The Father Says Today – July 2017

Daily prophecy for July 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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July 31, 2017.   The Father says today, you are indivisible.  In the fall, Adam and Eve became divided.  Division is not your portion.  I AM bringing together what has been separated and torn.  Adam and Eve broke faith not only with Me, but with each other in the fall.  They blamed one another.  They blamed the serpent.  I say to you that blame is not an exercise that ever produces righteousness.  Stop playing the blame game and see the situation from the place of being seated in the heavenlies, where no frustration can enter in.  You are not helpless.  You are not without recourse.  I will lead you.  I will guide you.  Though all stand against you, I will bring you out of the prison house of men’s opinions and set your feet on a good path that leads to life.

Enter into rest today.  Stop grieving over what you think you have lost.  Loss is an opinion.  The sense of loss is a measurement made in the midst of limitation as a function of time.  I know the end from the beginning.  Your perspective may be a finite one, but you are neither finite nor limited in Me.  All that has been lost will be restored.  All that has been taken from you will be reconstituted by My hand if even the dead must be raised to life again.  Lay your Isaacs on the altar.  Trust that what happens next is not in your hand but in My command.  I will provide a ram caught in your thicket and then of the matter will be testimony and not disappointment.

July 30, 2017.   The Father says today, I call you an inheritor!  You are an inheritor of the promise, says the Father.  I remember what I’ve promised and I remember YOU as one to whom the promise was made.  Not one word you have trusted Me for will fall to the ground.  If you go through your life without experiencing of My fullness – then that constitutes Me a liar!  I AM not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent.  I haven’t changed My mind about you where My word is concerned.  Some have suggested that I will change My mind but I AM resolute!  I AM in My person the definition of faithfulness.  You will possess your possessions and enter into all that I have made possible through the shed blood of Calvary.

Enter into your entitlement this day.  Appropriate by faith your privileged status as a child of redemption.  Let your faith in who I AM in you be the substance of the promise until the promise is made manifest.  The day will come that your peace in possession of the substance of faith will be as comforting to you as the promise itself.  This is the life lived in expectation of My goodness.  This is the new and living way I have prepared for you – even before you were ever born.  Step out of the death realm and into the realm of My established promise.  It will not fail and you will not fail as you keep your eye fixed on Me, refusing to be amazed or discouraged in anyway.

July 29, 2017.   The Father says today, know who you are in Me.  Your identity is not established by the circumstances of your birth or your station in this life.  Because of who I am in you, know this – you are more than flesh and blood.  You have, in reality, been born again of the incorruptible seed.  You are born of that seed which originated in Me.  I conceived you before the world was framed and I determined in My sovereignty that you would be holy and without blame before Me in love.  Refuse to live in guilt or regret.  Refuse to see yourself as “less than” or not good enough.  The disadvantages of your earthly situation are being eclipsed by your place of blood-bought entitlement in My kingdom.  You are My child.  As I have sworn by Myself, as there was no greater – I AM your total sufficiency.

I AM your health.  I AM your wealth.  I AM your citizenship.  I AM your abundance.  This is the promise of My word and My word cannot be broken.  Circumstances will change but My word will never change. In blessing I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply you.  I AM your Shield and your Exceeding Great Reward!  This is the verity of My oath that cannot be overthrown or changed in any way.  Trust in the promise, says the Father.  Rely on the validity and the faithfulness of My word.  Refuse to give in to any other mistaken conclusion regarding who you really are and what your future looks like.  Your life is not your own.  It belongs to Me.  I AM living out a human experience in your life.  I will make sure it will ALWAYS be life and life more abundantly!

July 28, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your banner this day.  I have raised up over your life the banner of I AM THAT I AM.  This day I AM your Jehovah-Nissi.  When the banner is raised, every angelic host assigned to you will vector in on your circumstance and situation.  You will see the evidence around you that angels are present and they are at work.  I have placed My glory within you and the angels press always into that glory.  They aren’t defending you only, they are defending the glory – My glory on the inside of you.  As the angels over the ark of the covenant, your heart is the ark of My presence and they will attend your life as My designated holy place.

By this, says the Father, I will cause the enemy to know that your life is My territory.  When the enemy encroaches upon your life, I will answer by fire.  As I said in My word, I AM a fire from My loins up and My loins down, says the Father.  I AM bringing the heat into your life to drive off the enemy and cause My blessing to be your inheritance.  I have not withheld Myself from you in any way.  Come into a renewed place of cooperation then with what I AM doing.  Awake every day with “yes Lord!” and lay down every night with “Speak Lord!” I will guide you.  I will direct you.  I will lead you in astonishing ways that will redefine your understanding of how intimately I AM involved with every aspect of your existence.

July 27, 2017.   The Father says today, open your heart.  Say to your heart, be opened.  Say to your emotions, be still, that the storm of disappointment will be calmed.  Purpose this day not only to forgive, but to forgive 70 times 7.  Then your testimony will be pure and your heart will be set at rest regarding the disappointments of the past.  Behold, I will send those to you who have wronged you in the past.  There will be circumstances that will cause you to cross paths with people who wounded you long ago.  Purpose to be loving and kind and you will reap the reward of an obedient son, placing the Father’s heart above your own rights.

Determine to live the love life, says the Father.  I AM Love.  Love is who I AM.  Love is what I do.  I AM incapable of acting outside of love.  If I did something outside of love then I would cease to be God and that is not possible.  Adopt this love, even My love as your default response to every situation and circumstance.  Love and keep on loving.  Love when your wishes are crossed and your desires are set at naught.  Love when you are put down and disparaged.  Love when you are lied on and misrepresented.  Just love. Love and bless.  Love and bless your enemies.  Love and bless those who look right through you as though you do not exist. In so doing, you will be accelerated through the midst of the difficulty into a place of rest and blessing by My hand.

July 26, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM provisioning you from My glory says the Father.  There is an inventory of blessing in the heavenlies.  Draw upon that provisioning by the prayers of your lips.  I will be known in your life by My name Jehovah-Jireh.  As I provided Abraham with a ram caught in the thicket, so I AM making available and I AM in My person all that you have need of at the exact time of greatest demand.  Trust in My timing.  Know that supply is at hand.  Be mindful of the testimony of My faithfulness in the past and realize that what I did then for you by way of the miraculous I will do in this current distress.

So, despair not says the Father.  Refuse to be gloomy or negative in your expectations. My Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy.  Do not allow the challenge of your situation to rob you of your joy.  Do not allow anything or anyone to take My peace away from you.  They will think you are being unrealistic.  They will accuse you of not caring.  The world equates compassion with worry.  I say to you even in the most difficult of times – be careful for nothing.  Be careful for nothing, but in everything give thanks, for My blessing that will redound to your account in fullness in every situation and circumstance you are facing.

July 25, 2017.   The Father says today, be a drink offering poured out unto Me this day.  No greater love than this but to lay your life down in My name for those who least deserve it.  I have a plan, says the Father, to redeem the situation.  Trust in Me and keep on loving.  Love others and trust in Me and you will never be disappointed or disillusioned.  Never put your trust in the flesh.  Never be that one who makes the arm of flesh their strength.  It is a fact of the human condition that men will fail you.  To take offense is to identify a false trust that should have been anchored in Me.  Let it go.  Refuse to walk in offense.  Refuse to wallow in self-pity.  Get up.  Shake yourself off.  Move on.

Begin putting one foot in front of the other and let Me take it from here.  I AM the God of provisioning and will show Myself to be Jehovah-Jireh in your behalf.  All that is lacking will be supplied.  All that has been stolen will be restored.  Every wrong will be readdressed and every indignity addressed in the lives of those who set their face like a flint to follow My leading.  Refuse to be discouraged or undone because men have failed you.  I AM your full portion.  Your legacy is in Me.  Your righteousness is in Me.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  The vision will come to fruition.  You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

July 24, 2017.   The Father says today, anchor your trust in Me.  There is a plan and a destiny for your life.  Plan A is still available.  My highest and best is not inaccessible.  Make it your determination not to be distracted from what seeking first the kingdom looks like in your life, every day.  Press in to the mark of the high calling in Christ.  Set your sights on the ministry portion you are called to.  Every personal need and challenge is met in the life of the man or woman who makes seeking first the kingdom the first and final priority in every decision of every moment of every day.  Though the enemy taunt and tempt you, stay the course of being a Father pleaser and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

It is a lie that you are out of your depth.  You are not out of your depth because I AM the God of the deeps and I am ever with you.  The Father says, there is no temptation befallen you that His grace will not deliver you and cause you to overcome. No more crying in the night.  No more sadness. Sorry and sighing will flee away.  Let your expectation be upon Me.  The tide waters of adversity are receding and the currents of My blessing are coming.  You are blessed and you are highly favored.  It is not necessary to have a bunker mentality as though you will not survive unless you bury yourself in isolation and retreat.  Stand up.  Move forward.  I will cause your feet to be as that of a mighty angelic army that will put to flight all those who have sought to besiege and destroy you.  You will be left standing with your testimony intact and your faith producing more than you could ever ask or think.

July 23, 2017.   The Father says today, that I want you to come up higher.  There is nothing for you in the lowlands of earthly thinking or acting.  Embrace the rationale of heaven that thinks My thoughts and ever seeks to ascend to the pinnacle of who I AM on the inside of you.  There in that high place I AM your refuge.  There I will take away all the garbage that man and the enemy wants you to entertain.  There in the high place I will cause you to see through the ephemeral nature of physicality and then live your life from the perspective of a being who is ETERNAL IN THE HEAVENS by virtue of the incorruptible seed that I have conceived within you.  In Me – in the high place, you cannot be diminished or reduced in any way.  In Me, you come to the place of the Spirit that predicates all that happens next, and will bring you fully into the burden light and yoke easy that is your portion.

Rise up.  Rise up out of the mire of discouragement and frustration.  Command your eyes to see and your ears to hear My sound in the earth.  Rise above the appearances of this world.  Reject the judgments of the eye and the mind that are only an ongoing partaking of the tree that destroyed man in the first place.  Reject the tree of knowledge for the tree of life.  I AM that tree of life.  I AM that vine!  I AM vining Myself in you.  I AM branching Myself in you.  Abide IN Me and I will abide IN you until there is no place where you can discern where I take up and you leave off!  We will be one.  We will be one and in that oneness – full privilege and full sonship will be manifest in you and become the portion that you partake of every day of your sojourn on this earth.

July 22, 2017.   The Father says today, follow Me and I will keep you from error.  The spirit of error that is in the world can only seduce those who have chosen to live outside the parameters of utter dependence on My Spirit and My voice.  Every opinion, every observation, every conclusion, concept and precept that does not originate in My mind proceeds of error.  It is not necessary to educate yourself in the towers of the darkened wisdom of man.  The wisdom of man is sense-based knowledge.  Revelation knowledge encompasses past, present and future.  The revelation – the unveiling of My truth is the unveiling of My person.  Refuse to feed yourself on the salacious theories of conspiracy and hidden knowledge, for that arises only in the occult thinking of darkened minds.  I have given you light and in that light you are changed into My limitless nature and stamped with My image.

Remember in all things that you are My offspring.  As My offspring, there is nothing withheld from you.  Ask only with discernment knowing that when you ask believing I will respond in the affirmative.  I AM not holding out on you.  You have been told that I AM holding back but I AM not holding back.  Every promise of My word that you stand on is only conferred to you in the affirmative.  I have no hesitation in dealing with you.  My answer? My answer is yes!  Let your fear be not in that I might withhold from you but that I will NOT withhold from you.  I didn’t even refuse Adam the fruit of the tree that led to his disaster. You have far more autonomy of choice than you have ever realized.  Trust in My hand to deliver.  Trust in Me to lead.  I AM leading you by My voice.  My sheep hear My voice and as you daily, moment by moment determine to live out your life in the sheep nature, responding to Me as your Great Shepherd – you will ever find yourself refreshed and resting by the still waters and in the green pastures of My goodness.

July 21, 2017.   The Father says today, rejoice in the parched place! Rejoice in that dry place you may find yourself in, for I AM bringing deliverers to Zion that My people may partake of My light and My refreshing in the high place wherein My name is found.   Have no fear.  Refuse to allow fear to enter in.  The fear of the Lord is clean – every other fear is an unclean spirit.  I say to you that you will be rendered safe.  You will be and you are being defended by My hand and by those whom I have sent into your life to uphold and encourage you in the battle.  You are not left by yourself.  You are not on your own.  The enemy wants you to think you are the only one but you are not.  I set the solitary in families.  I have brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers who will know you by the family resemblance of My glory that overshadows you.

You are a steward of the mysteries, says the Father.  By virtue of My manifest hand, I will cause you to be an administrator of heaven on earth.  You are a steward of My light in dark places.  You have dominion and power over everything that walks, rides, creeps or swims.  This is the authority to bring life and not death, liberty and not bondage, uplifting and assisting, not treading under or destroying.  Those who tread under are of their father the devil.  Those who are adverse in their nature and bearing are of the adversary.  Refuse to be named in the company of those who are adverse and combative in their dealings.  Be of that number against whom there is no law, even the countenance in your spirit of meekness, temperance, patience and longsuffering that causes who you are to be diminished and who I AM in you to be made manifest in a radical way, even this day, says the Father.

July 20, 20170.   The Father says today, the mountains are being removed in your life.  Your mountain is as nothing before Me.  Before the mountain standing in your way was – I AM.  I was before and I will be after.  I AM reducing the mountain of adversity in your life to nothing.  The mountain and the obstacle in your way will only serve as a footnote of My greater faithfulness in your life.  What ELSE could possibly go right?  The memory that once brought tears will provoke laughter and rejoicing in the remembrance of the delivering hand of My glory that brought you through and recompensed you fully.  I AM the God of recompense, says the Father.  I AM the God of rescue.  I AM your rescue.  What others will not do and what others cannot do I will bring about in a moment of time and great will be your rejoicing.

Do not bear ill will against those who have failed you.  That is who they are.  That is what they do.  Why expect them to do or to think or act differently?  Forgive them!  Forgive, release and bless, for what I have for you cannot come until you choose to let go of all resentment and just move forward in the path I have set before you.  The blessing and the glory is bursting through even now.  The fullness of joy is descending even now.  My hand of power is extracting you from the miry clay of bitter circumstances.  Shake the dust off your feet.  Forget the harsh words of those who never had My mind concerning you. It doesn’t matter if they presume they speak with My authority.  What is that to you when you KNOW on the inside of you that you are ACCEPTED, and not only that you are accepted, but walking into My full and complete approval?  My approval is out there, says the Father – My acceptance is now.  So, keep on moving forward and trusting that this day and on the morrow, all will be revealed and My blessing be made sure in your life.

July 19, 2017.   The Father says today, My word is a cleansing agent in your life.  I have made you clean.  What I have called clean, never call unclean.  You are clean through My words that I have spoken to you.  This is not something man can pronounce over you.  Neither is the cleansing I bring something you can see in a mirror or that which can be brought about by religious works or traditions.  I AM the INSIDE GOD.  The mirror of My reality in your life is found by turning inward to the word that I personify on the inside of your person at the deepest level.  The flesh can be defiled, but the hidden man of the heart where I dwell can never be defiled.  Listen to My inner voice where Christ sits enthroned and you will not hear misdirection, fear or self-loathing.  The hidden man of the heart, surrounded by the love of Christ returns that love with perfect rapture.  The hidden man of the heart which expresses your truest self, loves the Father with perfect love and loves the externalities of your soul, mind and emotions with unconditional acceptance.

You ARE accepted in the beloved.  You ARE holy and without blame before Me in love.  There is nothing to earn – only a love life to be walked out.  When you are walking out the love life of My person on the inside of you there is cleansing.  Who I AM is cleansing all defilement and all the pollutions of the soul man and compromised emotions and motivations.  Be thou made clean, says the Father.  Receive the cleansing that brings you to the place of loving not your life – your psuche, emotional life unto death.  This is the death that I AM working in you, that the life of who I am might be made manifest.  Embrace the process, says the Father. Embrace the process and lose the attitude.  Can you feel it?  Can you sense the hidden man of the heart seated at the right hand of majesty on high on the INSIDE OF YOU?  It is the kingdom coming IN you just as surely as the Kingdom is coming on the cosmic scale.  It is entering NOW into what everyone else is waiting for THEN.  It is accepting the NOW glory of who I AM on the inside of you to deliver and set free and answer every cry of your heart.


July 18, 2017.   The Father says today, do not fear the face of man.  Your righteousness is of Me.  You have nothing to prove to anyone.  I have no need to validate My place as the God of the universe and you have nothing to prove regarding your position and placement in Me.  I have shown you great and mighty things, says the Father.  The day is upon you that the things I have shown you in secret will be shouted from the roof top, even the roof of your mouth.  Let your mouth be as a trumpet and your voice be as the blast of heaven releasing the glory.  Never mind the skeptics.  Never mind the mockers. Never mind those who look upon you with scorn and doubting, for they will never believe, even if one return from the dead and manifest themselves fully.  The wisdom of the cynic and the pessimist is folly.  There is nothing redemptive found in doubt, pessimism and mockery.  Cynicism is a closed loop of cyclical thinking from which there is no exit and no appropriation of truth.  The truth is not the evil report, neither is it the good report, but the truth is WHO I AM on the inside of you this day.  The facts are descriptive of the circumstance.  The truth is the reality of My presence in you that is CHANGING the circumstance by the power of My word.

Know this, says the Father, that the things that are seen are temporal and changeable.  It is My unchangeable, unseen reality of glory on the inside of you that is flowing out in your words and your prayers to completely reshape and remold what your tomorrows look like.  Embrace the things of the hidden man of the heart.  Worship at the altar of the heart on the inside of you where your prayers go up like incense and your worship fills My throne room with the sweet-smelling savor of your petitions.  In that inward glory, that resonance of My hidden glory with in you I will be fully known.  In that glory, I will blur the line where you leave off and I take up. In that inner glory, there is no need for parlor tricks, or psychic phenomena or outward entertainments, for My presence pushes all this away as I draw you to Myself for the one great experience of total intimacy, total oneness and complete fullness that fills you all in all and drives out the money changers and manipulators that have sought to make merchandise of your hunger for My throne-presence.

July 17, 2017.   The Father says today, come out of complacency.  Complacency is born of despair.  My portion in your life brings you out of despair and into a level of authority yet to be fully manifested in the earth.  All creation groans and cries out for My sons – My blood bought sons and daughters need to realize who they are in Me and to stand up in their entitlement in Me.  Say to your mind “be awakened to righteousness”.  Say to your heart “despair not”.  Say to your human spirit “rise up into the rule of God in the earth…”  You are not a victim.  You are a king.  You are a priest.  I have given you jurisdiction.  Every place where you set your feet I have given it to you.  Go out and take your territory this day.  I will go with you confirming the word of My authority in your mouth with signs following.  Go out in power.  Go out in knowing.  Go out in the strength of My still small voice that bids you now to possess your possessions and take your territory in Me.

This is where I have been leading you.  Not to destruction or to reduce you in any way.  The pruning and the stripping away you have experienced only takes away that which does not serve My purpose.  I AM all about life and life more abundantly.  Abundance from My throne is being manifest in your behalf.  Let there be in your life the great letting go that liberates you from the false burdens of men.  Relinquish and set aside the “could have, would have and should have” of past regret.  The blood of Calvary makes it possible for you to live without regret and without looking back.  No more looking back, says the Father.  My soul has no pleasure in looking back, for what is behind you does not represent in the least what I have for you.  Do not look back but only look forward and you will find your mouth filled with the Bread of Heaven.  You will drink of that rock that has followed you – the Rock of Christ, all of your life.  This is your portion, says the Father.  I AM breaking off of you all despair and despondency and leading you where regret cannot go and where the natural man cannot guide you, but you must draw yourself away with Me that I might change and renew and deliver you fully into the inheritance of the Most High that was set aside for you from the foundation of the world.

July 16, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM calling you into the company of AWAKENED SONS.  I AM the Dayspring arising in your heart.  I say to you work while it is day for the night comes when no man can work.  There is a time to work and a time to enter into rest.  Resting from your work is that path to enter into the works of I AM that I AM.  What I have for you is far more about BEING who you are in Me than doing what you can do in your own sense of limitation.  Before you ever had an opportunity to work or not to work, to succeed or to fail, you were IN ME, even before the foundation of the world.  That is who you really are.  That is where My glory rests, not in the flesh man.  The flesh man, your own efforts and strivings will never bring you to My glory.  This is important because I said that I would meet your needs IN THE GLORY.  This is all about accessing the glory that is closer to you than breathing, although the flesh-man and the flesh-mind has no clue and are incapable of finding Me in the circumstance.  Let go of the flesh-man mind and receive My mind.  The flesh mind is sleeping for sorrow but the Mind of Christ – the mind of My son on the inside of you is WIDE AWAKE formulating and constituting the complete fulfillment in your life of all that you have cried out for.

What I AM doing in your life is about bringing you to liberty and bringing you to full wakefulness in the righteousness that the blood of Calvary has paid for.  The path that leads to Calvary and beyond brings you out of the darkness of the flesh-man mind into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.  You aren’t going there by yourself.  There is in the earth an AWAKENED COMPANY OF SONS and today is the experience in your life of the overture of heaven to bring you out of darkness and into that company – the company of AWAKENED SONS.  There is an outer darkness company where the world writhes in torment and gnashing of teeth.  The outer darkness company only knows the ravening, devouring spirit of the world that is always hungry and never satisfied.  The inner court company is fed by the Light that I AM and energies of the glory that rests between the cherubim above the mercy seat.  No judgments or judgmentalism can enter hear.  The seat of glory is a mercy seat and not a judgment seat.  Those who are caught up and preoccupied with the judgments, even My own judgements, must understand that there is a deeper place, a chamber of nothing but mercy. It is to the deep-calling-to-deep experience that I call you to this day.

July 15, 2017.   The Father says today, pray of the mysteries of heaven this day.  Purpose to pray in tongues more.  Make it your ambition to pray in tongues as the apostle Paul prayed in tongues.  Pray always and in every situation and circumstance in the spirit as well as in the understanding.  When you commit to pray in tongues, I will compel you into the counsels of the influencers of the earth.  You will pray out mysteries and out of your mouth will come revelation that you haven’t premeditated.  People will ask you where that wisdom came from and you will say “I conferred not with flesh and blood…” because you were speaking directly out of the glory and learning along with those that you are teaching.  This is what I described when I said the Spirit would come to teach you all things.  You will teach and be taught in the same instance because it is not you but the Father that is speaking.

This is the come up higher opportunity, says the Father.  To supplant the ascendency of your intellect and natural mind with My mind that is ready to take over and lead you into your blessing place.  Walk under the canopy of My glory that is available to all those who find no greater pleasure than to spend time in My presence.  My presence, says the Father, not only benefits your emotions, but opens your mind.  A mind opened by My glory will be an astonishment to all those around you.  They will ask you what your education is, but it isn’t about your education, rather it is about My glory. My glory is your portion.  My glory is the revealer of all things.  My glory is increasing and enlarging in you and fast tracking you into a place of promotion and blessing beyond all your expectations.

July 14, 2017.   The Father says today, purify yourself even as I AM pure.  The influences that have contaminated your testimony are within your power.  The infection of godlessness is a toxin that continually seeks to pollute your relationship with Me.  It is up to you and I have empowered you to reject and eject all such weight and sin from your life.  When I said, “be holy for I AM holy”, the very statement itself contains the grace for you to actually fulfill the command.  This is according to scripture and the individual blueprint I have written for your life.  This is the direction of life you will choose as you determine you will not be denied the fruit that I have promised you in this life and in the life to come, says the Father.

Press in therefore, to all that I have for you, says the Father.  Cleanse your mind from the whispers and innuendos of the enemy who fears that if he can’t successfully tempt you – that you will actually defeat him on every front.  Offer up nothing but resistance to the devil.  The prince of this world then when he comes, will find nothing in you advantageous to his plan to harm you.  Remember that you can’t love a devil and you can’t negotiate with a devil.  Where you are willing to compromise is only the starting point of the enemy’s agenda to devour you with an open mouth.  There is no negotiating with a demon or with people who are influenced by demonic thinking.  Just continue to obey Me.  Continue to walk in love.  Remember that all your days are written in My book and not one of them is outside the parameters of victory.  You are not just a conqueror – you are more than a conqueror.  I AM with you and will never forsake you as you continue to seek convergence with all that I have planned for you this day, says the Father.

July 13, 2017.   The Father says today, My salvation of you is not just clemency, but it is a SO GREAT A SALVATION.  I AM bringing you an overture this day to come beyond the 60-fold and the 30-fold, but into the 100-fold fullness of all that I have destined for you.  Some are satisfied with ankle deep experiences in Me.  Others press on to 60-fold realities but there are those who want nothing less but the ALL-IN-ALL that is available in Me says the Father.  Know this – as you continue to press in to what I have for you, I will incentivize you for the entirety of what it means to walk in the fullness of My Kingdom.  As you give of your time, as you give, sacrifice and lay out your life like a drink offering, there will be reward.  As I said in My word I AM coming, and My reward is with Me.  Expectation of compensation is not wrong, says the Father.  Expectation of compensation, rewarding in My kingdom is BUILT into the gospel.

Come expecting says the Father.  Come seeking.  Ask and keep on asking.  Ask not only by your words but let your actions, your audacity to believe and press in – let your actions make a demand on My sovereignty.  Push the envelope of what is possible and available in Me.  I delight when you defy all of your personal traditions and step out to adventure in Me and see just how far and how full the glory given Me by My Father can be manifest in you.  Remember says the Father that the greatest reward is not that demons are subject to you.  The greatest reward is to be brought near to My throne and know increased proximity to the Right Hand of Majesty on High.  I give you this day an invitation to greater proximity to My presence.  It is part of My plan and available to you as you abandon all your life in commitment and being poured out to My name.

July 12, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM bringing an increase of Holy Ghost seeing and hearing in your life.  I AM accelerating into your life that you might see, hear and know the gifts, talents and anointings of those around you.  That which has been long overdue in your life in terms revelatory gifting and blessing is coming upon you by impartation right now, says the Father.  The contradiction that you have endured of knowing that which was revealed to you about your situation and the lives of others, yet ministering in obscurity is coming to an end.  You are coming out of obscurity into the mainstream of usefulness and effectiveness in My Kingdom.  You will SEE, says the Father, and you will BE SEEN.  My gifts on the inside of you are pushing back limitation and boundedness and bringing you before influencers and way makers.  Your gift and your contribution will no longer be marginalized or made light of.  Get ready, says the Father, for the favor of the open door to come quickly into manifestation, that you might serve Me in your full capacity in the calling I have called you to.

You will be able to handle this, says the Father, because you have chosen humility as your first response, not only to acceptance but also rejection.  From this day forward rejection will not wound you and acceptance will not seduce you.  I can trust you, says the Father, because you have anchored your sense of self-referral in who I AM in your life and not any other thing.  This is the character of what I AM releasing into your life.  This is the change that is coming.  You are no longer a child, incapable of a mature response to things going on around you.  The oil that came upon Aaron’s head and poured down upon his beard – this maturity is reaching even to you so that you can partner with those that you need to partner with – and not make any misstep that causes unity of My Spirit to be harmed in any way.  This day, says the Father, I declare to you that you are part of the solution by My Spirit to the pollution that has hindered My people, and from this day forward the signet ring of My favor will open to you that which has been shut and bring you to the high places of the earth.

July 11, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM taking you where your intellect cannot go.  The natural man and the natural mind cannot comprehend that which I am doing in your life.  Learn to relinquish rationalistic ways of thinking.  Learn to simply say yes to Me even when you do not understand what I AM doing or where I AM taking you.  There will always be the answer of peace on the inside of you even when your intellect is complaining like a spoiled child.  The mind of the natural man wants to control and dominate but I have given your human spirit ascendency in all things.  Your spirit understands the “yes” of heaven even when all your mind can see is delay, denial and downturn.  Let My mind become the default place of rest within you says the Father, and all will be revealed and you will move forward into the acceleration season I have ordained for you.

What I am really bidding you to do is simply roll over on your back in the River of Life and let the current take you into the depths of My goodness.  Your natural mind will stand on the shore complaining and kicking up the dust of this demand or that demand but the raft of My blessing and the current of My goodness will never be comprehended by the old man of rationale, intellect and carnality.  Taste!  Taste and see, says the Father, all the good things that I have for you when you LET GO and LET GOD!  I will open your blinded eyes, I will cause you to hear the best of what I have for you.  No longer will you fill your mouth with the husks of dry, religious understandings.  The RHEMA of My truth will become the BANQUETING table you will partake of daily as you see all that I have promised you become reality in your situation!

July 10, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM drawing a line.  There is a line of demarcation established in your life and the declaration against the enemy of your soul is THAT WILL BE ENOUGH of THAT!  Enough of struggle.  Enough of lack.  Enough of languishing in the prison house of disappointment and downturn.  I AM renewing your hope this day.  Be renewed says the Father – be renewed in your hopes and your expectations.  I AM sanctioning hope, new ambition, new aspirations for you in My promise says the Father.  I AM fueling your dreams and giving legs to your aspirations.  That which was mere desire is becoming substance you will hold in your hand and take full advantage of.  I AM causing you to be uplifted by My Spirit.  I AM causing you this very day to be charged and energized by My favor and My goodness.  The purchased possession of new hope, new life is yours so rejoice!

Go out and be My messenger to the hurting.  Bring a message of hope.  What you accept by faith I am doing in your life – go out and proclaim to the captives and those in darkness.  You are My messenger of hope and favor.  You are not only a beneficiary of hope, but a messenger of hope, says the Father, to others who otherwise would be hopeless.  All that is adverse and of the adversary is being brought to its end and the acceptable year of the Lord is being established in your life.  All that is adverse and of the adversary is being pulled down.  I AM harnessing you to the yoke easy and burden light.  Of My goodness and glory you will taste and experience.  You will be a testator, a testament in your life experience to all that I have promised and many will believe and hope and trust in Me because of what they see I have done in your life says the Father.

July 9, 2017.   The Father says today, rise above the opinions of others.  If you purpose to live out your days before My throne there will be opposition.  If you determine to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith I have called you – there will be merciless scrutiny.  Regardless of the choices you make, when My Kingdom rules over every decision you will be subject to the examination of others.  They will watch for your feet to stumble.  They will wait, holding their breath for a moment of vulnerability that they might justify their opinions of you.  Refuse to give them satisfaction by worrying what they will do next.  Put your trust in Me.  Expect your life to trend always upward.  Know that I will cause all you do to tend to blessing and benefit.  Know that My favor surrounds you like a shield.  The expectation of your critics will be brought to nothing.  You will come through in exaltation and your life will be found secure in My hand.

Harness yourself to the yoke easy and the burden light.  Do not accept the false burden of men’s estimations.  Just listen for My voice and then speak and act, knowing that My counsels will never come to nothing in your life.  My promise is sure and the path is clear.  You will hear My voice speaking over your shoulder saying “this is the way walk in it…”  You will obey and follow and always find it will be just as I have promised.  Never allow the backward glance to once be named in your life.  Don’t look back.  Don’t look back to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are ahead.  How many confirmations does it take before you step out on the waters of all that I have promised.  Now is your time.  Now is your moment.  Be obedient to the heavenly vision.  Never subject yourself to the flawed perspective with which others judge what you do next.  Be a Father pleaser.  Be a part of the Jesus Generation that knows what it is to walk on water and receive the suddenlies of God as their portion.

July 8, 2017.   The Father says today, your righteousness is of Me.  The blood of Christ has been applied to your life.  I AM acting in your defense because of who I AM on the inside of you.  It isn’t about earning.  You do not have to be good enough to get an answer.  I AM your righteousness.  I AM your entitlement.  You are entitled to heaven’s best because I AM on the inside of you.  You don’t have to get it right before I will act in your behalf.  Just enter into rest and trust!  I will even make your mistakes to prosper.  I AM the God that causes you to break forth upon the right hand and upon the left.  You are a part of a new generation!  A Jesus Generation that will manifest  My greatness and know My goodness on a scale the earth has never known says your Father!

I AM marrying the generations!  I AM marrying the hope of the old with the zeal of the young and bringing forth a bright and shining nation of kings and priests unto Me.  This is your portion and NOW is your season.  You won’t be looking back any longer.  You will be looking ahead with thankfulness in your heart that every impediment is removed and the way is made clear.  Open your hand and open your heart to lavish your love on the unlovely.  What I have done for you, go out and do for others.  Speak release to the captive and enlargement to the impoverished.  I said in My word I would bring redeemers – deliverers out of Zion.  You are of that company.  You are of that Zion company that will repair the old waste places and establish again a city that will be a praise in the earth, even a praise to My name says your God!

July 7, 2017.   The Father says today, the whole earth is Mine – go and stake your claim.  There is nothing that I am withholding from you.  Where you put your foot, I have given you the title deed.  There is no need to strive or to stress over what is on the morrow.  All of your tomorrows are in My capable hands.  I have already made preparation for every deficit in your life.  I call you the “provisioned”.  I declare you are full with the fullness of My ALL-IN-ALL.  So, don’t hold back.  It isn’t necessary to fret or worry about this need or that need.  All is provided!  When I gave you the gift of My Son, I FREELY gave you all things!  Tap in today to the finished and complete work that is in Christ!  Make your need known!  Take the energies of worry and fear and task them to My purposes in prayer!

Let every prayer and every form of supplication be initiated in your life.  Let your mouth pray. Cry out to Me.  Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will answer you and that right speedily.  There is no denial.  There is no delay.  Every promise is yes and amen because you are in Him – who sits on the throne.  Enter into the yes and amen I have made available to you, says the Father.  Enter into radical favor that opens not just one, but many doors.  Rejoice in the knowledge that when the enemy does his worst, I will do My best.  You are in the ascendancy in every situation because I AM on the throne.  The right hand of Majesty is secure; therefore you, oh My beloved, are secure in all things!

July 6, 2017.   The Father says today, heaven is invading earth.  Through you I AM making My sound known!  Heaven is invading earth through you.  I choose to use you to light fires.  I choose to use you to sound My sound in this generation.  I have claimed you and you are mine.  I have set My seal upon your heart.  In every part of your being I AM advancing and making Myself known!  I have set My seal in your forehead that your forehead might be as an adamant stone.  I have made your forehead like flint and I AM striking a spark to ignite everything around you that is combustible in My kingdom.  Be an initiator, says the Father. Be an instigator.  Let the aroma of My presence invade your atmosphere and cause My “halal” to be heard in the earth, even in the dark places where new foundations are being laid.

Be a builder, says the Father.  Be one who builds who I AM into every environment you find yourself in.  You will not be encroached upon, for My sound is greater.  Greater is the pressure of My sound flowing out of you than the sound of this world’s contamination seeking to flow into you.  Feel My weightiness, says the Father.  Experience this day the KABOD glory of My weightiness established in you and expanding out from you.  Be the plow!  Be the plow that breaks up the fallow ground and causes those who have sat in darkness to see My Great Light aflame in you!  This is your portion, says the Father.  This is My sound that is sounding out from you.  This is the sound of deliverance resonating to the broken and the beaten to set the captive free and bring My song once again in the earth!

July 5, 2017.    The Father says today, I AM bringing the double portion! In this time in your life I am rendering unto you the double.  I say to you “Turn you to the stronghold, you prisoner of hope!”  Even this day the declaration of heaven over you is double blessing and double favor.  I have called out the angel archers to pierce the shields of the enemy who has dared to encroach your territory.  I have made them as a sword and a mighty man – mighty to deliver and mighty to set free every captive.  My arrows, says the Father.  My arrows will go forth as lightning in your defense.  I will blow the trumpet and there shall come whirlwinds from the south to unseat and dislodge every strategy of the enemy against your life.  I will defend you and devour and subdue with sling stones the adversary that dares to come up against you.  As the Lord, your God, I will save you in that day as one of the chief of the flock of My people.  You shall be as the stones of a crown lifted up and as a fan in My hand upon this land.

This shall be your testimony and your song will be, “How great is His goodness and how great is His beauty!”  You will see and know the goodness of your God in the land of the living.  Shall the dead praise Me?  No, I will make an end, says the Father.  I will make your bones fat with My goodness as in the harvest when the corn makes the young men cheerful and new wine the maids to dance and rejoice.  This is the salvation, says the Father, that I am working in your life.  The power of the blood that was shed on Calvary is being brought to bear in your circumstance THIS DAY – so rejoice and be glad! Your redeemer is near at hand.  Your salvation is not far off.  Those things that you have believed Me for and cried out to Me for are not vain hopes or unrealistic expectations.  Come this day into the secret place of My heart.  Render up to Me a pure and yielded heart as an oblation I will not despise.  Be willing to hear and be willing to yield and you will see, says the Father, of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

July 4, 2017.   The Father says today, you are the object of My favor.  I AM surrounding you with favor as with a shield.  I AM the same – yesterday, today and forever.  I AM NO respecter of persons but I AM a respecter of faith.  What I have done in times past in terms of miracles, signs, wonders and great deliverance I will do again.  Your life, says the Father, is My chosen proving ground this day of My faithfulness to move in the lives of My people to radically deliver them (specifically YOU) from every encroachment of the enemy.  Others will look upon My hand at work in your life and say, “that’s not fair – they didn’t earn the blessing they are enjoying…”  It isn’t about earning something, says the Father.  There is no such thing as “paying your dues” in My Kingdom.  What I AM doing in your life is based not upon who you are or what you have done but about who I AM and what I did in your life 2000 years ago.  You ARE My ENTITLED ONE.  I stand this day as your defender and your Great Benefactor in every area of your life.

So, make your determination to align yourself perfectly into the critical path that leads to where all Servant-Sons find their place of service to Me.  My Kingdom surrounds you.  My Kingdom follows you and goes before you.  It is My Kingdom on the right hand and on the left determining what happens next.  Abandon all self-promotion.  Allow the ego-driven attitudes that have NEVER reflected My grace to NOT ONCE be named in your behavior.  I AM bringing you into the entitlement of sons, says the Father.  I AM extending to you this day the realization of what the POWER to BECOME a son implies in every area of your life – BUT you must draw yourself away with Me until it is all of Me and none of you.  This is your privilege and it will not be accorded to another.  This is the time that you have longed for and cried out for.  Rise up and be that one who steps into the paternity of sons in My kingdom, says the Father.

July 3, 2017.   The Father says today, your heart is the heart of a worshipper.  You are one that is ordained to express worship because worship is how I delight to spend time with you.  When you worship Me I will show up.  Surely, I AM always with you, but as you worship there is a manifest presence from My throne that is deep and dynamic in its life changing power.  As you worship, you constitute one of those that I search throughout the whole earth to show Myself mighty in your behalf.  This is why I have given you the ability to feel things deeply.  At times, you’ve even wondered why your emotions tend to run so deep, because you don’t always have the comfort and the convenience of expressing in ways those around you would understand or tolerate.  This has been a struggle, between being what others expect, and living up to your true self.  Don’t be frustrated, says the Father, for I put that struggle and that pressure on the inside of you, that you might find the expression of it that takes no thought for the opinion of men, but only looking unto Me.

Let your feet recover their dance, says the Father.  As others dance for their own reasons, even so praise Me in the dance.  Praise Me with the timbrel and the many-colored banners that reflect My glory and My creativity.  Recover the postures of praise and worship and don’t let ANYONE tell you it isn’t acceptable when you are only seeking to worship Me.  Raise your hands.  Kneel in worship of God.  Spin and dance and move in rhythmic expression of your love and celebration of who I AM in your life. In so doing you will find yourself in My river.  There will be a fluidity and a flow, a river of intensity and passion in My Spirit that will delight you and change you and change others, says the Father.  There will even be times that others will enter in and partake, for surely there are many that have the heart that you have.  I will cause you to influence a company of worshippers and in that will be an outpouring of My Spirit and a visitation that men have long cried out for but did not understand that only in abandonment to Me with all their heart will the rivers of My Spirit flow as they desire.

July 2, 2017.   The Father says today I AM the God of open doors.  I do not open only one door and say “walk through it”.  I open many doors and then delight as you bend your ear low to know just which choice to make.  My Word is yes and amen to every promise I have stored up for you in the scripture.  Lay hold on that arsenal of promise.  Know that there is no wavering of My promise.  When you ask of Me and stand on My Word I do not decide on a case by case basis whether to honor what I have plainly said.  My Word is a blanket assurance that what you believed Me for will surely be done.  Delay is not denial.  I AM not some austere being on a distant throne frowning upon you.  I AM a loving Father making Myself abundantly available to you in the midst of every crisis.  Trust in the reality of My closeness to you right now.  Cling to the truth of My Word.  Expect to see My goodness in your life this very day. Anticipate My favor at every turn.  See yourself as the recipient of My love unconditionally and in fullness.  This is your time.  This is your hour.  This is your NOW season My beloved.

So, fear not says the Father!  Fear not, rather believe only.  Believe in My word and reject what the circumstances indicate.  The things that you can see are temporary and changeable.  The unseen things of My word and My Spirit are ruling over all.  Embrace this reality.  Come and rest your head in My bosom.  Put on the mind of Christ in the midst of confusion and turmoil.  Breathe in of My peace and breathe out Holy Ghost composure when everyone around you is in tumult.  Listen to My voice.  Hearken to the still, small voice of My Spirit that is ever speaking saying “this is the way, walk ye in it”.  You ask, what does that mean Father?  I say, “it means that the storm you are in is something I AM walking you out of…” and that requires cooperation and moment by moment trust.  As you accept this and embrace what I have for you we will walk it out together and you will come out unscathed and fully deposited into your blessing place.

July 1, 2017.   The Father says today you are My battle axe and weapon of war.  When I want to win a battle, I will put you at the forefront!  Not because I AM putting you at risk but because I created you with a warrior spirit willing to fight the good fight.  The good fight IS the good fight because it is the one you win.  I have made you a conqueror.  That is who you ARE not just something I do for you.  When you stand with Me, says the Father, we constitute a superior force no matter what comes after or how many are on the enemy’s side.  Never tally the numbers of the opposition.  Never put your faith in how many around you are standing firm.  I AM with you and that is all that matters.  I will empower you as men and women of old smote their enemies hip and thigh and did not take no for an answer.  When you are wearying in the battle say of your soul “we play until I win!”.

I have put within you a spirit of excellence and a drive to succeed.  There is nothing ungodly or carnal about ambition.  I put ambition in you that you might fulfill your destiny and this the season for the fulfillment of all that I have promised you.  So be a competitor.  Not against man but against the principalities and powers that are resisting.  As Paul the apostle did not fight as one that beats the air, so I have empowered you to resist the devil and see him flee from before you in My name. Never lay down in a battle zone.  I say again, never lay down in a battle zone and NEVER dance with demons.  Refuse to play the religious games others are so adept at.  I have set before you an open door. Take the ground I have given you.  It is yours now.  Drive out the giants.  See the walls come down.  Take the spoil that I have enabled you to go out and lay hold of in My name.  Every promise I have made in My word is at your back and supporting every move you make.  Listen to My voice as I say, “this is the way – walk ye in it” for I will never fail you and I will never turn My back on those who have placed My heart and My Kingdom as their highest priority.


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