The Father Says Today – January 2019

Daily prophecy for January 2019, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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January 24, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM pouring My refreshing out upon you today.  There is a sound of an abundance of rain.  You may only see the faintest glimmer of hope, but the inundation of My blessing is upon you.  Move in expectation.  Delight in anticipation.  Go ahead and dance in advance, for My Word is true and My Promise is sure.  You will not be disappointed.  No more hope deferred and no more heartsick.  This is the time, and this is the hour that changes the world and changes your life.  You have run with the footmen, and now you will move with the horsemen and outdistance all the opposition that has come against you to hold you back and to keep you from My best and highest benefit.

Hold fast to the promise.  Those things that you have been assured of and those prophetic words that were spoken, they will come to pass, and they will not lie.  This is faith’s highest conquest in your life.  This is when the substance of your confidence becomes manifest substance.  As you have delighted in Me, so I will come to you and I will sup with you at the table spread for you in the presence of your enemies.  No more delay and no more denial.  The mocker will be silenced by the magnitude of My outpouring of favor and answered prayer.  Take this word and run with it.  Lay hold of the promise with your faith and know that no power in heaven or in the earth can successfully resist My resolute determination to draw you out of the struggle and set your feet on the rock of My purpose, even this day, says the Father.

January 23, 2019.   The Father says today, what you make happen for others, I will make happen for you.  Remember the poor. Give the unfortunate cause to praise My name on your behalf. In so doing, you establish the certainty that I will hear you in a day of trouble and deliver you from all your distresses.  When the time of crisis comes, I will preserve you and keep you alive.  Others may fall and lose it all, but you will be the blessed of the earth, and in nothing will you be delivered over to the will of your enemies.  When you are on the bed of languishing, I will strengthen you and sickness will no longer devastate or impede you in any way.  When you give to those in need, I consider it a personal loan, says the Father, and I always pay My honest debts.  I will keep you in surplus and increase you day by day as you take on My nature in being so loving that you give, even as I so loved and likewise gave My highest gift to you 2000 years ago.

Never be in fear when others speak evil of you.  I will show you mercy even when you fall short.  I will heal your backslidings and cover you in the midst of weakness.  When people opposed to you imagine vile things against you, their words will come to nothing because they are vanity.  Keep your heart set on Me.  Even when close friends turn aside and speak words of betrayal, I will uphold you, and you will thrive because of the table I have set before you in the presence of your enemies.  You will know beyond a doubt that My favor is upon you when your enemies find themselves unable to accomplish their goal to see you removed from off the earth.  Trust I say in My everlasting arms to undergird and strengthen you, even when your human strength is wholly expended.

January 22, 2019.   The Father says today, what you struggle with is not unforgivable.  The deep stain of guilt and shame is not beyond cleansing.  The power of the Cross – what I did for you on Calvary erases the most profound shame.  Receive the forgiveness offered to you 2000 years ago.  Forgive others.  Don’t look back.  Choose to move in life.  The price is paid.  The price is paid, and your prison gates stand open.  The chains now fall off that you might step out of the bondage of past failure and transgression into new life and abundant blessing.

I AM not punishing you, says the Father.  Had punishment been My aim, I could have vaporized humanity in a moment of time at any given point in history.  I take no pleasure in suffering regardless of the obscenities taught in My name to the contrary.  I AM the personification of love. It’s who I am and what I do.  If love is not My posture toward you, My word would be a lie.  Accept the clemency of My mercies toward you. A ll consequences are now commuted in the depths of My loving kindness.  Receive forgiveness and forgive yourself.  Ignore the pointed finger no matter who the source is, for My love is all that determines what happens next in your life.

January 21, 2019.   The Father says today, let patience bring you through the process.  Love, faith, and patience are the trifecta of the believer’s maturity and that which I AM working in your life to bring you into your blessing place.  I have heard your cry, and I AM bringing you out of sorrow and chaos into a position of stability and assurance.  Your life from this day forward will be marked by forward momentum, for I am not a God of stagnation,  I AM a loving Father who causes your feet to be swift on the path that leads to deliverance.  Understand that I work through process to bring you to outcome.  Even when others testify to instantaneous miracles, the broader narrative is that which led up to those miracles.  I AM not holding out on you, but I AM working on a timetable that requires patient continuance in well doing till you receive all that you have cried out to Me for.

Know that the very hairs of your head are numbered, says the Father.  Know that while you cannot add one cubit to your stature, that I can make you ten foot tall and bulletproof.  The enemy may rage and come against you with many threats, but you can trust that regardless of his braggadocio, he fears who you are in Me.  He knows that because I live on the inside of you, he has no hope of destroying or taking your life.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy – he will leave with his tail between his legs because you put your trust in Me.  This is My delight, and this is My heart toward you beloved, so rest and trust, for the end of the thing will come forth in many blessings with abundant reward.

January 20, 2019.   The Father says today, trim your words in the midst of conflict.  Your tongue is a rudder that steers the trajectory of your life.  The enemy delights to provoke unguarded speech.  Remember that negativity and pessimism quench faith and derail the process that I AM working around you to bring you into favor and blessing.  If that means you answer accusation and criticism with silence, then so be it.  Words of unbelief and murmuring work like tentacles of captivity to bring men’s souls down into hell.  That is not My plan for you.  I AM a good God and a loving Father.  Align your speech with that expectation, and you will never be disappointed.

In this season, I AM taking the measure of your mortality, for all of your days are but a handbreadth in the context of eternity.  Your investments proceed and extend beyond the scant time that you spend here on earth.  You are more than the sum total of your time on earth, and the energies of My glory available to you are more than enough to overcome the laughably inadequate assaults of the enemy against you.  Stay in the place of peace.  Never let the enemy or his cohorts rob you of joy.  Tears of frustration may come, but in the end, it is My faithfulness that determines what happens next in your life.

January 19, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM your hope for My ear is open to your cry.  When friends and close family turn aside, I AM ever near as the friend that sticks closer than a brother.  The snares that men have laid for you are being exposed, and the mischief they planned against you will take them in their own deceits.  There is no need to defend yourself or to insist that your voice be heard among men.  I AM here.  I AM your defense and I AM your defender.  When your foot slips on the path, I AM there to snatch you to safety.  I will come suddenly into the midst, and all that darkness and evil that bays at your door like a hound will be turned back, says the Father.

Make it your determination to stand willing to be corrected, even under intense pressure.  One thing you can be sure of is that your enemies will not humble themselves in their pursuit of your life.  Humility is your secret weapon.  It is the one thing that Satan cannot counterfeit for he never had any humility to begin with.  As he was a liar from the beginning, so his defeat is assured and your victory a certainty.  It doesn’t matter how lively your foes are or how many they gather on their side of the argument.  When you stand in alignment with My word and My promise, you are in the majority and will come out on the other side intact and on target for the utter and complete fulfillment of your destiny.

January 18, 2019.   The Father says today, do not be distracted by the unpunished transgressions of others.  Keep your eyes on Me and know that recompense is in My hand for the evil and the just.  Though ungodliness seems to multiply unimpeded, all such persons are as the grass, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the fire.  Make it your determination to keep yourself focused on your own life and your walk with Me from day to day.  Maintain your trust in My hand to provide and neglect not the good, for My assurance is that in so doing you will dwell in the land and not be displaced.

As you delight yourself in your relationship with Me, so I will give you the desires of your heart.  It is said that I only supply needs and not wants, but that is a lie.  Reject all such ideas regarding My alleged unwillingness to delight your heart and satisfy you with EVERY good thing.  I AM a good God and a generous benefactor.  I delight to add all things to you as you seek first the kingdom in every situation.  Face every day’s challenge with the resolve to commit your way to Me and trust that I will bring to pass every promise I have made to you.  Rest in these assurances, says the Father, and refuse to fret over the evil that appears to run unchecked in the world around you.

January 17, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM delivering you from the false mercies of the cruel.  When My lovingkindness is absent from the dealings of others with your life, know that I have called you up higher.  When you stand before men with your hat in your hand and the door is slammed in your face, fear not, neither be dismayed.  My mercy reaches you when all others turn their back, even your closest friends.  Choose not to get offended or wounded in any way.  Let the reminder be in your heart never to place your trust in man.  You are to trust Me and love people, not the other way around.  Be patient.  Keep your composure.  Do not suffer your mouth to cause your flesh to sin.  I AM here.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Remember that Job in all his trials never charged Me foolishly nor spoke with vain lips against My judgments.  You are not abandoned.  I AM not toying with you.  Dawn is about to break.

You have asked “God, what are you doing?  I don’t think I can take much more of this…”  Remember that only through tribulation and pressure do you enter the kingdom.  Press into the pressure.  Refuse to get distracted.  Refrain from expecting Me to do things differently because I’ve been at this a long, long time.  Your situation might leave you without answers, but I AM not without answers.  In fact, I AM the answer, and I AM your truth.  There is nothing more that you need to know.  Run into the high and the strong tower that is My name.  Others may grope like blind men at noonday, but you have been here before and things worked out, did they not?  Even so, deliverance is at hand when you put your trust in Me unequivocally and without reservation.  Then the clouds will part, and the darkness will flee.  Then the Daystar that I AM will arise in your heart and understanding will come that I was working in your best interests all along.

January 16, 2019.   The Father says today, strife and contention only come by pride.  Trust Me to litigate on your behalf in all the conflicts you are facing.  I will fight against those who fight against you.  When you take a posture of peace, you are not showing weakness.  Others may bare their teeth, and threaten to gnaw you limb from limb, but they don’t have the last say because they are not in charge.  When someone touches you or meddles in any area of your life, they are touching the pupil of My eye-I will react.  I will respond to defend you and to preserve you according to My promises.  Trust in this and trust in My process.  My idea of warfare is not your idea of warfare, but the end result is the same.  When you are defamed, do not return the slander.  When you are criticized, choose not to listen.  It doesn’t matter what they say (who are they anyway?), it only matters what I have said.  Lay out the accusations before Me and trust that I will bring the gavel of divine justice down in your favor.

Be gentle, says the Father.  Be peaceable in all your doings.  Return not railing for railing or accusation for accusation.  I know the path that you take.  If you try to take matters into your own hands, I will just wait until you figure out I can handle things much better than you.  My name is Helper is it not?  Then let Me help.  I know the end from the beginning.  Just stay in a spirit of humility and keep walking in love.  When Moses was opposed, he didn’t ball up his fists, he fell on his face.  When he fell on his face, the earth opened up and swallowed his adversaries.  All flesh is as grass and dust only begets dust.  I will occupy your enemies elsewhere.  When I get through with them, they will not have time to put their minds on what you are doing.  Their hands will be full with other matters.  Sometimes I will even bless them away from you.  Are you willing for Me to do that?  What is the difference if you get relief either way?  This is how I get things done, and your peace will be increased, and your sleep will be sweet as soon as you come into cooperation with what I AM doing in your situation and no longer attempting to solve things on your own.

January 15, 2019.   The Father says today, let your praise and your worship be imbued with the freshness of heaven.  The songs of yesterday have their place, but I have put a new song in your heart.  I created you as a being whose heart and inner core are entirely permeable to music and song.  Your very human spirit is an instrument of music far more beautiful and subtle than the sweetest refrain on the most refined instrumentation man can make.  When I draw near to you by My presence, your spirit vibrates to My frequency. Just as the doorposts of My throne room resonate and smoke at the sound of My voice, so your inner man reverberates in response to the words of My mouth.

Receive the resonance of heaven in your heart today.  Never allow the disharmony of the sounds of the fallen environment around you to draw you down or to dampen your spirit.  I have called you to higher things.  You are not a creature of the earth, earthly – you are a creature of the heavenly, formed and fashioned to reflect My glory in ways the most senior angel in My encampment could never do.  Rise up to your full purpose.  Open your mouth and sing the songs of the Spirit not written by human hand or in any meter that human instrumentation may orchestrate.  My glory is within you.  It is in you and flowing out from you into your surroundings.  This is where the joy that is My Kingdom and the peace that is My Kingdom originates, and it is your full portion by My hand this day.

January 14, 2019.   The Father says today, receive the forgiveness of heaven this day.  Transgression is a fact of life in a fallen world.  My heart toward you is not to condemn but to forgive and to heal.  Make it your determination to forgive yourself.  As it is in forgiving others who have offended you, forgiving yourself is a layered discipline.  You may walk free in one season only to be weighed down by condemnation in the next.  Do not allow the weeds and brambles of self-hatred to choke out the tender shoots of My lovingkindness.  Receive the healing balm of My Spirit that restores and mends your soul where the scars of condemnation have marred your inner man.  Forgive, release and bless others.  Forgive, release and allow yourself to receive the blessing of heaven.

David was a man after My heart but conspired to commit murder and to steal another man’s wife.  He came to a point in his life that he experienced My compassion extended to him and forgiveness was appropriated.  You may feel you have erred and transgressed beyond recovery but take heart.  This day I commend you in the midst of your failings to the depth, the breadth and the height of My love.  When you come to Me without excuse, when you come to Me without accusation toward others, I readily lay the robe of righteousness upon your shoulders and place the signet of My acceptance upon your finger.  Be forgiven.  Be released.  Receive freely what others are so reticent to extend to you-even yourself.  This day I free you from condemnation and rejection.  This day I restore you to full fellowship with Me, says the Father.

January 13, 2019.   The Father says today, when you put your trust in Me, you will never be ashamed.  Because I live on the inside of you, failure is not an option.  As you listen to my voice and respond to leadership,  I will always cause you to move into triumph, victory and deliverance.  When I assess your eligibility for the petitions of your heart and the longing of your cry, I don’t look at your past, I look to the cross and the righteousness provided for you by the purchase price of Calvary.  What religion demands that you earn by moral striving is freely given in the crimson flow poured out for you two thousand years ago.  My ear is acutely attuned to the longing of your inmost desire.  Allow me to refine and bring you into My image as a beloved child of a loving Father, even this day.

So realize that it is a waste of time to try to talk Me into answering you or to somehow, by eloquent prayer, overcome My reluctance to act in your defense.  All of My promises are already yes and amen before you ever ask.  I AM bringing you out of the net that the enemy laid to snare you.  The pit prepared to hold you captive, they will fall into themselves and you will walk free.  This is My policy toward you continually, even when you make mistakes and get it wrong.  That is what unconditional love is and what I do.  Align your thinking with this understanding of My loving kindness and you will better understand My mind toward you and yes, toward those around you as well.

January 12, 2019.   The Father says today, allow My voice to be the touchstone of every decision you make.  Your life moves forward in dependency on My voice, just as a locomotive moves forward on rails and tracks laid for it.  The path is sure.  The way is clear.  There is no variance of deviation.  This is the path of progress for your life and the proceeding word that takes you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  My voice guards you from behind and goes before you to splinter and destroy every impediment and obstacle set against you by the enemy.  I AM shaking, says the Father, and I AM bringing change, not to harm you but to establish you and place your feet on firm footing for the days ahead.

Let your temple, the temple that you are in your person be filled with My glory.  Let My truth and My words be the dominant narrative of your life hour by hour and minute by minute.  Refuse to contaminate yourself with thoughts that do not originate in Me.  The opinions of men are vanity.  The suggestions of unenlightened counselors will only bring you to dust and ashes.  Build each day on the foundation that I AM in your life.  Seek counsel that resonates with My anointing and My glory.  Be willing to step out in faith believing that I will uphold you and cause your feet to be like hind’s feet on high places.  You are not diminishing, you are increasing.  You are not faltering, you are advancing.  The day is yours, and the battle is won as you listen to and heed My voice, says the Father.

January 11, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM drawing you out of many waters.  The enemy will have no cause for rejoicing over you for I AM holding you up and supporting you in the midst of opposition.  As you cry out to Me, so I will bring My curative Spirit over you like a fresh wind.  I will repair, and I will restore you to wholeness and strength.  I will open your grave and cause you to come out of the rut that life has been for you of late.  I will put your feet on a sure path of forward momentum and all stagnation will be broken.  The gates of brass and bars of iron that have held you back are now destroyed.  The open door I have placed before you is that which no man can shut.  This is the nature and the character of My favor toward you, says the Father.  I have accepted you in a time appointed, and I choose in My sovereignty to delight over you in conspicuous ways that the enemy will see and howl in disapproval because I refuse to allow him to touch your life, for you are as the pupil of My eye.

I will place you at ease, says God, and in that place, I will give you permanent residence.  Say in your heart “I shall not be moved…” I will cause you to stand firm and I will erect around you an impregnable barrier to the assaults of hell against you.  This level of favor isn’t what the counsels of the uninformed have always taught, but as to the law and the testimony if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no life in them.  I place no premium on suffering.  Suffering is not My choice for you.  Why would I send My Son to the cross in your behalf if it were not so?  I find no profit if you go down to the pit.  If your life becomes dust and ashes, what advantage to My Kingdom is that?  Shall the dust praise Me?  Will devastation declare My truth?  Hear My voice, says the Father, for My words over you are words of mercy and loving-kindness this day.  This day I have turned your mourning into dancing and taken far away from you all despair and heartbreak.

January 10, 2019.   The Father says today, you are coming out of the pit, for I have heard your cry.  The voice of your supplication and your petition this day resonates in My holy oracle.  Your uplifted hands are being strengthened by angel warriors on the right hand and on the left.  The wicked speak peace, peace as though they were your neighbor, but I will frustrate the devices whereby they have laid in wait to destroy.  I will bring you out of the snare and they will fall into the pit they dug for your downfall.  They will be destroyed, and they will never again be built up on your borders or within your boundaries.

Because your regard was toward Me in the midst of your suffering, I have this day cleansed you and sanctioned the steps of your feet.  My strength is your strength, says the Father, and as a shield, so My favor surrounds you.  Because your heart trusts in Me, I will be your helper, for I AM not the originator of disappointment, neither AM I the author of downturn or dismay.  Rejoice this day, I say to you and let your song be heard.  Praise Me with your whole heart without speculation or conjecture because your outcome is assured, and your rescue is immediate, says the Father.

January 9, 2019.   The Father says today, My fear is clean.  Every other fear arises from an unclean spirit.  This day I AM your light and your salvation. Who will take from you what I have most assuredly given?  Refuse to relinquish your peace, for My Kingdom is peace.  Refuse to surrender your joy, for My Kingdom is joy.  Never allow the enemy or circumstances to rob you of your sense of entitlement as My beloved child.  It doesn’t matter what things look like as a snapshot of a particular moment.  I AM the God who knows the end from the beginning no matter what takes place.  Meanwhile, you will come out on the other side without even the smell of smoke on your garments.

I AM the fourth man in your fire, says the Father.  I AM the ram caught in the thicket.  The price is paid, and the way is made clear.  Move forward not on explanations, rationale or man’s idea of what happens next.  Be willing to be clueless.  This day I will lead you forth with joy and cause you to go forth with peace.  You are this day in the fast lane of circumstances orchestrated by My hand.  Despair not.  Refuse to form the opinion that things aren’t working out for your good, for that is the perspective of impatience and surrender to what is in place of what I AM about to bring about.  Be careful about nothing. In everything give thanks.  Expect the unexpected and know that I AM in the midst of even the bleakest situation working out your highest good.

January 8, 2019.   The Father says today, you need not fear My judgments.  When I paid the price on the cross for your sins, I became in My person your righteousness, your sanctification, and your redemption.  This is who I AM, and this is who you wake up to every morning.  I AM both your examiner and I AM your qualifier.  Your qualifications are in Me.  Your approval is in Me.  Your acceptance is in Me.  When I look at you, I see the Lamb as He had been slain from the foundation of the world, and in the seeing, divine justice is completely satisfied.

There is therefore now no need for fig leaf religion to somehow make you good enough or obedient enough.  This was never my choice for Adam and it is never my choice for you.  When I saw man’s transgression, I came walking in the cool of the day by My voice and by My Spirit to solve the problem.  My presence, and as you seek my presence every day, in a very real way you will be changed.  So, no more hiding, no more playing hide and seek.  Come boldly, for when you see Me you’ll be like Me with no need of any human agency or intermediary to pronounce you clean, for I AM your all sufficiency.

January 7, 2019.   The Father says today, the earth is mine and the fullness thereof.  I AM not withholding from you.  Every suggestion otherwise is merely a well crafted lie.  I say to you that no good thing will I withhold as you choose deliberately to walk uprightly before Me.  As I founded the earth and the seas, so I AM the foundation under your life, even in this situation today.  I AM not moving the floods, rather I AM establishing you ON the floods.  Your understanding of that and acceptance of that opens the avenue of ascension to My very throne.  It’s a governmental invitation freely available to you now.

Make it your decision to exclude all vanity and deceit from your decisions day by day.  In so doing, I will cause you to become the envy of those around you who have no current interest in my so great a salvation.  My glory, yes, my glory will be a covering over you in the storm and will pool at your feet as a reservoir of supply to meet every need.  I will bless you and entitle you in areas where you have felt excluded before.  Say in your heart that you are not the EXCLUDED, but you are the INCLUDED and the ENTITLED.  In this, your head will be lifted up and your shoulders will no longer slump in despondency, says the Father.  The doors are already opened . You aren’t waiting on the door to open.  You actually are in your person a door open to every good thing that I AM willingly pouring out right now.

January 6, 2019.   The Father says today, let’s do this the easy way, shall we?  My heart toward you and My plan is to make you lie down in the pastures of My preparation.  You do understand what that word “make” implies?  I AM going to stretch you out hand and foot and cause you to sit and cause you to rest.  If you could see and understand what the future holds, then you would know that at this time you would choose not to be busy, because it is of utmost importance that you gather your strength for the days ahead.  The cost of not doing so is entirely unnecessary, but it does exist.  It is not My choice to see value extracted from your life, but it is of paramount importance that you take a breath and choose deliberately to settle into the secret place and the safe place where rest is assured and the still waters of My refreshing run deep enough to satisfy your greatest longing.

When the valley of the shadow looms large in your situation, bear in mind that you are walking THROUGH, not CAMPING there.  The resurrection life that courses in your being will light the way and put it behind you sooner than you might think.  The table I have prepared will present itself just at the time when you are famished in your soul not knowing if you can go on.  I’m not tormenting you.  I AM not even testing you.  I AM merely allowing you to feel your dependence on Me so that when total victory is yours and I put your foot in the neck of your enemies, you will know it isn’t in your strength these things have come about but only in your dependence upon Me in all things.

January 5, 2019.   The Father says today, I have not forsaken you.  The blow aimed at you fell upon Me two thousand years ago.  The price is paid.  All is forgiven.  I say to you go free from the snare of the fowler.  I AM holding you safe in My everlasting arms.  The scourge that flies by day and the pestilence by night will not come near you because I interposed Myself between you and the consequences of calamity centuries ago.  You have permission to trust and permission to rest.  That isn’t what others tell you because they want to put you to flight as though to control what happens next in your life.  Leave them to Me.  They give themselves a clemency they refuse to extend to you, and as such I will take care of that as regarding your situation.

Do you trust Me, says the Father?  Then let Me take it from here.  Just choose to praise Me in the night seasons.  As Paul and Silas praised Me when their feet were held fast in the stocks and the stripes on their backs were still bleeding.  Even so, praise Me and the prison house of your circumstance will be shaken, and you will go free.  It’s who I AM and what I do.  As you have cried to Me, so will you be delivered.  As you have called out for answers, so you will not be confounded.  Those that laughed you to scorn will see My lovingkindness toward you for I will cause you to hope as when you suckled your mother’s breast.  Though they gape upon you with their mouths, know that I AM your defender and will bring you out intact and on target for a full manifestation of destiny in your life.

January 4, 2019.   The Father says today, I rejoice in your strength. Keeping you weak or downtrodden has nothing to do with My plans for you.  I know you are facing challenges.  What I want you to understand is that we play till you win.  The race is not to the swift or the battle to the fierce.  I will bring you across the finish line to claim your garland of victory because of who I AM on the inside of you.  Others may hold you in light esteem but realize this; I AM not willing to do the things in the earth that I AM going to do without you involved.  There is a call, and there is a plan.  True enough you don’t understand all that I have in mind, but understanding is highly overrated.  My promise is that you will go out with peace and be led forth with joy.  Peace, My peace will put you in the fast lane of My purposes and take you where understanding, explanations and common sense will never go.

Go out then knowing that I AM the sinew in your strength and the wind in your wings.  You will mount up above every obstacle as you hold fast to My promise.  Refuse to be talked out of the words of assurance I have released to you in times past.  War good warfare by the prophecies that went out over you and if you don’t have any prophecy, by all means, go out and get one.  I gave the office of the prophet to provoke you to the high places of the earth.  Believe the prophets, so shall you prosper – not because they make everything happen for you but because they bring to life My voice on the inside of you in such a way that you lift off like an orbital vehicle, leaving the past behind and pressing into the heights where the crown of victory awaits all those who keep their hopes intact and their eyes on Me.

January 3, 2019.   The Father says today, as I hear you in a day of rejoicing, so I also listen to you in the day of trouble.  I hear your voice and will not turn My ear from your cry.  I will defend you and I won’t delay in doing it.  That’s who I am and what I do.  You are coming out of the furnace of affliction without even the smell of soot on your testimony.  My hand is prompt to come to your aid, of that you may be sure.  Go ahead and plan for what things will look like on the other side of what you are facing.  This great trial and heavy affliction in days to come will be nothing more than a minor footnote in your personal history of My faithfulness and loving kindness toward you.

Say in your heart that you are the favored of a loving Father.  Expect prompt relief in a miraculous way.  My eye is not dim, neither is My heart unmoved.  I AM not some aloof or distant Being unaffected by what you are going through.  Trust Me for the outcome.  All of your days are written in My book and not one of them is a tragedy or a sad tale of hopes dashed or dreams crushed.  Silence the voice of unbelief within your heart.  Refuse to panic or to lean on the arm of flesh which will fail you every time.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  I will respond with much more than warm wishes and empty promises.  I will deliver you, and I AM delivering you and that right quickly, says the Father to His beloved.

January 2, 2019.   The Father says today, listen for My voice that speaks in the silence between your thoughts.  Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals My knowledge.  My voice in the day speaks wisdom to instruct you regarding what comes next and how you should conduct yourself in the midst of the challenge.  In the night seasons, I address those areas of your life that are stagnant and in need of correction.  Be open to hearing My voice whenever I choose to speak and however I choose to make Myself known to you.  Anything that makes you do a double take, ask yourself what I AM saying and what I AM making known to protect you and keep you from unseen detriments ahead.  If you will listen and refine your ear to My voice, nothing will escape your attention that you need to know.

There is no need to seek beyond the acoustics of your inner man to know of a surety I have spoken so apparently that you can stake your life on what you do next.  Listen intently and wait for confirmation.  I never expect you to step out on an obscure or unclarified leading.  Acting on vague direction is not stepping out in faith.  Do you understand that I hold you accountable to hear My voice?  If I hold you accountable to listen to My voice, then it follows that I hold Myself responsible for seeing to it that you have heard Me unmistakably.  I will repeat Myself to you in so many ways and at so many levels that you would have to deny your salvation to deny I have told you exactly what to do, how to do it and when.  Then your timing will be impeccable, for you will know what is coming without error because you are My sheep and assuredly know My voice.

January 1, 2019.   The Father says today, I AM your strength for the journey.  I AM your Rock when no other safety can be found.  I AM in My person the impregnable fortress keeping you safe and preserving everything that pertains to your life.  I AM your Deliverer and your deliverance.  I AM both the process and the outcome.  What man cannot do and what others have promised and failed to deliver is available right now by My hand on the occasion of your faith-filled cry.  When you feel trapped as though all is lost, make a break for the strong tower that I AM.  The arrows of the enemy will not find you.  Those that lie in wait for you will be caught in the very snares that they have laid in your path.

This day, the sorrows of hell are dissipating in your life, says God. Lift up your head and lay aside the garments of mourning and despair.  My voice is sounding out as a horn of salvation from the temple that you are as My habitation.  The crafty and the sly will fall under the blow that they have planned for you in the secret counsels.  Their purposes will come to nothing, but the path of your feet will be established and secure.  Though the shaking is severe and the fires are raging all around you, this is only the work of My hand to unseat the enemy from the ground that I have ordained for you to take as one who has moved from authority to authorization in My Kingdom this very day.


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