The Father Says Today – January 2017

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

31 January 2017.   The Father says today, no word of prophecy is of private interpretation.  My word is personal to you but it is not private.  When you hear a word given to another and it causes your heart to leap, as the babe in Elizabeth’s belly – take it for yourself!  Gestate that word and nurture that word.  I will cause it to be in your life, even as it was intended in blessing its original recipient.  That isn’t the way things have been taught but know this – I AM not a mighty wizard lurking behind a wall of levers and buttons.  I AM the Almighty One who gave heaven’s best to redeem you and bring you out of many waters.  My highest and best is yours by the bequest of the shed blood of Calvary!

I AM not looking for reason to deny you.  My eye is not open to search the earth for some disqualifying factor by which I will not answer.  I AM a prayer answering God and My first and default response to you is YES! Let “yes” be YOUR first and default response to Me!  Let your “yes” and My “YES” rejoice together!  Let full surrender to My Spirit and My will be the posture with which you meet every day.  Approach every challenge with abandonment and complete trust, knowing that I AM with you and I will never leave you or forsake you.  I AM going before you to drive out the enemy, even before he can threaten you in any way.  There are so many perils and pitfalls you never even knew I protected you from Beloved!  I watch over every footfall of your path lest you dash your foot against a stone.  I AM with you and I will be with you every step of the way as we walk the path together into the fulfillment of all that I have promised.

30 January 2017.   The Father says today, not every voice speaking over you originates with Me.  Learn to distinguish My certain sound, says the Father.  Learn to distinguish My certain sound over you that brings cleansing, peace and contentment of spirit.  I will content you with My voice.  The voice that comes to distort and disrupt is not My voice, says the Father.  All of My paths – all of My paths are peace.  When you seek peace and ensue peace, you are seeking My Kingdom.  My Kingdom is righteousness, joy and peace and in My peace every other voice is quenched to stillness.  This is the stillness that waits. Enter into the stillness that waits for My voice.

My voice is the voice that speaks in the silence between your own thoughts.  There are those who run from silence and not for one moment will ever choose to be in silence or in solitude before Me.  Never let that be your choice, for in quietness and rest you will find consolation and composure that is denied to those who cannot get quiet before Me.  It has been a long, long road, says the Father.  There have been many twists and turns and at times you felt as though you lost your way – but I was always there.  I was and I AM always there to correct, to cleanse, to adjust your thinking to ever bring you closer to Me.  Be that one – that one child of heaven who hungers for My courts above all else, for there you will find fulfillment and fullness beyond anything that the world has to offer.

29 January 2017.   The Father says today, enter into the place of no opinion.  Follow My leading and listen to My voice as your only option.  Choose to have no opinion about the consequences of obedience to My voice.  I will confirm and confirm again the decisions you are to make.  Leave the outcome to Me.  Choose to have no opinion about the consequences of obedience to My voice.  I will never lead you into destruction and never leave you standing empty handed.  Though others may look on thinking you will not overcome, that is not the outcome I have in store.  When you listen to My voice and obey My directions, you will always come to the more-than-you-can-ask-or-think end result.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  That is the underlying purpose in all that I am doing in your life.

Make it your determination to seek My face and to cooperate with My word and with My words.  There is no famine of My word in the earth, but there is a famine of hearing My word.  You have not fully heard My word until you ascertain what is expected of you and implement it in your life.  My kingdom doesn’t come with observation.  You must do something.  Standing and passively looking on is the most subtle form of deception.  Be a doer.  What you do with what I have already said is much more powerful than what you are waiting for Me to do or say.  The answer for you is not waiting on the next thing I might say to you – but rather implementing – radically implementing in your life obedience to what I have already said more than once through many sources, says the Father.  It is time to act, and in the doing of My word your promise will be made manifest.

28 January 2017.   The Father says today, this is your NOW MOMENT to redefine your boundaries.  Over time the enemy seeks to build barriers of pressure to keep you from putting your foot on new territory that I have given you in My Kingdom.  Never allow the pressures of life to move you in that direction.  Turn your face into the storm and command those winds and waves to cease.  Do not take no for an answer.  Turn broadside to the greatest challenge in your life and step forward by My Spirit into a radical outcome.  This is where we separate the men from the boys, says the Father.  Are you ready for a “come up higher” assignment?  Say this in your heart, “greater is the pressure of God’s Spirit flowing out of me than the pressure of the enemy trying to overcome me…”  Say it till it is true.  Say it until it becomes your default inner response to every challenge of life.

I AM calling upon you to strip away some buffers you have placed around yourself for comfort’s sake.  It is time to love the unlovely.  It is time to show favor to those who have not championed My blessing in your life.  The most radical thing you can do is make yourself a positive blessing in the lives of those who have been anything but a blessing back to you.  Let love find its perfect expression in your life. Refuse to be manipulated or controlled.  Speak truth and live every day with a willing heart and a hand open to those in need. Expose the charlatans and false professors.  Step out as a purified example of walking in love, in generosity, in righteousness and truth.  This is who you are.  This is your highest and best self that I created you to manifest, every day in every way regardless of the pressure.  Act now – and see your horizons become filled with My promise.

27 January 2017.   The Father says today, I AM safeguarding you even in your imperfection.  You are not perfect, and you know that.  What you may not realize is that My mercy is shed abroad in your heart even in the midst of your failings, imperfection and yes, even outright disobedience.  If I were to judge mankind, as some suggest, I would vaporize all the earth in a moment of time.  There is not one moment of failure or even transgression in your life that takes Me by surprise, or gives Me pause regarding the gift of life I have bestowed upon you.  This is My patience.  This is My longsuffering that is extended to you, not as an excuse to disobey, but because I know your frame and choose mercy over judgment.  Receive that mercy this day. No more cutting yourself with the shards of guilt among the tombs of regret.

Rise up, shake yourself and sin no more.  Cast aside the fig leaves of excuses and denial.  Face yourself for who you really are and realize just how merciful I AM, and continue to be in your life.  Your walk is not intended to be an endless cycle of sinning and being forgiven.  Those hidden faults and secret sins shall not have the rule over you any longer.  Reach out by faith and appropriate the grace to put those things under your feet and under the blood once and for all.  You are ordained to carry My image and reflect My character in the earth.  Receive the grace to do just that even this day.  Today is that day in which your final victory over your own fallen nature is assured by My hand.

26 January 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM the banner over you.  The angels of heaven are ever aware of where My banner is lifted up.  Your life is a rallying point for My Sanctified Ones, who wage war against the enemy of your soul.  Though confusion reign and though you may struggle to understand all that is going on around you – be at rest and continue to trust in My protection.  I will safeguard you.  I will keep that which you have committed unto Me against that day. Keep seeking the Kingdom.  Do not allow anyone or anything to dissuade you from putting My kingdom first and listening to My voice, above all else.  Immerse yourself in My word.  Follow My word and seek My mandates over your life. Become a faithful steward of My word and make it the one over-arching covenant in your life to follow My word in all things.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  The ensign of My favor overshadows you.  The shield of faith – the measure of faith I’ve given to every man is quenching every fiery dart that seeks to penetrate your heart.  Refuse to be offended.  Refuse to be scandalized or shocked by what others are doing and saying.  Let My peace, My great peace, keep you in a place of composure and rest when all others have bolted and fled the battle.  Keep trusting.  Be secure in the knowledge that you will be left standing at the end of the day.  As the smoke clears, you will have your foot in the neck of the enemy and the cross will have triumphed in your situation, as it has triumphed over all since the foundation of the world was laid.  This is your portion.  This is My promise and it shall not fail.

25 January 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM sharpening your focus.  I AM giving you such a razor’s edge clarity, that nothing shall be left to chance in the assignment that I am bringing you to at this very moment.  Say to your eyes “be opened” and to your ears “hear the word of the LORD”!  There will be those who will question and who will detract from what I have called you to – take no heed, they are blind leaders of the blind.  What they see clearly in their own lives does not qualify them for where I AM leading you.  Seek My Kingdom, always seek My Kingdom.  In seeking My Kingdom there will be provision and there will be supply.  I will cause the earth to answer heaven, for heaven has mandated the fruit of My promise in your life, even this day.

So, turn your eyes from the distractions of men, and the things going on around you that having nothing to do with who I AM, and what I AM doing in your midst.  Set your face like a flint.  I have hardened your forehead to everything except My voice, and My leading, and My directives and mandates, says the Father.  Be one that has a listening heart and a willing hand.  Be willing to act.  Be willing to comply.  Stop asking for explanations.  I haven’t called you to ask for explanations, I have called you to obey, and be instant in season and out of season.  In so doing, you will see the seeds of your obedience produce the fruits of righteousness, and cause a whole new landscape of productivity and purpose, to be manifest around you that you have called out for over the course of many years, says the Father.

24 January 2017.   The Father says today, be correctable.  Are you one who can receive correction?  There are longstanding issues in your heart I AM putting My finger on today.  Take your fingers out of your ears and open your heart.  The wounds and putrefying sores of past experiences will never heal until you allow the cleansing, corrective word to be poured out like medicine in your life.  You were wounded.  You were misrepresented.  You were handled roughly by those who could afford to because they had no real investment of relationship in your life though they falsely claimed to be the aggrieved party.  Forgive them.  Release them from the debt that, in reality, they can never pay.  Leave it to Me.  Accept the wounds in My hands and in My side to be the payment you receive in behalf of every person you think owes you something.

I would that you live without debt and without obligation or burden.  This will never happen till you clear the books of everything that you think is owed you by others.  The mercy you extend to others is the measure of My mercy reaching into your life deeper than you would ever know.  Be correctable, says the Father.  Give to Me all those injustices and inequities of your life.  I will right the scales.  I will close up every wound and mollify with My love every bruise.  I will gather you to Myself.  Though others have forsaken you and cast you aside, I will hold you to Myself and set you in a family who will love you and see you through the lens of Calvary and not the distempered perspective of selfishness and worldly demands.  It’s a new day, says the Father, and a new season I have for you to walk in – but you must be willing to receive the gentle correction of My hand this day.

23 January 2017.   The Father says today, this day is the first day of a new maturity in your life.  The increase of God, in order to find you and fund you, must be met by a willing and obedient heart.  I AM seeking those that are purposefully cultivating their faith, and endlessly giving themselves away in affection and love one for another.  In that abandonment, the increase of God, My increase, will find you and fill your life with all My goodness.  The hope that is in you is not merely the product of random, human desire.  I have caused you to hope from your mother’s womb.  That hope I encoded into your being at conception is the light that lights every man that comes into the world.  It is not wrong to hope.  It is not wrong to desire things to be different or better in your life.  Embrace that hope.  Feed the coals of hope with the embers of your faith.  Continue to love and to give love out to others in the midst of that hope – for love is what causes faith’s expectation to be made manifest.

Make up your mind today not to be offended.  The enemy knows that the most effective way to destroy your hope is to assault My love wherewith I have caused you to love others.  Keep on loving. Withdraw from all temptation to become bitter or judgmental.  Embrace the path of having no opinion.  The opinions of men are laced with the bitter poison of judgmentalism and harshness.  This is not what I have chosen for you.  Get your eyes off man and keep them upon Me.  Do not allow your mind to be contaminated with the faithless, loveless perspectives of those who have no light of the gospel in their lives.  Lay hold of My word.  Embrace My word and let it become the necessary food of your life daily.  Internalize My word as the truth – the one basic truth that shapes what happens to you tomorrow. In so doing you will show yourself to be My beloved.  In so doing you will embrace your own mercy and see the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

22 January 2017.   The Father says today, make a choice.  I will make your way prosperous.  I can deal with anything except your inability to make a choice and take a direction.  Fear not making the wrong move for I AM capable of correcting you in transit.  The double-minded condition sets you in a place that nothing happens and forward momentum is not possible.  You have prayed for enlargement of step and it is available, but it does not come till you commit to the point of no going back.  No going back to stagnation and indecision.  No more halting between two opinions.  No more camping in the valley of decision.  As I said in My word, I will bless what you put your hand to.  Folded hands and hesitation will never experience the favor that I have in store for you.  I only await the occasion of your faith filled actions.

So up and let us be going.  Take no thought for tomorrow’s test, for this day’s evil is a sufficient challenge.  Stop thinking like a time bound creature.  You are not time bound for I AM not time bound.  As I AM all sufficient for this day so I will be all sufficient for the morrow.  I AM the God of more than enough, therefore, more than enough is the metric of supply that I have provided you this day and forwarded on to lie in store for tomorrow’s demand.  Trust Me.  Believe – only believe.  As you listen to My voice and follow the tug of the Holy Spirit on your heart, I will bring you out of the snares of the wicked one and into the forward momentum that is discoverable by all those who put their trust in Me.

21 January 2017.    The Father says today, no more crying in the night.  All debts are cancelled; all sins are forgiven.  Refuse to grieve over that which the cross has dealt with in your life.  You laid all at the altar and at the altar every transgression and offense was carried away as far as the east is from the west.  Know that you are clean through the word that I have spoken unto you.  Know that, as of this moment, you owe NO MAN anything except to love them.  Others might tally all that they think they are due.  They may choose to be unforgiving and hold your transgression against you.  Forgive them.  Love them.  Extend to them the clemency from bitterness and judgment that I have afforded you in the shed blood of the cross.

This is what yoke easy and burden light looks like.  Reject the false burden.  Refuse with all the authority of Calvary’s sacrifice to accept the imposition of ungodly expectations against you.  Though your detractors quote scripture and shake their fist in your face – know that as you have surrendered to Me and cast your all at the foot of the cross, so I will surround you and cleanse you and take you onward to a new place of forgiveness and blessing.  This is the mighty hand of God that you are called to submit yourself to.  To accept no other epitaph of judgment against you, other than the forgiveness that I extend to you now.  Rise and shake yourself.  Go and sin no more.  Lay aside the grave clothes of who you once were and give evidence, by your behavior, of the new creation man that I have caused you to become.

20 January 2017.   The Father says today, allow the narrative of My glory to drive what happens next in your life.  There are many narratives seeking to influence your expectation of what happens next, says the Father.  The choice is yours – what will you give yourself over to?  Will you give yourself over to the narrative of despair?  Will you allow what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears to establish your expectation of what tomorrow is going to look like?  Remember as I said in My word that the things that are seen are temporary and subject to change.  The things that are unseen are eternal and actually control the outcome of the visible events of your life.  You are going to have to make up your mind.  Are you going to guard your heart, or allow the enemy to fill you will fear, despair and frustration?

Remember this, says the Father – you are where your attention takes you.  In fact, you are your attention.  Get your eyes off the situation and look to Me.  If you focus on the narrative of the negative, or what others are saying and doing, then you will have the harvest of what that seed produces.  Put your attention on Me.  Let your heart and mind be as Mary in the aftermath of her brother Lazarus’ death.  Martha couldn’t think about anything other than the stink that arose from her brother’s decaying body.  Mary sat at My feet and wouldn’t take her gaze from My face until resurrection came.  Trust Me.  Trust Me, says the Father.  I AM working in your life.  I AM depositing the whole of My favor in your circumstance.  I AM adjusting, moving and making for you a path of victory that will cause you to testify, and your declaration to be “what else could possibly go right?”

19 January 2017.   The Father says today learn the principle of “Anathema / Maranatha”.  When you encounter rough seas in relationships to those around you – purpose in your heart to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.  Stay sweet in your soul and give the soft answer that turns away wrath.  Know that in the midst of contention there is warfare – a brother offended is harder to be won than a defensed city.  Learn the value of the answer of peace and realize when you have reached your limit.  As Solomon of old bear in mind that where there is no wood – the fire goes out.  The fires of contention and strife will not touch you.  Choose to love and in your heart go to the low place of humility and quietness within yourself.  When you realize that the situation can only get worse, exercise the “anathema” principle.  Anathema means “put on suspension”.  Learn to back away and give Me room to work.

So, were you looking for an answer to a difficult and fiery relationship?  Anathema / Maranatha – the LORD is coming.  If you will back off and get quiet in your soul I will show up in the situation.  I will speak in the silence between your own thoughts.  I will give you grace to endure and move forward.  You can’t fix every situation.  I AM the Father and I AM your God and some things you must leave up to time and sovereignty knowing that ultimately My will prevails over all.  Do you trust Me?  Let Me take it here.  What you cannot mend and cannot cure you must put on suspension and let My hand do what your hand cannot.  Anathema / Maranatha.  You are not abandoning your love for others – you are simply giving it over to Me till the appointed time of restoration and healing.

18 January 2017.   The Father says today, let My love in your heart lead you.  Love others on My terms and not their own.  In all your dealings with others, allow My love to flow to you and through you out to their hearts and lives.  There are many weights and expectations men and women will put upon you but there is only one debt you must pay – and that is the debt of love.  Even as I said in My word “owe know man anything except to love him…”  This is your only obligation.  Man may come with his laundry list of things you “must do” but these are not required by My hand.  As you listen to their shrill declarations of what they must have from you, just settle it in your heart that only My love will determine what you do next.

Realize this, says the Father, that My love and My LORDship proceed from the same place.  That means that I love you on My terms and not your own.  I said “come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden…”  That means that My love is unconditional, but it does involve you coming toward Me in submission and cooperation.  Likewise, when you love others you cannot love them ON THEIR TERMS but upon My terms.  They will lay out the parameters of what you must do to be a decent human being or “if you call yourself a Christian” but that is not what I expect of you.  Your obedience to Me is not determined by the self-referred definitions of others.  Love them.  Do good to them by what you do and by what you do not do or say.  Never return evil for evil.  Keep on loving and keep your eyes upon Me for your next assignment is just ahead.

17 January 2017.   The Father says today, as I AM so are you in the world.  How am I?  Am I impoverished?  Am I indebted?  Am I in distress?  Make up your mind to find your self-referral in Me and not any outward circumstance.  The outward circumstance only offers the time bound perspective.  You are not time bound, for I have laid eternity in your heart that you might rise above time and eternity.  I AM timeless.  Because I AM timeless, you are timeless.  The years and days are in My hand, and I fold them up and set them aside as a garment once worn, now discarded.  As I have this power, so you likewise have the power to ascend, and descend into timelessness, and have NOW, what you thought you would have to wait till THEN to possess.

As a new creation, you are not bound by time, beloved.  Your limits and boundaries are set as a firmament of glory over you that I established, and not any man or situation or circumstance.  Turn back upon yourself in the time bound perspective then and redeem time.  Let time be redeemed, and see that I will do in a moment what you thought would take decades to accomplish.  So “carpe nunc”, says the Father.  Seize your NOW.  Lay hold of your now and compel it to conform to “as in heaven so in earth…” T his is your portion.  This is the high and holy place where you will ride above the nations of the earth.  This is where you are known as you are known and where I disclose Myself to you in a measure that a time bound perspective could never gauge.

16 January 2017.   The Father says today, that My voice is the voice of many waters.  My voice is coursing through you and surging in you.  My voice is in your belly, springing up to life everlasting, that you might fill every valley of your life with the life-giving streams of My favor and My beneficence.  Say to the dry places in your spirit “be moistened!”  Say to the bones that have bleached in the wilderness experience – “be made fat!”  I AM making your bones fat and I AM moistening your spirit, and hydrating your inner man with those streams whereof make glad the heart of man.  Receive it!  Receive and be no more dry in spirit or brittle in mind, for I have disclosed Myself to you as your El-Shaddai.

Life and circumstance always conspire to siphon off My goodness in your situation, but just keep looking to Me.  Look to Me and know Me as your Father – the lover of your soul, your all sufficiency.  When you look into My face, you not only come to a deeper knowledge of who I AM, but also a fuller realization of WHO YOU ARE.  You are the beloved.  You are terrible as an army with banners and I declare that you are COMING OUT of the dry and thorny place INTO the land of your promise.  Neglect not the promise. Forget not the promise.  I said and I will do that very thing, for I have no higher purpose than to fill you and to furnish you with every good thing that is afforded by My hand.

15 January 2017.   The Father says today, I have placed eternity in your heart!  I have placed eternity in your heart that you might know Me.  I have placed eternity in your heart that you might not sin against Me. Breathe it in.  Eternity is not something you are waiting to seek you out – eternity is something that is in you now.  Eternity is the inward environment of glory wherein I sit enthroned and rule and reign over every nuance of your life, says the Father.  Revel in the glory.  Accept it and bathe in it till you are fully clean and forever whole.

The bride has made herself ready.  The eunuchs – the faithful eunuchs have spoken My word over you, and in you, till you were completely perfumed with the fullness of My presence in your life.  Now be clothed with the bridal garments.  Now come before Me in a train of glory.  I will accept you and take you to Myself . I will receive you, and though all the earth rise up in resistance beloved, not one hair shall fall from your head, for I call you Mine.  You are Mine.  I purchased you and bought you that I might fill you with the fullness of that which fills all in all.  This is the love wherewith you are now and forevermore, my beloved.

14 January 2017.   The Father says today, you have asked Me to look down on you but that is not possible.  I will never look down on you.  I reside inside of you.  Your heart is My throne and out of you flow streets of gold and beyond are gates of pearl opening the heavens to you this day.  Your heart is My throne and your life is My footstool.  Nothing happens in your life without My perfect and complete attention.  Nothing is amiss and nothing is awry. Say it!  Nothing is amiss and nothing is awry!  Your Father is on the scene.  When you speak My word you bring Me on the scene, and the first thing I do is establish My ascendency and LORDship over every circumstance in your life.  This is your base state and default entitlement as one that I call My own.

Say in your heart and even shout from the rooftops “as in heaven so in earth!”  Shout it from the rooftops, even from the roof of your mouth.  If you are ever going to see heaven come to earth, says the Father, it will be on the lips of faith – audacious to speak and willing to declare: “as in heaven so in earth!”  I AM with you beloved.  I AM with you and in you and I surround you at this moment.  Look not at the armies of the aliens that may be ranged against you.  They are as nothing.  They are small dust of the balance.  I AM the weighty one who will be known by My name JAH – the covenant keeping one.  I AM keeping covenant with you today, so open your mouth wide like a baby bird and receive what I have for you.

13 January 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM widening your gaze.  I AM deepening your perception, that you might take in so much more of My majesty than you have experienced up to now.  I AM bringing you out of the past, and into My now, that you might know Me in the power of My might and the strength of My fierce love for you, My dear one.  This is the time, and this is that hour, for which you have unspeakably yearned and longed for.  Step into your now.  Step into the love that only a resurrected mind and a renewed heart can apprehend.  This is that which cannot be contained by the natural mind, or expressed in an earthly tongue.  Let go of the articulation of the language of man, and let the heavenly tongue part your lips and return to Me that love that I so freely gave you on the cross 2000 years ago.

This is that day, and that time, that I AM bringing you into a deeper, fuller love relationship with Me.  I call you My beloved. I call you My bride.  Come up higher.  Come up here for there is a place prepared for you, here, by Me.  It is time for highest and best.  This is the hour to receive of My fullness beyond any metric by which you have measured My goodness up to now.  What else could possibly go right? Nothing will be left out.  No need unmet. No ache in your heart unsatisfied.  Receive it.  Lift your heart and hands and voice and take in all that I have for you.  Receive the fierce love with which I love you.  A love stronger than death, more lasting than the grave.  When death and the grave are a footnote in the annals of eternity, you will still be the recipient of that love wherewith I love you.

12 January 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your dependence.  There is not one need in your life that escapes My notice, Beloved.  Fear not.  Be not dismayed.  Never fall into the error of taking stock of natural resources as though you will run out, or somehow I will fail to take care of you in that day.  The resources of man are fleeting and transitory.  My faithfulness is a rock in your life that you can lean on at all times.  There is never a moment that you lean upon Me and fall flat on your face.  I AM with you.  I AM provisioning you.  Forsake the false security of the outward and look to the inward provisioning of My hand.

I will – I am meeting your need according to My riches in glory.  That glory is IN you – not in some far-off place inaccessible to the demand of your faith.  All that My kingdom IS and all that My kingdom CAN BE, proceeds from within.  Your heart is My throne and your life is My footstool.  Trust Me.  Let Me take it from here.  Unclench your fists and take your hands off the wheel of self-salvation and lift your heart up to Me in supplication.  I will answer.  I will hear you in the day of trouble and answer speedily.  Cry out.  Let your voice be heard.  Demonstrate your dependence on Me.  You will never be ashamed when you look to Me for what in truth, man can never provide.

11 January 2017.   The Father says today, that My goodness precedes My glory.  You have cried out to Me for greater glory and it is obtainable, says the Father.  Your gateway to My effulgence is available to you on the foundation of the shed blood of the Cross and not any other criteria.  There is no level of performance based approach to My throne.  Only the shed blood can afford you entrance to the Glory you have asked Me for.  My glory is not an outward thing, says the Father, it is an inward authenticity.  I dwell in the midst of the cherubim, in the inner chambers of your own heart and life.

Moses cried out to see My glory but it was necessary to cause My goodness to pass before him, first of all.  So get ready, get READY, GET READY, says the Father, for I will, from this moment on, cause My goodness to pass before you and lodge in your life, and come to reality and full manifestation.  My goodness is the preamble to the glory you have sought and I AM disposed to answer your cry without delay.  Rejoice says the Father.  Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that everything changes!

10 January 2017.   The Father says today, do not be troubled that you might miss out on what I AM doing in the earth.  I will see to it that you are in the crosshairs of My glory when the shift comes, and the release of My Spirit is unleashed.  You see, says the Father, when I breathe upon the earth you are the breezeway through which I exhale.  I breathe in your petitions and breathe out your declarations and the earth is changed!  Look not upon the circumstances and situations in your life that contradict My promise, for those things are subject to change – and I AM the God who is capable of getting it done!

This day I call you to come near to Me, says the Father.  Refuse to be distracted by the illusory suggestions of the enemy that would cause you to look away from My unveiled face.  Receive My entreaty and allow the spirit of encouragement to lift your countenance and restore your joy! Refresh yourself in the fountains of My effervescent favor, says the Father, for the bubbling springs of laughter and exhilaration are breaking the surface of your life and sweeping away all despondency.  Enter into discourse with My Living Potential, and terminate the dialog of failure and sorrow, for that is not your inheritance in My kingdom.  Be stirred!  Be persuaded!  You can afford it, says the Father, for I AM recharging the banks of joy in your life and releasing the substance of all that I have promised to you this day!

9 January 2017.   The Father says today, that there is no regret in love.  I have no regret that I spent heaven’s best in your behalf, says the Father.  My heart is enlarged toward you today.  My love for you knows no depth or height or limitation.  If Calvary was called for again today, I would bestow upon you My Only Begotten, yet again, for the love wherewith I have loved you.  My love is not a clinical thing or some obscure, detached concept.  My love for you is the very heart of who I AM.  Were I not to love you, I would not be the All Sufficient One – for My love is inherent in every aspect of My character.  My relationship to you is one of passion, intensity and unconditional advocacy.

So your role then is to be the beloved.  Allow yourself to receive My love, revel in My love and know it as your portion that I accord to you unconditionally.  I love you and beyond love there is no purpose or plan; for My love encapsulates all I would, that you ever know about who I AM and what I AM in your life.  Accept My love, says the Father.  Accept the love of the only begotten and go out in your day and be the beloved; for I have set My love upon you and I will not relent until the fullest measure of love finds its expression in your life.

8 January 2017.   The Father says today, that you are clean by the word that I have spoken to you in the secret place.  The secret place is a place of abiding for you and not just occasional visitation.  The enemy of your soul would draw you out into the concourse of vain things and vain thoughts; but I say to you, resist the enemy and his strategy will fail.  The pressure brought by circumstance and problems will dissipate in the secret place, for there is no LORDship there but Mine.  I AM the Author and the Finisher, says the Father, and in the secret place I have scribed My promises on the scroll of your life and what I have written will not be disannulled.

So come to the secret place today, in your heart and in your mind.  Allow Me to wash you and cleanse you of hollow thoughts and futile expectations.  Let My fire in the secret place refine you as gold and leave you flawless in My image.  Come away My beloved.  Come away from the shallows of earthly things and descend into the place where deep calleth to deep, that I might renew you in spirit, restore you in mind, give you strength for the day and sinew for the battle.  Tear yourself away from the distraction of mind and distortion of vision the enemy would detour you with, and find yourself anchored in My love and secured by My Everlasting Arms.

7 January 2017.   The Father says today, that you are one whom is destined to know My voice.  You will see what I am saying.  You will hear what I am saying and you will sense what I AM saying.  I AM giving you NOW discernment at a deeper level than before.  You will meditate on My goodness and the distillation of My Spirit will manifest truth in the innermost parts of your being.  As others have been a student of the Logos, you will be a student of the Rhema – even My present truth that is specifically and directly applied to your day-to-day life.

In your life and the lives of others around you, shall be able to answer the question “what is the LORD saying today?  What is he doing today?”  Purpose in your heart to ACT upon what I reveal and prompt, and compel you to do and to say.  I will cause you to be in the right place and the right time and miracles will come.  Miracles will come as you and as others cooperate with what I reveal through the Still, Small, Voice.  My voice is bringing transformation; so prepare to move with the cloud of My Spirit and the pillar of fire.  I will give you projects and purposes and strategies of heaven, says the Father.  I will show you the pay window for the natural resources needed and bring you blessing more than you might think.  You will be known as one who walks in the Papa-God anointing and many will be delivered of an orphan spirit as they gather to, and around, the love, provision and ministry that I AM bringing to you and through you – out to others.

6 January 2017.   The Father says today, there is a portal of glory that follows you wherever you go today.  You need not seek some external place or geographical location, for it is WHO I AM WITHIN YOU that saves, heals and delivers.  I laid down My life on the tree in order to release to you all that Calvary affords.  I dwell as the Christ within, manifesting your hope and expectation.  Relinquish all self-referral and insecurity of self, and allow Me to be your ALL and ALL.

I AM the ROCK that followed the children of Israel through the wilderness, and from that rock I was the water that refreshed them in the desert.  I AM just that same resource in your life today.  I AM the fire by night and the cloud by day that follows you at every turn.  From the portal of My glory WITHIN I AM releasing the fullness of My grace and blessing and substance.  That glory is activated and poured out into you now by your words and declarations.  Draw this day on My glory, says the Father.  Draw upon My substance.  My glory is connected with your hopes, and surely all your heart’s cry will be brought to manifestation.

5 January 2017.   The Father says today, I have a plan that is unfolding about you and being birthed in you.  I have a plan, yet you do not fully understand it.  You have sought after and endeavored to establish in your mind the parameters of what your spirit told you I’m about to do, but I say, fret not!  The fulfillment of what I AM doing is not incumbent upon your understanding, but your obedience.  Servants obey from the head, but your obedience is a heart-obedience as a dear child, not an indentured servant.

Well done, says the Father.  Come this day into the relinquishing of your concepts and principles, and be released into the rarified atmosphere of My thoughts.  My thoughts are establishing you and My thoughts are flowing through you.  My thoughts are releasing in you the energy and information that brings breakthrough, adjustment and promotion.  Come up higher, says the Father, that My voice might be heard in your land without distortion.  Your hearing is not as good as it could be but I AM improving that.  Yes, I AM turning up the amplitude of My voice in your life in a supernatural way. In quietness and rest you will receive My downloads into your spirit and thereby, as you act in accordance with My revealed will, My purpose will not fail in your life.

4 January 2017.   The Father says today, let My joy be your strength.  My joy unspeakable is your portion, beloved.  My joy isn’t connected with the events around you but comes as the gift of heaven to immerse you in total bliss and an absolute sense of well-being.  Though circumstances may frown upon your life and situations seem bleak and pointless refuse to focus on that perspective.  Rather look to the throne.  Look to My heart and My Spirit to buoy you and lift you up out the distraction of the mundane and let your heart soar to heights unknown.  In My joy you can find the strength to manifest on the boughs of your spirit the fruit of gentleness, kindness and love when everyone else has lost all composure.  My joy will keep you functioning as a part of the solution and not part of the problem until deliverance comes.

Realize this says the Father that My Kingdom – the Kingdom that I mandated that you seek above all else is righteousness, peace and joy . You are not being shallow when you seek My joy.  You are not being vapid or uninteresting when you seek peace instead of conflict.  Let My peace be the baseline – the default experience that defines who you are under all extremes.  There are those around you that know nothing of life if they are not reeling from one crisis to another.  Step off that carousel of futility and the ordinary.  Ascend into the righteousness, peace and joy that is your portion.  Pursue peace.  Seek joy.  Accept it.  Breathe in My joy and breathe out My peace when all others have lost their composure.  In so doing you will authenticate the sonship that I conferred upon you at the cross and bring over your life a canopy of favor that none can penetrate or assail.

3 January 2017.   The Father says today cooperate with My process.  Give Me some cooperation – I will give you some change.  Even as I took seven days to create the earth, know that I did so for a reason.  Could I not have waved My hand and the earth and all its glory would have sprung forth out of nothingness?  I also could have merely made man with a word from My mouth but I did not.  I acted according to a process.  I formed man and fashioned him and brought him forth as a Potter brings forth from the clay and instrument for his working.  This is My anointed process says the Father.  You have cried out to Me for outcome and My answer is to offer you a process.  I offer you an opportunity to come alongside and cooperate with what I AM doing in the earth and in your life, individually.

When I said, My yoke is easy and My burden is light – that implies  process.  I didn’t say “just lean back and watch as I pile on all the benefits and blessings”.  You are not just called to be a recipient you are called to be a disciple.  The yoke is easy but it IS a yoke.  The burden is light but it IS a burden.  What will be your response to this?  Others are waiting and watching and scanning the horizon WAITING upon what I have invited them to WALK into.  Make it your determination today to be as Enoch and WALK into your perfection.  Walk into what others who have rejected My process are standing around WAITING ON.  You have a destiny crafted by My hand – step into it this day.

2 January 2017.   The Father says today, this year the high call will be accomplished in your life.  This year, says the Father, I call upon you to pour out your life as a drink offering in service to the Kingdom.  You have prayed, cried and declared that you would be THAT ONE who would serve, THAT ONE who would allow Me to spend you, allow Me to bend you to My will.  I heard that prayer when you said “LORD, you can have all of Me…” and this day I take you up on the offer.  This year, I receive the sacrifice.  I call you oh My beloved, says the Father, to run after Me and to run the way of My commandments.  You said “Father, draw Me and I will pursue…” and to you I say “come”.  Come and see where I dwell.  Come and see what the casual and those tepid in their faith will never know.

The inner court is open, says the Father, to all who are hungering for more than what religious infrastructure can give.  To all those who are thirsting and will not be satisfied with the saccharine libations of unenlightened men, who have mistaken charisma for anointing and license for My favor.  Come My beloved.  Come and see.  Come and sit at the table I have prepared for you.  Set aside the casual and the careless ways of the false professors and become truly Mine in a measure that goes beyond all that you have ever offered on My altars.  Allow Me to make you salt in the earth.  Allow Me to make you light to those who sit in darkness.  To all who are thirsting and all who are longing for the inner court I say, come.

1 January 2017.   The Father says today this is a year that I AM establishing liberty, allowance and concession in your life.  This is a level of recognizance and responsibility you haven’t walked in before.  It has the potential for great blessing and advancement.  It also carries with it the inherent potential for being responsible – personally responsible for every choice you make and every path you take.  This is what EDENIC authority looks like.  The right to eat from the tree of life that I AM and the right as well to listen to the subtlety of the serpent.  This is not fruit that you want to bear fruit in your life.  Listen to My voice and abide in the vine that I AM.  Live out of your sheep nature and not the goat nature of the man of sin and you will not be misdirected.

Resolve this day says the Father step out of all victimhood, all sense of deprivation, demand or self-referral.  Refuse to feel sorry for yourself.  Refuse to level blame every again.  Every instance of blame leveling is another chain on your ankle to keep you from what I have for you.  Set your affection on things above.  Let yourself – your entire being attenuate in your mind, your emotional even all your heart upon the throne.  You are where your attention takes you.  No more excuses. No more looking back at the things of the past as a justification for fracture in your present or hopelessness looking forward.  No more looking back. Let go.  Turn away from the past.  Choose the THRONE LIFE that is your portion.  You cannot turn to Me and to your past at the same time.  Put your hand to the plow of THIS potential I AM activating in your now and DON’T LOOK BACK.  No man putting his hand to the plow of My promise and looking back is fit for the Kingdom.  This day I free you up to prepare to pursue.  Pursue your heart, your dreams, desires.  The ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  All you need is the permission slip and I grant you that latitude this day.


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The Father Says Today – January 2017 — 1 Comment

  1. Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden, I am in the place of inability to make a choice and take a direction, as you spoke on 22 January 2017. As of that very date I have been in the Army for 20 years and I am at the place of staying in 4 more years or retire at 20 years. Please lift me up in prayer concerning my decision. I want to hear from God in which direction to go.