Decide to see through and not just with the eye.  Then the mist of terror and anxiousness will lift, and you will rejoice to see that all is well, and your sure and certain outcome has come to the forefront, even now.

February 6, 2019.   The Father says today, My ear is bent low to hear your prayer today.  I AM not far off, neither is My attention elsewhere.  The cry of your heart is central in My mind, and I AM disposed to answer because you have stood upon My promise that is yes and amen continually toward those who are in Christ Jesus.  Trust and enter into rest. Know that I need no convincing because shed blood of Calvary is what determines whether you will receive an answer or not. It isn’t necessary to craft some complicated prayer.  The faintest whisper gets My complete attention.  You don’t need to overcome My reluctance to answer and meet your need because I have no hesitation or declination to fully and finally deliver you from the snare of the enemy.

There are other people involved in what you are going through.  I AM moving upon their hearts.  They may seem hard and unwilling, but My Spirit is moving to convict their hearts and turn them to right choices and humility.  Regardless of their protestations, know that I have a ways and means committee to get things done.  That means that I AM bigger than they are, and I know more than they do, and I AM God at work in the situation.  Trust in My timing.  Wait on the deliverance that only My hand can bring.  Things are not hopeless, and the outlook is not bleak.  At the end of the day, you will be left standing with your heart unbroken and intact, and your testimony will be that I have done all things well on your behalf.

February 5, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM your helper.  When those who should come to your aid look the other way, I AM rushing to your side to save and deliver just in the nick of time.  When others oppress you and rise up against you without just cause, I will come to your defense.  I will give you favor with those that you need to have favor with, and I will bless all those who stand by you in the battle.  I hate enmity, says the Father, and I despise the oppressor who lays awake at night only to devise some new assault against My people.  I will bring them to their end, and your eye will see it and give praise due to My name.

It doesn’t matter what the trouble may be, says the Father.  Whether men are working against you or situations or things entirely beyond your control, you will not be left desolate.  You will not be cast aside without remedy.  Though men take from you everything they can lay their hands on, even from there I will rebuild and reconstitute your life to even greater heights of blessing than before.  Trust in My recovering hand that is working in your circumstance.  Refuse to grieve over your losses.  Look to Me and yield to My hand as I rebuild, renew and refresh your life beyond all your expectations.

February 4, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM the prime mover and the first originator of your walk with Me.  Stress, strain and religious striving are pointless.  No man comes toward Me unless I first move Him to do so.  Trying to be good or striving to achieve spiritual character is an act of the will and salvation never comes by the will of man but instead only by My sovereign choice.  Trust that I AM bringing you to perfection, maturity, and blessing by a means that only requires yielded cooperation to the tug of the Holy Spirit on your life.  Your spirit is like a sail filled by the wind of My Spirit.  You are not a fan turning frantically to create a spiritual breeze.  You are not meant to be a bellows, huffing and puffing to become more godly.

Relax!  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  Sobriety and shamefacedness in My Kingdom have nothing to do with adopting some artificial posture of deep thought or an outward expression of seriousness.  Remember that My Kingdom is not only righteousness and peace, it is also joy.  Joy is the first portion I gave you when your sins were forgiven.  Holy laughter is the container of forgiveness and rest in Me.  When you find yourself trying SO hard to be spiritual, stop yourself and have a SELAH moment.  Pause and think meditatively about who I AM and just how far you are in your own strength from measuring up religiously to My expectation of perfection.  Yes, I have said be perfect for I AM perfect.  That perfection begins with rest, so just roll over on your back on the river of My Spirit and let My great current take you whithersoever it will!

February 3, 2018.   The Father says today the deceitful tongue is like a sharp razor, but My word is sharper.  What that means is that the truth always outlives the lie.  Love never fails, everything else gets tired, bored, exhausted and eventually gives up.  Pay no attention to the sleights and insults of men.  They have no power to determine what happens next in your life.  Stay in the place of vulnerability toward My Spirit, for I AM working with you and not against you.  Purposefully humble yourself in the presence of your enemies.  Humility is your secret weapon.  When you refrain from throwing back at the enemy what he is throwing at you, it confuses him and brings him to his end.

The enemy cannot counterfeit humility, and he cannot manufacture meekness, because he has none.  I have given you the fruit of My Spirit-meekness, temperance, patience, gentleness, against such there is no law.  Remember that you cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem.  This is why I have seated you in heavenly places far above every spirit of man or demon that originates opposition to you in any way.  It isn’t about being right.  The preoccupation with defending your activities is merely another ploy of the accuser to distract you and bring you under.  Your mandate is to abide in the vine and rest in Me.  Stay in the place of peace.  When everything explodes in your face, remember that peace is not the absence of conflict, it is a fruit of the Spirit.

February 2, 2019.   The Father says today, mercy is the only response that I have for you this day.  You can be hard on yourself and adopt some bleak outlook because you have made mistakes, but that has nothing to do with My plan or My heart toward you.  Press into My compassion and My loving kindness.  Be willing to hold your peace in the midst of consequences and simply trust that I AM working to bring you through and set your feet in the path and trajectory of life that leads to My goodness and not to your destruction.

It is true that you don’t have all the answers, but I AM not a God of information, I AM a God of transformation.  You don’t need human rationale or explanations as to what happens next.  Just trust that I AM in the midst of the mess that men make to work My wisdom and My purposes.  Plan A is still on the table.  You are not damaged goods.  You are not disqualified, and you are not set aside.  I AM working with you-see to it that you work with Me in the days ahead to make the hard decisions that shift things into compliance with My promise in your life.

February 1, 2019.   The Father says today, enter into My perfect promise today.  Be perfect, for I AM perfect.  My perfection shines out of Zion, even the place of My habitation.  My Spirit does not dwell in a place or a building but on the inside of you.  You are My temple not made with hands but carved out by the sweat and toil of the work of the Cross.  By virtue of the purchase price of Calvary, I dwell in your heart by faith and make Myself known in power and glory in you, because in you I have chosen to place My name and My testimony.  What can man do to you?  What shall separate you from who I AM on the inside of you?  What devil in hell will take from you when I AM there in you as your protection and your deliverance?

I AM not hiding from you, My beloved.  I AM a loud God and will not keep silent.  I will thunder down My judgments upon the enemy and the destroyer to redeem and restore all that you have lost in the midst of the battle raging in your life.  The tempest of My wind is going forth into the earth to jar and to unseat the enemy and restore to you the joy and the promise of My word to bless and empower you for what lies ahead.  Call upon Me.  Call on Me in the day of trouble for I AM near.  Call on Me for I will hear, and I will answer that I might be glorified on the earth and in your situation.  This is the heritage of all those who call upon My name, and it is your personal inheritance by My hand this day.


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