The Father Says Today – November 2017

Daily prophecy for November 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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November 29, 2017.   The Father says today, I have put a fire in your bones this day.  There is nothing about the call on your life that is passive or inactive.  Circumstances and daily life have conspired to dampen your zeal and quench your passion.  I say to you, stir up the gift.  Stir up the gift of heaven that rests upon your life.  You were not called to a pedantic, tepid, lukewarm experience.  I have so much more for you beyond what you have experienced.  This is the day.  Enough is enough.  Step up, step out and if others object – just let them cope with your call!

I AM lighting you up, says the Father.  I AM illuminating you from within.  I AM releasing the fire baptism of full experience in My glory upon you this day.  Capture that fire and allow it to engulf and to touch every aspect of your life, says God.  The doors closed against you will open.  The gates that have held you back will be burst to splinters as I step forward making the crooked path straight.  Open your mouth and fill your hand with all that I have given you and it will produce and not fail, for this is your time, says the Father.

November 28, 2017.   The Father says today, be encouraged, for I AM working.  I AM your hope in the midst of hopelessness.  Your portion is to take shelter in My shadow till the storm is passed and difficulty and struggle has faded away.  When your strength fails and there seems to be no relief, run to Me.  I AM and I will continue to be your refuge.  In ways that the natural man cannot measure, I will protect you and uphold you in the midst of the darkness looming on the horizons of your life.  Though everyone is taken down and fallen, you will be left standing because you took refuge in Me and found Me to be your fortress against every assault of the enemy.

Though the enemy lay his clever and hidden snares against you, I will keep your foot from being taken.  Though he rages against you with sudden misfortune, you will not panic, because My everlasting arms are holding you secure.  Take heart and refuse to be melancholy.  Though a thousand fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand – it will not come near you.  Keep your trust anchored in Me.  Refuse to sell out to the flesh. Maintain the integrity of your trust and commitment to My word.  I will defend you and you will come out of the difficult time both intact and on target for the fulfillment of all that I have promised.

November 27, 2017.   The Father says today, take the exit that I have provided for you.  There have been disappointments and downturn.  You looked for a way out – anything that would make things better.  I say to you I am not going to leave you where you are.  This is your coming out season.  I AM not trying to teach you through the pain and I AM not punishing you either.  That hasn’t always been how others would interpret things in your life but who are you going to listen to, religious mentality or My voice resonating within you?  Be a Father-pleaser and look to Me for your truth.  My truth in your heart will always lead you to yoke easy and burden light.  Do you trust me, says the Father?  Then let me take it from here.

Stand up!  Stand up in who I say you are, not what the past says about you.  Your past does not dictate your future.  Listen to My voice, for I will always give you the exact and specific things that you can actually act on that will make circumstances better and give you peace.  I have a life worth living just ahead for you.  I AM not leaving anything out.  I have prepared the whole package of blessing and favor and all you need do is listen, move forward and refuse to be discouraged or distracted. In the place of total obedience you will see chaos dispelled and order restored that gives you joy – even that joy unspeakable, filled with My glory and peace beyond human understanding.

November 26, 2017.   The Father says today, I have emancipated you this day from stress and striving.  You are appointed to rest, My beloved.  The blessing that I give adds no sorrow to it.  The kindness of the world is a cruelty, but when you receive of My hand it is accompanied with rest and peace.  The command of heaven is that the manacles of stress be lifted off of your life this day.  The spiritual warfare and familiar spirits that would antagonize you are being stifled in Jesus’ name.  You are free.  Every place that My Spirit dwells is characterized by liberty and the absence of anxiety and struggle.  I have prepared for you a habitation that you might experience as never before what it is to be sheltered in the strong tower of My name.

The illegitimate authority of men’s opinions and judgments are falling away and favor from on high is taking their place over your life.  The words spoken, even in secret that you sensed and felt going forth, are falling inert and without power to influence you in any way.  The Father says, every tongue that rises up against you is condemned.  The recompense of My favor decontaminates the atmosphere of your life, so rejoice and look up, for I have emancipated you by My power this day, says the Father.

November 25, 2017.   The Father says today, receive ascension grace this day.  Receive within yourself the grace to rise above those things that are pressing down upon you.  I AM the God of yoke easy and burden light.  I have not chosen for you the heavy burden.  The brutality of the yoke is not your portion.  The anointing that is upon the head flows down you right now and breaks off of you the heavy bands and tormenting chains of downturn and suffering.  Receive it!  Accept what I accomplished for you on the cross.  Receive and drink deeply of the refreshing whereby I have refreshed you.  Step this day into life and life more abundantly, for it is yours by right of the new birth that I made possible on the cross.

I have seated you, says the Father.  You are above and not beneath.  I have set you in Myself far above all principalities and powers.  There is no hand upon you but the hand of My blessing.  There is no controlling principle that can usurp My lordship in your life.  Shake yourself free today.  Refuse to be engrossed in material law and material things.  I have made you a master of the material world.  As I stilled storms and multiplied bread, even so, who I AM on the inside of you is calming your personal storm and releasing the bread of full provision for every need in your life.  Accept this and take within yourself the ascension principle that Calvary made possible in your life.

November 24, 2017.   The Father says today, I see the commitments you’ve made.  When you wonder if anyone notices what you are doing or the efforts you are making – know that heaven takes notice and that is all that matters.  The resolve in your heart to seek first the Kingdom and walk in integrity of heart have not escaped My attention.  Be encouraged in your walk.  Know that what you are moving toward is closer that it may appear.  Be diligent.  Be diligent in petition and determination that nothing will dissuade you from what I have promised.  The seeds you have sown and the effort you have expended toward enlargement of vision will not fail.

Summon new strength and courage for the days ahead.  When your energy falters and your focus is unclear – rest in My favor.  Laugh, relax and seek out fellowship with positive, loving people.  My favor is out there working even when you are at rest.  I never called you to exhaust yourself in order to receive all that I have promised.  There is a time to come away before you come apart.  Do not neglect necessary rest, for I created and designed you in your humanity to set aside time to rest and recharge.  I work while you sleep, says the Father, so enter into My rest.  Enjoy what this day affords you.  Be ready to step back into the harness of destiny when tomorrow arrives.

November 23, 2017.   The Father says today, you are laying foundations.  You are a foundation layer for those that come after you, says the Father.  The decisions you make today that may seem minor and insignificant will reverberate for decades to come in the lives of those around you.  Walk circumspectly.  Be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.  Though others around you live as though there is no tomorrow or no accountability, realize that your life is much more of an influence than you could ever realize.  I raised you up to be a standard bearer, one who would set an example to others of godliness and holiness.  Let this be your resolve this day – to fulfill your purpose, and in so doing save others in times to come from much unnecessary suffering.

It is a time of recompense, says the Father.  A time when seeds sown in the past spring up and bring forth fruit.  Some will produce a harvest of joy and others will produce and spring up with the fruits of foolish choices and lives led in selfishness and blindness.  Speak My mercy and My grace to those that are hurting and those that are suffering.  Let your words be the cleansing agent that opens the door to a new direction in life to those that are in the mire, unable to see a way forward.  Give hope to the hopeless and rest to the weary until the day is done and your assignment completed.  This is the portion of all those who follow in My steps and their reward will be swift and sure as they follow hard after Me.

November 22, 2017.   The Father says today, your dreams are not unattainable.  Never allow the opinion of men or even your own limited thinking to delegitimize your dream.  You may feel you are inept, unable, incapable and bereft of opportunity but that is the lie.  My presence that is within you, is even this hour putting you over in every area of endeavor.  That is My truth in you.  Let it be your truth.  Say within yourself “it is my Father that doeth the work…”  Do you believe this, or can you be dissuaded by negative circumstances, limitation or adversity?  Today is the day I call upon you to make up your mind and resolve in your heart that I AM pro-vision and nothing but nothing, but nothing, shall be impossible to you.

Since nothing is impossible to you, says the Father, I want you to leave yourself no possible way of retreat.  Set yourself, yea, steel your sinews for the task and then burn your bridges behind you.  I stand at the door of your own volition and knock.  In My arms lay the bounty of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Open to Me and close the door on failure.  As long as you leave room for failure and disappointment, they will readily find you and frame your life with despair and negativity.  That is the domain of darkness seeking to pull you back in – but I have translated you out of the domain of darkness and into the kingdom of light.  Be a child of that light today.  Take words like impossible, and failure, and despair out of your vocabulary.  Refuse to nurse the age old addiction of the victim mentality.  You are not a victim.  You are a living expression of unrealized potential breathed upon by My hand.

November 21, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM here – talk to Me.  Beloved, My ear is inclined to hear your prayer at all times.  I AM not ignoring you or refusing to accept the petitions you offer up before My throne.  Ask.  Ask that your joy may be full.  Do not allow unbelief or wrong teaching to suggest to you that I AM not willing to respond to the cry of your heart.  When you pray, pray sincerely and without pretense or affectation.  There is no need for you to attempt to overcome My reluctance to answer, because I have no reluctance to answer the prayers, intercession and petitions of those who call out to Me in the fervency of a pure heart.

Expect a prompt answer.  Having made petition, know that I will show up in the circumstance right on time.  My eye ever searches the earth from pole to pole to show Myself strong in the lives of those who walk in faithfulness in My Kingdom.  Finding faith in the earth and in your heart, is the one great motivator that causes My hand to be opened and the heavens to be poured out in answer to your need.  Never allow the enemy to defile you with false notions that I am holding Myself aloof from you for any reason.  Call out to Me in the time of your need and the answer will come, and that right speedily.

November 20, 2018.   The Father says today, you are coming through to an expected end.  Certain things that have not been clear are being made evident at this point in time, says the Father – even this day.  I have put desires in you and I have caused you to want the very thing I determined that you might have and possess.  I put that fire in your belly and I stirred up within you that indefinable ache and longing.  What has only been a spiritual yearning is taking shape and becoming a strategy for moving forward.  This is your now season and your now time, says the Father.  The time is at hand that you won’t be living merely with the concept of things, but you will taste and actually see the manifestation of things you thought might never be.

Know this, says the Father, that the ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  I have originated in you that which would inexorably draw you out of the shallows and into the deeps of My perfect will for your life.  The enemy has sought to discourage you into thinking “plan a” was no longer available.  Things didn’t turn out, circumstances went sour and you were tempted to despair.  Just look again, says the Father.  Look through the eye of the Spirit and see the fresh wind of My Spirit bringing things together and causing highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled becoming a reality in your life.  It’s who I AM and what I do – and upon you I release the fulfillment of all things that I have sown into your heart and into that vision you have held in your heart for so long.

November 19, 2017.   The Father says today, you are not being blocked in life.  You feel as though something is holding you back and that forward momentum is not possible.  That is the lie of the enemy.  He wants you to think that the active resistance against you is in control, but I say to you that I AM on the inside of you and I AM totally in control.  You have been looking up and asking, “God, when are you going to do something about my situation?”  My child – what more can I do beyond Calvary?  Are you saying that Calvary was not enough, and your situation calls for something beyond the sacrifice of the cross?  I understand the pain and the frustration, says the Father.  I hear the cry of your heart.  I say to you the work is done.  All that I could possibly do for you was done on the cross 2000 years ago.  Enter into the finished work.  Accept the fact that when I gave you My highest gift 2000 years ago, I included with Him every lesser thing that you could ever ask Me for.

What next, then?  If the work is done and the way is made clear, what does it take to move forward?  My child, learn to face every situation first of all with the presumption that all I have said to you is true.  Act as though you believe that every promise applying to your situation is in force and being made manifest in your life.  Regardless of how you feel, what the situation indicates or what others say.  Faith is an action.  Faith is an outworking of substantive actions that you are taking in anticipation of victory.  You can say “yes, Lord” all you like but until you take a risk, step out, make a sacrifice, face the giant and move forward – nothing changes.  Resist the deception that zealous reception of the message is all it takes to see change.  The hard work must be done.  You won’t be walking on the water until you vault over the rail.  This is your now time.  All that I have promised you in My word is backing you up.  It’s your move.  Heaven will bankrupt itself in behalf of that one who promptly steps out in faith and obedience to My word.

November 18, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM with you and will never leave or forsake you.  Though you make your bed in hell My presence will be there.  There is never a question of whether I AM available or My promises capable of changing what is going on in your life.  The only question is your own ability, both to sense My presence and receive the deliverance I AM extending to you even now.  Where is your courage?  Faith is all about risk.  There is no such thing as a risk free walk of faith.  I have heard your cry.  I AM moving in your situation, but know that there are corresponding actions that you must take to see the outcome you have petitioned Me for.

So, be of good courage and take up your bed and walk.  Stand up in the midst of the situation and shake yourself from all inaction.  The enemy wants to paralyze you and keep you from moving forward.  You are not helpless.  I AM the Greater One on the inside of you.  The pressure may be intense, but the way forward is clear.  It is through much tribulation you enter the kingdom, but you WILL enter – on your feet and not on a stretcher.  You must get involved and act.  As you act I will cause your forward momentum to put the enemy to flight as your faith takes wings and carries you over the mountains that have so long stood in your way.

November 17, 2017.   The Father says today, the outlook is not bleak.  The enemy wants you to think that you have no future.  In desperation, you felt as though there was nothing to live for. Beloved – oh My beloved, I AM working in your life.  I AM working to bring about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  Do not let your heart be so troubled.  Despair not, says the Father.  Refuse to give in to the agony of what your life feels like right now.  As Moses said when he lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, “look and live…”  That serpent represented your sin and failure being nailed to the cross on the shoulder of the son of God. Look and live – look to Me and not the situation at hand.  I paid the price, says the Father, that I might bring you out and raise you up.  This is your now season.

Refuse to look at what circumstances say.  The situations of your life may seem utterly and totally out of your control and beyond your reach, but that is not the case.  Where you are at your end, I AM taking you up.  Make the changes necessary.  Step out in compliant alignment with the promises of My word.  As you heed the command, so you shall inherit the promise.  I AM speaking.  I AM speaking to you in the night.  I AM speaking to you in My word.  I AM sending angel warriors to war with you – give Me, GIVE ME cooperation and I will give you transformation and change.  Your life is destined to be a little bit of heaven from God to heaven in.  Let your prayer and your cry continually be AS IN HEAVEN so ON EARTH – and My love, it will be just that way.

November 16, 2017.   The Father says today, you will possess your possessions!  Though all the world around you struggle and contend, I will hide you in My secret place and preserve you when all else crumbles and falls.  Fear not My beloved!  It is of a necessity that fallen humanity sees the vanity of their false confidence.  The darkness may become very dark, but for you the day will be as the morning spread on the mountains!  Do not give in to the doom and gloom mentality that dominates the narrative of the world of men.  Set your focus upon who I AM in your life and know that even though 10,000 fall at your right hand I will shelter you and keep you safe.

Run this day into the high tower of My name. Into My name the righteous will run and be sheltered!  While others run from Me, purpose to always run to Me for it is in the security of My embrace the scourge that comes in the day and the pestilence that lurks in the night will not come near you.  Even in the midst of the white-hot trial you will come out without even the smell of smoke on your garment.  This is who I AM and this is what I do.  The work of the cross and the power of the resurrection reflect My unbending intention to enlarge, increase and sustain you regardless of what may be going on in the circumstance says your God.

November 15, 2017.    The Father says today, let patience have its perfect work in you.  Be patient beloved, for I will not leave you where you are.  I will not abandon you to the consequences of wrong choices or things in your life that you know and realize are not accomplishing My will or blessing your life.  My gift in you is that you have My highest and best both now and in the world to come.  My blueprint for your life is to raise you up into a place where you are walking in the entirety of My goodness, wanting nothing.  Some have taught that I withhold and deny but I AM not the denier – I AM the giver.  I AM the giver and I desire that you be wanting for nothing that pertains to life and godliness.

So, cooperate with My process, says the Father.  Cooperate with My process and you will see the fullness of My outcome in your life and in your situation.  Embrace the circumcision by which I cut away in your heart those things that are working against you and against My purposes.  Only those circumcised inwardly will endure to the end that they might be saved.  You are earmarked for breakthrough.  You are chosen to have an end in Me that exceeds your highest heart’s desire.  My plan is greatest dream fulfilled My beloved, so bare your breast to the working of the death of the cross in you that the life of the resurrection may see its full and final manifestation in your life.

November 14, 2017.   The Father says today, let there be no strange fire upon My altar.   In the days of Moses, Aarons sons were casual about the fire that they kindled on My altar and the consequence for them was not pleasant.  I have kindled something of Myself in you that the enemy would love to extinguish.  There are influences all around you that seek to enflame you and distract you from My presence, says the Father.  Refuse to be sidetracked or turned aside from that which I AM doing in your midst.  Never allow your heart to be divided or the embers of your passion for My kingdom to grow cold.

I know the way that you take, says the Father.  I AM with you every step of the way leading and guiding through every challenge.  You aren’t lost and you are not in a dead-end situation.  Though the way forward may seem to escape you, know that in a moment of time I will sweep away all the obstacles and cause you to walk into the fulfillment of all that I have promised.  Your responsibility is to keep your eyes on Me, never allowing your heart to be seduced by the voice of the deceiver speaking from the sidelines, tempting you to abandon the race that I have set before you.

November 13, 2017.   The Father says today, My heart is that you prosper and be in health.  I AM so committed to your benefit that I sent the Only Begotten that you might have life and life more abundantly.  That is not what you have always heard from those who claim to speak in My name.  Take what others tell you and look deeply into My word.  Believe My promise.  Lay hold on what the cross paid for in your life.  Set aside the preponderance of opinion of faithless men who have accepted the lie of the enemy.  Religious mentalities can never get onboard with anyone being blessed other than themselves, but know this – I have set you as the pupil of My eye.  When the negative touches you, know that I AM providing and protecting you as I would My own person.

Be blessing minded this day.  See yourself as the blessed and let your mouth bless all those around you.  Seeking the blessing is not immature, or unspiritual.  That is the lie of the enemy.  Purpose in your heart to adopt a “life and life more abundantly” expectation in your life.  I AM not offended when you have an abundance mentality.  I said in My word “as in heaven so on earth…”  There is no poverty in heaven.  There is no disease or sickness in heaven.  There is no sorrow in heaven.  The work of the Cross was to mitigate and eliminate from your life all of these things, that you might serve Me without distraction and in fullness of joy.  Accept this as your most basic understanding of what being a part of My family is all about.

November 12, 2017.   The Father says today, receive the knowledge of God.  Embrace the revelation of who I AM and what I am doing by giving yourself over to My word.  Receive the Rhema and the Logos revelation of who I AM in your life.  As you gain unfiltered insight into who I AM on the inside of you – your desires will be spontaneously fulfilled under the mandate of yoke easy and burden light.  Pursue the knowledge of My word.  Seek to know not just My acts but My ways.  Your knowledge of Me, once metabolized in your human spirit will add to you all things that pertain unto life and godliness.

You have cried out for access to My power, says the Father.  The knowledge I impart through My word and through My Spirit constitutes the conduit through which My power comes online in your life.  Weakness and impotence are resolved through the knowledge of My word and the revelation of My Spirit.  It is My purpose to afford you everything necessary for life and life more abundantly – and it comes through the knowledge resident in My word.  Receive it.  Give yourself over to it and My word will put you over in life.  In fact – nothing else will.

November 11, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM sending a fresh anointing into your midst.  The corn, the wine and the oil will be abundant in your life as you make yourself available to hear My words and receive of My promise renewed to you this day.  Be prepared to say, “blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD…”  My heart hears your cry beloved and out of the ranks of everyday people I AM raising up new leadership with mantles freshly fallen from heaven.  It is a day of power and a day of shaking loose and removing those things that can be shaken in order to establish My promise and bring all My words that have been spoken to pass in your life.

Be prepared to receive those that I have sent to you, says the LORD.  They will not preach themselves and they will not yield to the protests of the illegitimate authorities that are not interested in any change that does not benefit them directly.  Be encouraged, says the Father, for I have heard your cry.  Be encouraged, for My word will light upon you and bring joy and the outpouring of My goodness as you make the necessary changes that I am calling for by My Spirit.  It is a new day and you will enter in and see the transformation you have called for in your life.

November 10, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM raising you up as an influencer in the earth.  You are not a helpless victim.  You are not one consigned to sitting on the sidelines while others control every aspect of your life.  The enemy wants you to feel helpless.  The enemy wants you to throw up your hands in frustration and do nothing.  That is not My plan for you beloved, and those are not My instructions.  You are salt and you are light in the earth.  Darkness is dispelled as you speak My word and declare My truths.  Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  When you walk into a room, refuse to bow your head in silence.  I will put My wisdom in your mouth and stop the mouths of the gainsayers who think they are the only ones with authority to speak.

Fight the good fight of faith, says the Father.  The good fight of faith is not a strife filled debate or argument.  I haven’t called you to argue.  I have called you to stand in the quiet authority of a son of God.  I have ordained you to speak out against the darkness with the quiet confidence of one who knows that I AM with you in the midst of adversity and challenge.  As the enemy challenges you – let your goal not be to win the debate, but to win the soul.  I will use you to turn the tide.  Through My wisdom in your mouth I will convince and turn the hearts of those who oppose themselves from the wickedness of man to the righteousness of the just.

November 9, 2017.   The Father says today, My name is the strong tower in your life.  The death on the cross was the master stroke of the enemy’s defeat, for it was at the cross I gave you My name as the ultimate weapon against all the wiles of the enemy.  When you see difficulties looming all around you Beloved, know that I am your defense.  I am the strong tower that will protect and surround you and keep you safe from all harm.  Men look all around for answers and for deliverers to come and save them, but it is all in vain, for I alone will deliver you and salvage your life from destruction.  The righteous run into My name and are saved.  There is no other shelter, there is no safety outside of the Cross.

So, run to Me, says the Father, for I AM your rescue.  Run to Me when all else fails for there is no salvation in any other name or any other power.  Politics will not save you.  Armies and their campaigns of conquest will not save you.  Get it into your heart and mind forever that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the LORD, that My purposes are maintained and My peace in your life is established.  Pull away from those that would seduce you away from My voice speaking in your heart and through My word.  Lean upon Me with all your ability, knowing that when troubles threaten and gloom is all around, I AM the light of truth leading you to a better day.

November 8, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM calling up My warrior bride.  My preparatory processes have moved among My people to bring them together and focus them in assignment.  Be an individual who takes control of the narrative you are paying attention to, Beloved.  Turn your mind and your emphasis from the negative and the backlash of the enemy.  Become single-minded to My Kingdom and to what your place is according to the calling that I have put on your life.  You are the Called of Heaven.  I have called you from your mother’s womb to fulfill a purpose and it is more than sitting as an observer to all that the enemy is doing to wear out the saints.  Purpose to lay hold of and to receive of My refreshing.  Lay hold on the inside of you the refreshing rains of My Spirit this day and be cleansed of the contamination of mockery, despair and helplessness that the enemy desires to use to hold you bound.

You are not bound, says the Father, when you keep your eyes upon Me.  As you focus on the throne and walk in pursuit of the kingdom, the iron fetters of discouragement and despair will shred like flax when you flex your spiritual muscles.  Let your mouth pray.  Greet the morning with petition and praise as soon as your eyes open.  Pray always in the Spirit and in the understanding.  Pray out the mysteries of heaven and they will become manifest on the earth.  You are not powerless.  You are not helpless.  You are not marginalized.  That is what the world wants you to think but it is a tissue of lies.  You are My great army.  The assembling for a global outpouring is taking place.  Find your rank and take your position.  Wait in expectation and act with audacity.  Know that this is your time and this is My time to deliver up the kingdoms of men to the sovereignty of My purposes in the earth.

November 7, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM pulling down Ahab and Jezebel in high places.  The Ahab mentalities and the Jezebel mentalities that facilitate them are being exposed.  In the high places of the earth I AM unseating and displacing the strategy of hell that has contaminated the earth and contaminated My people.  Baal is being deposed and cast down.  The seven thunders are uttering their voices and shaking everything in the earth that can be shaken.  Your eyes will see it and your ears will hear the testimony.  This is the hour that changes the world, says the Father, and I have given you a front row seat to the greatest display of My sovereignty the earth has ever seen.

I AM shaking those things that CAN be shaken that those things that CANNOT be shaken will remain.  I AM sifting out the tares and separating them from the wheat.  I AM bringing the barley harvest – the early harvest into the garner.  Get ready for the arms of your prayers to be filled with the sheaves of answered prayer in your loved one’s lives.  The time of watering is coming to an end.  The planting season and the watering season are giving way to the ingathering, even the great ingathering that I have promised in My word.   Get ready.  Get ready and go out as a gatherer – even a worker in My harvest for the greatness of the harvest is ripened and ready for those who have the faith and the boldness to retrieve them into My Kingdom, says the Father.

November 6, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM speaking to you by My Son this day.  As I spoke in times past by the law and the prophets, this day I AM speaking through My Son.  Let the life of the Son be the lens through which you understand who I AM and what I AM doing.  I came into the earth that you might have life and life more abundantly.  Anything that does not constitute life and life more abundantly did not originate in the Son.  You are authorized and you are expected to resist ANYTHING in heaven or earth that does other than bring forth benediction and blessing in your life.  That isn’t what you have been taught in the councils of the uninformed but that is the clear testimony of My word that I AM bringing to bear against every situation in your life this day.

Fear not, says the Father. Fear not, believe only!  When your heart fails and faith falters, purpose to let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth.  All of your days are written in My book and none of them are tales of difficulty, woe or disappointment.  As far as I AM concerned these are nothing more than lying vanities.  When you observe lying vanities you forsake the narrative of My mercy that is recorded in the indelible record of your life that was established before the foundation of the world.  Reject that narrative of despair.  Delight yourself in My promise.  Set your affection and your attention on My goodness and you will see My goodness in the land of the living as the ultimate and overarching reality of what constitutes your walk in My Kingdom.

November 5, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your shepherd.  I AM shepherding you and I AM pastoring you.  I AM bringing you to still waters and green pastures.  Rest, says the Father.  Rest and feed.  Rest and drink deep of My goodness.  Draw upon the promise of My word that I might gird up your legs to stand in the mountain of My holiness.  Discard the husk of the natural man who knows only diminishment.  You are not diminishing, you are increasing.  You are increasing with the increase of God.  This is your base state because the person who steps into My presence can only come to increase and enlargement at My table.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel it or sense it in your natural man.  Regardless of what feelings say – you are the blessed of the Most High.  Shall the enemy succeed in cursing what I have blessed?  I have blessed you with the blessing and the entitlement that brought Jesus out of the grave.  The blessing that brought My son out of the grave is bringing you out of impoverishment, downturn, sickness, sorrow and despair.  As the grave could not hold My Son – so these things cannot hold you.  This is your coming out season, says the Father, so rejoice, rise up and move forward by faith expecting nothing but the best to be the outcome – your personal outcome at the end of the day.

November 4, 2017.   The Father says today, the angel of My presence is near you.   Because My glory is in you, the angel of My presence is close to hand.  The angels cry day and night “holy, holy, holy” because that is their response when they come into proximity to My glory.  As the serpent feeds on the dust of the earth, so the angels draw strength from My glory and are always pressing into the glory, wherever they find it.  For this reason, I made it possible by the blood of the cross for My glory to take up its residence in you.  Because the glory is in you the angels guard, guide and surround your life.

Expect to see and know when angels are near, says the Father.  Because I AM not far off, My angels are not far off.  I AM not a far off God.  I AM near to you, even as close as hands and feet.  I AM not some construct of emotion or imagination creating the effect of goosebumps on your arm.  I AM in you – in the glory.  I AM in you in the glory and from that glory I AM meeting all of your need.  All the riches that are in Christ are in you – in the glory.  There is nothing to waiting on a planet or some far off place.  My Kingdom is IN YOU.  To see My Kingdom as somewhere other than IN YOU is a perspective born of sin-consciousness.  I AM in you.  I AM around you.  The angels are near.  This is the atmosphere of the miraculous that you are stepping into RIGHT NOW.

November 3, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM the ORIGINAL CAUSE.  You are the effect.  I have originated Myself in you and I have originated you in Me – impervious of assault to defeat in anyway.  I AM the cause and you are the effect that came about because I purposed to have fellowship.  In eternity past, I desired and longed to fill and to express Myself, so I brought you into the earth.  All of creation and the cosmos is only the trappings of environment I formed to have a place where you might walk out your intimacy with Me.  I didn’t bring you into the earth to subject you to death or despair.  I brought you into the earth to manifest the express purpose of My nature and My glory.  You are in your person a carrier of the glory because I have placed My glory in you.  That was the whole purpose of the cross – that I might take up residence in your heart by the glory.

Acknowledge the glory wherein I dwell on the inside of you, says the Father.  Acknowledge the glory and bow at that altar, for there I AM enthroned on the inside of you.  Your heart is the ark of My covenant.  I no longer dwell in a box made of acacia wood overlaid with gold.  You are the ark of My presence. In you is the golden pot of manna and the tablets of My word.  That is who you are and who I AM on the inside of you.  When you recognize this, and allow this one truth to be the overriding understanding of your purpose in life, then every idol and every pagan image will fall down at your feet and be broken.  As in the temple of the fish god long ago, the enemy will fall and be broken and you will be brought out of captivity, for I cannot be bound, therefore you will not and cannot be bound as you understand who you are in Me and who I AM in you.

November 2, 2017.   The Father says today, fear not, believe only!  I haven’t called you to believe in what the enemy is doing.  I have called you to set your mind on what I AM doing.  You are either going to fill your mind with your troubles or fill your mind with My promises.  Make your choice this day!  Your mind is a womb where tomorrow is conceived and brought forth by the words of your mouth.  Are you filling your mind with troubles and worries?  There is no wisdom in so doing.  Fill your mind with My goodness.  Fill your mind with the immediacy of My presence in the midst of your troubles.  Find the table I have set before you in the presence of your enemies and be seated there and be satiated with My goodness with which that table is laden.

Refuse to let the enemy make you naked or tell you that you are naked.  You are not naked, you are not exposed, you are not vulnerable.  I have clothed you with Myself.  I AM in you and you are in Me.  When the enemy does his worst, I will do My best and there you have it!  Victory!  I AM the victory on the inside of you.  Because you have Me, you have conquered and you are a conqueror.  Say it!  Say it out your mouth “I am a conqueror because of who Jesus is on the inside of Me!”  In so doing, you are prophesying what happens next.  I can get behind your words when you align your thoughts and your conversation with the narrative of My word and not the narrative of worry and despair.  Then and only then you will step into that moment that changes the world and transforms YOUR world.

November 1, 2017.   The Father says today, step into the illuminated perspective of My kingdom.  I AM the light of the world and I have called you to be both salt and light in the earth and to all those around you.  What I want you to SEE and what I want you to BE are one and the same.  I want you to see the good news of the gospel.  I want you to personify that good news to others.  It isn’t your job to convince people about how dark it is out there.  Light does not MEASURE darkness, light DISPELLS darkness.  I AM your wisdom.  Wisdom is who I AM and not just what I know.  That wisdom is imparted to you, even this day, in greater measure.   What is wisdom?  Wisdom is not the ability to measure just how bad things are or to expose some deep conspiracy.  Darkness abounds and conspiracies reach their tentacles into every aspect of life.  So, what?  If I AM in you as the GREATER ONE, it doesn’t matter what the enemy is doing, all that matters is the answer to the question: are you walking in the light that I AM in the earth?

When the light is manifest, the darkness is dispelled and the vermin run for the exit in your life.  Just receive My light.  Receive My light and walk in My light.  Walk in the light that I AM.  Revel in the light and refuse to be distracted by the darkness.  When I formed and fashioned the earth I said “light be…”  I did not say “how dark it is – how formless…” You cannot have peace or know peace while you are looking at and engaging with the knowledge of what the enemy is doing and planning.  There is no power that can usurp what I AM doing in your life as long as your mind is stayed on Me.  Turn to Me in your thoughts.  Turn to Me in your heart and your emotions.  Refuse to fear, and refuse to give in to the narrative of natural things.  You are not a natural thing, and the world I have ordained you to walk around in is not a natural world, but a supernatural world.  I AM the Greater One in you, and I have ordained that you experience and walk in the Greater Works Ministry.  This is who you are and who I AM on the inside of you.  Know this and accept it as your base state in life, and darkness will never hold you, says the Father.


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