The Father Says Today – November 2013


30 November 2013:   The Father says today that I am your stability and your refuge.  This is a day to hold everything loosely and despair not when you see the trappings of affluence and security that others stake their future on become threatened.  I have lifted over you a firmament of blessing and stability that originates in My kingdom and not in the treasuries of man.  There is a difference between control and authority says the Father.  When others fear and become angry and frustrated they resort to control.  They prattle and threaten and lie and cheat but I will bring all their machinates and schemes to nothing.

Do not fear loss says the Father.  No man can take from you what I have given you.  I am your peace and I am your joy and your rock in times of difficulty.  Put your affection upon Me and your expectation on Me for I am coming through for you this day.  This is not a day of grieving over the insubstantial substance of man’s false securities.  This is the day of rejoicing and wrapping your arms as a child around My sinews and strength and by My arm I will lift you out of harms way and your laughter shall ring in the heavens because of the exuberance and joy of being so well loved and care for by your Heavenly Father.

29 November 2013:   The Father says today that you give thanks well when you are bold enough to anticipate My utmost blessing and paramount purpose to be accomplished in your life.  Today says the Father, set aside the weak and tepid visions that arise from limited thinking and anemic prospects.  Ask largely says the Father.  Ask fearlessly and eagerly for all of the promises in Christ are yes and amen.  Adjust your petitions and requests until they are seated firmly and resolutely within the parameters of My revealed will.  Refuse to stray into misguided expectations based on compromised hopes.  Allow the cry of your heart to steer you into the very depths of My pleasure for My child it IS My pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Let this day be the end of all halfhearted prayers. Jettison the bland and colorless dreams that don’t challenge or demand the impossible.  I am the God who brokers in the impossible.  There are things that you have dared not ask yet I say to you says the Father ASK that your joy may be full!  I am not a man that I should lie or the son of man that I should change my mind.  The scriptures I have sovereignly brought down to you comprise the IRON CLAD assurances of what I WILL bring about in your life as you align your thinking and your heart’s desire into full anticipation that I will demonstrate My favor and fidelity in answered prayer beyond all your wildest expectation.

28 November 2013:   The Father says today that you are moving out of the realm of potential and promise and into the territory of substance and reality.  Hope deferred makes the heart grow faint and sick with always longing and never receiving.  I have not destined you to hope only but to receive and experience the very marrow and substance of those things you have cried out to Me for.  I will bring an end says the Father.  The depredations and deficits that have shaped your life and limited you will vanish away as the small dust of the balance.  I am not only the God of hoping and desiring in your life, I am the DELIVERER and originator of every good thing that you have set your expectation upon Me to receive.

So lift up your head and rejoice says the Father.  You shall laugh and rejoice and the enemy shall howl and lament.  The cackle of the dark one will be silenced in his mouth for I will rain down upon you from an open heaven.  My fullness will be your portion and My favor will be your delight.  I am not a man that I should lie nor the son of man that I should repent.  What I promised you says the Father and the dreams by which I have caused you to dream will be brought to fruition for that is My assurance to you even this day!

27 November 2013:   The Father says today that your prayers are instruments of justice in the earth.  By your prayers I will defend the fatherless and the widow.  By your prayers I will work righteousness and bring justice to the weak and those with no advocate.  You carry a mantle and a ministry of reconciliation says the Father.  Your faith filled prayers bring the disenfranchised and the rejected into My favor that they might experience My watch-care over them even though they have been rejected and despised by the very people who call themselves by My name.

I have written in your heart that NO ONE is disposable and EVERYBODY counts.  Let the mercy you seek from My hand be in your mouth and in your actions towards others.  In so doing you will rise about the bitter harvests of past regret and purchase for yourself the shining glory of restitution paid in your account.  Forgive says the Father.  Forgive and be an instrument of expressing My forgiveness to those that religious minds have written off.  Through you even this day I will reach out to those who have given up and are on the brink of spiritual destitution.  Be the hand reaching out says the Father and My hand will be the resource that supplies and defends you on every score.

26 November 2013:    The Father says today that I am establishing My Mercy Seat in your life.  This is a season of mercy and not judgment.  That isn’t what you have heard and it isn’t what you have been told but that voice was not My voice says the Father.  Hear this day what I declare to you for I have made mercy your portion and My habitation says the Father.  When I instructed Moses to build an ark for My presence I did not equip it with a judgment seat but I did fit upon it a MERCY SEAT.  Mercy is where I dwell and it is My mercies that I watch over to perform.  As you cry out to Me day by day know this that your petition for mercy receives My unqualified and instantaneous.

I AM known by My name the MERCIFUL ONE says the Father and My loving-kindness is inexhaustible.  Every morning the full measure of My compassion is renewed over your life.  Though friends forsake you and family members estrange you from their clemencies I will never forsake you or neglect you or turn a deaf ear to your wants or your cries.  So come to Me this day and rest all your cares and worries upon My broad shoulders.  I am looking out for you this day and visiting upon you the relief and respite from every care.  My love and My pity is your portion this day and I will give you peace!

25 November 2013:   The Father says today that your future is a invention of My craftsmanship.  I am the potter and you are the clay says the Father and you can trust the design that I determined for your life before the foundations of the world was laid.  When I created Adam in the beginning I breathed into him of My substance and My breath.  That breath resided in Adam for centuries and that breath was passed down to you this very day.  The life and blessing that sin denied is restored and activated in you by the ransom of the cross.

Therefore know this says the Father that the raw materials from which I prepared your destiny were not made from earthly objects or from any resource that was under the curse or in the fall.  I did not create you for suffering or depredation or privation.  The theme of My strategy for you was not less-than but rather MORE-THAN-YOU-CAN-ASK-OR-THINK.  Receive the largess of My approbation today.  Know that I have destined you for fullness and not leanness.  My plan for you is empowerment and not impoverishment.  Rejoice says the Father.  Rejoice and be glad for it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom this very day.

24 November 2013:   The Father says today that you are not a time bound creation. I placed eternity in your heart for out of your heart are the issues of life. Your tomorrows begin in the core of your human spirit where I sit enthroned as Savior and King. The mistakes of the past or limitations of time, happenstance or accident of birth do not define your tomorrows. My kingdom is on the inside of you says the Father and My kingdom is the resource that opens the portals of supply and provision and miracles upon every occasion of your faith.

So look deeply on the inside of you says the Father for that is where you will find the deep that calls to deep. That is where you will see My hand at work. You will know that I am enthroned on your heart as the Greater One. I am the Greater One bringing greater promise, greater purpose and greater blessing and no adversary, demon, angel or any other thing shall stay My hand from moving in your behalf. So trust, rest and be confidently expectant for this is your blessing time and the day of new beginnings!

23 November 2013:   The Father says today that there shall be delay no longer!  The Father says today that I have stamped My image upon you this day.  The enemy sought to conform you to his likeness but what I accomplished upon the tree dispels every disfigurement and distortion of sin upon your character.  As I said in My word says the Father you are not a debtor to sin therefore sin shall not have dominion over you.  Do not despise yourself because of failure but rejoice in My redemptive visitation upon you even this day.  You are not a debtor to sin but an entitled child of heaven’s best.  I am producing Myself in you and causing you both to know and to reflect My glory.

My glory in you is the catalyst of My character.  As you see Me so shall you be like Me.  You will be like Me in the world and reflect My image to the hopeless and forlorn who do not realize that I am their advocate and their savior.  I am not searching for a reason not to bless or redeem or restore says the Father.  My eye searches the earth to show Myself mighty in behalf of those who cry out to Me.  I will not leave you without answers.  I will not abandon you at the moment of your need.  I will manifest My glory and in that moment your miracle will come and in the miracle will be the inward transformation that conforms you to My image!

22 November 2013:   The Father says today that there shall be delay no longer!
“I AM that I AM” says the Father and this is the day I am causing you to partake of the “I AM-ness” of My person.  Let your expectations be lifted up this very moment I am sending the angel of change to initiate the change, the shift, and the breakthrough in your life.  The proscription of deliverance has been scribed into the book of your life and now it is released.

Is there any part of now that you are not prepared to accept by my hand and says the Father?  I have no other arena or time-frame than now to perform every promise that I’ve given you whether the promises of my word the promises from the Rhema prophetic utterance.  It’s a new Day says the Father you have not been this way before.  The territory under your feet represents a new spiritual geography.  This is the upward trend of my favor and my purpose in your life.  I will extract from you all that the cross paid for.  I will see to it that Calvary pays its dividends to the full in your life, for I am very God and I will be very God in your life to the fullest measure!

21 November 2013:   The Father says today that I am establishing you in My economy and not the economy of man.  Currencies rise and currencies fall.  The governments of men drift into ignominy with the tides of time.  Your fortunes are not anchored to the purposes of man but the purposes of My Eternal Kingdom says the Father.  As I said in My word I am the ROCK of YOUR SALVATION.  I am your shield and your buckler.  I am your vanguard and your rearguard.  I am He that secures and anchors you in the blessing of My favor.

So go forth today says the Father and spend your faith.  Spend your faith as the currency of the Kingdom that you were born to by the sacrifice of the Son.  Spend your faith on the broken and the disenfranchised.  Spend your faith on those that religious minds have barred from My blessing.  Spend your faith in audacious acts of unconditional love.  Lavish My love on the unlovely even the least deserving says the Father and in My name demonstrate all that My kingdom is an can be upon those in your life and in your surroundings.

20 November 2013:   The Father says today that contentment is your portion and I will bring you to your highest heart’s desire and dreams fulfilled.  There is a difference between contentment and compromise says the Father. I will content you.  I will bring you to peace and rest at the threshing floor of My purpose.  I will thresh out of your life impediment and restriction.  I will thresh out of your life leanness and denial of blessing.  I will burn the chaff of disappointment and garner into your life the bread-corn of My more-than-you-can-ask-or-think beneficence.

So in whatever state you find yourself in My child know that change is immanent and inevitable.  You will go through times of transition and pruning but only for greater fruitfulness.  Never sell yourself short and never minimize your expectation of what I am about to do in your behalf.  I will astound you with the goodness of My gospel.  I am a good God and it is My goodness that you will know and experience in full measure IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING says the Father.  My plan for you is so positive and so blatantly in the affirmative that from the human standpoint it borders on fantasy!

19 November 2013:    There are neglected mantles in the earth today says the Father. One of them has your name sewn into the lining. There are celestial mantles and terrestrial mantles that are available to those audacious enough to pick them up and wear them as their own. The terrestrial mantle of the entrepreneur is one with particular density and weight. I am turning a vast portion of the economy of the earth over to one of My children says the Father. Are you ready? There will be one raised up who will control by the stroke of a pen a quarter of the economic liquidity of the western world. The day of the transfer of the wealth is at hand. The kingdoms of the earth are being wrested from the contaminated and defiled hand of ignorant men.

There are many celestial mantles in the earth ready for those who know who they are. Do you know who you are says the Father? Are you ready to believe and hope against hope that you actually ARE who I said you are and that I will actually DO what I said I will do? No more waiting says the Father. No more wondering and no more wandering. The naysayers and doom-and-gloomers have seen some things but I am the MORNING spread on the MOUNTAINS of the earth and you will be a carrier of that glory. Are you ready? Anoint your shield and draw the sword of the Rhema-Logos from the bejeweled scabbard of religious understanding. The blood of the enemy is about to be spilt. I am about to eviscerate the works of darkness and you will be the participant in that conquest. Rise up says the Father and take your territory for this is the day of your commissioning.

18 November 2013:    The Father says today that the enormity of My love for you is set to eclipse the campaign of assault the enemy has perpetrated against you.  The enemy has built his siege works and thought to set boundaries and barriers that you would never cross.  I will remove these impediments in a day.  With the baring of My sinews in your behalf shall the bulwarks of darkness become as tissue evaporated into smoke never seen again.  I am for you says the Father and I will never be against you or harm you in any way.

Set your mind and your heart to follow after Me with passion and determination so as not to be turned back or distracted by the lies of the enemy.  I will vouchsafe your life and your loved ones.  As you go about My business so I will go about your business and I WILL make an end of that for which you have cried out “HOW LONG OH LORD?”.  I will be found faithful in your behalf and I will release a covering of favor over you that will be as a bubble of defense that the enemy cannot penetrate or invade.  This is your day says the Father.  This is the day of defense and a day of delight for you shall see the destruction of the enemy and rejoice over the routing of every foe who has taunted you!

17 November 2013:   The Father says today learn to hold things loosely when dealing with those who frustrate My grace in your life.  Your first and highest fealty is to My throne and not to the petulant demands of those who are only trying to use your spiritual quality as a point of abuse and manipulation.  Listen to My voice in these times says the Father and not the guilt-ridden demands of immature people.  Love them freely in spite of themselves.  Love them fully but know this that your loyalty lays with My voice and not with the unwarranted and self-regarding demands of others.

When I was on the earth there was a point that I joined Myself to no man because as the Apostle John wrote, I knew what was in man.  This day I set you free from the tyranny of those who use shame and control and false hope to rob you of the autonomy of your walk with Me.  They will see this nonconformity to their demands as a token of certain perdition in your life and will come with false sincerity to drag you back into the tentacles of their requirements.  I will not allow this to take place for I am with you and will walk you through even the emotion ridden difficulties of breaking  these toxic ties.

Remember this! You do not war against the natural man.  People are not your enemy, but at all costs maintain your full faith and fidelity toward the throne and you will in reward experience the sudden acceleration of My purpose in your life as you wrest yourself free of every coil of the corrupting Spirit of Python.

16 November 2013:   The Father says today that I am training you up.  I am training the child in you into a full grown man in Christ.  I will come to full stature in you! I will stature Myself in you and I will measure Myself in you!  My son, My daughter, I will fill the expanse of every precinct of your inner being with My oil and with My presence.  There WILL BE fullness of JOY and POWER and GRACE abounding!  I am establishing NEW BOUNDARIES and BROADER BORDERS in you says the Lord!

Get ready!  Get ready!  Get ready!  The fires of My Spirit are caverning out within you a greater dimension of capacity to contain and channel and release My Glory.  I am imparting to you now a RELEASING glory that will flow out through you to others.  Even obstinate rebels and hearts that have mocked and denied My name will be melted like butter says the Father.  They will come trembling to your side to be escorted BY YOU into a “DEEP calling to DEEP” experience in Me.  Murderers and blasphemers will melt like wax and come willingly to the crimson flow and you will have souls for My garner says the Father.  Your arms will be filled with tares transformed in to sheaves of My garner.  This is your time and your commissioning and My purpose in you will NOT be denied says the Father!

15 November 2013:   The Father says today I have released to you all that heaven affords.  In all My capacity to bless and renew I have caused a great undoing of the depredations of the enemy against your life.  The ravages of time and unfruitful choices you have made will not mar who I have determined you will be.  Do not say within your heart that your opportunities are past for there are dreams and desires you have written an epitaph over that I am bringing to new and living hope.  Set your expectations on Me and not the inexorable march of time or the disappointments of life.

I am the God of time and happenstance and I am controverting the consequences of things even of long ago and your eyes will see it and your heart will rejoice.  You see says the Father that your past will not be commentary on your future.  I am standing in your future mocking the past that has mocked your hopes and dreams and prospects.  Be of good cheer and refuse to sink into the quagmire of regret or pining for what the natural mind says can never be.  Simply know that in My sovereignty I have many sweet surprises for you as I bring the kiss of heaven to your brow and do for you what you cannot and have not be able to do for yourself.

14 November 2013:   The Father says today do not give undue attention to the enemy of your soul.  The adversary is a narcissist.  He draws strength to himself when you talk about him or put your attention on what he is doing.  Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely or of good report, if there be any virtue or praise THINK and MEDITATE on these things.  Out of the heart are the issues of life says the Father.  You are where your attention takes you.  When you put your attention on the negative and the oppressive you are setting the precondition for troubles in your immediate future.

So rise up this day says the Father and raise your focus to things above and not on the crumbling battlements of evil against My blessing in your life.  I will never leave you or forsake you.  The cross is My mission statement where your life is concerned.  The cross is the ultimate expression of My partisanship toward you and everything that concerns you.  If I am FOR you (and I AM for you!) then who can be against you?  Therefore, why give pause and look over your shoulder at the winds and waves and threats of the enemy?  In all of these things I will make you a conqueror and yes even MORE than a conqueror!

13 November 2013:   The Father says today I have made you the recipient of My preventative grace.  As I promised in the scriptures you will not suffer the diseases and plagues that those outside of My grace undergo.  You will not bear the loss of those things that you have committed in trust to Me.  As the shoes of the Israelites did not wear out for forty years in the desert even so your goods and chattels will not deteriorate or wax old or useless.  I will put you on a program of consistent advancement and regeneration by My hand.  I will bless says the Father – then I will bless your blessings.  I will bless your blessings with the blessings by which your blessings shall be blessed.

You are so blessed says the Father that the blessed people will call you blessed because they see the watermark of My kindness and goodness in your life.  So REJOICE says the Father and let your celebration be genuine and full for even in this season you will see My goodness.  You will see My goodness not just in eternity but in the land of the living you will be an exemplar of My unconditional love and in nothing will you suffer deprivation or loss for I am holding the enemy at bay and causing you to break out on the left hand and the right with every good and endearing grace from My hand.

12 November 2013:   The Father says today that the choice that arises from chaos is often the decision in alignment with My mind and My blueprint for your life.  The choice that makes sense and comforts the mind arises from the lower sensibilities and will never bring you to ascension authority, blessing or measure in your life.  My mind is higher than your mind and My thoughts are inscrutable to natural reasoning.  You are going to have to get relaxed living your life according to a spiritual ethic that defies rationale or human understanding.

I have called you says the Father not only to live in defiance of the opinions of men but even your own reasoning and opinions.  When you put on the mind of the Spirit – when you put on My mind your natural mind will war and object and lodge its complaint.  Your mind will warn and threaten and by every means at its disposal attempt to subvert and wrest control of your life from the Spirit-led mind within you.  Make your determination that this day you are going to slip into the traces of My Spirit and the harness of My leading for therein lies the path of progress and signs and miracles and wonders that you have asked and sought Me for.

11 November 2013:    The Father says today that moral failure is a part of the human condition.  Since the fall every man and every woman fails and falls short of the character and purity I have intended.  Know this says the Father I do not smile on those who take your sins and shortcomings and use them to brow beat you into submission to their twisted purposes.  When My servant David repented of murder and adultery he cried out to Me saying “Against thee and thee ONLY have I sinned….”  Those you have wronged and those you have hurt by your actions many times will be unable to forgive and move on.  Love them.  Bless them.  Forgive them and go on in your renewed relationship with Me.

I will take you beyond the judgments on your past into a new day says the Father.  I am the God of renewal and restoration.  I will bring you to a new day and the former things even those things that you brought on yourself by disobedience, they will be remembered no more.  Forgive.  Forget.  Move on.  Forgive yourself and detach yourself from the strident, self-righteous demands of those who will not forgive and in so doing use My word to buffet and accuse you.  When accusations come remember WHO the ACCUSER is.  You don’t have to answer your critics or your adversaries.  Go low and worship – prostrate yourself to Me for only the penitent man will pass!

10 November 2013:   The Father says today that as you send forth your peace into your current situation it will return to you with understanding and awareness of things you have not yet been made aware of.  Know this that you don’t have all the facts but I am uncovering and illuminating what you need to know in My flawless timing.  The things done out of sight will be bellowed from the rooftops and you will be up-to-date and instructed.  When this revealing comes you are going to find that I was already speaking to you about these things.  You will say within yourself that you discerned already and what you comprehended already didn’t come through a third party but from My voice as I spoke to you in the quietness between your own contemplations.

Never fear to get quiet and go down into the secret place for in the secret place I reveal My secrets.  Learn to write down what I tell you so that you can bring testimony even to your own skeptical mind that I did speak and am speaking and will continue to speak.  The gift of the word of knowledge is being amplified in you even as I said in times past.  The diviners and soothsayers and psychics have laid claim to the hidden knowledge of the earth but their truth is a contaminated body of information – to  listen to them or consult them is to always come up short of your blessing.  So seek My face says the Father and you will see My hand.  Seek My face and I will bare My arm and make you a blessing to others and cause you to be blessed yourself beyond all imagining.

9 November 2013:   The Father says today I am driving the spirit of infirmity out and away from you.  I took your infirmities upon Myself on the tree.  I bore your sicknesses that you might go free of every physical ailment and difficulty.  What man can only help you manage I will completely and totally deliver you from.  I am rewriting the genetic code of your DNA right down in your bones.  I am excising the genetic predisposition for illness, infirmity encompassing every modern plague.  What others have experienced you will not says the Father because the power of the Blood of the Son is your defense from every curse and physical disability.

You will be well says the Father even in spite of environment or unhealthy choices of days past.  Learn the lessons of the past and know that I will assist and strengthen you to make the changes that support health and strength.  In the midst of it all I will cause your stamina to be increased and your vitality to draw from the tap roots of My power and strength for the tasks that are at hand says the Father.  As go the demands of your day so shall be your strength for the challenge each and every day from this day forward!

8 November 2013:   The Father says today that My angel is poised between heaven and earth over your life.  His sword is drawn against the enemy that has trespassed and threatened your peace.  My anger flashes hot against the lie of the dark one who presumes to deprive you of that which I shed blood to bring into your life.  You will no longer be stolen from.  I am smiting the hand of the spirit of theft that has assaulted you.  I am bringing the rod of My authority down on the spine of the enemy who has tried to bivouac within your borders.  It is time says the Father to declare out of your mouth THAT WILL BE ENOUGH OF THAT!

I am backing your move says the Father.  Fear not neither be dismayed.  The mouth of the dissembler claims he holds all the advantage over you but I will expose his weakness and reveal My glory.  My glory is over you. Let your words of praise be the words of Moses before Pharaoh:

“Glory over me!”

For from My glory comes your defense and from My glory I am moving to your succor.  From My glory that I have released within you will arrive the power and the assistance and the breaker anointing to put down all rule and every encroachment of the enemy in your life.

7 November 2013:   The Father says today allow the mantle of prophetic hearing and seeing and sensing to alight upon you now.  Let your eyes be open and your ear attentive to My sound in the inmost recesses of your heart.  I will cause you to know even the things purposely hidden from you.  I will cause My voice to distill so gently yet with such accuracy that nothing shall transpire of concern to you that you are not fully aware and cognizant of.

As I came to Adam in the cool of the day – he heard My sound whirling upon the breezes – yet I will cause My sound to populate your days and commune with you in the night seasons.  It is your portion and your privilege and I will be heard and known in your life by My voice.  If I will do nothing in the earth without revealing it to you – then most certainly I will not allow you to go through your days unaware of what the enemy is doing.  Trust what I tell you and trust what I show you says the Father – with the knowing will come the wisdom to foil the strategies of hell and overcome in every challenge.

6 November 2013:   The Father says that My creativity is a force within you to express in infinite and varied expressions My love and My power.  I have many ways that I speak even though men of limited thinking only see Me doing things one way.  I have not only anointed you I have also talented you.  Your talents are the gifts that are making room for you to contain My blessing and express My destiny for your life.  You will write and you will paint and you will craft even with the crafts of a cunning craftsman.  The uninitiated will look and marvel for you will not emulate others but be a pace setting in the arts and crafts and creative abilities across the full spectrum of human artistic expression.

So take up the pen and palette says the Father.  Take up the pen and commit to paper the words and rhymes that I have sent spinning in your imagination. The ideas and suggestions I have placed within you are not vain dreams but true expressions of My heart and My mind that will not only bless you in the making but communicate My gospel to those lost in darkness and confusion.  Say to your mind to be open and to your heart to be poured out for this is My now season for your giftings and capabilities to release the full expression of My heart!

5 November 2013:   The Father says today do not allow the voice of your mind to over-rule My voice that speaks in your spirit.  I will cause even your natural body to become a tuning fork that will resonate and harmonize with My words and My message.  I will always speak to you above the fray and above the din and hue of the turbulence around you.  It is possible to get quiet within yourself when all around you is the deafening roar of confusion and distraction.  Always pause and allow yourself to be still and know.

Peace is not the absence of conflict says the Father.  Peace is a fruit of the Spirit.  When all around you is the sound of battle, confusion and contention you must determine within yourself to be anchored to the silence that sounds between the cherubim above the mercy seat.  Only MY sound is affected there says the Father and this is the sound that roars out against the outward diversions and distractions and established you in the sure place of My blessing in your life.

4 November 2013:   The Father says today that My voice is a voice that can be seen and heard and sensed by every part of your being.  Pause to hear.  Enter into the silence between your own thoughts for there I will commune with you and tell you things to come.  As I speak so I shall confirm as I said in My word and every word will be established.  Do not be timid in these times of intimacy to ask and to articulate your heart’s desires.  I want to be heard and I want you to act promptly on what I am saying to you.  Your response time to Me in obedience will be My response time to you in blessing.

Do not allow the past to drown out what I am speaking into your NOW season.  Allow My promise to speak with greater authority than past experience or disappointments.  Do not allow the voice of present distresses to dampen your confidence in My plans to promote and bless you.  Do not allow the dire predictions of troubles unrealized to rob you of the security and assurance I am bringing to your future.

The sky isn’t falling says the Father the Kingdom is coming!  Rise up and let My voice galvanize you to action.

3 November 2013:   The Father says today that you will no longer be barren nor unfruitful.  I am the God that makes the hinds to calve and the earth to bring forth in abundance.  I am capable of taking that which you have committed to me and causing you to BRING FORTH and be multiplied.  Is this not the clear testimony of My word?  Is this not the hope I breathed into you in the night season?  I have said it and therefore I will do the very thing that you asked and trusted would be your portion.

So rest and know that My voice is present and working and producing in you.  Remember this says the Father that when you speak of My glory you are speaking of that which is ON THE INSIDE OF YOU.  My glory is not estranged from you or in some far off distant place.  Have I not say that I would meet your needs from My riches in glory?  That glory is IN you and IN THE GLORY is the full measure and complete inventory of everything you will ever need and the answer to every prayer you will ever pray.  Let your mouth praise Me and in so doing My glory will be released and the manifest substance of the desires of your heart will be realized even in this season and under this sun.

2 November 2013:   The Father says today that My thunder is in the heavens and it echoes My voice on the earth.  My voice originates not in some far off dimension but on the inside of you.  My voice is in you! My kingdom is IN YOU!  My glory is IN YOU!  From My throne in your heart I rule and put down every power and every principality ranged against you or My purposes in the earth.  So know that authority is a reality in your life.  You have an authority not born of pride or some mystic force but authority brought to bear in your behalf by the shedding of the blood of the Son!

This day that I am bringing the power and potency of My voice upon you and I am establishing your boundaries and borders.  My full majesty will be seen for I will break every false glory that presumes to limit and deny My character and life that resides on the inside of you this day.  I am bringing a dividing and a shaking by My voice and I will drive far off from you the enemy and the dark one.  I will destroy every strategy and foil every tactic of the evil one says the Father.  I will bring you to a place of rejoicing and victory and jubilation for that is YOUR portion this day says the Father!

1 November 2013:    The Father says today My voice speaks to you in the stillness between your own thoughts.  Be still and know that I AM. Be still and know that I am NEAR.  I am as close to you as hands and feet. I am as close to you as the breath of your body.  My breath is the inhalation and exhalation of your own body for I am reaching saturation in you with My glory.

I am raising the amplitude of My voice in your life says the Father.  You will hear My voice above the storm of distraction and difficult that assails you.  You will hear My voice in the battle that I have destined you to win.  You will hear My voice in in the cool of the day as I come daily to commune with you within the environs on your own human heart.

So be still and in the stillness will come the knowing and you will not be deceived.  As you hear so shall you be blessed.  As you hear so shall others be blessed as well even all the nations of the earth.  Because you have hearkened to My voice I will cause all men to hearken to your voice and I will infuse your words with My power and My authority.



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The Father Says Today – November 2013 — 1 Comment

  1. Psalm 46:10 (AMP)
    Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth!

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