The Father Says Today – June 2013

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for July 2013
by Russ and Kitty Walden

30 June 2013:   The Father says today I have gone to the depths to support and strengthen you.  From those depths I have called you My own.  The habitation I created for you is not in the shallows of rank humanity that knows nothing of My grace and My unmitigated love.  When you were in the grips of oppression and fouled in sin I gave My best and highest says the Father.  What would I possibly withhold from you now at the hour of your need?

My answer to you today IS My mercy.  My answer to you today IS My grace.  Be ready!  Live in readiness today for My hand to break into the normal course of events and bring the brightness of My glory to the darkest reaches of your need. Live in My Spirit.  Understand through the lens and filter of My eye the circumstances that surround you.  See the angelic host so crowded about you that no enemy can break through to harm the least hair on your head.

Rejoice says the Father. Rest.  I am the Author and the Finisher.  The enemy is the liar and the intimidator.  He is not as capable of making good on his threats as he would make you believe.  I am on task and My deliverance will be on target.  Rejoice says the Father. Rejoice and rest for you have a front row seat this day to a great deliverance I am bringing into your NOW.

29 June 2013:    The Father says today dare to ask and I will be faithful to answer.  Ask largely.  Ask without hesitation or wondering. If I gave heaven’s best gift for your greatest sin what would I possibly withhold?   Raise the level of your expectation says the Father for you cannot tax My willingness or My love for you.  Ask not just as a son or a servant but ask as a friend for I am your covenant friend.

If I would have spared Sodom and Gommorah is there any reason why I would not spare your city?  Though the sin of Sodom and Gommorah was great says the Father I would have spared the city if only because My servant Abraham asked Me.  Abraham’s prayers were based on a Patristic covenant of ancient origin.  Your prayers come to Me based on the efficacy of the blood of the Only Begotten.  I will answer you says the Father.  You need only to ask.

28 June 2013:    The Father says today when you join with other believers let it be by DIVINE APPOINTMENT and not religious habit. When you move by divine appointment then you tread My courts in reality and in truth. All other activities are vain observances without power or vitality. Let the course of your day today follow the current of My Spirit into the high places of the earth. There are thrones to be occupied and high places to be cleansed.

There are those who have brought reports of giants and impassible barriers. They think like grasshoppers and instill fear and lethargy into My people. You are not a spiritual pygmy says the Father. You are growing, growing and growing into My full stature. It is time to jettison the image of a bobble-head dashboard Jesus and know that I am standing up on the inside of you to manifest My glory and deliver the spoil of a sin-sick world into your jurisdiction.

27 June 2013:   The Father says today when you look in the hearts of those around you – choose to SEE THE LAMB and not any other image. The rankest sinner without any desire to walk in My kingdom is yet made in My image and draws his breath at My indulgence and patience. If I endure the mockery of the cross is it not a small thing to endure with patience and kindness the disdain and insults of those who choose not to walk in My path?

See the Lamb when you look at those around you. See the Lamb when they set you at nought and even mistreat and misrepresent you. See the Lamb says the Father for when you SEE THE LAMB in others you step into My mercies in your own behalf that are renewed every morning. When you solicit My mercy for yourself but choose not to demonstrate the same to others then you disqualify yourself from My favor.

I am not holding out on you or holding back says the Father. I will deny you nothing that the Cross has paid for. Only determine it in your heart to love with abandon and without condition even those who disparage and harass you. Do not fret about their depredations against you for in due season I will make them come to the table of peace in your behalf.

26 June 2013:    The Father says today make your choice to live this day out of My endless and irreducible life. Your breath and your strength each moment is drawn from a measureless supply without beginning or ending. You will not run out or burn out or fail says the Father. Let this endless, boundless, limitless resource be the well that your patience is drawn from. When all other motives give up and go home says the Father THIS PATIENCE is yet standing, waiting and expecting the full measure of promise and blessing that I have afforded by the cross.

You will not be disappointed says the Father. I don’t DO disappointment. I am the MORE-THAN-YOU-CAN-ASK-OR-THINK God. Immerse yourself in My mind and My benevolence and My calm endurance that knows no complaint. Your end is assured and your answers are forthcoming. Go ahead and rejoice. Go ahead and clap. Go ahead says the Father for

25 June 2013:    The Father says today that you never lose so much as when you lose your peace.  I am your peace . I am your song.  Never let circumstances rob you of the resonate harmony of My voice within you.  When the enemy sees that you have lost your peace he then knows you have strayed into territory that he has jurisdiction over.  I am your peace My child.  I am the calm composure of your heart in the midst of provocation and turmoil.  I am the still waters that run so deep in you that no earthly turbulence can contaminate you.

So simplify your life by shedding the false reports and false challenges.  Simplify so you can fly.  Move out onto the tarmac where the heavenly transports are waiting with engines at full to take you away from the mundane and every day.  Come away with Me beloved and I will bear you up on My wings where the prattling insensibilities of every day problems cannot reach you.  Come away and hear the whisper of My presence and My power that will strengthen and renew you and cause you even this day to ride on the high places of the earth where ruling and reigning is your natural state.

24 June 2013: The Father says today that My breath is ravishing your heart.  I breathed into Adam and he became a living soul. My inspiration, My breath in your human spirit makes you a quickening fire.  There is life-giving vitality on the inside of you because I am the indwelling force of your inner man.  My life and My power within has infinite organizing power whose purpose was set in the finality of Calvary.

Your healing is a finality says the Father.  Your provision is a finality.  Your restoration and liberation from every besetting impediment is a finality.  The plan of salvation is based upon promises and not mere probabilities.  So open your heart and breath out of My sureties.  There is eternal life within you and this day I give you My leave to release that resource toward every need and every deficit in your life.

You are a principality and a power in the earth says the Father and every need in your life is yielding to the jurisdiction of promise that I have established by the blood of the Son.

23 June 2013:   The Father says today never deny yourself higher ground of the Spirit by entering into contention.  Contention ONLY comes by pride.  The enemy will whisper and justify and give you every excuse for resentment and argument.  He knows that when you contend you are in his jurisdiction.  His name is ADVERSARY after all.  So when your blood runs hot and the words flood to your mind make the choice to ascend at that moment into the law of love.

In the jurisdiction of contention victory is an achievement.  Under the law of love victory is a constant state.  Ruling and reigning begins as you ascend into the law of love.  The law of love negates every other law and brings you to the liberty of My creative sovereignty.  Though your enemy prattle and prance and rejoice at his supposed victory over you – stand still and watch as I re-order the very ground under your feet to place you in FULL JURISDICTION and authority.

The day is at hand that I will deliver your enemy into your hand.  What will you do at that moment?  Will you drink of the momentary satisfaction of revenge?  Or will you defer that libation and rise up into the faultless, blameless ascendency of the sovereignty of love?

22 June 2013:   The Father says today that there is no blame in love.  You are not to be blamed says the Father as long as you allow the love of My heart to be reflected in your spirit.  Love the unlovely. Love the unthankful.  Love those who have no intention to ever loving you back.  Love them says the Father but love them on MY TERMS and not theirs.

The ungrateful and unloving are very adept and manipulating your tender heart.  Do not allow the tenderness in your heart to be savaged and controlled by the perverse demands of those who see your compassion as weakness.  There is no fear in love so fear not the backlash from selfish people when you refuse to live your life for them.

Always remember that you are bought with a price.  You don’t belong to THEM you belong to ME.  They will never appreciate this or tolerate it.  Fear not says the Father for those who would merchandise of you will experience the WOODSHED OF GOD.  Love fearlessly.  Love lavishly.  Love with abandon but never for a moment forget whose you are and who your Lord is.  Every day as you rise and go about your affairs I will breathe My life within you and My voice will guide you and your destiny will unfold in power and provision and promise.

21 June 2013:   The Father says today that I am accelerating the forward momentum of My purpose in your life.  Yesterday’s program is today’s delay.  No looking back says the Father.  Set your attention upon My promise for you are where your attention takes you.  Do not give consideration to the tormenting thoughts of what might be or what has gone on before.  Those doubts and fears are the construct of the enemy to keep you in thrall to limitation and denial of your destiny.

I am with you says the Father.  I am with you and working in you both to will and to do My good pleasure.  It is My greatest joy to giving you the kingdom.  My kingdom is righteousness, joy and peace.  These things are FREELY given without any condition.  So accept that gift today and expect answers and peace and fullness of joy.  Let your mouth pray and let your heart laugh for he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh and rule over all your enemies!

20 June 2013:   The Father says today every day in your life is a day of breakthrough.  Today is the only day I have because I don’t live in yesterday and tomorrow hasn’t been created yet.  I inhabit eternity My native environment is a constant NOW.  When you live in the NOW, today is all you have.  Today is the only day I have to BE GOD and to answer your every need.

So come into My now says the Father.  Forget the past.  Set aside speculation and misguided concern about tomorrow.  When tomorrow gets here it will then be your NOW and will be the environment where My LORDSHIP will govern and guide and bless what your life looks like then.

Today is the day of salvation – today is the day that I am preserving you from the molestation of the enemy.  Your enemy is more than happenstance.  There is a malevolence behind the brokenness and fracture of life and that personality is not capable of usurping My love or My power.  So do NOT allow the problems of life to keep you in a stationary place without hope or paralyzed by fear.  Move forward in expectation of My goodness.  Get up.  Get out. Be social and be expectant that I am making you the poster child of My extreme goodness and favor and blessing.

19 June 2013:   The Father says today that your salvation is not a one-time event but a constant abiding.  Salvation is more than an experience it is a resource on the inside of you.  The same means by which you were saved initially is the same means by which you are kept continually.  The blood of the cross is keeping you says the Father.

I AM is keeping you.  I am keeping you in the style to which I AM accustomed and I don’t do anything half way or on a budget.  I am not on a budget and therefore you are not on a budget.  On the inside of you I have placed the fountainhead of My glory that is a stipend for you to draw on and a river for you to bask in and luxuriate in.  Look for the unique and the unusual for I am not bound by the conventions of men and their small thinking when I move My hand in your behalf.

You became a new creation when you were born again and it is in newness of life you are recreated and re-provisioned and renewed every day.  Luxury is not a dirty word in the kingdom says the Father – it is My natural state.  So adjust your thinking to go first class all the way for I am not anxiously counting pennies to see if I can get you through the challenges before you.  The enemy’s resources are limited but My resource that is on the inside of you is unlimited.

This salvation that I founded for you on Calvary is a constant salvation.  Come to Me this day and know the contentedness of CONSTANTLY ABIDING.  Reject those conditions and situations that contradict My promise.  Those contradictions are NOT your cross to bear.  That is a lie that has contaminated My people long enough.  You are not a victim you are a victor.  This is a day and even an hour for you to emerge from the anemic platitudes of religious coping and manifest just exactly who and what you are in My name.

18 June 2013:   The Father says today that I am not moved by begging or pleading.  My hand moves in response to declaring and decreeing.  That isn’t what you have been taught but is this not the clear testimony of My word?  To plead and cajole implies a petition made to an unreliable benefactor.  I am a reliable source of supply and protection and deliverance in your life says the Father.  I will never say no to what the cross says yes to.  You need never ask Me to do what was laid in store for you 2000 years ago.  Simply trust and believe.  Simply decree and declare.  By your words enforce the edict of the shed blood of Calvary.

You are the healed.  You are the provisioned.  You are the delivered.

You – yes YOU are the pupil of My eye and I will never forsake or neglect you.  There are no street urchins or beggars in the Heavenly City.  The angels of glory as celestial couriers bring to you every answer you cry out to Me for.  They escort every answer and provision to your door and are knocking with requisition in hand for you to sign off on their working in your life.  You will judge angels says the Father.  You will judge in that day just how efficiently they performed the service in your behalf that I created them for.

Let them do the work of implement the demand on Calvary’s provision that your faith is making on My power today.  Today is THAT day says the Father. Rejoice!

17 June 2013:   The Father says today that I want you to get ready for Me to stretch you.  I will not leave you where you are in life I will take you deeper in My Spirit.  Change is essential for life and I am enlarging and stretching you to contain more of My purpose and more of My Spirit.  Make it your determination this very day to believe that I am the rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.  The diligence that brings My blessing does not require religious regimen or vain repetition as though I am not disposed to answer your needs.

It is time to lose forever the entrenched religious notion that you must cajole and beg and rail upon My kindness to receive an answer.  The bloodstained wood 2000 years ago is enough says the Father to certify to you regarding My absolute willingness to act in your behalf.  So beginning today says the Father let us reason together and speak as Father and child in a new dimension of intimacy and grace that I activate over you now.

15 June 2013:   The Father says today that you are a majority of one!  The accomplishments and dreams that you have set your heart on do not require the understanding or consent of those around you who have no faith.  Come into the secret place of the Most High this day My beloved and in My counsels we will get this thing done that you have cried out to Me for so long.

Open your heart and open your mind to My directives and My planning for your success.  There is no impediment or hindrance that can survive My consent to move mightily in your behalf.   So set aside the “Do Nothing” counsel of those who have concluded there is “Nothing to Do.”  That is not My Mind arising from that trough of religious unbelief.  I am God and I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone for permission.

So align yourself with My Mind says the Father and My heart and prepare to step up and step out on the billows of miraculous impossibility.  Say within your heart that nothing shall be impossible to you.  I am the More-than-you-can-ask-or-think God and I am just warming up on the good and great things I am preparing to do in your life.

14 June 2013:   The Father says today that I declare and proclaim that you are a COME OUTER and an OVERCOMER!  You are coming out says the Father!  You are coming out of loss and you are coming out of restriction.  I am LARGE and IN CHARGE over every affair of your life.  The enemy of your soul will not merely be turned back – he will be CRUSHED and you will report the victory to all those who said I could not or I would not!

I am ordering your steps toward new territory and bolder claims of conquest.  As in the days of old you are one who is going to experience miracles of a New Testament caliber.  You will see my hand even as Gideon who cried out “Where is the Lord God who brought miracles in the wilderness?”  I will manifest modern miracles in your present day wilderness experience.  You will find Manna on the ground every morning and water from the rock when you thirst.   Yes says the Father you will daily experience provisional miracles of supernatural supply to bring you to a place of blessing and wholeness and reconciliation to all that my word has promised.

13 June 2013:  The Father says today reject the blasphemy of doubt and reject the blasphemy of fear and reject the blasphemy of limitation and impoverishment!  I declare over you says the Father that you are the PROVISIONED!  You are the CHAMPIONED! You are the OVERCOMER in every onslaught of life!

I set you in your life to experience the Eden of my pleasure and my blessing. Your life is not designed by my hand to be a waste howling wilderness of suffering and pain.  I place no premium upon suffering or loss says the Father so know that this is your hour of restoration and this is your hour of reconciliation for My redeeming hand is being made manifest in a unique and unusual way.

Watch for the angel with the flaming sword as He slashes down the work of the enemy and bursts your bonds and causes the gates and bars that have held you back to be opened of their own accord as I bring you out into liberty as I bring you out into the manifest liberty purchased by the blood of the cross.

12 June 2013:   The Father says today that I am a God that brings order from disorder.  I am a God that takes chaos and brings My blessing and My structure and my authority.  It is to your life that I am bringing the visitation of My Divine government and My Kingdom.  You have solicited My Lordship and I will expunge every demonic hindrance that would seek to contaminate your life in any way.

My government is upon your shoulder this day.  Press in says the Father!  As you press against the disorder and chaos in your life I’m going to refresh and renew your vigor and your strength.  You will push down your enemies this day says the Father by the authority and strength that I am releasing into your life.

Allow the Christ that is within you to rise up to full stature.  Jesus the Christ is measuring himself and manifesting Himself on the inside of you.  The sacrifice of the cross is finding its full dividend in your life.  In this now season I am transforming  your heart and causing you to express my image both inwardly an outwardly . I am with you says the Lord and I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.  I am pressing out My kingdom in the template of your life under this sun.

11 June 2013:   The Father says today that I never required you to be great or to do great things.  I simply ask that you make yourself available as a vessel of My glory.  The priests who ministered under the fading glory of animal sacrifice were not allowed to perspire or sweat as they went about their duty.  Likewise in your life My son and daughter I will enter into your circumstance only through the door of resting and trusting that you afford Me.

So relax says the Father.  Relax and find this day the yoke easy and burden light that I prepared for you before the world began.  There is no burden that My brow did not bear with the thorns on the tree.  Release those cares and trials to Me and see how effortlessly they fade away as a tissue of incorporeality and untruth.  See this day says the Father that My substance is usurping the falsehood of burdens and weariness and heartbreak.  No longer will you bear the false burden of the lying vanities that have assaulted your heart.  This day I bring you to liberty and quench your weariness in My strength and favor.

10 June 2013:   The Father says today that there is no place for you in the sandlot of religious self importance.  You have seen this error and you have marveled at the number of men and women who seem content to live in that context of falsehood.  Your place says the Father is to spill out in the real world and demonstrate your confidence in My kingdom in the every day world you live in.

In My great intercessory prayer in the gospel of John I did not pray that you would be taken from the company of ungodly men.  I simply prayed that you would be kept from the evil.  Do you believe My prayer is answered, even in this generation?  Do not be distracted by the crowds of ignorant and ungodly men and women.  Neither be deluded by those who have contented themselves in the artificial environment found in the ghetto of religion.

You are My living letter says the Father.  I have written Myself into your life with clarity and purpose.  Go forth this day and be open and transparent and read of all men.  In so doing you will seek the kingdom and as a result all things will be added to you.

9 June 2013:   The Father says today come away with Me to the hidden place and I will baptize you with My radiance. I will show you the millions of souls that are about to sweep into the kingdom at the behest of My open hand. My hand is not closed in a fist says the Father.  My hand is open and My heart flows forth with a river of compassion that will reshape the earth and reshape My church into that befitting the bridal season.

As for your portion says the Father I have purposed that you will be a partaker.  You will be a partaker and you will not just be a mere spectator.  It is your privilege even as you have cried out it is your privilege to be a participator and a recipient of My end-time glory.

8 June 2013:   The Father says today that I am bubbling up on the inside of you an unction of maturity and deeper grace.  I am maturing on the inside of you into a full grown manifestation of who I am and what I am capable of doing.  I would that you know and that you experience what it is to have the backing of heaven beneath you bearing you up to the full stature of My person on the inside of you.

So rejoice says the Father for as the Father sent Me so I have sent you.  As the Father empowered Me I have empowered you beyond any measure you have imagined thus far.  Your hand and My hand will be as one.  Your mind and My mind will be as one.  Your words and My words will be as one and I will not allow your words to fall to the ground even as My words do not fall to the ground or fail to come to pass.

You are My regency in the earth says the Father. Go forward and fulfill the mandate of heaven.

7 June 2013:   The Father says today that I have given you a jurisdiction and an authority to rule.  In your jurisdiction you are authorized to act in My behalf and I will back up your words and your prayers and your declarations.  You are not powerless says the Father.  Though you be empty and hollow without Me realize that you are NOT without Me for one split second.

So accept the commission and the mantle of assignment that is on your life.  No longer waiting for what must happen or what others think must take place.  Act now says the Father.  Stand forth now.  Fulfill your destiny now and all of heaven will endorse your boldness with the full inventory of glory’s resources.

6 June 2013:   The Father says you are My child first and foremost.  Above every other commitment or consecration you are Mine.  I purchased you with a price beyond all calculation.  Those who attempted to control your life didn’t pay any price at all and yet they want to control you contrary to My plan.  Shake off the illegitimate authorities standing about you and be free says the Father.

Be free says the Father and begin today to walk in the liberty that is the base state of one in whom My paternity has been established.  You are My child says the Father.  Rejoice! You are My Beloved and as My Beloved I am drawing you to Myself and shaking off of you the false obligations of illegitimate authority.  They don’t know what they think they know and they do not have first claim on your life.  You are Mine and yes Beloved I am YOURS!

5 June 2013: The Father says today that you are not under the power of contaminated humanity. I am the rod that purifies the vessel says the Father. I am purifying your vessel and giving you power, yes ALL POWER necessary to harness and subdue the parts of your character that are vulnerable to the agenda of fallen nature.

Rise up and be seated says the Father. Be seated in the state of authority and power that the shedding of My blood affords you. The forces of darkness are limited but I am eternal. I have all power and energy and resources to manifest My glory and grace and fullness in your life. No more will you struggle with half promises and partial experiences. You get to have all says the Father. Are you ready?

4 June 2013:   The Father says today look up!  Look upward for your encouragement and your focus today.  When I walked the earth in a mortal coil it was necessary that I look up as well.  When I looked up I saw My Father.  If you don’t see the Father then you are not looking up.  When I looked up I saw the glory wherewith I found Myself clothed in power and grace to fulfill My assignment.  That same energy is alighting upon you in great measure this day says the Father.

Look UP says the Father.  Look up and see the mantling process that is at work upon you from above.  The lateral influences of darkness and lack and confusion have no real power.  I am clothing you from above and in that garment you become invisible to the hands and eyes of those who want to spoil your destiny.

Your hour is come says the Father.  Your hour is NOW.  I am a NOW God and I am making a NOW provision for you to manifest who I am on the inside of you.

3 June 2013:  The Father says today that I am kindling a fire in your life.  I am kindling the fire and I bringing your life to combustion in My presence.  I am the ignition source within you says the Father and your bones will burn with the message and the vision that I am imparting to you even this day.  There is a fresh baptism says the Father a baptism of fire and upon you shall it light and upon you shall it be poured out in great measure.

So gather together every combustible thing in your life and present them for the burning.  Allow Me to bring to ashes those attitudes and even those things you have placed false value on.  There is not one thing of true value I will not preserve or protect but there are many things that will be incinerated in the power of My presence as you throw open the gates of your heart for the burning and the fire of My glory that will not rest till it finds its repository in the depths of your heart.

2 June 2013:   The Father says today that I am closing the gap in your heart between highest heart’s desire and mere wishful thinking.  Positive mental attitude is a poor substitute for confident expectation of My intervention in your life.  I am the God who intervenes.  I intervene in the affairs of nations and I intervene in the affairs of those whose lives are lived in obscurity and hiddenness.  I am intervening in your life even this day says the Father.  You will hear My sound and see My hand at work under this sun.

You have not been overlooked says the Father.  You have not been overlooked or passed over.  This is promotion time for you.  I am promoting you to fresh intimacy in My counsels and My words will be in your mouth and in your mind as the active ingredient of your own breakthrough.  Are you ready for change says the Father?  Then align yourself into that path of progress in Christ that will fast track you to the new day that is dawning even now.

1 June 2013:   The Father says today that it is time for you to fly.  It is time for you to fly and I am both the wind and the wings that will bear you aloft above the challenges and problems that are obscuring My promise in your life.  There is destiny in you says the Father.  You are not destined for the house of the impoverished you are destined for the house of My provision.

I am writing the word FAITHFULNESS over your life says the Father.  I am causing the character of My faithfulness to be produced in you and to be poured out on you.  I am a faithful God and will be found faithful in every instance of need.  I am not ignoring you says the Father.  I am not standing aloof from your pain.  I have heard you in the hour appointed and My answers are forthcoming.

Make it your determination to reject doubt.  Reject doubt says the Father and refuse despair.  I know what you need. My eye sees and My hand is present.  You have sought My face and I am manifesting a grace to endure unto deliverance.  The end of the thing will be rejoicing says the Father so rest in that sure and certain outcome I am certifying to you this day.




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  1. Lamentations 3:22-26
    King James Version (KJV)
    22 It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
    23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
    24 The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.
    25 The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.
    26 It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.