The Father Says Today – January 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

January 31, 2016.  The Father says today adopt an attitude of faith.  Whatever you do in an attitude of faith will result in sufficient strength and ability to deal with any problem.  Do not allow your mind to become a wasteland of toxic suggestions and negativity that the enemy lobs into your life from outside circumstances.  Guard your mind and guard your heart.  I created your heart to release an issue of life to shape and mold your day and bring heaven to earth in your situation.  If you don’t like what is in your life – change what is in your heart.  Whatsoever things are pure, perfect, lovely and of good report – think on these things.  Hold everything else at arm’s length.  You are where your attention takes you.  Refuse to put your attention on things that bring you down in your heart and emotions.

Other’s may say to you “don’t be naïve!” or “use some common sense” but I say unto you common sense can only produce the commonplace.  Are you expecting uncommon favor and uncommon blessing?  Then begin now to take the reins of your heart and mind and no longer allow the playing out of mental tragedy and heartbreak, worry and problems as the narrative of your life.  The experiences of today flow from the narrative of the heart from yesterday.  Change now.  Purpose to change.  The power of your will to adjust your own thinking and the meditation of your heart is one of the most powerful abilities I have accorded you as My child.  Look up.  Be encouraged.  Refuse to doubt and refuse to worry.  I AM with you.  Things are about to get better!

January 30, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM raising up fathers in the earth who will father the fathers who are fathering the fatherless.  I have declared war on the strategy of the enemy to leave sons and daughters of My kingdom without fathers, and mentors and guides.  Know this says the Father that you are born of My hand.  My incorruptible seed brought you forth from the domain of darkness and into the kingdom of light.  You are not alone.  You are not bereft of acceptance and placement in My kingdom.  I will set the solitary in families and I will nurture you and strengthen you and cause you to be a strength to others who are without strength.  I will not leave things as they are, I AM making Myself known and I AM sending out spiritual fathers and mothers in the land to bring transformation into the earth.

I AM not willing says the Father to leave the sheepfolds of the earth populated with unaccountable sons.  This is a year of accountability and that is only possible if I raise up the spirit of fathering and mothering among those that are mature and those that are moving in the spirit of Love and Power and soundness of mind.  So forsake the shrill voices of disenfranchisement and fear.  Seek out the voices of those who are nurturing and encouraging you to be more than you know and realize greater and bigger dreams.  I AM the God of the bigger dream and the broader vision and true fathers and mothers will nurture and encourage – not disparage or crush the dreams you have dreamed.  I have heard you in the time appointed says the Father and I will be entreated of you and send forth those who will bring you to your tribe and strengthen you to be all that you were ordained to be before the foundation of the world.

January 29, 2016.    The Father says today that this is the hour of the performance of what I have promised you.  I AM a now God and now is the envelope of time within which I operate.  I AM performing My work and My promise in your life today.  Now is that hour you have longed for.  Now I make all things new.  Now My hand is moving and the enemy is going and new life is springing up to redefine your whole existence.  You have asked for this and believed for this and looked for this so go ahead and laugh.  Go ahead and rejoice.  I AM not holding out on you. I AM moving toward you in blessing and benefit and goodness.  My favor is about to bowl you over and lift you up to a new place of entitlement and rest.

When you believe My word and believe who I AM you are established already says the Father.  Prosperity and benefit are your portion.  You can take it to the bank that I AM who I say I AM and I AM doing what I said I would do.  There is no other way of looking at things when you choose to accept the gospel truth.  Look into My word and see what I have made available to you.  Open your mouth and declare it and decree it.  Refuse to whisper but rather shout and that most loudly.  I AM thundering from on high so YOU thunder from on high.  Cause your voice to be heard for I AM causing My voice to be heard.  As you boldly declare those things and they will come to pass and become the validation of your testimony in the earth of My goodness says the Father.

January 28, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM breaking open some new experiences for you.  Now is the time in this season of transition to ask anew regarding those long-standing features of difficulty and struggle in your life.  Change is at hand.  You are standing in the threshold of change and shift in your life.  Open your mouth wide and let your voice be heard before My throne.  Make declaration and I will endorse the cry of your heart and return that petition to you as answered prayer in an immediate manifestation.  You see says the Father that declaration is part of the process. If you declare and decree a thing it will come to pass.  As you come into agreement with Me there will be strong support and immediate shift and adjustment in your life toward the good and the beneficial.

Be assured that those things you are asking for are already in My heart.  Be settled in your thinking that you don’t have to talk Me into or convince Me to be good to you.  You are about to see a demonstration of just how much I love you in the very near future.  Begin to believe with renewed determination and joy.  Open your mouth and pray.  Open your mouth and prophesy even over other people of My grace and My goodness.  This is a gift that has been locked up on the inside of you that I AM breaking open now to bless you and to bless those around you.  Let your thoughts be thoughts and words of encouragement, edification and exhortation.  Take those things I have shown you in secret and declare them openly and watch My goodness take shape and manifest in your life and those things that you are bold to speak and testify of regarding Me.  This is your heritage and you will not be made ashamed or disappointed in any way.

January 27, 2016.    The Father says today that I am pleased that you choose to tread My courts.  I AM so pleased that you are inquiring of Me this day.  You have come before My throne and you will not leave empty handed or disappointed.  Out of the unseen and into the seen I will pour out My favor upon you.  From the eternality of My throne I will pour out upon you the temporality of My goodness in the situation you now find yourself in.  You will taste and see the reality and substance of My goodness laid up in store in your behalf.  You will know your prayers are heard and that the answers you sought for and petitioned for did not go unheeded.  So open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  I hover over you like the mother bird hovering over her young in the nest.  I will fill you and feed you with My promise and My goodness as you cry out to Me.

I AM the God who rewards.  I reward those who know that I am and that I AM one who recompenses those who diligently seek My face.  The testimony of My Spirit is the testimony of My faithfulness and My watch care over those that belong to Me.  Choose this day to be a representative and a voice advocating for My goodness to those that have been lied to and to whom I have been misrepresented.  For centuries men have maligned the testimony of the cross and depicted Me as an austere and heartless despot hurling lighting bolts on hapless victims.  Go out and testify of My love and mercy and goodness.  Know that I will back you up with signs and wonders to attest to My true nature.  Step away from the dark religious overtones of false thinking and open your mouth and your heart to declare just who I AM and what I have done for all mankind upon the cross to bless and to benefit and forgive!

January 26, 2016.    The Father says today that I AM clearing the clutter from your life.  I AM silencing the white noise of distraction.  I AM closing the books and tying up the loose ends that you might focus more clearly on what I have set before you.  Hold everything loosely says the Father.  Know that I AM quelling the tyranny of the urgent that you might be released to pursue the important – the really important things that I have set before you.  You have cried out to Me and I am sweeping away all the clutter and all those things that are presenting themselves as urgent to you and I AM releasing you to focus on those valid priorities that bring you to a higher place and greater blessing in Me.  Open your eyes and see the ministry portion I have anointed you to manifest in your life.  Become others oriented for as you sow yourself into the lives of others your own captivity will be resolved.

Be reminded this day that believing the prophets brings prosperity and blessing.  I AM all about benefit and blessing for I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  I sent the prophets not to rebuke and denounce in the New Covenant but to bless and to save.  Receive the prophetic blessing this day.  Receive the solution to the pollution the enemy has salted your land with.  Receive the reward for your asking, seeking, knocking.  You’re looking in the right places for the answers.  You know that I have formed and fashioned you and I have a solution for every problem great or small in your life because I AM your Maker and every one of your days is written in My book.  I knew you before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb and I want to bring answers to your need this day.

January 25, 2016.    The Father says today that coming to know Me never ends in this lifetime.  I want to make Myself known to you as I said in My word “from glory to glory”.  The depths of My Spirit stretch out all around you.  The heights of My presence tower endlessly above you and flow boundlessly without measure beneath you.  Deep calls to deep and this is your coming forth time.  You are in the center of My presence and I beckon you this day to a new place of intimacy.  I will cause you not only to know Me in a greater dimension but I will cause you also to know what is on the morrow and what is being said in the secret counsels behind closed doors.  What is said in secret you will proclaim openly and others will wonder where you get your answers.  I AM a God that knows all and there is nothing I will withhold from you as you turn your face and posture your heart toward the high places of My presence and My kingdom and My throne.

My throne is the native habitat of all those who call upon My name and you are included in that number.  Your passion and fire for My kingdom is increasing and pushing out all the world and it’s temptations and distractions this day.  I AM a fire from My loins up and My loins down and My Spirit is igniting a bone-deep burning in your soul for more of Me and it IS available oh, My beloved.  Trust Me for these things.  Expect that this is what I AM bringing to pass in your life.  Let go of every false promise and fraudulent hope.  Reject the sparkle and tinsel lies that the enemy holds up before you to distract you from Me.  That is a waste of your time.  Redeem that hour and that moment and every tick of the clock by resolutely and with abandon pursuing the kingdom and THEN all the things the world falsely promises will be added into your life without complication or sorrow.  This is the reward of all those who seek Me and you are not excluded.  I include you this day in My goodness and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

January 24, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM giving you favor with those you need to have favor with.  Work situations, employment challenges, all of those interactions with the world around you – they are firmly in my hand.  Surely in the world you may see indifference, selfish hearts and even outright hatred but I will cause even those that hate you to be at peace with you in My name.  Roll the care of that circumstance over on Me.  Those problems and challenges haven’t taken Me by surprise and it’s not a problem.  Trust Me.  Don’t move in desperation.  Don’t give in to panic or small solutions.  I AM a big God and I AM prepared to do big things.  Dream a bigger dream.  Broaden your horizons and believe for greater things, better things, new things for I AM all about increase and benefit and blessing even where creature comforts are concerned.

Remember the prayer of Jabez, Beloved and know that I hear and respond to every petition lifted up in My name.  I enlarged the coast of Jabez and he didn’t have the shed blood of Calvary over which to petition Me.  The covenant that you stand on is a covenant of more that what Abraham could hope for, or Noah, or Enoch.  You desire to see increase in the coming year, in 2016, and the Father says, I will be petitioned of you even as I was petitioned of Jabez in the Bible.  Is the place where you are at too narrow for you?  Ask of Me and I will enlarge your coast, and enlarge your life. Enlargement is available, but you must enter into a dialogue with Me regarding the enlargement that you’re crying out for.  I am ready to listen and ready to speak.  I AM ready to bring My wisdom online in your life that will shift your whole existence to a whole new place of blessing!

January 23, 2016.    The Father says today I have a caravan of blessing on it’s way to you.  I AM not meeting just one need, not just two needs, but also the entire inventory of concerns that are in your heart.  All of those concerns that are beyond YOUR capability are not outside MY reach Beloved.  Know that I am superintending your life and moving in your behalf.  Concerning your loved ones and those close to you know this – I have a ways and a means to get through to them in their struggles.  They have made choices and those choices have consequences – HOWEVER the will of man is no match for the wooing power of My Spirit.  The things that you want for them are the things that I want for them as well. Redemption.  Salvation.  Healing.  Deliverance.  All this is their portion and My resolute plan where they are concerned.

I want you to realize that you are a part of the process through which I will bring change in those lives.  In every area of need and particularly where other people are concerned, My plan is not for you to sit on the sidelines passively expecting something to get better.  You are a part of the deliverance of those close to you who need to come to the foot of the cross.  You have wondered when I will send that perfect worker to get through to them in their lost condition – know this that I choose YOU.  It is My will to redeem.  I will lift them up out of the pit.  I will bring them to a place of intimacy with Me.  But know that you are My chosen messenger to speak to them in My behalf even as you have cried out to Me in their behalf.  Be willing to gather your courage and with My wisdom bring again the gospel of salvation and deliverance and blessing to those who are outside the boundaries of the shed blood of Calvary.  I will go with you and I will confirm your words with signs following.  You will see results and your rejoicing will be great!

January 22, 2016.   The Father says today that faith is a science.  There is no contradiction between science and faith.  Faith can be found out as surely as a single celled creature can be discovered in microscope.  Faith is not blind.  Faith is the only thing that actually sees.  Determine this day to be a creature of inquiry.  I formed your mind to question and to seek out truth.  Know that all of life around you is declaring My glory.  Every atom and every molecule is crying out glory and praise to My name.  This earth is Mine.  This earth and this universe in all its fullness is My domain and I have given you authority to subdue it and have dominion.  Be a creature of dominion this day.  Move into the jurisdiction of heaven.  You are My child and the signet ring of My promise is on your hand.

Make declaration in your life saying “that will be enough of that!”  Strife will cease.  Peace will come.  Sorrow will flee away.  Rejoicing will be heard in your land.  Lack will disappear as the deep treasuries of My favor and provision fill up every deficit in your life.  This is what “as in heaven – so in earth” looks like.  I have put you in your life as I put Adam in the garden.  You have jurisdiction and authority.  The angels stand ready to act on your words of acknowledge and confidence.  Make your edicts of blessing as I commanded Abraham so I command you to go and bless others even as I bless you this day with every good thing that you have need of.

January 21, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM your sufficiency.  Your trust in Me is not a bounced check.  The bank of heaven holds funds adequate to every need in your life at this moment.  Let your tongue be the pen of a ready writer.  It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world around you.  All that matters is who I AM and what I am doing this moment in your behalf.  The treasuries of heaven are open to you.  Your accounts have accrued the dividends of the promise of My word.  The angel tellers stand ready and attentive to respond to the demand you make at the window of faith I have opened to you.  This is your time.  This is your moment.  This is your entitlement.

The full faith and confidence of the currency of the kingdom is backing your life this day.  The deposits of hope that you have held high in your heart are ready to be tendered into your life.  There is no hold on the reserves of heaven in your behalf.  I AM not reluctant to cash out the economy of the kingdom to meet your need.  Ignore those who stand in the way denying your entrance.  They will not enter in and will not allow anyone else to enter in.  They are blind leaders of the blind.  Leave them in the ditch of their theology of failure and false suffering.  The price is paid.  The way stands up.  Abundance and liberty are your portion this day so enter in and know that in nothing shall you be disappointed.

January 20, 2016.   The Father says today that the light of My glory is found in you today.  The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord and in your inner man I AM bringing new illumination.  When others look at you they will not see the fracture or failures of the past.  They will not see the limitations and liabilities of human frailty. My glory is within you.  Go out in your day and be the light that I have ordained to the earth.  Do not allow man to place his bushel – his “certain dry measure” over you.  You will not be quenched.  You will not be extinguished.  The enemy has threatened but he has no power to bring his lies to bear on your life.  The truth of who I am on the inside of you is extinguishing the lie of the enemy.

Say to your heart “be opened”.  Say to your soul “be cleansed”.  Say to your heart this day “rise up in the confidence of your God…”  This is who you are says the Father.  Reject the illegitimate words of those illegitimate authorities who refuse to see you as I see you.  Cast off the grave clothes of misbehavior.  Lay aside the sin and the weight that are holding you down and denying your joy.  Wash your feet at the threshold of My glory and enter in.  Sit at the table I have prepared for you.  This is the shift and the change you have cried out for and everything tracks upward from here.

January 19, 2016.   The Father says today you are not powerless.  You are not powerless and the outlook is not bleak.  Let the truth of My Spirit probe down deep into your thinking and expose the infection of fear and insecurity.  Allow the piercing of My word to lance the abscess of torment and fear that has denied you the peace that is available in Me.  Be washed this day beloved.  Let go of the ancient terrors. Know that you are forgiven of every transgression.  The deep terrors of past disobedience no longer belongs in the depths of your soul.  I have forgiven you.  I have released you.  The keys of death and hell are in My hand.  I say to you be found in your new freedom and liberty in Me for I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.

You are not condemned says the Father.  Condemnation has no place in you for I AM in you.  There is no authority that can rule you out because I have ruled you in.  I have ruled you in to My peace.  I have included you in My favor.  Joy is coming now afresh and anew. Lay hold of the righteousness that I have accorded you in the person of the Son.  As the Son is not ashamed to call you His own even so I am not hesitant to lay claim to all that you are and all that you will be.  I AM underwriting the desires of your heart this day.  I AM freeing you to walk into highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Everything is changing.  Newness of life is coming and your rejoicing will not be in vain.

January 18, 2016.   The Father says today that I have made you and you are not defective.  You are not deficient in any way.  You are a master work of the Master’s hand.  Every cell of your body was forged by My predetermination that you might come forth into the earth and reflect My glory.  Every tissue of your body was designed to maintain and sustain you until every good gift and every plan that I have for you is fully made manifest.  The enemy wants to interfere but know this – in your confidence and trust in Me the strategies of hell are turned back.  There is no failure.  There is no loss. Lack and deprivation come to an end.  Lay hold on this truth and nurture your beleaguered soul on this reality that I purpose that you find in Me today.

Fret not beloved.  Refuse to enter into fear or waste your vitality and energy on worry and anxiety.  Anxiety is not justified in your life for I AM with you.  Feel inside yourself the weight of My glory.  Know that your confidence is not mere bluster or vain desperation.  Come unto Me.  Allow Me to enfold you in Myself that you might know that I am in you and you are in Me.  Failure is not an option.  The usurpation of the enemy in your mind and emotion is ending now.  Confidence and trust are coming forth.  You are realizing this day that you are the work of My hand and you are not deficient nor defective in any way.  The truth is setting you free and you are entering into the rest of God.

January 17, 2016.   The Father says today who told you that you were naked?  The lie of the enemy is to strip you of your confidence and cause you to see yourself in his eyes.  I say to you that death, hell and the grave have no hold on you.  I say to you says the Father that you were fearfully and wonderfully made.  Before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you.  Before your unformed substance was conceived in your mother’s belly I chose you and ordained you that you would be holy and without blame before Me in love.  This is who you are.  This is the benchmark the angels are working from in your behalf.  You are not disposable.  You are not rejected.  You are accepted in the beloved.  You have placement and position in My Kingdom.

So come up out of terror and fear.  Know that I am working with you both to will and to do My good pleasure.  There is no weapon formed against you that will prosper.  Are you concerned about sin and failure?  Know that I have dealt with every aspect of your life, your past and your character in the shed blood of Calvary . In the blood that was shed upon the tree you will find the favor that I have laid up in store for your life.  Come willingly.  Come in yieldedness.  Release yourself to My sovereignty and know it as the one safe place where fear is going and strength is coming and your confidence is not in vain says the Father.

January 16, 2016.    The Father says today that finality is in My hands.  The enemy wants you to think that you are done for and the end is near.  Nothing is that final.  I AM the Alpha and the Omega – the Beginning and the End.  Trust in Me and look to the outcome I AM bringing about.  Do not give heed to lying circumstances.  Choose to be careful for nothing.  Understand that My hand is at work and seek to discern and cooperate with what I AM doing.  Stop trying to manipulate the situation.  You aren’t going to be able to force your way into victory.  There is no need to beg or cajole or attempt to convince those who will not be convinced.  Put your trust in Me.  Listen to My voice.  Maintain your obedience.

Look and live says the Father.  Look to what I have done for you and what I AM doing for you.  Refuse to lash yourself with self-recrimination.  Hindsight is the refuge of a fearful heart.  Rise up and look forward.  Look forward in faith and the mists of doubt and uncertainty will be burned away by your faith.  See that I have given you the victory.  Choose to move forward in humility and confidence, not bluster and arrogance.  See who I have made you to be and see what I am doing and not the enemy.  You don’t need to know their next move.  All you need to do is “look and live”.  Look at those things that are pure, perfect, of good report.  You are where your attention takes you.  Set your attention upon the throne and see that you are seated with Me in heavenly places.  You will survive and thrive and see My salvation.

January 15, 2016.   The Father says today that faith is the ultimate realism.  They have said to you “be realistic” when you shared your vision and your dreams.  They scorned.  They criticized.  They ridiculed.  I say unto you that you are not fantasizing when you dream the bigger dream.  You are not deceiving yourself when your heart cries out “Father anoint me with the oil of gladness above my fellows…”  There is an anointing that breaks every yoke and crushes every impediment.  Your life is a blank canvas to be painted with the intentionality of My promises.  Let your faith choose the vibrant colors and radiant hues of a more-than-you-could-ever-ask-or-think promise.  This is the ultimate realism says the Father – to know that, “all things are possible” is not just a concept but a living reality reshaping your life this very hour.

So get ready says the Father.  Shod your feet with the preparation of the good news of tomorrow’s harvest.  You will reap where you did not sow.  You will live in houses you did not build.  You will drink from vineyards you did not plant.  My favor will find you and My love will enlarge you.  The very ground you walk on is crying out for the manifestation of who I have ordained you to be.  So walk in that ordination!  Walk in the ordination of sons.  I call you not merely servants – I call you sons and I hand down to you now the son-ship entitlement that breaks every yoke and answers every prayer and causes everything you do to become as effective as if I said it and did it!

January 14, 2016.   The Father says today that all your paths are peace this day.  You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  Make time for My peace.  As Jesus sat down on the well in Samaria – sit down and draw from the well of My peace this day.  Do not allow the urgent and insistent demands of life to exclude you from this time of intimate refreshing that I AM bringing to you now.  When you make time for this quiet hour you are making time for Me, for I linger and I speak in the quiet placed by My still small voice.  So take a breath and find the stillness.  As the prophet – wrap your face in the mantle of My presence and command your ears to hear and your eyes to see for I AM moving in visitation in your life this day.

I AM washing and healing the wounds of broken relationships this day. Infections brought from harsh words and cold speeches are being cleansed.  I AM renewing your simplicity and your innocence.  I AM your protection and your preservation.  Softness of heart is being found once again on the inside of you.  The abscesses of disappointment are being filled in with My goodness for I AM the friend that sticks closer than a brother.  I AM yours and you are Mine beloved and I have gifts coming for you that will sweetly surprise and refresh you.  You have some suddenlies and some surprises ahead for you as I call you to a fresh cooperation with Me as I manifest the fresh fragrance of hope for a new unexpected future.

January 13, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM the Good Shepherd in your life.  I AM shepherding you and I AM gathering your scattered.  Let the answer of peace be in your mouth and reach out to those broken relationships that have languished in hurts and pains from the past.  Expect healing and restoration.  Make the phone call.  Wait for the positive response.  It isn’t going to be like it was in the past says the Father for I AM making even those who set themselves against you to be at peace with you in this hour.  Receive My compassion on your life and know that I will restore broken fellowship and cause the fracture of the past to be mended and healed.

I AM flowing by My river in your life to bring renewal and cleansing.  The enemy in times past salted your land and filled up the wells that I placed in your life.  That is about to change.  You will be a well watered land that will bear fruit and be blessed.  The roots of bitterness that the enemy has attempted to sow will be cast out and fruitful vines will once again produce the vintage of My joy in your life.  This is your portion says the Father and this is the peace that I leave with you this hour to renew and bless and benefit you in every way imaginable.

January 12, 2016.    The Father says today that patience brings forth the fruit that faith has planted in due season.  Be patient says the Father and give yourself some time.  Allow the turn of the year to pass as I work a work in your circumstance and situation to bring a turn-around.  This is turn around time for you says the Father.  The outlook is not bleak and things are about to change.  Go ahead and thank Me.  Go ahead and be expectant for in nothing shall you be ashamed when you look to Me for the just-in-time solutions you are crying out for.

The Father says that the conditions you are dealing with have a brighter prognosis than it may seem.  Trust in the course of action that I am guiding and leading you in.  The timing will be specific and impeccable.  You will see that there was no cause for alarm.  I AM showing up in your life that I might show out and make up the difference where others have failed you.  My compassion is raining down upon you to water your dry places.  I AM filling up those neglected areas with My goodness and My promise.  This is a new day says the Father and there is no need to look back for any reason.

January 11, 2016.   The Father says today that these days are not days of want and deprivation.  I want you to approach this season you are in with an attitude of entitlement and provision.  Yes things may seem challenging but know that My kingdom is not a bounced check.  You can never overdraft the resources of glory that I AM putting at your disposal even now.  Look and live.  Refuse to dwell on the negative or upon what isn’t available.  I will come through for you.  You will hold My answer in your hand and know it as My manifest faithfulness.

Just laugh says the Father.  Laugh the laugh of faith.  Laugh the laugh of one who sits in the heavens and looks past the smoke and mirror lies of the enemy.  Go out and be a resource of blessing for those less deserving than you.  Go out and lavish supply and lavish your love on other and know that as Job I will turn your captivity when you pray for your friends.  What you make happen for others I will make happen for you.  Take what you can and invest in the lives of others.  Then sit quietly and rejoice and know that My deliverance is knocking on your door to satisfy every need in your life.

January 10, 2016.   The Father says today that there is strength in you because I AM on the inside of you.  There is strength in you that has yet to be measured.  You have a resilience in you that you do not always give credence to.  Don’t be intimidated or fearful.  Refuse to fret or wonder what tomorrow holds.  My strength and My courage in you is rising up to meet the day before you ever open your eyes.  You may feel at times you are too assertive or too opinionated or too sharp but this is not a character flaw but it flows from a place within that I have prepared in you to carry the authority inherent in the jurisdiction I have given you.

At times you may feel that your words are brash but I have formed and fashioned you in such a way unvarnished truth can flow out almost without thinking.  This has gotten you in difficulty at times and you have tried to “study to be quiet”.  But the Father says this is your hour and this is your time.  The fire is in your bones and you will have to speak.  You have a gifting and an anointing and a word of wisdom.  The word of wisdom flows strongly in you.  The visionary seer gifting will begin to flow more freely in you now.  Do not allow yourself to be held back or stifled but open your mouth and allow My wisdom to bless others in a timely way and make room for you by the gifting I have deposited in your life for this hour.

January 9, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM bringing to the birth in your life.  Your quiver of benefit and blessing will be.  You will reach back in a time of need and find that you are never without My goodness within reach to meet every challenge.  This is My heart toward you.  My heart toward you is the heart of a Father and I will not loose My grip on your life.  Though you traverse the precipice of loss and wonder if you will survive know this – you will not only survive but thrive and put all this struggle behind you.

So beloved let the word of My peace and and the assurance of My comfort be in your heart.  There is no need to wonder if others will live up to their promises for I AM living up to My promise therefore you will not be disappointed.  My hand of covenant is upon you even as Isaac laid his hand upon Jacob.  The benefit is yours.  The birthright is your portion in Christ.  The right of the first born of Calvary is finding it’s way to you and making a whole new avenue of opportunity and blessing available and that right quickly says the Father.

January 8, 20169.   The Father says today that promotion is your portion.  I AM speaking increase over your life.  I AM bringing promotion over you as the wave of My Spirit brings new favor and new appointments.  Get ready for an unexpected appointment with new responsibility that may intimidate you at first but know that I AM moving in the midst of it all.  You are well able says the Father for I AM the one opening the doors.  Fear not the unknown part of it because your success is not wrapped up in what you know or any particular piece of information however critical.  Your success and your forthcoming is based on a life lived in intimacy with Me.

I AM speaking promotion over you and it will manifest almost immediately although you won’t think it is soon enough.  You will now begin to move in leadership and heavier responsibility.  Let your heart not waver.  Do not waver in the response of “I’m not sure…” or “I don’t know if I can…”  Rather say you are well able.  Simply thank your benefactors for showing the wisdom of seeing My hand at work in your life.  As Laban with Jacob those around you will know when they favor your righteous cause things go well with them – not because of luck or any such thing but because of the benediction of My goodness that follows you wherever you go.

January 7, 2016.   The Father says today that obstacles are being removed.  You will walk unhampered in My promise and in My process this day.  Do not be discouraged when confronted by time and happenstance to get things done.  You do not need to wait for some magic moment.  I AM the God of time and eternity and I declare to you that your time is now.  Today is your now time and tomorrow will be your now time and a 100 years from now you will still be walking in the now that I have ordained for you to walk in.  Rejoice in My now says the Father for now is all I have to give you.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a figment of fallen man’s imagination.  Bask in My now and know it as the pallet upon which the pigments of My promise are painting your life in the bright colors of My joy and My rejoicing.

Suffering and trouble are being overcome.  Put them under your feet.  Walk out and walk away.  I will enlarge your steps and I will show you the exit strategy.  The direction of life that tends to destruction is being barred and I AM become your way, truth and life.  You are coming out. This is coming out time.  This is renewal time.  Believest thou this?  If you can believe then all things are possible.  Step into possibility.  Rise up in faith.  No more rationalizing away My promise.  No more imprisonment or failure.  This is your time because it is My time.  Time is at My feet and therefore your blessing time is at hand – so rejoice!

January 6, 2016.    The Father says today that you are not pathetic.  Get the word pathetic out of your vocabulary.  When Calvary’s blood was shed it was to do far more in your life than bring you to heaven in a whimpering, quivering mess.  You are a conqueror and more than a conqueror.  The spoil of the earth is yours to consume.  I have given you all things richly to enjoy.  My provision for your life is fruitfulness and usefulness.  You are useful in My kingdom and I purpose to use you.  I will use you and I will give you opportunity.  You are not useless.  Never say that to yourself and do not allow others to say this of you.  My value is in you and My purpose is being worked out even now.

So shake yourself from all self-pity.  Self-pity extinguishes anointing.  Self Pity is born of unbelief.  Self-pity never changed one circumstance.  Lay aside self referral and self-pity and rise up into your son-ship today.   You are the beloved son of a Father who reigns in majesty on high.  Step into that mentality.  Let the ascension mentality dominate you today and every day in the coming year.  This is coming out season and coming up time.  Come out of selfishness and unbelief and into the promotion of heaven.  This is what I have planned and this is what I AM purposing.  Stop looking at the bad news and listen to the good news of what I AM saying and what I AM doing in your life now.

January 5, 2016.   The Father says today that I call you an achiever and not a failure.  Achievement is not a dirty word.  Achievement is a kingdom word.  When I ascended into the bowels of the earth and came back with the keys of the kingdom – that was an achievement.  I place no premium upon failure or being turned back.  I was not turned back at the gates of hell and neither will you be turned back from the gates and bars impeding you from My promise.  Shake the gates says the Father.  Lay hold of the obstacles and hindrances around you and demand and command them to fall down flat.  This is the time to choose.  Choose life.  Choose the breath of life that I AM breathing in you now to bring you up and out of death and into a new vitality.

This is highest heart’s desire time and a greatest dream fulfilled.  Dream a bigger dream. Get rid of those weak dreams and small hopes.  I AM a big God and I AM capable of big things.  I do big things and since I am in you and you are in Me, I have no where else to be BIG than IN YOU.  Allow Me to be BIG in you says the Father.  Allow My BIGNESS to fill you and flow out of you and change the entire landscape of your life.  Have BIG FAITH even for the small things.  Cross the threshold from IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE.  I AM a possibility God and nothing restrains My hand from that which I purpose to do.  If I AM not restrained then you are not restrained.  Listen to My voice and walk forward in the directives and initiatives of heaven even this day.

January 4, 2016.   The Father says today that I am bringing realization and achievement into new focus in your life.  I AM a God of reality and not pretense.  I will not fill your heart with promises that I will not make good on.  Faith is not a lie that paints a false image of joy on the marred visage of heartbreak.  Faith is substance. It is the substance of what you are hoping for.  Allow Me to refine those hopes within you and cause them to shine forth with My character and reflect My plan.  I want your life to flow in an endless cycle of seed-fruit-harvest and now is the time.  Be washed.  Be renewed.  Be cleansed.  Let go of all self doubt and lowest common denominator thinking.

You will not just survive this year you will thrive.  You will thrive and you will conquer.  Go in this thy might and all things that you set your hand to will prosper.  You do realize that walking in My kingdom is about prospering and being blessed.  Stop seeking for the one thing that you are hoping I will get behind in your life and know that I will bless everything you put your hand to.  This is valley of decision.  Make up your mind today that you are the beloved.  When you see yourself as one for whom I gave the only begotten then you cannot but come into a place of yielding to My plan for you and My love for you.  Trust Me says the Father – let Me take it from here.

January 3, 2016.   The Father says today that you are not inferior.  You are not inferior and you are not inadequate.  When you look into the mirror of your own soul and see want and lack and inability that is not the lens that I would have you peer through.  Learn to look at yourself through the filter of My promise.  There was blood shed in your behalf that you might mount up on eagle’s wings and see all the world and your life from the perspective of a victor and not a victim.  Say of your soul, “I am not a victim – I will not BE a victim…”  Even so the gates and bars of oppression and vain self image will crumble and dissipate before your eyes and you will see for the first time how I see you and who I have called you to be.

You are not inferior.  You are not ugly.  You are not “less-than”.  You are more than a conqueror because of who I AM on the inside of you.  Nations and kings will bow before you.  Angels shall be judged before you.  The gavel is in your hand to determine and to hand down.  You are one in whom rule has been placed and I call you KING and I call you PRIEST.  Come into agreement with what I have said and what I am saying.  Stop disparaging and putting yourself down.  See yourself as that one for whom I gave My only begotten son.  I call you beloved.  You are loved. Begin to love yourself again for the first time.  Love yourself for if you do not love yourself you will never understand My love for you neither will you be able to properly love others.

January 2, 2016.   The Father says today that confidence is a gift that I give to you.  It is not a sin to be confident.  I created you as a creature of trust and not to be a groveling worm trembling in fear.  Confidence and humility in your life do not contradict one another.  Confidence and humility can reside in the same heart and can reside in your heart today.  Be confident says the Father.  I said in My word by the sweet psalmist of Israel that I would be the confidence of all the earth!  How much more so will I be this day YOUR CONFIDENCE!  You are the apple of My eye!  You are that one for whom Calvary’s blood was shed!  Trust this day in who I made you to be.  Trust in the gifts, skills, anointing and abilities that I have invested in you that you might go forth this day and prosper.

I AM your confidence says the Father I will not allow your foot to be taken in a snare or your path to be impeded in any way.  When you encounter obstacles – mount up in My strength and move forward.  I do not take no for an answer therefore you will not take no for an answer.  Reach out and lay hold upon the earth and the world around you and wring out of life that which I have promised you.  When delay comes or hindrances linger – do not assume it is My doing!  Resist the devil and he will flee. Identify the adversity and set yourself against it and the walls will come down and doors will open.  Persevere until success comes.  Success is your natural state.  Failure is an alien environment for which you were not created says your God!

January 1, 2016.   The Father says today start this year on track with your trust in Me.  Trust what I AM doing in your life and trust who I made you to be.  I formed and fashioned you according to a unique and resplendent design.  Before the foundation of the world I made you to be holy and without blame before Me in love.  There was no plan of failure.  There was no expectation of destruction or brokenness or devastation. In your mother’s womb I knew you.  In your unformed substance I communed with you and brought you forth into the earth at a time and an hour appointed.  You are not a mistake.  You are not a happenstance of biology.  You are so much more than the sum of your parts and members.

So trust not only in Me but in who I made you to be.  Be washed of all sin.  Receive forgiveness.  Accept My Lordship not only on general principles but as your daily bread.  Receive and partake of salvation as a daily provision laid out to bring you through every 24 hour period as a recipient of My grace and loving-kindness.  You are My handiwork.  Trust the work of My hands.  Trust who I made you to be.  Trust the design with which I have designed you for from that perspective your confidence in your own person is confidence in Me.  This year is not about sorrow or apocalypse or the end of all things.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made to walk out a plan that is steeped in goodness and blessing.  Drink of that cup of promise and know that I will see you through every moment and every second of the days ahead for I have set My love upon you and My love never fails.


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