The Father Says Today – October 2014

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.  SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

October 31: 2014:   The Father says today this is a day to eat the meat, drink the sweet and celebrate your salvation.  The enemy would wear you out with constant threats and even superstitions of men but are you honestly concerned over the playbook of the losing team?  You are a victor in Christ says the Father.  I overshadow you with My pinions and bear you up in My wings.  I am coming up under you today and lifting you to higher heights and greater glories.  There is a time to be a watchmen on the wall but there is also a time to curl up with Me and take a nap in the bow of the boat during the storm.

You are not just a survivor says the Father.  I have called upon you and destined you to thrive and excel in the presence of your enemies.  I will make your bones fat from the bounty of the table spread in sight of your greatest threat.  I do not run from the saber rattling of the dark one and I don’t want you to be intimidated.  I have not given you a spirit of intimidation but of love, power and a sound mind that thinks like I think when you are under pressure.  So rejoice says the Father and celebrate My watch care over you this day.  You are safe in My everlasting arms and will see the salvation of God in the land of the living for this is your blessing time and no man or devil can defeat that purpose.

October 30, 2014:    Beloved your quietness and confidence intimidates the enemy.  Those who bluster and shout with shrill insistence betray their own timidity.  You are not among the ranks of the timid, you are of the warrior class.  The enemy wants to muffle your laughter and pressure you into engaging him on his own terms.  The enemy is all smoke and mirrors, deception and misdirection.  Don’t succumb to his lies and foolishness.  In the good fight of faith YOU are the PRINCIPALITY and the POWER.  Satan is just the usurper who Adam allowed by disobedience to take on an illegitimate authority.  Don’t put up with this beloved!

I have placed you in your own life even as I placed Adam and Eve in the garden.  You are a TENDER and a KEEPER.  The angels with the flaming swords are at the ready to driver out the usurpations of the enemy and enforce the faith filled expectations of your heart and the declarations of your mouth.  So settle in and settle down! Settle in to your authority and settle down from all panic and hysteria for that is not your portion.  Your portion is quietness, rest, and confidence.  This is what gives the enemy of your soul a nervous breakdown because he knows his own inability to shatter the destiny of one who is at rest in Me.

October 29, 2014:   The Father says today I am upgrading you from a soldier to a warrior.  Warriors live for the battle.  Warriors refuse to accept defeat.  Warriors never relent and never surrender.  The Warrior Spirit of Jehovah-Lord of Sabbaoth is within you this day.  I am the God of Battles and the Lord of Hosts!  I call you this very hour not to the conscription of a draftee but a volunteer to the warfare of the ages!  A soldier many times would avoid conflict if possible …  I am calling you to a Warrior Ascension into the field of conflict that has only ONE outcome – the destruction of the enemy!

I have armed you and trained you says the Father.  I have picked you to be one of My elite special forces! You are skilled and you are stealthy.  You are audacious and brazen as you step onto the battle.  Look out at the fray and stare the challenge of the enemy in the face.  You will not only see the enemy but you will see Me as John the Revelator saw Me – with eyes like fire and feet like brass and a sword proceeding out of My mouth.  Allow the sword of My Spirit to cleave to your hand this day says the Father until I make your enemies a footnote of your victory and put your foot in the neck of every challenge of the dark one!

October 28, 2014:   The Father says today this is the place in your life where My sovereignty and providence are coming together over your life this day.  I can do what I want when I want and I don’t have to check with anyone.  I am the Lord your God beside Me there is no other.  My determination is to bring you from visitation to habitation of My Spirit that you might know the fullness of My Person that fills you ALL in ALL.  I call you are My beloved and as My beloved you are the object of My purpose and My passion and My full affection.

Love is My base nature says the Father therefore Love is your first experience in the morning and the last valid experience of My presence as you drift off to sleep.  Love is why I am in your life and love is why I will be there when your eyes lift from sleep this morning and every morning of your earthly sojourn.  Love isn’t love until its love says the Father.  The death of the Son is the measure of My love.  Why would I withhold from you any lesser measurement?  So ASK!  Ask that you joy may be full!  Ask that you might experience and find out just how far I am willing to go to demonstrate what that GREAT ACT of 2000 years ago means to you in your hear and now.

October 27, 2014:   The Father says today that your prayers and the ink that angel requisitions are written in.  Your prayers are the directors of heaven and the arbiters of answers come to earth.  Let your mouth pray.  Let your words be profuse and passionate and sincere says the Father.  I am listening, My ear is ever bent low to hear and to acknowledge and to respond to the cry of your heart.  There is not one small concern of your life that I am inattentive to.  There is not one nuance of need or desire or passion that I have not taken note of.  I am working and I am moving and I am never late says the Father.

This is your time of increase and the time of proclamation and time of decree to make known your expectation of My faithfulness and My fullness and My favor.  You are the recipient.  The garland of My favor is laid upon your shoulders today.  You are favored and you will – YOU WILL see My fullness and My faithfulness and the answers you have so longed for. It’s who I AM and WHAT I DO!  You will not be disappointed.  You will not be shamed or denied in anyway for I am on hand to manifest My salvation in your land.

October 26, 2014:   The Father says today I have birthed you into the peculiarity of My kingdom.  Do not be amazed or concerned in anyway at the glances and frowns of those who know little or nothing of My glory.  They will scowl at you with their askance glances but in the moment of desperation they will grasp your hand and clutch your sleeves and plead that the peculiarities evidenced in your life would be their portion as well.  I am a peculiar God and a particular God and I have raised you up to be a particular and a peculiar people by My hand!

I choose the weak says the Father.  I choose the base.  I choose the foolish and the rejected and despised.  I choose you says the Father – be free this day from the expectations of man and the falseness of human pride and image and dignity.  Know your acceptance and approval and permission.  I give you leave to tread My courts and to find a place of habitation where others would never be able to enter.  You are My beloved and the object of My affection.  From My high and Holy Hill this day I am wrapping you up in My goodness and making Myself known as the Creator El and your ever present supply.

October 25, 2014:   The Father says today enter into the full saturation of My presence in your life.  Praise, says the Father!  Praise until the spirit of worship comes! Worship until the glory comes – the STAND IN THE GLORY!  I haven’t changed My mind or restricted My plan oh My beloved.  I am standing available to measure My bounty in your life by the bounty of your praise and the depth of your worship and your own passion for the glory!  You will see what others have longed to see.  You will know the high places of My presence as the place of your habitation and not just occasional visitation.

Do not settle for visitational glory says the Father for HABITATIONAL GLORY is available to you NOW.  Shake yourself. Marshall your emotions and harness your mind.  Let every thing within you be constrained to magnify and praise and worship and you will SEE what I will do with an unrestrained and abandoned heart before Me.  You are the one and I choose you. I choose you says the Father.  I set you as the pupil of My I and I will draw you into My protection and provision and purpose as never before in your life.  It is a NEW day and the NEW way has found you says the Father.

October 24, 2014:   The Father says today make a holy noise.  The voice of praise is stilled in death, how shall the dead praise Me?  You are not of the dead you are of the living.  Get noisy in your praise today says the Father.  Be inappropriate with your praise.  Let your praise be of an exuberance that offends every religious spirit in the room.  There is no dignity in tightly clasped hands, closed lips and closed hearts.  Open your heart, your mouth, your hands and praise with militancy!  Clap your hands, yes smite your hands together over your enemy for you enemy is defeated before he draws his weapon says the Father.

Rejoice says the Father. Rejoice and know that My song is a song that sings in the song that you sing.  My song thunders and rumbles through the earth shattering the bars of iron and the gates of brass that have held My people from their joy.  The river of joy is reaching you today says the Father.  It is bubbling up within to wash away the ashes of morning and the graveclothes, the sackcloth of sorrow.  Be restored in your rejoicing says the Father for it is a new day, a day of blessing and renewal and restoration even in the sinews and tissues of your youth and your mind and your spirit.  Release the shout and the flood of your mouth and I will be known and seen and manifest in your land!

October 23, 2014:   The Father says today that I have created you in My image.  Your ultimate destiny is to express My image, My fulness, My authority and My character to a dysfunctional world diseased by sin and disenfranchised from its created purpose.  You are not intended to live out some weak, distempered, anemic religious existence.  My ORDER, My KINGDOM is your portion!  The fullness of your self-realization and created purpose is to look in the mirror and see ME looking back at you!

I am PROJECTING Myself out of eternity and My NOWNESS into a time-space universe THROUGH YOU.  I am expressing the eternity of My Person and My Power through the community of redeemed men and women that are to be expressions of the everlasting praise of My glory!  This is your portion and I don’t do these things in a vestigial or anemic way.  You are GROUND ZERO of My purpose – I have no other candidates for the fullness of My Glory other than you.  I am not willing to bring about My order and My power today without your intimate involvement and full entitlement!

October 22, 2014:   The Father says today that order is heaven’s first law.  I am setting your life in order, into the Order of Heaven and My Kingdom not the Order of Man.  What Man calls “decently and in order” I call disorder and illegitimate authority.  I am deconstructing the institutions of man that I might establish the reality of My Lordship and My redeemed community upon the earth.  I am causing you to be ONE even as I am ONE.  Within the Mystery of My Person there is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  There is absolute unity and inexplicable submission.  I sent the Son and the Son came.  The Son returned and the Spirit was dispatched into the earth to take up residence in YOUR life.  By ORDER was the LOVE commission of Heaven carried out within Myself in your behalf.

Let the ORDER of Heaven establish its jurisdiction in your life today says the Father.  The ORDER of heaven will banish the disorder of earth.  When the circumstances of your life contradict My promise I will exercise My jurisdiction to return you to YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT.  There is no sickness in My order.  There is not poverty in My order.  There is no tyranny or guilt or condemnation in My order.  So allow My government to come upon you and increase in you and we will establish your boundaries together and drive out every disorder of the enemy and establish the full parameters of My blessing within your borders!

October 21, 2014:   The Father says today experience My ultimacy.  Taste and see by experience and intimate knowledge that there is NONE beside Me.  I take orders from none.  I was created by none for I had no beginning and no ending.  I am LIFE self-existent and as such I am a boundless fountain of blessing bubbling up in your days with blessing, benefit and bounty.  There is nothing in Me that should be out of Me.  There is nothing out of Me that should be in Me.  I remember nothing because I have forgotten nothing.  I learn nothing because there is nothing that I do not know.  I do not need to know says the Father because I hold all truth simultaneously.

I am the God of the ETERNAL NOW and in this NOW I have loved you and will continue to love you in practical and miraculous ways.  Your circumstances do not catch Me by surprise for I am the God who knows the end from the beginning.  I hold all of your days in My palm and I continually breathe blessing and purpose and fulfillment into every moment and second of your life.  I am the King of the Cosmos and sit as Lord and God forever.  I spun the world into existence out of My eternal nowness and I sit outside it in powerful authority yet I gave Myself to it in incarnate humility in the person of the babe of Mary.  I am the cosmic King.  I am within Myself a sweet society, Father, Son and Holy Ghost and into that fraternity of Glory I this day invite you to come!

October 20, 2014:   The Father says today that My kingdom in your life is neither neutral or passive.  I do not sit astride your life with detached amusement while you struggle and suffer.  I am touched with the feelings of your infirmities.  I have provided a solution and an exit strategy from the struggle.  My kingdom is My reign and I share power with no one.  I am breaking down the illegitimate authorities that would encroach upon you.  My authority is coming into your time-space experience and giving you a release from bondage into a willing partnership and yieldedness to My order and My reign.

I have always been Absolute Sovereign in your life says the Father.  There has never been a time from the day of your birth that I have not been in TOTAL CHARGE.  Embrace My Lordship.  Allow Me not only to be SAVIOUR but LORD, GOD, POTENTATE, and RULER. This is not a negotiation says the Father.  This is your opportunity to fully vacate the failed rule of self and step into the ascension experience and know deliverance, healing, provision and destiny on a magnitude that you have dreamed about but have yet to experience.  This is your NOW and this is the moment that I will be known as I am known in your behalf.

October 19, 2014:   The Father says today make your choice today to be a part of My increase in the earth.  You are part of a cosmic scheme inaugurated by My hand and intended to be carried out until all of humanity acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord.  The kingdoms of the earth will become the kingdoms of your God and Christ says the Father.  Of the increase of My kingdom upon the earth there SHALL BE no end.  My kingdom is increasing around you and My kingdom is increasing in you.

Let the cry of your heart be “Thy kingdom come…”  The bridegroom cries “even so!”  The bride cries “come Lord Jesus”!  Let the cry of your heart resonate with the sound of heaven for the time is at hand.  The bridal season is at hand says the Father.  Align yourself not with the thinking of man but the passion of heaven.  My kingdom is not some austere, detached or distant concept.  My kingdom is a vital force in the earth and in your life pursuing and bringing about the dominion that eliminates and puts down all rule and every element contrary to its nature and My promise in your behalf.

October 18, 2014:   The Father says today that I am calling you to begin living your life in the “larger perspective” of My kingdom.  If you will commit to the breadth of My kingdom today in a deeper way I will send My presence upon you in a confirmatory way.  I will begin to minister to you from a higher place, a higher level that will mark for you a beginning of a season of special direction.  As you cooperate with Me in this emphasis I will lift you says the Father into a special dimension of awareness and insight into My purposes for you as an individual and for you as a component of My corporate purposes being worked out in the earth.

It is implementation time says the Father.  It is time to take the training wheels OFF and begin to pursue My kingdom in earnest as never before. Abandon yourself to My purposes says the Father – become a RADICAL KINGDOM SEEKER and I will show Myself faithful to pour out to you the full dividends of heaven upon you.  I will bankrupt heaven’s treasures to the man, to the woman who will abandon themselves to My purposes and chose this day to be RUINED FOR THE KINGDOM.

October 17, 2014:   The Father says don’t be overwhelmed by life – be overwhelmed by My Spirit! Practice looking at My face today and ignore – simply ignore what the enemy is saying and doing.  When you walk with Me you will provoke warfare but I am with you.  I am the God of battles and in My presence you possess all the resources and authority to fight the good fight and not lose.  You are not a loser says the Father.  You are fighting from a place of assured victory even the victory of the cross.

So make allowances for winning and stop talking yourself into losing.  You are not a loser because you are in Me and loss is destroyed in My presence.  So don’t be distracted by the threat of loss – be preoccupied with loving intimacy with Me.  No matter what is occurring expect to walk in My joy even though the challenge is great.  Draw upon My joy as a well of refreshing and don’t resist the circumstances – resist the devil!  Have that never-let-go determination and at the end of the day the check will be in the bank, the healing will be made manifest and the restoration will have taken place!

October 16, 2014:   The Father says today I need you to straighten someone out for Me.  Not your brother or you sister – I need you to straighten out the enemy of your soul.  On your way out to the tasks of the day take a moment and remind the enemy of his total defeat.  He thinks if he isn’t reminded it won’t happen so help him out and remind him of the keys that I have made available to you.  In fact just shake the keys in his face because he can’t have them and he can’t take them from you.

Be sure of your God today says the Father.  Be sure of your God because living for Me is not a suicide mission.  I have committed you to a winnable war and equipped you with every necessary resource.  The angel supply lines are unbroken and your final preparation is coming to a close.  Shoulder your faith and un-holster My word and watch the terror in the eyes of the enemy of your souls.  Go out and terrorize terror by the blithe joy of one who is hidden in the secret place of the Most High.  Rejoice, rest, recover, recuperate and be restored as I beautify Myself in you this day.

October 15, 2014:   The Father says today do you know that you already have what you haven’t asked for yet?  I already know what it is I just delight in hearing you ask for it.  Go ahead and ask.  Ask for those things that religious mentalities would deny you.  Ask for those things that small minds and hard hearts have given up on.  Do you hear the still, small voice?  It always repeats one word: YES!

I say yes to the desire of your heart.  I planted that desire, the DNA of that longing within you – why WOULDN’T I say yes?  Move toward your YES in Me says the Father.  Lean in to My yes and embrace My yes today.  Yes is the only answer I have for you.  You haven’t heard it because of the other voices that need to be silenced.  My sheep hear My voice so just live out of your sheep nature and expand into a place of proclamation where My will is declared, decree and thus becomes substance in your life even this day.

October 14, 2014:   The Father says today do you want to win or merely survive?  If you have set your goal to just crossing the finish line you have capitulated to the enemy.  There is no joy in mere survival.  I want your joy to be full.  I will lay the garland of honor upon you and bestow upon you the reward in this season that is not intended for anyone but you!  Let your resolution be strong and your tenacity be sure even though others in your situation may be giving up.

Don’t pretend that the enemy isn’t there.  He loves to shy you away from confrontation.  That is how he keeps you from the victory I have paid for in your life.  Shake yourself and reject timidity.  Walk right up to the enemy and slap him silly with word of My promise.  It doesn’t matter who is backing him up because I am on your side.  You and I together are a majority says the Father – the enemy doesn’t stand a chance!

October 13, 2014:   The Father says today I will prosper you in the process.  You aren’t there yet – you haven’t arrived and you know that.  But I will prosper you in the process.  Get off the sidelines and pursue My kingdom on the superhighway of unabashed confidence and joy knowing that I am with you.  I was with you when you started off and I will be there waving the checkered flag and cheering you on at the finish line.  Your chosen goal and victory is not an “if” but a “when” and it is closer now than you might assume!

Don’t yield says the Father.  Don’t yield to exhaustion or speculation or intimidation.  Yield to peace, yield to peace and in your mind make room on your shelf for the victor’s crown that will be yours in life and eternity.  Endure says the Father!  Stand fast!  Keep moving forward for this is a sport that has kingdom consequences.  You are not wasting your time, you will prevail and things will look different from now on.

October 12, 2014:   The Father says today that faith, patience and perseverance assure you of victory.  Patience will put you over against the enemy of your souls because he doesn’t have any.  The devil has no patience says the Father – he will give up and get off when you refuse to cave in.  Rest in Me and rest in the perseverance I give you.  Rest in the grace I give you to display courage and expentancy when everyone else turns tail and run.

Come and enter now into a new dimension and a new experience.  Don’t be afraid of the unknown for the unknown is a gift that I unwrap and the angels shout “surprise”!  Be surprised by love and favor and the full scope of My blessing says the Father.  The battle against your faith and your confidence will fade when you no longer merely wish to survive but determine to move from rescue to breakthrough.

October 11, 2014:   The Father says My favor is not fair.  I have set you as the object of My favor and you are accepted.   Regardless of any objection to the contrary I have determined to pour out the dividends of My favor in your life.  The enemy has no ingress of approach to accuse you says the Father because unlike Job – YOU have an ADVOCATE.  We cannot be separated says the Father because I am in you and you are in Me.  Come unto Me.  Come expecting, come anticipating and every time you come you can be assured of a continuous welcome.

Do not throw away the reward that comes with your confidence.  Look at yourself in My eyes.  Love what I love.  Protect what I love and hold on to what I love.  What I love is YOU.  Let Me love you says the Father.  I cannot change or shift or correct or adjust until you have fully accepted the fullness of My love in your life.  Keep your confidence close and hold out for the materialization of all those things that religious mentalities would deny you.  I love you says the Father.  I favor you.  I incline Myself to you this day.

October 10, 2014:   The Father says today when I look at you I see the Lamb.  I see the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.  Before you were able to choose either good or bad I provided for your cleansing and chose you as My beloved.  I am not interested in dealing with sin.  I have no interest in your sin.  I am so determined not to look at your sin that I took it away by the blood of the cross 2000 years ago.  This is the proceeding word for your life says the Father – “go and sin no more..”  This is possible and more than a command it is a promise.

You see says the Father you were born for destiny and not transgression.  Let your eyes look right on and choose not to be distracted.  You are better than this.  You are My beloved, the object of My affection – the reason that I sent My son to bleed and die upon the tree.  Until you value yourself as I value you then sin will rule over you and contaminate your joy.  Let go.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless. Move on.  Be free.  Today is your day of freedom and release.

October 9, 2014:   The Father says what others call brazen presumption I call legitimate boldness!  Humility is not timidity.  Be bold to approach and be bold to have confident access to My throne.  I haven’t called you to simper and fawn and grovel in My presence.  The enemy wants you to do that because he has NO standing in My courts.  Stand up!  Shake yourself!  Receive the robe of entitlement that the purchase of the cross has entitled you to in My presence.  It is time says the Father to grow out of the “less-than” mentality and into the “more-than-enough” reality.

You do know that you are not much of a challenge to My mercy and grace don’t you?  You do know that your idea of what a rascal you are and what a mess you are does not tap My patience in the least?  I have dealt with cases much more despicable than you ever thought of being!  If I took the Apostle Paul who knew he was the chief of sinners – if I took him and built the entire foundation of what My church became on the ashes of his shame – how much more will I use you My beloved?  So give Me some cooperation – give it to Me today and we will walk these things out together to a new day and a new usefulness in My kingdom.

October 7, 2014:   The Father says today do not be distracted by the fury of the enemy, rather be CAPTIVATED by My love.  My capacity to deliver is only matched by My ability to deliver you from the fury of the enemy.  Why would you give credence to the losing team says the Father?  You do know that My DNA on the inside of you is the DNA of inherent victory.  No more worry.  No more fear.  No more wondering or pining away over problems THAT WILL NEVER find you or bind you or take from you that which I have bestowed.

Shake yourself says the Father.  Shake yourself from the tentacles and coils of the Python Spirit that would deny you that which I died to provide.  I am standing between you and calamity and I am baring the sinews of My right hand in your behalf.  There is NOTHING fair about the good fight of faith!  I am going to put My foot in the enemy’s neck and stand there laughing while you pummel the daylights out of him.  You win says the Father. Stop worrying!

October 6, 2014:    The Father says today I don’t want you to simply draw from My kingdom I want you to walk and live and move and have your being in My kingdom.  I’m not looking for an occasional visitation I have provided for you a place of abiding habitation.  Beloved I have provided you a place of perpetuity where others have only briefly entered in.  I want you not only to enter into My glory but to take up residence and send in a permanent change of address!

I am giving you full access to the glory that others have only borrowed from to bring miracles and breakthough.  I am not a God that withholds.  I am not a God that restrains and taunts or denies you in anyway.  Denial and rebuff are the work of the enemy and is not in My nature.  Enter in today says the Father.  Enter in to permanent habitation and full entitlement in My kingdom for that is your portion – that which I paid for by the death of the cross and ratified in the glory of the resurrection.

October 5, 2014:   The Father says today you are going to have to ask Me.  Those things lying deep within your heart, those desires that you have dared not breathe for fear of disappointment – I want you to ask Me.  I know what is in your heart regardless but until you bring these things out to the light of day they cannot be refined, perfected and ultimately fulfilled.  Remember this – I am the God that gives the desires of the heart.  Even those desires that you think are implausible and improbable remember I am the God of the impossible!  I authored those longings in your heart and I do not tease and I do not taunt.

The ache is the prophecy says the Father.  The ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  Do not allow the devil, the adversary to pervert and distort the palpable, vibrant heartbeat of destiny that continual paints the canvas of your spirit with portraits of highest hopes fulfilled and greatest desires fulfilled.  I don’t do things half way and I haven’t authored those anemic, survival strategies that you have tried to wrap your faith around.  Believe for big things says the Father.  Be bold enough to frame in your expectations the highest, best and greatest that is your portion and My promise in your life.

October 4, 2014:    The Father says today your citizenship is in heaven.  Your citizenship in the earth is a secondary consideration.  You are not a world citizen you are a constituent of the kingdom.  It is My rule and My authority and My purpose that determines the saturation of My power in your life on a daily basis.  Nations rise and nations fall.  Leaders come and leaders go but of My government and My kingdom there shall be no end.  So connect and invest and apply yourself to the mandates of My kingdom says the Father for thereby you establish yourself in an unshakeable environment that will cause you to be left standing when all others have crumbled and fallen.

It’s not by might says the Father.  It’s not by power but BY MY SPIRIT.  My Spirit is funding you and fueling you and forwarding you toward your destiny and fulfillment of every God-breathed purpose and desire.  Do you understand the implications of this says the Father?  As you seek first, pursue first My rule, My government and My kingdom there is nothing that shall be impossible to you and no one will be able to stand in opposition before you all the days of your life.

October 3, 2014:    The Father says today set aside the vanity of the urgent and set your attention on seeking first the kingdom . When you seek first the kingdom it is NOT possible that all things (seemingly so urgent) will not be added to you.  Out of the wellsprings of My faithfulness I will refresh you and effortlessly supply that which is lack from a position of rest and not struggle. Come now says the Father – come out now from burden and heaviness into yoke easy for I am your supply and the provisioning in your life of every needed thing.

The coils of the spirit of Python are bands of care and worry about things that will not attach themselves to your life if you will maintain the posture of seeking first the kingdom in all things.  The scripture cannot be broken beloved.  I am the God who said “whosoever will…” and I am the God who said “come unto Me and rest…”  I set no premium upon struggle or delay or denial.  That isn’t what has been taught but make it your purpose to accept the clear testimony of My word.  This is your day says the Father.  This is the day of rest and the day that I secure you in Myself and harbor you in My everlasting arms.

October 2, 2014:   The Father says today you are not marginalized in My kingdom.  Others may overlook you and set you at not but I have set you as the Apple of My eye.  Though the favor of man is fleeting My favor surrounds you like a shield when all your peers turn their back as though they cannot see the suffering and the struggle you face.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless them and lift up your eyes for I am about to bring a net breaking catch into your life that will completely reconfigure circumstances as you know them.

I set the solitary in families says the Father.  You have wondered just who your friends were because those who rejoiced with you in the good times were nowhere to be found in the lean season.  They didn’t change their hearts says the Father they simply revealed who they were all along.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless and move on.  I am bringing you relationships whose character is drawn from the marrow of “I-will-Never-Leave-You-I-will-Never-Forsake-You”.  You will be known as you are known and loved and accepted according to your potential in Christ.  Things are changing.  Hold everything loosely.  Prepare for a new society in the School of the Spirit.

October 1, 2014:   The Father says today that My word in you is a word of confidence.  My word is a word of confidence, acceptance and approval . I accept you unconditionally!  I SAID that I accept you UNCONDITIONALLY and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it!  What part of the cross don’t these religious miscreants understand?  I love you with all that I am and the depth that I am is past finding out therefore My love for you is past measuring.  Not only that beloved, My love is NEW every morning – just in case you were wondering…

Beloved not only do I accept you but I have placed My approval within your reach.  Stop trying so hard and JUST EMBRACE the role that I have commissioned you to and know it as your CALLING in the kingdom!  Beyond that I have placed not only My approval within reach but with My approval comes entitlement and authorization! So know this that My purpose – My ongoing purpose is to bring you to full realization of My acceptance, complete experience of your entitlement in My kingdom and to transition you, no CATAPULT YOU from the dormancy of mere authority to total and complete authorization as My beloved son and daughter!


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