The Father Says Today – June 2015

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

Breakthrough Word for June 2015.  June is a month of course correction to you says the Father. 2015 has been a gauntlet of distraction but I say to you that plan A for your life in this season is still on the table. The enemy has gainsayed you and robbed you and assaulted you but his resources are limited and finite. My limitless resources and infinite provision of favor and blessing and breakthrough are at your disposal says the Father. I call you My entitled one. I call you My favored one. I call you My beloved that will this day execute My promise by faith under and open heaven.
I am correcting your course and your focus back to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. You have cried out Father what is your word to me this day and I say to you I am the God who gives you the desires of your heart. The ache in your heart says the Father is the prophecy over your life. This is the return and this is the rest says God. No more coping strategies. No more Ishmaels. No more trying to bring My heavenly promise to pass with earthly instrumentalities.
Come back to seeking My kingdom. Return to seeking joy, peace, and entitlement for My righteousness is accorded you from your benefit and your blessing. I know that isn’t what you’ve been told – but you be a Father pleaser and listen to the Rhema of My Rhema and the Logos of My Logos – as you press into these things says the Father you are pressing into My kingdom and you will in nothing be ashamed.


30 June 2015:   The Father says ask of Me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance.  I will draw from the uttermost parts of the earth and give you the treasures of hidden places.  I have the keys says the Father and that which I have given to you will unlock the barred gates and tear down the walls that the enemy has erected to deny you the entitlement you have in Me.   There is no impediment says the Father.  There is no detriment.  There is NO hindrance.  Come up here to Me and see from My perspective.  The enemy wants you to accept the ground level viewpoint but you are not of the earth neither are you limited to earthly resources.  What man cannot do or accomplish I will manifest in your life in a moment of time and it will be miraculous.

So realize and accept this day that your citizenship is in heaven.  Know that there is nothing I will not do and nothing that is impossible to you because you belong to Me and I am in you.  No longer limiting your prayers to the attainable – I want you to lodge your requests for the unattainable and the impossible.  All things are POSSIBLE says your Father – ONLY BELIEVE and according to your faith so shall it be done unto you.

29 June 2015:   The Father says today I will not take My throne in your heart by force.  I must be invited.  You must make Me king of the parched places of your life that I might bring the refreshing you have cried out for.  The barren and dry void within you will become a well, yea a spring of living water.  As you respond to My Lordship I will bring life to you and to all those round about you.  I AM that river the streams whereof make glad the heart and completely reshape and reorient your life for good and not for evil.  Cease looking for the outward resource.  My kingdom is ONLY found within.  I AM the well of living water springing up to life everlasting to change your NOW and secure the timeline of your life into an endless eternity.

Say of your soul “I am a son of the Most High God…”  Declare the decree says the Father.  Let the declaration of your sonship be on your lips for I have given you power to BECOME a son of God.  You are more than a servant.  If only a servant I wished for I would have left you in under the Old Covenant.  I call you not only a servant but an entitled son, a beloved daughter – that one in whom I delight.  I delight in you says the Father.  It is not possible for Me to love you more than I do this moment.  Cease trying to earn that love. It is not possible for Me to love you less.  I simply love you – and in that love every need, every deficit, every demand is met and fullness of blessing comes like a refreshing rain to fill all the waste places of your life.

28 June 2015:   The Father says today that I am bringing you out of the parched and dry places into the green pastures of My sheep fold.  Your days of isolation are over.  The wilderness wanderings are at their end.  Yes, says the Father in the dry and desolate places a work of My hand has been produced in your life and those you have been long estranged from will not know you from who you were in years past. It is a new day and a new you – behold I make all things new.  Give yourself latitude to be that person that I now cause you to be and do not fall back into the old relationships and attitudes that do not reflect who I have now crafted and fashioned you to be.

You are My workmanship says the Father – you are My handiwork.  Release the past.  Let go of the disappointments of years gone by . That isn’t who you are and it isn’t where I am taking you.  It is a new day.  Your past is not commentary on your present and your present is not the narrative that I am writing into your life in this new chapter that is coming forth even today.  Are you ready?  Then forgive, release, bless and move on.  Shake yourself from the sands of the wilderness journeying and be prepared and even prompt in stepping into the social settings and opportunities that I am bringing you to . When you question and are unsure you will hear My voice saying “fear not for it is I” in every challenging situation – for I am with you and will never forsake you – your blessing time has come!

27 June 2015:   The Father says today that the enemy’s presumption of your defeat is a total vanity.  The enemy of your soul has tried to encourage himself with plans for your demise but his rages are uselessly spent on the impenetrable favor that I have surrounded you with.  The counsels of those who think they are in charge of what happens to you next will come to nothing.  I AM firmly in control of your future says the Father – TRUST ME for what happens next!  The bands of the enemy are NOW being severed.  The cords of restraint and impediment against your hopes and dreams are THIS DAY broken off of your life oh My beloved!

The opposition of the dark one is really no challenge to Me says the Father.  The enemy’s lies do not furrow My brow – rather they put a smile on My face because of the derision his futile attacks provoke because of My strong right hand that is holding you firm and protected always.  You see says the Father I will vex those that vex you.  I will execrate from your life those that dare to even trifle with My purposes in your life.  The situation you have put before Me WILL change and you will see the salvation of My hand made manifest – because I never fail YOU will not fail for you are in Me and I in you – so rejoice, rest and trust in My plans for your life.

26 June 2015:   The Father says stand still and see the chaff of the wicked which I blow away in the wind of My Spirit.  Yes – even the wind of My Spirit that fills your sails and brings you into the harbor of My goodness will remove afar off those who have treacherously dealt with you and lied against you.  In judgment they shall not stand says the Father for the judgment wherewith they have judge you unfairly will be visited upon their own head.

Stand fast in the congregation of the righteous says the Father for My entitlement and favor and blessing are being visited upon you in this hour.  The provisioning you have long awaited for is being deposited at your feet.  Fear not – believe only for I know that way

25 June 2015:   The Father says I am rooting you down into the deep aquifers of My Spirit.  The refreshing of the waters of My Spirit will this day cleanse you from the defilement of the wicked that have foamed out their shame in your life.  This is the NEW DAY says the Father and a new season.  This is your transition to fruitfulness and blessing.  The encroachment of the enemy against you is being reversed and turned back.  The enemy has salted your land and stopped up your wells but I say to you that your land is being healed and your wells will once again flow with the fresh streams of My living water.

You are destined for more than just a testimony of what I have done for others says the Father.  You have been faithful to declare and rejoice over those things I have done in the lives of others but now in this season you will have your own testimony and will not repeat what I have done for others because you will hold in both hands the substance of My faithfulness in your life.  Fear not to put forth your hand.  Other have said it’s no use and have hung their harps on the willows – determine this day to act upon My sure promise that I will bless you on the right hand and on the left and according to My covenant everything you put your hand to will be blessed.

24 June 2015:   The Father says today that your steps are ordered by My hand.  In this season of distraction from the enemy do not respond to the counsel of the unenlightened whose thoughts do not originate from My heart.  They have said “we shall stand” and “we shall not be moved” but know this says the Father that I have a ways and means committee to bring about My counsels even in the lives of those who sit in the seat of the scornful and refuse to honor My name.

Delight yourself in Me says the Father and do not be distracted by the smoke and mirror threats of the enemy.  Let My meditation in the night seasons be your comfort and the pillow that you rest your head upon.  My promises are safeguarding you says the Father and in My rest you shall see the destruction of the wicked and the establishing of every good thing that I have promised you by My hand.

23 June 2015:   The Father says today Beloved – abide in the vine.  Even as the vine does not grow according to a linear path even so I would that you know in this season that I AM the God who never planted anything in a row.  You are not going to be able to take a slide rule or a tape measure and predict what I am going to do next in your life.  One moment I will step into your boat in a time of trouble and the seas of your life will be calm.  The next moment I will come to you walking on the waters of adversity.  Your invitation from My hand is to vault over the rail in audacious acts of faith to see miracles happen.  This is the hour and time to attain a water walking testimony.  You are not one ordained to live out your life in the stagnation of the pulpit and pew.  I will bring you in and I will lead you out.  I will set you with one people for a time and you will learn and be blessed but then I will move you on to other pastures and places for My name.

There will be times I will bring you in the midst of a people to learn and gain and be taught.  Other times I will lead you out to a people who think they can teach you much but you are not there to learn but to serve and to bring forth a demonstration of My love and My patience.  I say to you “in your patience possess ye your soul…”  There are many frustrating and aggravating things that happen in life but I say to you in the midst of the jangling and noise and aggravation learn to quiet yourself.  You will hear My voice in the silence between your own thoughts.  Do not be a loner.  Do not set yourself in isolation for this is your coming out time.  The truths and deeps that you might think are found in some mystical experience with Me will be discovered as you pour your life out to others and discover in the doing that there is a ministry portion anointing on your life before My people.

22 June 2015:   The Father says today that your inward focus is about to be intensified in a very real and a very personal way.  The kingdom is coming says the Father and it is coming in you.  You will not be among those that I warned in Luke 17:20,21 that they were not to look outwardly for what I am doing and saying but to look inwardly.

“Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The Kingdom of God does not come with observation;  nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you,”   Luke 17:20-21.

The Father says that it is your actions and not your beliefs that open the way for My kingship in your life.  Even as the kingdom does not come with observation even so in your acts of faith and kindness and obedience you will begin to see the flashes of My presence and favor in every area of your need.  Even in natural resources you will find that money moves by My Spirit and as you handle these according to the dictates of My leading you will see increase and enlargement.

I am directing you even in small matters that will bring big breakthrough for you and for others.  You will be known as a believer who commits small acts of kindness in the timing of My Spirit – this will touch many lives more than you know so despise not the small things that I will speak to you to do even if it is a kind word or a shared meal because there is a gift of hospitality on you that goes far beyond offering a cup of coffee or a warm embrace.  The Father says My son enlargement comes by My hand and I am so disposed to enlarge Myself in you in this season.

21 June 2015:   The Father says today that you are an inheritor.  There are things that come to you from My hand by inheritance and inheritance alone.  You cannot work for them or earn them or be good enough to receive of the inheritance I freely give to you.  My autonomy in the death of the cross sealed and secured your inheritance oh My beloved.  Your entitlement was ratified in the courtroom of heaven and in nothing shall you be denied for I AM the living advocate carrying out the will of the kingdom in your life.   So do not say you are empty for you are not.  You are full . You are full with the fullness that fills you all in all. You are full with the measure that I measure with and your portion is laid up for you in heaven and is being made manifest upon the earth.

No more lack says the Father.  No more delay. No more denial.  The treasuries of heaven are opened to you so do not think like a beggar rather think like a son.  Adopt the mentality of the adoption for I have given you power to become that son in whom I AM well pleased.  There may be those that would disqualify you and in fact you have disqualified yourself in your own mind at times but beloved know this that I have qualified you.  I have laid up in store for you.  I have prepared a dwelling place for you in the heavens AND in the earth and My bounty is available and being poured out now.

20 June 2015:    The Father says today that every hidden thing and every thing done in darkness will be brought to the light.  When man hides and obscures his actions in darkness know this – I am the God who dwells in thick darkness and I will bring to light all that is done in darkness.  There will be exposure and uncovering – let your response be to look to the throne and trust in Me to show mercy in a time of judgment.  Fear not says the Father for into the wounds that I expose I will pour the oil and the wine of My Spirit that those that are broken and out of the way may be mended and restored.  Do not join ranks with those who mock and rail and accuse for in so doing they take on the role of Satan himself and I will not endure ANY accuser to stand before My face.

Make it your determination to be a person who lives in humility and self-disclosure.  You will never live up to the standards of your critics and they will never live up to the judgments they so blithely heap upon you.  If you ran with them to their own level of excess they would cover you and delight in your company.  You must choose not to join yourself to man.  I did not join myself to man for I knew what was in man and I know it still.  I will cause you to see through and not just with your eyes.  Do not be shocked or dismayed or disillusioned.  Keep on loving.  Determine that nothing that comes to light will cause you to cease walking in love before those around you.  Love the brethren and keep your trust in Me for I am purifying and cleansing and renewing and strengthening that My purposes may be established in full measure in your life.

19 June 2015:   The Father says today that I am establishing My paternity in your life.  I am resolute in My determination to bring My image to bear in your life.  I will eradicate the imprint and encroachment of the enemy against you.  As death reigned by one even so will I reign by the life and the efficacy of the cross applied to your benefit.  Your blessing and your entitlement is not performance based.  Your blessing and favor does not flow out of some strained, religious implementation.  Beloved – mercy rejoices over judgment this day in your life and in the life of those around you.  This is your portion and this is your privilege.  The shed blood of Calvary establishes your claim and even THIS DAY I am enlarging the place of your habitation.  I AM enlarging you and pushing back the boundaries of darkness until all your borders reflect in fullness of that that the cross affords you as My son and My daughter.

So breathe deeply of My favor this day says the Father.  Look within yourself and see that you are an enabled son, a favored child of a loving Father.  I have loved you and will love you until love finds its full expression in blessing and favor touching every concern that you can name.  I dare you says the Father – I dare you to find the extremity of My love for you.  I challenge you to exhaust the love wherewith I have loved you.  The death of the cross and the power of the resurrection is My heart of expression of just what degree I have gone to bless and empower you.  This day make it your determination to reject the religious mentality of those who will not enter into what I have done for them and will not allow you to enter in.  Reject those illegitimate authorities who would disqualify you and say of your soul “I am the entitled for the blood of Jesus has entitled me to all that heaven affords…”  This is your portion.  This is what My paternity in your life looks like and feels like – total favor, complete blessing, full portion this day and you need wait no longer.

18 June 2015:   The Father says today partake of My constancy.  Partake of My constancy this day for I love you with an unchanging love.  I AM not moody or cranky says the Father.  You do not have to step quietly around Me for I delight to see you moving toward Me in love and inquiry.  Go ahead and ask.  Ask those questions that you dare not even think for you can’t offend Me.  I loved you when you were at your worst and I know every thought of your heart.  Go ahead and ask.  Go ahead and seek.  Go ahead and knock for before your knuckles rap on My door I will pull you in and seat you at My table.

My table is the table I have prepared for you.  It is a table of peace and it is laden with every good thing.  There is no bitter gall to drink at My table.  There are no dregs of disappointment here.  You need not grovel like a puppy for you are not a dog – you are a beloved son and daughter.  So ASK says the Father.  Ask and let your joy be full for in the asking is the answering and in the answering is your determinate deliverance by My hand.

17 June 2015:   The Father says today that I will make up the deficits in your life – trust Me for the outcome.  There has been loss and even devastation but I will restore even seven fold all that is lacking.  I hold the keys of death, hell and the grave says the Father.  Your days are numbered in My book and not one of them will be shortened by the enemy.  Every breath of your body is an impartation of My determinate will.  So breath in of My faithfulness and breath out of My goodness and know that all is well.

All is well says the Father.  Let those words be in your mouth.  “All is well”.  When the enemy rages and all seems lost – don’t give in to that perspective.  All is well.  I AM here.  I AM the restorer of paths to dwell in and all My paths are peace.  You will not be ashamed for having trusted Me . Allow Me to be ME in your life.  In faithfulness will I nurture you and in mercy will I restore you and you will be healed.

16 June 2015:   The Father says today do not reject My process.  You have asked Me for an outcome and I say to you that process leads to outcome.  This is what it means when I say, “if you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land…”   I have a table prepared for you – even in the presence of your enemies.  Come to My table says the Father – come to My table by yielding to My anointed process by which I empty you or yourself and fill you with My I AM-ness.

I AM that I AM says the Father and I AM in you.  You are My habitation.  My throne is in you.  My kingdom is in you.  My exousia and dunamis power is in you as a generative force to put you over in life and mold you into My image.  Don’t listen the yapping of dogs that are without.  Listen to My voice and respond to the guiding touch of My hand.  Even at times when you cannot see clearly I am resolutely leading you to the still waters and green pastures of My rest oh My beloved.

15 June 2015:   The Father says today that I have removed your shame and given you beauty for ashes.  I have beautified Myself in you this day.  I don’t do blame says the Father.  As for Me you are holy and without blame before Me in love and it has been so since the foundation of the world.  Reject the shame based, fear contaminated thinking of performance-based religion.  The way is clear!  The path is cleansed.  Come boldly by the blood that was shed on Calvary.  You are placed this day and your placement is secure in Me.  You will in nothing be turned back or disenfranchised.

I call you My Beloved.  You are that one for whom all of heaven was bankrupted to meet your need . I gave all that heaven could afford when I gave the Son – why would you ever think I am holding out on you?  Unbelief questions and demands to know why I haven’t answered but Beloved IN CHRIST I gave all you would ever need or have need of.  The work is finished!  Enter in this day by faith and by expectant petition into the finished work and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

14 June 2015:   The Father says today lift up your arms to Me as a tree does lift it’s branches.  I AM the Daystar arising in your heart this day.  Receive of the light of My word and the warmth of My heart.  The world can be a cold and dry experience but you are not depending on the world for you are rooted in Me.  Sink the roots of your expectations in Me today and you will find the deep wells of refreshing and pure water of My Spirit.  I will refresh you and I will enlighten your countenance.  Others will look at you and wonder what it is that you have that they are lacking!

Drink deeply of the nourishment of My Spirit this day says the Father.  You will be this day a fruit bearing branch.  I will give you seed – fruit – harvest in one season and in spontaneity will your miracle come to pass.  This is your moment for a miracle says the Father.  Look not back at things that have gone by.  Do not despair wondering when will the breakthrough come.  Reject the bitterness and ashes of unbelief and disappointment.  Keep your expectations upon Me.  Keep your attention upon Me for you are where your attention takes you – and in My keeping you will never be brought to shame.

13 June 2015:   The Father says today that I AM bringing you to a place of rest in an environment of risk.  Do not fear to be a risk taker.  Risk is the native state of a faith filled believer.  Be as the apostle Peter who shunned the questioning looks of all those around him and vaulted over the rail into a water walking testimony.  I have called you to be a water walker.  Fear not the winds or the waves for I AM in the wind and I AM making the waves!

This is your adventure says the Father.  I have called you to ventures of faith not misadventures of failure and dashed hopes.  Set your sights higher this day.  Be bolder than you have ever been.  Reject the dampening influence of the enemy.  As I AM a consuming fire – go out in your day and burn for Me.  Let your mouth speak.  Let your hands work!  Let your feet take you into the heart of your challenge.  Know that I AM there waiting for you – the fourth man in your fire.  You will not be harmed and at the end of the day your testimony will be intact.

12 June 2015:   The Father says today that the power of binding and loosing is in your faith filled words.  What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.  What you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  The starting place is to forgive, release, and bless all those who have disappointed you and caused you to be disillusioned and despondent.  Disillusionment is a chain that the enemy wraps around your life like the tentacles of Leviathan.  It is up to you THIS DAY to sever the coils of the python spirit and shake yourself!

Rise up to new freedom in Christ.  Rise up to your station and your authority.  Lay hold on those around you who are capable and willing to agree with you for I say that in the agreement of just a few mountains are moved and nations will tremble.  I have not called you to an anemic, whimpering faith that cowers in darkness hoping things will get better.  I have called you to be strong!  I have called you to do exploits – and in the exploits of faith I will be known of you beyond any depth you have heretofore known Me.

11 June 2015:   The Father says today that I am the God that SWEARS and CHANGES NOT.  I will insistently and resolutely pursue after the FULLFILLMENT of My purposes in your life.  Your ability to fail is not greater than My ability to bring you to success.  I have a purpose and a plan.  As I said in My word – there is a highway of holiness that the wayfaring man THOUGH A FOOL will not err therein.  Just be willing to be MY FOOL.  Don’t concern yourself with those who put you down and think less of you than I do.  Who are they anyway?  Illegitimate words from illegitimate authorities hold no power in the courts of heaven.

So take your eyes off of distracting situations and people and look to the throne.  Look to the throne for you will see Me, yes and you will see that YOU are seated in heavenly places IN ME.  You will SEE yourself for you are in Me and I AM in you.  The kingdom that man puts off to “one day – some day” is in you NOW and is establishing you and strengthening you and working in you until the template of heaven come to earth is the very expression of what your life looks like.

10 June 2015:   The Father says today that you know you have faith to move mountains.  You know in yourself that you have faith to raise the dead and cleanse the leper.  You have faith to meet the needs of those around you and manifest great miracles and demonstrations of My power.  What is the problem then?  It is very simple.  Faith works by love.  Work on the love thing says the Father.  Tear down the assertions of self-righteousness and pride.  Dismiss the judgmental attitudes and religious strongholds that insistently demand you look at others from a perspective that contradicts why I sent My only son to die.  See this today.  See in others – even those who are obnoxious and hateful – see in them what I saw when I gave the Only Begotten.

I’m not asking you to give much says the Father – just all that you are and all that you will ever be – in the interests of unconditional, radical love and favor toward others. In so doing you will find that the mountain moving faith that lies dormant at times within you will spring to vibrant life.  I will move in your life and I will move through your life.  I AM the WORD and the WORD is who I AM and I AM LOVE.  Therefore I will confirm My LOVE with signs following.  Let love find it’s perfect outworking in you today and you will assuredly taste of the power of the age to come.

9 June 2015:   The Father says I am going to reveal to you the next great move of My Spirit.  I sent the Pentecostal Move in years gone by.  I sent this move and restored first century Christianity to the world.  I released the outflowing of the Charismatic Outpouring and My church was forever changed.  I brought the word of faith movement and renewed My people in faith.  I raised up the Prophetic Movement that My people might know My voice.  The coming outpouring of My Spirit will be an outpouring of My heart and My love for the lost and for all those that name My name.

I will pour out My love and the world will mock at first.  They will mock but they will come to know that I AM and that you are My disciples by your love one for another.  They will see how deep and abiding your love is for each other.  They will see this love and they will think “can I have some of that?”  They will inquire “where can I go and how can I get THAT kind of love in My life…”  Lead them to Me.  The INGATHERING will come in the release of My love on a scale unprecedented in modern times.  Love is who I am Beloved.  Let love be who you are this day.

8 June 2015:   The Father says today let the LOVE THING be YOUR THING in every interaction.  There are those around you full of opinions, full of judgments, negativity, frustration and anger.  They will aim some of that at you.  You will be the recipient of mistreatment, neglect, and unkind words.  Just know that this will happen and be prepared to envelop these people in My love that is flowing to you and through you right now.  Let love be your reaction.  When you are unpleasantly surprised by a gruff word or remarks do the love thing.  Love is who I AM.  If you want to bring Me into a situation LOVE is the on-ramp to make it happen.

Love never fails Beloved.  Love never fails so why would you EVER step out of love?  A step OUT of love is a step into failure, disappointment and grief.  A step into love is a step into Me.  You are IN ME when you are IN LOVE.  So live out of love and in so doing you will live out of ME.  I AM that I AM that I AM Beloved.  What AM I?  Come on … I know you can get this one…  Talk to Me… YES!  I AM love.  Let LOVE this day be not only what you do but WHO … YOU …. ARE.

7 June 2015:   The Father says today live out of your spirit and not your natural self.  When you live out of your spirit you become one with Me in an experiential way.  Your spirit is where I make My habitation.  From your spirit I instruct your mind and shepherd you emotions and grace your will to move in My purposes.  In all your dealings with others speak out of your spirit man and not your natural person.  In so doing I will become transparently known to them in your testimony.

Be a life changer says the Father.  Let the way you look at and talk to others be an unprecedented event in their lives.  Speak with simplicity.  Love without pretense or guardedness.  Know that I will take care of you and preserve you even when dealing with those who don’t know Me.  You will be My witness to those living in confusion and misdirection.  They have prayed for a guide stone. I sent them you.

So step out into your day as one who is anchored in spirit and living life from an ascension perspective.  I AM seated at the right hand of the Father therefore you are seated at the right hand of the Father.  I AM in you and you are in Me.  You are at My right hand.  I choose you.  Your security is in Me.  You can afford to love.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you portray and reflect who I AM to others and show them My heart.  That is your assignment this day.
6 June 2015:   The Father says today I AM your burden bearer.  Come says the Father give Me what I paid for.  That burden is Mine.  Those depths are Mine.  I paid for the privilege of spreading My arms of love and taking you to Myself.  Come unto Me.  Open yourself and receive of that which I so willingly spent Myself on the cross that I might love you and have you and walk in relationship with you.  No more exclusions!  No more rejection.  The cross – the cross of Calvary is the measurement of My acceptance and willingness to bring you to Myself in redemption and deliverance and healing.

I AM not ashamed says the Father.  I AM not ashamed to call you son, to call you daughter.  I AM not ashamed and I place no premium or value upon you cowing in  shame before Me.  I call you ENTITLED ONE.  I call you ACCEPTED.  I call you HOLY and WITHOUT BLAME before Me in love.  Love is why I came here.  Love is why I stay.  Love is why I WILL NEVER GO AWAY.  Rejoice beloved.  Rejoice and rest and realize – OH THAT YOU MIGHT REALIZE THE DEPTHS of My love and My passion for you oh CHILD OF MINE.  Receive I say and BE Loved for that is your assignment today to BE THE BELOVED.

5 June 2015:   The Father says today that the waiting has been long but the waiting is over. You have cried out and cried out “How long oh Lord!”  I say to you that patience has had its perfect work in your life and you are coming into a new God-speed acceleration time.  You are in a season that time is compressing in upon itself and what you thought would take weeks, months and years will happen as though in a day.  There are even circumstances and situations that you considered cast in concrete that are going to liquefy, shift, and change miraculously in your life.  Others will behold and say “how can such things be?”  But know this says the Lord that I AM the God of time and eternity and there is nothing too hard from Me . If I made the sundial go back and if I made the sun stand still do you think I AM not capable of stepping into your past to reshape, shift and renew even that which you thought would hold you bound forever?

So ignore those who say “God will not” and “God can’t” for beloved I AM God and I delight to prove those wrong who think they have Me all figured out.  I can do anything I want anytime I want and I  don’t have to check with anyone.  Just trust and accept and thank Me for what I have done, for what I AM doing and for what I AM about to do.  Yes My beloved I say to you that great shall be your rejoicing for I AM immersing you into My time and My timing and the understood progression of change will no longer apply to your life for I have stepped in to do that which man cannot do.  Set your affections in this season on things above and not things of earth.  Just that when change comes there may seem to be loss but the end thereof is promotion, renewal and fresh blessing.  This is your portion as you lean into My wind and allow Me to take you on high to a new place of understanding in My purposes.

4 June 2015:   The Father says today look up!  Look upward for your encouragement and your focus today.  When I walked the earth in a mortal coil, it was necessary that I look up as well.  When I looked up, I saw My Father.  If you don’t see the Father, then you are not looking up.  When I looked up, I saw the glory wherewith I found Myself clothed in power and grace to fulfill My assignment.  That same energy is alighting upon you in great measure this day, says the Father.

Look UP, says the Father.  Look up and see the mantling process that is at work upon you from above.  The lateral influences of darkness and lack and confusion have no real power.  I AM clothing you from above, and in that garment you become invisible to the hands and eyes of those who want to spoil your destiny.  Your hour is come, says the Father.  Your hour is NOW.  I AM a NOW God and I am making a NOW provision for you to manifest who I AM on the inside of you.

3 June 2015:   The Father says today that I am your wisdom for every situation.  I AM your wisdom but I AM also the embodiment of love.  Love is who I AM therefore love is what I do.  Because LOVE is what I do I would that you love because you are called to respond in every situation as I would if I were in your position.  I AM in your position by the way says the Father.  I AM in you and therefore I am with you in every challenge.  What should you do?  Do what love would do and you will then be doing the “GOD THING”.  The GOD THING is the LOVE THING says the Father – do the LOVE THING this day.  Let My love give you wisdom.  What would love do?  What would the love that sent its only begotten son do in your situation?  I know it doesn’t seem practical but that is your natural mind working from a natural perspective.  My love is strong and My love is confident.  My love is not about pandering to the shrill demands of those in the grip of the enemy.  I didn’t send Jesus to die on man’s terms but on My terms.  That is why they crucified Him.

So ask yourself – what would love’s response be in your situation?  Love is not stressed out. Love has nothing to prove.  Love cannot be manipulated or guilted into stepping out of love.  Love – loves on its own terms because I AM love therefore love is always in charge.  Being in authority is not about being silly or shouting at the enemy.  The days of shouting at the enemy are over says the Father.  Just walk in armed with My love.  Love doesn’t take charge – love is IN charge because love is who I AM and I AM LORD even when I AM love because BEING LOVE to the world does not negate being LORD.  So go out and BE love to those around you and in so doing you will be the one in authority in the room!

2 June 2015:   The Father says today  as you hallow my name I will set ambushments against the enemy of your soul and destroy the work of his hands.  I said in the last days I would pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and you are one eligible for that which I AM pouring out even this day.  You will prophesy says the Father and the words that proceed out of your mouth will not fall to the ground.  You will speak in other tongues says the father and the enemy will be confounded, confused, turned back, and destroyed.  I call you the instrument of my hand.  I call you the vessel that I will pour out through this day.  Others have disqualified you because they judged you according to standards that I did not author or originate.  Your qualification is in the shed blood of Calvary – not in what you know, or what you have accomplished.  Your credibility is found in my favor and not in the approval of man.  As you seek My mind and my purpose and open yourself to the anointing I AM availing to you today doors will open, keys will be distributed, and breakthrough will happen.

So step out in your day today knowing that I AM with you.  I will never leave you or forsake you. Listen to the voice of My voice even the “Christ in You”.  I did not bleed and die to place you in the containment of man.  Who I AM will not be contained therefore you will not be contained.  Will you make mistakes?  Big ones, says the Father but be of good cheer I will cause even your mistakes to prosper.  Accuracy and protocol will be replaced in your thinking with abiding in the vine.  Allow Me to vine Myself in you and branch Myself in you.  As I vine and branch Myself in you says the Father you will bring forth fruit. You will bring forth fruit and I will teach, train and instruct you in such a way that your fruit will remain to your benefit and to the benefit of many who are crying out to Me in this hour.

1 June 2015:   The Father says today I have called you to be a GRACE GIVER not a law keeper.  The things you are crying out for in your life are available through my grace, even my un-merited favor.  I have not called you says the Father to earn now what I freely gave 2000 years ago.  Stretch out your hands and receive of my bounty.  Lift up your arms and surrender to my unconditional love.  Be washed this day in your heart and in your mind from the contamination of performance-based  religious thinking.  You are the entitled son and daughter of a loving heavenly Father.  The brutality of the cross is the expression of the intensity wherewith I love you.  If I withheld not my only Son but rather yielded Him up to scourging and death – how shall I not with Him freely give you all things?

So let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus!  You are my beloved.  I have delivered all things into your hands.  I have poured out my Spirit upon you without measure.  Open the floodgates of your faith this day, for today is the day that my unconditional yes becomes your manifest portion.  Reject the fantasy of “one day”, “someday”, for I say to you that today is your now season.  I have given you dominion and authority that applies to your situation today!  Open your mouth and speak with the audacity of one who understands the blood bought provision!  I challenge you to bankrupt heaven with your prayers.  I challenge you to overstep my favor toward you this day.  Enter into the entitlement of sons and I will mold you and I will shape you into one who flawlessly reflects the character of my kingdom.



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