The Father Says Today – March 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

March 31, 2016.   The Father says today be rooted in My love.  Your heart is open ground that will not remain barren.  Something is going to put roots down in your heart – let it be My love. Let love – My love root down in your heart and shape and remold you into My image.  The root of bitterness will mar and spoil you – be quick to forgive.  Forgive, release and bless.  Refuse to look back.  There is no redemptive purpose in looking back with regret.  Let the past be the past.  Put your hand to the plow of My NOW purpose that is being worked out in your life.

There are memories and relationships that you will never again revisit if you purpose in your heart to follow on to know Me.  Realize this – I AM able to keep that which you have committed to Me.  Those things that you cannot change.  Those minds that are set against you.  Those hearts that have been hardened and estranged themselves from you.  Give them to Me.  Leave them to Me. I AM able to do what your grief and pining away will never accomplish.  I AM the mender of broken things.  Trust them to Me and move on till the miracle I bring to pass rises up to meet you.  Then you will see the impossible become your reality.

March 30, 2016.    The Father says today remember that prophetic act?  It seemed so silly at the time, unusual and almost artificial.  But I saw it, and I recorded your obedience.  Today is your Jericho day says the Father!  When the children of Israel marched around the city of Jericho do you think they really understood what was about to happen?  The children of Israel walked in obedience and kept their voices silent.  But as they walked their faith was built.  As they walked their joy grew stronger.  As they walked their hope was no longer deferred.  They began to feel it.  They began to breathe it in.  The presence of My host was there to electrify the atmosphere.  On the seventh day the command was given and the priests blew the shofars.  The sound was heard and there was nothing that could stop the walls from falling.

There is faith at times in speaking says the Father, and there is faith at times in not speaking.  The silent act of the Jericho walk culminated in the victory shofar of deliverance!  You have fulfilled your prophetic act in obedience.  There has been a time of silence.  But you kept walking and believing and waiting for the sound.  The atmosphere of your Jericho is charged with the electricity of heaven.  The atmosphere of your Jericho is changing with the arrival of the host of heaven.  The lightening bolts of My presence are palpable.  My host is present to fulfill the command at the sound of the trumpet shofar.  Today, says the Father, the silence is over.  Today is the day for the “New Sound” to come forth and the day for My priests and My people to release the new sound of heaven that will bring down the walls of every Jericho.

March 29, 2016.   The Father says today put your joy on exhibit this day.  The enemy wants to steal your joy and hold up your sorrow and defeated attitude as a trophy to display.  Put your foot down.  Say “enough is enough” and “that will be enough of that!”  My Kingdom IS righteousness, peace and JOY.  The Kingdom doesn’t just bring JOY it IS JOY.  Do not allow the enemy to draw you out of the security of My Kingdom by drawing you out of Joy.  Worry and stress and depression are not your portion.  Joy is something that originates in Me and is your portion as you make a choice to wrest control of your inner composure from your natural man and choose to be controlled in your emotional responses by who I AM in your life and not any other thing.  By MY JOY on the inside of you the enemies will be defeated.  They can’t stand the joy of My Spirit because it gives you strength.

Be encouraged this day.  Not only be encouraged yourself but go out and encourage others.  Out of your mouth send words of encouragement, exhortation, comfort, edification.  My joy on the inside of you operates as a prophetic unction to function by even in the midst of heated trials and situations you may be going through.  My joy on the inside of you is a new wine that will lighten your burden and cause delight where there has been disgust and discouragement.  Drink deeply My beloved of the vintage of My joy this day.  Detach your emotions from what the circumstance says and simply draw deeply like a suckling child on the joy that is resident in My kingdom.  Your steps will become quicker. Your burden will become lighter.  The enemy will be thrown back by your joy and new light will come and greater understanding.  You will find that the foolishness of man’s wisdom is no match for the breakthrough moment that changes everything in your life in a split second when you choose to embrace the joy that I give you this day.

March 28, 2016.    The Father says today laugh the laugh of faith.  I gave Sarah and Abraham an astounding promise and Sarah laughed.  She did not doubt – rather she laughed the laugh of faith because she knew how much I loved her and she knew what I was capable of.  She laughed and received.  She laughed and conceived.  She laughed and according to the time of life a child was born whose name meant “laughter”.  From that point on as long as Abraham and Sarah lived – when they called Isaac they were calling laughter to them.  They loved Isaac – whose named meant “laughter”.  They loved laughter and they embraced laughter.  They nurtured laughter and they fed laughter.  They raised up laughter and they promoted laughter.  They saw in laughter their future and all their hopes.  They saw in “laughter” the answer to every promise I had made to them.

This is not the mirthless laughter of a pessimistic and sarcastic unbelief.  This was the laugh of faith.  The enemy wants you to weep.  The enemy wants you to be so sober about what he is doing and what he is planning.  The enemy planned for Abraham and Sarah to die childless and barren.  The enemy planned for Abraham and Sarah to be a by-word and a mockery of faith.  Abraham and Sarah had the last laugh!  When you aren’t laughing in the midst of the challenge the enemy is getting the upper hand.  When you aren’t laughing it is because you have taken your eyes off of My promise and looked at the threats of the enemy instead.  You really don’t have to figure the enemy out.  He is on the losing team after all.  He isn’t all knowing or all powerful.  He is limited but I AM unlimited.  He has an energy that can be exhausted but I have a boundlessness that will bull doze over the works and plans of darkness and bring you out into a new place of peace and blessing.  So go ahead and laugh says the Father for I have everything under control.  Just start laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing.  My joy is your strength and I want to strengthen you with might in your inner man.  Laughter is the weapon of warfare I give you this day and it will not fail to bring you to a new place in Me.

March 27, 2016.   The Father says today fear not. Fear not the things you see transpiring in the world around you.  I AM able – WELL ABLE to keep that which you have committed to Me in prayer.  I AM able to keep that which you have committed to Me in your heart.  Your loved ones, your security, your provision, even your safety is all in My hands.  The world may rage and upheaval may come but I AM the one who decides what happens next to you.  Again I say to you fear not.  Be at peace in the midst of the storm.  The sound that is the predictor of change in your life is not the raging wind or waves but My still, small voice saying, “Peace be still…” The hairs of your head are counted.  Your name is engraved on the palm of My hand.  I have set you as the pupil of My eye.  My name is the high tower that you can run into and be safe.

So come into the cleft of the rock says the Father.  I will put My hand over you till the turmoil and shaking is past.  While the world is trembling and reading the headlines I will show you My glory.  Put your mind upon higher things.  Come into the throne room of My glory and I will commune with you and you will commune with Me.  You have asked “what is really happening?” and I say to you that the kingdoms of this world have not slipped from My hand.  The kingdoms of this world exist at My indulgence and regardless of the bluster and noise that men make I AM still your peace and will look out for every one of your concerns however small.  You see I am a great, big God and I have nothing better to do than to show Myself faithful in behalf of those who choose to look to Me and live.  Look to Me beloved.  Trust in My faithfulness.  Trust in My word.  This is your time.  This is the hour that you will know My faithfulness and the peace only My Spirit can bring for I love you greatly and will never relinquish My hold on your life.

March 26, 2016.   The Father says today that I do not see you the way others see you.  When I look at you I do not see failure, shortcoming or inadequacy.  I look at you through the filter of My mercy.  I see one for whom I gave My only Son.  I see you as one who is the object of My favor and blessing and benefit.  Make it your determination to see yourself not through the eye of man or the opinion of man but through the lens of the shed blood of Calvary.  Change is possible.  Change is available and it begins with vision and realizing that things can be different.  It begins with a shift in your own perspective.  I call you My beloved.  I call you My purchased possession.  Stop disparaging yourself and putting yourself down.  Stop looking in the mirror and disapproving of what you see.  I do not look just after the outward appearance I judge after the heart.  I deal with you according to the disposition of your heart toward Me.

There are many situations that you intended to turn out one way and it didn’t work out.  Forgive yourself.  Learn from the experience.  Know that I am with you.  I did not turn My back on you simply because you made a wrong decision.  The refuse and debris of your life is going to be cleared up and you will move on.  I will show you the path of progress.  I will give you an exit out of the rough place.  I AM a God of reclamation and restoration and that is what I AM doing in your life right now.  Make it your determination to cooperate with what My Spirit is bringing about even in this very day.  Work with Me says the Father.  Give Me some cooperation and I will give you some change.  Commit to My anointed process and you will see explosive breakthrough.  The things you thought would take months or even years will be brought about as in a day as you humble yourself to My purposes and adhere to My word and trust in My provisions and just rest knowing that I have all things in hand and your deliverance is imminent.

March 25, 2016.   The Father says today I AM cooking some good things up for you today.  The aroma of the fresh baked bread of heaven is wafting over your life as a predictor of blessing and benefit.  My word is your daily bread so go to the bread box and receive every day the fresh, warm bread of My word.  Theologians and unenlightened teachers make My words as dry as toast but make this adjustment: allow the Teacher I placed on the inside of you to teach you and see what wonderful refreshing comes to your heart as a result.  I have placed My words on the inside of you.  Every day just slice up My fresh manna for your soul.  Receive it for yourself and deal it out to the people through you as well.  I have truly made you a messenger and put wings of My Spirit on your feet because there’s people to see, places to go to share the freshness of My warmth and blessing and benefit to all that put their expectations upon Me and not upon man.

I AM not going to be denied says the Father therefore you are not going to be denied.  No longer do you have to stand in a place where you have to defend yourself before the people.  The Father says enough is enough is enough.  Go on the offense.  Start doing, start saying, start demonstrating what I give you to say and do. Stop speaking about past things.  The past is in the past and I don’t want to look there. And I don’t want you wasting your time looking there. Look for me.  I AM Christ in you that is the hope of glory to the earth and we have things to do.  We have got a job to complete.  So be encouraged and go forth and the power of My Spirit will take you, the power of My Spirit will carry you.  You only have to be available and that daily bread will carry you into your destiny as you make yourself available to Me in greater measure than ever before.

March 24, 2016.   The Father says today come and bask in My presence.  Luxuriate in the waters of My Spirit and just float down the river of life that I AM diverting into every avenue of concern that you have.  Experience My warmth this day and the aroma of My goodness. Refuse to allow outside circumstances to bring panic or distorted concern for My love, I have everything under control.  I AM not pacing the heavens wringing My hands wondering what I AM going to do about those things in the earth that man is so disturbed by.  Know this says the Father though shaking comes, My sovereignty is uninterrupted.   Run into My name and find your strength and your security in Me.  There isn’t a wall high enough or an army strong enough to take the place of the shield of favor and fullness that I have placed around you.

Though all men forsake you.  Though the world hate and despise you, fear not.  My goodness cannot be breached in your life.  Though a 1000 fall at thy right hand and 10,000 at thy left that is no commentary on what happens next in your life.  It isn’t about random happenstance or hoping against the odds that you will be overlooked by the enemy.  It matters not.  The enemy can put you in his cross-hairs and I will still be your strength and your stay.  I say to you fear not.  In My word I declared 365 times FEAR NOT so there is a “fear not” for every day of your living throughout the year.  You have nothing to be concerned about.  Be careful for nothing but rather give thanks and attenuate your focus on what I AM saying and doing and not on upheaval, destruction or sudden terror that comes by day or the pestilence by night.  You are My beloved and I have you safely in the palm of My hand!

March 23, 2016.   The Father says that I will use you to touch lives today.  I AM positioning you to minister to someone, a specific individual.  You’re going to identify them when you see them because your spirit will leap in your heart and you will know that you know this is the person you are to speak to and minister to in My name.  Know this says the Father that regardless of appearances they are at the end of their tether.  They are looking for answers and need to hear a word from My throne.  You will open your mouth and Proverbs 16:25 will come forth: “There’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end there of is destruction.”  I will put you in the right place at the right time and they will be prepared in their heart to listen and to hear and respond.  My Spirit is the Spirit of Counsel and My wisdom is in your mouth to deliver and assist and direct and comfort those in need.  I choose to use you to bless and to benefit others and this person in particular to keep them from an unproductive and wrong decision.

This is a new beginning of ministry portion and fruitfulness.  Purpose to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith I have called you.  Know that My voice and My wisdom and My anointing will always be with you to touch the broken hearted and lift up those that are cast down.  Choose this day to be the vessel I AM disposed to use to touch those in need from this day forward.  No more waiting.  No more disqualifying yourself.  Just know that I AM with you and will give you the words necessary to speak.  As you speak and share your heart it will be as though scales will fall off their eyes and suddenly they will know what needs to change in their life and they will find the courage to do just that. It will be redemption for that person, a word in season to bless and deliver.  I declare this day that I will use you again and again you’ll be a conduit of blessing and a conduit of ministry and a conduit of wisdom for others and what you make happen for others in My name I will produce likewise in your own life for My glory.

March 22, 2016.   The Father says today, I AM calling you up to your kingdom destiny this hour.  I will speak to you according to My glory in you and not your limitations, failures or shortcomings.  I have called you not merely to be a consumer of ministry but to be a producer of My glory and anointing out to the needs of others.  I see you as one who dispenses ministry.  You see yourself as one who is “less than” but you are not less than.  I am rising up on the inside of you to demonstrate My strength and My character.  You will not only be taught you will be a teacher.  You will not only be led you will be a leader – a guide to those who cannot see and do not know that they might experience My glory. You don’t see yourself as I see you – but I AM changing that.  You see weaknesses, you see liabilities and even disabilities, but the Father says that’s not how I see you.  I see you as one who is strong.  I see you as one called to be a nurturer, a lover of the loveless, one who dispenses the compassion of God to those who have been cast aside.

The Father says I AM breaking down the words that have worked against you, the judgments that have been spoken against you and I AM destroying the work of the enemy in your life.  I AM working to bring vision where there has been a lack of clearness about your future and about who you are and what I put you on the earth for.  The fracture in your character and failings of the past are being mended.  I AM shattering that defective lens of self image that has caused you to see yourself other than as I see you and I AM going to cause you to see yourself with crystal clarity from My perspective and be encouraged and emboldened to believe Me for bigger dreams and greater visions.  This is your day says the Father – rise up and rejoice!

March 21, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM a creative God and I AM creating still in your life.  Get ready for the unusual and unique things that I will do in the coming days to interrupt the normal course of events.  You have had a heart to glorify Me and give testimony to Me and that’s the reason you will see Me using you in a remarkable way.  You won’t take the glory to yourself.  You will not take credit for the miraculous things that will be coming forth.  For this reason I AM bringing you out and I AM announcing you to the earth because you have determined to lift up My name and not seek your own notoriety.  Look up with expectancy says the Father, look up with great anticipation.  My plan and My purpose is to mold and shape your life into something beautiful, a trophy set in My house.  You are a vessel of honor, one of My golden vessels that is set in My kingdom. It is all about advancement and fulfillment of My promise that you have believed and cried out for – it is coming to pass in a remarkable way.

As you face each day says the Father, know this that the territory at times will be unfamiliar.  For some time, you have gone round and round in a wilderness season but that is all about to change.  Listen closely to the voice of My Spirit as I speak and reveal and make plain the path that takes you out of the dry place and into the battle against the enemy you have been spoiling for.  You aren’t presumptuous.  You won’t be disappointed.  Others have suggested “who do you think you are…” but Beloved, I rejoice when I see you doing what I would do were I in your shoes.  The outcome is assured.  You owe no man nothing except to love them.  They want you to do what makes them comfortable but I haven’t called you to make men comfortable with what I have called you to do.  Just step out and let the naysayers cope with your call for I AM with you and I will never leave you or forsake you – your victory is assured!

March 20, 2016.   The Father says today it is time for you to fly! I AM making your life seriously aerodynamic in the realm of My Spirit that you might come up higher and experience higher things in My kingdom.  The winds of My Spirit are coming up underneath you and this day you are flying far above the circumstances and difficulties.  You are flying high above the enemy’s apparatus to track or deter you.  The war that you have warring in life is about to see a fresh bombardment of faith that will cause the enemy to flee and the angels to rejoice for this is the good fight that brings victory and dominion into your earth once again.  In times past you knew what overcoming was and your faith soared high in the great expanses of dominion and blessing.  The day has now come that those victories and that place of dominion will be inhabited and taken possession again as in times past.

The Father says said that your faith and your confidence in Me is a secret weapon that I have been preparing and planning for this time that you are coming into now.  You are coming into your season of dominion and blessing.  I have been working with you by My Spirit.  I have been planning.  I have been purposing I have been keeping you tucked away, as it were, in a place of hiddenness so that you were not exposed to the enemy.  I have held you in a place of security and peace and now I AM commissioning and bringing you forth.  I AM announcing you to the earth by My Spirit.  Scores of angels are moving with you, to accompany you so make sure that your yes is going to be yes and your no is going to be no.  You are going to open your mouth and speak the oracles of God and I AM going to back up My word in your life.  You can take it to the bank.  I AM going to do just that.  I AM being found faithful in your land as you arm yourself in faith and fill yourself with hope and walk in fullness of love – you will not be disappointed.

March 19, 2016.   The Father says today, I AM doing a complete work in your life.  I AM going through your personal life, your family relations and sweeping out the refuse and debris of struggle and establishing a whole new environment of blessing and favor.  The fountain of My sweetness is once again flowing and bubbling up in your life that you might drink to the full and rejoice in My goodness oh My beloved.  You are seated with Me now and the bread of affliction and the dregs of sorrow are not served up to those who recline at My table!  I AM removing the wood, the hay, and the stubble from your life.  I AM bringing a preparation season and establishing you in purity and perfection.  As silver and gold and precious metals are refined, I AM refining, purifying and preparing you for greater things and bigger blessings than you have ever known.  I AM molding and shaping you that I might fit you as one of My jewels, to reflect the clarity of who I AM to a lost and dying world.

So put your expectations upon Me this day says the Father.  Change is at hand and the move is on.  The angels are surrounding you as solidity gives way to shift and change and transition to a new place in Me.  You will sense angelic activity and experience what it is when the burly angels who are created to war come to your defense against all the assaults of the enemy.  You are under supernatural and sovereign protection.  I AM protecting by My hand every aspect of your life.  Everything that pertains to you, I AM looking out for you to preserve, protect, defend, and provision you for My purposes even in this hour.  So fear not, neither be dismayed.   Settle into yoke easy and burden light.  Let the song of gladness be in your heart even when you don’t have all the answers.  It isn’t about what you know but about Who you know.  You can trust in Me says the Father for I AM a good God and My goodness is being seen in your land.

March 18, 2016.   The Father says today that I will always salvage you from the snare of the enemy.  Sometimes your words will snare you.  Other times your choice of friends and personal relationships snare you.  When you feel trapped and foolish because you have made wrong decisions beloved, fear not for I will spare you and deliver you.  Even when you think you have put yourself in a place of struggle due to your own mistakes or outright sin.  Know this, I have no condemnation for you.  I did not come to condemn but to spare and to save and to work righteousness among the unrighteous – even in your own situations.  I AM not waiting for you to do everything right before I will act to rescue you from yourself and your circumstance.  If that was in My character, I would have never sent Jesus to die for your sins.

Forgive yourself says the Father. See yourself as I see you.  Yes, you are flawed.  Yes, you are not above sin and transgression.  Keep walking toward Me.  Even in your most abject failure – turn your face toward Me.  Be as the prodigal who came to himself and made his way to the Father.  Just seek My face.  I will remediate.  I will show you the way out of the problem.  I will cleanse, forgive, transform and defend you not because you are right or righteous but because you have put your trust in the blood that was shed in your behalf.  I will turn back the destroyer who comes against you.  I will blot out the writing of ordinances and condemnation against you . I will wash you and you will come forth white like wool and know that your righteousness originates in Me and from that position you will find blessing, benefit, and transformation in every area of your life.

March 17, 2016.   The Father says today how is the training going?  You do understand that the circumstances and situations you are walking through day by day – even this specific week are by My hand and My arrangement?  I AM training you to see what the natural eye does not see; and to hear what the natural ear does not hear.  I AM giving you as it were x-ray vision so that your anointed perception can pierce through to what the natural situation and circumstance looks like and see the truth of the matter.  By the spirit of discernment, you will now understand the truth of what really going on in the room and not be blinded or caught unawares in any way.  From this day forward I AM going to begin to show you the undergirding and the underpinning even the hidden infrastructure of the world around you that very few people get to see.  I AM anointing your eyes with eye salve in this time, says the Father, to put your word and your prayers upon that which is manifesting even the truth of the matter rather than what is merely on the surface.

So as you see and as you come to know do not be alarmed or put off.  Do not hesitate or be dismayed in any way.  Rather rise up in your faith My beloved and put your word, the word of My authority – the authority of My name on the things that I show you.  Put your word upon the things that I reveal to you even if in the natural there’s no indication that what I have revealed to you is true.  Choose to believe what the eye of your spirit sees rather than the eye of the natural.  Then as you put your word upon the things that are brought to light the situations will be changed.  That which is hidden is going to be shouted from the rooftop all that was lost will be recovered and all that was at risk will be restored and increased with great favor and great blessing says the Father.

March 16, 2016.    The Father says today that you are one of My elect.  I chose you says the Father.  I chose you in Christ before the foundations of the earth were ever laid.  Before one drop of the ocean’s depths were brought into existence I had already fixed My heart toward you to bless you and to make Myself known to you.  Before one grain of sand was formed by which I seeded the earth I held you in My arms and gave My love and My purpose to you as a gift from heaven.  Despair not says the Father.  You are of value to Me beyond that which man is capable of calculating. I so value your life that I sent My only Son to redeem and reclaim you from the clutches of the enemy who would destroy you and rob you of your destined purpose.  Trust that I AM working in your life this day.  Know that I AM manifesting My favor and My blessing upon you in large and small ways.

You are a king and a priest in My domain.  You are a principality and a power in the earth.  You are ordained to usurp and wrest back from the enemy his illegitimate rule.  I have set My name upon you and in that name you will go forth and conquer every day of your sojourn in this life.  You have been elected into the infrastructure of the Kingdom of God to reign and bear rule over all the works of the enemy in My name.  There is an authority and a favor that rests upon you.  Release and benefit and breakthrough are the bread that I AM feeding you daily at My table . You are one of the entitled ones.  Receive it and know it as your base state in creation – to be blessed and to be a blessing.  Grow up this day in your thinking and no more devalue or disparage yourself.  Refuse to think of yourself as “less-than” because I AM more than enough to make up every deficit in your life.

March 15, 2016.   The Father says today I have changed directions in your life.  You thought you were going in one direction but I turned the map under your feet and made things turn out differently.  I turned you around and said “this is the way, walk you in it.”  You chose in that season to have a sensitivity to know My voice.  You wanted to know My voice and what I was saying and you responded.  Well done.  This is how it is when you walk in the Kingdom.  I will lead and guide and as you respond peace will come and blessing will follow.  You have always wanted to make sure you understand what I am saying but know this – your hearing is better than it used to be in times past.

The Father says realize this – that you do know My voice.  Just as you are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices so you know My voice when I speak.  My sheep know My voice and you are one of My sheep.  You are one that I created.  You are one I dropped My voice in.  I put Myself on the inside of you before you were formed in your mother’s womb because I knew you would come to Me and you would be looking to Me.  I knew you would find your hope and your help and your resource in Me.  Beloved because this is your choice and because you have done so I am going to turn things around.  I AM going to manifest the Kingdom of God in your life, and through your life to a lost and a dying world.  They are in need of resources and they are in need of words of hope, words of faith and words of life and I have chosen to use you as one of My representatives says the Father.

March 14, 2016.   The Father says today that I am bringing a new influence of My Spirit into your life.  I AM bringing a refreshing and bringing a renewing to lift your heart and ease your mind under the pressures of life you have been experiencing.  The blessing I AM imparting at this season is that of a lasting value, a bulwark and a fortress of protection and provision.  I will not leave you where you are at says the Father.  It doesn’t matter what condition your life is in, what your economic condition is I AM coming through for you to pay the dividends of Calvary into your situation for deliverance and restoration.  No more sorrow or sighing, for the afflictions of the enemy and the attacks of the enemy against you are being confounded and defeated this very day.

There is a new infilling coming – just reach out and receive into yourself.  Allow the wind of My refreshing to flow through you and totally fill you this day.  You are going to be full of life and full of vigor for I AM releasing the wine of My joy to bring laughter and rejoicing beyond what you have experienced in times past.  This is your portion says the Father – so just shake off all those things that have no value to your life, things that are not conducive to the kingdom.  Walk away, shake it off, reject and completely remove those illegitimate and joy robbing things that have held you back.  My grace is sufficient.  I will sustain you and bring you that which is new, and life giving.  There is a weight of My glory that is replacing the spirit of heaviness and the heartbreak that will no longer track you or rob you of your joy.  I am showing up, to show off, and show out and you will know that your Heavenly Father has wrought wonderfully in your life.

March 13, 2016.   The Father says that now is not the time to pull the fire alarm on the trial in your life.  This is not the time to press the panic button.  Just because the waters of adversity are rising in your life does not mean your boat is going to sink.  Put your trust in Me.  Know that as I was with the disciples on the stormy sea so I AM with you.  Come down into the resting place where I may be found.  Come into My rest for I have all in hand.  The “peace be still” from My mouth is all that is needed to set things right and get you where you are going in a moment of time.  Do not jump ship.  Do not have little faith but have great faith for I am coming through for you.  What is your expectation?  Do you trust Me?  Then let Me take it from here.

There are hidden resources in your life that are going to be uncovered in a time of shaking.  There is a shaking that comes and you might think your losses will be great, but beloved, this is not about loss.  This is not about destruction, but about clearing the debris of life and bringing you to a whole new, green pasture.  You will come into a new place of rest and you will lie down in peace and your sleep will be sweet.  This is a time to change your perspective and see THROUGH and not just WITH the eye.  Speak to your eyes that they might SEE and to your ears COMMANDING THEM TO HEAR.  In that new revealing of truth and life, there will come great restoration for you.  You are going to have a new spring in your step.  There is going to be a smile on your face.  There is going to be a confidence in your countenance that will not be misplaced because you have put your trust in Me and are now stepping into a greater portion of destiny and blessing.

March 12, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM not a hard task master.  I AM not hard to get along with.  I AM not touchy or easily offended.  I AM not nearly as demanding as I AM held out to be by those who claim to speak in My name.  I AM not looking for opportunities to discipline or to chasten you.  I AM calling you to rest and renew yourself in intimacy with Me.  The transformation and breakthrough you are seeking will come from a place of rest and not religious performance.  It is time to cleanse your mind from the shrill, demanding, unjust and unfair concepts of religious expression that see Me as the Despot of Heaven waiting for an opportunity to hurl lightning bolts down on hapless victims.  That is not who I AM.  I do not bring suffering into your life because I hate you.  I do not bring suffering into your life because I love you.  I AM not the author of suffering.  I placed the whole of human suffering upon Jesus on the cross – I have none left to put on your life for any reason.  That isn’t how you have been taught – but you be a Father pleaser and accept the clear testimony of My goodness and grace and mercy that is found in My word.

You are entering into a season of rest.  Toward the end of June, July, moving into August you will see that I AM doing a finishing and a completing work in many areas of your life.  There is going to be a finishing anointing establishing you and entrenching you in a place of favor and rest and blessing.  This season will be about catching your breath and getting ready for a new launching in an intense time of harvest and fruitfulness.  The hand of the enemy will be defeated.  You will walk in new life and greater authority than ever before.  The things you say and do will become as effective as I said them and did them. The growing up and growing into My kingdom that you have sought will move forward in great strides in the coming months.  This is your portion and this is the overture of heaven that invites you and reaches out to you this day.

March 11, 2016.   The Father says today I AM not shy about what I AM doing in your life.  I will blow the trumpet.  I’m going to make My favor over you known for I AM not ashamed to name you as My choice possession.  I will not do the thing I am going to do in a corner.  We will not try to move forward in a way the enemy does not take notice.  No, beloved I AM going to blow a trumpet and dare the enemy to touch that which I have breathed upon in your life.  I have set you as the pupil of My eye this day and graven your name upon the palm of My right hand.  You do not need to be concerned about preserving or protecting the blessing for it is not a fragile or ephemeral thing says the Father.  You won’t protect the blessing the blessing is protecting you and benefiting you and promoting you even this day.

My wind is beginning to blow afresh and anew in your life.  I AM coming to you on the winds of My Spirit to cause you to know and to be made known in My courts.  My whirlwinds will be in evidence even in the natural you will feel the blast and think “that is not mere wind – that is my Father!”  Even as the scripture says, whirlwinds of the south are coming to bless and benefit you.  This day My blessings are coming upon you and they are going to overtake you.  This will not be a one-time occurrence but will come over and over and over.  A whirlwind is reciprocal.  It’s a wind that doesn’t blow in a straight line . My whirlwind is coming to you and through you in dynamic power to produce in your life the consequence of My loving-kindness and gentleness and longsuffering in your behalf.  This is your time and your day to know My magnanimity toward you My beloved and the largess of My kindness and willingness to change, and bless and benefit you beyond all your expectations.

March 10, 2016.    The Father says today that your hope is not in vain.  My message to you is a message of hope.  Those things you have believed for and expected will be your portion says the Father.  Not only are you a beneficiary of hope, but likewise a messenger of hope.  I will make you a messenger of hope to those who otherwise would be hopeless.  My word is going forth as lightning to take down the adversary and replace adversity with order, blessing and benefit.  You will see that which I am bringing about and will not have to question, “Is this God?”  You will see what I am doing and realize that only an all powerful and all loving God would turn things around for you in this way.  I AM on your side says the Father.  I AM with you.  I will never leave you and never forsake you.  I will never change My mind about My promises to you.  Come this day into alignment with My promises and My word for the time is short and this is your now season to see My faithfulness brought to pass in every area of your need.

Obedience is a key to your breakthrough in this season says the Father.  Let your obedience be full, and prompt in this time.  Step into My provisional promises and give full yieldedness in your heart and your actions.  No more compromise or half-compliance.  I AM not a hard task master.  The things I am asking of you are not grievous and they are not impossible.  Come into a new cooperation with Me says the Father for My promises will be made sure as you allow Me to come alongside you.  We will work together in an easy yoke and burden light assignment.  Listen for My words of comfort and My words of instruction.  As you hear and respond to My voice things will begin to improve and things will begin to change.  Write down what I tell you.  Hearken with greater attentiveness to the dreams and visions of the night for I will show you My path in the night and you will walk it out in the day almost immediately.  You will begin to see the picture of My map of your life and you will rejoice as you come to realize that I AM bringing you into a delightsome land full of benefit and blessing and goodness.

March 9, 2016.   The Father says today that I am working in the midst of your family.  I AM moving in the lives of those to whom your heart is knit both by blood line relations and by the affinity of your common friendships.  My heart – the heart of the Father is flowing within you and out from you to many who need and crave the touch of My Spirit in their lives.  My Spirit is flowing down now into their situations to make Myself available to strengthen, available to invigorate, available to redeem and change, even those who have rejected Me in times past.  I AM moving even in your generations by My Spirit to establish a defense and a troop of warriors from your own circle that goes forth even as an army, says the Father to accomplish My purposes in the earth.  There are some things that you have expected and petitioned Me for in times past that will be realized this year.  You will not be hoping for that thing to happen for it will come to pass and hope realized does not require any effort to believe for any longer for the answer is come!

There is going to be the concrete manifestation of things that you have asked Me for, things that you have cried out to Me for.  You are no longer going to be looking ahead by faith, but you are going to be looking back with thankfulness as your hopes, your dreams, your desires have been made manifest as a testimony to My faithfulness in your situation.  There a line of demarcation upon which I will act and bring pass My promise in your life in a radical way.  I AM going to fill those expectations with new hope, new ambition, new aspirations in Me, says the Father.  You are going to fueled, you are going to be lifted up, you are going to be charged and energized by the fact that I have made these things come to pass!  The word of testimony in your mouth will be a sure word of declaration that if I have so worked in your circumstance that which seemed impossible – how much more in the lives of others who look to you as an example of My goodness in the land of the living?

March 8, 2016.   The Father says today keep hoping and expecting.  In this season of your life I’m going to render unto you the double.  You have hoped and continued to hope and haven’t given up on your dreams.  Therefore, I say to you as I spoke through Zechariah of old “Turn you to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope … even today do I declare that I will render double to you”.  My salvation will be seen in your land says the Father.  My glory will be seen over you and My arrows will go forth as the lightning in your defense.  This day I will blow the trumpet and there shall go with whirlwinds of My Spirit over, around and through you.  I will defend you and empower you to subdue your enemies.  I will save you and those you love as a shepherd saves His flock and you will know again exaltation and joy and safety by My hand.

Know this – that there is salvation says the Father, that I AM working in your life.  The saving power of the shed blood of Christ is yours to lay claim to as you see My deliverance being made manifest.  Refuse to play the blame game.  There are many things you could have done differently but there is forgiveness and mercy in My heart for you.  My promises are not made to perfect people but to YIELDED HEARTS.  Yield your heart to Me today and trust in My keeping power. I will even make your mistakes to prosper.  I will cause you to break forth upon the right hand and upon the left.  When you lack wisdom I will impart it.  When you make a mistake I will work in the midst of it.  When failure seems to overwhelm you – like a flood I will engulf you in My favor and make everything turn out right.  I AM with you says the Father and I will never leave you or forsake you.  This is your day and this is your time of rejoicing for the favor of your Father is being made manifest in abundance in your life.

March 7, 2016.   The Father says you are hearing Me.  You don’t think you are hearing Me but you have been hearing, you have had communication with Me all along.  Although, things have seemed unclear, and you haven’t always understood what I was getting through to you.  You’ve asked what the problem is as though somehow your spiritual acuity is impaired, but I say to you that you are hearing Me, you just need your confidence boosted.  My sheep know My voice and another voice they will not follow.  Learn to trust the first witness I give you.  When you ask Me questions, I will always give you prompt answers.  I will to speak to you so clear that you will experience what it is when I make your human spirit My information highway.

So the Father says I break off the lies and the deceptions, those mind-binding spirits that have tried to discourage you from knowing that you know that you know that you have heard from heaven.  I break every illegitimate authority over your life and this day I pull the stoppers of doubt out of your ears, the blinders off your eyes because you do have ears to hear, you do have eyes to see.  You are one I have proven a trust with. I can trust you.  I’m going to show that – you have been faithful in little, I’m about to make you ruler over much.  There is a big plan for you, so just be confident and know that I going to do the work that you were prepared to do from before the foundation of the world.  I called you from your mother’s womb.  I prepared you for this day, this hour and this day.  So just open all the things I AM unpacking in your life.  Delight yourself in your relationship with Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

March 6, 2016.    The Father says today that I AM bringing you forward on a very specific schedule.  You are in a five-year plan that will unpack in season after season until the full promise I have made to you is accomplished.  I AM not in a hurry says the Father so you don’t have to be in a hurry.  Get a pad, get a pen, set it by your night stand, put it on your kitchen counter and begin to inquire of Me.  Ask of Me things to come will I not show you the very truth of what I AM about to do regarding every thing that concerns you?  In the coming years there are going to be many things that are going to look dramatically different.  Not just because of the passage of time but because of a plan and a purpose that I AM bringing about.  I will do nothing unless I reveal it first to My servants.  I want you to begin to seek Me, for as you seek My face, the Father says, you are going to see My hand.

You are going to think, “How can this possibly be God?  It can’t be this easy.”  Really?  Know this says the Father that I AM not as hard to get along with as religious minds would lead you to believe.  What part of yoke easy and burden light isn’t getting through to My people?  I will cause you to hear My voice and take on My nature and see the results in your experience that I experience every day in eternity.  I will not be denied or delayed therefore you will not be denied or delayed.  I will not be defeated therefore you will not be defeated.  Rise up and shake off all thoughts of weakness and incapability.  I AM your sufficiency.  I AM your capability.  Your achievements are only bounded by My unlimited strength and grace and willingness to measure and move in your behalf and bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Others would not accept this as My plan but you be a Father-pleaser and know that I AM the God who gave His only Son – why would I withhold any other good thing from you oh My beloved!

March 5, 2016.   The Father says today it is a day of celebration for you this day.  I AM sending you My “presence” and My “presents” as a token of My love and tender mercy in your life.  In loving kindness, My blessings are arriving just in time and directly on target for every need you have.  There are good things that I have for you that are not about something you earned, something you accomplished, something that you aspired to but rather on the basis of My unconditional favor.  It is My en-giftedness that I AM bringing in four different areas that you can identify: in your finances, in your relationships, in your ministry portion, and in the area of your health.  I declare to you this day that your health is going to spring forth speedily.  I AM increasing your vitality.  I AM giving you a new robustness that you might be prepared for the purposes that I AM bringing you into.

I have need of you and a design for you in the work toward and work with in My Kingdom.  I am bringing ministry portion and purpose to light in your life.  Though it seems in this area nothing has been moving forward, the Father says it has not been a delay but rather timing for strategic launching.  There has been a divine pause as I have prepared you for a season.  Now get ready because things are picking up and the pace of your life will seem dizzying at times.  You’re going to be moving from assignment to assignment to assignment.  It will seem like just when you put one thing to bed there is going to be another thing right there demanding your attention for I AM doing a quick work.  Yes, you will feel the stress and experience the strain but just be patient and trust Me for the outcome.  What seems like stress is not coming because of the enemy but rather the velocity of My purpose being unfolded in your life.

March 4, 2016.   The Father says today that My eye searches throughout the earth to show My arm mighty in behalf of My beloved.  My purpose in your life in this season is to bare My arm and deliver you from the many waters of adversity that would overflow you.  I will flex My muscle in your life and in flexing My sinews in your life, I will burst the bonds and break the bands that have sought to constrict you and bring you to ruin, says the Father.  I AM the God who can do anything I want, anytime I want and I do not have to check with anyone.  Even in this I have chosen to covenantally bind myself to establish you in benefit and blessing.  My mind, says the Father, wraps itself around the affairs of your life and is governed by the desire that you prosper, that you be in good health, even as your soul prospers.  Will I purpose a thing, says the Father, and it not come to pass in your life?  Poverty will not rule you.  Will poverty rule you when I said in My word that I became poor so that you can be rich?  Making Myself poor in your behalf was no less a miracle than lifting you out of want and lack and bringing blessing and provision.

Will sickness destroy you when I said, by the stripes of My Son you are healed?  The efficacy of the blood of Calvary flows down into your life, flows down into the very pores of your body.  It flows into the very recesses of your mind, the very depths of your spirit. It reaches out into your past, it establishes your present, and is assuring your future.  Fear not those things that are on the morrow, says the Father, for I AM on the morrow awaiting your arrival with provisions that you know not of.  When tomorrow’s challenge comes there will be a supply from the inventories of My glory.  I will supply all your needs.  I will supply all that is necessary to fulfill your destiny and your destiny is not one of diminishment, your destiny is not one of loss, but it is one that leads you into the manifestation of being seated with Me in heavenly places far above all principalities and power says the Father!

March 3, 2016.   The Father says today that My favor is available to you this day as a resource.  There are deposits and reservoirs of gifts that I have been storing up for you and it is time for the release of My indulgence in your life.  No longer will there be a delay.  You have been waiting and expecting but the postponing is over for I declare over you that this is your NOW time to see these things come to pass.  You are going to start seeing answers and you need to take notes and write down as a remembrance the good things that I AM bringing to you in this season.  As Saul’s crippled son Mephibosheth, I AM carrying you daily to My table.  My table is a table you are being carried to daily to partake of all the good things necessary for your benefit and your blessing. This is going to be an every day occurrence.

You have seen the sprinkling of blessing from time to time.  You have seen My blessing come like a trickle in a dry season.  Now is the time that the fountains of the deep are being broken up under your feet and the heavens are being opened.  On the 18th of the month you will have a watershed experience that will cause you to know and cause you to rejoice in the goodness and glory of all that I have promised to you.  My goodness is coming.  This is the place of favor that I have prepared for you.  Come and stand by Me.  Let Me cover you with My pinions.  Let Me surround you with My feathers.  Let Me hide you in the place of the rock that’s hollowed out for you because I am that rock – your rock of defense in a time of storm.  I want you to rest in Me and watch and partake and enjoy the My goodness poured out to you now.

March 2, 2016.   The Father says today the tide is turning.  Begin afresh and anew to listen to My voice.  I AM going to speak to you.  I will speak once, yes twice, in a dream, in a vision of the night.  I AM going to have a conclave with you, a conference with you in the night about about your future and your destiny.  I AM going to give you very specific instructions to follow to the letter and it will not be ambiguous.  I will direct you when to pick up the phone, make the calls, write the checks, and do the things I tell you to do.  I AM initiating some rearranging in your life says the Father to bring about change and shift that you have desired, expected and prayed for.  As you obey it’s going to bring breakthrough. Know this that some things I will instruct you to do won’t make sense to the natural mind because I AM calling upon you to work smarter and not just work harder.  I’m going to give you the wisdom to do things that you have already been doing in a new way and the results will be almost immediate.

I AM mending those things that are broken.  I AM mending the broken things in your life, that have been non-functioning, bringing exasperation, and I AM turning things around and bringing a blessing and it’s going to bring peace in your heart and you’re going to be sleeping better, and resting in My anointed process that is now being revealed in your life says the Father.  I say to you that the tide is turning, the tide is turning. I want you to know it’s seriously tide turning time.  You have cast your bread upon the water as the scripture says, and now look up for it is returning to you in increase and abundance.  Yes, there will be other things dredged up in those currents but deal with each distraction as it comes and keep pace with the flow of instruction and wisdom that is now lifting you up – buoying you up to a new place of rest, prosperity and increase for this is your portion and it will not be denied you as you align yourself with that which I AM doing and bringing about even this day.

March 1, 2016.    The Father says today I AM declaring a mending of that which is broken in your life.  Broken relationships are being healed.  Relationships that have been broken to the point of total and complete exasperation will be repaired says the Father.  Though you have struggled to the point of just walking away I AM going to mend.  I AM going to step into the situation without any extra effort on your part . In fact, the Father says, take your hands off. Put your trust in Me.  I AM going to mend that which is broken. I AM going to bring love where there’s been animosity.  I AM going to bring agreement where there’s been disagreement.  I AM going to bring harmony where there’s been disharmony.  I AM going to turn things around. I AM going to alter the spiritual geography under your feet.

The Father says, I AM even going to turn the spiritual geography, the spiritual map under their feet where they are going to be moving toward you for the same reason they were moving away from you.  I will cause even your detractors to see God in you and they are going to seek you and in seeking you they are going to be seeking Me and when they come and sit at your feet, says the Father, you are going to open your mouth and the words of the kingdom are going to come out.

It’s not going to be words of resentment, words of “I told you so” but rather My love, My forgiveness, the oil of mending, and the outpouring of My Spirit.  In the midst of the process I am going to break off of you those things the enemy has installed in your life to trip you up and to keep you stressed out.  Yes, I AM going to mend you in those areas as well.  It’s a new day and new time and your rejoicing will be great as you see that which I AM bringing about in your life.


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The Father Says Today – March 2016 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus and Daddy God! I receive your words with a grateful and longing heart. i surrender all to you. I surrender my all to you! Amen