The Father Says Today – May 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

May 31, 2016.    The Father says, today be fixed in your faith.  Be fixed in your faith and in your mind that highest heart’s desire will be your outcome.  There is outcome and there is process in My Kingdom.  As you cooperate with My process you will come to your outcome.  Expecting to have an outcome without the due process of My Kingdom is not faith it is wishful thinking.  There is a difference between religious vanity and manifesting the substance.  Being double minded will not produce in your life.  Being double minded will only result in going round in circles and never seeing positive change take place.  Begin by making up your mind and your heart where you want to go in life and what you want the outcome to look like.  Refuse to conjure up some anemic idea of what breakthrough looks like.  Believe for the impossible.  Believe for the improbable.  Get firmly fixed in your mind with definite conviction that all things are possible and that possibility is your portion and not denial or shortcoming.

In the pursuit of your dream and your vision, pause long enough to release those you have held expectations on.  Faith will work but it will only work by love.  Open your eyes and see the areas of relationship and expectation that have hindered you and hindered those you haven’t been able to release to My hand.  Forgive says the Father.  Release others from every demand or requirement.  Let go of the past.  There is no going back.  Do not look to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are ahead.  The people in your life who refuse to move on and grow up will never change as long as you hold them up to a standard that they have proven to have no willingness to embrace.  As I did with the rich, young ruler – LOVE THEM and LET THEM GO.  You follow Me.  Follow Me with fixity of purpose.  Follow Me without any backward glance as to what others might think or whether they will follow and support the choices you are making.  Follow Me says the Father and you will never be disappointed or come to nothing.

May 30, 2016.   The Father says today that My blessings are overtaking you.  When you seek the kingdom, beloved – the kingdom is seeking you.  As you hearken to My voice and heed My commandments and follow My directives the blessings that you expect and long for will come on you and overtake you in the way.  This is My anointed process.  This is the level of cooperation that is involved in bringing every good thing and every beneficial resource online in your life.  Are you done with lack, and deficit and detriment in your life?  Things are the way they are because of what you are doing.  If you want something different you must do something different.  My voice is speaking to you every moment of every day.  My sound is going forth into all the earth and into your soul and your spirit.  Hearken to My sound.  Respond to My voice.  Refuse to accept the lie that you cannot hear or have not heard.

You must be willing to get out beyond your understood principles and patterns of behavior that have not served you.  Say of your soul, “I am ready for change – I am willing to change.”  I AM the Changeless One says the Father.  I AM changeless, yes but I require of you to live in a constant state of change, flexibility and yieldedness to My heart and My mind that is directing you.  Command your eyes to see.  Command your ears to hear.  See, and hear what My Spirit is saying.  I will be the voice speaking over your shoulder saying “this is the way – walk ye in it…”  As you do so miracles and signs and wonders will attend your every step.  Others will look on and see My favor at work in your life.  They will look on and wonder and some will look on and resent the fact that I AM blessing and bringing you to breakthrough.  Just love them and speak truth to them when they ask.  This is what the life of being a disciple involves and includes.  Are you a disciple or a mere follower?  The answer to that question makes all the difference in your life.

May 29, 2016.    The Father says today that My love for you is from everlasting to everlasting.  What that means is that there is no shelf life on My love for you oh My beloved.  I never change My mind about you where My love is concerned.  I never replace My love for you with any other affection.  I never turn away or look elsewhere for the intimacy and relationship that only belongs to you and with you.  Be assured this day in the constancy of My love for you today and every day.  A million years from now you will find that My love is undiminished.  I AM the Father and I am the bridegroom.  You are My beloved child and you are a member of the bridal company that I am bringing forth into the earth.  Many ask and inquire as to My purposes.  I AM the Lover of your soul and it is My purpose that in this lifetime you will fully know what that means.

I AM readying a bride.  I AM bringing forth a bride from the bride chamber.  I have the table set and the guests are invited.  The Friend of the Bridegroom has set the trumpet to his lips.  The nuptial announcement is about to be heralded across the earth and resound throughout the cosmos.  The Bride of Christ is announced!  The celebration is commenced.  The nations of the earth bow low and defer to that one joyous moment of union and communion of the bride and her Bridegroom.  Despair not says the Father.  Neither allow your heart to cast about for who, what, where or when.  This is your now promise.  This is the hour that changes the world and rivets the attention of every creature to this one consummation that is at hand says the Father.

May 28, 2016.   The Father says today that I AM not unaware of what you are going through.  I have a plan that I am pursuing to bring you up and over every obstacle in your life.  Know that I AM working and pursuing a relentless agenda of benefit and blessing specifically for you.  Of all the benefits and blessings of Calvary – those things that were bought and paid for by the blood that was shed – not one of them is unavailable to you.  Exercise your confidence in the work of the cross today.  Reject the religious mentality that sets the beneficence of My heart far from you.  Can you take yes for an answer?  Are you prepared to walk in the fullness of My yes and amen this day?  Come up higher says the Father.  Come out of the “less than” mentality and step into the “more-than-you-can-ask-or-think” favor that is afforded to you as My beloved child.

It isn’t necessary to cast about in your mind or spirit for some secret talisman of faith.  There is no mystical understanding that you must glean that will open gates of breakthrough.  The doors of supply stand open.  Your access to all of heaven’s bounty is approved.  Every disqualifying failure or misdirected decision has been annulled.  Come out of the place of condemnation.  See yourself as the entitled one of heaven.  Yield to My hand as I mold and shape and fashion you into My image and My likeness.  It is My purpose to erase every scar, every sin, every shortcoming and render you clean and transformed by My redeeming grace.  These are the parameters of My favor.  No more disappointment.  No more wishful thinking.  This is your time to step into a place of maturity in Me and grow up into the full measure of the stature of Christ.  This is where your entitlement is found and where those heart’s longings that you have laid on the altar are spontaneously fulfilled.

May 27, 2016.    The Father says today I AM not willing to do the things in the earth that I am going to do without you.  I AM not willing for you to proceed without fullness of joy and fullness of life.  I AM leading you and guiding you and seeking to impress upon you your place in the great scheme of things in My kingdom.  Everything you do and every choice you make has a bearing on the ultimacy of My purposes in the earth.  You are an intrinsic part of what I AM doing says the Father.  You are not some optional human component that I have no use for.  This being the case – know that you are working for Me.  You may be dealing with a customer or an employer but I AM the overarching authority in your life and it is My favor that determines your reward and recompense and not man.  Look to Me with expectancy says the Father.  Remember in every circumstance that you can look for Me for all good things.

I will see to it that supply of whatever your need may be will be available and accessible at just the right time.  What is it that you want from Me says the Father?  If it passes the filter of the shed blood of Calvary, then My default answer is yes.  The details will come later. Trust Me.  Understand that I AM open to you and not withholding in any way.  Realize that the deepest cry of your heart is an ache I planted there to be met by that circumstance, situation and destiny uniquely created for you richly to enjoy.  I AM blessing you and I AM making you a blessing.  Be willing to BE a blessing as well as to receive a blessing.  This is what you are most suited for.  I have placed you where you can do the most good in life and in turn assure you of My highest and My best for your personal fulfillment and enjoyment.  That is who I AM and that is My promise to you this day.

May 26, 2016.   The Father says today, I AM your Comforter.  I AM comforting you with the comfort that represents My character and My love for you.  Sorrow and sighing flee away at the comfort that I release and impart to you this day.  Be not dismayed or in sorrow for is there no depth of heartbreak that I AM not the balm – the balm of Gilead in time of need?  Trust Me says the Father.  Things are not hopeless though things look out of order in a major way in your life.  Others look at your suffering and shake their head and cannot image how such devastation can be endured.  They have no idea – no concept of the fluid love of My full affection that is yours in the midst of the dark time.  When you are in need and when you can no longer restrain your grief – just let it go and turn to My embrace.

You don’t have to run to Me in such times says the Father because I have already hastened to you.  When you are hurting I AM not going to show up with a Sunday School lesson.  I AM going to show up with the tenderness and gentleness that is My identity when you need Me to be that for you.  What do you need for Me to be in your life today?  What is the shape of the void that is throbbing and aching in your heart to be filled?  I AM your friend, your Father, your Lover, your Brother, I AM all those things and I don’t need anyone’s help or permission to display that radical favor in your life.  So accept this and release yourself to the saturation of My passion and love and carefulness for you this day for I AM capturing and captivating you to such a degree that you won’t even remember the grief or sorrow or disappointment of the day.

May 25, 2016.   The Father says today ask, seek, knock – you will not be disappointed.  The summation of all interaction between heaven and earth is contained in that simple understanding.  When you ask Me I will answer.  When you seek Me I will be found.  When you knock I will open to you and bring you deeper into a more complete relationship with Me.  This is who I AM and what I do.  I AM not excluding you.  Say of your soul “I am not excluded…”  Declare in your circumstance” I have asked – and HE WILL ANSWER…”  In so doing you are prophesying your own outcome.  When you stake your expectations on the reliability of My promise and the affirmation of My character you will never come up empty.  I AM the Great Superintendent of all things and there is no negligence in Me.  I AM not an absentee father.  I AM not a dead-beat dad.  You are not a latch-key kid left to your own deserts.  I AM here.  I AM with you.  Roll your cares upon Me for I AM taking care of every need in your life.

Close your eyes for just one moment and realize that you are not limited.  My very nature is limitlessness and I live in you.  It is not possible for My Spirit to reside in you and not impart and affect you in such a way that you take on My characteristics and nature.  You will see Me and be like Me for you shall see Me as I AM. I AM limitless.  I AM without limitation.  Nothing is impossible with Me for I invented – in fact created possibility.  That is My nature and because I live in you that is your nature.  Being like Me is more than developing the moral equivalent of My altruistic personality.  Being like Me is doing what I would do were I facing your challenges.  When I saw the darkness I spoke.  When I saw the chaos I created.  When I saw the opposite of what I purposed then I spoke the thing desired and all the cosmos bent to My will.  Because you are in Me and I AM in you – this is likewise your portion.  Because you have yielded to My Lordship and given yourself over to My purposes – you are forever changed and your circumstance will without fail adjust to that new, blessed reality.

May 24, 2016.   The Father says today I AM inviting you to a tangible and experiential walk with Me.  Every time I speak to you, beloved I AM extending an overture to experience Me in a tangible, visceral way.  This is not about heaviness or sorrow but rather rejoicing and delight.  I have joy – everlasting joy and gladness on tap for you every time I speak to you.  I delight in you – why would I not want you to delight in Me.  No need for religious pretense, somber tones or lofty language. Just delight yourself in Me.  Thrill at the touch of My hand.  Expect absolute glee and wonder and happiness to be the outcome of every experience with Me – with every word I speak to you.

Exercise yourself every day and every moment of every day to delight and be delighted with who I AM and what I AM doing in your life.  This is a day to delight yourself in Me and take pleasure in just experiencing today what I AM doing around you.  I rejoice in you today says the Father – how about reciprocating in that delight in even the smallest things.  This is a whole new space I AM opening up to you.  No funeral dirges or false hallowed demeanor.  Just sheer, unmitigated pleasure and delightsomeness of being one of My own.  Being saved.  Being full. Isn’t it amazing?  You belong to Me and I belong to you.  The enemy HATES this.  He hates when you delight in Me because when you do the next thing that happens is I show up – because everything comes to that one who takes their delight in Me.

May 23, 2016.   The Father says today there is no lack in heaven.  There is no lack in heaven and no lack in Me.  Because I am IN YOU there is supply IN YOU for every need and every deficit.  You may find yourself commiserating in the economies of man but it is the economy of heaven that determines your funding and the meeting of every need.  I will meet your need according to My riches in glory.  This is not some far off repository.  The glory that you bank into and pray into is the glory that is on the inside of you right now.  Your hope and your miracle is on the inside of you.  That is where My throne is and where My Kingdom is.  You need look no further than where I am seated on the throne of your heart.  The death of the cross was the price that I paid to be seated and enthroned in your heart.  From there I act and move and answer every cry of your heart.

Look no further says the Father for I AM in you.  The fullness of My kingdom and the answer to every prayer is WITHIN you.  Every prayer that you could conceivably pray in your lifetime resides in embryonic form in the womb of your human spirit where My Spirit broods, hovers and conceives.  All things are possible.  Nothing is impossible.  All things are yours for all things are Mine and I have taken that which is Mine and given it to you.  That is My unequivocal promise.  No caveats, no exclusionary fine print – just come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will ease your burden and grant your request.  Come boldly.  Come expectantly.  Yield fully. Hear what My Spirit is saying to you and act accordingly and you will in nothing be ashamed.

May 22, 2016.   The Father says today be a person of My word.  My word will set the narrative of your life as you give yourself over to it.  All around you there are streams of information and narratives seeking to guide you and control the decisions you make.  I honor My word above My name.  Your mind and your thoughts are Holy Ground.  Do not defile your mind or your heart with that which does not originate from My throne.  The narrative you yield to will take you to it’s temple and compel you to worship there.  Reject the narrative of the world.  Reject the narrative of man that only seeks to merchandise you and bring you into bondage to that which does not produce life.  My word in your heart is an armament against every encroachment of the enemy.  It is time to lock and load.  It is time to take the safeties off of My word in your heart and deploy the power of My anointed word against the enemy who seeks to defile you.

So guard your heart and guard your mind and you will see the tree of life on the inside of you begin to green up and produce fruit that you have long waited for.  You cannot sink roots into bitter water and sweet and expect goodness to come forth and adorn your circumstance.  My glory will be manifest and will be seen in your life in a greater measure as you discipline yourself regarding what you will and will not allow to take up residence in your mind and heart and affections.  So come up higher says the Father.  Come up higher out of the complacency of being a sheep led to slaughter and take the reins of your life by My authority and the power of My word.  You will see your borders increase and you will see the seeds you sow begin to bring forth after long waiting and long patience.  I AM with you says the Father and in the upholding of My truth and the sanctity of My Spirit and My word in your life you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

May 21, 2016.    The Father says today believe the best and what is best will find you and manifest in your life.  The great struggle of life is what are you going to believe?  Are you going to believe what the circumstance says?  Honestly what a waste of time.  The things that are seen are temporal and changeable says the Father – look rather upon the eternal.  That which is eternal controls and dominates that which is natural and temporal.  You are where your attention takes you.  Why would you prostitute your attention to what man wants you to look at, think about and accept as fact?  That is not your portion says the Father.  Whatever is pure, perfect, lovely and of good report – that is what I want you to think about.  Why?  Because I want you to pretend problems don’t exist?  Of course not says the Father.  I want you to focus on that which is wholesome and positive because that is the familiarity of the benefit and blessing I AM now bringing into your life.

I don’t want My goodness to catch you by surprise!  I want you to center on the good news because your focus – the meditation of your heart determines what is about to manifest in your life.  Regardless of how you look at it says the Father – what is in your heart in abundance determines the character, quality and nature of what is about to happen in your life.  Did I not say that as you think in your heart so shall you be in your life?  You now have My permission beloved, to actually GET that and INSTALL that understanding in your heart.  This is how My process transforms your life, your relationships, your supply and every other thing.  As you allow Me to get your mind cleansed and empowered, so your life will become a little bit of heaven to go to heaven in!  Are you ready?  Alright then – let us begin!

May 20, 2016.   The Father says today that your prayers are never ignored.  They are categorized, digitized and stored in the archives of heaven awaiting the answer that is promised.  Your prayers are accorded the same value as the blood of the Cross that was shed to assure that they are heard.  There are no editors in heaven deciding whether or not you will get a hearing.  Every word, every breath, every thought that comes to your mind and heart as acknowledged and responded to as if they were Jesus’ own thoughts and words.  You are not ignored says the Father.  You are not overlooked.  You are not unimportant.  Though all the world would need not a savior I would have sent heaven’s best just to reach down to you and draw you out of many waters of adversity and establish you in a place of blessing.

No more listening to the lies of the enemy.  No more falling into the despondency of one who feels neglected or set at naught.  I have set you as the pupil of My eye.  I have regarded your need in a time appointed and I have responded. In all the affairs of men multiplied by every life lived out on the earth – you still have My complete and My undivided attention.  Know that you are loved. Know that you are cared for.  Know that I will give grace and strength to help and deliver you in the time appointed.  I AM never late.  I AM never short of resources.  I AM poised to bless and benefit and make Myself known to you in your situation.  Expect My goodness to be seen.  Anticipate My lovingkindness to be your portion.  Align yourself with My heart and My mind and you will in nothing be disappointed says the Father.

May 19, 2016.    The Father says today be a creator of the environment that others around you live in.  I said to My disciples to take their peace and leave their peace in the places where they traveled and where they ministered.  One person walking with Me is a master and commander of whatever environment they find themselves in day by day.  There is ministry portion in your life says the Father.  I have given you jurisdiction.  Say of your soul “greater is the pressure of God on the inside of me flowing out than the pressure of the enemy outside of me trying to get in…”  To do otherwise says the Father is to become infected with the spirit of the world.  You are always under some spiritual influence.  Let the influence you respond to and the influence you exude be the influence of My grace.  My power.  My positivity.  My helpfulness.  My love.  Let My love be the spiritual soup that others ladle into their life when they get around you.  Be a spiritual soup kitchen in the lives of those who are starving and emaciated for just one ray of hope in their lives.  This is who you are are.  This is what I have called you to.

You are a master and a commander says the Father.  You are a principality and a power.  That isn’t what you have been told and that isn’t the thinking of those with a religious mentality.  The enemy wants men to think his power originates in some authority I have accorded him.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  He is a thief!  He is a shop lifter!  The first thing Satan absconded with was the authority that was given to Adam and to Eve in the garden.  What was LOST in the fall is RESTORED IN CHRIST.  By the efficacy of the blood of Christ and the authority of My word in the earth I declare to you that you are a DEMON MASTER and a lord of your own harvest!  Refuse to concede the ground of your life to those who barge in with consternation, panic, concern and worry.  Stand up on the inside of yourself and become the person that I have ordained.  You are so much more capable and powerful and wonderful than the enemy wants you to see.  You are My beloved.  You are the object of My favor.  I AM a winner therefore you are a winner.  You are not a loser because I AM not a loser and I AM on the inside of you.  The victory and power and authority you have seen others walk in is only the faintest hint of what I AM demonstrating and according you to stand up in and walk out in the earth even this day says the Father.

May 18, 2016.   The Father says today that the meditations of your heart are the predictors of what happens next.  Refuse to be negative.  Negativity about yourself or others authorizes affliction in your life.  There is no place for pessimism in the kingdom.  There is no place for sarcasm in the kingdom.  The allowances you make for yourself of the negative will hand the keys of your life to the enemy.  Refuse to give the energy of your situation into the habitual skepticism and disagreeable tendencies that cause all your faith to flow out of your feet and leave you inert and grounded in the stuck place.  I AM the God of the upbeat.  I AM an upbeat God.  I AM a God of agreement.  I created agreement and instilled it into your character so you could rise above the circumstance and step into the manifestation of My promises.  What you give your attention to is what defines you and holds you captive.  Be defined by who I AM and what I am doing by putting your attention upon Me.

It’s time to get radical says the Father.  The blind have led the blind for so long that anyone who gets out of the ditch is considered extreme.  Are you prepared for the extremes that I have purposed to go in your life?  There is nothing tepid or lukewarm in My nature and therefore there is no place for timidity or milk-toast expectations in your life.  I AM taking you beyond yourself.  I have fashioned you to be a risk taker and a water-walker.  All else is the conditioning of natural circumstances designed by the enemy to deny you the high place.  Come unto Me says the Father.  Expect radical favor.  Expect extreme results in terms of answered prayer.  The long-standing challenges that have become a feature of the landscape of your life are about to be plowed under by who I AM and what I have purposed to do in your behalf.  Voice your faith.  Unleash your hope.  Expect largely and lavishly for that is the template I AM working from to establish in you a testimony that reflects the price I paid on Calvary in your behalf.

May 17, 2016.   The Father says today I AM delivering you from the “oughts” and “naughts” of religious legalism.  Change in your life – real change is only produced in you as you come near to My glory.  The blood of the cross is not some antidote for changing your actions – it is the touchstone, instead, of changing who you are.  Refuse this day to be distracted by your poor performance, moral failures, or spiritual inequities.  Focus on My presence.  Enter into My presence.  Rise above yourself. I  have afforded you access to My nature because as you worship something higher than yourself you will be forever changed.  This is the image – My image I have encoded into the new birth.  Until you change how you think about who you are – you will never change what you do.

So adopt this day the mentality of one who is My beloved.  That may not be who you see in the mirror and it definitely won’t be how men look at you – but you be a Father pleaser and put on the mind that Calvary’s sacrifice has afforded you.  Let who I AM change who you are.  Let My presence so resonate on the inside of you that you come up and out of the vagaries of corrupt human nature and into the rarified atmosphere of My Spirit where My character and nature is realized within you.  You have heard this before and now again I pass this way to bring you out of the trough of despair and into the upward path.  I have an end in mind says the Father.  Focus on Me and you will become like Me.  Trust Me.  Walk with Me.  Expose yourself to Me.  You will come away clean and transformed by the power of My Spirit on the inside of you.

May 16, 2016.    The Father says today this is a moment of forgetting.  I AM a God of restoration.  I have set My attention upon you and your circumstance.  Purpose in your heart that you must allow Me to lead you through a time of reinvention.  I have created and I am creating on the inside of you.  Your life is not marred by the past it is beautified by My design.  You are not the product of biological happenstance.  I created you inside Myself and at the time appointed in the eternities I breathed My timeless substance into your unformed materiality and your soul leaped into being.  Every nuance of your character, every gradation of your personality has its design, form and plan on the drawing board of the eternities where I fashioned the masterpiece that you are.  Do not allow time or your personal history to define you.  Do not allow your mistakes, sins, errors or the opinions of others to tell you who you are or what you can do.

You haven’t arrived yet says the Father.  You are still a work in progress.  Make it your determination not to judge the outcome before the unveiling of that which My hand has crafted within you from the palette of My favor.  Every pigment of My love, every hue of My favor, every shade of My goodness is being displayed in the subtlest tones and most flagrant colors on the tapestry of your life that I AM creating and emblazoning across the span of your days.  Rejoice in the process!  Enter into the dance of cosmic creativity even as the canvas offers itself to the artist.  Forget those things that are behind and just offer yourself up willingly, in total trust to the beautification process that I AM bringing forth in your life.  You are coming forth like fine gold.  You are manifesting My glory as you offer yourself up and obey, cooperate and yield to all that I am doing this day in your person and in your life says the Father.

May 15, 2016.   The Father says today that days of difficulty will come – fret not.  When days of difficulty come that is when My love and My favor will be with you and around you in a radical way.  When difficulty comes it is simply the occasion of developing that tenacious faith and trust in Me that causes your highest heart’s desire to be made manifest and come into reality.  The degree of difficulty you are facing is a metric for the level of comfort I AM bringing forth in your life.  I AM with you says the Father.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  The days of difficulty may be the enemy’s plan to harm you but the enemy’s plan is co-opted by My love and My sovereignty to strengthen your spiritual sinews and cause you to face the challenge with abandon and joy knowing all things are possible.

All things are possible says the Father.  The only thing that isn’t possible is that all things would not be possible as a scenario in your life.  Let Me turn your difficult days into something quite jubilant as you realize that the threat of the enemy is simply the comedy being played out before you that he actually thinks he might harm you in any way.  The suggestion that the enemy will actually plow you under is the biggest laugh the angels protecting you enjoy.  So see things from My perspective says the Father.  Realize just how lovely you really are in My eyes.  Begin to live out that identity for that is who you truly are.  Your actions to shame yourself or define yourself by My Spirit are determined by what you pay attention to when you are under pressure.  So look to Me. Look to My heart.  Know My faithfulness.  Align with My purpose.  Obey. Submit.  Yield and know that I AM bringing about your deliverance.

May 14, 2016.   The Father says today that loving others does not mean you allow them to spend you like a commodity.  Loving others from a kingdom perspective is loving them on My terms and not man’s.  When others prevail upon you and manipulate you for their own ends – listen to My voice.  I will never fail to instruct you and warn you and keep from being abused by someone else’s selfish agenda.  Learn to listen to My voice.  The Syro-Phonecian woman came with her sick child and demanded that I do something.  She asked for children’s bread without any sense of accountability.  There is accountability in My kingdom says the Father.  Listen to My voice and when I say no – then you be a Father pleaser and a kingdom seeker even if others do not understand.

Remember says the Father that My base nature is that of Lordship.  Illegitimate authority, blame, guilt and manipulation are not influences I will ever require you to submit to.  You are going to have to be willing to be misunderstood, accused and vilified by those who live in a victim mentality as a fortress constructed around their own self-interest.  Learn to say no without feeling guilty.  Learn to do what I direct and instruct you to do even if it garners the chagrin of those who had you in their crosshairs to abuse and misuse your kindness.  Loving with My love has nothing to do with dancing to the tune that others call or being a resource to mitigate their own refusal to choose the yoke easy burden light I have afforded them.  This is what mature, God kind of love looks like and this is what I AM fostering in you this day.

May 13, 2016.   The Father says today go out in your day and overwhelm the enemy with your joy. My Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy.  Your peace and your joy will cause the enemy to be bread for you.  I will take that which the enemy has sowed in your life and grind it to powder and make him drink the dregs of his own assault against you.  This is what your joy does.  Your joy deflates every ambition the enemy has against you.  Your peace wearies the enemy and causes his hands to hang down and his heart to sink.  Your sense of entitlement in My Kingdom absolutely terrorizes the enemy.  Your joy, your peace and your entitlement keeps him awake at night.  Your audacity robs the enemy of his initiative till he simply capitulates and throws in the towel.  Go forth today and weary the enemy with your patience and your joy.

Take on the status quo and do not relent until stagnation turns into transition.  Until your baggage becomes luggage and you find yourself ascending into the fullness of My promise.  Be a person of a different spirit.  Put the enemy on his belly. Make the enemy assume the position.  Make the enemy adopt the lower position because you are seated in heavenly places in Christ. T ake your words of faith and expectation and manacle the enemy’s hands and shackle his feet.  Make the curse that the enemy has cursed you with define his personal outcome.  Your authority in Me will force the enemy to assume a prone position before Me.  This is your portion.  You are so dangerous.  You are so dangerous to the domain of darkness that they cross to the other side just to avoid you.  Avoidance is the enemy’s highest priority when he sees you coming.  This is who you are.  This is what My favor in your life looks like says the Father.

May 12, 2016.   The Father says today that your role in life is to make heaven come to earth.  Your calling and election is to make known My goodness and to make sure that no one in your sphere of influence escapes My goodness.  Your commissioning is to lavish your love upon all that come your way until there is in their mind no mistaking the radical love of God in spite of all their choices and lifestyle contrary to My character.  The greatest need in the earth is for repentance to come.  Repentance must come says the Father – the kind of repentance that is provoked by My goodness.  It is My goodness and not My severity that leads men to repent.  So stop with all the denunciations and pronunciations of doom and gloom and dismay.  Dismay never changed anyone.  Doom never transformed a life.  Gloom never put My kingdom in someone’s heart because My Kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy.

So the Father says today stop allowing the enemy to set the agenda for your responses to those who are obnoxious, unloving and unbelieving.  There is no defense against love.  Why would you posture yourself before ANYONE who doesn’t know Me in any way but love?  Love is the undeniable, impregnable, absolutely undefeated force in the earth.  It is who I am and not just what I do.  Go out in your day and BE love in an unconditional way.  Go out and love with the love that I loved when I went to the cross.  This is the love that brings resurrection from the grave and life from death.  This is the love that deposits you in the heavens – seated in My person upon the throne as a principality and power in the earth.  This beloved is the love I give to you and the love I desire to give through you to a lost world that is caving in to My Kingdom even as I speak.

May 11, 2016.   The Father says today that learning to overcome is the most basic lesson in the kingdom.  The first thing you must learn to overcome is yourself.  When you learn to overcome yourself the enemy doesn’t even show up for the fight.  You do understand that I have abundance and the enemy has a plan based on limited resources?  This is why the enemy’s biggest tactic is to intimidate you and keep you from showing up for the fight.  This is the good fight of faith.  The only good thing about any fight is the fight you win.  There is nothing good about losing.  That is why there is no “losing” in the kingdom.  You are not a loser therefore you are not destined to lose.  When the enemy sees you he will give up the fight because he knows he doesn’t have enough fear, intimidation or terror to match the confidence you have in Me.

So just show up says the Father.  Show up and be ready not to fight each other but to mop up what I finished in the resurrection.  Your weaponry and your armament come from the resurrection side of things says the Father not the human side of things.  You are human – yes but you are not merely human.  You are imbued with power from on high that originates in My throne.  That is why fighting each other is such a waste of time.  Neither have I called you to fight the world.  I died for the world.  I gave My life for the world.  Heaven’s best was laid out as a slain lamb for the world so realize you are not called to resist the world.  The resistance you are laying down is upon the losing team – the domain of darkness that doesn’t have the wisdom to quit the field in the aftermath of Calvary.  So go forth says the Father.  Do not be intimidated or dismayed.  I AM standing with you as the Lord of Sabbaoth.  I AM the God of Hosts and as you stand with Me so I stand with you and will cause you to overcome in all things.

May 10, 2016.    The Father says today look up. Look up out of the midst of the human circumstance and know that I AM surrounding you with My love and My favor.  Every breath that you breathe is an intentional gift from Me.  I have not deposited you on the earth and then allowed you to wander off without supervision.  I AM not merely checking in on you now and then just to see how you are doing.  I AM with you every moment of every day.  I have the number of hairs on your head accurately counted at any given time.  My thoughts toward you are more than the sands of the sea or the stars of the heavens.  I have set you as the apple – the pupil of My eye.  The things that touch you and affect you affect Me for I AM ever mindful of every moment and every hour of your sojourn upon the earth.

Resist therefore the self-pity that engenders unbelief and sorrow that has no basis in truth.  You are not alone.  I AM ever with you.  All of your days are written in My book.  There is a plan and a purpose that I am working out and making available as you exercise yourself to yieldedness, obedience and humility in all things.  Circumstances are changing.  Everything in your life is subject to change.  Let your mouth pray.  Come to Me in petition for I have afforded you a place at My altar and the angels are waiting to mingle your prayers with the coals that burn as sweet smelling incense before Me.  I will hear and will respond.  Seek Me with a willing heart.  Listen to My voice and adjust, change and alter the trajectory of your thinking and your planning.  Know that relief and deliverance are at hand and will be seen in your land.

May 9, 2016.   The Father says today multiplication is your portion.  I multiply and divide in the earth and I say to you that this is multiplication season in your life.  When the multitude hungered I took a little boy’s lunch and fed thousands.  I blessed the bread and broke it and distributed.  Are you willing to be broken bread?  You have asked for My blessing but be prepared says the Father for what I bless I break.

You have asked for the transfer, the distribution of the wealth and it is a resource available to you.  Know this, that this blessing comes to those who choose and are willing to be broken bread.  Prepare yourself therefore says the Father.  What you have asked for is not coming soon it is upon you now.  Embrace the challenge.  Accept the pressure.  Be willing to move forward in apostolic violence for My kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it and seize it by force.

May 8, 2016.   The Father says today you are more than a conqueror.  The warfare around you isn’t going to go away.  It isn’t going to go away because I never walk away from a fight.  What you have identified as a battleground isn’t really a battleground at all – it’s a proving ground. The struggle you are in the midst of is the ground that I have chosen to prove to you just how powerful I AM and how passionate I am about putting you over in every circumstance and situation you come up against.  You have to get this says the Father because there are those in religious culture who have wrapped their identity up in fighting a battle that I already won 2000 years ago.  What they think is conquest and victory is just picking over the bones of an enemy I vanquished on the cross and triumphed over in the resurrection millennia ago.  Enough sabre rattling says the Father, let’s get down to some real progress in your life and in the earth of seeing the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of your God and His Christ.

My starting place is your own personal life.  I will not use you to pull down a stronghold when you are having trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.  So know this – I AM putting your foot in the neck of your enemy as Joshua did with the elders of Israel in the promised land years ago.  I want you to see the fear in the enemy’s eyes.  Do you know what the enemy fears?  You do know that he does fear don’t you?  Where do you think that Satan got the idea of fear?  It originated in his own heart when I declared to him in Eden that the heel of the woman would crush his head.  He hasn’t been able to sleep since!  Do you know what the enemy is afraid of?  He is afraid that you are going to show up for the fight.  He is very successful in keeping My people from the fight by intimidation, misdirection and confusion but you are neither intimidated, misdirected or confused.  Are you?  Of course you are not.  I would that you understand that the whole of your success in this cosmic struggle of good and evil, between the kingdom of light and the domain of darkness is just showing up.  Just show up says the Father and look to Me.  You will be astounded and blessed by what happens next.

May 7, 2016.   The Father says today I AM the teacher but I don’t always choose to teach you.  There are times that I don’t want to be bothered with that, I just want you to enjoy time in My presence.  Would you be willing to just take it on faith and simply take life as it comes – basking in My presence?  Come on now – My activity in your life is not always about reconditioning and restating the academics of kingdom protocols.  Sometimes beloved I just want you to spend time in My presence.  There will be months and even years of your life that I will give you the bread of heaven and you will go on the strength of that meat for many days without any new revelation.  Be wise in this matter says the Father and do not be like those who think they are members of the deeper life club who don’t draw breath without trying to hear some new thing.

Do you understand says the Father that deep wisdom comes not from academic understanding of My word and My ways but simply by being – with – Me!  Can we just hang out today?  Do I have to pull a rabbit out of My hat and give you revelation or a bucket of goosebumps to get your attention or can we just chill and spend time together enjoying the wonder of My presence and the defeat of all your enemies?  Let your time with Me says the Father be spent in ease of worship and rejoicing in the simplicity of who I AM manifesting Myself to be in your life from the inside out.  This is where the rivers of living water flow.  This is where the deep wells of My Spirit on the inside of you are found.  Come now let us take our leave of all the cogitations of religious culture that always seeks to wear you out.  Just relax and be fresh and stay fresh in Me.  How does that sound says the Father?  Are you willing just to walk with Me and enjoy Me and allow Me to enjoy you as we walk in the way?  This is your portion and as you learn to relax and rest you will be amazed at what an upgrade will get installed in your life as a result.

May 6, 2016.   The Father says today I have shown you My heart now let Me show you My mind.  I have revealed to you My passion, now let Me reveal to you in the quiet place just HOW I AM going to cause My heart to be the single greatest influence shaping your life and crafting your tomorrows.  Is there anything beyond the cross that I can actuate in your knowledge that will more eloquently convince you of My love?  Is there any greater length that I can go to in assurance of My love beyond the price that was paid on Calvary?  Alright then – that’s settled.  No longer will it be necessary for Me to pour out some vestigial emotional experience upon you before I get your attention.  Now you are at a point of maturity to sit at My feet and learn just how I think, and feel, and purpose to bring you to your full destiny.

This is come up higher time says the Father.  Recess is fun but the class room of My Spirit is where things get done that make the earth My footstool and your playground.  My thoughts are not your thoughts this is true but they are becoming your thoughts.  I want you to realize that there is the mind of the natural and the mind of the Spirit – My Spirit within you.  Your natural mind can never keep up with Me.  It is possible however with the mind of the Spirit on the inside of you to cogitate at the pace that I think at.  There is a frequency to all thought says the Father and with every one of My thoughts there is infinite power and infinite organizing capabilities.  If you will yield to to the process I will train you to think and decide and act at a pace that the enemy cannot keep up with.  I will show you how to break the tape and succeed even before the enemy gets up to the starting blocks.  You are capable in ME of so much more than you realize.  So get up and shake yourself from the lethargy of one who refuses to learn.  Put on My mind and be guided by My heart for this is what yoke easy and burden light is all about.

May 5, 2016.   The Father says today I AM stripping away the false illusions of past misconceptions in your mind and in your life.  Many of your dreams and visions were birthed in your heart at a time when this level of intimacy I AM bringing you to was foreign to you.  I have opened the deeps of My heart to you and now it is time to bring those aspirations and expectations of your spiritual youth out into the clear light of My clarity.  You honestly don’t think I AM that small in scope as to limit you by what you once dared to believe Me for?  I AM capable of so much more. I am willing to do so much more in your life than you have imagined in times past.  This is a point of maturity for you says the Father.  This is a moment when I invite you – I personally invite you to step over into a whole new experience of walking with Me.

I want to give you heart burn says the Father.  Not the kind you take medication for but the kind that the two on the road to Emmaus experienced as I walked with them in the way.  I want to teach you.  I want to draw out the line of your personal history and show you how in seasons past you thought I wasn’t present but in fact I was present.  I want to show you that those experiences that were so confusing to you from your past were not actually chaotic but in reality it was My hand moving at a depth and according to a scope you weren’t capable of measuring.  What I AM really saying to you says the Father is that you have known My acts and seen My hand but now I want to show you My ways and beyond that I want to teach you My ways.  I want to teach you My ways so that you can teach others and lead others out of the malaise of obscurity and insecurity that you have yourself experienced.  So get ready says the Father – for newness of life has found you this day and newness of joy beyond all your prior experiences.

May 4, 2016.   The Father says today do you need a favor?  I AM here in your life today to do you a favor.  I have favors lined up for you all the way to the vanishing point of history!  Do you need a favor?   Ask that your joy may be full.  Ask and I will astonish you with what happens next.  You do understand that with My favor comes a favor?  In fact – let Me do you a favor right now and let you know that I have favors daily backed up for you from here to eternity.  My intentionality is expressed in My favor and My favor is something connected with My ways and My acts and what I AM currently saying and doing in your life right now.  Do you need a favor?  I’m waiting … go ahead – ask.  Ask!  You are going to have to ask Me says the Father.  You have hesitated to ask because you fear that you are asking and desiring something I don’t want you to have.  How can I EVER correct you if you don’t come OUT WITH IT?  Ask Me.  Ask broadly.  Ask presumptuously.

I want you to ask so widely that you run right over all the religious ideas and preconditions of performance based mentality.  I want you to dare to believe that I AM who I say I AM in the scriptures.  I AM dreaming about giving you houses you didn’t build.  I AM dreaming of you drinking of vineyards you didn’t plant.  I AM dreaming of you harvesting bounty that you never planted and never watered.  I so enjoy blessing you that I AM breaking all the rules men have set for Me as a boundary because they can’t stand the idea of just how willing I am to bless you.  I AM a giver says the Father.  I AM far more a giver than the small minded, self-indulgent religious pygmies who want to talk you out of what the cross abundantly talks you into.  I AM bringing more favor into your life so you know that you have special consideration as a matter of policy from My throne.  I AM indulging Myself says the Father in blessing you so you will become confident HIGHLY confident in who I AM and what I AM doing in your life!

May 3, 2016.   The Father says today I AM not obsessed by sin.  I AM not thinking about your sin, I AM thinking about the price that was paid so that your relationship with Me would be about WHO I AM and not what you did.  I AM not dealing with you in terms of your past. I AM dealing with you and interacting with you and walking with you on the basis of who you WILL be as you manifest the fidelity toward Me that My grace makes possible.  I AM blessing you based on who you are BECOMING IN ME because of the cross.  That isn’t what you’ve been taught but know this – I AM not bound by wrong ideas men have about Me and I don’t want you to be bound either.  You have My permission to radically believe in My unconditional love.  My promises are linked to who you are becoming – based on My promise.  I AM not hindered and My promises are not hindered by who you WERE yesterday or even 5 minutes ago.  I AM the God of time and eternity and I AM stepping into your now to ameliorate the damage of your past and launch you into the reality of your potential in Me.

This is My goodness.  This is My favor.  My favor toward you is extreme beyond any human metric.  When you think about My favor think about who I AM and just how big I AM.  I created the universe that is so vast it cannot be measured just to give you a suggestion of the containment I have created for the favor that I AM showing you.  Trust Me says the Father.  My thoughts toward you are more than the stars of the heavens or the sand of the sea and every one of those thoughts flow out of unimaginable favor.  When you are cast down – be of good courage I AM standing up.  I AM standing in the gap between your present and your future making sure that it is My grace that is filtering every negative influence so that the difficulties are falling away and the blessings are mounting up.  Trust Me says the Father I have everything in hand.  Know that there is nothing – no nothing of the enemy that can remain in your life because you have decided to radically and ridiculously put your confidence and your expectation upon Me!

May 2, 2016.   The Father says today I AM forming ranks and bringing My people into formation.  You will know your place and you will be able to trust those around you.  The enemy has sought to destroy trust and confidence between My people.  There has been contention, strife and misdirection that has caused many to grind to a halt in the face of an advancing enemy.  Voices of unity and strength are emerging.  The anointing upon My men and My women is supplanting the alarmist voices of those who shrilly demand that you give them your attention.  The Father says listen for My sound.  You will hear a sound in the words of those truly anointed and commissioned by My hand.  It will be a sound of courage and strength and deliverance.  It will be a sound that will reach into your heart and not just your head.  There you will find the rallying point where My army is mustering out to war.

I AM establishing My people as an army, says the Father to accomplish my purposes in the earth and even in your life.  Do not think that no one is praying for you.  Though many around you seem oblivious to your struggle – I AM putting intercessors on the battle line even on other continents – who wake up in the night and simply hear My voice say “pray” – and they are praying for you.  There is a prayer movement rising up unparalleled since the days of the early church.  My people will turn away from the false initiatives of man’s strength that can change nothing.  They are turning once again to the Rock that bore them.  They are turning once again to My name and running into My name as a high tower in a time of conflict.  You will no longer going to be looking ahead by faith, but you’re going to be looking back with thankfulness because I have called you and would that you serve in this great army without distraction says the Father – so rejoice and rise up to your destiny.

May 1, 2016.   The Father says today I AM a Father of the fatherless.  When mother and father forsake you and go their own way I will take you up.  I will bring you to Myself and cause you to know that I have loved you and will never leave you or forsake you.  I will clean you up and give you a new start.  Are you ready for a new start says the Father?  It is not up to you to close the books on the disappointments of the past.  Leave that to Me.  What you cannot resolve or do differently I will take care of.  I AM a God of time and eternity and there is nothing too hard for Me.  I AM stepping into the timeline of your life to remedy the things of the past that haunt you and have been difficult to let go of.  Relinquish all to Me.  Do not look back.  It is time to forgive, release, bless and move on.

Forgive yourself and forget the unkind things that others have said – even those who should have been there for you but were not.  That is the human experience.  Failure is inherent in human nature so adjust your expectations.  They did what they did because of what was in them and that is the end of it.  Forgive.  Release.  Move on.  The open doors before you can only be walked through on unshackled feet.  I give you this day the key to the chains of regret and self-recrimination.  You could have done things differently.  You asked for forgiveness and I have provided the blood of the cross to ameliorate your guilt.  It isn’t possible to make amends fully says the Father and you know that.  Just humble yourself and move on.  Make the adjustment says the Father.  Change is available and it begins now this moment as you align your thoughts with My truth in your situation.


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