The Father Says Today – October 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

31 October 2016.    The Father says today, there is a place where you will never be defeated.  It is a secret place that you are invited to live and dwell in peace. For the one who makes his habitation in the secret place, that one will be secure in the resting place of the Most High.  Trouble comes in the terror by night, and fear is unleashed by the arrows that fly by day, but it shall not come near you.  While pestilence and destruction lies in wait for the wicked, you will only observe as one who witnesses the falling of those on your left and on your right, but it will not come near you.  So fear not Beloved.  There is no access by the enemy in the secret place, says the Father.

Indeed, your every movement and every moment is watched over and protected by My faithful attending angels, who are assigned to your watch-care.  They are ever defending you and coming to your rescue, again and again, always keeping you safe from harm, and out of the reach of the enemy’s plot and plans.  I AM always with you Beloved.  I will never leave you or forsake you and when you call on Me, I will answer you and deliver you from all harm, danger and trouble.  I AM pouring out much honor and favor upon you, and you will be completely saturated in My blessing and benefits, because I love you, My Beloved.

30 October 2016.   The Father says today, I have called you to ascension.  I have called you to ascend the heavens and not to observe only, as the angels ascend and descend upon My body, upon My children, but to ascend and descend for yourselves the heavenly portals before My throne.  Bring your petitions, your supplications, your praises, your glad songs orchestrated by My Spirit, to delight our hearts together.  For just as I told Nathanael as he received with joy My call through the prophetic unction – you shall see greater things than these by the demonstration of My power.

The Father says you shall see greater things than these, and hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.  For you are My body, and the ascending of the ministering spirits, and the descending of the angelic beings are in operation in your midst, and in numbers more numerous than the sand of the sea.  Not only shall you sense and observe their comings and goings in your midst, but you shall accompany them, and they shall accompany you in attendance before My throne where you shall declare, “On Earth as it is in Heaven”!  So come up higher this day, and ascend before My throne, for I call you as I called Nathanael, behold an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile or deceit.  For the pure in heart are blessed, for they shall see God.

29 October 2016.   The Father says today, that I AM raising up in this hour those who are like unto the band of Gideon.  I AM calling out those who have been in hiding, threshing their wheat in the empty wine vats, and now are being set free from the fear that has held them in bondage these many years.  Rise up mighty men and women of valor!  I AM raising up those who will not be numbered among the fearful, but will drink from the well of peace.  This band of Gideon will be those who are not of the fearful and not of the prideful.  They are as the three hundred who lay prostrate before Me to drink of the refreshing waters of peace.  In humility will they seek Me and in humility they will worship their way to victory.

These are the ones who will bring down the Midianites in the nations, in the cities and in the families.  The Midianites of strife and contention which has reared up with a roar of churning corruption in the sea of humanity, crying out in their fear and confusion for hope, help and deliverance.  Gideon was one who broke fear off of people, and called them to be the best they could be.  He called the humble into their destiny.  The Gideon’s of this hour are calling people into their potential and divine purpose, breaking off fear, strife and contention in order to enter into their victory.  They are breaking their earthen vessels to reveal the lamp in one hand and trumpet in the other.  Stand and know that the battle is won, and you are victorious.

28 October 2016.   The Father says today, this is a season of harvested prayer.  I AM not only answering prayers that you have prayed – I have already answered prayers and responded to prayers that you haven’t prayed yet.  There are some things Beloved, you have only thought about.  There are some things that simply passed through your mind and you thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if that came our way or that mountain in my life was moved…”  Open your eyes says the Father, and see that the mountain that impeded your way has now become a plain.  As I said to Moses when he was yet in the wilderness so I say to you, “SEE, I have made you a god to Pharaoh…”  As I said to Abraham when he was a childless old man I say to you, “you are a father of many nations…”  You are going to have to get your mind set in the perspective that originates from My throne, and not the natural perspective of limitation and impediment.

This day says the Father, I call upon you to shift from a “less than” mentality to a “more than” temperament.  I AM in your life more than you could ever ask or think.  I AM in your life the God that brings highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in a moment of time.  In a moment when you think not, I will come suddenly to the temple that you are, and all those things you are struggling with will suddenly be cleansed and you will become another person altogether on the inside, outward. You have My heart.  You have My heart, therefore you have your Father’s eyes.  Command your eyes to see and your ears to hear.  Say to your eyes, be opened, and your ears, let them hear not the whisperings of the enemy, but the pronouncements of heaven that are re-ordering every aspect of your life at every level.

27 October 2016.   The Father says today, there is no trial or difficulty in your life that escapes My notice.  I AM not pacing before the throne wondering what I AM going to do with you, or how I AM going to bring you through.  You really are not that great a challenge, says the Father.  You didn’t actually think I would be intimidated or daunted by the mountains standing in your way, did you?  I AM the God of the universe and I live on the inside of you.  Do not allow the enemy to make you think or lead you to believe that what you are enduring is somehow unique, or in some way worse that what any other person may be facing.  That is self-pity and self-absorption seeking to get your eyes off of My faithfulness. In My earth walk, I endured and was touched with the very things that you are feeling right now.  I suffered and I did not sin, so that you could withstand likewise, and remain in obedience to the heavenly vision of all that I have promised.

Look up says the Father.  Look in expectation to what I AM about to do in your behalf.  I always come through on time and on target, to address the very thing that pains you most and holds you captive.  I AM loosing your captivity this day.  This is heaven-come-to-earth time for you today.  This is the hour that changes the world and the hour that changes your world.  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and dance in advance.  Go ahead and rejoice.  I will be found faithful in your life.  You will look back and see and look back and declare, “what else could have possibly gone right…”  This is not fantasy.  This is not an incredulous, unlikely possibility.  This is the rock solid affirmation of My word and My promise, that endures forever and puts you over in every circumstance.  You are not a victim.  You are a principality and a power, wearing this day the very crown that you will one day lay at My feet in triumph.

26 October 2016.   The Father says today, never compare yourself to others.  Never compare yourself or your accomplishment to that of others, Beloved.  You are incomparable.  There is no legitimate comparison you can make by looking at what others are doing or what they have achieved in life.  Those around you may remark how good and clever they are – never follow that poor example.  If you are going to be brave, be brave in who I have called you to be, and what I have called you to do.  It is the coward’s way out to emulate others or poach someone else’s destiny.  Take the time to inquire, know and see yourself as I see you.  When you see yourself as I truly see you, and see just exactly what I have called you to do, you will realize just how far short you have sold yourself out to the paltry accomplishments of your peers.  Men around you may suggest you need to be like this person or that person, but your authenticity is not found in thinking, talking or acting like another person you admire.  Go ahead and admire them and follow their faith – but get your instructions directly from My heart.

The fool emulates and tries to be like someone else.  There are no shortcuts My child, to the daring and breathtaking task to which I have called you.  When others offer you shortcuts to your destiny, just realize that they are merchandising you for their benefit and not your own.  I AM your source. I AM your one source for inspiration, truth and direction.  David was a man after My own heart, but he was plagued through his life by a man named Joab.  In Joab’s eyes he was met with scorn one day and flattery another.  The day came that Solomon succeeded and put Joab to death.  Cut off all such contaminated relationships- those people before whom you can never know where you stand.  Those who flatter you on the one hand and scorn you on the other, falsely claim they speak by My voice, but that is not how I see you.  Come to Me.  Look to Me.  Know that who I AM on the inside of you is shaping you and culturing you into the very person I designed you to be before the foundation of the world.  Therein is your authenticity.  Therein is your purpose made tangible, and will be accomplished, as you trust in who I AM and what I AM doing, and not allow yourself to be the pathetic facsimile of a flawed human example.

25 October 2016.   The Father says today, enter into the full saturation of My presence in your life.  Praise, says the Father! Praise until the spirit of worship comes! Worship until the glory comes – then STAND IN THE GLORY!  I haven’t changed My mind or restricted My plan, oh My beloved.  I AM standing available to measure My bounty in your life by the bounty of your praise, and the depth of your worship, and your own passion for the glory!  You will see what others have longed to see.  You will know the high places of My presence as the place of your habitation, and not just occasional visitation.

Do not settle for visitational glory, says the Father, for HABITATIONAL GLORY is available to you NOW.  Shake yourself. Marshall your emotions and harness your mind.  Let everything within you be constrained to magnify, praise and worship, and you will SEE what I will do with an unrestrained and abandoned heart before Me.  You are the one and I choose you.  I choose you, says the Father.  I set you as the pupil of My eye and I will draw you into My protection, provision and purpose as never before in your life.  It is a NEW day, and the NEW way has found you, says the Father.

24 October 2016.   The Father says today, the ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  I AM all about highest heart’s desire – greatest dream fulfilled.  I AM the God who causes your heart to desire the very thing I intend to bring about in your life.  Give Me some cooperation says the Father – I will give you some change. Align yourself inwardly with My Spirit, and your life will spontaneously come to blessing and benefit.  I AM bringing your destiny in the kingdom into manifestation.  At this season of your life, I will synchronize your destiny in the kingdom, and activate your ministry portion.  This is My anointed process to add My blessing to you that you have inquired after.  As you speak My words and represent My character, the assignments of Satan against you will be annulled and dismissed in the court of heaven.

The Father says, I will instill in you an excellent spirit as Daniel of old, that will surround you with favor as with a shield.  Do not be timid and do not be hesitant.  Step forward with boldness.  I AM standing up on the inside of you.  You are going to be exactly who I have made you to be, for I will overshadow you with My boldness.  I will instill you with My wisdom and open your mouth with clarity, says the Father, in every situation you find yourself in.  Your obedience will produce results says the Father.  Pay day doesn’t always come when you expect it, but it will come, and you will be recompensed in full for choosing to refrain from ungodliness, and maintain an obedient and humble heart in the midst of difficult circumstances, says the Father.

23 October 2016.   The Father says today, I AM mobilizing you in prayer today.  Prayer is not about begging or pleading.  Prayer is about ruling and reigning.  You do not have to go by way of the grave to rule and reign in Me.  You are not waiting to go to heaven to be the king and a priest that I have made you.  You are a king and a priest now.  You have jurisdiction now and authority now in your life, in the circumstance and situation you find yourself in at this moment.  Rise up into your authority.  Stand up in who you are in Me and I will stand up in who I am in you.  Yes – as the Lord of Hosts – the God of Sabaoth, I will arise and include you in a great bringing together of a massive host of war that I AM establishing to confront the nations of the earth.

This is the day to pray in advance of what is coming on the world scene says the Father.  Learn to pray before trouble comes, and when challenges arise, you will laugh the laugh of He who sits in the heavens and laughs at the scorners and mockers of the earth.  You will not be removed.  The wicked will be removed from the earth, says the Father, but the righteous will be established and remain in it.  When all else fails and the systems of the world show themselves to be impotent and without answers – you will be left standing.  You will be left standing with your testimony intact and your borders secure and unmolested, because you responded to the call, because you mobilized in prayer ahead of time, and saw of the travail of your soul and were satisfied by My hand.

22 October 2016.   The Father says today, I AM releasing to you the blessing that few people can actually say they have experienced.  It is the blessing that you cannot contain.  It is a blessing that is beyond your understanding and beyond your capability to fully perceive and appreciate.  It is My blessing that is past your abilities, and that blessing that launches you and catapults you into the realm where everything you say and do becomes as effective as if I said it and did it.  It may seem daunting at times, as though the challenge is beyond you, but fear not, for I will not leave you, neither will I forsake you.  In that hour that you need me most, I AM going to stand up on the inside of you and manifest My glory.  I know your name says the Father. I knew you before ever you walked the face of this earth, and I formed then a good plan for your life and your victory.  Your destined purpose is at hand and My will is certainly being accomplished in your life.

Let your heart believe all that I have promised you in My word.  Know that I AM further connecting you with those men and women who will favor your cause and stand with you in the good fight of faith.  Yes, though you have been disappointed in the past, I AM yet going to put fellow believers around you that you will be able to trust and rely on.  They will be your allies and it will be said of them that they have your back and will fight alongside you till victory is assured.  They will look out for you when you can’t look out for yourself.  They are going to be a resource and a respite from the aggressive environment that you find yourself in.  Two are better than one says the Father, and I always send out two by two even as I did among the 12, and the 70, when I sent them out to teach, preach and prophesy in My name.  Accept therefore the assignment of heaven over your life and do not be amazed or intimidated by the enormity of the vision, for I AM with you and it will soon come to pass.

21 October 2016.   The Father says today that the outlook is not bleak.  Make up your mind not to sell your hopes out to the narrative of despair filling the earth today.  The doom and gloomers have seen some things, but know this – even when all seems lost and every pillar is being shaken, that I AM THE MORNING SPREAD on the mountains in your life.  When gloom and thick darkness filled every house in Egypt, I was the light in Goshen to My people because they trusted in Me.  They trusted in Me and they received those that I sent to bring them out.  You have asked “God what is going on” and “God what are you doing”?  I have heard the cry of My people says the Father and to that cry I AM responding to bring you out from among those who have merchandised you and exploited you.  This is THEIR day of reckoning and YOUR day of coming out to worship Me in the Mount of God!

Be in readiness says the Father.  Gather yourself in preparation for that marching forth time.  Prepare your vessels not a few, for you are not coming out empty handed.  Even as the children of Israel came out with the wealth of Egypt, even so I AM bringing you out with the wealth of the wicked in great abundance.  This is a time of shift.  What passed for status quo will not be the rule of the day any longer.  The mountains and the hills – the powers of man and the bulwarks of darkness will melt before My glory that is shining forth now in the hearts of all those who have put their trust in Me.  So no need says the Father to pick your poison or exchange one corrupt choice for a contaminated alternative.  My hand is working and My hand is moving and your day – the day of light, and life and deliverance for you is abundantly at hand!

20 October 2016:   The Father says today that you are a sojourner.  No matter how anchored you may feel in life always remember that I AM your dwelling place.  I AM even your dwelling place in the midst of upheaval.  I AM your security even when the permanence of life is called into question.  When the people, circumstances and things that you have relied on are all gone by the wayside – know this beloved that I AM your firm foundation.  I AM the rock that you can run to and lean on when all else falters and fails.  This is your trust and this is the Cornerstone of all your life and life’s experiences.  In nothing will you be dismayed.  You will never have to look back in regret for I AM taking you from glory to glory and from the tents of transition to the permanence of My Temple – which Temple YOU are.

In that regard then – be beautified.  I live on streets of gold and sit on a throne of emerald.  There are gates of pearl and not gates of brass in My city.  You are that habitation and you are that city.  The builder and maker of the environment where you dwell is your God and not man.  When man attempts to threaten or manipulate you – just realize this: men come and go.  Leaders and decision makers change with the wind by the sovereignty of My hand.  It is what I say and what I have promised you that determines what happens next.  Transition then, is not something to be feared.  You need not fear the unknown because I AM your shield and your defense in both the known and the unknown parts of the thing you are moving through even now.  Trust in the framework of My strength.  Hide yourself in the Strong Tower of My name.  Recline and be at rest for all is proceeding according to My good plan for your life.

19 October 2016.   The Father says today, go out and personify love today.  You have no control over who loves you back but you do have the choice to walk in love regardless.  Let love be who you are today and not just what you do.  Do not simply aspire to love – be LOVE.  Love is who I AM.  When you love, you bring Me on the scene in that situation – in that relationship.  Love is more than affection – love is that power that never falters, never fails and always achieves its end.  Stay in love.  Walk in love.  If a step out of love is a step into failure – why would you ever choose to do or be anything other than love?  All the power of the universe, all the strength of My right arm is contained and released and channeled in the love that I AM in you today.

Love generously. Love generously.  Go out and lavish your love on the unlovely and the unthankful.  By loving without boundaries or conditions you are releasing My grace and My unchallenged authority into the lives of everyone, every person you so regard.  There is no point in trying to make someone love you in return.  Just give My love away knowing that it will return to you in full and bountiful measure in the most unexpected ways.  In so loving says the Father you may or may not change the person you give love to but you will most certainly change who you are.  You will move from being a forlorn, abandoned and rejected victim, to one who is indwelt with the greatest power of the universe in the Person and Sovereignty of the Love that I AM in you and through you today.  In that truth you are changed and in reality – the world around you is changed as well.

18 October 2016.   The Father says today, never mind the accusers.  Beware when all men speak well of you – rejoice when you are falsely represented.  The honor of men is not the ear mark of success in My Kingdom.  Men give honor to those that do not challenge their assumptions or predilections.  Leave them to Me.  Keep seeking the Kingdom.  Do not be distracted by those around you who look upon you with scorn.  Be a doer of the work.  Set your hand to the work I have called you to.  Others may think they have My mind, but they have failed to look at you through the lens of My perspective on your life.  Those who don’t do anything will never be criticized.  If there is correction needed I will correct you through loving, mature counsel that will unmistakably originate with Me.  Take all other detractors and naysayers and give them to Me.  Consign their opinions, observations and accusations to Me, and know that I will sort all that out, and deal with them accordingly.

Never listen – never listen to your critics.  Never assume because others are not excited about the opportunities ahead of you, that you are not walking in the path that I have chosen for you.  Stay willing. Stay willing and keep yourself in the place of humility.  Never answer again or defend yourself.  When you give in to the temptation to defend yourself, you have been distracted from the assignment I have called you to.  Refuse to be distracted and stay in a place of willingness and constancy.  Let your obedience be your first priority.  When you lose your way, go back to the last thing you know that I said to you.  I will meet you there and give you clarity and instruction for the assignment at hand.  Keep your heart pliable.  Keep looking to Me and not to man.  When you have done all you know to do, wait quietly and expectantly for the door that I will open, and the efforts you have put forward to be blessed and productive.  I have heard your cry.  I have dispatched assistance and this is the hour of breakthrough.  Put your foot forward.  Let your hand be first to the task, says the Father.  Do not wait for someone else to do what I’ve called you to do, and as your hand is first to the task, My hand will be first to the blessing that I’m bringing forth into your life.

17 October 2016.   The Father says today, be strengthened.  Receive My strength and refuse to allow the enemy to tempt you with weakness, or thoughts of failure.  You are not giving out or giving up.  I AM putting you over.  This is your victory lap.  The contest is already won.  Be strengthened in your soul and your body.  I AM increasing your vitality and strength in this season.  You will run and not be weary.  You will accomplish the work of ten, and have energy and strength to finish your course and accomplish all those things that I have called you to do, and all those things that I have commissioned you to do.  Refuse to say, “I’m tired…” or “I can’t take this anymore…”  Your race is still being run.  You have strength for the race and strength for the journey.  The finishing anointing is upon you.  This is the season and the hour that you will finish well, and receive the trophies of a contest well fought, and the emblems of victory laid upon your brow.  You will know and you will experience the full and final capacity within, for the final push to victory and breakthrough.

Taste and see that I AM good and doing good in your behalf.  Receive the supernatural sustenance – even the bread that the angel gave Elijah.  You will outrun the enemy.  He won’t be able to keep up.  You will outlast the enemy.  His resources are limited and being exhausted even now.  Your resources are limitless because they are in ME and who I AM in your life.  I AM now causing you to taste of the vintage of my Spirit that launches you into the “now” experience of my provisioning, and of my delivering hand.  There’s been a grappling taking place in your life, as the enemy has sought to dispossess you of your blessing, and to destroy your ability to contain that blessing.  I say to you that I AM going to shore up those things in your life that need to be shored up.  I’m going to strengthen those things that have weakened to the point of breaking.  I AM shoring up those areas of your life where you feel strained to the breaking point.  This is an impartation by My hand.  I AM one bringing forth deliverance, and even divine justice at the judgment bar of heaven, in your behalf.

16 October 2016.   The Father says today, go back and war with the words that I have spoken over your life.  There have been words, promises and assurances throughout your life that are still open, viable and available.  These words that were placed over your life were not fantasies or false dreams, but they were in fact a preamble to war.  I have not called you to be one of those or among those that hold back.  You never have had permission to hide in the stuff while others go into battle before you.  I have called and I have anointed you and I have ordained you to be a warrior clothed with My armor, and marching forth to claim My promise and My mandate for your life.  You are qualified says the Father.  You are qualified because of who I AM on the inside of you and not any other outward thing.  Your qualification is in the anointing, for I have placed an anointing upon you.  Rise up in that anointing this day and go forward in what I have called you to do.

Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.  You can never bankrupt the warehouses of heaven, so declare boldly, broadly and with great expectation, for I AM in your midst to do My will and to perform My word.  I AM calling you to serve me in this arena.  Even to be one that intercedes and prays over My promise TO you, and My promise THROUGH YOU, out to others.  I will cause those words that are gestated in intercession to be words that will not fall to the ground.  I have called you to rise up and to go forward without waiting to see who will go with you, or back you up.  I will send the angel reapers before you and I will be your rear guard and yes, I will send partners who will come, pray and stand with you.  You will stand and you will be strong until the test you are facing becomes a testimony that no man can gainsay or discredit, says the Father.

15 October 2016.   The Father says today, be a partaker of the fresh bread of My truth.  There are truths of My word that have been settled for millennia that will always strengthen and renew your spirit.  There is also the PRESENT TRUTH revelation that is relevant, new and unheard of by previous generations that is being unveiled today to those open and willing to hear.  I AM in the process of unveiling to you new teaching, so spend that extra time in the word that makes the fresh manna apparent to you in relevant ways.  With My word and the revealing of My Spirit comes a new endowment of power, and the understanding how My power is released in the current situation you find yourself in.  You have asked the questions and now the answers are ready to be easily found out by those diligent to look into My word of old, with fresh eyes and fresh hunger.

Truth heard the first time, particularly fresh revelatory truth, almost always brings a negative reaction.  So prepare yourself for that and make it your determination to refuse to be caught up in what men think, or what the society of the unenlightened may pass judgment on.  Truth is where you find it.  The truth of My word will evidence itself in places religious mentalities will not go – for there is no hunger in them. Hear My voice, and agree with what I AM confirming to you in the scripture.  Come into agreement with My word and not what others insist My word says.  They are ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge that changes their heart.  Be one ready for a heart change.  Be one prepared for radical change INWARD, and you will see the transformation OUTWARD as well, says the Father!

14 October 2016.   The Father says today, when the Word became flesh, it didn’t just stop with Jesus the Christ of God.  The Word is still becoming flesh as I tabernacle with you, living within your tent of flesh and blood and redeemed humanity.  You are My habitation, My dwelling place, and I have established My throne within the chambers of the heart of men, as living tabernacles of My glory.  For they will behold My glory as you dwell among them.  That same glory that graced the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  They will behold My glory, favor and loving-kindness poured out from the place of My habitation.  For I will pour out My glory from within, and you will know My glory as a state of being, and not an event.

In the abundance of My grace you will realize the fullness of the goodness of the Word becoming flesh.  The Word becoming human.  God becoming man.  The Word becoming who you are destined to be, within the realms of glory; of grace upon grace and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and favor upon favor and gift upon gift.  For the Word must increase and consume your flesh, consume it and be glorified so that when they look upon you they will behold My Glory, and behold one who is indeed begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

13 October 2016.   The Father says today, do not rationalize away your blessings.  Do not allow circumstances or false wisdom to talk you OUT of what I AM talking you INTO.  Do that which I have called you to do.  Listen to My voice that I promised would be speaking and leading you with, “this is the way – walk you in it…”  There may be those around you – and not just your enemies, who may recommend and counsel you to ignore what I have plainly led you to do.  Refuse to dilute My word or My instructions to you.  When you dilute the word of instruction I have given, you are diluting the promise that I have given as well.  Be a Father pleaser.  Obey first and foremost.  If others do not understand, then keep loving them and keep moving forward.

This is a time of expectancy.  I AM bringing My promises to birth in your life.  Embrace the expectancy of what I AM doing this day in your life.  Receive the expectancy in yourself, and impart that expectancy to others.  Be as one who releases expectancy in the hearts of the people.  Do not get caught up in the doom and gloom predictions of those who have put their trust other than in what I AM saying and doing in the earth.  Say in your heart and say out of your mouth that the sky isn’t falling – the kingdom is coming.  Let this be your declaration, and it will be exactly what happens in your life.  Your life will rise exactly to the level of your expectation and your confession.  Let your mouth be a well of life, and not death.  Embrace, believe and speak the blessing, and the blessing will encapsulate your life and determine what happens next.

12 October 2016.    The Father says today, hold everything loosely.  As the Israelites of old, eat your meat with your staff in your hand and your sandals on your feet.  I have made you a sojourner.  As Abraham was a sojourner, and one that searched for a city, so I have made you a sojourner, and I have set you on a quest of that whose builder and maker is God, and none other.  I have called you to be a founder of faith.  The faith that I have given you will be brought to maturity, and then you will take that faith and even found it in the lives of others.  In the midst of this, your assignments will change from people to people, and from place to place – sometimes in rapid succession.  Always ask Me first before you anchor yourself, or your security, in a situation or a circumstance.

The Father says be bold in new situations to speak My word.  I AM emboldening you to begin to speak My word whether or not others see it as agreeing with their opinions or not.  I haven’t called you to have an opinion – I have called you to speak My word.  Be prepared to tear down the images of Baal and the altar of false dependencies that many have anchored their trust in.  This will happen as you transparently and openly make steadfast and audacious water walking commitments, that only I can bring about.  You will step out into the impossible and see what I will bring about.  You will see this and be glad, and others will see this and be astonished.  This is what I have planned and this is what I have in mind for you, Beloved.  Be encouraged and know that we will walk it out together, and see all that I have promised become your reality.

11 October 2016.    The Father says today, you are not insignificant.  Sometimes you feel small and insignificant, but truly you are not insignificant.  I have made you as one with a voice to carry My authority and greatness on the inside of you.  When the enemy tries to steal your voice, I AM there to protect, defend and preserve your opportunity to speak and be heard. In the days ahead I AM going to make your voice even louder.  I will cause your voice to be heard and to carry and carry and carry.  I AM giving you this gift because you know how to speak truth.  I AM opening this opportunity, and many opportunities to you, because you know how to speak love and you know how to speak encouragement.  Where some want to speak death and damnation, the Father says, I have made you a voice of encouragement.  I want you to be an encourager and one who brings joy, joy and more joy to many by My word that will come forth out of your mouth.  I want you to be an ambassador of joy who will speak life over the lives of those who are broken and out of the way.

As you obey Me, says the Father, there will be lives changed because of you.  Do not feel that you are doing a small thing because I have made you big in my Kingdom.  As you obey Me there will be rewards.  As you obey Me there are jewels – things that are formed by HEAT and PRESSURE that are waiting for you as a reward.  There is a crown of victory and there is even a purple robe for you to carry.  A new mantle for you to carry.  A walk in royalty and authority that even this day I have given it to you, because I know you are going to obey and speak and be My spokesperson.  You have said at times “God, I don’t mind being behind the scenes”.  I say to you because you have had a humble heart, I will put you in the forefront, so people can see the love that you carry on the inside of you.  You will be a leaker of love. My love will fill you and leak out of you and get on all of those around you – even those who are difficult to love and show love.  So go out and leak out of My love and rejoice, for this is a chosen path for you to walk in this season says the Father.

10 October 2016.   The Father says today, that this is a freeing time for you.  There have been many things that have held you back and held you in intimidation My beloved, but truly this is a time I AM coming in, and I AM doing the work inside of you that is going to cause great freedom and great boldness to arise up in you.  You have felt My Spirit move on the inside of you but sometimes people have tried to stomp on your zeal and tried to override you.  They claimed that they knew better than you and that they knew what was best.  I say unto you beloved, truly I know what is best, and you do hear My voice.  The wisdom that you carry inside of you is of me, so do not doubt yourself any more.  Do not doubt yourself hearing Me.  Do not doubt the wisdom I have given you.

The Father says to you and declares to you that this is the day and the hour I want you to go the way that I tell you to go.  When others around you are going to say you must go one way or the other way – you be a Father pleaser and set out in the direction I gave you, even if others do not understand.  Truly I have given you the gift inside of you to receive My greatness and receive the ministry calling that I have for you.  You have desired to go to the nations and preach to the people.  God says that I AM starting you even in a larger sphere of influence, and it’s going to build and build and build.  There will even be people you reach that you do not even know that you are reaching.  My word in your mouth will reach and have authority as it travels through people groups, people groups and people groups.  I will make full proof of the mantle I have released upon your shoulders this day, and your destined place of service and effective ministry portion, will be proven and established!

9 October 2016.   The Father says today that My deep is calling to your deep this day.  You have asked for a deeper relationship, and it is available as you press in to your quiet times with Me.  Say to your eyes be opened, and to your ears to hear what My voice is saying in the depths of your heart and your spirit man.  Your inner man is where I will be found and where I will be made known, says the Father.  Make a choice to get that alone time with Me that is necessary.  Silence waits for Me.  My voice is found in you and identified in the silence between your own thoughts.  There will be times that you will need and desire solitude like some people desire necessary food.  It is in that place I will come to you, and you will sup with Me, and I will commune with you and change will come.

You are also coming into a place of intercession.  Interceding in prayer, not only for others, but for that hidden man of the heart I have formed and fashioned you to be.  Intercession for the person that I have called you to be, to come into manifestation.  As you pray into who I say you are, then I will cause that hidden man on the inside of you to stand up and be made manifest.  Then I will take you on from there to greater maturity and a distinct transition to a new maturity in My Kingdom.  So this day, take the time and make a concerted effort to come away to the quiet place.  Open your heart and choose to listen deeply, and it will be My voice and My Spirit that you will encounter there as you see My wind of change beginning to blow and bringing you to a whole new arena of experience in My Kingdom.

8 October 2016.   The Father says today that you are growing up into My Kingdom.  My purpose in surrounding you with anointed leadership is that you grow up into the full measure of the stature of Christ.  You are not a spiritual pygmy.  You are not expected to live your life in the shadow of someone else’s testimony.  Do not become as those who comparing themselves among themselves are not wise.  The measure of who I have called you to be is extrapolated through who I AM on the inside of you – and that is unlimited.  Man would limit you.  You would limit yourself.  That is not My purpose.  You are not limited by education.  You are not limited by locale.  You are not limited by gender or race or any other thing because the Greater One lives inside you putting you over all of these obstacles.

Set your sights then upon a greater maturity.  Aspire to grow up before you grow old.  Let My wisdom and My truth become the guide of your steps and thereby walk into all that I have promised you.  This is a new day says the Father.  This is a new day with new responsibilities and new blessings.  Embrace the former and you will see the latter.  Part of that growing up is putting away childish things.  No longer being snared by the accouterments of your own immaturity.  Let those things go.  Let those connections and relationships go that are not a part of where I AM taking you and not a part of who I have ordained you to be.  This is the difficult part – yes but as you align yourself with My heart and find your security in Me you will be blessed beyond measure and see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

7 October 2016.   The Father says today keep your options open in this time.  Refrain from entering into new obligations or indebted situations, for My purpose in your life is to open up time and opportunity for you to walk in greater service in My Kingdom and greater freedom in your personal life.  Place all your current commitments and obligations on the table and allow Me to identify the things I want you to let go of and the assignments likewise that are to continue.  I AM going to bring some connections, new connections to you that will constitute opportunity that you have not given consideration to in the past, and even some things that you passed up on that are now going to open up and bring new fruitfulness into your life and situation.

Things are going to be different says the Father.  It is going to be unique.  At first you won’t see yourself as being capable of doing so but step out in faith in order to step in to My favor.  Do not out of insecurity look for others to join with you just because you are intimidated.  I will give you that which is your own as you choose to become a water walker even as Peter of old.  I have blessings that are unique to your own life, and involving credit not being taken by others, but rather the promotion and blessing accruing to your account.  Relinquish all your concerns to Me.  As the seed falls to the ground it will bear fruit.  Begin to move forward for this is the hour and the time that bold obedience will produce great blessing in your life.

6 October 2016.    The Father says today I AM not mad at you.  I AM not punishing you.  There have been delays and difficulties in your life that led you to believe that somehow I had rejected you or refused to hear your prayers.  Fear not says the Father.  I AM with you and will never leave you or forsake you.  It is not My purpose to leave you in the difficult place, the wilderness experience, any longer than you want to be there.  Are you ready to step out?  Do you trust me says the Father, then let me take it from here.  Stand up!  Stand up in who I say you are, not in who the past says you are.  Your past does not dictate your future.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are who I say you are.  Not who the circumstances and situations say you are, or what others say you are.  You are not who they say you are.  You haven’t done what they say you’ve done.  I want you to listen to My voice. Repent quickly and step out, move forward and do what I tell you to do.

I have a plan for you says the Father.  I have a life worth living that I have chosen for you.  I have a whole package.  You get to have it all and not just a part.  The LORD says I will not taunt you with a carrot and stick of possible blessing and not show you the path how to get there.  The table of blessing is set.  The whole meal is waiting for you at My table but you must do three things every day: Apply yourself to finding out what these things are.  Do what you see the Father do.  I will reveal that to you says the Father.  Have no opinion about the consequences.  Obey me and stop second guessing.  Then relinquish the outcome.  When it looks like things aren’t working, stay faithful.  As you obey, as you move ahead, you will see the things you have cried out for become reality.

5 October 2016.   The Father says today refused to be distracted or diverted from the assignment I have called you to.  Do not allow the enemy to confuse, to distract, or to get you focused on things that do not concern you.  The enemy knows he is defeated.  His strategies are lies, delusions and smoke and mirror deceptions to intimidate and cause you to fear.  The enemy wants to cause concern in your life, to cause you to look away from that inexorable purpose that am bringing forth in your life.  Know this says the Father – you will come to an expected end result.  What happens to you next is not determined by man or the opinions of men.  I haven’t called you to take the well-travelled road or to bow to men’s judgements or beliefs.  My call upon you is to be a truth teller without intimidation or hesitation.  Be bold to speak.  Be bold to obey.  Step out in your day and be led by the calling I have placed upon your life.  That gift will make room for you and draw to you those that favor your righteous cause.

There is honor at the end of the journey says the Father.  Refuse to look back.  Make a concerted effort and a determinate decision not to look to the right hand or to the left.  Keep your eyes on Me. Maintain your focus on what I have said and where I AM taking you.  My promise will not fail.  Be convinced.  Be convinced in your own mind of My faithfulness to deliver and to save.  As you keep your hand on the tiller of the vehicle of My perfect plan, you will experience turbulence at times.  Through much tribulation – much pressure and manifold kinds of pressure – you will enter My Kingdom.  This is your entering in season so do not think it strange if there is shaking or jolting.  It is all a part of the season of acceleration and quickening that you have already crossed the threshold of.  Nothing is wrong.  Just because things are shaking does not mean the enemy is prevailing.  My hand is at work.  Just rest and keep moving forward.  Understand that when things feel like they are getting a little quicker in pace, it is not that you’re having trouble keeping up, it’s just that I AM beginning to move you in greater haste towards the fullness of the purpose of service that I have called you to.

4 October 2016.   The Father says today prepare for a season and time of acceleration. Things are going to begin to get a little quicker for you now.  You have, in times past been able to paddle through life and gather information and comprehend things going on around you at your ease – but no longer.  Now the Father says the pace is picking up and you will find yourself focusing not upon the shoreline but upon staying right in the center of the current of what I AM doing in your life.  There are things that you will let go of and that you will not have time for any longer.  This is because the cadence, the pace of your life is going to quicken as I bring you through an immediate transition from which there will be no turning back or retreat.  So come this day under the shadow that the cross of Christ is casting over your life as an arrow that points out the direction that I would have you to go.

The Father says, I’m transitioning you beloved, into greater service.  I AM manifesting myself in you in greater measure and with that comes a greater accountability.  I AM in this hour causing you to know the ministry portion that I have called you to and with that ministry portion is going to come greater responsibility and with the greater responsibility is going to come also a provisioning, because I would have you serve me without distraction.  Yes, I AM now moving to address some areas of provisioning to bring fullness of supply not for settling in but for moving out in obedience to My voice.  I AM providing you with a support system to afford you a complete inventory of resources to step out in faith even this day into that greater destiny to which you have been called.

3 October 2016.   The Father says today step out in the healing gifts.  There is a healing anointing upon you.  I release an unction to you now to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.  There are those around you that are broken, that are broken in body and in need of a healing touch.  Put your hands upon them and speak the things desired.  As you put your hands upon the sick and as you put your hands upon, even upon those that are terminal, those that have chronic problems, you will speak the manifest words of deliverance over them and change will come in their life.  There will even be those according to their faith that are going to come to full recovery, leaping and walking and praising Me for their healing and their miracle.  Get a vial of oil and keep it with you at all times.  You will be amazed at the places, times and opportunities you will have to minister to those who are sick, hurting and in need of a touch from My hand.  You will reach in and take it out and touch somebody and it will be My hand and voice they will experience speaking through you to bring deliverance and bring healing not only to physical bodies, but to those who are broken in mind and broken in spirit.  You’ll speak the word and people will be restored to wholeness and be restored to hope, for I AM the God who substantiates your hope, says the Father.

You might say within yourself, “I need a touch in my own life – how can I minister to others?”  I say to you beloved – rise up and get outside yourself and your own needs and see what happens.  See what I will do not only for others but what I will do for you.  I haven’t called you to preach your own limited experience but to preach My word.  As you preach My word it will become flesh on your bones and life in your body. A s you testify of My goodness even so My goodness will be brought forth and become manifest reality.  Go out and do for others what you have been waiting for someone to come around and do for you.  Refuse to languish in self-pity and isolation.  Get up and get out – go about your day waiting for the door I open, the conversation that leads to testimony and the testimony that leads to prayer.  Let your mouth pray openly and boldly and see what I will do.  I choose you says the Father and not another.  You are the one I AM working with both to will and to do My good pleasure.

2 October 20016.   The Father says today that I AM activating on the inside of you the unction to open your mouth and speak in My authority.  In the authority of My name as you open your mouth I will bring you to the place that everything you say and do will become as effective as if I said it or did it.  Do not make decisions outside the scope of the authority you have in Me says the Father.  Do not make decisions based on anticipated failure or an image of your future that does not take into account My provisioning hand.  I will cause everything you lay your hand on to be blessed and prosper.  Every place you put your foot, I have given it to you.  From Abraham’s day until today the covenant is in force and it is effective and viable in every one of the circumstances you are facing.  Walk as Abraham walked.  Walk as an ENTITLED ONE for I not only call you servant – I call you friend.  Say of yourself until it becomes your reality, “I AM the friend of God – God is My covenant friend…”

Abraham negotiated with Me over the fate of the city of Sodom.  What determines what happens next in your city is not in the hands of those who think they are the movers and shakers.  What determines what happens next in the city are the Abrahams and the Sarahs who will dare to step up to the negotiating table of faith as Abraham did.  Are you an Abraham?  Are you a Sarah? I t’s about entering into negotiation says the Father.  Even in your own life I lay before you multiple choice: where is your expectation?  Do you want the good, the acceptable, and the perfect will?  All will leave you in the blessing, but ask boldly. Ask expectantly.  It is in My perfect will that the distractions are dealt with, desires are realized, and your destiny is made manifest.  Do not say “I AM too old” or “I AM too young”.  Your boundaries are not determined by natural limitation but by the parameters of your faith that you choose to attach to the realities of My limitlessness.  I AM with you this day says the Father – ask and your joy shall be full.

1 October 2016.   The Father says today, don’t look at the winds and the waves.  Do not look at the threatening circumstances.  Don’t listen to the voices of unbelief insisting what you can and cannot do.  Don’t listen to the doubting thoughts that insist things are not going to work out.  Keep your eyes upon Me says the Father.  I AM the master of the winds and the waves assaulting your life.  As you keep your eyes upon Me – behold I will guide you with my eye.  I will give you an understanding heart and deep wisdom to get you through the darkness and confusion in the circumstance.  I AM imparting to you this day “seer” anointing to see THROUGH the murk and the mire of the situation and come out on the other side intact and in victory.  You will even be as one who says “I only do what I see my Father do.”  You are going to make the right choices that to other people do not make sense, but you are not going to be led by the mind, you’re going to be led by the eye of My Spirit clearing the fog of uncertainty and bringing you forward even this day to new territory.

So get a pen and paper and write the vision.  Write down what you see and what I show you beloved.  You will write down the things I have spoken to you in the past.  You will write down what I AM speaking to you at this moment.  You will write down the instructions you will wake up to in the morning.  You will write it down and walk it out and you will see it will be just that way.  I will speak to you in similitude and metaphor and YES, I will speak to you even apparently at times that you might know what to do on the morrow and what is coming even before the day dawns.  As you comply, I will bring you on the shortest path to obedience.  As you move forward you are going to break forth into the Kingdom that you might see operating in your life My righteousness, My joy, and My peace.  This is your manifest portion beloved.  This is what “seek the kingdom” looks like.  This is the new beginning and the new direction that you have asked Me for. It is here, even at the door and the occasion of your obedience.


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