The Father Says Today – November 2015

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

November 30, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM concerned with the things that concern you and I will keep THOSE PEOPLE whose needs and situations are in your heart.  I AM moving says the Father to restore, renew and bring healing.  I AM reconstituting and refreshing.  The refreshing wind of My Spirit is flowing through your life and through the lives of others to bring change.

Get ready for change as the old falls away, and the fetters come off your feet and the feet of others.  Your walk will be a walk of renewed freedom, and you will not be alone for many will walk with you that you have prayed for and put your attention on.  For I AM concerned with the things that concern you and I AM coming in visitation to meet the need and bring the shift you have cried out for.

November 29, 2015.   The Father says today to set the trumpet to your mouth.  You are an instrument of jubilation and praise.  I have filled you with joy and the enemy will be unable to steal the joy that I have released to you now in even a greater measure.  You are one who blesses others and as you have blessed others so I AM blessing you and transforming your life.  I AM transforming your life and the new life will be unrecognizable compared with the old as to the measure of abundance and blessing that I heap upon you now.

The greatest transformation is from within and you will know a new strength that accompanies this joy and experience for your self that the joy of the Lord is your strength.  You shall be filled with vigor and vitality and even an effervescence of My Spirit and your thirst shall be quenched with My new wine.  It is a new day says the Father, and a new season, so put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a Holy Ghost party to commence says the Father.

November 28, 2015.   The Father says today I AM moving you to a new territory in your life and in My kingdom.  The way things have been is not the way they will be.  I AM moving and when movement takes place sometimes things get jarred.  Are you ready for righteousness, peace and joy?  That is what my kingdom consists of and as Paul said in Acts 14:22 it is through much tribulation (pressure) that you enter the kingdom.  This is entering in time.  This is entering in time in your marriage and in your family.  What passed for status quo and detente even in spiritual things will no longer be acceptable.

The sword that Jesus spoke of is coming – not to cut off or to destroy but to liberate and renew. Let the sword be in your mouth.  I AM calling you to be a truth teller – say it with love and speak to the need and not the problem.  Speak likewise to the king in your husband or your wife or to your family member and call them up to their higher destiny with your affirmation, and yes, with your praise.  I haven’t ordained you to walk in fracture, but to have a little bit of heaven – to go to heaven in – listen to My voice and refuse to be amazed.  Keep trusting and obeying for you are about to have a “suddenly” experience.

November 27, 2015.    The Father says today it is time for a tune up.  I AM folding up that part of your personal map, the map of your personal life that is not necessary any more. You have dwelt in this mountain long enough.  You are coming out of the thorny place, and the road will be somewhat turbulent, but I have strengthened you for the transition of the days ahead that is beginning almost immediately.  Change is not harmful – change is beneficial.  Get ready for change.

Get ready in some measure for confrontation like Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal.  The spirit of control operating through some people in your life is going to be exposed and expelled.  I will bless those that bless you says the Father and they will learn by experience as they yield to what I say about you that their opinions are better kept to themselves.  I AM working in your life says the Father.  Your blessing time has come and this is a new season for you – a season of fruitfulness and launching, and new projects and horizons that will pay off largely in your life.

November 26, 2015.   The Father says today that I am bringing a shaking into your loved one’s life.  The angel of the Lord will shake them awake in the night and I will begin to trouble them with dreams in the night.  I have a purpose and a plan, says the Father that will not be denied nor overturned in their lives.  For there are callings upon their lives that they do not understand and have not been willing to look at clearly but I AM taking them back.  I AM taking them back to those early times when they were tender and I AM going to remind them and bring those prayers and sentiments of youth back to the forefront of their hearts and minds.

They are going to think, because of the new season of sensitivity that maybe they need to take medication – perhaps they are going through something chemical, but it isn’t physical says the Father, it is My Spirit moving upon their lives turning up the pressure to bring them to Me.  There are some things that will have downturns and set backs, and that is not the enemy, it is Me, working to get their attention.  The “doom and gloomers” have heard some things says the Father, but know this, you are in the secret place of the most high and though a thousand fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left it will not come near you.

November 25, 2015.   The Father says today that I am cleansing you with the astringent of my word.  No more cutting yourself with stones as the Gaderene among the tombs.  I have not called you to a tomb – life I have called you to abundant life.  Forgive yourself.  Be forgiven.  Your sins are remitted and forgiven and now you are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.  Open your eyes and see not the transgression of days past but rather see forgiveness and cleansing as your portion.

I am pouring out the oil and wine of healing, cleansing and deliverance upon you.  Sanctify your eye gate and your heart from the pollutions of idols the enemy would put before you.  I am not angry with you and I am not disappointed in any way.  I see your heart and as you apply yourself I will walk you out of the prison house of the enemy and into a new liberty and freedom beyond anything you have ever imagined in your life says the Father.

November 24, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM calling you out.  I AM calling you out in your call to move and hear and share My voice in a new way.  There is no reason to emulate others or to try and sound like someone else.  I AM doing a unique thing in your life and it is in that unique approach that your gifting will be made known.  I AM speaking to you in dreams and I AM revealing Myself to you in visions.  Open your eyes.  Command your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

You will hear My sound this season says the Father – and it won’t sound like someone else – I will give you your own unique voice in My Spirit.  Are you willing to testify of Me?  Then know that I AM come that you might have life and life more abundantly and that is what I want you to sow into the lives of others.  Lay aside the doom and gloom mentality of sin and death and become the sweet fountain full of life and bring life to others in a way that will launch your gifting and cause you to be brought before kings and potentates for My name.

November 23, 2015.   Rivers of living water will flow from your bellies.  I see My sons and daughters prophesying, speaking My name and delivering people from demons.  I see My children walking narrowly down the path of life.  I AM listening to your prayers and I AM anointing you to do what you have been called to do.  I AM not mocked says the Lord.  I have seen your tears and heartfelt prayers.  I have heard you crying out to Me for more.  And I want to give you more says the Lord.  More power more love, more peace, more joy.

The whole of heaven stands to attention when you pray.  I AM sending My angels out before you to show you the way.  Do not think that I speak and do not act.  What I said I will do, I will do.  I AM always ready to perform My words over your life.  Just like a soldier stands to attention for his commanding officer, so does heaven stand at attention to your prayers.  I will not let one single prayer slip past Me.  I hear them all and I intend to do  what I said I would do: save the lost, heal the sick, bind up the broken-hearted.

Do not think that any prayer is to small for Me to hear and do and do not think that any prayer is too big for Me to accomplish!  I AM A BIG GOD!  The creator of the sun, moon and stars.  If I created the universe and everything in it, do you not thank I can do what your heart desires?  Trust Me and declare My promises over your lives and circumstances for I am well able to do that which I said I would do!

November 22, 2015.   The Father says today that your vision – your spiritual vision is not what it used to be but I AM clarifying that.  I have spoken to you in the night seasons and I have sealed some instructions in your heart that are very direct.  My first witness is the directive from heaven in your life.  Listen to the first witness.  The second witness is the misdirection from the enemy.  Get ready for engagement and new circumstances.  There are major issues in your life that are suddenly about to become minor footnotes.  The Father says that you may feel like you have been kicked to the curb or marginalized but I have always kept you in the very center of My scrutiny and focus.

There are pieces of information that are falling together that will redirect you in an unexpected way.  Be prepared to listen to your spirit even when your mind is going “tilt” like the pinball machine.  My understanding will lead you even at times when it seems there are blinders on your eyes.  The provisioning will be there and there will also be doors of the past shut for your own protection.  I AM working with you says the Father as you work with Me seeking the standing principles of My word and applying them acting boldly on the rhema word that I AM releasing in your life today.

November 21, 2015.   The Father says today “I AM bringing you out …”  In many ways your life has in this season has been like wandering in the wilderness but that is about to change.  I have been the water from the rock and the manna every morning but now as Joshua at Jericho the walls that have excluded you from opportunity are going to open up.  I opening up doors that no man can shut and shutting down processes of abandonment and denial that will no longer operate against you in any way.

Opportunity is opening up to you.  A new opportunity opening up and you are going to have not one but many – multiple opportunities coming your way.  The Father says “seek first the kingdom and all things will be added…”  Go out and sow your life into kingdom purpose and I will cause your dreams – even your highest heart’s desires to become a “suddenly” from heaven that will reconfigure your whole life for My blessing says the Father.

November 20, 2015   The Father says today that it is reconstruction time for you.  I AM reconstituting your dreams and visions that have been diminished by time and happenstance.  There are dreams and visions that haven’t seemed to have found their manifestation but I hear the Father say you didn’t hear Me wrongly.  I AM disposed says the Father to do in your life those things you have cried out to Me for. My default answer is yes says the Father.  Let your yes join together with My yes and know that no longer are you waiting on Me but I AM waiting on you.  I AM holding the door of favor open to your ministry portion.  Think enlargement, benefit and blessing.

Reach out says the Father where you have never reached before.  Expect that I will be found there waiting for you and enlarging your steps as you commit.  It is water walking time.  I AM with you and will never forsake you and will never leave you.  You are an epistle known and read of all men and you have in you words – words to be written and distributed and shared with others to their great betterment.  Distractions will be diminished and dismissed.  Major distractions in your life will be dismissed.  Others will think you are irresponsible but you are not irresponsible you are focused – focused upon My kingdom come in your life in a radical way.  As you meet that kingdom with open minds and open hearts and new season will be opened to you of fruitfulness and launching says the Father.

November 19, 2015.    The Father says today make luxury your default expectation from My hand.  I live on streets of gold and sit on a throne surround by wealth and opulence beyond description.  Put your faith on what only I can make happen.  I AM moving in your life says the Father to bring heaven to earth.  I AM working from the template of MY KINGDOM COME and MY WILL BE DONE in your life.  I AM not a God of poverty I AM a God of prosperity.  The god of poverty is the enemy of your soul.  Know that debt is not of My invention.  I AM your provision and I am bringing you out of bondage to debt.

I am personally invested in every area of your life.  My thoughts toward you are more than the sand of the sea and more than the stars of the heavens.  You have washed up on the shores of a new city and I AM now forging new connections for kingdom purpose.  I AM bringing permanence of promotion into your lives.  This is “come up higher time”.  I AM drawing you out of many waters and establishing you as a beacon of My faithfulness.  Your testimony will touch many lives and people will even come as it were to sit at your feet because they see the favor of God working in you and the desperately desire it for themselves.  Family members will begin to view you differently as the gospel of household salvation takes hold.  You are the blessed of your Father and your blessing time has come!

November 18, 2015.   The Father says today that I am giving you beauty for ashes.  I AM pouring out the oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.  This is your appointment.  I have not appointed you to wrath.  I have not appointed you to loss.  I have prepared for you a garment of praise to replace all the grave clothes of disappointment in your spiritual wardrobe.  Cast off the widow’s attire beloved and rejoice as a bride on her wedding day. You are a tree of righteousness.  I have planted you and I AM tending you each and every moment.  My purpose in your life is to be glorified in signs and wonders and miracles and provision.  This is your entitlement – purchased by the blood of Calvary.

You get to choose says the Father.  It is your privilege to choose not to be conformed to the world around you.  In the choosing is the proving.  I will prove you and I will temper you as you embrace the good and acceptable and perfect will that I am bringing about in your life.  This is your measure.  This is the faith that I have accorded you so come forward and believe.  Shake yourself from the stupor of unbelief and sorrow.  The hour of rejoicing has arrived so get ready for launching into new purpose.

November 17, 2015.   The Father says today you are not an outer court Christian.  You have done your time in the outer courts of My purposes.  I AM calling you deeper.  The deeps of My Spirit are calling you into unknown territory in your walk with Me.  The outer court experience is not sufficient to satisfy the cry of your heart.  Your place is here by Me in a renewed intimacy beyond what you have known in times past.  The Shekinah awaits.  My glory is your portion.  Come deeper beloved.  Come deeper into the holy of holies where My presence is the only illumination.  In the holy of holies you will find the way open to a deeper worship than you have ever known.

This is what the enemy has tried to distract you from.  He doesn’t want you to see this depth of Spirit with Me.  He doesn’t want you to become lost in the glory.  He knows he cannot reach you where I AM inviting you now.  Come away My beloved.  Come deeper.  Seek out a more complete and full experience in Me.  The price has been paid.  Your admission is secured.  You will not be rejected and you will not be turned back.  This is your portion and My delight is to bring you here to Me in a new dimension of truth and intimacy and renewal.

November 16, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM orchestrating every detail of your life.  Every one of your days are written in My book.  Not one of them is a tragedy or a dark tale of failure and loss.  Failure and loss are not your portion says the Father.  Fret not if it seems that things are not moving fast enough.  Do not despair that situations will never improve or be different.  I AM working in the midst of your circumstance.  There are things taking place beyond your perception that will suddenly bring the relief that you have cried out to Me for.

Use this time says the Father.  I have given you this time to invest yourself into a deeper intimacy with Me.  I AM calling you into a renewed commitment to seek first the kingdom in this season.  I know what you need and I know what you want in life.  Your desires are not illegitimate.  Trust Me and listen to My voice.  Receive My wisdom and change your thinking.  I have a relationship for you that is different than what you have experienced.  Use this time as preparation to get closer to Me.  Read My word.  Seek My face.  Get in an atmosphere of worship.  I AM calling you into a deeper walk with Me and OUT of that a new season will come.

November 15, 2015.   The Father says today that the truth always outlives the lie.  It is not necessary for you to defend yourself against the misrepresentations against you.  Even as I said in My word there will be times that others will say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake.  This is not some shocking development.  As I was hated so you will be hated.  As others found fault in Me though I was sinless and perfect even so slander and libelous accusation will find its mark in your life.  Marvel not neither be dismayed.  Rather rejoice that you are counted worthy to suffer for My name.

Refuse to answer again.  Just go quiet as Moses before those that challenged his authority.  Fall on your face and be an example of meekness in every response you give.  I will defend you.  I AM your defender.  Trust Me to bring you through every situation in safety and security.  Know that I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.  They will bring upon themselves the very scandal that they would foment in your own life.  The snare they lay for you with their words will pierce them instead for I AM moving even this day to bring an end to the campaign of misdirection and hatred against you says the Father.

November 14, 2015.   The Father says today let your heart be enlarged toward the lost.  Those that are dear to you and those that are far away in relationship.  Household salvation is a promise of My word.  Peter told Cornelius that salvation had come to his entire household.  Believe Me for household salvation says the Father.  Believe Me that even the most stubborn and prideful family members will yield to the conviction of My Spirit.  See in your heart the tears of contrition as I move sovereignly among your friends and loved ones to bring them into the ark of My salvation.  I have a ways and means committee says the Father to bring them in.  Their determination to reject the cross is not greater than My determination to translate them out of the domain of darkness and into My kingdom.

Allow My heart of intercession to move deeply within you once again for lost friends and loved ones.  Remember the apostle Paul who would that he was accursed from Christ for his kinsmen according to the flesh.  This is the heart of intercession that breaks down the spirit of unbelief.  This is the love that never fails.  As you go out bearing the precious seed – even with tears know that I am going with you.  Sow the good news of My truth even upon seemingly deaf ears.  Leave the results to Me.  Keep loving and keep demonstrating.  Get ready to reap in the results of salvation and deliverance among your loved ones.  I will not use you to win strangers and yet leave those near to you bereft of testimony from your life by My hand.

November 13, 2015.   The Father says today do not fear upheaval or turbulence.  My kingdom thrives in the face of turbulence and imbalance.  I AM upsetting the status quo and tearing down the mundane, pedestrian expectations of the minds of men.  Are you ready for the unusual and the radical?  Are you willing to step out and be the singular example of faith and expectation?  Those who separate from the naysayers and gloom and doom prognosticators are those who will attain the prize! My favor is upon you this day.  All things are possible says the Father only believe.  Speak to your mountain and tell it to remove to yonder place.  Say to the adversary GO AWAY and will he not scamper off to his place?

This is a time of change and acceleration. You’ve asked for change but change doesn’t happen in an atmosphere of security and stability.  You can withstand the fire.  I AM the fourth man in your fire.  You never take a risk that I AM not right there with you.  Listen to My still, small voice and your timing will be perfect.  Expect in a presumptive way that the resources needful to your life will find their way to you by My hand.  You can endure the challenge.  Don’t just look AT the situation – look THROUGH it and you will see the path that leads you to the other side.

November 12, 2015.   The Father says today that your gift is making room for you.  I have not left you without giftedness and ability to succeed.  There are gifts, talents and abilities that are uniquely your own that I imparted to you before you were born.  It is useless to emulate what others have done.  The successes of others might inspire and motivate you but the key to blessing is to understand and accept your own unique giftedness by My hand.  You really are much more capable than you give yourself credit for.  I made you says the Father and I didn’t leave any defect or flaw.  You are perfectly and wondrously made.  Be strong.  Believe in who I made you to be.  Trust in what I have enabled you to accomplish.  Know that I will be with you in the work.

There are times that all your best efforts may seem futile.  There are times that small beginnings will discourage you deeply.  Don’t despise these seasons.  Your greatest experience of miracles will be in the small things.  Stand up today before your giant and sling the stones of your faith at Goliath’s head.  I will take your feeble efforts and add God-speed acceleration to them.  I will take the little that you make available to Me and bring about a great outcome.  This is your portion and this is My promise so rise up and shake yourself.  Gather your best efforts and resources and deploy them against your greatest needs.  I will make up the difference and the rejoicing of your heart will be great as things come about in your favor.

November 11, 2015.   The Father says today that change is available and possible even this day.  No longer will you pine and long for “one day” or “some day”.  Some day is now. One day is now.  Make it your purpose to act.  Do what you can with what you have and refuse to give in to less than My highest and best blessing.  No more compromise solution.  You cannot negotiate with a devil.  Change what you can change and look for the breaking through of My intervention in those things that are beyond you that you cannot change.

It is time for entering in.  This is your entering in time says the Father.  Entering into My promises requires a disconnect between what you think you can do to change things and what I only am capable of bringing about.  The whole understanding of entering into rest is not about resignation or giving up.  Entering into rest for you beloved is about discharging with abandon the tasks that you ARE capable of obeying Me in – and then expecting with IMMEDIACY and URGENCY that I CAN and WILL step up to your challenge and close the gap between your faith and the realization of what you are believing for.  This day is your day to manifest the substance.

November 10, 2015.   The Father says today that kingdom perspective is not a natural point of view.  Your forward momentum is established by what you see by faith, not what the circumstances before you warrant.  No more waiting on an opportune time to move forward.  Faith ends in sight beloved, it does not begin in sight.  So walk this day by faith and not by the tea leaves of a natural perspective.  Refuse to be as the wizards of old who would peep and mutter and decide whether conditions were favorable or not.  Favor is a state of being found in Me and not in the situation at hand.  I AM with you and will bless what you put your hand to.  Therein lies the assurance of the outcome.  You will succeed because I AM with you.  You will overcome because I will never leave or forsake you.  Be of good courage, gather your wits about you and move forward.

There is a season to wait and a season to forbear waiting.  This is not a waiting time this is a doing time. If the circumstance doesn’t move then go out in your faith and move the circumstance.  There is nothing passive about walking in My kingdom.  The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.  Move forward. Press in.  Refuse to yield to timidity or fear.  Reject religious platitudes that only encourage failure.  My kingdom is on you and in you – no longer delaying as though I have not shown up in your situation.  This is the day.  Today you conquer.  Today the promise is yours to enter into so rejoice!

November 9, 2015.   The Father says today accept the finality of My promise in your life.  There is not one promise of My word that does not accrue to your benefit says the Father.  I am not holding out on you in any way.  Arise in confidence and expectation and I will shower you with goodness, blessing and My favor.  My favor is the shield around you that the enemy is hurling himself vainly against.  He cannot penetrate My favor toward you because I will not change My mind about you.  Yes it is true that you fail, you falter and at times even worse than that – but though you fall I will pick you up.  I will pick you up – dust you off and carry you on.  So refuse false guilt.  I don’t do blame and I don’t do shame.  What I do offer is forgiveness and cleansing.

Be cleansed says the Father of all condemnation and sorrow.  Refuse to be distracted by the incessant imprecations of the enemy against you.  The blood that was shed on Calvary is your cleansing from every sin – past, present and future. Is this then a license for transgression?  That isn’t how you think.  That isn’t who you are.  Receive My cleansing once and for all.  Allow Me to cleanse your mind, soul and body from every contamination.  It is come-up-higher time for I will not leave you where you are.  I AM bringing you up into a new experience of My grace and love and forgiveness this day.

November 8, 2015.   The Father says today be renewed in strength.  Let all weakness and exhaustion of mind and spirit to flow out of your feet and dissipate into the ground.  Drink in of My power and My might.  Lift up the hands that would hang down.  Choose not to be desperate.  There is no need to be desperate for you are My beloved.  You are not desperate for you are this day the recipient of all that Calvary affords.  The spirit of adoption is upon you.  Cry Abba and will I not melt the hills and come down and deliver you out of many waters?  The waves of adversity will be stilled today.  You will have a suddenly-at-land experience because I AM stepping into the bow of your boat.

Rejoice says the Father for I have arrived.  In fact I have never left.  I was with you before the challenge, and I will be with you long after the present distress is but a footnote of My greater testimony in your life.  You will live and not die.  You will declare of My goodness.  You will taste and see that I am good and then you will taste and see again.  Though you live to great old age you will never be forsaken or set aside or esteemed lightly in My heart.  I have given you heaven’s best 2000 years ago.  There is nothing that I am withholding from you now – so rejoice!

November 7, 2015.   The Father says today, be the recipient of My kindness.  My kindness and My friendship are yours today.  My loving-kindness is renewed in you every day.  The reservoir of My generosity is filled afresh every day the moment your eyes open.  Anticipate My kindness today.  Expect My goodness to be your portion.  I AM a good God.  The only way I can acquaint you with who I AM is to shower you with My liberality, favor and kindness.  It is all I have to give you says the Father.  I have given you of all that is found in Christ and all that is found in Christ is life and life more abundantly.

I am your helper says the Father. Indulge yourself in the help and the comfort and assistance I AM making available to you today.  You are not left to your own devices.  You are not exposed without My protection to the devices of the enemy.  I have spent eternity devising so many layers of goodness to bring to bear in your life that they are without measure.  You cannot possibly measure My goodness and kindness toward you so what other experience is there to have today?  There isn’t room for failure or burden – there is no time for that.  There is only time to be the beloved and to experience what it means to be the apple of My eye which you are this day.

November 6, 2015.   The Father says today that My love is surrounding you like a shield of strength this day.  My love has parameters in your life.  My love has depth and height and length in your day this day.  My love stands guard over you today.  My love is superintending every need that you have.  My love is populating the empty shelves and filling every void in your life to the full with My goodness and My favor.  All of the hatred of the enemy and the rage of the enemy cannot penetrate the love that I have surrounded you with.  Though the enemy would spend the whole of his fury upon you he would not penetrate in the slightest manner the protecting influence of My love around you know.

So go out in your day and be the beloved.  Know that at the end of your day My love and the dividends of My love will put you over and give you peace.  Be at peace My beloved.  Your job is not to rail against the enemy.  Honestly do you think he will listen?  The whole of Satan’s fury against you is the small dust of the balance of My great love wherewith I love you this day.  I know this isn’t what you have been taught but make up your mind to be a Father-pleaser and a Kingdom-seeker.  I AM seeking those who worship Me without looking over their shoulder to see what the Defeated one is planning next.  It is MY plan and not the work of the enemy that is shaping your future – so rejoice!

November 5, 2015.   The Father says today My grace and goodness is your common resource.  My intervention is not a rare occurrence in your life, beloved.  I AM intervening and changing the course of things every time you draw a breath.  Stop wasting your time watching the smoke and mirror lies that the enemy parades past you in an endless drama of fictional worries and woes that are never going to happen.  When the enemy does his worst I will do My best.  He really isn’t much of a challenge and in fact neither are you.  Those things that are beyond you and intimidating you and making you feel small are all taken care of by My watch care over you before you ever noticed they were there.

So rest says the Father.  Breathe.  Breathe in deeply and fully of My peace that I leave with you.  You are not alone.  I AM not so occupied with ruling the universe that I AM not keeping a running tally of even the hairs of your head.  My thoughts toward you every moment are more than the sands of the sea and the stars of the heavens.  Believest thou this?  Do you really understand the weight and magnitude of scrutiny and focus that I put on every process of your life from the casual and meaningless to the most formidable aspects of your day?  Make up your mind beloved, to see your life through the lens of My love.  Allow My love to be the filter through which you evaluate every distraction and threat of the enemy.  I love you because I love you and I will never stop loving you.  Receive My love and know it as your security and provisioning for the day before you this day.

November 4, 2015.   The Father says today be a recipient of My kindness.  I AM not an austere Lord looking for a pretext to scold or rebuke you.  If I wanted to rebuke you says the Father I would never have anything else to do!  I AM not seeking to scold or remonstrate with you today.  Does this mean that you do everything right?  Have you looked in the mirror lately?  Making excuses and leveling accusation against others is simply a vain exercise in justifying yourself before Me.  Yes you have been wrong.  Yes others have neglected you, overlooked you and done all manner of evil against you without ever pausing to consider their own flawed humanity.  What is that to you?  Look to Me.  Keep your eyes on Me.  Refuse to be distracted by what others are doing even when what they do affects you in very real ways.

I am capable of solving the problems in your life caused by problem people, beloved.  Though all the world range itself against you in a day you really aren’t that much of a challenge to My sovereignty.  Keep your mind stayed on Me.  Trust that I have all in hand.  Bring the heavy burdens to Me.  In fact why don’t you bring all your burdens to Me – even the ones you think you can take care of without My help.  I AM your counselor.  I AM your business manager.  I AM your agent and the one who planned every one of your days and wrote them in My book before the foundation of the world was laid.  Drink of that refreshing beloved.  Lay your head back, close your eyes and rest knowing that the enemy is defeated, I AM exalted and your season of miracles has arrived.

November 3, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM your constant and abiding peace.  Purpose in your heart to be a source of peace in yourself.  Choose to be at peace and to exude an atmosphere of peace everywhere you go.  Remember that your peace is found in My person and not in the absence of conflict or confusion. There is always clamor, competition and strife to be found in the world.  Do not allow it to be found in you.  You don’t always have control but you do have authority.  Do you understand the difference beloved?  Others may prattle and rage and war against your peace from without but you are in charge of what happens on the inside of you.  Refuse to allow the intimidation of man to penetrate the peace that I have wrapped you up in this day.

Learn not to answer again.  Make a decision not to react.  Reach inside your soul and extract those roots of disappointment, fear of man and intimidation.  Anchor yourself in who I AM in your life.  Lose the need to control others.  Relinquish the appetite to have your way in every circumstance.  You can strive to have your way or you can simply accept that I AM the way.  What does that mean?  If I AM for you, who can be against you.  If none can be against you then whom are you striving against?  Who are you fighting?  The truth is that most of the warfare that marks your life is a battle with your own thoughts and opinions.  Bundle all that up and bring it to Me.  Set it down at My feet and climb up into My lap and rest.  I AM your peace this day.

November 2, 2015.    The Father says that your children are covered by the blood of the cross.  No more will ungodly attitudes and habits of life curse your children.  The curse is being broken says the Father, in your family lines and I am visiting your progeny for blessing.  I will demonstrate My goodness among your children says the Father, even those children who are not yet born.  The hurt and offense and lies of the enemy that have divided families are being moved upon by My Spirit.  I AM turning things around says the Father and declare to you there will be a solution to the pollution that has contaminated the joy in your family.

So rejoice, says the Father, that I AM the God that sets the solitary in families – even in your family.  I will not pass your family by.  I will move FIRST in your family.  I will pour out the spirit of repentance upon your family line and cause a new acknowledgement of My Lordship.  Even the hardest hearts will be softened, and a renewal of relationship with take place.  As healing comes and estrangements are resolved it will be said, “this is the Lord’s work and it is marvelous in our eyes”!

November 1, 2015.   The Father says today that no more will you wander around in circles.  No more speculation; when, if, ever the scenery of your personal geography will change.  Those hindrances and impediments that seem like such a permanent fixture in your life are about to dissipate and dissolve – revealing the highway of holiness I have laid out for you in this personal wilderness.  Get ready beloved, for your feet are stepping now onto the concourse of My favor that will fast track you into the sooner-not-later outcome you have cried out to Me for.

Make My favor the baseline expectation in your day today.  Expect My favor at every turn.  Though the natural perspective may appear bleak tell your eyes to see things from My perspective and not the lying vanity of the enemy of your soul.  I AM your provisioning and your protecting.  I AM enlarging you in the situation of this day, and I AM enlarging your entrance into tomorrow’s blessing.  You see says the Father – the outcome was assured before the foundation of the world was laid.  Things are well in hand and there is no need to fear or fret in any way.


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