The Father Says Today – May 2017

Daily prophecy for May 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

May 31, 2017.   The Father says today, My first plan for you is still available.  Plan “A” is still on the table.  You have not sinned away your day of grace.  You have not messed up so badly that your destiny is no longer available.  It may seem that way to you and look that way to others but I know more and understand more than you could ever imagine.  You are created in My image.  You were holy and without blame before Me in love before the foundation of the world.  The impact of sin to mar your existence is being reversed by My hand.  Out of the field of ashes I will now cause beauty to spring forth in you and out from you like a root out of a dry ground.

This is the place that I have prepared for you.  Enter in.  Make it your determination to pass through the eye of the needle that most men never attempt.  Leave off the vanity of object referral and anchor your sense of self in who I AM in your life.  This is eternal life.  This is the experience of total abundance and fullness in every area of your existence. This is the place whereupon entering in you leave behind the misshapen ideas of what men say about Me and accept the basic truth of My person.  Let go of such vanities, says the Father, and accept in your true essence the reality of My full, total, absolute presence filling and flooding your whole being at this very moment.

May 30, 2017.   The Father says today, come into the place I have prepared for you.  This is not first and foremost somewhere up in the sky beloved.  The place I have prepared for you is in My presence.  The place that I have prepared for you is in My glory and in My mind.  When you put on My mind you are clothed with My presence.  When you are clothed with My presence you are wrapped in the full provision of all that Calvary paid for. Death cannot touch you.  Lack cannot deprive you.  Sorrow cannot burden you.  In that place where My presence is your all in all, you will find that I have come up under all your burdens and your load will then seem impossibly light and the yoke quite effortless.  Beware those who say “the burden of the Lord – the burden of the Lord”.  In that place I have prepared for you there is no burden, no strife, no warfare.  Press into that place.  Step into the effortlessness of all that the cross affords you.  Press into that place.  Though all the world and the pressures of life conspire to deny you – make it your purpose that you will go to the Father even as I ascended to My Father and your Father.

Accept My Fathering touch this day.  Allow Me to engender Myself into places of your life where I have yet to be made real and manifest within you.  Then the narrative of your days will come into synchronicity with the narrative of My eternality.  This is the narrow path.  This is the highway of holiness that the wayfaring man, though a fool will not err therein.  This is the peace I have afforded you.  This is the kindness I have shown you through the work of Calvary.  You are Mine. I have paid it all.  The blood applies even to you and thoroughly to every area of concern and need.  Receive Me as such.  Accept Me as your all in all.  I AM that I AM and I will continue to be ALL in ALL that you would ever have need of or desire in anyway.  You haven’t always noticed this or realized it because you were not still.  When stillness is your default posture in every challenge you will experience the upswell of all that I AM being made manifest in the silence between your own thoughts.

May 29, 2017.   The Father says today, do not allow My promise in your life to lie dormant.  Do not allow the fables and mis-directions of religious thinking to deny you the NOW that I have promised you.  Cast down every imagination or thought that I AM not coming through for you.  I will no more reject you than I would reject My Son when He walked upon the earth in His mortal sojourn.  To despise you in your need I would have to spit upon the cross.  It isn’t possible.  Your answer is here.  The promises I have made to you are sure.  Trust Me.  Keep your expectations upon who I AM and what I AM doing.  You will not be disappointed.  You will not be turned away.  I will meet you in the way and bring you to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

Align yourself to this basic truth.  Say in your soul “I get to have it all – because I am seeking first the Kingdom”.  Say in yourself “What else could possibly go right?”  War with your words against worry and defeat.  You will not be defeated.  You will not be derailed in your pursuit of My highest and best purposes in your life.  You are not too young, neither are you too old.  Because I have time, you have time.  Because I AM your justification you can know that you are not guilty.  You are not guilty.  Refuse to live with a guilt consciousness that says you are unworthy to receive.  I AM moving in your life because of My esteem for the Son in whom you have believed.  No one and nothing can convince Me to neglect you because the gift of My Son is working in you.  This is your time.  This is your moment.  Rejoice and enter in by faith to all that I have promised.

May 28, 2017.   The Father says today, I have prepared a place for you.  It is more than the thought of “some day – one day”.  I stand at the door of your heart and knock even now, to bring you to the place I have for you, even now.  This very day you can enter into the habitation of My peace and the habitation of My joy beyond any reckoning of what is going on in your life.  What is taking place around you is merely the distraction that the enemy creates to get your eye off the balance sheet of heaven abounding to your account.  You are full.  I have filled you with My fullness.  I have accorded you of My glory. Every need is met.  Every wound is healed.  The past is the past – forget it and move on. Do not live out of the past – rather live out of the glory.  The past can do nothing for you, but My glory will meet every one of your needs and desires – spontaneously in a moment of time.

I have given you promises, says the Father, and not pipe dreams.  Reject skepticism. Refuse to be a pessimist.  The pessimist claims he is just being realistic but in reality he is feeding on lies.  He has believed the lie that I will not come through for you.  He has believed the lie that My word is not your portion.  He has believed the lie that My promise cannot be relied on.  It is time to break fellowship with the scorner and the mocker.  There is no healing in mockery.  There is no supply, no promise fulfilled in skepticism.  Set aside all sarcasm, for sarcasm is a poison that will extinguish your faith – even the measure of faith I have given you from the beginning of the world.  You are a mountain mover.  You are a water walker.  This is your moment and your time and now is the season that all you have called for and expected and believed for in Me is coming forth to transform your life!

May 27, 2017.   The Father says today, I came into the world for one reason – to seek and to save that which was lost.  I AM your salvation.  You are not lost – you are found!  You will no more wander or be a vagabond in the wilderness of suffering and lack.  I AM your deliverance.  You are no more subject to bondage.  No more fear, even of death, for I will put none of the diseases upon you that plague the humanity.  You are an immortal being with an immortal soul.  You are putting on immortality each and every day.  You are moving every day into the brighter and brighter reality of My glory and presence in your life.  Drink of this truth.  You are irreducible because I AM in you.  I live in you and as a good guest I bring gifts with Me when I come to your house.  Unwrap the gifts that I have given.  Be filled this day with every good thing and you will see of My substance and rejoice!

No more waiting, says the Father. You are not “waiting for”, you are “walking into” My promise.  What you DO with what I have already said to you is much more powerful than what you are waiting upon Me to do or say further.  My words are life!  Receive My words and gestate them in your spirit until they birth themselves in the form of answered prayer.  You do know you are pregnant, don’t you?  You have been impregnated with the seed – even the seed of God.  Say as Mary “be it unto Me according to your word…”  I AM bringing you to the birth and causing you to bring forth. My fire is clothing you.  Though the wicked one assault you,  I will quench every violence with which you are threatened.  Take no heed to the threats of the enemy.  You are My beloved and this is the day that I am birthing My glory in you.

May 26, 2017.    The Father says today, adopt My mind as the template for your own thoughts and desires.  Become God-inside minded.  When I came to the earth to suffer and die for all mankind – it was the mind of the Father that sustained Me.  I did not join Myself to man because I knew what was in man because it was the Father who informed all of My understanding each and every day.  Allow My thoughts to maintain and sustain and keep you from the evil one.  Refuse to entertain or allow your thoughts to linger on the negative or on the works of the wicked one.  I destroyed the wicked one and all his power through the death of the cross.  You are no longer the servant of sin.  Death shall have no more dominion over you.  Poverty shall have no dominion over you because the Comforter has come and is showing you, informing you of all things necessary for life, blessing and abundance.

I AM a God of abundance says the Father, and it is abundant life that is your portion.  Redemption in your life is abundant even as the silver in Solomon’s day piled on the street corners because there was nowhere else to put it.  I don’t want merely to give you enough I have already given you more than enough.  Enter into the surplus that I have given you.  Reach out and appropriate it by faith.  Become a son of My surplus today.  I will put you in surplus as you develop a surplus consciousness.  It is not a sin to have more than enough.  In fact, you will always have more than enough when you realize it originates in Me!  When the early church understood the depth of My supply in store for them they received it and gave out of their substance to every need until there was not one of them that lacked or had any deficit.  Be that person.  Be that one whose hand is opened to those in need and to every good work.  Refuse to live with a clenched fist with your hand over your wallet.  Find a need today and meet it – even if you think your own need is greater and more urgent.  The results will be instantaneous benefit and dividend of My kingdom into your life!

May 25, 2017.   The Father says today, give yourself over to My love today.  Be renewed in your capacity to actually feel My love, and experience it as a measurement of what your day looks like.  There are those that are past feeling who are full of skepticism and mockery.  All they know is pessimism and unbelief.  That is not your portion.  Refuse to sit in the seat of the mocker.  Come out from the company of those who have nothing good to say about anything.  They think their negativity and proclamations of doom and conspiracies of evil make them knowledgeable.  They have become intoxicated with the sound of their own voice.  Come out from among them and be separate.  Separate yourself to My joy and My peace.  Come out to the place where fear is replaced by celebration and dancing for joy because I AM with you and will never forsake you.

Fear is an unclean spirit.  Guilt is a lie, for the blood of the cross is poured out for you.  Appropriate your forgiveness and your deliverance from the chains of sin and sorrow.  My truth is in you.  It is who I AM on the inside of you.  Circumstances may be true but I AM the TRUTH.  Your truth is not a description of the situation.  Your truth is a person – even MY person on the inside of you.  As you reject the lie of the natural and embrace the reality of My Spirit within you then change is possible.  I will deliver you from destruction and I will deliver you from your own failed tendencies.  Step into this reality.  Run to your Daddy-God and be free.  I AM here always ready to receive you as you come with humility and you come contrite.  I will receive you to Myself and set you in the cleft of the rock till the storm is over past.

May 24, 2017.   The Father says today, no more crying in the night.  No more wailing at the wall of a ruined temple.  Your temple is not in ruins, for you in your person are the temple that I am filling.  No more animal sacrifices are necessary.  No more thinking “what must I do to get free and be delivered?”  I AM your deliverance.  It is the Father within you that is doing the work of making you free and setting you in your right mind in a place of liberty and promise.  This is the environment of eternality that I have placed you in.  My irreducible life is in you.  You are living under the outflowing of irreducible blessing and favor!  Refuse to think limiting thoughts or exclusionary thoughts.  You are not excluded. You are holy and without blame before Me in love.

You are no longer a slave to sin and sorrow.  You have graduated!  The blood of the cross has worked in you to extract you from the domain of darkness and into the kingdom of light!  Contentment is now your portion.  There is no more need to worry.  Is provision lacking?  Know that I am your provision.  If I gave you My son Jesus 2000 years ago – how is it possible that I have NOT with Him given you freely all things?  If you have the Son on the inside of you then you have all things and there is no lack.  Believe it and accept it.  Speak out My truth and the lying circumstance will retreat and My promise will today be substantiated in your life.

May 23, 2017.   The Father says today, that the spirit of understanding is enlightening you today.  You have struggled with not knowing and not understanding but I say to your eyes “be opened today” and to your ears “hear the wisdom of the just”.  You have asked for wisdom and wisdom is yours.  Your understanding is no more darkened.  I AM pouring the light of My truth on the inside of you.  I AM causing you to know what you need to know to get out of the stuck place.  No more will you be condemned to merely waiting and watching. No more wishful thinking that things will get better somehow someway.  Put your shoes on your feet – stand up and walk out of the place of despondency into new light.  Refuse to languish in the prison house whose doors I have opened.

Your chains are broken.  Freedom is yours this day.  I have taken you from the culture of defeat and brought you into the culture of the kingdom.  My life is something that you are no longer alienated from.  You are not an alien.  You are a home born child of My throne.  The heart of a son of God beats within you.  Reject the lie.  Refuse to allow the enemy to say who you are or what your tomorrows will hold.  Your days are written in My book and I do not write tragedies.  Step out of the insensible scrawling of suffering and confusion and into the pages of My book with your name on it.  You are free to ascend into your place seated in heavenly places in Christ.  It is done.  Enter into the finished work beloved and see what your true destiny really is.

May 22, 2017.   The Father says today, it is time to get off the roller coaster experience.  Life was never intended by My hand to be an experience of reeling from one crises to another.  My plan for you is something other than an endless cycle of disappointment and futility.  Refuse in your mind to allow turbulence and upheaval to define you.  I created you for yoke easy and burden light.  Set your expectations on the blessing and not the difficulties that rage around you.  Say it by faith.  Say in your heart and declare out your mouth “it doesn’t get any easier than this!” and “what else could possibly go right!”  Out of the heart confession is made to salvation and your righteousness will spring forth and be established.

My ultimate purpose is to reveal My son in you.  To cause it to become evident that you have been with Jesus.  To see the out-raying of the divine to burst out of your life, establishing your testimony.  You are not called to go through life staggering beneath a cruel burden of desperation.  The theology of desperation knows nothing of life and life more abundantly.  Refuse to buy into the doctrines of defeat that originate in the academy of the uninformed.  Receive rather the full inventory of all that the cross affords.  The suffering of the cross renders unnecessary so much of human suffering.  Things can be different, beloved and will be very different for you as you believe the good report and put your foot forward this day with hope and delighted expectation of My goodness.

May 21, 2017.   The Father says today, I have cleansed you by the word of My power.  I have purged your sin.  At every point where your character has departed from the image of My purity a mark was left.  My healing virtue is being poured in and those scars are being washed and cleansed away.  Your beauty – the beauty of holiness is unmarred within you.  Let this truth and this grace sink down into your deepest marrow until everyone around you takes knowledge of you that “you have been with Jesus”.  Over and over the instruction of My Son was “go and sin no more…”  You were not created for transgression.  You have a choice.  My enabling Spirit resides on the inside of you to cancel out and defeat those points where temptation has overwhelmed you in the past.  Accept the grace of heaven to release you from the chains of sin and disobedience.  Your portion is to reflect the glory of My character in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ.  To see your face shine even as Stephen’s face shone before his persecutors.

I have placed My name on the inside of you.  I AM THAT I AM is the substance of Myself on the inside of you.  I have placed the measure of My substance on the inside of you by virtue of the new birth.  You are born again of a seed that is incorruptible. Incorruption is working on the inside of you.  Cleansing is working on the inside of you.  You are made so much better than the angels.  The angels cannot receive inheritance but your very nature is to be an inheritor of all that I have afforded you.  I AM to you a Father, and you are to Me a beloved child.  Receive this afresh and anew this day.  Allow the mentality and heart of a son to throb in your breast today – securing you and walking you through every fire that you are facing.

May 20, 2017.   The Father says today, let go of the natural and lay hold of who I AM to you this day.  Before you ask, “What is going on” or “What does this mean” in the midst of pressure, in struggle, just know that I AM WITH YOU.  I AM with you and will never forsake you in any way.  I AM your peace.  I AM your provision.  I AM your all in all.  At the end of the day you will be supplied.  At the end of the day you will be at peace in the knowledge that I do all things well.  When your mind rebels and your emotions rage, just look through the eye of the Spirit I have given you and say, “What else could possibly go right!”  This is not vain mental positivity.  It is the recognition that before Abraham was, I AM, and the outcome is assured.

This is that by which I have made you heir of all things.  Your inheritance is in Me.  You are not waiting to go to heaven to get what I have for you.  Heaven is your portion but your inheritance is now.  The promise is now.  No more waiting.  When you are ready to give up waiting – the substance is there from My hand to partake of.  Enter into your now this day.  Now is all I have to give you.  Everything I have to give you is in your now.  Find out and expose everything in you that is impeding your now and crucify it with the ungodly lusts and desires that pollute the image that I have called you to bear.  You are My child.  Those things have no place in your life.  Receive the cleansing yes, but go and sin no more.  Sin shall not rule over you but you shall rule by the power of the shed blood over every contrary thing that seeks to imprison you.< May 19, 2017.   The Father says today, My substance is in you.  My individual substance is on the inside of you.  Though you have not seen Me in the natural or known Me in the natural or after the natural mind – you DO know Me.  I have taken your eyes off of flesh and blood and imparted to you and filled you with My eternal substance.  What does this mean?  It means that I am substantiating Myself in you.  I AM constituting Myself in you.  I am working in you.  I AM working in you and I am working out through you to change the things that need to change and set you free to every good work.  It is a good thing that I am doing in you.  I AM working both to will and to do My good pleasure and guess what?  You can trust the outcome I have promised.

There are times that you are not going to understand what is happening.  You will not understand but you will know in your heart of hearts that I am at work.  The enemy is defeated.  The outcome is assured.  Do not look at the winds and the waves.  I will be your rescue regardless, but beloved, keep your eye on Me.  Keep your eye on Me and the little faith that caused you to step out will become the great faith that establishes you and launches you into greater things that your mind cannot even conceive.  You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace.  Though in your natural mind you won’t have all the answers – just put your hand in Mine.  I AM leading you.  I AM bringing you to deep waters and green pastures where every need will be met and every thirst within you will be quenched in the waters of who I AM on the inside of you, says the Father.

May 18, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM giving you assistance beyond the natural.  The one great lesson to learn in the midst of struggle is that you cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem.  You must ascend.  You must come up higher.  The word of heaven for you this day is “come up higher”.  Make a decision to think higher thoughts, relinquishing every attachment to earthly affections so that you can mount up with the wings of eagles that I have provided for you.  I have prepared a place for you that where I AM you may be also.  As the Son is seated at the right hand of the Father even so there is place here by Me that is reserved for you.  My throne is a resource intended to make a difference in your struggle.  Set you eye and your attention on the throne and the throne will establish what happens next in your life.

I AM asking you to separate yourself from every distraction this day.  Even as I said in My word “I go away …” so you must go away from every bondage to earthly things.  This is the taking up of the cross for you.  If you will take up the cross of obedience and discipleship I have called you to – things will change . It isn’t about suffering.  I take no delight in suffering.  I delight in taking My children through My divine process to set them free from their earth-bound thoughts and break every chain off of you that keeps you from being where I AM. Enter into My I AM-ness today, says the Father.  Embrace the throne life.  Press in and break through the boundaries of natural thinking and natural affections and know what it is to come to fullness of all that I have given you this day as your inheritance.

May 17, 2017.   The Father says today, do not look back.  Do not look back to the things that are behind you, rather look within.  Why would you turn into a pillar of salt as Lot’s wife?  She pined for the experiences of the past.  She longed for the luxuries of Sodom. Lot’s family was so caught up in the culture of the cities of the plain that as the brimstone rained down the angels had to forcibly drag them away.  You are in the angel’s custody right now – leading you to your blessing place.  Can you feel their presence in the room?  They are present to escort you away from what things are into a greater presence and blessing by My hand.  You have asked Me to come into the situation, but understand, I have already made My descent into the earthly experience 2000 years ago.  I have already done that.  You are going to have to come up here to Me.  After so long a time I now call you to a throne experience.

Let go, says the Father. Break off every affection and hindrance that tempts you to have the backward look to the things of the past.  The past is gone. It will never be again.  What I have for you up ahead is far greater than anything you think constitutes loss.  You are moving from corruption to incorruption.  You are stepping out of time and into eternity.  Refuse to allow the tendrils of time to terrorize you as though time is running out.  If your time begins to run out, fear not, for I will simply make more time.  As a matter of fact, why don’t you just accept the eternality of who I have caused you to be and just live in your now?  You have time because I have time.  In fact, I have it in the palm of My hand.  Your timeline is interminable.  You will fulfill your purpose and destiny because I never lie. Relinquish the past.  Abandon yourself to the NOW season I have brought you to.  Rejoice.  You are breathing in and breathing out the air of heaven this day.

May 16, 2017.   The Father says today, do not look to death, look to Me.  Death results from a measurement in time that is constantly looking to that which will be abolished.  My life in you will never be abolished.  Did you know that your body that is designed for glorification and eternity is in you now?  There will come a point that you will fully put off mortality and all that will be seen is the immortal.  Immortality is in you now.  You are the expression and created to be the image of My immortal substance.  Sin is the interference that I AM bringing to an end by the impartation of who I AM on the inside of you.  This is the fullness.  You do not have to wait for a mortal end to experience a NOW transformation in your life and even in your body.  Just breathe in and know that My transcendence is on the inside of you – coursing through you, reversing the curse and leaving life in its place.

Your highest purpose is to be in the earth My temple in the heavens.  You are My habitation.  There is nowhere else I would rather be than on the inside of you.  Religion looks for an otherly realm, a planet somewhere or a far-removed sphere.  I AM in you now – are you needing to be any other place?  Embrace the now.  Accept My now-ness on the inside of you that is filling you with the fullness of all that I AM and all that you are capable of experiencing in Me.  Mystics understood this in centuries past and tried their best to give glimpses of My throne on the inside of you.  You have asked for a shift and change in your experience and I say to you that it begins with being Kingdom-inside minded.  My rule is in you.  It is flowing out from you correcting every errant condition of your life.  Embrace it and know it as your most basic blessing from My hand.  This is where EVERYTHING begins to change and tend toward instead of away from benefit and blessing in your life.

May 15, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM doing for you what man cannot do for you.  What the banker cannot do, what the physician or the counselor cannot do I AM bringing about.  In My presence is fullness and not lack.  Fullness of life – fullness of everything. Acquaint yourself with My fullness says the Father and know – just know that I AM working in the midst of all of man’s temporal solutions to bring about the resolution of every need and challenge you are facing.  Your life consists of more than what finances can affect or medications can influence.  Your life blinks in and out of existence according to a frequency that resonates from My throne.  This is the rain that rains on the just and the unjust.  The invitation to you is not only to be the recipient of My grace but also to come into intimacy with the Originator of that grace.  The invitation is to be one with Me.

Set aside, says the Father, the figment of the corporeal.  I AM the invisible God and rule every aspect of your life from the eternities.  Being connected to Me means that eternity is touching you and coursing through you right now.  Finite limitation is a tyranny that brings fear.  Fear not beloved, for I AM working to cause a realization of My irreducible life on the inside of you.  This is life and life more abundantly.  It is yours now.  Ruling and reigning is now.  Absolute provision is yours now.  Unclench your hands.  Realize that you are drawing upon the bank of heaven not the limited resources of the earthly realm.  You are breathing in and breathing out of My limitlessness.  I will not leave your soul in hell.  I will not allow you to be swallowed up of corruption.  You are being swallowed up of Eternal Life.  I AM swallowing you – filling you every single day.  You are safe.  You are secure.  Take a breath, and know the joy found only in the finality of My love for you this day.

May 14, 2017.   The Father says today, I have covered you in the folds of My grace this day. My empowering presence is with you.  My Spirit surrounds you, enfolding you in My holiness and virtue to work My character and My nature on the inside of you.  Every aspect of your being, your personality, that is contrary to My heart, is dissipating and new life and purity is manifesting.  They will take knowledge of you that “you have been with Jesus…”  I have ordained you to be with Me.  I have anointed you and made Myself real on the inside of you that you might bear My image and reflect My nature.  My glory is your portion beloved and in nothing will you come short as you align and collaborate with Me in this great commitment – to finally and fully be like Me.

Accept the diminishing of the natural man and the ascendency of your spirit man this day. Bring the old man to the work of the cross.  Allow the death of the cross to work in your natural man so that the ascendency of the new man will come to the surface.  You are mine, says the Father.  You are bought with a price.  I choose to mark you indelibly with My name.  I bring you to that point where My character and My grace become the compelling force that shapes who you are and what you do.  This is My plan and this is My purpose.  Everything else – EVERYTHING ELSE is just details says the Father.

May 13, 2017.   The Father says today, taste of My resurrection power.  I AM raising to new life some things that have passed and that seemed irretrievably lost to you.  As a root out of a dry ground, fruitfulness and blessing will come again to you.  Where you looked and saw nothing but downturn and disappointment, joy will be seen in the morning.  I hear the cry of your heart.  There is not one prayer that you have offered up that the angel scribes have not carefully recorded in the book of My promise where your life is concerned.  Refuse the poison of pessimism and negativity.  Drink deeply today of My promises, for the favor of heaven is shining down on you just now.  Reach out as Peter when he struggled in the waves of adversity.  As I drew him out to safety, even so I AM working thus in your circumstance says the Father.

Seek Me early this day. As the demands of responsibility and the urgent needs of your schedule crowd in, take time to register in your heart My presence that goes with you.  Affirm within yourself “it is the Father that doeth the work”.  This is what yoke easy and burden light mean at ground zero of your life.  I AM enlarging your steps as you go on your way.  I AM sending the fair winds of My blessing to carry you throughout the day.  You will find favor with those you need to have favor with.  Unexpected blessing will be yours, because you choose to move ahead with expectation and not despair.  Despair not, says the Father.  Life holds no dread for you this day, because life and life more abundantly goes with you in the person of My Spirit.  This day is when everything begins to turn as you align your heart and life with My promises.

May 12, 2017.   The Father says today, you are not desperate.  Things may look desperate but I bring miracles every day.  Expect the unexpected.  Know that the atypical, the uncommon, the unusual, the unique and the suddenlies are yours to receive.  Fear not.  Believe only.  If I could curse the fig tree and it dried up from the roots, even so, I can bring an end to the plague and scourge of the enemy against your life.  Reach out.  There is no need any longer to feel as though there is no hope.  I never deceive when it comes to the promise of My word.  Those who claim that My promise is one person’s experience but not necessarily yours – are uninformed.  They have allowed sense knowledge and anecdotal experiences to pollute the altar of their faith.  You do not need to waste your time trying to convince them.  Let the blind lead the blind.  Believe only.

Uncommon favor is yours today, says the Father.  There is no need to plan for the worst-case scenario.  As you have seen the miraculous in times past, so you will see the miraculous today.  It may seem like the good things are gone out of your life but that is an issue of falsehood projected by the enemy.  Others may have pronounced the obituary of your hopes but that isn’t My word they are speaking.  Open your eyes.  Pick yourself up off the floor of helplessness and weakness.  Be strong in your faith.  That faith I have imparted to you will become the sinew and the substance of what you are believing Me for.  My word is not a lie.  I AM not a liar.  Men lie but My word is a sure promise to you because of who I AM and what I did for you 2,000 years ago.

May 11, 2017.   The Father says today, I call you up to your authority in My Kingdom.  There is authority in being a believer.  As a believer, I have made you the channel by which things are or ARE NOT done in the earth.  When you see fracture and captivity, move forward to resist it.  Where you see the enemy’s influence and footprint on a situation, step up to challenge all that he is doing to hold others captive.  It isn’t about asking, pleading and then looking up in the sky waiting to see what I will do next.  What is that in your hand?  Do you know what I have graced you with?  Moses stood on the banks of the Jordan telling the people to wait on Me.  What he didn’t understand is that I had put a staff of authority in his hand to part the waters and bring the people across dry shod.  Religion, dead religion is all about waiting and watching. Kingdom living is about ruling and reigning!

Ruling and reigning begins now.  Refuse to accept a spiritual experience that excludes your miracle.  Refuse to continue one more moment in a supposed walk with Me that doesn’t see miracles, signs and wonders . It is time to discard the worn out garments of anemic faith and worthless, lifeless religious thinking.  You are one of My own.  There are signs that will follow those who are called by My name.  If that is not your experience, then realize that something is DRASTICALLY WRONG.  It isn’t about waiting on what I will do next.  My Kingdom DOES NOT COME with observation. Act now.  Move now.  Stand up now against the wiles of the enemy and declare your miracle.  Things will change . You will taste and see of all that I have promised in My word.

May 10, 2017.   The Father says today, the tide is turning, the tide is turning.  I want you to know My beloved, it is SERIOUSLY TIDE TURNING TIME for you.  You have sown and you have sown and you have sown.  You have cast your bread upon the water and as I have promised in My word it is now coming back, it is NOW coming back.  In the midst of the shifting tides of the current of your life My favor will be seen.  The deep deposits of My blessing are on their way to you.  The Father says, there are deposits and there are reservoirs and gifts that I have been storing up for you and it is NOW time for the tide to turn in your favor.  No longer will there be a delay.  You were waiting and waiting, but now you will start seeing of that which you have waited for.  Get a journal and a pen because you need to take good notes, for you haven’t passed this way before.  You need to write down the good things and keep a record of what I bring you.  It is going to be an everyday occurrence, says the Father.

This new season of flowing in of My blessing will begin as a trickle but it will flow into a river.  It will be like a trickling in of the goodness of My Kingdom.  It will quickly become a surplus that will stack up to all your heart’s desires before I AM through doing what I AM about to do.  Purpose to cooperate afresh and anew.  Make new commitments and reverse those judgments of the past where you said, “it is just too hard – I can’t do it, I can’t live it…” yes you can, says the Father, for I AM with you.  There’s a place for you here by Me.  Come and stand by Me.  Let me cover you with My wings.  Let me surround you with My feathers.  Let Me hide you in the place of the rock that is hollowed out for you.  Rest in Me as you watch and you enjoy the goodness that passes before you this day.

May 9, 2017.   The Father says today, command your spirit, your human spirit to listen to My voice.  New instructions are coming.  I will speak once, yes, twice in a dream, in a vision of the night.  I will come in conference and commune with you in the night.  I will impart to you specific steps whereby you will obey and listen and see changes begin to take place you have petitioned Me for.  You will pick up the phone, make the calls, write the checks, and do the things that I have affirmed more than once saying to you, “yes that’s Me – go ahead and act…”  It’s all about rearranging and reordering some things to bring order out of chaos and peace out of conflict and disharmony.  As you obey you will walk yourself – I say WALK YOURSELF into breakthrough and a whole new set of positive life’s circumstances.

Those things in your life, that have been non-functioning, exasperating and frustrating – I am changing all of that.  I AM bringing change, change, change and change.  I have written the word change over your heart and over the doorposts of your life.  This is the time of the turn-around.  This is the hour when the enemy gets plowed under and the seeds of blessing and obedience produce in your life a whole new crop of My goodness and My favor.  Yes, it is “more than you can ask or think time” says the Father.  This is that experience where you receive the things that haven’t even entered into your mind and heart.  I hear your prayer even before you ask and respond to your petition in the hour you least expect.  The things that seem far off and far away are nearer, I say EVEN at the door so get up and open the door of your expectation and your faith for My favor is knocking even now.

May 8, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your provisioner.  I AM your All-Sufficient One.  I AM your Jehova-Jireh.  As Abraham in his day of challenge knew I would be the ram in the thicket, so I will be the obvious provision of everything lacking in your life just at the moment of your need.  Trust Me.  Refuse to lean to the arm of flesh.  Refuse to ponder or meditate on or worry about the “worst-case scenario”.  It isn’t going to come to that.  I AM on task and on target, and nothing shall impede My deliverance.  Only believe.  Fear not.  My fear – the fear of the Lord – is clean.  Every other fear is unclean.  When intimidation and terror come, rising up to overwhelm you, just laugh.  Just turn to My faithfulness and bury your head in My bosom and laugh the laugh of faith.  I will never leave you and I will never fail to provide.  Just trust in Me.  Because you put your trust in Me, and in the covenantal provisions of My word, you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

Your hearing has not been as good as it could be, but I AM changing all that.  I AM turning up the amplitude of My voice till you hear Me clearly above the din and hue of events swirling around you and other voices speaking contrary to My nature.  Immerse yourself in My word.  One way or another there is a narrative that will influence your life and influence what tomorrow looks like.  Let it be the narrative of My word.  My word is intended to be the dominate narrative that fills your mind and your thoughts – not the narrative of the world or the words, images and thoughts of the world that constantly bombard you.  Shut all that out.  Refuse to be entertained or held captive by the vain imaginations of vain men and women who have no deference or honor toward Me.  There is a spirit behind their imaginings and it will pollute My altar if you let it.  Purge the altars of your attenuation on the inside of you and know that as you offer up a pure sacrifice there will be a positive response from heaven in your behalf.

May 7, 2017.   The Father says today, I declare a mending of that which is broken in your life.  There have been broken relationships, relationships that have been broken to the point of total and complete exasperation and just walking away that I AM mending.  I AM stepping into the situation without any extra effort on your part.  In fact, the Father says, take your hands off.  Put your trust in Me.  I AM repairing by My sovereignty that which is shattered and fragmented.  I AM bringing love where there has been animosity.  I AM causing agreement where there has been disagreement.  Harmony is coming to displace disharmony.  Things are turning around.  The spiritual geography under your feet is changing.  You will see My hand where there has only been darkness and confusion.

Change your perspective.  Make a determined effort to no longer look down that long tunnel of despair and hopelessness.  Refuse this day to look through the lens of discouragement.  The outlook is not bleak.  The promise is assured to you by My word this day.  You will see and others around you will see My hand working, and even My words coming out of your mouth with wisdom beyond your ability or knowledge.  There will be words of reconciliation.  The conversation will no longer be salvos of resentment or words of blame shifting or guilt leveling.  Now My love is coming forth.  My love and My forgiveness is coming into evidence.  Get ready, says the Father, for the change is upon you.  Do you believe that I AM able to do this?  Then be it unto you according to My word says your God.

May 6, 2017.   The Father says today, My blessing is on arrival in your life.  There is blessing coming into your life in many areas.  In finances and in the level of favor you have been walking in.  There has been a leanness of favor and a leanness of blessing, but now I AM making your bones fat.  I AM making your spiritual bones fat with the fatness of My goodness – and that’s a great benefit to you.  I AM moving as well to strengthen your relationships and cause you to know deeper intimacy with My Spirit.  I AM surrounding you as with a shield to protect you from things that you know you need to be protected from.  The unsavory and the unsafe – those who would abuse and take advantage of you will not be able to find you or gain access into your life.  I will now turn situations around that have been detrimental and you will walk out into freedom and liberty, having escaped the snare of the enemy against you.

The Father says, you will from this day know and see and sense more accurately the environment and the circumstances around you.  I AM giving you x-ray vision in discernment.  When words of deception are spoken, you will cut right through it and say, “no, this is what’s really going on” and they will admit it because it will be so obvious that I AM with you and looking out for you.  The strategy of the enemy will stop and frustration and the stress of the last many months is being quenched, says the Father.  This is your time.  This is the acceptable year of the Lord for you.  I AM now causing you to walk in a razor-sharp clarity of my Spirit.  You will see things and know things you need to know when you need to know them.  You will not be late.  You will not come up short.  The angels of heaven assigned to you are running ahead to clear the obstacles so that you make it to the goal line.  You will accomplish that for which I sent you to do.  You will find yourself increasingly blessed financially, blessed going in and coming out in all things.  The restraining, resisting force of the enemy is broken.  Now you step into yoke easy and burden light, for this is My promise and this is My portion in your life this day.

May 5, 2017.   The Father says today, you are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.  Though you may feel defiled, know that I have cleansed you.  Though you may struggle with self-loathing and diminishment, know this, that I AM your cleansing and your promotion.  As the prodigal came to Me and I rushed to meet him, so I hasten to you the very moment you look for My clemency in your life.  You are forgiven.  You are cleansed.  I pronounce you free from all stain of sin from past failure and devastation.  It is the enemy of your soul that resurrects the past and seeks to cause you to live under the shadow of accusation and the pointing of the finger.  As I told Peter of old, so I say to you – what I have cleansed call not unclean.  Come into agreement with My word and adjudge yourself, not by the things of the past or what others think, but by the testimony of My cleansing word in your heart.

Forgive yourself, says the Father. See yourself as I see you.  You are clean.  You are cleansed.  I have washed your feet with My cleansing word even as the woman who washed My feet with her tears.  The value I place on you as My child is not diminished by the bitter disappointments of the past or wrong decisions you have made.  Accept this.  Enforce this truth as fact over every self-recrimination of your own heart and every high look against you from those that are without.  When others look down on you or bring up the past, refuse to go there.  Don’t go there, says the Father.  Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth.  Never answer your critics.  Though the shed blood of Calvary was visible over your life in stark reality, some will never forgive because they haven’t forgiven themselves.  Don’t be one of those.  Forgive.  Release.   Bless.  Be released.  I release you, says the Father.  You are forgiven.

May 4, 2017.   The Father says today, be prepared to deal with the familiar in the coming days.  There are some experiences and some territory you are going over and are being covered in your life, in relationships and finance, that will seem like familiar territory.  This doesn’t mean you are going around in circles and it doesn’t mean you are truly in the wilderness.  I AM a God that never forgets the plantings of obedience of years past.  In the past, you planted a crop of faith and you made an effort that didn’t seem to produce.  You were faithful in the thing I called you to and it didn’t quite yield the blessing that you desired.  We are going back over that territory.  I will not allow the fruit of your faithfulness to cast its young.  You planted in faith and I declare to you that you will reap in reward for the thing you stepped out believing for so long ago.

So, do not fret if the scenery isn’t changing in your life at the pace you may desire.  I AM working and I AM at work in your behalf and in your defense.  I AM working to bring forth from the fallow ground of past disappointments the things that your heart is set on and the things you hoped for against hope.  Yes, there have been questions and there have been wonderings and that is acceptable in My sight.  You may have been told never question, but know this, says the Father, there are acceptable questions that you have posed to Me that I AM causing your ears to hear and your heart to receive in this time.  You asked and you sought Me for clarification, and seeking Me for clarification is not a manifestation of doubt.  I will not only give you clarity – I will give you victory.  This is the time and the season that the heavens will hear the earth and the earth will hear the heavens and breakthrough will happen because I AM opening My treasuries to you with great rejoicing and expectation of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

May 3, 2017.   The Father says today, learn to pray deep prayers.  Discipline yourself to make the time and take the time to shut the world out and its distractions and truly seek My face.  There is reward, says the Father, for those who come to Me in the press.  It has come in vogue to criticize the reality of the deeps of My Spirit by those who have no appetite for greater realities in Me.  Reject all such thinking.  Abandon all those who sit in the seat of the scornful.  Avoid the counsels of those who walk in the way of error – refusing to question the suppositions of unbelief and mockery of My word.  I call you this day to return to the simplicity of spirit that accompanies all those who have approached My throne in truth and come away with the answer to their need.

Learn to pray big prayers, says the Father.  As I said in My word, according to your faith so be it unto you.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.  Your capacity for big answers is directly measured by the depth of your anchor in My word and the dimensions of expectation by which you ask Me daily for the impossible.  What I AM telling you, My son and daughter, is you aren’t thinking big enough.  You have allowed those with small visions for you to influence your thinking.  The self-referred teacher believes that big things for themselves are only found in belittling others.  Because of this, they teach lofty things, but you come away diminished.  It isn’t something you have done wrong.  You are simply feeding at the wrong trough.  Come up higher.  Embrace the truths that breathe the enlargement of who I AM in your life.  Then water walking conquests will come as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.  Then everything you say and do will begin to be as effective as if I said it, or did it?  This is your portion and now is the moment I call you to step out into My promise in your life.

May 2, 2017.   The Father says today, you are bought with a price. You are precious in My sight.  No longer are you to immerse yourself in crippling and profound self-doubt.  There is no reason for doubt.  No reason to doubt Me – and no reason to doubt yourself because I live IN YOU.  Doubt and unbelief are the vacuum that exists in the absence of faith.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by My word.  Doubt deafens spiritual hearing.  Religious density amplifies doubt and waters down the truth of My word.  The truth of the Greater One dwells in you.  The truth is when My word is in you in abundance, it makes you such that you never fail.  Failure is not a tool I use to shape you.  I AM not a failure, therefore how does failure make you more like Me?  Reject all such vain thinking.

Develop your faith.  Have the faith of God.  Have the God kind of faith.  Assert yourself not in the soulish power or positive mental assent, but in the dynamic power of My presence in your life showing you the way to success and fulfillment.  Soak in My word.  Let the narrative of My word guide and lead and establish you.  Detach yourself from the narrative of inward doubts or outward fears.  Because I AM who I AM on the inside of you there is nothing standing in the way of your dreams.  Embrace My truth.  Accept the discipline of My truth.  Yield yourself to the fullness of who I AM on the inside of you until My word becomes that living letter that defines the totality of all the I have promised, not just in theory but in personal experience!

May 1, 2017.  The Father says today, reject fear!  The thing you fear the mos is the very thing I want you to assault and attack with the armaments of heaven I have clothed you with.  Refuse to doubt.  Refuse to draw back.  My soul has no pleasure in drawing back.  The fear of the LORD is clean but every other fear is unclean.  When you are assaulted by fear, realize you are being badgered by an unclean spirit.  You would not give in to perversion or debauchery – so don’t give in to FEAR either! Fear is a spirit and when you resist it then he will flee.  Learn to run to the roar. Resist fear by running to the roar of the enemy who so blatantly threatens you.  Refuse to be held back by intimidation or to allow anxiety to dictate to you what you will or won’t do.

Bring to your mind young David, who came to the battle as My champion.  He refused to wear the armor of king Saul’s false bravado.  He took the simple implements by which he cared for his father’s flocks and felled the giant that greater men in Israel had trembled before for days.  Be as David this day.  Go out in your circumstance and situation, and choose to act as My champion.  Assault the enemy with the missile of your faith right in the forehead of his ferocious and stubborn confidence that you are no match for him.  Then mount his carcass like a hind on high places and cut his head off with the sword of despair that he purposed to take your life with.  This is who you are this day.  This is the scenario you are walking out.  Know that as I was with David so I AM with you.  You will not falter.  You will not fail.  You will receive the prize and win the day because of who I AM on the inside of you.


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