The Father Says Today – March 2015

31 March 2015:   The Father says today seek Me first and you will be first to be blessed, first to be released, first to find freedom from your captivity.  You are ordained to be first says the Father.  Am I not the first born of heaven?  All that the Father gives Me I give to you.  Even the right of the first-born.  This is your entitlement.  Your entitlement is in Me – you will not be left out or cast aside in anyway.  Take upon you this day the yoke easy and the burden light.  See yourself this day not as the son of the steward but as adopt the Isaac mentality of expectation, laughter and trust.

I declare over you that you are the head and not the tail, and from this day forward you will be above only and not beneath.  There is nothing of the “beneath realm” that holds any promise or purpose from My hand.  I place no premium upon suffering says the Father so rise up and set into a blessing mindset that you might bask in daily the full manifestation of My goodness this day and every day to come.

30 March 2015:   The Father says today be specific in your prayers.  Specificity in prayer will reap exactitude in answered petition.  I am disposed says the Father to answer the cry of your heart.  Let your mouth pray.  Your prayers are heard says the Father.  They are the coals that the angels offer on the altar in heaven.  The sweet smelling savor of a faith filled prayer will receive the response of heaven.  No more general sentiments in prayer for I will answer you says the Father.  I will hear you in the time of trouble and answer you with haste and fury.  I will destroy the destroyer.

I will destroy doubt and fear and unbelief.  As I come into your day I am looking for faith in your earth, in your heart.  I am looking for faith in the dry and barren earth of your circumstance even when it seems all is lost.  The outcome is up to Me says the Father so do not set your expectation on where it looks like things are going.  Believe in My promise.  Only believe and you will see of the fruits of faith manifest in your life and situation.

29 March 2015:    The Father says today as a born again person you will walk in reborn circumstances.  You are born again – you have been translated from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of the Son.  The jurisdiction of heaven is extended over your life.  You are a reagent of My purposes with authority to call heaven down to earth.  This is your portion and your entitlement says the Father.  Rise up to the mink and ermine of the mantle I have prepared for you before the foundation of the world.  There is no more delay.  This is your hour to arise and be established for I have given you power to become – to BECOME a son of My right hand.

Yes are born again but have struggled with the ongoing consequences of living in a fallen world. Look with the eye of the spirit.  I have put a staff of rule in your hand and a bracelet of authority on your wrist.  My covenant is with you to establish your life according to the template of heaven come to earth.  Did I not say to pray “thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”?  Will you pray thus and will I not make your life to be a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in?  Yes I will do this and more besides says the Father.  Believe, receive and relish this NOW moment of entering into My promise.

28 March 2015:   The Father says today let the dividing of light and darkness commence in your life.  I am separating light from darkness in your midst says the Father.  You are not a child of darkness.  The darkness has no place in you and holds no fascination for you in the least.  You are born of light that I AM.  You are light in the Lord.  You are the city set on a hill yea you are even as the watchman upon the wall. Watchmen what of the night – YEA THE DAY COMETH!

I am the DAYSTAR arise in your life says the Father.  You are coming into the orbit of My goodness.  You will see says the Father for your eyes will behold that which they have been famished to see.

You will see the light coming on and the darkness fading away.  Connections with darkness and fear will be terminated by My hand.  There will be an end to loss for I have declared an end of the contaminating influences that have affected your joy.  Hold not back.  Give Me your full cooperation.  Accept the end of sorrow that I might bring the answer of peace and the release of joy once and for all in your life says the Father.

27 March 2015:   The Father says today that your life is not in your bones your life is in Christ.  Receive the Zoe irreducible life in your body this day.  Eternal life is not a linear calculation says the Father.  Eternal life is My vitality and strength and power in your physical body.  I am your strength.  I am your life.  I hold the span of your days in My hand and you will not be done until I say you are done.  I have plans and I have purposes that I am not willing to exclude you from.  So LISTEN to MY voice and know I AM not a PRACTICING PHYSICIAN verily I AM the GREAT PHYSICIAN and I have the last say!

In your bones you have biological life that is limited and can be diminished.  In Me you have undiminished, ever increasing life everlasting that sustains and maintains you even when natural resources run out . I am your life says the Father.  Every bone and every tissue of your body is rich with the nutrients of CHILDREN’S BREAD even the healing of the nations.   I am the breath of your nostrils.  Your created life is drawn and extracted as an impartation from My uncreated life.  You will not be bounded by man’s opinion for I am living out My purposes through you.  You will NOT be cut off in your days or your years.  Can you accept a life expectancy based on My promise?  Take it then as your and rejoice that I am with you and in you and strengthening you for the days ahead.

26 March 2015:   The Father says today keep sowing.  Keep broadcasting your seed.  Keep casting your bread upon the waters.  There are harvests coming to you even from the past.  There have been plantings that you thought were failed harvests but they were not failed harvests though the blessing was long in coming.  Forget not the sowing of seasons past for I am not forgetful.  I keep good records says the Father.  I keep good records and I maintain short accounts.  Keep your faith out there and know that the blessing is out there on its way to you.  The blessing is in motion to overtake you and validate My promise and your confident expectation.

You will have full provision and compete harvest.  Can you see in the Spirit with the eye of the spirit and know this is a harvesting time for you?  I am with you in the harvest says the Father I will never leave you or forsake you.  Be expectant.  Be confident.  Act in faith.  Act in concert with My word.  I will never abandon your harvest. I will never forsake you or your harvest.  The angel harvesters are gathering even now to heap up into your life the bread of heaven, the spoils of the earth that will break out of all the containment you have prepared with an unexpected and immeasurable blessing.

25 March 2015:   The Father says today that I am turning you captivity in this season.  My Spirit is in you and where My Spirit is there is liberty.  Liberty is the only persistent state that can exist where My Spirit is present.  You are now being set free. Illegitimate authority is being broken in your life.  The illegitimate words spoken against you by those who presume to speak for Me are coming to dust and ashes.  My words over you are framing your world.  Your borders are being enlarged and your boundaries are being established by My had and not any other influence.

You have gone forth weeping with your seed and wondered if it would ever come to fruition.  From this day forward SEED, FRUIT, HARVEST will spring forth in fullness in your life.  Take those words on your lips – SEED, FRUIT, HARVEST!  From this day forward you will see the blade, the ear yes even the full corn in the ear of all that you have given and sown and released into My hand.

Dry your eyes and calm your heart before Me for this day the wells of rejoicing are opening up to you and for you and in you.  Are you ready says the Father?  I’ve seen your faithfulness even in the dry seasons.  I say to you this day the season is upon you to have bread for eating and provisions for building and strength for going forward to claim the spoil I have apportioned to you in the camp of your enemies.

24 March 2015:   The Father says today rejoice this day for your recompense is raining upon you like spring rain.  You are a tree of My planting and the sap of your blessing is arising and coursing through your boughs.  I say you are a tree of righteousness and your tap roots will never be extracted from the deep, rich soil of My entitlement in your life.  Wait says the Father.  Patiently wait for the precious fruit I am bringing forth in your earth.  You will receive the rain of My Spirit even the former and the latter rain upon the earth.

Look unto Me this day and see yourself through the lens of My love for you.  I have accepted you and now you are moving into the arena of My approval.  You are approved says the Father – now seek to express and live up to that approval.  Yes there are those who have declared you as a tree of corruption but where are they any way?  Can you see them?  Can you hear their sound?  Behold I have swept them away in the flood plains of My purposes.  I will occupy the naysayers elsewhere for I have determined that My goodness is your portion in this hour.

23 March 2015:   The Father says today I am not MAKING a way for you I have ALREADY MADE a way.  I AM the WAY, the truth and the life – personally for YOU.  I have made a way for you THROUGH the wilderness.  I have made a way for you out of the problem and into the full manifestation and substance of your potential.  Your time to come out into My promise is NOW.  The wilderness is not your dwelling place therefore I say that YOU have camped long enough around the mountain of despair and frustration.

Come out from among the tombstones of the past.  Forgive, release, bless. Forgive yourself for not being better or smarter or more powerful.  I am your solution.  Listen to My voice says the Father.  Step into the landmarks I have erected to show you the path to the victories of TODAY and TOMORROW and NEXT WEEK and NEXT MONTH, YEAR, DECADE for your dominion is as My dominion, ongoing, sustainable and continuing.  You will not be disappointed says the Father for I am with you and I never fail or falter.  Rejoice!

22 March 2015:   The Father says today My peace I leave with you.  I impart to you My peace – the peace the world knows nothing of.  My peace is the peace of one whose warfare is ended.  Your warfare is ended because there are no legitimate contenders who can stand against who I AM on the inside of you.  I am vanguarding your life and rendering you safe from all the intrusions of the enemy.  You are safe beloved.  You can lay down your head is peace and sleep the sleep of one who knows that in nothing shall you be molested or encroached upon in any way.

The strategies of the enemy will be exposed to you.  I will expose by My truth and you will expel by My power.  You will expel and triumph over all the tactics of the enemy.  Those circumstances and wiles by which you were defeated in times past will not be effective any longer.  You are not the same person you were any longer.  You have put on My mind and you are thinking My thoughts in the midst of the chaos that causes others to shrink in fear.  My sovereignty is your encouragement and My favor is your boldness.  In nothing shall you be ashamed for the prize is yours says the Father – you win!

21 March 2015:   I have placed you in this life you are walking out says the Father.  I have placed you in your life even as I placed Adam in the garden.  Adam’s job was to tend and to keep the territory I had apportioned him.  Your job likewise is to TEND and to KEEP that which I have given you responsibility for.

This is the day that I am calling upon you to take full custody of the influences that cross your borders every day.  I am a God who understands territory and I am calling upon you to get territorial over the ground that represents the resources, time, and people I have connected you to in My kingdom.

No more yielding to the enemy.

Rise up says the Father.  The angelic hosts assigned to you are clapping their swords on their shields in anticipation and eagerness for the fight.  Take your territory!  Take the fight to the foe.  This day says the Father!  This day you will rejoice with your foot in the neck of your enemies and know that the victory I paid for on the cross is apportioned to you in your circumstance and situation.

20 March 2015:   The Father says today you are living in the borderlands between two kingdoms.  You are the border patrol of heaven standing off the encroachment of the enemy who dares to mess with those you love.  I have armed you and equipped you that you might experience that which is special and preeminent and extreme in My kingdom.  So go forth complete in My armor lacking nothing.  The crises you face is not yours but the enemy’s.  Allow the things you go through to bring you into a new dimension of intimacy with Me. In the time of challenge I will give you continual access to the secret place that the enemy will not be able to find you – while you lob your prayers like hand grenades against every one of his plans.

Do you see Beloved that spiritual warriors have the persistence and audacity of their faith because they KNOW they win.  My default posture toward you is lordship.  I am LORD and I am KING.  You are kings over which I am KING.  You are a warrior king and you don’t HAVE to fight – your GET to fight.  You get to be clothed with My indomitable and irrepressible determination to PUT you over in every circumstance.  Be unyielding in your faith.  Be ruthless in your war against the enemy of your soul.  Refuse to have “quit” in you.  Decide today to endure to the end.  You shall be saved.  You will be in victory.  You will see the hand of My might fully manifest in your life beyond all expectation.

19 March 2015:   The Father says today that the days of shouting at the enemy are coming to a close.  Your authority and spiritual potency does not require shrill or loud denunciations to get the enemy’s attention.  Speak your authority.  Just by opening your mouth the enemy trembles because he knows I will not allow your words to fall to the ground.  This is your portion by My hand says the Father for I have put in you the spirit of a champion.  You are walking with Me fully this day says the Father so don’t get distracted by the hype the enemy puts behind his threatenings.  He lost 2,000 years ago and he is still losing today.  When hardship challenges you know this – the parameters of your struggle only define the boundaries of the blessing I am going to pour out upon you as a result.

So when you know My truth in the midst of the pressure you then recognize even the so-called evil report is cause for laughter.  The evil report just sets the preamble for the breakthrough miracle I will bring to quench the fiery assaults of the wicked one.  You are so destined for victory says the Father.  You are so scheduled for blessing because your life is lived out even this day under the cloud of My favor that will bring you to rest when everyone around you is losing their head.  Go out in your day and walk in the composure of your confidence in Me for I have proven Myself faithful and will do so again and again until every enemy is put down and My full promise is manifest in your life.

18 March 2015:   The Father says today be encouraged.  Be of good courage says the Father.   Do not allow your emotions or the things of your soul man to dictate to you your level of joy.  Your joy comes from a well deeper than the soul and more pure than any human attitude or temperament.  He that rules his spirit is better than he that takes a city.  You have asked for the city and you have cried out for enlargement of your boundaries and I say CONQUER the inward battle and I will give you the gates of your borders and establish you in authority and power beyond your expectations.

I am not willing for you to live without the full bandwidth of My joy in your life.  Drink deeply of the wells of salvation I have placed within you.  Do not be ruled by vain emotions or the carnality of your mind.  Tell your emotions how to feel.  Tell your mind what to think.  Command your body how to feel. Declare! Proclaim!  Legislated in the heavens and your decrees will be established in the earth.  Take no excuses for I will not allow your words to fall to the ground.  Do not accommodate the assaults of the enemy against your well being – stand UP THIS DAY and be who I called you to be for I AM with you and will never leave or forsake you in any way

17 March 2015:   The Father says today flow in My kindness.  As My kindness flows out of you to others it will rain down in your life and water the dry ground of your heart.  Press in says the Father.  Press deeper and further into Me until you lose all grasp of anything but My mercy.  Be renewed in My mercy says the Father.  Renew My mercy to those around you.  Healing is flowing in you as you gaze upon My face.  Go deeper says the Father.  Dare to look into My eyes for you are everything I’ve wanted you to be.  My transforming grace is what you are running to when you press deeply into Me.

Lose yourself in Me today says the Father that you might find yourself as I created and fashioned you before the foundation of the world.  Who it is you long to be awaits you in My chamber.  As you step into Me you will slip into that person that you have always known as your inner and unimpeachable truth.  Be accepted and find approval as you choose to press in to Me.  Lose it all and be lost in the mysteries of My love and My presence enfolding and healing and changing you by My sweet mercy.

16 March 2015:    The Father says today break your alabaster box and pour it over the feet of the savior.  As much as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto Me.  I receive the service of your sacrifice as done unto Me when you love those around you that have been cast off and rejected of men.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Go out in your day today and love the unlovely.  Allow Me to write upon your heart “no one is disposable…”

Love never fails says the Father.  Why would you EVER step out of love when a step out of love is a step into failure?  There is no achievement or task or purpose of ANY value outside of love.  LOVE is who I am.  They will feel My presence in the room when you enter.  They were approach you and be unable to find words to articulate what they feel. T here will be tears in their eyes – wipe them away.  Love them and break off their shame for I am pouring the river of My presence through you in a manifest stream that will seek and save and transform the lost.

15 March 2015:    The Father says today I will cause you to know Me deeper, higher and more full than you have known in days past.  You will be so wrapped up in Me that it will be said that you have been ruined for My kingdom. No other purpose or pursuit will hold your interest for I will be your passion and your all in all and in all that I am I will bless you and embrace you and cause a new day to dawn about you in My kingdom.

Say to your mind to be still and know.  Say to your heart “nurse of the faithfulness of God like a suckling child…”  For I will cause you to hope with a new hope and take away the sorrow of times past.  Dashed hope and disappointment will not scar the remembrance of My faithfulness.  Run to Me says the Father.  Come to Me oh beloved.  Come away My beloved for the bridal season is at hand.  It’s a new day and the invitation is extended to you to come.  Come and feast.  Come and rejoice.  Come and partake and know that I have loved you and will love you to the end.

14 March 2015:   The Father says today cherubim and seraphim are waiting in the wings.  They are poised and ready to charge forth in glory and in the brightness of My shining strength . I will not leave you alone says the Father.  I will sound the sound of the ancient sound even the shofar of glory that I put to My lips!  The war trumpet of prevailing strength is sounding within you says the Father.  Give voice to that cry and release the sound that creates and destroys and sets the enemy to flight and establishes you in My purposes.

The treasuries of earth and of heaven will respond to My sound says the Father.  Behold I come whirling upon the breezes – to alight within and upon you in great power and majesty. You will know says the Father – you will know My faithfulness and My fullness.  I don’t do anything in half measures.  I will not leave you comfortless for I am the COMFORTER of your soul even this day.  Rejoice says the Father and drink deeply of that which may be known of intimacy and closeness to Me in the inner chambers for this is that day that My love is showered upon you in fresh springs of blessing.

13 March 2015:   The Father says today embrace the fire of My Spirit.  The refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap of My presence will purify and cleanse and prepare you for what is ahead.  There is a tipping point of purity that comes in the heart of one who yields to My fire says the Father.  There is a place and a point that My purifying fire burns away the dross and causes your eyes to see what you have longed for and asked for.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!  That is My promise to those that embrace the purifying and purgative process of lingering in My presence.

There is something on the inside of you that cries Holy, Holy, Holy!  Give vent and give voice to that cry for where My Spirit is there is liberty and destiny and breakthrough.  The glory that Ezekiel saw on the plain is within YOU says the Father.  The crystal sea is that glass through which you look no longer darkly and dimly but with GREAT clarity that you might know and see and commiserate with who I AM.  So accept and yield to the fire that cleanses says the Father.  I will never harm you or disenfranchise you from My joy in any way.  I will find you and fill you and you will see Me and be like Me for you shall see Me as I AM and in the seeing the change you have asked for will come.

12 March 2015:   The Father says today that the rains are coming.  The beneficial rains of My Spirit are gathering to your life this day.   My currents of My purposes are breaking out of the banks that religion has set for them.  The flood plain of My promise is filling up and flowing out to dry places . Get ready – get ready – get ready says the Father.  Can you smell the rain of My Spirit?  It is falling even now.  Shake off the drought mentality and run out into this rain and drink up what I am pouring out.  Your portion is not the dry places.  Come out where there are waters to swim in.  Come out where your toes no longer touch the ground of rationale and reason.

I am not a reasonable God I am a RADICAL GOD and the RADICAL currents of My love and grace and power are flowing this way today!  Empty your hands and open your hearts.  Set aside the distractions of things past and be swept away in the eddies and rivulets of My Spirit.  It is a cleansing flow and a healing flow.  It is a provisional flow that is bringing the bounty of heaven into your earth.  Spend that flow and receive it as your resource for breakthrough and benefit and blessing this day!

11 March 2015:   The Father says today IT’S ME!  I am showing up in your life today so EXPECT and know that IT’S ME!  If it looks like Me and acts like Me and smells like Me then IT’S ME says the Father.  I am bringing you CLOSER to Me beloved.  Come closer!!!  Come away My beloved and allow Me to TAKE YOU AWAY to the inner chambers of My courts.  Run to Me for I am standing here with open arms!  Run to the OPEN arms of My name!  I am not an aloof God or a distance God!  Run into My name.  Run to Me for I will capture you and embrace you and wrap you up in My name!

This is the rest and this is the declaration I make to you this day.  I am surrounding you with My softness and My fullness and My sweetness!  Be engulfed in the middle of My name!  Feel Me all around you for I am not separate from you today – WE ARE ONE.  You have loved Me with your mind and loved Me with your heart and NOW receive Me in your emotions and allow Me to mend and cleanse and heal.  You are My little one and My delight and in you will I show forth My strength and perfect praise and power and glory oh My beloved!

10 March 2015:   The Father says today this is the day to come out.  Come out of religion and come out of natural thinking this day.  You don’t have to hide any longer says the Father.  I am your covering and your advocate.  Show Me your face and let your voice be heard in My courts.  Receive My embrace!  Let Me draw you to Myself and cause you to know that I am your loving and intimate God.  Let Me see your face and wipe your eyes.  Let Me take away the tears and the wounds and the scars of the past.

I know all says the Father.  You are the pearl for which I bought the whole field with the blood of Calvary.  Come to Me with upturned face and outstretched arms.  It’s ok says the Father.  You are welcome here.  You are welcome here by Me.  This is your native environment.  Receive the washing for I am washing your feet even still.  I have been washing feet for 2000 years and yet I rejoice to wash you.  Come a little closer.  How close dare you come to Me?  Press deeply into Me for I have received you into Myself this day as never before.

9 March 2015:   The Father says today doesn’t it feel better to be shed of the negativity of this world?  Give yourself the relief your spirit man is crying out for.  Let the “whatsoevers” alight upon you and draw you up higher.  He that sits in the heaven’s shall laugh.  Go ahead and laugh says the Father.  Bah ha, ha!!!  Throw your head back and laugh for you now have a mind saturated with whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, pure, lovely and of good report!  Let the GOOD REPORT of My kingdom come and extinguish every other eventuality.

Overcome the enemy with your freshness today and with your positivity.  Let your positivity in My kingdom be so evident that the enemy is intimidated and cowed before you in fear.  Don’t let the enemy harass you! Harass the enemy with your freshness and your positivity.  Your faith is framing your world this day – let it happen.  Pour your joy into your faith and refuse to allow the enemy to access your emotions with the impotence of the bad news.  You are a conqueror and a facilitator of heaven come to earth this day says the Father.

8 March 20215:   The Father says today rise into the purified and concentrated atmosphere of My glory Get above the pollutions of man and man’s thoughts.  They sit on their lofty thrones of opinion but they have no clue says the Father.  I am bringing a river of My creative glory into the earth to reshape and change the domain of darkness and bring it into compliance with My kingdom.  You are a participator with heaven and glory this day says the Father.  Call forth according to what I have shown you for the sky isn’t falling the kingdom is coming.

This is your authority says the Father.  You are My ambassador.  You are a compliance officer of heaven come to earth.  Call for the compliance of heaven to come to earth says the Father.  Implement by your words the template of heaven come to earth. Let your mouth pray.  Let your words be stout with the boldness of one who knows Me.  You KNOW Me says the Father.  You know what I have done and you know what I am doing.  You know what I am going to do so GO AHEAD and praise Me . Go ahead and rejoice for all the earth will rejoice by the time I am through.  Be a participator in My throne this day and bring heaven to earth in your words!

7 March 2015:  The Father says today praise Me in the dance.  Dance as David danced. That is what you were born for. T his is what you were created to do so let your feet praise Me in the dance.  Set the dance in your feet and bring down the spirit of offense that says I am unworthy of your celebration.  Let celebration be in your mouth and in your movement for you were born to worship your God.  Celebrate says the Father for I am giving you THIS DAY something to praise and thank Me for!

Do you hear My voice says the Father?  Do you hear the call to come up higher?  Feet that don’t dance are in the fetters of the enemy.  Kick off the chains of the enemy and come up into the spaciousness of My glory.  I am enlarging you in the heavens and expanding you upon the earth.  There is so much more throne than you have ever dreamed of.  There is room for I have afforded you and entitled you that you might be HERE by Me at My right hand.  Come forth says the Father and rule this day by the scepter of the dance and praise and jubilation in My courts!

6 March 2015:   The Father says today that I will answer the soul that faints for My courts.  I will satisfy your soul with My goodness.  I will cause your song to be heard in the heaven and your praise in the earth.  I will sanction you in the place of My habitation and cause your inheritance to be made manifest says the Father.  You will praise Me in your thousands and know Me in your multitudes without number.  You will see My beauty and know My glory.  You will find Me in the place where My glory dwells!

Because you have not chosen the fading glories of this world I will adorn you and acquaint you with the unfading glories in the heavenlies.  Come up higher says the Father. Ascending in worship and you shall descend in warfare.  Come unto Me when you are heavy laden and I will give you the rest of one whose warfare is ended.  Your feet will dance and I will teach your hands to make war.  The enemy will be vanquished and expelled from your borders and your boundaries for the I AM is come and will be known in your land.

5 March 2015:   The Father says today that I will answer the soul that faints for My courts.  I will satisfy your soul with My goodness.  I will cause your song to be heard in the heaven and your praise in the earth.  I will sanction you in the place of My habitation and cause your inheritance to be made manifest says the Father.  You will praise Me in your thousands and know Me in your multitudes without number.  You will see My beauty and know My glory.  You will find Me in the place where My glory dwells!

Because you have not chosen the fading glories of this world I will adorn you and acquaint you with the unfading glories in the heavenlies.  Come up higher says the Father. Ascending in worship and you shall descend in warfare.  Come unto Me when you are heavy laden and I will give you the rest of one whose warfare is ended.  Your feet will dance and I will teach your hands to make war.  The enemy will be vanquished and expelled from your borders and your boundaries for the I AM is come and will be known in your land.

4 March 2015:   The Father says today that mortality is swallowed up of immortality this day.  Put on the garment of irreducible life.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  The enemy has sought to bind you at the gates of impediment and diminishment  but I am destroying his encampment in your life.  The encampment of the enemy is being moved FAR OFF and you will see the smoke of his destruction and know that I have intervened.

Come up higher says the Father.  You cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem – you must ascend above the distractions of the urgent and find your place in Me.  I have reserved a place for you where the mundane and worldly things cannot enter.  The fascination of the world is not for you – come up higher.  Come into the inmost chamber even the Holy of Holies and know the glory that dwells between the cherubim.  There is your portion says the Father and there you will find the rest and the substance and the victory you have cried out for.

3 March 2015:   The Father says today that you are standing in the Glory portal between earth and heaven.  Where you lay down is where the ladder that Jacob saw will be manifest.  Heaven is coming down in a new and substantive way.  Wait no longer says the Father.  Prepare yourself.  Sanctify yourself for I will do mightily in your midst.  Step out of time and out of eternity for you shall taste of the powers of the world to come.  Receive! Be a receiver and a receptor of My glory.  This is the day you will see the full amplitude of My promise become substance and reality in your life.

The angels are ascending.  The angels are descending.  Your prayers are the incense they bring to My throne.  My answers are the living coals brought back to your earth to shake and burn and bring full and complete answers to the cry of your heart.  No more anemic answers.  No more having to convince yourself of My love and watchfulness you will see the FULL BANDWIDTH of My sovereign grace and power moving and changing and transforming your life according to the template of heaven come to earth.  Are you ready?  Everything – EVERYTHING changes this day says the Father.

2 March 2015:   The Father says today I choose you.  I choose you says the Father.  I set the pillar of My cloud upon you this day.  I am kindling the fire of My heart in you by night.  Even in the night seasons I will draw near and you will know that I am your habitation and you are My resting place.  I choose you.  I choose you says the Father.  My power IS shown in you today.  My glory is SEEN upon you NOW – enter into your NOW.  Say YES to My now glory for there will be delay no longer.  Step out of delay and into the now-ness of My promise and My favor and My purpose.

Have I not called you?  Be kindled by My Spirit.  Be overshadowed says the Father.  Be overshadowed by My substance and overshadowed by My empowering grace.  I love you because I love you because I love you.  I will never cease loving you and showing My love in positive and substantive ways.  Love never fails and this day I draw you in to My love and bound you before and behind with My love that never, never fails.  The past is being cleared up.  I am the hero – you will see that it isn’t up to you.  I am coming through for you.  What you cannot repair or change or fix I am stepping into for I am your borders and your boundaries.  You are My city on the hill and My light is seen in the land as you yield to all that I purpose to be in you this day.

1 March 2015:   The Father says the breath of heaven is blowing over you.  Call out to the Living Breath of My Spirit for it is available and washing over you even now.  Taste the sweet wind of My Spirit that is bringing new life and rest.  I declare and end to torment and suffering.  This is your rest says the Father and the refreshing I bring you to even this day.  I am the Breath of Life and it is My breath bringing the eternal wind of My favor and love into your soul.  This is why the price was paid and why the kingdom has come.  That you might know Me and be known of Me in intimacy and reality even as My deep calls to your deep.

Receive the newness of life I am bringing to you this day says the Father.  Be the beloved that I have destined you to be.  Come into My embrace as a bride for the bridal season is come.  My hand of protection is upon you today says the Father so choose not to be distracted by the empty threats of the enemy.  As you listen to My voice and respond to the wind of My heart and My love I will bring you up higher.  I will bring you up higher says the Father where the assaults of the enemy cannot touch you.  Be seated.  Be seated this day in the heavenly places where everything changes and heaven comes to earth in your life.


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