The Father Says Today – October 2013


31 October 2013:   The Father says today that you are one who is destined and intended to hear My voice.  My voice is the primary gift I have made available to put you over in life.  It is My voice in your heart that directs you to overcome every challenge.  My voice says the Father is not an outward resource but an inward resonance that will inform you and instruct you.  With clarity My voice will delineate for you every step and every act of obedience that I am calling for or requiring of you.

You have questioned if you hear Me accurately says the Father.  Know this that even as I require you to know and hear and obey My voice I hold Myself accountable that you know beyond any doubt that you have heard and understood that which I am speaking.  As I have spoken in times past so I am speaking today.  You will not be without My words and My wisdom says the Father.  So open yourself to the inward acoustics of My sound that echoes in the chamber of your inner being.  Let YES and AMEN be your response as I beckon to walk on the water and step out in the miraculous.  This is your time says the Father and the hour of My timing for miracles in your life.  You will not fail nor falter for I will take you and teach you and be with you every step of the way.

30 October 2013:    The Father says today I will this day cause you to see the day-star dawning that is arising in your heart.  I am bringing about My appearing within you and upon you.  You see says the Father I will come IN My saints before I come for My saints.  I will be glorified and admired in the earth.

As the world ripens for judgment you are ascending in My mercy to be an instrument and arbiter of that same mercy to others.  I am transforming your mind, and your spirit and your body.  I am visiting upon you the redemption of the purchased possession that your mortality might be swallowed up of life.  Let the life that I impart to you this day become the impartation that you release to all around you even those who you might count as undeserving and unworthy.

Love without reservation says the Father.  Love lavishly and with total abandon even as I have loved you so let your love mature and be released unconditionally to all in your view this day.  As you walk in love you are walking in the unbendable and unyielding success for My love never fails.  Why would you step out of love?  A step out of love is a step into decay and lack and denial.  Remain in My love.  Abide in My love.

29 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am a God of variety.  There is nothing stagnate about my process or my purpose.  Those who say I can’t or those who say I won’t only serve to demonstrate that they are charter members of the Assembly of the Clueless.  Open your mind and open your heart to My sovereignty says the Father.  Commit yourself to an agenda driven by love and not ideology.  I am this day initiating a campaign of extraction to draw you out of the tar pits of inaction and into the rarified atmosphere of the miraculous.

Yes, I have a ways and means committee says the Father.  My capability authors and finishes in the lives of men and I am authoring and finishing My promise in your life.  You will not be denied and you will not be left out.  Step out this day on the billows of change that I have been bringing even in this season.  You will not sink neither you fail for I am here in tempest of change and transition to assure you reach the other side.

28 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am breaking the cloud of despair that lingers near you.  I am dispelling despair and releasing My joy in all fullness into your heart.  Despair is the thief of perfection.  My promise is perfect joy.  My promise is perfect peace.  My promise is Christ in perfection dwelling on the inside of you reproducing who I am in and through you.  Let your heart THIS DAY regain the GREAT UPWARD LOOK that men of old attained to and thereby walked in the rarified atmosphere of My possibilities.

You see says the Father I am not a NO God I am a YES God.  Yes to provision.  Yes to supply.  Yes to joy and promise and transformation.  Lay hold on My YES in your life and the free flowing grace of My Spirit will address every impediment that would disqualify you in the slightest way.  Rejoice says the Father for I am dispelling despair and restoring your upward mobility in My kingdom.

27 October 2013:    The Father says today that My primary purpose in this season is to activate the Christ in you. Even as the Son demonstrated the Christ-life I desire above all things that you live the Christ-life and enjoy the prerogatives and entitlements that Christ in you affords. Know that this is My highest heart’s desire says the Father. This is My passion and My plan to bring CHRIST in YOU to full manifestation till My Son is reflected in you with clarity and exactitude.

The precious blood spilled two thousand years ago watered the soil of your heart with the potentiality of who I am capable of being on the inside of you. The precious blood removed every obstacle and hindrance to Christ in You becoming a reality. I desire not that you be a mere “Little Christian” as the pagans of old called My people. I want the Son to be reflected in totality until there is nothing of earth and that celestial glory of eternity becomes the outraying of the divine in the FACE in YOUR FACE – that Jesus Christ would be known and read as an epistle to all that you meet!

26 October 2013:    The Father says today that I have accorded you an authority to effect change in your life.  One of the hallmarks of maturity in My kingdom is understanding the scope of autonomy I have extended to you through the power of the Cross.  As a result of the fall man’s choices could only bring him deeper and deeper into bondage.  When you gave your life to Me I bestowed on you the capacity to break the downward spiral and begin to ascend into a state of life that tends to blessing and not detriment.

So make a determination today says the Father to jettison the “grow worse” mentality and expectation.  Let your mind be adapted to an ascension expectation.  You are ordained to ascend above lack, above heartbreak, above sickness and every vestige of victimization or bondage.  You are in My kingdom and in My kingdom all things tend to blessing and tend to your betterment and not your detriment.  My purposes within you are so resolutely focused on bringing you into My full favor that if you saw the whole picture it would border on fantasy.

You have said I am a good God says the Father.  You are about to find out just how good I intend to be in your life.  Even this day you are going to discover the fracture in the armor of your enemies.  You are going to see the receipt and verification of the total collapse of the enemies plan to tear you down.  You are entering into never fail territory.  Are you ready?  It is your privilege and your prerogative to walk in victory by My Spirit.

25 October 2013:   The Father says today that the gavel of your vindication has sounded in your favor. I am your righteous and your standing in My kingdom is secure. I am the God that judges the righteous and is angry with the wicked everyday. Do you understand what the basis of your righteousness is? Your righteousness is not based on your actions or your religious performance. When I sent the Son I caused WHO HE IS to become the BASIS of your right standing before Me. In so doing I became your VINDICATOR and your judge. The gavel has come down in your favor!

So fear not says the Father for when you chose to put your trust in Me all anger was turned away and you became the child of My favor. I am not angry with you and I am not disappointed in you. I have translated you from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of My dear Son and you are a recipient of My endearment. The endearment of the Son is reflected in My willingness to move on your behalf. There is no more controversy for I have settled your right standing and signed the ratified entitlement of your blessing in the Blood of the Son!!!

24 October 2013:   The Father says today I am bringing you across the breakers causality and beyond the reefs of questioning to the deep waters of My Spirit.  Deep calls to deep says the Father and from the deeps of My presence I will draw you to a new intimacy.  It is available and accessible as you refuse to look back but simply move toward the eddies and currents of My whisperings to your soul.  My voice arises from these depths says the Father.  You have cried out for My voice and I am bringing you into proximity to the resonance of My words around and within you.

My voice is of many waters and where others hear nothing but the background noise of their own thoughts I am causing you to distinguish with clarity what My wisdom and purpose is for you even on the morrow.  I will do nothing without speaking to you and I will quiet the white noise of your thoughts and the cacophony of others opinions and you WILL hear Me clearly for that I My plan and My purpose.  So come out into the billows where your toes cannot touch the bottom more.  Come out till you lose all buoyancy in natural things and drop off the continental shelf into the unsearchable depths of who I AM for I await there for you My Beloved.

23 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am bringing regime change into the earth.  The domain of darkness is diminishing and fading away.  The governments of man will pass into the dust bin of history.  But of My government and of My peace there shall be NO END.  My government is My rule and My kingdom.  This is the rule that I have established in your heart and I am extending into every avenue of your life.  This is the kingdom into which I have translated you – even the kingdom of My love.

The force of My kingdom is a LOVE FORCE says the Father.  My kingdom draws its strength and sovereignty from the character of My love for love is WHO I AM as well as WHAT I DO.  Know My love today says the Father and partake of it lavishly.  Drink deeply from the wells of My compassion toward you for in so doing you are taking into yourself that resource that never fails and will lend it’s properties to you and touch every matter of concern to you.  This is the agenda of My kingdom and the passion of My heart says the Father and into your life I will pay the full dividends of loves resources!

22 October 2013:   The Father says today that My ark of safety is available for you.  It is not an ark of wood or a building of stone and mortar.  I AM in Myself a wall of fire round about you – cutting off every attack and every encroachment of the evil one against your life.  Trust, rest and rejoice says the Father for I will send My Angel to stand by you in the night and war for you in the day.  I will not let any man or demon hurt or destroy the very least component of your life for I am your GREAT DEFENDER!

So pay no mind to the impotent saber rattling of the enemy.  The more noise he makes the more empty his threats.  I will continually see to it that you are never ignorant of his devices.  I will make sure you know what you need to know at the right time to side step the enemy’s snare.  You are entering new territory says the Father and when you come to new territory in the spirit there will always be giants and walled obstacles.  I will cause the to fall and evaporate like the insubstantial tissue of fabrication that they are.  I AM your TRUTH and your RELIANT ONE.  Know this in the core of your being and you will not falter and you will never fail!

21 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am moving you into DEEP calling to DEEP time.  You have heard My voice says the Father.  You have heard My voice when others claimed it merely thundered.  You have seen My hand where others thought it was merely a manifestation of angelic activity.  This is a new day and a reconfiguring of time and assignment even a clarifying of My purpose.  It is time to jettison all temptation to pretense or a jaded perspective for you have seen the false and the unreality of those who lay claim to a mantle that does not rest on their shoulders.  Now is the time that MY AUTHENTICITY and RELEVANCE is going to rest on you and bring you to king’s counsels.

There are those you have never seen yourself as standing before that are going to make you a policy maker in their lives says the Father.  Though they may never admit to doing so they will take the words of your mouth and deliver themselves from the snare of the enemy for they were stuck and your words gave them the assist to come out of stagnation and emptiness to new life.  Don’t be concerned that they don’t recognize My wisdom in your mouth.  Just know that promotion comes from My hand and what has been done in secret will be shouted from the roof tops.  This is a new day.  A new time of blessing when the honor of My courts will be seen upon your life in an unimpeachable testimony.

20 October 2013:   The Father says today that My angel is hovering over the threshing floor of Ornan.  King David was in sackcloth when he beheld the angel with sword drawn over the city.  What David did next stayed the hand of destruction over the city.  Can you see the authority you have to direct and control angels?  I made you a little lower than angel-kind but I have crowned you with the glory that no angel can look into.  When angels look upon the glory I placed IN YOU the only thing they are capable of is crying “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

So KNOW THIS says the Father that there is a holy and a sovereign thing transacting on the inside of you and the stakes are higher than you may realize.  I am going to show you in the night where the angel with the drawn sword is over your city, your church, even your intimate circle.  What you do next will CHANGE everything.  Heaven and earth are changed and reconfigured when you GO LOW and WORSHIP says the Father.  It is NOW your time and your opportunity to ascend, transcend and establish My purposes in your jurisdiction says your God!

19 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am speaking enlargement over you.  The parameters of your blessing will not be determined by the opinions of men or even by your own opinions says the Father.  I am widening and deepening a place on the inside of you for My Shekinah blessing to dwell.  As you go through your day never allow circumstances or the callous indifference of others to make you feel small.  I have set you as the apple, the very pupil of My eye says the Father and there is not one aspect of your life that does not loom large in My heart.

In My kingdom says the Father you are not insignificant.  You not just a number in some cosmic database or a face lost in the crowd.  My breath of blessing and enlargement and increase is blowing upon you this day in fullness for this is the delight of My heart.  The intensity of My focus on your life is for the demonstration of My goodness for all of My wrath was exhausted upon My Son on the cross.  I am not angry with you nor have I turned My face from you.  Forget the past.  Forgive, release, bless.  Move on.  Step into the new day where My mercies will be found waiting an inexhaustible in your behalf.

18 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am drawing you deeper into My Presence.  This day says the Father make a conscious choice to rest in My presence so deeply that you find that place within your own inner man that can only be described as FEARLESS.  Did you know that there is FEARLESSNESS in you?  When your eyes are closed in prayer they are open in your spirit and if you would JUST ALLOW yourself to SEE you would encounter the FEARLESS one on the inside of you who LOOKS just like you!

Fear not says the Father!  Fear not with the fear that others fear who run to and fro and constantly construct and surround themselves with the falsehood of what they can never be.  Enter into the maturity of My Oneness on the inside of you.  Settle down into the audacity and confidence that those of earthly minds will define only as presumption and foolishness.

My mind is not your mind and My thoughts are not your thoughts.  This is true yet My thoughts continually pass over and caress the thoughts within you that arise from your finite-ness and sense of limitation.  Allow that gentle touch to dislodge the real you from the false thoughts of limitation and cause you to ascend into the depth of who I AM on the inside of you.  This is your portion says the Father and the key to the intimacy with Me that you have sought in My presence!

17 October 2013:   The Father says today that I am calling you of religious pretense and into spiritual reality.  Real solutions to your crises are not found in the platitudes and coping strategies of religious thinking.  I AM the I AM and I AM NOW broaching into your life the substantive total deliverance from weakness, disability and sorrow that have at times stalked your life with such tenacity.  So allow Me to adjust your mind and spirit and even your body to the NEW kingdom PARADIGM of ASCENDCY and RULERSHIP over all the power of the enemy!

When I came to earth I descended into limitation, suffering and lack.  I had no place to lay My head. I was acquainted with sorrow.  All of this I endured in your behalf that I might then ascend and open a door for you to ascend with Me.  I am IN you and you are seated with Me in heavenly places.  I have no problems because there is nothing in heaven or earth that can resist My sovereignty.  I am sovereign in you and through you.  I am sovereign in your behalf.  I paid the full price for your healing, provision and deliverance says the Father.  So this day make it your resolve to adopt a RULING and REIGNING mentality not a SUFFERING and LACKING mentality.  This is the preamble to every answered prayer and the shift from struggle to blessing you have sought Me for!

16 October 2013:    The Father says today that I am calling upon you to AWAKE to your entitlement.  Awake to your entitlement in My kingdom and know that every promise of My word is backed up by My limitless resources.  I am not limited therefore you are not limited.  I am not on a schedule says the Father therefore you are not on a schedule.  You have heard it said that I am the God of time and eternity.  This is true from the grand scope of the universe but also true in your personal life.  You have seen promises come and promises go in your life as hopes have risen and been dashed by the passage of time.  No longer will this time bound thinking cause you to relinquish My promise says the Father.

Say within yourself this day “because My Father has time, I have time.  I am not time bound. I am living My life in the chronology of eternity and not the biological clock of human limitation…”  Say this to yourself every day and in every circumstance.  I say to you says the Father that you will live and not die . You will live LONG on the earth.  You will SURVIVE and THRIVE and declare My goodness even when you are ancient of days says the Lord.  You will experience a longevity and a vitality far beyond the experience of mortal men.  You are not merely mortal – subject to death, but you are subject to and the beneficiary of My life and My life is reproducing itself in you even this day.

15 October 2013:     The Father says today that I have placed My mark upon you.  Even as My servant David spoke so I have marked you this day says the Father.  I have marked you for blessing.  I have marked you for an end to struggle, an end to denial.  I have marked you with My favor and the angels assigned to you are triangulating your spiritual coordinates for a delivery of a more-than-you-can-ask-or-think payload of super-abundant blessing.

I marked Cain of old for punishment says the Father but I have marked you for blessing.  I have determined that My favor shall from this day rest upon you in a new dimension.  There have been those around you who have set a target upon your back and even taken aim with your happiness and destiny in their cross hairs.  Their arrows are the fiery arrows of the wicked one and they SHALL fall short of their intended targets.  You will not be denied.  You will not be delayed.  You will find and fulfill that prosperous end that I have determined upon you from before the foundation of the world says your God and your Friend!

14 October 2013:   The Father says today what you make happen for someone else I will make happen for you.  Are you ready for a substantial shift in the pace of My manifest promise in your life?  The acceleration of divine favor and breakthrough can and will be hastened in your behalf but YOU are the determining factor.  Go out today and find that person that you are going to bless not just in a token way but in a life changing way.  Give of your substance.  Give of your time.  Give of your heart until you see light dawn and victory break in the face of the one I lead you to.

I have deposited the release of your breakthrough in the life of the one you bring blessing to. As your word, your kindness and your gift of charity leaves your hand to them so My word, my kindness and My gift of charity leaves My hand to you.  Your response to the need of the one I lead you to bless will set the preamble for My blessing in your life.  So act quickly says the Father and open your hand expansively.  The quality and character of your blessing to others will exactly determine the pace and magnitude of what I am preparing to do for you.  There is no more delay.  There is only YOUR timely response to the word of release that changes their life and brings breakthrough to you now.

13 October 2013:   The Father says today that your blessing will be found outside the boundaries of religious propriety.  You are going to have to set aside the opinions of men and their assessment of your choices.  The Apostle Paul said it was a small thing to be judged of men in fact he refused to judge himself until I showed up and made My mind manifest in the situation.

I am directing you and I am correcting you when necessary says the Father.  You are going to have to shut down the assertions of those who insist that you think as they think and act as they dictate.  There is one mandate and one mandate only: Do what you SEE the FATHER do.  Listening to My voice and deciding according to the hearing of My voice is the key to God-speed acceleration and breakthrough into the tomorrow you thought would never come!

12 October 2013:   The Father says today that “Amazing” is what I do when I’m not even trying.  I am the God of amazing things and what I am doing in your life can only be described as utterly amazing.  Do you like surprises?  There is a “suddenly” element to surprise.  The angels assigned to you that always behold My face are bringing the full scope of My SUDDENESS to your life.

Oh My child, My beloved, My dear and precious one let your heart be comforted and encouraged today for I am here and I am at this moment working to manifest My suddenness in your life and in the circumstances and situations that seem so bleak at times.  Come here child.  Come here and rest your head on My shoulders.  Feel My arms around you and know the comfort and security of My embrace.  As I shelter you in My arms I am turning and transforming and changing those things that have seemed so impervious to prayer and faith and belief.

This is what My SUDDEN love feels like My beloved.  Take a deep and cleansing breath just now and breath in the pristine and pure atmosphere of My love for you.  It’s a new day says the Father.  A new day of sudden and sure deliverance by My hand.

11 October 2013:   The Father says that I am defining you according to My truth and not the standards of man.  In the Christ that I have placed within you is neither male or female, Jew or Gentile, or any ethnic distinction.  My child you are a member of the ONE NEW RACE the ETHNOS of heaven and your citizenship is that of My kingdom.  You are the citizen of heaven and as such are protected by the Diplomatic Immunity of the Throne from the persecution of the Dark One.

Who shall bring charge against My Elect?  Who shall bring Challenge against Who I am on the inside of you?  You are a New Creation an Entirely New Species altogether on the earth and IN CHRIST.  So establish your sense of self referral not in your gender or race or social station in life.  You shall speak before kings says the Father and you shall shepherd paupers and beggars.  You shall stand in the high councils of the earth and you shall bring healing waters to the darkest slums and tenements.

Hear My voice says the Father for the time is short.  The Karios timing of heaven is usurping the Chronos timing of earth.  The hour is come says the Father that the plowman will overtake the reaper and you will come rejoicing with the sheaves even the souls that I purchased with the blood of the Son in this hour says God!

10 October 2013:   I am pouring out the BREAKER ANOINTING upon you today says the Father.  You will experience BREAKTHROUGH in every area of your life.  I see you with a fire hose – a water cannon driving off the enemy by the force of the water of My word coming out of you like a hydrant.  It is time to get belligerent toward the encroachment of the enemy in your life.  Fear not!

I have called you to many prophetic acts.  Study the scriptures with respect to the strange, unusual and curious things I called My servants to do at times for the people are not listening to My voice.  I will use you to get their attention.  They won’t appreciate the interruption to their little social circle but there will be those who will hearken and hear and they too shall receive the outpouring of My breaker anointing in their lives says the Father.

9 October 2013:    The Father says today that I am writing the word CHANGE over your life.  I am bringing a great change into your life even this day.  I am bringing a shift and a transition period that will be uncomfortable but the end thereof will be hearts desire fulfilled and dreams realized.

I am bringing you out of the lowlands of the natural into the highlands of hind’s feet on high places.  There is a new assignment coming upon you like a mantle says the Father.  I will change how you think and how you feel about the environment around you.

Your loved ones will sense this and some will worry and others will encourage you and believe in who I AM on the inside of you.  Do not yield to the fear of man or the opinion of the uninformed.  This is your day says the Lord. You are stepping up now into the higher purposes I have ordained for you.

8 October 2013:    You are not a victim says the Father.  It is not your portion to be a victim.  I have placed authority and jurisdiction around you that angels are backing up with all the force of glory even that glory that is in you today.

It is time says the Father to deploy the petitions, proclamations and declarations that will shatter the timbers and walls the enemy has erected against you.

I say to you today that you are breaking out of the containment of the enemy and launching this day into the greater purposes of My destiny for you.  I chose you before the foundation of the world and your greater days and greater exploits are ahead of you.  This is your time says the Father – there shall be delay no longer. Rise up!  Rise up into the Rule ordained for you by My hand.

7 October 2013:    The Father says today I place no premium upon suffering in your. I place no premium upon suffering nor do I pursue some murky agenda by letting you turn on the spit of anxiety over the fires of adversity. That is not what has been taught but I am activating in you a MILITANT message of GOOD NEWS! I will make you the poster child of My promise and I will cause My faithfulness to be known in full measure!

So prepare your heart and steel your mind for I will put an answer in your mouth against those who have made a gilded trophy of human suffering. I will cause you to convince even the skeptic that I will NEVER say no to the healing, and deliverance and provision that the Cross affords to the heartfelt cry of the seeking soul!

5 October 2013:    The Father says today it is a day and an hour in your life to draw your eye away from the safety of the shore and strike out into the trackless depths of the sea of My purposes.

I have called you to higher things and deeper purposes than your life has reflected thus far. I have found you approved and I have activated in you the heart of one who would venture out upon the billows with only My grace to uphold you.

Cast off says the Father! Let go! Venture forth! Will I not be the wind whistling in the masts of your life? There is no greater adventure than total reliance upon Me.

I will open doors of travel and doors even of missionary purpose to you says the Father. Are you ready? You will not be alone but a team will sail go with you and in My name exploits will be done in My kingdom for I am the Captain of the Ship of Your Life.

4 October 2013:    The Father says today dream a bigger dream.  It is time to dream a bigger dream for I am the MORE than YOU can ASK or THINK GOD!

I would that your prayers challenge the sinews of My right arm to act in your behalf says the Father.  Rise up and dust off those horns and cymbals and craft an audacious prayer that will offend every religious devil within hearing.

Cry out loud says the Father!  Spare not!  Let your voice be heard on High!  Petition My hand and know that I am the GOD who answers THUNDER with THUNDER!

In the midst of adversity and challenge and deprivation will I manifest My glory and be known as the provision of dreams that dreamed by those who dream BIGGER than man can think or imagine or conceive.

4 October 2013:    The Father says bring forth the alabaster box of your worship for I will receive the ointment of your heart’s treasuries as a sweet smelling savor.  I have scented the chambers of your heart of hearts with the incense of the Holy, Holy, Holy!  This day I am calling you to a new and deepened intimacy beyond the scope of that which you have experienced heretofore.

My eye is focused and My ear is bent low says the Father.  I am a God who hears and a God who acts and out of My treasuries will I bring forth blessing and draw you to My bosom and cause you to know the depths of My love for you.

Love never fails says the Father.  I receive your worship.  Your worship echoes still in My heart.  Come early and come often for I will sup with you My beloved and we shall recline in the glories together.

3 October 2013:   The Father says I am vining Myself in you and I am branching Myself in you. There is no symmetry or equity at times in My path for you because I am the God who never planted anything in a row. So put your logic and rationale into submission to My Spirit for I am taking you where your natural thinking will not serve you.

There are some things you thought would come later will come sooner and some things you thought would come sooner will come later. Yet in the midst of seeming chaos I will cause your fruitfulness to manifest and bring the sweet vintages of My further purposes in your life.

I will deal with the distraction of the enemy and provision you says the Father for you are a choice vine in My vineyard and I will produce the fullness of Myself in you.

2 October 2013:   I am bringing you to yoke easy burden light. This is a day that Jeremiah spoke of in Jeremiah 23 that they shall no longer say “The Burden of the Lord, the Burden of the Lord…” For I have born the burden and I have worked the work and I have finished that which needs finishing in your life and in the earth says the Father.

So ENTER THIS DAY into the rest wherewith I cause the weary to rest.  For My rest is not inactivity.  My rest is not lethargy or sloth.  My rest is ascension into that place that I have ordained for you at My right hand forevermore.

I have provisioned that you live in an atmosphere of ascension and authority and from that perspective and not any earthly insight will I ease your troubled brow and cause you to know both the end from the beginning and to walk well shod into My chosen destiny for your life.

1 October 2013:    This is only a test says the Father.  If this were an actual emergency you would be notified what channel in the Kingdom to tune to for instruction.

TRUST ME says the Father.  I am not wringing My hands or pacing the throne concerned about your circumstance or situation.  I am in full control and in nothing will the enemy be able to deter or derail that SURE PURPOSE that I am bringing about in you.

You asked and I heard says the Father.  You asked and did I not say thereby your joy will be full?  You will not be denied says the Father.  I declare this day says the Father that there will be delay no longer.  So go ahead and praise Me.  Go ahead and thank Me.  For the words will not resound off the walls ere the answer come and the miracle manifest for this is My appointed time in your life.



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  1. Hebrews 9:15
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    15 And for this reason He is the Mediator of the new covenant, by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions under the first covenant, that those who are called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance.

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