The Father Says Today – October 2018

Daily prophecy for October 2018, republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry.
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October 17, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM sending you into a learning experience.  I do not desire that you only drink of your own waters or understandings.  I want to expand you and widen the scope of your comprehension of My Kingdom.  You are My vessel, and I want to pour into you from others that I may pour out of what is on the inside of you to help and assist those who have no other opportunity to learn.  There are people in the earth who will never learn or experience so much of Me as what you represent.  Be a vessel poured out unto Me, says God, and be a vessel open to receive those things that I have for you in the lives of others.

Know then that truth is where you find it.  Truth is not always found in polite company or in the ranks of those who look like you do or think as you do.  Lay aside the ingrained prejudices of familiarity and open yourself to that sound – even that specific sound that is coming forth from My throne this day.  There are many trumpets in the earth, some of discord and some of harmony.  There are harmonies, exquisite harmonies of My sound going forth in the earth that will only be heard by those willing to come out of the catacombs of their own limited thinking to learn of Me through whatever vessel I choose. Sit and learn, says God, of Me even this day.

October 16, 2018.    The Father says today your testimony is that of a life freed from pain.  To retain the ability to feel and be passionate – yet free from the pain of rejection and self-hatred.  Trust Me to bring this about not only when eternity is your portion but here and now.  Regardless of the turmoil around you know that I AM your Peace and peace is your portion.  I AM in My person your Peace, your Solace and your Serenity.  These are not things to achieve or seek but to receive and be blessed.  Be blessed this day with the peace that I AM says, God.

So, come out of the numbness of spirit where you have sought to hide says, God.  You have permission to feel again.  You have permission then to step away from all self-engendered controversy. You have nothing to prove and nothing to earn. You are accepted, and you are beloved. Being loved by Me is the primary purpose for which you are walking around on the earth.  It is your assignment and your task given by My hand.  My love is so deep and so broad you could live a thousand lifetimes and never plumb the utter depths of it.  Feel My billows crashing over you – the tides of My comfort, My love, and My embrace.  Be embraced this day says God and be at peace for I am working on your behalf.

October 15, 2018.   The Father says today, refuse to be daunted.  You are looking ahead to the vision I AM realizing in your life and you are intimidated.  Know that you are more than able because I AM in you.  You are not a grasshopper, you are a giant slayer.  The reality of your new birth and My indwelling Spirit infuses you with strength and with creativity to see highest heart’s desire come to pass.  No more coping strategies.  No more procrastination.  Procrastination is the last defense of the man of sin on the inside of you called the flesh nature.  Rise up in who you are in Me and push past this device of the enemy.

It is time to reclaim your territory in the earth, says God.  I created man to subdue and have dominion, and that includes you.  Though circumstances are ranged against you and situations do not seem favorable to move forward, nonetheless it is time.  No more waiting on a sign from heaven, for an evil generation seeks a sign.  No more waiting for the master plan because I am the Master – it’s who I AM and what I do in My Person and not some vague secret yet to be unveiled that you think will change everything.  Enlargement of step will come and instructions for what is next after you commit to the point of no return and no going back to what was or that which was comfortable to you in times past.  I AM calling you out of your comfort zone this day, and I will not take no for an answer, says God.

October 14, 2018.   The Father says today, count your blessings.  Name them one by one. If you find any missing, then you know how and what to pray about.  No deficit in your life originates in Me or in any plan I have for you.  I AM not a God of the deficit; I AM a God of surplus.  I AM the God of the transfer of the wealth.  That resource is in the earth with your name on it.  The transfer of the wealth has nowhere else to go but into the hands of those who partner with Me and anchor their fortunes with Me in the initiatives of the Kingdom.

Are you ready to step into the currents of surplus that are flowing in the earth, says God?  All that originated in Eden of blessing, dominion and authority is still resident in the earth waiting for the sons of God to lay claim to it by their audacious acts of faith.  Remember that My kingdom is motion activated.  Speaking My word is only part of the equation.  My words as declaration are necessary to your deliverance, but you must also add actions of faith and follow through with radical obedience, or nothing changes.  Are you ready for change?  Then make the adjustment.  You aren’t waiting on Me to do anything different because I did it all on Calvary.  All of heaven’s bounty awaits the impetus of your action to pour out My goodness upon you, even this day.

October 13, 2018.   The Father says today, trust Me for the help you need.  I AM a timely support in your current situation, says God.  I AM here, and I will never leave you helpless or without the supply of My grace and My miracle working power.  What man cannot do to change things in your life is as nothing to Me.  This is the hour of your miracle.  I AM not only able to work in your behalf, I AM willing to work in your behalf. It is never necessary for you to talk Me into anything.  My default answer is yes and amen according to the promises of My word.  Stand on that.  Trust in that, for it is My testimony given to you as a strength in a time of storm.

Come to Me in your troubles for I AM an ever-present help.  Cast your cares upon Me for I care for you.  If in all the world there was not one person willing or able to come to your aid – you could still lie down in safety, knowing that I AM watching over you every moment of every day.  Gather up all those worries and things that keep you awake at night and roll them over on Me.  I AM here.  Talk to Me. Make your petition and then rest your case, for you are not approaching some distant or uncaring sovereign.  I AM a loving Father who gave heaven’s best 2000 years ago and will not withhold any good thing from you now.

October 12, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM bringing down Jezebel in high places.  The manipulation of the enemy is being exposed and the back room deals and hidden operations in secret places is becoming front page news.  It will be seen and it will be known in this land that there is a God in the heavens whose rule usurps and supersedes every authority of man to fulfill My purposes and execute judgement.  Seek My face, says the Father, and I will show mercy in a time of judgment and My favor in the hour of shaking.  All those things that can be shaken will shake, but My Kingdom that I have enfolded into your heart and life will be that unshakeable strength that you will run into and be safe.

You are where your attention takes you, says God.  If your mind is filled with the turmoil and turbulence in the land, then that will be the ruling principle that determines what happens next in your life.  I say to you as I said to Moses when he lifted up the serpent in the wilderness – LOOK and LIVE.  Look and live, says God.  Look to Me and trust in My name.  Look to My word and My word will set the preamble for the shift that you feel coming like a ground swell under your feet.  Fret not, says God, for you are not a part of the culture that derives from man – you are a part of the culture that derives from My Kingdom and in the solidity of that Kingdom you shall be safe and you SHALL be established!

October 11, 2018.   The Father says today, do not let your happiness be in somebody else’s head.  Just do what you can with what you have and leave the rest to Me.  Worry and anxiety only produce stress and will not make anything in your life better or solve one single problem.  What I call upon you to do is to accept the yoke easy and the burden light that encapsulates all that I came to impart to you and to accomplish on your behalf.  This isn’t what you’ve always been taught but make it your determination to be a Father-pleaser by setting aside the religious training that only contaminates your faith and robs you of my highest and best blessing laid up as your portion each and every day.  I’m a good God, says the Father, and being good to you is what the Kingdom is all about. Accept my goodness.  Receive My Love and My Favor.  Rejoice in My tenderness toward you in all things.

There are those around you who think they know what is best, but you must bring all your plans and decisions to the altar of My indwelling Spirit.  That is where each decision will be finalized, and every outcome will be assured, not because you yielded to pressure from without, rather because you listened to the inward leading of My Holy Spirit.  Are you listening?  Are you responding to the yes and amen of My promises?  The time is now.  Lay aside the old mentalities.  Lose unproductive attitudes.  Determine anew to be a risk taker and to remain flexible and open to what I AM about to do in your life.

October 10, 2018.   The Father says today, I AM raining down My suddenlies and My immediates upon you.  My wind is blowing full force beloved through your situation.  My wind is blowing away the chaff and revealing to you, uncovering for you where your priorities should lie and just that very thing that My blessing is now bursting forth upon.  My fire – the tongues of fire are coming upon you in a fresh baptism of My Spirit.  The baptisms of heaven are rolling over you in waves of glory.  It’s a new day and a new time.  It’s a new walk you are called to with a fresh promise, says the Father.

Yes, I AM up to something.  You asked, “Father what are you up to?” and I just laughed, for I wondered when you would notice.  We’ve changed things, haven’t we?  Purpose in your heart to stay in a place of constant cooperation and collaboration with Me.  Meditate on the term co-laborer, and co-creator, for it holds truth for you in the days ahead.  Know that things will not stay the way they are any longer.  Let go and relinquish the familiar and the well-worn path.  I AM not taking no for an answer, and I don’t want you to take no for an answer in your situation.  The outpouring is here, and you do not want to get left behind, so NO HESITATION now, this is your day of visitation, and the wave begins now!

October 9, 2018.   The Father says today, the bottom isn’t dropping out – the opportunities are opening up.  Shake yourself from the mesmerism of fretfulness and worry.  See through and not just with the eye.  You are not in trouble, you are in transition. Shake yourself from all lethargy and unnecessary concerns.  If you could see where I AM taking you 18 months from now, you would be much more at rest than your fearfulness will allow.  Reject fear.  Reject stress and object to referred anxiety.  Your peace is not found in tranquil, unchallenging circumstances.  Your peace is in who I AM in your life.

You have many options opening up in front of you.  The singular exception to that is that you have no permission to panic or to run away.  If you refuse to confront there will be unnecessary delay, says God.  Know that this IS your NOW season.  Stay alert and stay obedient.  Enforce upon yourself a determination to obey quickly as I lead and direct your every movement.  You are coming into your blessing place.  My promises are sure and will not fail.  All that remains is for you to act on the occasion of your faith to believe that I AM the fourth Man in your fire and you are coming out without even the smell of smoke on your garments.

October 8, 2018.   The Father says today, trust Me for the outcome.  As I was found faithful in times past, so I will be your deliverance today.  Learn to get comfortable with what you don’t know.  Just because you don’t see how My promise will come to pass doesn’t mean that your answer will fail to manifest.  Stay in the place of obedience.  Keep yourself familiar with making choices of a sacrificial nature.  There is nothing you relinquish that compares to the reward on the other side of obedience.

You are walking in new paths according to a new process, says God.  Your sense of divine delay is no indicator of just how swiftly I AM acting in your defense.  Let patience have a full and complete work in your heart.  Leave behind unproductive thinking, wondering and useless conjecture.  Don’t rationalize away your blessings. Have a new thought.  Embrace a new expectation of promises realized and outcomes assured in your life.  Realize that doors are opening and new assignments are coming.  Embrace these things and seek them out. In so doing, you will open yourself and your life to the full measure of My goodness laid up for you at this very moment.

October 7, 2018.   The Father says today, know what My will is toward you this day.  My intention is known to you when My word is made known to you.  Is there a promise in My word that applies to your life?  Then realize I haven’t changed My mind.  Men suggest that I will say no even to the definite promise of My word.  That is an obscene lie spoken by the father of lies through lips of unbelief.  Reject all such vulgarities.  I will deliver you. I will heal you.  I will set you free. Embrace this as your truth and accept it as the Eternal Truth of My word where you are concerned.

I am with you, says God.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will never reject or deny you when you come to Me in faith, saying what I say and aligning your actions with the positive promise of My Word.  Don’t allow religious thinking, even sincere religious opinion to talk you out of what I have already said.  What does My word say?  Speak that and then act.  Step out in expectation.  Give in anticipation of receiving the 100 fold return.  Put seed in the ground and rest in faith knowing that seed-fruit-harvest will inevitably be produced in your life.

October 6, 2018.   The Father says today, embrace My process.  You didn’t get in the situation you are in overnight, and it won’t change overnight without a level of cooperation you are not accustomed to giving Me.  Do you want accelerated change?  Then provide accelerated obedience.  Sow into the fruits of positive affirmation of My word. Sow into your breakthrough.  Invest in your liberty.  Cast your lot into the depository of My Kingdom and see what happens next.

Why would you continue to put money into a bag with holes in it?  It is time to do something different, says God  Invest I say into your own liberty, for where My Spirit is, there is liberty.  If you sow to the flesh, you only reap flesh, and that is corruption.  Sow to the Spirit, and you will of the Spirit obtain irreducible life NOW and in the life to come.  Hearken and hear beloved.  Listen, internalize and act on My words and change will be forthcoming and rejoicing will be your portion beyond all expectation, says God.

October 5, 2018.   The Father says today, Christ in you is the hope of Glory.  There is in you, in the glory, resolution of all lack and downturn in your life.  Though you’ve tread the path of poverty and disappointment your whole life, My glory will utterly change it all in a moment of time when you realize what I have placed on the inside of you.  In you – in the glory is every prayer answered in embryo.  Birth them by your faith and by your prayers.  Come into intimacy and awareness, not just of the negative things in your outward situation, but rather wrapping yourself up in the definite truth of all that I have done for you on the cross.

Change in your situation is available.  You think you have no recourse, but you do.  You think that things are not getting better, but they will.  You think that you have to live with disappointment and heartache, but you don’t.  Frustration is going, and faith is coming.  Words of unbelief are dissipating, and words of hope and faith are being verbalized in your mouth.  Actions of doubt, panic, and fear are being undone and unplanned.  You are not planning on failure, you are preparing for success – in fact, you are a success when you keep your mind and your life intently focused on and aligned with what I did for you on the cross 2000 years ago.

October 4, 2018.   The Father says today, don’t just believe that I can – believe that I will.  All the provisions of Calvary are yes and amen.  I will NEVER say no to what the cross says yes to.  That isn’t what you have been taught but be a Father-pleaser, rejecting the lie and embracing the truth of what I have already done in your behalf.  Align your thinking with this truth.  Change the trajectory of your life by the motion-activated power of My kingdom.  It is available, and it is released in a moment of time when your words and your conduct in the situation align with the realities of the cross.

This is the moment that changes the world.  This is the moment that changes YOUR world – when you come into agreement by word and by deed with what I have placed inside you of Myself and My power.  Let My Spirit lead you to new territory, says God.  Come into a new landscape of life where all your needs are met, and all your desires, inspired by My Spirit are spontaneously fulfilled.  Put your attention on this – for you are where your attention takes you.  Align yourself in all your doings with the positive expectation of My truth, and you will see the manifest reality of My promise in your life.

October 3, 2018.   The Father says today, war with My words in your mouth.  When you speak My word, you are speaking the truth.  Even if the things that come out of your mouth are not descriptive of what is happening in your life – My word is still the truth.  In fact, the reality in My word will war against the lie in your life that is contrary to My promise.  The eternal forces resident in My word are released over your life when you speak and declare My promise like a farmer casting seed over a fruitful field.

Speak those things that are not manifest as yet.  Say what I say and do what I do.  Do what I would do if I were in your position, because I AM.  By The Holy Spirit, I live on the inside of you.  Do not allow yourself to focus on the outward contradiction, but on the inward reality of My promise.  Allow the verities of My promise to move you to actions of faith.  Every other path brings nothing but downturn and disappointment.  That is not your portion, for you are born of the incorruptible seed that transforms your life into the image of as in heaven so on earth.

October 2, 2018.   The Father says today, My word is producing a change in your life.  You have cried out for change, and it is available.  There is no mysterious season to come that is different than the season you are in right now.  You are not waiting on some undefinable time frame when things will randomly begin to get better.  You are not bound to the season, the season is bound to you, when you realize you can set your own season by the power of My Spirit inherent in the word.

Go ahead, says God – become your own weatherman.  Speak to the winds, and they will begin to blow.  Declare over the dry bones, and they will stand up and live.  Declare into every void in your life and see it filled with My goodness.  Speak, declare and decree.  This is how the dominion I have given you in Christ is activated and made workable in your situation.  Every other ideation is religious fantasy.  Ready yourself then and compel yourself to speak, act and move in accordance with what I have already provided to meet every need of your life.

October 1, 2018.   The Father says today, begin to say what I have said.  As you speak My Word, My Word will supersede the circumstances in your life.  My Word causes faith to come, and faith moves the mountains.  Faith causes, in fact, provokes you to take the corresponding action that shifts situations and things change for the better.  Trust your faith.  Use your faith.  Have faith in your faith, for it is the gift of My Spirit, and you can always trust what originates in Me.

When I brought you forth into the earth, I didn’t have failure in mind.  I didn’t have suffering in mind.  I didn’t have disappointment in mind.  Those things exist because of the fall and the consequences of the fall.  I gave you My Word to act as a container of deposited glory to be released against every contamination of sin and the curse in your life.  Receive My word. Stand on My Word.  Act on My Word, and you will see faith’s corresponding action revolutionize your life.  This is your portion, and it is your assignment this day, says God.


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