The Father Says Today – October 2017

Daily prophecy for October 2017, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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October 31, 2017.   The Father says today, refuse to fear or be intimidated.  When the enemy does his worst, know that I will do My best.  I will do My best and you know how that turns out, yes?  Why would you spend one measure of your energy cringing before a defeated foe?  Cast your cares over upon Me for I AM fully capable of superintending your life.  As you let your mouth pray, I will keep that which you commit to Me in prayer.  Pray and keep on praying.  Petition and you will not be turned away. Intercede and I will meet you in the gap between your experience and My promise.

When the enemy raised his hand against Me on Calvary, I exposed him for the fraud that he is.  I made an open display of his powerlessness when I came out of the grave.  Just as I came out of the tomb, so you are coming out of your circumstance.  When I came out, did you know there were some things I left behind?  I left behind the shroud and winding cloth My loved ones wrapped My body in.  What have those around you wrapped you in?  Are you willing to leave those behind and live a resurrected life?  It is your portion, says the Father, as you abandon yourself to Me and trust in all that I AM bringing about in your life this day.

October 30, 2017.   The Father says today, be rooted and grounded in My love.  Let My love be the open expanse above you and the foundation under your feet.  My love is loving you and prospering you.  My love is making all things work together for your good.  My love is ruling and reigning over every circumstance in your life.  My love is rearranging and reconstituting the fullness of My promise, even in areas where you have despaired of ever having anything different than what you are now experiencing.  Step out into that love this day, says the Father.  Launch out into the hope that love sustains and maintains.  I AM marking your life with My love and it is a good life and an abundant life even beyond your expectations.

Are you prepared to be radically loved, says the Father?  I have shown My loving kindness so often that at times it went unnoticed.  My love is so full that at times it seems monolithic and featureless because I refused to allow My love to be interrupted or marred by anything else but love.  Stop for a moment and breathe in.  That is Me loving you.  Breathe out and you are experiencing Me loving you.  Look out of your eyes and take in your surroundings and in so doing you are experiencing My unconditional love.  Make up your mind that you will not see yourself as anything other than a child that is loved and accepted.  You are clamoring for approval and you haven’t figured out just how much I accept you already.

October 29, 2017.   The Father says today, your past will no longer dictate your future.  I have grafted you in – to the trajectory of the life that is in the Son.  Your past is wiped clean.  Your past no longer exists.  Now you have a clean line of sight to that moment in eternity that you were blameless before Me in love.  Even as I was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the earth, so the price was paid and your future was assured.  The future is not uncertain in the life of that one who has committed his way to Me.  As My word was faithful before you were born, even before the world was created, so it is faithful now and will be faithful in your future.

This is the love that I love you into your future with.  Fear is the lie that looks at tomorrow in the absence of My love.  My love is NEVER absent in your life.  Because My love is with you today and will be with you tomorrow, there is no place for fear. Know this, that I AM the Living Word and My word cannot be broken.  My promise cannot be disannulled.  You are the object of My love and as you PRESS INTO the love wherewith I love you there will be peace and contentment, even when the storm rages,

October 28, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your righteousness.  You are righteous because of who I AM on the inside of you and what I did for you on Calvary 2000 years ago.  There is no shortfall and no shortcoming, for all is swallowed up by the death of the cross and swept away in the power of the resurrection.  My obedience and My consecration brings you close and gives you access.  The way is made clear.  The veil is rent.  The Holy of Holies awaits you to enter in and fully receive of all that the cross affords you.  This is the kindness whereof I have showered you with My mercy.  This is the love wherewith I have loved you.

Be that one who accepts My love this day.  I AM not denying you – I AM loving you.  I AM endearing you to Myself.  This is your season of endearment, says the Father.  The lamb that was slain lays open and is available on the altar of your heart.  Repair to that altar and be cleansed and free.  Be set free from the striving and working for what I have so freely afforded you.  I AM not saying no to you because the cross is My eternal yes and amen.  Receive this and experience the change in life and change in circumstances that will be yours when you fully and finally realize just how much of what you are looking for in the future was already provided in your past.

October 27, 2017.   The Father says today, come out of the past and into the now.  Come out of sickness and the domination of the pained body.  Pain has substance and strength but not originating in Me.  I AM now applying the shed blood of Calvary to the brokenness that is registering in your body and in your emotions.  I break the power of pain in your life this day, says the Father.  I break the strength of heartbreak and loss over your life right now.  This day I am restoring joy to your soul.  This day the cleansing streams of life and joy and My Spirit are purging out the infection of loss and defeat.  I release to you this moment the “so great a salvation” that lifts you out of stress and mourning and despair into My everlasting presence.

I have not disqualified you, says the Father.  I AM not the one who disqualifies you.  I AM not listening to the accuser, therefore don’t YOU listen to the accuser.  You have an Advocate before My throne.  He has nail prints in His hands and scars on His back taken for you.  The very moment My resurrected Son stepped into the throne room on High – I accepted His suffering as the substitute for any punishment that you were due.  Accept the suffering of the Savior in your behalf. Know that you cannot justify yourself and it is not necessary to justify yourself.  You are rendered clean by the blood that was shed.  Now there is no impediment or hindrance.  Let the past go.  Be cleansed and not only cleansed – be set free from every chain that has bound you.

October 26, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM seeking that which was lost.  Loss may be part of the natural life of natural men but in Christ, says the Father, there is no loss.  Detraction is not in My repertoire.  I AM the Giver.  I so loved that I GAVE.  It doesn’t read that I so loved that I took.  The only things I am taking away from you are those things that originate in the one who kills and steals and destroys.  I AM not the destroyer, says the Father.  I AM not the thief and I do not need the last enemy that is death to accomplish My purposes.  Separation is death.  I AM not separating you from Myself – beloved, I AM bringing you to a place of one-ness with My Spirit and in My Kingdom.

Seek to be at one with Me, says the Father.  Receive the at-one-ment that was paid for on the cross.  There is not separation between Father-Son-Holy Ghost.  Let there be no separation in your life from this one or that one who may be living in conflict with you.  Just because you cannot be with that one, or that you are estranged from one you love does not mean you have lost out.  You only lose beloved, when you choose not to love.  Have you learned how to love?  In love, there is only union and communion.  Outside of love is segregation, wounding and estrangement.  Step out of the victim mentality and into the ascendency of love.  Love never fails and love will not fail to supply, to restore and mend that which is broken in those difficult relationships, says the Father.

October 25, 2017.    The Father says today, who says you have to fast and pray for the power?  My power is already on the inside of you.  Fasting and praying does not add something external to you.  Fasting and praying activates what I have already put on the inside of you.  It is time to be GOD-INSIDE MINDED in your thinking, says the Father.  Then when you fast and pray, it will benefit you and benefit others.  Fasting and praying without being GOD-INSIDE MINDED will only make you a religious proselyte, bound by performance based thinking, estranged in your own minds from what you are calling out for Me to bring upon you.

It is not in My plan to bring upon you what I put on the inside of you.  Why are you fasting and praying for what I have already given you?  Why are you begging for what I have already so freely given?  It is time for you to grow out of the infancy of want and lack in your thinking and grow into the recognition of the I AM reality that was afforded you, not through religious striving but through the shed blood of Calvary.  Let yourself have more faith in the shed blood of Calvary than you do in religious striving or self-mortification.  Then you will experience what it is to know you are seated with Me in heavenly places, far above all principality and power ranged against you.  Then you will begin to know what ruling and reigning in Christ truly is.

October 24, 2017.   The Father says today, stand strong in your faith.  The prophet Daniel was spared in his day because of the integrity of heart he displayed in difficult circumstances.  The three Hebrew children were delivered from the fiery furnace because they would not bow or bend to the enemy’s will.  What will be your response when you are under maximum pressure?  Will you cave in and give yourself over to the dictates of the flesh?  Or will you resolutely stay in the place of faith and trust?  This is the fight of faith, says the Father, and it is a good fight, one that you will win as you lock your gaze upon Me and trust Me to take you through the challenge and to keep you in your blessing place.

The spirit of anti-Christ is not just something that is to come.  It is on the earth and has been working in the earth for centuries.  Learn to identify it, not only on the world scene, but in your own life as well.  Anything that pulls you out of the place of dependency on Me is an anti-Christ.  Any demand upon you to stray from the dictates of My word or make excuses for sinful choices is the spirit of anti-Christ that disguises itself in the extenuating circumstances by which falling short of My command becomes so easy.  Shake off the lies of the enemy.  Stand firm in your resolve to trust Me in all things.  Know that even if you are thrown into the fiery furnace that I will be the fourth man in your fire and you will come out without even the smell of smoke upon your person.

October 23, 2017.   The Father says today, that I work in the midst of the mess!  Yes – life is a mess at times, but learn to make the most of My extended mercy and know that I AM not mad at you, and I AM not punishing you.  I AM working with you in all things, and as long as there is life in your body I will continue to lead you up and out of the fiery trials and difficulties.  Understand that I will not leave you where you are just to see your turn on the spit of struggle and suffering.  Just trust Me to navigate you through the troubles at hand and bring you out intact.  Do you trust Me, says the Father?  Then let Me take it from here.  Know that your past does not dictate your future.  You are not limited or constricted by the things of the past, for I AM in control even of things that you think have ruined you forever.

Look in the mirror today, says the Father, and tell yourself that you are who I say you are, not who the circumstances and situations say you are.  Do not be distracted by those who speak critically.  Refuse to be influenced by those who choose not to look at you through the lens of My grace and My mercy.  Never make excuses for what you know are shortcomings that do not represent who I have called you to be.  Just stay correctable.  Stay correctable and even when others fail to maturely correct you – be self-correcting.  As you hear My voice and sense Me putting My finger on something in your life – repent quickly.  Walk in fidelity, step out in faith willing risk facing your own imperfection in pursuit of My highest and best for your life.

October 22, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM taking you deeper.  You’ve asked for a deeper relationship, and it is available and accessible as you relinquish your understanding of things, and prepare to step into freefall in My deeps.  Do not fear, says the Father, as I strip away the familiar, and begin to retrain you regarding what you thought you knew about walking with Me.  This is all about letting the shorelines go, and venturing out into the trackless billows of My purposes.  At times, you will be surrounded with those of like mind and other times you will find yourself in places of profound solitude. In fact, I AM instilling in you a habit and desire and appetite for getting off by yourself, because that is where My voice can be heard without the distractions of the thoughts of others or even your own thoughts.  My voice in this time will become your necessary food. You will partake of the hidden manna, and drink from My Spirit, the refreshing that only originates in Me.

Ministry portion will be the fruit of what I AM doing on the inside of you, says the Father. Out of this time a deeper intercession will be birthed on the inside of you.  I will cause your mouth to pray as never before.  Out of your heart will come the cry of My Spirit over the city, and over those that are connected to you.  Answers will come.  Words will be birthed, and you will write them down.  I want you to begin to write.  I will feed you on My truth, and cause you to let go of immature perspectives and shallow principles.  You will exchange them for the understandings and revelatory insights that you cried out for and could not find in the ranks of religious scholarship.  The outworking of these things will be more accurate hearing and a teachable heart that you have longed for and desired as you sit at My feet and learn of Me.

October 21, 2017.   The Father says today, be an intercessor of joy.  When others see nothing but negativity and damnation let your focus be upon My mercy that is poured out in a day of judgment.  Come to Me in simplicity and come to Me in honesty and transparency.  Cry out to Me and know that My face is turned to hear and My hand is disposed to respond when you call to Me out of a pure and a chaste heart.  Let your prayers and the content of your prayers be attentive upon who I AM and what I have promised and not as one who shadow boxes an imagined enemy.  Never let the enemy suggest that your prayers are unheard or your petitions are falling flat at your feet.  This is a day and an hour when the coals of your cry on the altars of prayer in the heavens will be a sweet-smelling savor as you consistently and daily seek My face.

There are rewards for faithfulness, beloved.  Though the heat and the pressure of life’s circumstances are difficult to bear at times – it is that very heat and pressure involved in the making up of the jewels that I will set as a diadem in My Kingdom at the appointed hour.  There are jewels that are waiting for you.  There is a crown of victory and there is a purple robe for you to wear, even a new mantle for you to carry.  Rise up with that and faithfully, in prayer, walk in the royalty and authority I have given to you.  Not because man has given it to you, but because I have given it to you.  As you choose to have a humble heart, truly I will put you in the forefront so people can see the love that you carry, so be faithful beloved, be faithful in that which I have called you to do.

October 20, 2017.   The Father says today, this is a freeing time for you.  There are things that have held you back and held you in intimidation that are being eliminated in this time.  I AM coming in and I AM doing the work inside of you that is going to cause great freedom and great boldness to arise up in you.  You have connected with My wisdom when you needed it and you know you heard from Me – oftentimes people have tried to stomp on that and tried to override you with unfairness and scorn.  They said they knew better and they said they knew what was best, but I say unto you truly, I AM on your team and I know what is best even when My revealed will contradicts the opinions of men.  You have heard My voice beloved. Know this – that the wisdom that you carry inside of you originates in Me, so refuse to doubt yourself any more.

I say refuse to doubt and refuse to question yourself in regard to hearing Me.  Do not doubt the wisdom I have given you.  I want you to go the way that I tell you to go.  When others around you are going to say go one way, go this way and cause confusion – I say to you keep living out of your sheep nature, for My sheep DO hear My voice and another they will not follow.  Receive My voice and receive the gift of understanding I have placed inside of you to receive my greatness and receive even the ministry calling that I have for you.  It is not a small thing that I am doing.  The greater works are at hand.  The deeper wisdom of My Spirit is flowing and My wisdom will arm you and instruct you and cause you to know all you need to know as you discard your own opinion and the opinions of others and trust wholly in Me.

October 19, 2017.   The Father says today, trust Me for the outcome.  Relinquish all to Me.  I AM the hero.  I AM the one in control.  You wanted to be in control, but the problem is you don’t have all the facts.  If I gave you what you think you need, your world would be so much less than what I have intended.  Trust Me, says the Father.  Trust My intentionality.  Know that I am willing and know that I AM working.  I AM bringing about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life.  What you are incapable of doing I AM completely adept at accomplishing.  There is no deficit of love and there is no deficit of favor when you cast yourself into total dependence on My plan and align yourself fully with My revealed expectations upon you moment by moment.

Know this, says the Father – simply because you feel unable to effect change does not mean change is not coming.  Relinquish the outcome and trust Me, for I never disappoint those whose expectations are upon Me.  Remember the promise of My word, that when the seed falls to the ground it will ultimately spring forth and produce exactly what you have cried out for.  Give yourself over to obedience and rest.  Do what you can with what you have and stick with it – for in the midst of the process I will enter in to produce a sooner not later outcome in your life.

October 18, 2017.   The Father says today, welcome to yoke easy and burden light.  When the deception of the heavy burden tries to overcome you, remember My promise.  When heaviness and darkness seem to define all that is happening around you, open your mouth and proclaim the yoke easy and burden light.  This is My heritage in your life and this is the earnest of My inheritance that is shaping and molding you now and determining what happens next.  What the enemy threatens is just smoke and mirrors.  The bottom line is I AM a faithful God and you are My beloved child.

The price then has been paid, beloved.  You need not calculate what the trial is going to extract or take away from you, for what man thinks he can steal from you I will give back in greater measure.  I AM multiplying My goodness in your life, says the Father.  I AM filling you up with My goodness with a pressed down, shaken together and running over measure.  Just call to Me.  Call out to Me and be saved.  Saved in circumstance and saved in outcome just as I have saved you in spirit and soul and body.

October 17, 2017.   The Father says today, come to Me in the quiet place.  Come away beloved from the din and hue of the noise that men make and find the place of quiet confidence in Me.  I have led you and I AM leading you.  I AM bringing you into the DEEP calls to DEEP place in Me where man’s noise and man’s confusion can never reach.  There in that place is the deep water that refreshes your soul in ways that can never be satisfied by that which is void of My anointing and My spirit.

Come into a place of new trust, says the Father. Discard the elder brother mentality that demands and complains to get its way.  I AM not withholding from you.  I AM not denying you or turning aside from you.  Come to Me.  Come and climb up on My lap and bury your face in My bosom and let Me love you.  I miss that, says the Father, since you decided you were all grown up.  You are still My child, My little one.  In My embrace, you will find freely given what others insist must be earned.  That is who I AM and what I do – I give you rest and in the rest is the release that fills you with My “all in all”.

October 16, 2017.   The Father says today, come to Me in the quiet place.  Come away beloved from the din and hue of the noise that men make and find the place of quiet confidence in Me.  I have led you and I AM leading you.  I AM bringing you into the DEEP calls to DEEP place in Me where man’s noise and man’s confusion can never reach.  There in that place is the deep water that refreshes your soul in ways that can never be satisfied by that which is void of My anointing and My spirit.

Come into a place of new trust, says the Father.  Discard the elder brother mentality that demands and complains to get its way.  I AM not withholding from you.  I AM not denying you or turning aside from you.  Come to Me.  Come and climb up on My lap and bury your face in My bosom and let Me love you.  I miss that, says the Father, since you decided you were all grown up.  You are still My child, My little one.  In My embrace, you will find freely given what others insist must be earned.  That is who I AM and what I do – I give you rest and in the rest is the release that fills you with My “all in all”.

October 15, 2017.   The Father says today I AM provoking those in darkness with My light.  Learn not to shape your opinion of yourself by the perspective of those that sit in darkness.  As My light shines in their darkness they are incapable of seeing accurately or perceiving the truth of who I AM in you and what I AM doing in your life.  Even those who believe there is light other than their own will not always properly see what I AM doing and what I have done in your life.  The judgments of men are the small dust of My balances – so listen to what I have said.  Listen to what I AM saying.  Prepare for what I AM about to say for I have given you bits and pieces for if I unloaded on you the fullness of what I AM purposing and what I AM doing with you and with your life you would be challenged to accept and to believe a mere fraction of My goodness.

Do not judge your prospects by others than have gone before you.  Others may have faltered and failed but that doesn’t mean that you will falter or fail.  Others may have stumbled and fallen but that doesn’t mean you will stumble or fall.  The only metric you have to measure by regarding your future is My promise that is activated by your obedience.  This is time to see to it – to work OUT your salvation by yielded obedience in the very thing I have spoken to you concerning.  The salvation is IN you and it is up to you to work it OUT of you into your life that you might actually see the substance to manifest.  I say again beloved that the substance will manifest when you open your heart to release and relinquish all control and timidity and just obey.  Obey without concern as to what happens next or whether someone is watching or waiting to assault you.  Be an obeyer – and as you obey so I will manifest full the complete potential of My promise and My provision in your life.


October 14, 2017.   The Father says today, don’t be cyclical in your thinking at this time in your life, because if you look back or you look to your left or you look to your right you’re going to find yourself in the place of pressure longer than necessary.  Be linear in your thinking.  Look up these two words.  Don’t be cyclical in your decision making, be linear in your thinking, choosing the shortest path to obedience.  As you do so, you’re going to break forth into the kingdom and there’s going to be righteousness, joy, and peace.  I AM activating on the inside of you the unction to open your mouth and as you open your mouth, everything you say and do will become as effective as if I said it or did it.

I lay before you multiple choice: the good, the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.  But let’s negotiate your boldness, your leap into the perfect will of God.  In the perfect will of God, the distractions are dealt with, the desires are realized, and your destiny is made manifest.  There’s a healing anointing upon you.  There are those around you that are broken in body and in need of a healing touch.  Put your hands upon them and speak the things desired.  As you put your hands upon the sick and as you put your hands, even upon those that are terminal, those that have chronic problems, you will speak the manifest words of the Father over them and you’ll see a change come in their life and they’ll even be those according to their faith that are going to have full recovery, says God.  Get a little vial of oil and don’t be superstitious about it.  You’ll pull it out and you’ll touch somebody with it and you’ll pray and you’ll speak the thing desired and you’ll speak the words of the Father.  Jesus will speak through you and bring deliverance and bring healing, not only to physical bodies, but to those who are broken in mind and broken in spirit.  You’ll speak the word and people will be restored to wholeness and be restored to hope, for I AM the God who substantiates your hope, says the Father.

October 13, 2017.    The Father says today, it is time to get out of your boat and walk on the water.  It is water walking time for you.  The time is now, the time is now, says the Father, and the only thing left for you to do is to step forward knowing that I will cause the winds and the waves to uphold you and not to swallow you up as you make your way to My side.  This is what walking in faith looks like.  I have called you not only to live in My Spirit but to walk in My Spirit.  You cannot do that looking at the winds and the waves.  Do not allow the threatening circumstances to loom large in your perspective.  Don’t listen to the voices that say, you can’t, or you won’t or it isn’t going to work out.  Keep your eyes on Me.  I will guide you with my eye.  I will cause you to know what you need to know when you need to know it and things will work out better than you expected beyond your expectations because that is who I AM and that is what I do.

I have given you a seeing eye and an ear to hear what I AM saying.  Let your commitment be to only do what you see the Father do.  You may make choices that do not make sense because you are not led by vain emotions or by the carnality of your mind.  At times My instructions will almost be like flash cards before your face and all you can do is react and say yes to all I AM instructing.  Then things will work out and My favor will put you over not because you are so intelligent or gifted but because you complied with the drawing of My Spirit to bring you directly into the fulfillment of My vision for your life.  So, choose this day to no longer go round and round in circles of not knowing. You DO know and you ARE moving forward because I AM with you and there is nothing stagnant or vain about the steps or the lives of those who walk in lock step with Me, says the Father.

October 12, 2017.   The Father says today, new relationships are opening to you.  In your life and in your circle, get ready to receive the connections and the fellowship I AM calling you to.  Loneliness is not your portion.  It is not good to be alone, therefore you will not be alone.  This day I say to you ask, seek, knock and pursue the relationship and the fellowship that I have ordained for you to develop and step into.  No more looking back to past disappointments.  No more judging new friendships by experiences of regret and rejection from times past.  I say again – don’t look back.  Do not look back to the things that are behind you but look to those things that are ahead.  There is new life and new hope ahead for you as you listen to My voice and not the voice of mourning and sorrow that seeks to dominate your thought life.  I set the solitary in families and I have never ordained that My men and My women languish in isolation and seclusion.

Shake yourself from the mesmerism of past bitter experiences.  Past experiences do not have the authority to keep you from new opportunities.  Your past will not dictate your future.  The enemy lies and says there is only disappointment ahead for you but that is in opposition of all that I have done for you on the cross.  You will not be rejected, for I was rejected and despised of men in your behalf.  Refuse to make yourself a martyr to past broken relationships.  It is a new day and you must choose to come out of the tombs of regret and take off the grave clothes and mourning garments of what happened before and embrace what I AM doing now.  You have asked.  You have cried out.  You have petitioned Me and I say to you beloved – GIVE ME SOME COOPERATION and I WILL GIVE YOU THE CHANGE you have cried out for.  There is no magic moment or sleight of hand that will take you from where you are to where you long to be.  You must go out of this wilderness on your feet – one courageous step at a time and in that you will find I AM with all along the way bringing you to that place of fulfillment and healing and restoration.

October 11, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM your life and your strength.  By My hand I AM increasing your vitality and strength in this time-frame.  The new wine of My Spirit is being poured out in a vintage that you have not tasted of in times past.  Be open to what I AM doing. Incline your ear to what I AM saying.  Yield to My hand and become that new wineskin that is able to embrace new things and new understandings of My Kingdom that have not been clear to you before.  There are things you have waited so long for that you have been more comfortable with the waiting than you are ready for the receiving.  I AM changing all of that.  I AM moving you from expectation to manifestation.  From hope and longing to substance and reality.  This is the Amos 9:13 place where the plowman overtakes the reaper because you have furrowed in My field with a faithfulness that changes the atmosphere, and brings forth the manifestation of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

The work that I AM doing in you is that which launches you into the NOW experience of promise and provisioning.  The enemy has wrestled and resisted and sought to keep you bound in leanness and deprivation – but no more.  As the enemy has sought to dispose of your blessing and to destroy your ability to contain that blessing – now I AM acting in your defense to throw back his strategies and cause you to receive of My fullness in a dramatic way.  I AM shoring up those things in your life that need to be shored up.  I AM strengthening those things that have weakened and strained to the breaking point.   Others have seen the tension in your life and tried to help, but the Father says I AM the hero – I AM coming through for you, and none other.  Purpose to remain willing and pliable to My Spirit for I have surely heard your cry.  Let your hand be first to the task that I have called you to, and My hand will be first to the blessing that I’m bringing forth into your life.

October 10, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM not a God of sameness.  I AM a God of infinite variety and creativity, and in that creativity, I will be made manifest in your life and through your life in many ways.  Get ready to experience the unique and the unusual things that come about when My Spirit leads and guides a willing soul.  There will be an effortless flow of My life coming off of you that will cause others – even unbelievers, to inquire, what it is about you that makes you different?  Where others try to work up a “spiritual” affectation or charade, I will establish in you the sense of being “supernaturally natural” in ways that will make an immediate and instant connection with those who have been turned off by religion.  Sometimes all you will have to do is just walk into the room.  This is what it means beloved, to be a carrier of the glory – a transmitter spiritually of the visitation that others are only waiting for.

I bid you, says the Father, and I invite you to walk into what others are only waiting for.  They are blind, halt, withered and waiting for the troubling of the waters when I AM standing right in front of them.  Open your heart to all that “Christ in you – the Hope of Glory” looks like in your everyday experience.  Breathe in deeply of My presence and breathe out the perfume of My aroma.  This will draw some and others it will drive away.  Religiously minded people will say “that’s not God” or “God doesn’t do things that way”. Never listen to your critics.  Never give heed to those whose spiritual experience is more about sitting in the seat of the scornful that pressing deeper into My Kingdom.  This is pressing in season for you and in that pressing into My Kingdom you must go through the narrow gate that leaves many behind who have presumed that they and they only will be My chosen.  Forgive them.  Love them.  Keep moving forward, for this is the hour and the time that I AM making a separating of things above from things beneath and your invitation from My hand is to come up higher.

October 9, 2017.   The Father says today, you will walk with Me in the cool of the day.  You will hear My sound whirling upon the breezes, says the Father, as I make Myself known to you, and bring you into a place of intimacy beyond what you have experienced in times past.  Even as you read the scriptures, My sound will resonate inside of you as the voice of many waters to change and transform you ever into My image and My likeness.  You will experience My presence, partake of My gifts and be molded by My character.  You will demonstrate My glory in ways that are not stilted by religious traditions or wrong ideas about who I AM or what I AM all about.  It will be said of you in the spirit that you have your Father’s eyes and your Father’s heart – even My heart of compassion and My heart of mercy toward those that have been marginalized, rejected and cast aside by others.  Yes – the Love that I AM will become the person that you are, and in that many lives will be touched and changed and brought to new hope through the words and actions that you take to demonstrate who I AM to them.

You will walk into a room, says the Father, and change the atmosphere.  Where strife and contention reign, calm and the peace of My kingdom will flood that space, and the stillness wherein I AM known as I AM known will be made manifest.  You will walk into a room and immediately the demonic will lose its hold over those that are bound because I walked into that room with you.  When this happens, do not get involved in convoluted tactics of deliverance that some indulge in.  All you have to do is do one simple thing and that is to say, “Shut up and come out!” and the demon will leave and lives will be free.  That is what the demonstration of My power looks like.  That is the demonstration of My hand that will be manifest in your life and people will understand that I AM not a God bound to religious ways of getting things done, but that I AM a God who is made known in compassion and authority who will expose and expel the enemy to bring joy and laughter once again to hearts and lives bound by sorrow and darkness.

October 8, 2017.   The Father says today, I AM the Equipper.  I have equipped you with all things that are necessary to capitalize your life and fulfill your dreams.  This is the one great truth that is implied by the Shepherd’s Promise of “Life and Life More Abundantly”.  I AM trying to give you something you already have and I AM trying to transform you into someone you already are.  The work of the cross is about extracting the sting of sin and the contamination of the fall so that who I made you to be will rise up and take ascendency over all that I have placed under your hand.  Hear the truth of this, says the Father, and allow the awe of My majesty resonating in you to be deeper than any distress, disappointment or despair.

You have a gift, says the Father. You have a gift and your gift is going before you and making room for you in life.  When things feel strained and difficult, know that this is not your stopping place.  Since you don’t WANT to stop there, then realize that I haven’t planned for you to camp in the thorny place.  Hear this day the declaration by My hand that YOU HAVE DWELT IN THIS MOUNTAIN of difficulty LONG ENOUGH.  Now is the time of learning and the time of equipping and the time of shifting you from stagnation to transformation that will cause the mastery of My Spirit to populate your life and change the things that need to be changed and get you where I purpose to take you!

October 7, 2017.   The Father says today, focus upon the throne.  Whatever dominates your focus dominates you.  I have not chosen that you be DOMINATED by any man or any situation or any condition.  I have given YOU dominion.  You are not a slave of the earth, you are a bond-slave of heaven.  As My bond slave, I have placed a ring on your finger and a robe upon your shoulders that conveys RANKING and AUTHORITY in the earth.  Jettison poverty consciousness.  Refuse to be a victim.  Refuse the victim mentality.  I command you, says the Father, to set aside the vocabulary of victimhood.  You are not a victim because I AM not a victim and I AM in you.  You are not a victim, you are just a victory that hasn’t manifested yet, but it IS coming.

So, put your attention upon the throne and not upon the footstool.  The earth is My footstool and its upheavals and tumults are the small dust of the balance.  True authority and ultimate victory is found by all those who focus upon the throne on high where all power originates and flows from.  I say again – put your attention upon the throne, for YOU ARE where YOUR ATTENTION TAKES YOU.  I know that this isn’t what you have been taught and I know that this does not reflect how you have behaved under pressure in the past.  It is challenging, but what I AM doing is increasing your capacity for embracing and releasing My power and My authority, says the Father.  This is what it means to rule and reign in My Kingdom which is not something that only happens after death – no!  Ruling and reigning beloved, begins NOW.

October 6, 2017.    The Father says today, be GOD-INSIDE MINDED.  I AM not a far-off God.  You have cried out for Me to come – where will I come from?  I live on the inside of you.  Are you not My temple?  Are you not My dwelling place?  You have asked for visitation and I say to you that YOU ARE THE VISITATION.  You have asked for revival but I say to you that YOU ARE THE REVIVAL.  You have asked for outpouring but I say to you that YOU are the OUTPOURING because I AM on the inside of you and I AM that I AM – even the I AM that fills every deficit in your life and flows out into the earth.  I fill you and flow out of you into the earth to TAKE TERRITORY and to CHANGE CULTURE.  Do not fall into the error of waiting on what I have empowered you to WALK INTO and to BE as My chosen dwelling place upon the earth.

You are a wealth manager, says the Father.  The wealth of heaven is on the inside of you and I say to you THIS DAY, I have made you a steward of all that which is in you IN THE GLORY.  Take the tally, says the Father.  If I spared not My only son – how shall I not WITH HIM (2,000 years ago) have given you ALL THINGS THAT PERTAIN TO LIFE AND GLORY.  If you HAVE THE SON then you have EVERY LESSER GIFT in you IN THE GLORY.  Believest thou this?  Then go out, not seeking the provision, but BEING THE PROVISION.  Go out asking nothing and questioning nothing.  Just know.  Those that KNOW will DO.  Build your life around who you are and what you know and not who you are not or what you do not know.  It is time to GET this and see the 100 fold dividend of heaven be poured out in your life.

October 5, 2017.   The Father says today, rise up in pursuit of your passion.  For you to do what I have called you to do, it is necessary to identify and commit to the passion that I have placed within you.  Only those things that you are passionate about will afford you the motivation to do extraordinary things in fulfillment of your destiny.  Understand what I AM saying to you, says the Father.  I AM not the one who pulls down the strongholds.  I have called you to pull down the strongholds not only in the power of your faith but by the intensity of your passion.  You must do – and I have empowered you to do exploits in My name through the passion that I have embedded in your heart and life.  There is nothing passive about this.  Religious thinking promotes passivity and there is no passivity in the kingdom.  There is no passivity that proceeds from My throne.  Where does it come from then?  It is a form of death.  Passivity kills your dreams and I AM come into your life this day to resurrect your dreams and your visions.

I AM pro-vision, says the Father.  The narrative that I have planned for you is not a narrative of disappointment or desperation.  Reject the narrative of trauma and the narrative of despondency.  The enemy wants to program your mind to churn out negativity and tragedy as the dominate narrative of your daily experience.  Love those that suffer. Champion the cause of the suffering.  Embrace and be a ministry of compassion toward those that suffer, BUT anchor yourself in the narrative of the victory of the cross.  Refuse to allow ANY other voice, BUT MY VOICE and the voice of My word to be in ascendency in your mind and your focus.  Shake yourself from every other voice seeking to echo in the chambers of your heart, your emotions or your spirit.  This is the discipline of all those who do exploits in My name, says the Father, and it is the process that I call you to commit to in the season that you walk in at this time.

October 4, 2017.   The Father says today, embrace My process and you will see My outcome.  Know that for you, the process might be in the valley but the outcome is on the mountain.  Everybody wants outcome, beloved – but very few comprehend my purposes in the valley, in the low places.  There are shadows in the valley that reflect the purposes I AM stepping you through that will not be clear to your understanding.  On the mountain however, you will see the big picture and the far horizon I have defined as your personal destiny.  Both perspectives are authentic for your life.  One shows you process, the other shows your outcome.

Receive My instruction, says the Father.  Know that I have made full provision in your life for THIS journey.  Be instructed therefore, and endure My process.  Your promotion is in your patience.  As you patiently endure step by step and cooperate with my process, you will surely come to the authentic outcome that I have promised you as your personal and unique destiny.  Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to see forward momentum and to come out of the stuck place?  Then get up and let us walk this out together, for your future is now!

October 3, 2017.   The Father says today, I have called you to greater works.  Of all that I demonstrated in My earth walk know that greater works will be done.  Greater works will you do because I ascended on high and the Holy Spirit was sent.  The life and life more abundantly that I made provision for on Calvary is not a lesser life than I demonstrated in My earth walk . I paid the price on the cross and the way was made clear for you to stand up in the power of My name and give testimony to My power and My love.  It was expedient for you that I would go away because only in My death and resurrection could the Holy Spirit take up residence in your heart and life.  Do you understand what this means?  It means you are better off with the Holy Spirit IN YOU than you would be walking beside Me along the shores of the Galilee.

What I AM saying to you beloved is this – as I AM so are you in the world. Is this something you are committed to believing?  As I AM so are YOU in the world.  This is who I AM and who YOU ARE.  This is not something you can measure by any other means than what My word declares.  There are many narratives that would define you but make it your determination that the DOMINATE NARRATIVE of your life – your PERSONAL NARRATIVE be the truth of My word.  Remember that I honor My word above My name.  When you take up My word in your heart and on your lips then I AM on the scene confirming My word with signs following.  I will confirm My word and I will authenticate My promises as you step out expecting My word to come to pass and be the testimony that shapes and molds your tomorrows as you walk in My Kingdom and in My love.

October 2, 2017.   The Father says today, receive My unearned favor.  Know that My grace and the benediction of My goodness over you is the free gift of My heart to your heart.  Your entitlement in My kingdom is not based upon your performance or moral excellence.  Your righteousness and right standing before Me has nothing to do with who you are or what you have done.  Your righteousness is not found in religious dogma or any effort that originates in your own striving.  Release all such guilt, for your righteousness is found only in My person.  I AM your righteousness.  I AM your right standing.  When you come to Me in prayer the only qualifier is the application of the shed blood of Calvary in your behalf.

Accept the free gift, says the Father. Receive the full measure of My unconditional favor and goodness toward you.  There is nothing to earn.  There is nothing you can add to the work of the cross.  To suggest otherwise is a religious obscenity that cheapens the cross.  Shake yourself free from the chains of religious bondage.  Come boldly into the holiest by the blood that was shed, for there is no other access.  Good works, correct doctrine, religious striving or alleged efficacious suffering are vanities before Me.  Only the shed blood of Calvary affords you a hearing in My courts.  Come therefore.  Come willingly.  Come rejoicing.  Come with total reliance, not on who you are or what you have done but on who I AM in you and what I did in your behalf 2,000 years ago.

October 1, 2017.   The Father says today – I AM your Healer.  Healing is not just what I do.  Healing is part of who I AM.  I will be known in your life as Jehovah-Raphe, your Healer, your Redeemer – the solution to the pollution the enemy has sought to bring into your life and your circumstance.  In My word, I promised the children in the wilderness that I would put none of the diseases upon them that they witnessed upon the Egyptians.  The covenant they stood in faith for was firm and it was sure, says the Father.  You have a better covenant and not a lesser covenant. In every distress of mind and body know this – I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD that HEALS YOU.  This promise is as sure as John 3:16, says the Father.  I AM as willing and I AM as able to HEAL you as I AM to SAVE YOU!  Receive your healing!

When Calvary’s price was paid – healing was included.  As the stripes were laid upon the Lamb, every one of them paid for an outcome even in your physical health . What I AM saying to you, says the Father, is that HEALING is IN THE ATONEMENT.  The same blood shed for your soul was shed for physical healing.  You may safely and assuredly trust and know that by the stripes of Calvary you WERE (past tense) healed!  Lay hold on this promise.  It doesn’t come without engagement of your faith.  Faith is not a matter of emotional exertion or proving something to yourself or Me.  Faith is resting.  Rest in My promise, says the Father, for it is sure to you – as sure as the day it was given.  This is not what the elders of the uninformed have taught or believed – but I will never put ON you what the CROSS took off of you.  This is your assurance and this is the blessing that you can lay hold on, says the Father. 


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