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31 July 2013:   The Father says today that in the STILLNESS is the KNOWING.  The enemy sets up an environment of constant input and distraction in order to draw your thoughts away from My presence.  You are where your attention takes you and THERE I will be.  I am bringing you to the entering in place of deep calling to deep.  The whale song of My Spirit is calling out to that part of you that only thrives in the deep places of My Presence . I will not leave you gasping on the shore.  I will take you to Myself and in the deeps beyond the distractions of natural things will I commune with you.

I will commune with you says the Father and I will be known to you as I am known . I will expose you to the original extract of My person . I will fully immerse you in the waters of intimacy that religious thinking only mocks at.  They have stood obstructing you.  They won’t enter in and will not suffer anyone else to enter in.  Depart from their ranks says the Father.  What they will add to your life will not bring you closer to Me.  Come away My beloved and I will make you to eat of the Hidden Manna.  You will drink water from the Rock.  You will survive and thrive in the environment of My Deep says the Father.

30 July 2013:   The Father says today that this is another day of ascending the heights and passing through the mists of My Glory.  You are passing through the mists of obscurity into a place of clarity and understanding.  You have asked for deeper understanding and because you have asked it is given to you to know.  The difference between a follower and a disciple is the asking.  The casual and uninterested will gaze off in disinterested boredom but you have asked and because you have asked I will feed you of the Manna, even the Hidden Manna in the secret place of My Spirit.

Turn this day to Me with renewed vigor and in the turning I will meet you and bring you to My pavilion.  I will take you behind the lattice and though you be unclothed I will clothe you with My glory and place a ring of authority on your hand.  Your petition will be heard and responded to.  I will bring you to the secret place where prayers are heard and answered.  I will bring you to the place that the casual and self-interested are turned away from.  There is a place here by Me says the Father. Take off your shoes from your feet for this is Holy Ground.

29 July 2013:   The Father says today that acts of faith involve risk and vulnerability.  Fear not says the Father.  Know that the choices before you in the natural may seem daunting and unrealistic to the natural man but I am with you.  I am with you says the Father to put you over and to add My ability to your extremity.  When your energy and wisdom expire I will be there to extend Myself into your challenge and circumstance to bring about that which I have promised.

I promised you an outcome says the Father.  I made a promise and I will make good on My word for failure is not an option.  Trust Me.  Trust the outcome that I revealed to you in the beginning and know that nothing that has transpired in your life will preclude the fulfillment of the vision that I have made plain in your heart.  This is My time says the Father therefore it is YOUR time.  It is your time of accomplishment and blessing and the performance of all that I have assured will come to pass in your life.

28 July 2013:   The Father says today that I will recompense My Son in the earth even in YOUR EARTH says the Father.  I will see to it by My eternal and inexorable purpose that the Cross will pay its dividends into your life as healing, provision and salvation to the full. I will not short change or rob My own Son by failing to manifest My faithfulness IN FULL in your behalf for HIS SAKE.  So look up says the Father for there is nothing to earn or to acquire for My Son made FULL ACQUISITION for you on the tree of every promise and every provision.

Let your confidence and your assurance today be upon the shed blood of Calvary says the Father.  The blood of My son is not anemic to save.  The efficacy of the blood of Christ does not need to be augmented by your good works or religious striving.  There IS power in the blood after all says the Father . Power to heal.  Power to save.  Power to turn even the hardest hearts and most difficult situations to your favor and blessing.

So REST TODAY in the efficacy of the blood of the Only Begotten says the Father.  Set aside all religious striving and moralizing for all such foolishness is vanity and bondage.  I have not bound you to obey but rather I have released you to fulfill.  I call you Mine and I will produce in you My Character and provide to you every dividend that the cross affords to put you over and bring you to the complete fulfillment of My destiny in your life.

27 July 2013:    The Father says today that your maturity is upon you.  There is a growing up time even as I said in My word “this will we do if God permit…”  This is a moment and a time to make room in your heart and life for the full measure of the stature of the Christ in the earth.  This growing up is both a process and an experience at the same time says the Father.  A growing up process necessitates a growing up experience.  Your days of child custody are coming to a close.  I am bringing you out from under tutors and governors and putting you on your own recognizance in your walk with Me.

There are things you have looked to others for says the Father but I declare to you that it is now time to rise up and prepare for yourself and for those around you.  Those who have nurtured you and guided you have others for whom they must do likewise.  You are NO MORE a child says the Father but one who is growing into the FULL measure of WHO I AM and WHO I purpose to be in your life!  In YOUR life and not in the life of another says the Father.  So let your dependence be upon Me and WHO I am on the inside of you and this maturity – this new maturity will BOUND you and DEFINE your faith and LAUNCH you to NEW authority says your God.

26 July 2013:   The Father says today that I made man’s mouth and in your mouth I placed the creative energy that formed the earth and cast it into the shining universe to reflect My glory.  Yes I gave you the power of speech says the Father.  I gave you the power of speech even articulate speech that you might release and articulate my authority over all the power of the enemy.

I gave you the power of speech that you might release from your heart My creative power to shape your environment to express my blessing.  So open your mouth wide says the Father!   Did I not say out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?  My glory rests within you.  Even the glory that I placed in your heart will be released in your life through the words of your mouth.

Speak life today says the Father.  Speak life and not death . Speak liberty and not bondage.  Speak provision and not poverty.  Let your words be words of audacious confidence and expectation.  Let your words be words of anticipation that the full spectrum of my blessing that I paid for on the cross will be made manifest in your life even this day says the Father for this is the day of my blessing, this is the day I will be found faithful your behalf.

25 July 2013:   The Father says today follow cloud of My Spirit.  The cloud of My Spirit is upon you and you will witness it and sense and see it with new eyes and as a new experience.  Though man has walked the earth for millennia yet in your behalf I will do a new thing.  I will do a new thing in your life and all who know you will look and wonder.  They think they have you all figured out and that there are no surprises to be found in you.

Bah ha ha!

I am thundering from on high in your life says the Father.  I am renewing your strength from the treasuries of My abundance.  I am clothing you with the best robe and placing the signet of My authority on you.  Look up!  Look up says the Father and rejoice for old things are passed away and all things are become new.  You will walk with Me in newness today says the Father and in newness you shall serve Me and in newness you shall find the renewed anointing for all that I have called you to from time immemorial.

24 July 2013:   The Father says today that I am come to wash your feet this day.  Religious chicanery delights to step on toes and run roughshod over you when you are hurting.  That is not My Spirit nor is that My nature says the Father.  I am meek and lowly.  I am generous of heart and quick to forgive every offense.  Come unto Me and receive the washing.  I have girded Myself with the towel of a servant. This day I will be the porter who will cleanse you of all unrighteousness and shortcoming.

Peter of old bade Me to wash his hands and his head as well but it was only necessary to wash his feet.  For if you will allow Me to cleanse your WALK and cause you to WALK with Me – then every other necessary cleansing will take place.

The heart of man is deceitfully wicked and none can know it says the Father.  Yet it is your heart where I purpose to take up residence.  Walk with Me in the pavilions of your inner man and know the sweet society of My presence with you at all times.  Even when you fail and fall short I am there says the Father.  There is no need for a fig leaf of religion or an excuse for failure.  I know your frame. I know you are but dust.  Yet it is from that dust of carnality I am raising you up a NEW CREATURE in My image to ascend into the full stature of My mercy and grace in your life even this day.

23 July 2013:    The Father says today that I have known you from the beginning and there is nothing in you that gives Me pause or consideration to repent that I sent the Only Begotten to purchase you to Myself. Reject the condemnation of the enemy today says the Father. Know that I pity you as a Father pities His children and I will in nothing disappoint or deny you entrance into the full measure and scope of My blessing and purpose in your life.

You are accepted in the Beloved says the Father. You are sealed with the seal that was affixed to your forehead before the foundations of the world were laid. The cup of blessing is before you this day! Drink you all of it says the Father and allow all it implies to activate in you the full benefit of what Calvary affords both in this life and in the life to come!

22 July 2013:   The Father says today this is a day to dispose of human measure and human strength!  This is the hour to cast your all upon Me and know that I will never fail or disappoint you in any way.  Let the inspiration of My Spirit so take charge and custody of you that it becomes a reality that you are no longer your own but you are bought with a price even by the precious blood of Calvary.

Let there be a release in your life of all hindering attachments and loose the lines of your soul to strike sail with Me to the trackless depths of My plans and purposes for you.  I heard those prayers and I heard those cries as you released yourself to My Lordship.  I am come to lay claim to the real estate of your heart says the Father and to claim the territory you relinquished to Me when you made Me your Master and Your God.

Let your heart cry out “My Lord and My God!” says the Father.  I will come into you and cause you to drink of the dregs of My fullness and to eat of the Hidden Manna reserved for that one who determines to overcome all that they might be fully mine.  This is the hour of the redemption of the purchased possession says the Father and I will be thine and you will be mine and nothing shall stand any longer to deny My inexorable purpose in blessing you beyond all comprehension.

21 July 2013:   The Father says today that I have a design for you that is greater than any human tongue or language of man can express.  My purposes for you that are working even THIS DAY are proceeding from the unutterable gushings of the heart as you cry out to Me in the inarticulate speech of My Spirit as I pray through you and rule and reign in your life through the tongue of heaven and of angels.

Let your aspiration be today even as Paul of old to pray in tongues profusely and profoundly at all times both convenient and inconvenient.   Pray with audacity and daring.  Scale the dizzying heights of hope and expectation beyond all prior calculation in your life.  Hurl yourself over the precipice of My purposes and know that I will wend you aloft on the pinions of My grace and power that you might know My mighty watch-care over you at all times.

It is time for the rams to skip and the eagles to fly aloft with brazen cries of disdain for the mundane and paltry affairs of daily consideration.  I will compel you says the Father.  I will compel you by the fire of My Spirit and the grace that proceeds from the very depths of My passion.  You are My child and I will not suffer you to be contaminated by the shallow and filthy influences of the world. You are My beloved and I am thine – COME AWAY says the Lover of Your Soul and in those seclusions above I will conceive My miracle in your life!

20 July 2013:   The Father says today that I have given you and I have given every man the measure of faith.  That faith is framing your world and recreating your being in flashes so accelerated that you cannot discern the process by any measuring device of man.  It is faith that sustains you and faith that upholds you. It is the faith I accorded you as My unconditional gift to EVERY man that projects your future by days and hours and minutes.  So train your faith upon Me and know that the faith I have given you will remove mountains and bring down obstacles and completely reshape and renew your being until your very existence will be a portion of heaven on earth to go to heaven in.

Come up higher says the Father.  Come out of the anemia of religious excuses as to why struggle comes to the human condition.  Faith is a fight.  Fight the good fight of faith.  The only good fight is the fight you win and I have already purchased for you victory over death, hell, lack, brokenness and over every oppression of the enemy.  So deploy your faith this day.  Deploy it by petition and proclamation and declaration.  Deploy your faith by praise and adora tion. Deploy your faith knowing that every faith filled prayer is a requisition of angels who are working even now to bring about your highest blessing and My greatest purpose in your life.

19 July 2013:   The Father says today that your portion is to lay aside your rights in order to walk in My entitlements.  I’ve heard your cries and yes you have been treated unfairly by others.  I wasn’t absent from the throne when you experienced the depredations of the ungodly choices of others against you.  I was not hesitating to assist you nor was I pursuing some murky religious agenda by allowing you to suffer.

Let it go says the Father.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless.  Move on.  I have called you to higher things.  Come away from the feedlot of resentment and forsake the husks of bitter disappointment for they can never satisfy.  Empty yourself of all protestations of self.  Unclench your fist and allow Me to fill your hands and your heart with the full measure of My goodness.

This is your day says the Father.  The past is an insubstantial vapor that can only harm or hold you because you have placed your attention upon it.  Let go even this day the things that are behind and become a PRESSING IN son and daughter in pursuit of the just portion I have laid up for you this day.  It is a new day with new mercies.  Whatever things may look like from a human perspective know that this day I make all things new and give you a clean opportunity to ascend into My grace and forgiveness.

18 July 2013:   The Father says today that I have sealed you with the Holy Spirit of promise.  I have sealed My promise within you and I have sealed out the curse and influence of the enemy.  I have sealed you with a hermetically perfect seal that the enemy cannot breach.  Do you understand this says the Father?  The enemy cannot penetrate that which I have sealed against him!  You are the SEALED BY MY SPIRIT!

I have sealed you and placed the signet of My name dipped in the crimson preciousness of the blood of the son.  You are impenetrable!  You are impregnable in this world from the contamination of the enemy.  I have placed behind that seal in the depths of your heart My cleansing word.  My words spoken to you are cleansing and purifying you into the pristine likeness of My character and My person.

I have sealed My power within and you are thereby self contained without need of any resource beyond that which I provided when I ascended up on high and led captivity captive.  You come behind in no grace and no gift this day says the Father.  So quit agreeing with the lack mentality and short coming viewpoint of the natural man and ascend into the fullness of My reflection in your life.  I have sealed you to Myself and sealed Myself in the inner reaches of your spirit man that I have THIS DAY taken up as My renewed habitation!

17 July 2013:   The Father says today that I am the Author and the Framer and the Finisher of your life.  Just as I formed the worlds through My faith I likewise formed your life by My hand.  In every minute detail and nuance I planned your days and wrote them in a book before the foundation of the world.  I don’t do anything half-way says your Father.  When I wrote the tablets of your life I wrote expansively and magnanimously to bring to you every blessing in every season past, present and future.

So reject even this day the bleak picture the dark one would cast before you.  He may attempt to mar the epistle of your life but just as My word stands and the enemy has been unable to destroy the scriptures through the millennia, even so My plan for your life stands and will not be overthrown or stamped out.  I am writing the enemy out of the script of your life by the blood-stained pen of the cross of Calvary.  Your life will be framed and shaped by the heaven-born hopes of a redeemed child of God.

Look up says the Father.  Look up in expectation.  See the vaulted ceilings of beauty and life and blessing that I have erected over your present circumstances.  On those ceilings you will see the masterpiece works of expectation and a bright future.  In your behalf I expended all of heaven’s energies and creativity to give you something to live for and be glad that you draw breath in My kingdom.  It’s a new day says the Father. Rejoice and know that I am with you in it.

16 July 2013:   The Father says today that the cup I have for you to drink is not the cup of suffering.  I took that cup and drank it to the dregs at Gethsemane.  There is no purpose or intent of My heart to repeat in your life any shadow or semblance of the agonies I endured at Calvary.  I went to Calvary as your mediator and your substitute and I paid in full for the amelioration of all suffering and lack and deprivation over your life.  So My child you may put your full faith and confidence in My promise for in My word I have left NO AMBIGUITY of purpose to bring you life and that more abundantly.

Did I not say in My word that My cup of remembrance is a cup of blessing?  For in that cup I have place the tincture of My MASTER PROMISE to thereby BE YOUR LORD and YOUR GOD.  You are not alienated from Me in any way for in the New Birth I have reconciled you on the basis of Who I AM and what I DID for you two millennia ago.  Therefore the CUP of Blessing that I bless you with is a transformative distillate that establishes you as the recipient of NATIVE ENTITLEMENT to the FULL BLESSING of My covenant in your behalf!  So My child lay CLAIM to your inheritance this day and your citizenship rights for they are yours to enjoy to the complete removal of the curse of the enemy against you in every way.

15 July 2013:   The Father says today that My unmitigated goodness will pass before you today.  I have ordained you to be a herald to proclaim My goodness therefore it is necessary that you see My goodness and know it as your portion.  I am good says the Father AND I am LORD.  Beside Me there is no other.  Therefore I am in control and it is and has ALWAYS been My purpose to display the unfettered and full scope of My blessing and goodness in every area of your life.

I place no value upon suffering says the Father.  I will NEVER bring into your life those pains, sufferings and deprivations that the cross was intended to REMOVE from you.  I will never say NO in your life to what the cross says yes to.  Look for My YES and My YEA and AMEN this very day.

I am not lurking in the shadows of your life waiting to deny you just at the moment you need Me most.  I have been portrayed that way but I am NOT that capricious, tribal, cruel God.  I am your Poppa God and as your Poppa God I want you to get PAST that contaminated thinking and begin to walk with Me as an authorized son and not a cowering vassal.

14 July 2013:   The Father says today that I left the habitation of Glory in order to bring that same glory to you as an indwelling resource.  The GLORY ABOVE became the GLORY WITHIN when you accepted My Lordship in your life.  There is NO GREATER GLORY says the Father than the glory that is IN YOU NOW.  It is not possible nor is it My will to only give you a DILLUTED glory to get by with in this life.  All things and Mine says the Father and I have given that unlimited inventory of blessing to you.  So DRAW on the glory today says the Father. Allow that GLORY to be your STIPEND to draw from.

You cannot overdraft the account of the Glory on the inside of you says the Father.  There are no insufficient funds in that account. So WRITE THE CHECK says the Father.  Make a draft on the funds of My Glory and spend the currency of your faith for that which you are longing for and needing and hoping for.  I am not a God who disappoints and I will not leave you empty.  Come to Me.  Come to Me with you need and your struggle and I will cleanse and forgive and release and fulfill.  It’s who I am and what I do and My determined focus is upon you today to make you the recipient of all I died to provide.

13 July 2013:   The Father says today that you are the possessor of Spiritual Substance and not just religious dogma.  The mind in its native condition is an enemy of My Spirit.  Skepticism and unbelief find their home in the mind but Faith and Power arise from your born again spirit.  So set it in your heart to bring your mind to heel and no longer allow it to rule or dictate to you the course of your life.  You cannot serve two masters.  The sanctified mind is the mind brought to submission the voice of My Spirit from within your inner man.

I am always speaking says the Father.  My voice is the contact point in your life to My kingdom.  You have prayed “Thy Kingdom Come…”  My Kingdom comes in your life as you yield to My voice and align with My voice.  Alignment to My purpose is not an outward posture.  My voice without can only testify and encourage you to submit to My voice within.  My sheep hear My voice WITHIN says the Father.  Purpose to live out of your sheep nature before Me and I will shepherd and guide and protect you I will bring you even this day says the Father to yoke easy and burden light.

All that you have cried and asked and petitioned Me for exists as Spiritual Substance on the inside of you via My indwelling Spirit.  I am not holding out on you.  Delay is not possible for I have given you all things freely in and of Myself.  All things are in Me and I am in you and therefore you now have that which you have asked Me for.  Accept it. Believe it. Anticipate it.  The manifestation of your answer is at hand.

12 July 20132:    The Father says today that My governmental purpose is upon your life this day.  My peace and My government is on the increase over you and all you possess.  The authority purchased by My blood enables you to possess your possessions and manifest the substance of those things you have so long hoped for.

No more delay says the Father and no more distraction.  As you walk in fresh surrender on a daily basis I will take failure and disappointment and replace them with divine destiny and fulfillment.  As you align yourself with who I AM on the inside of you I will cause you to see the satisfaction of your soul and be satisfied.

You see says the Father I place no premium upon suffering.  For what purpose would I use what I died to take off of you?  That isn’t what has been taught but listen to My voice and the clear testimony of My word.  I will never say no to what the cross says yes to.  My promises are sure says the Father and in nothing shall you be disappointed as you align your heart with Mine.

11 July 2013:   The Father says today that you are not subject to destruction – you are empowered with My life.  There will be NO loss says the Father.  Loss, destruction and death are the failed strategies of a defeated enemy.  You are not in the hands of the enemy – you are in the precincts of My glory.  Speak INTO My glory says the Father and I will fill you with My power and My life that will eclipse and sweep away the leavings of doubt and fear and pain.

My nature says the Father is FIDELITY and IRREDUCIBLE LIFE.  The deepest dregs of your need cannot tap the resources I died to make available to MEET that need.  So SING THE SONG of the REDEEMED this day says the Father for REDEMPTION is not just your portion it is a FOREGONE CONCLUSION and outcome of what you are facing RIGHT NOW.

Rise up into your entitlement this day says the Father.  Rise up in expectation of supply, deliverance and dominion. You are the child of My hand. You are the princeling of a doting King.  You will in nothing be denied of that which I assure you this day will empower and release and launch you into the fresh destinies of My glory that were written afore regarding you – even before the eternities were framed!

10 July 2013:    The Father says today that I am releasing the spirit of meekness and authority over you as a character shaping grace. Moses was a man of meekness. When his enemies rose against Moses he fell on his face. This was the assurance of deliverance for him and will be the assurance of deliverance for you when you follow Moses’ example.

You see says the Father where envy and strife is there is confusion and every evil work. There are very few things in life that are worth getting in strife over. Put your trust in Me and know that your life is a jurisdiction of authority that I have invested all of heaven’s glory to strengthen and back up. I go before you says the Father. I am beside you. I am your rear guard.

So give no thought to the demands of the enemy or the expectations of those around you who do not have My mind where your life is concerned. It is My plan and My purpose that will prevail therefore you will be abundantly blessed and highly favored. As for your detractors, pray for them. Intercede and bless and release them into My hand says the Father for I will love them as I now love you. They will be so loved that they will forget what they were mad at you about. That is My plan and My purpose and as you cooperate with Me you will find satisfaction and peace for your soul in the midst of the warfare.

9 July 2013:   The Father says today FEAR NOT for I AM here.  I AM here as the I AM.  I will NEVER LEAVE YOU and I will never forsake you.  Others may turn their back but I am ever present.  I am here in fullness without any other business to attend to more importantly than your life and your need and the cry of your heart.  I am not deaf says the Father that I cannot hear nor blind that I cannot see.  My arm says the Father MY ARM is not short.  I AM here in full deployment.  Under this sun you will see of My fullness and My deliverance and you will say ALOUD:

“That is MY POPPA GOD! He is HERE and HE NEVER leaves ME in the lurch or wanting!”

It is My turn says the Father.  What others could not do I will do.  I will do for you what you can’t do for yourself.  I am SO HERE.  I have NOWHERE ELSE to be ! I am not any less HERE than I am ANYWHERE ELSE so GET READY!  This is the day and this is the hour.  I was looking for someone who would allow Me to show up in their life and YOUR NAME was the first one that came up in My rolodex!  So HOLD ON TIGHT for the acceleration of My hand is upon you and I will brook not resistance of the enemy.  Say in your heart with confidence and authority – TODAY IS MY DAY!

8 July 2013:   The Father says today that you are a learner but you are not on probation.  You are in this work of the Kingdom FOR REAL.  You REALLY are making a difference.   You are a minister of reconciliation and as such are called to bring men and women into as close a proximity to Me as possible on this side of the new birth experience. Allow Me to rub shoulders with them THROUGH you.  Let My love in you FLOW OUT so STRONGLY that all your religious friends accuse you of being a compromiser.

Make it your highest goal today says the Father to attain to the accusation that you are the friend of publicans and sinners.  Love never fails.  When you walk INTO love you walk OUT of failure.  In love SUCCESS is a foregone conclusion.  Do you want to SUCCEED RADICALLY?  Then LOVE LAVISHLY.  Love with abandon. Love with audacity . Love so fully that others will confront  you and say “Just who do you think you are and what do you think you are doing!”  Then just laugh and hug them and give them a big, wet kiss!

I AM LOVE says the Father.  It’s WHO I AM and WHAT I DO.  Let Me be Myself in You today.

7 July 2013:   The Father says today that the world around you is a temporal veneer that can be a major distraction.  Learn says the Father to look through and not just with your eye.  See through the temporary elements that will one day melt with fervent heat.  Look through the seen and let your feet find purchase with solidity on the ephemeral landscape of heavenly places in Christ.  It is the unseen realm of the Spirit that projects, controls and rules over all the natural things around you that the five senses observe.

You see says the Father you are an eternal being with spiritual senses and discernment designed to navigate the unseen geography of My kingdom.  You are a ruler and one who reigns with an authority that extends from My blood-bought throne.  So open your eyes and open your heart.  Look past the blindness of the empirical assessment of what you see around you.  This was My overture to Adam and Eve when I asked them  “Who told you that you were naked?”  The enemy trapped them in limitation and restriction but I am come to liberate YOU into the limitless resources of the realm where My presence originates!

6 July 2013:   The Father says today I am your baptism and your immersion.  You are not immersed in problems or in the spirit of the world you are immersed in Me.  I have drawn you down into My paternity and raised you up to be SET as a SON in My house.  It is My Spirit flowing through you.  My Spirit is established IN YOU and round about you.  You are in THIS day walking in an ECOSYSTEM of GRACE.  Even as the children of Israel had a cloud by day and fire by night so I will be this day the environment around you.  I am a fire in the midst of you and a wall of fire around you.

I certify you says the Father that you will find Manna on the ground every morning and water from the rock every evening.  I AM that MANNA and I am that WATER that Spiritual drink.  So FEAR NOT the waste howling wilderness that bewilders others for you are traveling on My GPS and according to MY COORDINATES!   I am guiding and leading.  I am bringing up your rear guard and going before you to expose the snares and pitfalls of the defeated foe. You will NOT falter says the Father.  Make no plans for failure but rather plan for My fidelity to establish your steps for I am the guarantor of your tomorrows.

5 July 2013:   The Father says today that the weapons of your warfare cannot be matched by the enemy of your soul.  I gave you the gift of faith and the dark one cannot match that weapon because he isn’t capable of gaining faith or having faith.  Faith is your not-so-secret weapon.  There is no reason to make faith a mystical secret because it is so powerful against the wiles of the enemy that it cannot be defeated by his rankest, most vile strategy.

So deploy the faith I have afforded you.  Allow My faith to inspire you to pray.  Allow My faith to command you to command.  You are not a Lilliputian, Pygmalion insect before a marauding giant.  You are a principality and a power with jurisdiction to destroy the works of the evil one by the power of the Blood and the efficacy of the cross.  Rise UP says the Father.  Allow your faith to COMMAND you to COMMAND.

You see says the Father that prayer is without accomplishment unless accompanied by faith.  So never go to the place of prayer in faithlessness.  The place of prayer is not a last resort it is mounting up in the heavens to take your authority and purge your jurisdiction from every assault and contamination of the enemy.  This is your portion says the Father and all of heaven is backing the cry of your heart.

4 July 2013:   The Father says today live out of My presence and My presence will live out through you and bring liberty and blessing to all that you touch.  Liberty is the natural state of one who lives in My presence. I am breathing into you and out through you at every moment waking or sleeping.  My mind and My heart and My glory undulate in your inner man like the pulse of your own physical heart.  Do not allow anyone or anything or any thought to rob you of the liberty that My presence brings to you daily.

With My liberty says the Father is independence.  You are independent of false obligation.  You are independent of illegitimate authority.  The greatest abomination in My house is when others will not enter into liberty then proceed to deny you the liberty they themselves will not walk in.  Shake off their influence and the contamination of their thinking because  THEY HAVE GOT ME ALL WRONG!

I have set you free says the Father.  Do not allow anyone or anything to rob you of the freedom I paid for in your life.  You are created in Me to be a generator of life and blessing and power not dependent on any outside encumbrance. Did I not say that the Kingdom is within you?  Then learn to lean on that kingdom and tap its resources for My kingdom is increasing in you and in the earth and My shout of triumph is about to be heard in your land!

3 July 2013.   The Father says today that I am bringing you into a place of renewal.  Even as the caterpillar emerges from the restriction of the chrysalis even so I am bringing you out of restriction and impediment and launching you into flight in My heavenly environment. In My pavilion you will find purpose and perspective that will alter the lens through which you have viewed your potential and your destiny.

You will not be denied your destined purpose. It is time this day to shed the false notion that I have chained you to a dead situation or that I am denying you in any way. Ask says the Father. Ask and you will be amazed at the expediency with which I act in your behalf. Understand this – just because YOU can’t see the way OUT doesn’t mean the path isn’t there! I will propel you through a door where others only see a blank wall.

It is time says the Father. This is your hour. This is your moment. Rise up into the ascension entitlement that I afford to every child that names My name in trust and confidence

2 July 2013:   The Father says today that you belong to a Heavenly Order. You are a knight of the Order of the Redeemed.  Your banner of service is the blood stained banner of the Cross. Your maxim is “More of you Lord and Less of Me.” I confer your standing to you by the sword of My mouth and the robe of righteousness purchased in My blood. Rise and serve you Child of the Most High!

It is a new day for you for every day is a day wherein My mercies are renewed. I am your First-fruit this day and as goes the Fruit-fruit so comes the harvest of promise. Hold to My promise. Sow My promise in your heart and let not one fowl of the air pluck it out of your bosom. Let not one circumstance or set back rob you of your assurance that I am and I will be found faithful toward you as you choose to believe that I AM and that I AM the rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.

1 July 2013:   The Father says today I would even as the apostle Paul wrote – I would that you speak in tongues with great frequency.  I would that you prophesy. I would that all My gifts were resident and frequent within you every day and for all time. In the old covenant My spirit moved upon men from time to time without any rhyme or reason. The new covenant of My shed blood brings abiding giftedness and abiding anointing.

Pray out My mysteries with the tongue of angels says the Father. Open your mouth and let your words be the words of heaven. The words of heaven requisition angels to your aid and bring heaven and earth together in a visitation of power and an invasion of Glory. Make petition says the Father. Make petition and make requisition of My resources that are laid in store for you.  Petition says the Father. Petition and Proclaim. Petition, proclaim and declare. As you declare so it shall be says the Father for My promise and My power and My provision will never, never fail you.




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