The Father Says Today – November 2018

Daily prophecy for November 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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November 30, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM leading and guiding you.  I will lead you this day with My eye, and all you need do is look and know exactly what I want.  You will follow, and you will respond, and things will work out in a supernatural way.  Remember, on the other side of obedience, says God, there is always reward.  Are you ready for the reward?  I rain on the just and on the unjust, and I care for the sparrows that have no knowledge or sense beyond their immediate environment.  You are of much more value than many sparrows, for I revealed Myself to you and I have shown you the path of life.

Walk this day in the path of My life that is coursing through your veins and establishing what happens next by My power and My strength.  Feel My strength in your inner man causing you to embrace and accept what I have promised even though things don’t look like they will work out.  Listen to My voice, says God, for the outlook is not bleak.  The enemy will not have the upper hand.  Rise up.  You must stand upright on your feet and declare the declaration of resistance against all that contradicts My promises in your situation.  Declare and proclaim.  Decree and be bold, for in the declaration and in the decree, My power is unleashed and everything changes from glory to glory and from faith to faith.

November 29, 2018.   The Father says today, ask Me for more.  Open your eyes every morning and say “more, LORD!”  Ask for more, for I AM a God of abundance and I AM not holding out on you.  Men suggest that My answer is “no,” but My answer is not no.  My answer is yes and amen even as I said in My Word.  Those who say otherwise are blind leaders of the blind – why are you listening to their weak and dull teachings?  Ask.  I dare you to ask.  Ask Me for more and more and more, for beloved – more is available.  More love.  More power.  More of who I AM in your life. More of seeing My hand moving the unmovable and releasing favor, blessing and breakthrough in your life beyond all your expectations.

I love a dreamer, says God.  Dreams are given that they might be fulfilled.  They are not given merely to comfort you but to inspire you regarding what is ahead in your life.  Go ahead and dream.  Dream the bigger dream.  Dream about big vision and big things that are to come, for they will surely be your portion.  As you dream and embrace your dreams, so you will experience and know those dreams to become a reality in your life.  Fear not. Let hope be renewed in your mind.  Do not let bitter past experiences speak more loudly than My promise regarding your future.  It’s a new day and a new time.  Be refreshed in that newness.  Be revived in the streams of My mercy that are renewed every morning with you in mind, says God.

November 28, 2018.   The Father says today, enter into resurrection reality today.  Because I rose from the dead 2000 years ago, you will rise up out of the sepulcher of difficulty that has held you bound.  Because I ascended, so the path of ascent was made open for you likewise to follow.  The way is made clear.  Come and be seated.  Come and know that you are in fact seated in heavenly places at My right hand.  You are not beneath, and you are not downtrodden.  The enemy cannot tread your courts any more than he can tread My courts.  Take authority.  Take authority with your faith and with your words, for now is the day of your salvation.

Enter into the finished work of Calvary, says God.  Enter in by what you believe in your heart and enter in by what you speak with your mouth.  With the heart man believes and with the mouth salvation is made manifest in space and time.  Pronounce your liberty.  Declare your freedom.  Shout it from the roof-tops, even the roof of your mouth . Refuse to cower in fear any longer.  Cast off the chains of sorrow and worry.  You are not a worrier, you are a believer.  Break the habit of unbelief and adopt the Christ mentality.  You are not a groveling worm asking for crumbs of sustenance from a disinterested Master.  You are a beloved child partaking of My fullness at the table spread before you in the presence of your enemies.

November 27, 2018.   The Father says today, what I have called clean – do not call unclean.  You are clean through the word that I have spoken to you.  You are not contaminated, and you are not excluded in any way.  You are not rejected, and you are not damaged goods.  Men have sought to exclude you.  Men have sought to deny you the blood-bought provisions of the cross.  Pay them no mind – just run to Me.  Find your solace and your preservation in the high tower of My name planted in the midst of the vineyard that is your life.  Say of your soul “I am the planting of the Lord…” for I AM watching over you and caring for every tender shoot, every circumstance, and situation that is of concern to you this very moment.

See yourself this day as the entitled of heaven.  You are an entitled one, says God, for I am not holding out on you in any way.  There is no secret code or hidden knowledge that must be gleaned from religion that will suddenly cause things to be different.  Just know that I AM.  I AM your provisioning.  I AM your healing.  I AM your deliverance, even this day.  Enter into that which was made available to you 2000 years ago.  Embrace the finished work of Calvary by expressing on the earth those faith-filled prayers that anticipate what I have promised will be your experience today, even this very day.  Not tomorrow, but today, for My love for you will wait no longer than the occasion of your faith-filled prayer.

November 26, 2018.   The Father says today, I have removed the wall of partition between us.  Darkness cannot hold you and man cannot deny you those things that were paid for on the cross.  I have declared you to be children of light, for who you are originates in Me, and because I am light, you are light in the world.  Let the light that you are and the light that I AM on the inside of you shine out into the atmosphere around you.  You don’t need to grapple with the darkness, you just need to shine and allow Me to radiate from within your human heart where I dwell out into the darkness encroaching upon you.

Command your eyes to be opened and command your ears to hear.  Remember there is no fear in love.  Because you are in Me, though all hell be ranged against you, it is as nothing.  You will merely make note of it as a victory about to be won.  I AM working to deliver, and I AM working to mend and to heal.  There only remains the occasion of your asking, for I will do nothing in your life until you ask.  Ask, says God. Ask largely and ask audaciously.  I dare you to bankrupt the heavens with your asking for all of the treasuries of My Kingdom are opened and upended in response to your faith-filled prayer.

November 25, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not in a problem, you are in a process.  You are not in trouble, you are in transition.  Refuse to put roots down where you are for I AM taking you on from glory to glory.  I will not leave you in the place of struggle for that is not your portion.  I AM all about yoke easy and burden light.  There is no strategy or wisdom needed other than “come unto Me and I will give you rest…”  All else is just religious thinking trying to justify unbelief.  I AM your answer.  I AM  your way, your truth, and your life – in My person, this is who I AM in you.  There are no convoluted religious protocols to learn or memorize.  Come to Me.  Come freely and without cost, for I am liberating you into the rest wherewith I made you free 2000 years ago.

The time is fulfilled, says God, for you are no longer a time bound creature.  Draw upon the resources of heaven.  I have placed within you a well and a river, the streams whereof will make you glad, for they originate in Me and flow out into every circumstance of your life.  Let your mouth pray . Allow the bubbling up of the language of heaven that is not without power and not without the ability to change you and change the situation.  This is the truth of earth governing heaven as concerning the works of My hand.  Open your mouth and issue the commands of faith that cause everything to shift.  Are you ready for this?  All is in readiness.  The table is spread, and the vintage of My goodness now fills your cup, inviting you to drink and drink more deeply of My goodness than ever before.

November 24, 2018.   The Father says today, everything that is done in heaven begins with a command on earth.  This is the government that is upon My shoulder and you are connected to that body. Governance – divine and holy governance courses through your being as a great and mighty force shaping the earth and determining your outcome.  Be teachable, says God.  Refuse to cling to the old way of thinking and doing, for it didn’t produce for you then and it isn’t working for you now.  Adopt My thoughts and My mind as your ground state and things will begin to change that you believed were permanent fixtures in your life.

This is the enemy’s undoing, says God.  What he intended for evil I am turning for your good.  I AM not merely maintaining you, I AM laying out the lines for you in pleasant places.  I AM expanding your boundaries and securing your borders.  I AM restoring to you what the enemy has stolen – but you – YOU must come into compliance and alignment with My thought and My heart in every decision you make, for My kingdom is MOTION ACTIVATED and what you do next will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

November 23, 2018.   The Father says today, ask of Me concerning the things that are to come.  I AM not a God of withholding, I AM a God who so loved that He gave. Concerning the works of My hands command Me, and so I will act.  This is not presumption, says God – it is a blood-bought entitlement.  I AM a covenant keeping God, but you must make a demand on the promise.  On the fleshly tablets of your heart, I have caused you to hope for better things, and better things are available as you enter into partnership and agreement with all that I have assured you of.

This is God-speed acceleration time, says the Father.  I will act just as fast as you are willing to keep up.  It isn’t complicated, says God.  The enemy wants to talk you out of My promise by bombarding you with questions that have no answer.  Refuse to fall for the lie.  Embrace My truth.  Come into that place where peace passes understanding.  You don’t have to know, and you don’t need the explanations you think are so necessary.  Just lean back in the fast lane of My peace, put the pedal to the metal and see what happens next!

November 22, 2018.   The Father says today, I give you the power of binding and loosing.  Heaven will only bind what you bind and will only loose what you loose.  I expect you to bind on earth before I will act in heaven.  It doesn’t matter if you feel impotent or powerless.  My Kingdom doesn’t operate on feeling, it operates on faith.  Feelings originate in the soul – but faith originates in the Spirit.  Faith is the breathing in and breathing out of your born-again spirit, so TAKE A BREATH, says God, and see what happens next!

There are many things I am ready to loose upon you of My goodness, says God, but I will not act alone.  I have ordained that all of the actions of heaven be governed by the prayers of My people on the earth and that includes you.  Jettison the stale old theology of unbelief.  Get rid of those unproductive patterns of thought that have never produced one positive thing in your life.  I AM near to you this day, says God, and My hand is poised to act in response to your faith-filled cry.

November 21, 2018.   The Father says today, it is not good to be alone, therefore I will not act alone to restore your life.  I will not work alone, says God, I will only act in concert and cooperation with your expectations and petitions.  Ask largely, says God.  Ask boldly.  Ask so audaciously that you deeply offend every religious spirit in earshot!  Ask so expectantly that others are shocked and appalled at the magnitude of your boldness.  This is the prayer I AM disposed to hear, and to hearken to.  This is the prayer of those who are men and women after My own heart.

Refuse to live below your privilege, says the Father.  Refuse to live another day without the full scope of My promise being made manifest in your life.  Pray and decree.  Decree and declare.  Then the promise will rise out of nothingness and become substance at your feet.  You will hold it in your hand and say this is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  I AM not denying you, neither is the delay at hand of My making.  I stand ready to answer, says God, so make it your determination to stand ready, instant in prayer to see your total and complete deliverance.

November 20, 2018.   The Father says today, prayer is the principle of My working in your life.  I have made My will known to you in My word.  It is your responsibility to return that will to Me in prayer.  As you return My revealed will to Me in prayer, so My will shall be accomplished in your life and your circumstance.  It doesn’t happen any other way for I have ordained that heaven is governed by the earth in the faith-filled prayers of My people.  Petition Me, says God, and I will respond.  Intercede, and I will answer.  Believe, and so it shall be done to you.

Have you said anything to your mountain lately, says God?  It stands there in your life mocking you as the Jebusites mocked David.  When David saw this, he acted, and the enemy was defeated.  The enemy was defeated, and David built his palace right there on that disputed ground.  Are you ready to build on the disputed ground of your life, says God?  I haven’t called you to build a bunker of dead religion to hide from the enemy.  I have called you to build a palace of faith daring the enemy to challenge the borders of your life that I have – I HAVE SURELY secured for you this day by your faith-filled prayer.

November 19, 2018.   The Father says today, ask, seek and knock.  In the asking, the answer will come.  In the seeking, the reward will be made manifest.  In the knocking, an immediate door will be opened to you.  There are doors closed tight against you that will burst to splinters at the knocking of your faith-filled hand.  Knock, says God, and let your expectation be great.  Ask, and heaven will answer.  Seek, and the reward will rise up from dust and ashes to afford you every benefit and blessing paid for on the cross.  It is time to stop praying all those weak prayers.  Don’t beg like a pauper kneeling in the dirt.  Pray like a prince who knows he has a loving Father ready and willing to respond.

Things are shifting and rearranging in your life today, says God.  The lifeless dreams are beginning to stir.  The bones of hope that have bleached lo these many years are coming together, and a mighty army is standing up.  Don’t look at the winds of adversity or challenge.  They are as nothing.  They will be driven away like the chaff from your borders.  Do not be distracted by the whispers and threats of the enemy, for in a moment I will remove him from your life never to be seen in your borders again.  This is who I AM, and this is what I do, for the pronouncement of heaven is “that will be enough of that!”  This is your time and your moment that I AM disposed to hear your prayer and bring the transformation you have longed for.

November 18, 2018.   The Father says today, let your mouth pray.  It is not the sheer volume of your words that cause heaven and earth to come together.  It is the alignment that you establish in your prayer between My promise and your petition.  I gave you the assurance of My word that what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.  Do you understand the power of that entitlement?  I have given you the governance of heaven on the earth. When you bind on earth, so heaven will correspondingly bind.  This is the power of what comes out of your mouth as My child.  What you bind and what you loose on earth profoundly affects things in heaven, and all the resources of the kingdom come online to see it done.

Are you ready for a new prayer life?  This is where the heavens hear the earth and the earth hears the heavens.  Your heart is the armory of heaven, says God.  All the weaponry of My Kingdom is stored up on the inside of you waiting for your lips to deploy them against the enemy of your soul.  You have so much more authority than you realize.  I could have called 10,000 angels, but I did not.  This was a power I refrained from so you could EXERCISE that same authority.  Open your mouth wide and SPEAK, says God.  Declare heaven come to earth.  Declare as in heaven so on earth.  Be the authority I bled and died for you to become, and at that moment – EVERYTHING CHANGES!

November 17, 2018.   The Father says today, to stop worrying.  I have prepared a place for you here by Me.  The position of power and dominion with your name on it is already prepared.  It was prepared 2000 years ago.  The work is already finished.  All you have to do is know that I AM in you.  Ascension is your portion.  Glory is your inheritance.  Adopt an ascension mentality and a glory disposition in all things.  Reject the ideations of being downtrodden.  You are not downtrodden, you are at the right hand of the majesty on high.  Be encouraged, says God.  Find that place in Me where all desires are fulfilled, and all needs are spontaneously supplied because you choose to be still and know that I AM.

I AM in you, and you are in Me.  We are one.  How is it possible for the enemy to keep your soul in hell if he couldn’t keep My soul in hell and I am in you?  Accept this and rejoice, for you are coming out as I came out of the tomb 2000 years ago.  The gates of hell – the hell you are going through cannot hold you for I AM near.  I am showing up in your situation.  I will flex My sinews, and your bands will be broken.  I will utter My voice, and you will echo My cry.  In that moment the situation will change, and your feet will come out of the miry clay of difficulty and step out onto that highway of holiness that the wayfaring man though a fool cannot enter therein

November 16, 2018.   The Father says today, Adam is extinguished and the New Creation now rules.  Go out in your day as a New Creation in Christ and implement My rule in the earth.  There are contradictions and oppositions of darkness against My kingdom all around you.   I have given you the authority to speak and power to rule, not in your own ability but because I have sent My angels to attend to your words and bring them to pass in cooperation with My plan and My purposes in the earth.

The enemy will no longer run rampant in your life.  I see the assault of hell against you.  Rise up in your faith and let hope once more rule in your heart.  I’m not looking for ways to exclude you or deny you.  My eye searches the earth and searches every circumstance of your life for opportunities to show Myself mighty to save and mighty to deliver.  This day I say to you be healed of your plague.  I say to you be provisioned.  I say to you let deliverance be visited upon you and the hand of the oppressor be broken and brought to nothing in their plans against you.  This is your portion, says God, and your righteousness is of Me.

November 15, 2018.   The Father says today, run into the high tower of My name.  I haven’t called you to be strong – I have called you to let Me be strong in you.  Without Me, you can do nothing.  Accept that, for it is not limitation, it is the removal of limitation.  I AM not limited therefore, you will not be limited for I live in you.  You are complete in My name.  In My name, you will cast out devils and walk in authority beyond any expectation of the natural man.  This isn’t about learning some religious protocol or making some stilted pretentious prayer in hopes of being heard.  Am I that small minded?

Men have portrayed Me as an austere God requiring you to jump through some religious hoop in order to be heard or to be answered by My throne.  That is a lie. I require one thing and one thing only: a heart willing to look up and say “save me, Lord, I perish…”  At that moment, I will be instant to deliver and immediate to heal.  Cry out those one-word prayers for help and assistance, for approaching My throne was never meant to be a puzzle or some convoluted foolishness that men have concocted and called it prayer.  I AM here.  Talk to Me.  Cry out to Me and I will save, and I will deliver.

November 14, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not a demanding God.  As you lose your life and adopt My life, you will experience liberty as I intended.  The false liberty that masquerades as freedom of choice only gives an illusion of autonomy and a false sense of control.  Understand that there is a difference between being in control and being in authority.  The authority that I have given you is about surrendering your thoughts and your expectations to My yes and amen promises.  At that point of surrender, you will find yourself surrounded and insulated from every encroachment of the enemy against you in any way.

Make yourself ready, says God.  As you rise every day, choose to set your feet on the floor in readiness to rule.  Ruling and reigning is not something reserved for you after you die.  Death is My enemy.  Death is not some necessary rite of passage that you must experience in order to have all that I have promised.  That is religious thinking.  Let death be put under in your thinking and you will see it put under in your life.  In this way, you walk into and press into that for which I created you and that for which I have created you is life and life more abundantly, and in that life, death cannot touch you, and Satan cannot harm you in any way.

November 13, 2018.   The Father says today, we are changing the seen and shaping the unseen.  If any man serves Me, let him also follow Me.  Follow Me in the path of self-denial and I will elevate you and promote you over all those who know nothing but putting self first.  Lay aside the life that is not life.  Life is not lived out in the sense of what you possess or who thinks well of you.  The life principle that I AM has the power and the potential to maintain and sustain you no matter what is going on around you.  Choose to be LIFE CONSCIOUS regarding who I AM on the inside of you – not being intimidated by outward circumstances.

I am birthing new things in you.  There is conception going on inside you, says the Father, where mortality gives way to My eternal nature.  My eternal nature is taking dominion and responsibility for every mortal process within you.  Every breath, every biochemical process is surging and resonating with the life of My life, for I AM your breath and the ongoing substance of your continuance.  Breathe in of My eternality and breathe out your mortal limitation.  Eternal life isn’t just coming one day, some day – it is who I AM in you right now.  Who you really are on the inside is undiminished and irreducible in any way.  Accept this and know it as the most fundamental truth of who you are, for this is what determines what your tomorrows look like.

November 12, 2018.   The Father says today, in service honor will come to you.  I will bring you to honor.  I will bring you to very great honor.  No one will lay your honor in the dust when you determine to live with respect to My Word in every choice and decision you make.  As you do what you see the Father do and glorify My name upon the earth and in your life – honor will come to you.  I will honor those who honor Me.  Let honor to My name be your first choice in every situation and circumstance.  Even if those decisions cause you to come into enmity with others, know this: when a man’s ways please Me, I will cause even THOSE enemies to be at peace with that person who honors Me above all things.

Why seek the honor that comes from man rather than the recognition that comes from Me only?  There will always be those who expect you to defer to them, who will parlay out their approval as crumbs from the table of which they think they are master.  Fear not their influence.  Favor is something that originates in Me.  Those who believe they can make you or break you have forgotten that I am listening.  I AM, and I AM paying attention, says God.  Keep your eye trained on Me to obey Me in all things.  In so doing, you will be left standing when those who seem to be such are a distant memory.

November 11, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM driving the spirit of infirmity out and away from you.  I took your weaknesses upon Myself on the tree.  I bore your sicknesses that you might go free of every ailment and difficulty.  What man can only help you manage, I will completely and entirely deliver you from.  I AM rewriting the genetic code of your DNA right down in your bones, in your mind and your emotions.  I AM excising the genetic predisposition for illness and infirmity encompassing every modern plague.  What others have experienced, you will not, says the Father, because the power of the Blood of the Son is your defense from every curse and physical disability.

As are your days so shall be your strength, says God.  The day comes when men shall live as long as trees, and you are one of My trees of righteousness.  Breathe in of My rest and breath out the release of My vitality for every challenge.  You will be well, says the Father, even in spite of the environment or unhealthy choices of days past.  Learn the lessons of the past and know that I will assist and strengthen you to make the changes that support health and strength. In the midst of it all, I will cause your stamina to be increased and your vitality to draw from the tap roots of My power and strength for the tasks that are at hand, says the Father.  As you go about the demands of your day, so shall be your strength for the challenge each and every day from this day forward.

November 10, 2018.   The Fathers says today, take no thought of tomorrow.  Today has enough to deal with.  Today is the day you always have with you and I am fully aware of what you have need of.  I have your future well in hand and all of the thoughts I have regarding your future are of great things.  For every step you take before Me, I have an order and a plan.  Today is the day for which I have an abundance of grace.  Today is the day of My delivering power and even the day of My salvation.

My strength is for today.  My stamina is for today.  My grace is for today.  You cannot save today’s manna for a rainy day, it must be eaten today.  Even the storms of today will be followed by the bow of My promise.  I never sleep and I never slumber.  For Me it is always Today.  So, take no thought for tomorrow and be not concerned about the future as is the world’s way, for today is the day that I have made for you to rejoice and be glad in, says the Father.

November 9, 2018.   The Father says today, I have set the host of heaven among you.  There are more angels on the earth now than in all of the eons past.  There was such a time when I declared before men the joyful news of peace on earth and My good intentions to all mankind.  There are more angels present among you in this hour than any other time.  Far more than the known population of the earth, for each person has been assigned an angel, and each family a troop, and each city has a host and each region has a legion and every nation has a prince of heaven.

Do you not know that each believer has been authorized to dispatch those who minister to the heirs of salvation and dispatch those who guard and protect and send forth those who gather?  So, let your eyes be opened like Elisha’s to see what is really before you and who stands ready to fight and war on your behalf.  Join forces with the principalities and powers of the Kingdom of Heaven and take hold of the vastness of the price paid at Calvary 2000 years ago where the supply is limitless and the access currency is faith.  Decree with the faith of Elisha, “there are more on our side than on theirs!” I have surely given you this mountain and given you the victory, says the Father.

November 8, 2018.   The Father says today, let the scales of religious understanding fall off your eyes this day.  Religion stands between you and all that I have promised.  Religion imprisons men and women in a place of estrangement from My grace.  You are not estranged from My grace, says the Father.  You are My habitation.  What will man build that I will inhabit?  Men construct religious concepts and understandings and expect Me to work within the framework of their theology.  Understand this – I AM God, and I can do anything I want any time I want, and I don’t have to check with anyone.

Set aside then the fig leaf religion of sin consciousness and works/performance thinking.
I AM not interested in how good you think you can be or how obedient you are trying to be in order to please Me.  I AM pleased when you have the boldness to enter into the Holiest by the Blood of the Son.  Come boldly by this original extract of My substance and nature that once touched, change comes.  Once Calvary registers on your being and in your heart, you will find that it changes everything about you both inwardly and outwardly.

November 7, 2018.   The Father says today, enter into kingdom order today.  I have built first apostles, secondarily prophets and thirdly teachers that I might bring governance and miracles into your life.  Where are the miracles?  They are after this foundation is laid in your life.  Find that ground, says God, and build on it, for it is in the earth.  Man builds without foundation or on the false foundation of religious vanities and fanciful ideas.  These are the false religious concepts that men presume to develop, but not the ecclesia that I promised to build.

I AM building in the earth, says God, as I have built My purposes into the human narrative from the beginning of the world.  Men do not see what I am doing because they are so enamored with themselves and their own misled concepts of justice and right doing.  I haven’t called you to mental religious ideas,  I have called you to fullness in Me. Receive of My fullness, says the Father.  Receive the Spirit without measure.  Embrace all that I have for you and know it is your basic entitlement in My Kingdom.

November 6, 2018.   The Father says today, be perfect for I AM perfect.  Religion teaches you that no one is perfect.  I tell you that perfection is a process that I AM working in you.  I AM working in you by My grace to cause you to be a crystal, clear reflection of who I AM and who I AM capable of being when robed in human flesh.  Be that person.  Be that one that accepts and believes and not the one who shrugs their shoulders as a means of giving occasion to the flesh.

Death cannot sting you, says God, when you keep your mind stayed on Me.  What man desires and tries vainly to work for becomes an instantaneous impartation of grace by My hand when you see, know, accept and understand all that I have done for you on the cross.  Step up to this truth, says the Father, for it is who I AM and what I do.  I AM that I AM and I am on the inside of you changing and transforming you as a demonstration of immortality in a mortal form.  This is your portion.  This is My gift to you, and He that believes on Me will never see death even as I said long ago.

November 5, 2018.   The Father says today, you are not in sin, you are in Christ.  Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.  Be Christ minded, not sin conscious.  Allow the God consciousness that you were created to carry in your person to eclipse all darkness in your life.  Transgression is not your portion.  Iniquity is not an unbreakable chain in your life.  The unavoidable consequences of disobedience dissolve and dissipate when you realize who you are in Me and accept what I did for you on Calvary.

Come past the barrier of natural thinking and suppositions.  This world’s wisdom will never justify you, but the wisdom of the just – the wisdom that proceeds from My throne expunges all iniquity and contamination and endows you with the pure, sinless grace that cleanses you by the word that I have spoken to you.  Let this mind be in you.  Give in to the mind of the Spirit within you and relinquish the warped mentality of transgression and disobedience.  This is the open door that stands before you.  This is the path from where you are to where you long to be in Me.

November 4, 2018.   The Father says today, know that you are suffering from a case of mistaken identity.  The natural man and sense knowledge say you are a sinner.  I say you are the redeemed of a loving Father.  Sense knowledge says you are estranged from My best, but I say the earth and all its fullness is your portion because of what was accomplished for you on Calvary.  Sense knowledge says you are sick, impoverished, defeated and under judgment.  I tell you that you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

You are not appointed to death or to wrath, says God.  It is appointed unto man once to die, but in Christ, the appointment with death is canceled.  You can cancel your appointment with the dentist and guess what?  It is in My power to cancel your appointment with death, your appointment with sickness, failure, defeat or downturn.  You are a new creature.  You are appointed to live and give praise to My goodness in the earth.  You don’t have to wait till after death to experience My fullness. It is available now, awaiting the occasion of your faith.

November 3, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM not interested in punishing you, I AM interested in instructing you.  I AM not the austere despot that men have made Me out to be.  They spoke in My name and defiled My testimony but that is not who I AM, and that does not reflect what I AM doing in your life.  I AM not mad at you, says God. I so loved that I gave and in giving I expressed the totality of My nature.  In giving of Myself, the only form that gift could take was the form of My son, Jesus.  He is the consummate love statement that I AM making to humankind and to you on a very personal level.

I did not send My son into your life to bring you to judgment.  The judgment is on the contrary choice you might make in opposition to the clemency I have shown you in Christ.  I have shown you mercy, and I have poured out upon you My lovingkindness.  The only thing that keeps you from experiencing My tender mercy is when you choose not to show that same mercy to those who have offended and wounded you.  Forgive them.  Take your hands away from their throat and then – only then will you experience the full measure of My willingness to bless, cover and cleanse the things in your life that estrange you from My Heart.

November 2, 2018.   The Father says today, release all fear that has entangled itself around your soul.  Loose it and be free from the need to control the situation, for I have things well under control.  Walk in the freedom by which the anointing has set you free and release those around you from the snare of control the enemy has set before them.  As you release them, even from your own control, you will be releasing freedom into your own situation.  Let freedom reign in your life and in their life as much as it is in your power to do so and watch Me bring the liberation to the forefront of each circumstance.  Make happen for someone else what you are desiring for yourself.  You don’t have to tell everyone your need hoping someone will meet it, for I know full well what you have need of and I have things well in control concerning you beloved.  Even when you feel it is spinning out of control and cannot see where the next bit of provision is coming from, know that I have it all in My control, so just release it all to Me this day and walk in My peace.

I AM giving you the thick skin of endurance and causing that which offends to bounce right off of you.  Even what has offended you in the past is but a gentle breeze of passing in this hour.  For I have given the helmet to protect your mind and the breastplate to protect your emotions.  I AM creating a change in your countenance and even the timbre of your voice will resonate with a new peaceable and gentle sound like the lapping of the waves of a calm sea at rest.  I AM refining you and redeeming you from the ravages of the brash environment that has encompassed you and bringing you to eat of the peaceable fruit of the righteousness, peace and joy of My Kingdom in this hour, says the Father.

November 1, 2018.   The Father says today, will the sundial go forward by ten degrees or backward by ten degrees in your behalf?  Time is in My hands, says God.  You are not time-bound because I AM not time bound.  As you live out the fullness of blessing accorded to you from My throne, time is not a factor.  My Kingdom is on the inside of you maintaining and sustaining all things necessary to fulfill your destined purpose.  I AM not time bound, therefore you are not time bound, says your Father.  I AM not governed by time; therefore, you will live above the constraints imposed by the ticking of the clock or the passing of the calendar.  Because I have time, you have time.  Time is not running out for it is My creation, and I live on the inside of you.  As are your days, so is your strength. In living, you will live and time will not be forfeit in any way.

I have set eternity in your heart, says the Father, and that deposit of glory is a fundamental resource on the inside of you that cannot be diminished by the passage of time.  The gospel of the Kingdom is the good news of My unfolding purpose and plan in your life.  As situations change and circumstances change, so My plan adjusts to meet the demands necessary to keep your life on the trajectory of what I had in mind all along.  I will add days to your life, and I will even cause time to stand still when necessary.  Hold up your hands and believe as Joshua believed when the sun stood still and as Hezekiah believed when the sundial turned backward.  This is the miracle of time and eternity that are in My hand and unfolding in your favor, even this day.


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The Father Says Today – November 2018 — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God for this timely word for me.  Thank you for hearing from the Father’s Heart.  I just ended a relationship that I thought the person had accepted Christ but realized after 9 months no fruit.  It is the hardest step I have had to take to disconnect myself totally from this person.  But God!!!
    Blessings to you and your ministry you are right on time for me.
    Cheryl Mower

  2. Nov. 15. 2018, an audible voice woke me up about 6:30 am.  The voice said “Undercover agent grabs fare from undertaker, who thought he (the agent) was dead.” Do you have any clue what it means?  I was in a prophetic church for 10 years and understand prophecies better than the average person, but this one is a mystery.