The Father Says Today – March 2017

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

31 March 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM all about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I not only give you the object of your desire but I cause your heart to ache for the very thing that I purpose to give you.  I do not taunt you with that which I have no intention of bringing to pass in your life.  I do not taunt and I do not tease.  Know that those desires and those things that your heart longs for in the depth of your being have been placed there by My hand.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and those things for which your hopes are longing for and crying out for concerning you have been shaped and placed there by My design.  Bring them to Me.  Cry out to Me.  Allow Me to refine and clarify.  Allow Me to expose where the enemy has tried to pervert those desires into something that would snare you.  Listen to My voice as I speak and receive the correction and clarification that you will show you the way and bring you to the very fulfillment of My promise in your life.

Do not cast away your confidence, says the Father.  Do not listen to the confusion of the enemy that says you have no hope and no expectation.  When you despair, and feel that nothing is going to improve for you – know that at that moment you are mere steps from the breakthrough you have asked Me for.  Do not allow the enemy to misdirect you.  Pull down the strongholds of unbelief. Refuse to sorrow as one who has no hope.  Reject all pessimism and refuse to have the heart of a skeptic.  Come to Me like a little child.  If you know how to give good things to those little ones that you love – and you being evil – how much more will I give you those things that you have cried out to Me for.  The time is now, says the Father.  This is your moment.  Now is the day of your salvation and now is that instant that all you have longed and cried out for is coming to manifestation in your life.

30 March 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM rendering to you the double.  I AM blotting out the handwriting of trespasses against you.  The disappointments of the past and the downturns in your situation caused by bad decision making are being erased.  You are not a prisoner in life to past failures.  Your life and future will not be dictated in terms of outcome by things in your past that you could have done differently.  Forgive yourself.  Stop beating yourself up over things you have done that didn’t turn out as you might have hoped.  There have been times that you demonstrated significant lack of wisdom and got yourself in difficulty.  There have been times that you shirked My word and failed to listen to the still small voice by which I would have spared you much heart ache.  You are forgiven.  Now forgive yourself.

I know what you are made of, says the Father.  I know that you are but dust and in many things you will falter, fail and cause problems by your own choices that could have turned out very differently.  Just know that in the midst of things that plague you because of the past, that I AM standing there extending forgiveness and deliverance.  Do not listen to those who say I will not help you out of the trouble you created for yourself. Is there any other kind?  I AM here in the midst beloved.  I AM right there with you.  I know the way through your personal wilderness and out of that difficulty and trial I will bring you.  I will bring you out and it will not be My voice saying “I told you so …”  That is not who I AM and that is not what I do.  I will teach you, guide you and above all comfort you until you come into a place where the mistakes of the past have been erased and all things become new and your life will be filled with rejoicing and joy beyond all your expectation, because I love you and have set My affection upon you for blessing and goodness above all things.

29 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM breaking down the walls of the enemy.  Fear not when the shaking comes, for the shaking that comes only removes those things that carry death.  Only removes those things that diminish and only removes those things from your life that are incompatible with My promise.  My promises are building you up, establishing you and launching you into new, fresh destiny and fulfillment of all that I have sown as vision into your heart.  I AM touching your mouth as Isaiah.  I AM putting forth My hand to bless and to comfort you.  The decree of heaven is going out over you.  Let that decree find agreement in your heart, your words and your conversation.  Keep your heart and guard against unbelief and the narrative of the negative.  When you feel discouragement coming – find a place alone with Me and allow Me to build you up and surround you with My Spirit of truth and verity that will eclipse every doubt and all worry.  Refuse to allow worry or fear of the future to dominate your mind.

I AM causing you to ride high above the nations of the earth this day.  The prince of the power of the air might come, but let your profession be that he will find no place in you.  You are filled and flooded with My presence and the enemy cannot gain a foothold, for you have set Me as the center of your attention and you will no longer pay heed to the threats and lies of hell that come against you.  Purpose to intentionally pull down the stronghold and habits of unbelief.  Unbelief is like a bad habit – it comes quite naturally to the carnal man and must be disciplined and called into accountability to the cross.  You are more than just a child of the earth.  You are a child of heaven and as such, there is a heavenly God-nature on the inside of you changing you, shaping you and bringing you into My image.  You are the image bearer of your Father, and as such, I AM beautifying you with My glory and My goodness and nothing going on in your life will be able to abort that process, says the Father.

28 March 2017.   The Father says today is the closing.  Today I AM closing out on those dreams and visions that have been so much a part of your life and moving you to higher heights and deeper depths beyond your expectations.  I AM the God of more than enough.  I AM the God of more than you can ask or think.  It is not possible for you to ask larger than I can answer.  The bank account of My promises cannot be bankrupted or overextended.  Let your faith take you where rationale and reason are reticent to go.  Let your heart dream the bigger dream.  Ask for more until more IS more.  As I increased Abraham and Sarah beyond their wildest hopes even so I will do in your life so much more than you have dared to ask.  Ask!  Ask largely says the Father.  Ask broadly.  Believe for the implausible, the unusual and the unexpected, for I delight to surprise you with My goodness.

Know that your joy will be full when you ask in anticipation of the answer of heaven.  All of My promises are YES and AMEN – so BE IT because you are the called in Christ Jesus.  I have not called you to a lesser plan or a small destiny.  You are a king and a priest unto Me.  I will not short change you.  I will not force you to live in denial of highest and best.  Let your faith take your first class all the way.  Refuse to believe the false narrative of poverty and shame.  I became poor so that you could be rich.  I AM the Ram caught in the thicket that every need might by met at the hour of your greatest need.  Embrace that understanding of My favor and that understanding of who I AM – a GOOD GOD who will do great and good things in your life, that you might have a full and rich testimony of My love and My grace in just the right time and place when you need Me most!

27 March 2017.   The Father says today you are transitioning to a birthing season in My Spirit.  The pressure is not the pressure of the enemy but a pressure of bringing forth things in prayer that you have sought for and longed for.  Let your mouth pray.  Challenge is not a negative thing.  Embrace challenge. Move toward the challenges before you and not away from them.  Remember the admonition of scripture that it is through much tribulation or much pressure that you enter into the kingdom.  Pressure is never pleasant and shaking is not something you would ever ask for but only those things that cannot be shaken will be shaken that those things that cannot be shaken will remain.  So, turn into the challenge, for as you turn into the challenge you shorten your entrance into the place of breakthrough and the change you have sought, desired and petitioned Me concerning.

Remember says the Father when you press into the pressure you break out into the kingdom and My Kingdom is righteousness, joy, and peace.  Just know then that in this time you will go out in joy and led forth in peace.  Do not let the enemy to steal your joy.  Maintain your joy and allow it to lead you.  Maintain your peace and allow My peace to rule as an umpire in your heart deciding with finality of the decisions that are before you.  Remember above all else that I have set My love upon you.  I have set My love upon you and it is My love that is leading you.  My love is establishing all that happens round about you.  My love is preserving you and protecting you.  When the enemy assaults you My hand and My favor will maintain an angelic guard around you and not one hair of your head will be harmed and all that you expect and have cried out for will be brought to pass and that right quickly.

26 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM increasing your vitality and strength in this season.  I will cause you to taste of the vintage of My Spirit that launches you into the “now” experience of My provisioning, of My delivering hand.  There has been a grappling taking place in your life as the enemy has sought to dispose of your blessing and to destroy your ability to contain that blessing.  But the Father says, I AM shoring up those things in your life that need to be strengthened.  I AM strengthening those things that have weakened and been strained to the cracking point.  Even those around you at times saw the pressure and wanted to do something to help, but the Father says, I AM the hero.  What others could not or would not be willing to do, I will bring about by My hand.

I will bring forth justice in your life, says the Father.  I will establish divine justice at the judgment bar of heaven.  The accuser has pointed the finger.  The accuser has accused, but you refused to shake your fist in My face.  You have been willing and you have been pliable. You continually looked to me as you grappled with difficult questions and situations.  As you wrestled and as you struggled, your eye was cast to the heavens awaiting upon My hand to act, and that time has come.  The Father says, I have heard your cry and I have dispatched assistance.  This is the hour of breakthrough for you and the time of change you have cried out for.  Put your foot forward.  Let your hand be first to the task, says the Father.  Do not wait for someone else to do what I have called you to do and as your hand is first to the task, says the Father, My hand will be first to the blessing that I AM bringing forth into your life.

25 March 2017.   The Father says today, I have not appointed you to wrath.  In all of your days that are written in My book, there is not ONE DAY of your entire life span that reads “reserved for wrath”.  How could you ever come to Me as a loving Father if you never knew just how I would receive you, or if I would somehow arbitrarily drop some scourging test upon you for some inscrutable purpose?  Beloved, that is not what I do.  I take no delight in pain, sickness or suffering.  That is not who I AM.  I AM not only the God of love – LOVE is WHO I AM.  There is no situation, no circumstance or outcome in which I choose to be anything other than the Loving Father that I have represented Myself to be in My word.

Comfort yourself with this one great truth.  Refuse to be dissuaded for one split second into believing that I would ever choose suffering, sorrow or down turn for you.  I came that you might have life and that more abundantly.  Those who suggest otherwise do not understand fully what I accomplished on the cross.  Upon the cross, the full fury of divine justice was completely poured out to the dregs upon the Darling of Heaven.  He suffered so that you do not have to.  He gave His back to the smiters so that you could go free, be healed and come to wholeness.  Let this truth – the truth of the finished work of Calvary, be the salve applied to your eyes that you might see Me for who I really am and will always be in your life.

24 March 2017.   The Father says today, set your steps to follow in a good path.  Identify and avoid strife and contention and have nothing to do with it.  As you go about your day, there will be obvious fruit manifesting in the lives of those around you.  Some will be called by My name – while others are completely outside the covenants of Christ.  Make it your determination not to penalize or cause others to suffer – but to maintain discernment in all things.  Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness.  When you sense that the fruits of My Spirit are not dominating in a conversation or a behavior, simply withdraw.  Make a choice not to partake of a spiritual well whose depths are contaminated by darkness or ungodliness.

I have placed within you a well of living water springing up to life everlasting.  You are the priest of that well.  You are given the task of giving out of the rivers of My Spirit flowing through you – not the waters of bitterness or division.  When division and strife surround you, make your exit.  Refuse to contribute to the confusion and contention that manifests in others.  As much as lies within you, live at peace with all men whether they belong to the household of faith or not.  When others want hatred and variance to rule the environment they are in, just pull back without judgment or pronouncements and keep on moving.  You are called to maintain your peace, and not allow anyone to pull you into the captivity that holds them captive.  Love them.  Give them the example of a heart free of hatred and strife.  If they receive you, embrace them.  If they reject you in favor of warfare and continued strife, then move on knowing that I will take care of everything that pertains to you and will not let you be diminished in any way.

23 March 2017.   The Father says today, you are not just loved – you are WELL BELOVED.  The agape of God is rooted in you and you are rooted in agape.  I love you with the love that sent the only begotten Son to the brutality of the cross.  Never allow yourself to feel as though I am aloof from you in any way.  The cross is the great cosmic emblem of the intensity, the immediacy and the passion with which I love you.  I saw you when you were lost in sin, contaminated by darkness and cut off from the kingdom and I made a provision for you.  Accept that provision.  Move over into the full grace of My kingdom to change you and to deliver you.  The scar of sin upon your person is wiped away and My image is finding expression in you, even this day.

Your first responsibility and assignment today is to simply be the WELL BELOVED.  There are many things that may seem urgent and important but sitting at My feet is the one necessary thing that will change, shift, transform every circumstance through the effortless ease of the yoke easy and the burden light.  Do not give in to the false burden.  Do not allow emotions to hinder you or hold you in thrall to heaviness and depression.  Remember that My kingdom IS joy and it IS peace.  Never relinquish your peace.  Never relinquish your joy.  Where you feel weak, know that I am supplying all the power and all the energy to stand strong, to love the unlovely and to get through the most difficult of exchanges with your faith intact and your victory assured.

22 March 2017.   The Father says today, I desire above all things that you prosper and be in health.  I have no higher agenda or desire, other than that you be in good health and full provision.  Sickness is never the choice I make for you.  Poverty is not in the range of choices that I make regarding your life or for your future.  I have not chosen sickness for you nor have I chosen poverty for you.  Get it completely out of your thinking that I AM a God of poverty or a God of sickness or suffering.  I took suffering upon Myself to deliver you from all such deprivations.  I WILL NEVER PUT ON YOU what the CROSS TOOK OFF OF YOU.  Those who think and teach otherwise are uninformed and misled.  They have accepted a perverted message, devoid of truth, that does not represent who I AM or what I have done for you.

Take this truth inside of you and know that LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY is your portion.  If you leave room for any doubt, or any other outcome, then the prince of this world comes and has a right to bring sickness and bring loss.  That is not your portion.  There is no sickness in heaven.  There is no representation of poverty around My throne.  I have not called you to be without.  I have called you to be strong, well, provided for and joyful above all things.  Make that your baseline understanding of who I AM in your life.  Refuse to wear the grave clothes mentality of contaminated religious thinking.  Embrace the gospel that I have shed abroad in your heart and allow it to transform you by its innate goodness and truth in your everyday life.

21 March 2017.   The Father says today, you are a king and priest in My Kingdom.  You are a principality and a power.  Even as Adam and Eve, when they were placed in the garden, I have placed you in your life both to tend and to keep My word and My promise in your regard.  The angels are there in your life at this very hour to work with you, and not against you.  Even as in the beginning the angels were there to serve Adam and Eve had they stayed in My will.  When you speak the angels with the flaming swords come to attention and they begin to drive out all things contrary to My purposes.  Speak therefore.  Let your mouth pray.  Pray with boldness and pray with expectation for the angels are come for your words.

Your prayers are a sweet incense received in the heavens and acted upon by angels as they come up before My throne.  Pray largely.  Pray effectively.  Pray in the Spirit and in the understanding.  Pray out the mysteries and pray out the promises.  Pray as a strategy of heaven to bring change My beloved, and change will surely come.  Pray with all forms of prayer, petition, intercession and you will see the outcomes of many circumstances begin to shift.  Prayer is the engine of spiritual reality that causes your life to conform to “as in heaven so on earth…” even as I taught in My word.  Rejoice beloved and enter into this assignment with celebration, for those things you have need of and have cried out for only await the occasion of your faith filled prayer.

20 March 2017.   The Father says today, there is a surplus of blessing that is untapped and unmitigated from the reserves and superabundance of My glory.  For I have a quantity that is outrageous and extravagant.  It is over the top and greatly exceeds the rationale and reason of the religious mindset.  I AM a bodacious and extravagant lavisher of blessing and I will not be restrained by convention or propriety.  You are preferred above all others and yes, you are treated with partiality and favor.  For those of the royal household shall walk in the majesty and provision of that which knows no limits.

There are pockets of treasure in the earth, this vein of gold and that mine of silver and this cave with precious gems, but I have a planning and zoning committee that utilizes the resources of purest gold to be laid as bricks and exotic pearl to be inlaid in My gates and the very least dwelling in My Kingdom is of the utmost opulence and luxurious state.  I take no delight in poverty and lack.  There is no holiness to be gained by deficit and living an impoverished life, rather My children will carry the supply, the design and the plan to bring them out of poverty and decline.  So take the limits off of Me and wield the scepter of My favor and abundance this day, for everything of Mine is yours and that I give freely, says the Father.

19 March 2017.   The Father says today – make war with the prophetic words that have been spoken over your life.  Know that every authenticated, validated prophetic utterance over your life is a weapon against the enemy of your soul.  Those weapons must be put to use or they will afford you nothing.  My Kingdom does not come with observation so do not respond as those who go to psychics and clairvoyants (with a casual, wait and see attitude) for that is not My will.  The prophetic words that were placed over your life were not unconditional promises of breakthrough, but they were in fact a preamble to war, says the Father.   For I have not called you to hold back or wait and see how things will turn out.  Rather, I call you to arm yourself with My word and My words and throw into the battle till victory comes.

I have called and I have anointed you and ordained you.  Your qualification is not in what others think of you but in the anointing that I have placed upon you.  You have a mantle upon your life and you have a word in your mouth.  You haven’t seen yourself as someone who could be used in any great way, but I AM rising up on the inside of you to make My name famous and to get glory from bringing you out of ashes into beauty, out of disappointment into destiny.  I AM calling you to serve me and the day will come, you will be called upon, says the Father, to go out and to give my word and to speak my word to others and I will cause your words not to fall to the ground.  For I have called you and those around you with a foundation laying anointing, to plant where others have not planted and not to build on another man’s foundation.  This is a new season, says the Father, and new direction in your life.  Lay hold on it with purpose and move forward and you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

18 March 2017.   The Father says today, you are seated in heavenly places.  I sit in heavenly places and because you are in Me you are seated in heavenly places in Christ.  You are in Me in the heavens and I am in you on the earth.  Listen as I declare and as I speak to your spirit.  I speak to the constituent components of who you are in the earth to receive the authority that you are far above principalities, power, might, and dominion.  The Father says, I AM breaking and I AM rebuking every program of the enemy that is operating against you.  The ungodly forces of operation against you are broken.  There is no more disaster, says the Father.  There is breakthrough into the heavens that you might be seated above the heavens and know what it is to rule and reign in Me.  You do not have to go by way of the grave before you rule and reign in Me.  Ruling and reigning is now.  I declare that your reign as a king and priest begins even now.

There are angels attending you.  The angels of the throne that have attended you since your conception, that tracked you from Adam even down through your lineage while you were yet in your father’s loins.  Those angels are yet tracking every moment of your life to put you over and to attend to your words.  Let your mouth pray, for the angels will come for the words of your faith filled prayers.  These angels are commissioned to bring about My will in your life.  They are commissioned to bring breakthrough in your life as you yield yourself up to me every day afresh and anew.  As you relinquish the earthly and surrender the human aspect of yourself unto my grace, says the Father, I will fill you every day.  I AM flooding you.  I AM bringing My exousia power and My dunamis authority over upon you.  My river is flowing out of you as a river.  It is not a metaphor for a river, but a veritable river of grace flowing out of you bringing breakthrough.  The obstacles and the strategies of the enemy are being broken and causing you even now, even now at this moment, says the Father, to be seated and to be victorious.

17 March 2017.   The Father says today, that objects are closer than they appear.   There are things you are believing for that seem far off, but they are closer than they appear.  There is a God-speed acceleration coming that you might find the exit out of the rat maze of confusion and frustration.  The strategy of the enemy is weakening and being exposed.  For heaviness of Spirit I give you joy, and for grief and sorrow I give you rejoicing and celebration.  Set aside the grave clothes of despondency and depression.  Refuse to see yourself as less than or as disqualified in any way.  Receive the cleansing of the shed blood of Calvary that washes away all guilt and shame.  Your worth is not determined by who you are or what you’ve done.   Your worth is determined by who I AM and what I did for you 2,000 years ago.  You have nothing to prove.  The blood was enough.  Receive that cleansing and let the sacrifice of Calvary be enough for all your heart’s need.

I AM bringing a healing river flowing over you and from within you.  All of the refuse and debris the enemy has sought to clutter your life with is being washed away.  The enemy has tried to clutter up your life, he’s tried to trip you up, to distract you, and even to destroy you, but as I prayed for Peter that his faith fail not, so the intercession of the throne is ongoing for you in your situation.  I have a plan for your life, says the Father, and it is more than just struggling from one complex situation to the next.  I AM removing all the obstacles.  I AM clearing out a path.  I AM bringing you to the sooner not later plan of heaven.  Lift up your head.  Set your sights on higher things.  Refuse to be distracted in any way.  Choose to rejoice when the enemy wants you to weep and wail.  Let all conflict go and receive the promise of your Father – My promise for all is well and My favor is surrounding you as with a shield this day.

16 March 2017.   The Father says today, let your voice be heard on high.  Speak up, says the Father – no more enduring the unendurable or ignoring that which cannot and should not be ignored.  Suffering in silence is not patience and living as a victim is not a virtue in My Kingdom.  Let your voice be heard.  Look to Me, for My Spirit is coming upon you as the eternal word and it seeks speech, it seeks your vocal capacities to articulate your deliverance by My hand.  If you will so speak I will so do it, says the Father.  If you will not say it I will not do it.  I AM the one that comes alongside, therefore I AM calling you to come alongside Me even as I come alongside you.  I said in my word that I went with them working with them, confirming the word with signs following.  The word that proceeds out of the mouth of the believer becomes life and substance according to their faith.

Speak My word. Shout My word from the rooftops – even the roof of your mouth.  As My word proceeds out of your lips, as My word churns and rumbles in your heart, let it come forth with boldness and articulate clarity.  I have shown you that which is to come concerning your future.  My promise is not a false dream.  I will break forth on the right hand and I will break forth upon the left.  I will break through and bring you through every impediment.  The obstacles will be removed, says the Father, and you will hear My voice as that certain sound.  I will come to you even as I came to Adam and Eve in the garden.  You will hear My sound whirling upon the breezes of your spirit.  You will hear My sound as you step into your home, as you step out onto the street, as you drive down to your place of employment, your place of business.  My sound will accompany you and it will ring with clarity and it will ring with deliverance and it will bring forth the liberty that you’ve been crying out to Me for even this day, says the LORD.

15 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM coming in visitation in your life.  Say of your soul that your day of visitation has come.  A day of change and shift in fundamental circumstances of your life.  Keep listening. Keep your eyes trained upon My purposes.  You have nothing to fear or any need to be intimidated in any way.  This is not a day of darkness for you because you know Me and are capable of hearing My voice.  For those who choose not to walk in relationship with Me, it will be a day of trembling, but know this – nothing will be shaken that holds any eternal value.  When the shaking comes, just set your heart to keep in mind that I AM working both to will and to do My good pleasure.  You can trust in the outcome I AM bringing about.  By My Spirit I am moving through your present circumstances to filter out the residue and the backwash of the past, that you might stand before Me unfettered and undistracted.  I have ministry portion for you that constitutes what seeking first the Kingdom looks like, so stay your mind upon what I have said and what I AM currently doing in your situation.

Your life is not just about managing certain pressures or handling personal issues that never seem to resolve themselves.  The Father says, I have beckoned you to the HIGH CALLING.  Come forth, says the Father, from the mire and the disorder of natural issues, for I have rolled away the stone that you might be loosed and go free.  Break the tether of the familiar and embrace fully the new assignment that comes upon you even now.  Come up higher.  Release the past.  Let go the old hindrances.  You are stepping into a place of acknowledgment and effectiveness of ministry portion that you have sought for a long time.  Let the maturing process come to completion in you.  You are complete in Me and I am completing Myself in you this day that you might rise up and take your place as a servant son in the harvest that is whitening, even now.  This is your portion and your reward, says the Father, so make the necessary choice and decision not to be left out or hold back in any way.

14 March 2017.   The Father says today, this is a season of reinvention and refreshing for you.  I uphold all things by the power of My word, and it is My word and not any other thing that is upholding you, and strengthening you even this day.  It is My word that is provisioning, defining and shaping what happens next in your life’s circumstances.  Your cares, relationships, concerns, even the DNA of your physical body are subject to My voice, and it is My voice bringing renewal and reinvention to every area of your life.  I will cause you to be as one that breaks forth upon the right hand and upon the left.  By My power, you will walk in enlargement of your steps according to My power and presence.  This day I AM manifesting in the column of My presence that you might walk in My shadow, and follow in the leading that I AM providing through the dark places.

Fear not, says the Father, for My promise will not fail.  Respond in obedience to the tug of My Holy Spirit at your heart this day.  Listen to My voice that whispers in your ear saying, “This is the way, walk you in it…”  You are not alone, for I AM the one who comes along side to help and comfort you.  Say to your mind and your heart “come into agreement with God!”  I would that you come alongside Me, that heaven and earth would agree together, and there would be a cooperation that brings the deliverance, the provisioning, the healing, and the blessing that you’re crying out for.  This is My plan and My purpose in your life THIS DAY, and it will not fail says the Father, so find your consolation and peace in Me till the challenge is met and My peace finds you, and establishes you at the end of the day.

13 March 2017.   The Father says today, My supply lines of abundance are reaching you.  The entire inventory of concerns that are in your heart has not escaped My notice.  Every deficit, every source of anxiety beyond your reach is safely under My supervision.  I AM working and bringing about My will.  Be at peace.  Be of good cheer.  I have heard your cry, and I will be petitioned of your hand.  As you look to Me even for loved ones and those that are out of the way – realize that you are a part of the process.  You are a part of their deliverance.  I will put My words in your mouth, and strategies of kindness and goodness to soften their hearts, and bring them to safety.  Know that I take no pleasure in the destruction of those that have been misdirected in life.  It is My will to redeem, and as you intercede even in the night seasons, know that I AM working.

Roll the care of every circumstance over on Me.  Trust Me for it all.  Know that I AM not only attentive to your needs, but neither am I neglecting your dreams.  Go ahead, dream a bigger dream.  Even during great challenges and difficulties I never despise the dreamer.  Expect more of the life and life more abundantly that I have promised.  I went to the cross to bring you more than bare survival.  I would that you prosper and be in health and ride high above the nations of the earth.  My blessing is coming.  My blessing is there now – manifesting during the chaos.  Broaden your horizons, and believe for highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I will be petitioned of you, even as I was petitioned of Jabez, who cried out to Me “enlarge my coast” and I granted him the thing he desired.  Keep trusting. Keep looking to Me.  The great works are being made manifest, and things are about to come to yoke easy and burden light.

12 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM working My perfection in you.  I said in My word, be perfect for I AM perfect.  I AM perfecting you.  I AM bringing My perfection to plainness in you that all will see and bear witness to.  I AM establishing your character according to the template of My character and personality.  I AM originating Myself in you.  My mind is overshadowing your mind and My thoughts are overshadowing your thoughts.  Inward reality is about to become an outward manifestation in your life.  This is the overture of heaven toward you.  This is open door, the invitation I extend to you because you have cried out to Me.

You might ask what does this mean and what must I do?  Get ready.  Be prepared in your heart.  Give Me a renewed, deeper level of cooperation.  The change is at hand.  The power is emerging from My hand to your heart out into your life.  The mandate of heaven bringing to your life a third heaven visitation.  From that experience, you will go in and out and find pasture.  You are shifting from the bridal company to that which the bridal company conceives in Christ.  You are shifting from the bridal company into that corporate expression of a baptism of fire.  The line of demarcation is drawn to move from theory to experience of the fire that falls – a mighty baptism that will overtake you and through you be reproducible in others.

11 March 2017.    The Father says today, I AM making your spirit free.  I AM freeing you to sing the song that angels desire to sing.  My glory on the inside of you can never be marred by the abuse, neglect and rejection men would inflict upon you.  My glory on the inside of you pushes back against every wound, every slice, every cut.  Every time pain comes, or hurt suffered at times by those closest to you – My glory flows in like oil and wine to bind up, heal and mend.  Never allow hardness or bitterness to scar you.  Let healing come.  Forgive, release and bless.  Bless the offender and the insensitive who wounds you and never even takes notice of the blow they have inflicted.  Beloved, if they could be different, they would do different.  Take your eyes off of man and keep them stayed upon Me.

The enemy isn’t after you – he is after My glory in you.  If he can mar the vessel, he thinks he can blaspheme the glory.  I will never allow that to happen.  My glory is a pulsating, living thing on the inside of you.  My glory in you contains all that pertains to life and godliness, available to meet every need that you have.  My glory is an inner illumination flowing in you and out of you, to beautify who I AM on the inward parts of your being.  As you cry out to Me, the glory will not delay to answer.  Every promise in Me is yes and amen.  There is no disappointment in Me. Disappointment is not your portion.  As you keep your focus on what I AM doing, you will never be dis-illlusioned, because what I have promised you is not an illusion or a false promise.  Enter into My yes and amen this day.  Exalt in and delight in My yes and amen beloved, and allow healing to come and peace to come into your being even this day.

10 March 2017.   The Father says today, no more half measures.  No more waiting in the wings of someone else’s breakthrough.  No more hoping and wishing and praying without results.  That is not your portion, says the Father.  This is the acceptable time.  This is the day of the LORD for you.  I AM stepping in to take total control over every resource, every relationship, every transaction that affects your life – and “It’s gonna be good!!!”  Yes!  Yes, says the Father – you ARE somewhere in the future and you look much better than you look right now.  That is the resounding word springing up from the past in the lips of him who spoke it and traversing through time and the heavens to light upon you now.  Dispense with all skepticism and unbelief.  This is your time because it is My time.  This is the hour that changes the world.  This is the moment that highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled now intersects My perfect will for your life.

Pray out My will this day.  Do you even know My will?  Is My will at the forefront of your mind?  There is much distraction seeking to fill your life and draw your attention away from Me.  The enemy knows that you are where your attention takes you.  If your mind is stayed on Me then you will experience TODAY what it means to be seated with Me in heavenly places.  No more defeat.  No more downturn.  No more putting money in a bag with holes in it.  The declaration of heaven is going out over your life.  Embrace it.  Receive it as your personal truth – handed down from the heavens and breaking over your life in waves of favor and blessing that change what it means to be who you are and where you are in life.  You MUST settle this.  You MUST determine that nothing shall keep you from the full benefit of the shed blood of the cross poured out in your behalf.

9 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM turning up the amplitude of My voice in your life.  As you still yourself to listen, you will hear My voice walking in the cool of the day.  There is a sound now beginning to resonate in your life.  It is the sound of release and a sound of new freedom and liberty.  The wind of My Spirit is blowing once again.  Prepare yourself for an upper room experience.  As I came to the 120 on the day of Pentecost, so I am coming in the wind of My Spirit to visit you and make Myself known to you in a greater measure.  Hear My sound oh beloved – the sound of the LORD God whirling on the breezes.  I AM tuning you and attuning you in this time and place where you are to hear My voice when I speak.  To know My directives that are being revealed.  This is a pivotal hour, therefore I choose now to reach down and pluck the strings of your heart as an instrument to respond as a vibration to My presence and My glory.

Learn to pay attention to the different, the unusual and the unique signs that are following you in your day.  You will walk into a room and others – even people who do not know you will do a double take because of My presence that will follow you wherever you go.  Even demons will manifest in those that are bound.  All you have to do is give the command “Shut up and come out!”.  The demonstration of My power will be that strong, says the Father.  There are those who try to work up a miracle but that will not be necessary.  You will walk in a naturally supernatural experience.  This is what I AM initiating.  This is what it means to be a carrier of My glory, even the glory that was destined to be in your life from the foundation of the world.  This is the rose of Sharon manifesting in your life.  This is the lily of the valley.  This is the result of My purpose to be enlarged on the inside of you, that My Spirit begins to ooze out of your pores.  Receive it and make it yours this day – even the aroma of My favor and My goodness that is your portion.

8 March 2017.   The Father says today, your life over the next five years is going to be anything but boring.  You are a person not interested in marching in place in your walk with Me.  You have no interest in just treading the waters of religion waiting on death or the rapture to take you.  The Father says, I have put an adventurous spirit on the inside of you because I have assignments ahead that will require courage and a new level of obedience to walk in.  In the next 5 years, you will see 3 very distinct shifts in the status quo in your life.  One of these is relational, the other one is financial and the other one is experiential.  There will also be a call to travel in ministry purpose, giving yourself away to the needs of others.  These assignments will instill on the inside of you a hunger for learning and hunger of experiences that will enlarge the place of your habitation and destiny.

Yes – I have some surprises for you.  Your life is going to be populated with surprises, suddenlies and bombshells from heaven that will awake and alert you to My purposes.  I will indeed cause you to know the fullness of life as I intend it to be lived.  Make up your mind to keep up with My plans.  Lay hold on Me and spend time with Me so you will be able to keep up with what I’m doing.  People will look at your life and at times think you are being flighty and inconsistent, but this is something that I put on the inside of you.  I AM also sending new friends your way.  You will have an eclectic array of friends over the next five years.  You won’t have natural things in common but you will have the kingdom in common.  You will hold on to each other and hold on to Me because everything else will have to take a back seat to the new and unusual things that I AM bringing about in your life.  Get ready, says the Father, for the transition into the new and out of the old wineskin is just ahead – in fact it is right now.  Listen closely and obey completely that your joy may be full and your fruitfulness may abound as I intend.

7 March 2017.   The Father says today, lift up your hands without wrath or doubting.  I see your need and hear the cry of your heart.  There will be a reversal of every physical malady that the enemy has brought against you.  The blood of Jesus shed in your behalf is healing your physical body.  There are angels assigned to your life to break off the word curses and the illegitimate authorities that have sought to bring about the diminishing of your health.  The command of heaven is that the health of your countenance will now spring forth speedily and manifest.  You will from this day forward be as the tree planted by living water.  You will flourish and bring forth fruit, says the Father.  You will draw from the deep refreshing of My Spirit that will give you strength and fruitfulness.  I will cause you to break out upon the right hand and on the left.  My power and anointing is upon you, not only to be strong in yourself, but to extend My strength to others in need.  Rise up and give yourself away to the needy, the hurting and those who are fainting in strength.

There will now be an influx of opportunity to you to minister to others that have given up on life.  It is written upon your heart by My hand that no one is disposable, and everybody counts.  As you deal your bread – the bread of your life out to others, so I will cause the living bread to be your portion every morning.  I will cause your words of comfort to the needy to bring breakthrough to their lives.  Through the ministration of your words of encouragement, the weak will become mighty and take their place at your side as newly found brothers and sisters in Christ.  I will give them favor and they will learn about My favor through your teaching and testimony.   You will demonstrate My goodness in word and deed and you will be a partaker as well, for the husbandman must be a first partaker.  It is a great work that I have called you to.  Stand up in your anointing and move out in My glory.  This is going forth time, says the Father – you will not be disappointed as you obey.

6 March 2017.    The Father says today, I have placed in you the heart of a worshipper.  You are one that is ordained to express intimacy, because intimacy with you is the highest priority I have in our relationship.  Go ahead and worship.  Worship freely and openly.  Worship is how I like to spend time with you.  I made you to have a very keen mind so you could hear Me in worship.  I made you to feel things deeply so I can come near to you in worship.  You have at times wondered why your emotions run so deep, as though something was wrong with you.  There isn’t anything wrong, says the Father.  This is how I made you.  Not everyone will understand but this isn’t a performance.  When you worship, it is between you and I – not something for spectators who have forgotten how to approach My throne.  It is a struggle to move in this dimension of Spirit at times but the LORD says, I put that struggle and that pressure on the inside of you that you might find expression of it and break through the natural barrier into the glory place of My throne on the inside of you.

Your prayer times will now begin to be very dynamic in nature.  You won’t be able to sit quietly, praying with your hands folded and your lips barely moving.  This is the hour that the zeal of the LORD of hosts will consume you with holy fire.  Your posture will change and even the physical response to My presence will become very emphatic and strong in you.  You will raise your hands and you will kneel and others around you will begin to respond to the example of your passion before Me.  You will reach out and touch people, praying with great effectiveness in healing and miracles as the unutterable gushings of your heart release My power upon all those around you.  My river of glory – My river of intensity and passion will now begin to spring up out of your belly and fill the flood plain of your life and many lives with the testimony of My goodness.  Step out into the currents of what I AM doing and what you sense I AM saying in those moments.  The glory will come.  Lives will be changed and My name will be made famous as you yield yourself to Me.

5 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM not mad at you.  I AM not angry and I AM not upset with you.  You are not one moment behind my plan for your life, even though the shaking has been great.  Plan “A” for your life is still on the table.  I AM shaking things up and I AM shaking things out that have been an impediment in your life.  It seems like instability is all around, but that which causes instability in the natural is that which brings to bear My kingdom that cannot be shaken.  Give Me your trust and cooperation, for this is a make or break time for you.  I will not leave you where you are for I would that you serve me without impediment and without distraction.  This is the hour and this is the day you will walk off your map and come into a whole, new landscape of destiny and blessing as you stay in cooperation with Me and refuse to run from the threats of the enemy.

This is what it looks like when My Spirit is poured out in your life.  Did I not say I would pour out my Spirit on all flesh?  Do not get preoccupied about being in the flesh, for in your flesh I will direct you, correct you and guide you into the next thing I have for you to do.  I will even speak to you in your physical body.  The temptation is to remain in a place of distraction to all the pressures, but I want you to stay focused on what I AM doing and saying, ignoring all else.  You are not one that is called to live a mundane or a common life.  You are an adventurer in the things of My Spirit.  Be of good courage and go out to do exploits in My name.  I will take care of the threats and pitfalls that the enemy has attempted to slow you down with.  I AM right here beside you as you boldly step out in obedience to Me.  Refuse to worry and refuse to fret. My love in your life conquers all.  This is your time.  This is your season.  This is the hour that changes the world and transforms your circumstance into a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in.

4 March 2017.   The Father says today, I AM fully acquainting you with My yes and amen.  You are My battle axe and weapon of war.  I will win the battle, says the Father, and as victory comes, you will be on the front lines as a wielded weapon of faith to pull down every rank of the enemy.  You are one of those people in whom I have placed My character.  I have infused you with My Spirit.  You are armed to the teeth with the armor of My Spirit that keeps you safe and makes you strong.  I have anointed you to go forth into the challenge to smote hip and thigh and not take no for an answer from the enemy.  I AM causing you to be that one who will say in their heart in the face of every challenge: “we play until I win.”  I have imparted to you the spirit of excellence and a drive to excel in all you put your hand to.  I AM increasing godly competitiveness on the inside, that you might run well the race, not against man but against every strategy of the enemy until you break the tape and come up victorious.

Be resolute, says the Father.  Be determined.  Never capitulate to those things in your life that contradict My promise.  Never allow the gates of brass and bars of iron of men’s judgments to hem you in or deny you what I have assuredly declared to be yours.  There will be those around you who will misunderstand and get frustrated.  Just love them and keep pressing in.  You are not waiting on the ONE door that would open to you, rather I will open MANY doors and then give you the direction as to which one to take.  I will give you many choices and then sit back and delight to see which one you choose.  That will be the choice I will bless and breathe favor into.  This isn’t what you have been taught, but know this – I AM dealing with you not just as a servant but as a beloved child known of Me and surrounded with My goodness.  I AM acquainting you with My yes and amen beloved, so get ready to know it, to know My yes and to know every promise that I have affirmed to you, that you might taste and fully see all that I have made yours on this side of the cross.

3 March 2017.   The Father says today, do not allow the enemy to intercept you in your pursuit of Me.  The enemy senses that I AM drawing near to you and he fears that outcome.  The enemy realizes that there is a renewed grace in you to resist his encroachments in your life.  As I promised in My word, your resistance to the enemy’s strategies will cause him to flee.  You will see his backside in full flight as I come to your defense and bring you into the ascendency in your situation.  The enemy intends to set a snare before you to abort the visitation of My Spirit that is about to come.  Refrain from reacting.  Do not take that call.  Do not read that message.  Refuse to meet with or connect with those that you know do not represent where I AM taking you and what I AM doing in your life.  Are you listening?  If you will listen to Me and heed My call, the enemy will grope in blindness, being unable to lay hold on you because you will have clean escaped from his snare.

I say to you that you are not a prey to be taken in a snare.  You are a principality and a power.  You are a possessor of heaven and of earth.  You hold the title deed of My promise and in nothing will you be disenfranchised as you choose to listen to Me and heed My voice and not react to the lie of the enemy when it comes.  See who I have made you to be, says the Father.  See that I have made you an inheritor of destiny.  See that increase is your portion.  Now is the strategic time when shift comes.  The plans of the enemy that have been backed up one after another to rob you and destroy your faith are bleeding off into nothingness.  The words that were scribed in heaven over you before time are being released and now faith becomes substance and your promise is being made manifest.  No more manipulation.  No more compromise.  No more disappointment.  Keep moving forward.  Keep walking in obedience.  Your watershed moment has arrived and everything is changing in your favor.

2 March 2017.   The Father says today, that I AM severing all hindering attachments in your life.  There are those that you wanted to take with you, but I say to you that is “Lot” in your life.  I have called you but I haven’t called many that you have been emotionally connected to.  They represent your past and can only hold you bound to the past.  Give them to Me.  Trust Me to bless them in ways that they are looking to you for.  You can’t be who I can be to them. Let them go.  Why wait as Abraham waited till the herdsman strive and relationships are broken in woundedness and misunderstanding?  Give Lot the well-watered plain before the problem comes.  Gather yourself into the high places and know that I will ratify My promise in your life when you separate from those contaminating connections that have not and do not, nor have they ever served My purposes.  When you obey Me, then the promise will be made sure and I will protect you and even make your mistakes to prosper because then your heart will be right before Me.

I have not called you to contend with man, says the Father.  Contention is the distraction and not the true battle.  Just because I come through for you doesn’t mean I wanted you in that battle in the first place.  Learn the lessons of humility and make it your choice to not assume you can out think what I AM going to do next.  I will spare you much heart ache and much unnecessary contention if you will hide yourself in Me and trust Me, even for those things that man seeks to steal and lie and rob out of your life. In that moment of vulnerability just trust the anointing.  Trust My Spirit, for My Spirit is attended by My angel and My angel is a man of war to fight and defend you when all seems lost.  This is the rejoicing and this is the celebration, even in the looming shadow of the enemy’s threats.  You can be glad and happy in the battle because you know in the midst of all that difficulty is a table laden with good things that I will fill you with and refresh you and satisfy you, because you kept your focus upon Me and not what man is doing.

1 March 2017.   The Father says today, you are called after an eternal order and priesthood.  The line of David extends in you through the LORDship of Christ.  The DNA of your king flows through your Spirit.  My nature, My DNA is in you now – supplanting everything in you that does not originate in My throne.  Fear not the man of sin.  The man of sin in you is daily being brought to the cross.  The new creation that I AM in you sits on the throne.  I have called you to throne life in Me.  You are in Me and I AM in you – ruling and reigning.  I AM ruling and reigning in you and I AM ruling and reigning through you.  I will not work around you.  I will not work in spite of you.  I AM working in you and through you as you cooperate with Me and say “YES LORD” to My plans, My purposes and My pursuits to the fullest extent.

Come now, says the Father.  Come now and allow Me to cleanse you and render you from crimson stain to white washed snow.  As a refiner’s fire, I AM rendering you down to your basest constituent component till there is nothing left of you and I then become the ALL in ALL on the inside you.  The mind may object and the heart may tremble – but all that matters is that your heart says “yes”! Yes, to My hand.  Yes, to My heart.  Yes, to all that I have promised and yes, to all that I require.  Even as you have those things that you require, even so, I AM a God of requirement and this day I require your ALL, that I might then be your ALL and in ALL in substance, truth and reality, says your Father.  Are you ready?  Are you willing?  Then I will supply all that is lacking and bring you into the territory of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  This is what Zoe life is all about.  This is what life and life more abundantly is all about.  This is your portion and this is what I am bringing to pass in your life.


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