The Father Says Today – September 2013


30 September 2013:   I am establishing My Paternity in your life says the Father.  You are not just a servant by you are My entitled scion and of My inheritance shall you partake of to the full.

Take on yourself the signet of My authority.  Your words carry weight not because you memorize scripture or understand mystical sayings.  Your words carry weight in My kingdom because the angels attending you see the unmistakable resemblance of the King in your visage.

You are MINE says the Father.  I have stamped My image on you.  That image is in you and it is working its way out until My character and nature is the first and lasting impression you make on all you meet.

You shall be as Peter of old when his very shadow healed many. I am bringing you out of shadow and into substance that you have cried out to Me for says the Father.

29 September 2013:   There are new mantles in the earth says the Father and one of them has your name sown into the lining. You have not seen yourself as one to walk in office or authority but I have crafted a destiny for you that will cause demons to tremble and strategies of hell to be defeated.

As you OPEN your mouth I will strike dumb the accusations of the enemy. You will have a ministry of vindicating those who have been reproached by the scribes, Pharisees and lawyers. You will take those who have been left beaten and bloodied and help them gain their steps again toward My purposes.

You will be criticized says the Father. You will be told you are interfering with the discipline of the Church. Your answer is to be “I only do what I see the Father do …” For in your heart says the Father I have written the timeless expression of My heart:

No One is Disposable.

28 September 2013:    I have released to you the gift of healing.  The day will come that you will walk in the same fluency in the gift of healing that others do in tongues and interpretation and prophewcy.

Your giftedness in My purpose will be enlarged in the Demonstration of POWER and not just the demonstration of Spirit.  You will discern and know by a touch if you are dealing with a spirit of infirmity or simply a deficit in body chemistry or a compromised immune system.

AID’s victims will be recovered through the laying on of your hands . I am releasing to you the virtue that the woman with the issue of blood drew out of Me and was made every whit whole.

So preserve My resources on the inside of you and do not allow any contamination to come near to that gift that I activate in you this day.

27 September 2013:    Time for you to fly says the Father. I have been lightening your load and requiring much release and relinquish from you in this season. This is not to take away but to prepare. I am not taking away from you but I am jettisoning those things that do not fit My purpose.

I am working to bring about your greatest happiness and My highest purpose. Determine in your heart to rend full cooperation for in a moment and in a day you will find yourself suddenly airborne!

You are not called to be a plodding pilgrim but a navigator of the heights in My Spirit that others only wonder about. The rarefied atmosphere of My Presence will be your native habitat and from there you will touch and go and return with much spoil – much understanding. I will activate the Spirit of Understanding and Counsel that will preserve you and redeem many out of the hidden snares of the enemy that are not visible at ground level. So separate yourselves unto me.

26 September 2013:    I am mighty to save says the Father. No matter how intractable and belligerent they may be who walk contrary to My purposes – know this says your God that I have a WAYS and MEANS committee to turn even the hardest hearts.

So you are not a hapless victim of the choices of others. I will turn the map of the geography of thier lives and bring salvation and blessing and transformation. You will look with amazement as even the hardest hearts become malleable and molten in My presence.

So prepare yourself for those you have prayed for and pleaded with and sought by every means you knew to come to the Cross. For in a moment and a day they will cry out and you will be surprised at what comes out of their mouth. You will see that they were listening even though they looked at you with coldness and indifference.

Your prayers will NOT fail says the Father!

25 September 2013:    I will silence the mocker says the Father.  I will silence him by the favor that I NOW release upon your life.  I will silence those who looked at you and chose not to see that which I died for. You are My child and My defense in your behalf will be speedy – yes My defense in your behalf with be swift and My judgments sure against the adversary.

So arm yourself with My armor for it is fully sufficient says the Father.  Refuse the solutions of man or the insistence that you compromise with the brokers of unbelief and contaminated religious thinking.

Break not your stride for you are mounting even in this season the summit of your destiny and My hand will bring with flourish My blessing, and provision and resources from the treasuries of My glory and you will hear and see and know the substance and not just the possibility of My fullness and purpose in your life.

24 September 2013:   I know the path that you take says the Father.  What things so ever confound and confuse you FEAR NOT says the Father for I will guide you were man and man’s artifice cannot guard you.

There is no assault of hell or deprivation of circumstance that will not evaporate as a mist at the touch of My hand and the intonation of My voice.  My voice shakes the mountains and causes the cedars to tremble.

So fret not says the Father nor wonder when the journey’s end will be reached for I am writing a whole new chapter in your life. I am rewriting the past and reestablishing your present and broadening the phylacteries of your future.  Your destiny will not fail.

Determine this day says the Father NOT to downsize your dreams for it is the BIGGER DREAM and not the lesser that shall be brought to fruition by My hand.

23 September 2013:   You think that you have disqualified yourself but you have not.  The Father says to you that I don’t look on the outward man but I look on the posture of the heart.  I see your heart says the Father.  I see your heart and I choose to place the habitation of My glory there for it is My good please even this day to take up fresh residence in your life.

You are a much better person than you give yourself credit for.  Not better because of moral excellence or purposeful integrity that is only a reflection of the good opinion of others.  I see in you says the Father the heart of a David and your heart is My harp that I will pluck and cause your life to vibrate with the resonance of that intimacy that can only find expression in the deepest songs and highest hymns.

The angels of heaven that always behold My face wet their cheeks with tears that they cannot look into that glory that I have set in your life.  Their only cry when they look within is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY.  This is your day!  Your blessing time has come and I will be glorified in it.

22 September 2013:   The Father says today that your life and your breath shall spring up as a root out of a dry ground.  Where there was no refreshing and there was no bubbling up you shall become like the effervescent stream to refresh says the Father and to be refreshed of many.

There is coming a shift in the elevation of your life.  You have known the arid elevations of My Spirit but I am moving even this day to bring you to the verdant Eden of My deeps where the life’s blood of creation sprang when I said “Let there be!!!”

You are coming OUT says the Father.  Out of depredation and lack and impediment. I will renew and reconstitute your calling and cause you to feed on My Much-ness.  That life that you purpose and that purpose that you steered toward will come forth and it will not falter.

It’s a new day says the Father and you are going to walk in a new way with renewed step and feed shod with a gospel heretofore unexpressed for it was reserved for you for the end time – it is your portion and it is your destiny says Your Father!

21 September 2013:   The Father says today that there is a gap between your experience and My promises.  In all honesty you can clearly measure the difference between the sure promise of My word and the confusion and conflict of your own experience.  I promised yes but there is much in My promise that you have yet to experience.  I’m doing something about that says the Father and this day I invite you to participate in the process.

So endure contradiction with grace and peace in your heart.  I am standing in the gap and making up the hedge between the disappointments of your experiences and My robust promises of provision, healing and deliverance.  I am depositing to your account the full measure of My fidelity and no more will the enemy say “where is the promise of His coming?”  For you will taste to the full of My goodness in every area of life even the seeming no man’s land of spent prayers and empty experience.  You will know says the Father the full measure and complete spectrum of My faithfulness in every aspect of your existence.

20 September 2013:   The Father says today that your life is a tome and a volume that I wrote before the foundation of the world.  It is not a tragedy or a black comedy says the Father . Your life is not the story of frustration or failure or suffering.  These are not your portion or your plight.  I am writing out of your life every vestige of confusion and vanity and failure.  I am writing into your life My favor, My grace and My unlimited promise to transform and renew and restore.

Yes it is a new chapter says the Father.  Lay your life before this day as the blank page lies under the quill of the Master penman.  I will erase the black scrawls of disappointment and the illegible scribbles of sin and senselessness.  It is a new day says the Father and My mercy is renewed in your behalf.  The page is before Me and I set My hand to write you into the annals of My unmerited favor and grace and destiny.  This is your portion and it is My delight to write you into the histories of Heaven.

19 September 20163:   The Father says today that I have set a place for you at My table. Fear not neither be dismayed when your enemies come close and breath out their threatenings. In the presence of your enemies I have set a table for you laden with every good thing. Under the very gaze of your enemies you will partake to the full of My bounty. They shall see it and know it as My unconditional love for you as My child.

You’ve asked Me to take away the threat and remove the challenges before you. This is what I have empowered YOU to do IN MY NAME. Take MY NAME upon your lips. Let My name find legs under you that you will now run with the WAR CRY of HEAVEN against the enemy who will scatter and fall and fail because it isn’t you he sees advancing it is Myself for I have clothed you with My armor and My Spirit. Do you know this truth? I AM that I AM and what I AM is clothing and surrounding and protecting you this day.

18 September 20163:   The Father says today that I am with you always. I am with you and I am lending the traits and characteristics of My Person to you in order to bring you through and over every crisis. Do not think like a mere human being says the Father. Do not think in a merely human manner regarding yourself because I have augmented and infused you with My limitlessness and My power to face every challenge.

This endowment of My nature lays on your shoulders like a mantle of strength. You did not earn it or do anything to deserve this gifting it is bestowed as an unconditional gift. I love you because I love you says the Father and I will never stop loving you. Shield yourself in My love. Hide yourself in My love till the overflowing scourge is past. I will deposit you safely on the shores of My sanctuaries. Trust in My hand and My sinews that are safeguarding you today from every peril.

17 September 20163:   The Father says today that I delight to defy the boundaries you set for yourself.  You are so much more than you know.  When I formed and fashioned you in the eternities I placed My greatness in you as a deposit of My nature to bring you to a destiny far beyond your present understanding of what your current borders are.

So stretch out the panels of your tent says the Father.  Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.  My nature is enlargement and increase and acceleration and all these are your portion even today. Do not allow what others think or even your own ideations of your potential to tell you what or where or how far.  Base your expectations upon My grace and My ability that is expressing itself in you this day and will take you into a tomorrow that is shaped far differently than you realize at the present time.

16 September 2013:     The Father says today that I am the kindling of the candle of your spirit man today.  Even as I said in My word your human spirit is the candle by which I search out all the inmost parts of your inner man and your inner life.  That which I illuminate within you is not an exposure of human frailty or sin for the blood covers all within you that offends My holiness.  Remember says the Father that I am the God that dwells in thick darkness even as the prophets of old testified.  I am guiding you and shining the lamp of My Very Presence within you that You might see in truth and in reality that I dwell only in the recesses of the human heart.

See this indwelling says the Father.  See the indwelling of My Person within you and know it as your most essential truth.  So no more eyes squeezed tightly shut says the Father.  Do not fear what I will show and disclose to you within.  Look deeply into that most vulnerable place within where no fig leaf religion can cover and you will see Me smiling back at you as a loving and forgiving benefactor.  I am not angry with you says the Father and I am not disappointed in you on a single score.  I am indwelling you and changing you into My nature and character and perfect nature.  Yield to the change says the Father.  Cooperate with the transformation that I am bringing to you even now and I will give you rest.

15 September 2013:     The Father says today that I am putting down the tyranny of fear in your life.  Fear has tracked you like a predator to steal your joy and rob you of your blessing.  Fear will not longer hound your steps.  Fear will no longer be the specter that haunts you in the day or plagues you in the night.  My faithfulness is the rod that destroys fear.  I am establishing benchmarks of My faithfulness in your life.  You will no longer simply believe because of the testimony of the scriptures but I will lift that testimony off the pages of the bible and make it your everyday experience.

Yes says the Father I am giving you even this day an entry point into a personal testimony of a New Testament caliber.  No more anemic, weak suggestions of what I might do or where I might intervene.  You will sink your teeth into the marrow of My faithfulness and know it as your every day moment by moment experience.  I didn’t not send the Son to the cross for a vague whisper of vain hope in your life.  No says the Father I am descending into your life with power and resurrection and this day I will vanquish the foe and draw you out of many waters and set your feet on the rock of My fidelity.

14 September 2013:    The Father says today My child I know you are tired.  I know the waiting has been long.  Yes the waiting has been long but I certify to you that there shall be delay no longer.  The angel assigned to you is standing with one foot over the coasts of what currently is and one foot in the sea of what will be.  This shall end.  This TIME, for you shall be no longer.

No longer wondering when or if or how.  No longer mourning over that of which you have no control.  I am about to burst through the cloud of unknowing and uncertainty.  I will clarify My favor in your life and bring your feet to solid ground.  You will as of THIS day know where you stand with Me for I have prepared a place for you here by Me in the Victor’s Pavilion.  The exit strategy is being made clear and the finishing anointing is being poured out.  Step forward now with purpose says the Father and with hope for this is your portion by My hand.

13 September 2013:    The Father says today that I have not withdrawn from you at anytime.  You have more authority than you know.  Not only have I entitled you by the Blood I have restored the authority to you that was man’s in the beginning.  The dominion I gave in the beginning was laid down by Adam but never withheld by My hand.  This dominion in the earth is yours in the precincts of your life.  You are not hapless and you are not helpless.  You are not destitute of power or of divine assistance.  When you gave your life to Me in the new birth the angels assigned to you were re-tasked to bring about My purposes in your life.

So know your authority and your dominion in the earth says the Father.  Know it and acknowledge it as your inherent right as My child.  You have power to wield.  Power to tread down.  Power to rule and dominate the enemy.  So open your mouth and by your faith in Me scrape the last vestige of Satan’s influence from your environs until My blessing and grace outshines them all.  This is your portion says the Father.  This is your measure that I have accorded you.  Open your mouth wide and speak My words with My character.  Let all selfish thoughts and words of defeat and lovelessness be evaporated from you by the fire of My kindling.  This day I extend newness of life to you and in that newness you will fulfill My purposes in the earth.

12 September 2013:   The Father says today fear not little flock – I have ALREADY given you the kingdom!  I have given you the kingdom in the person of My Son! I have given you the kingdom through the indwelling Christ who lives in you as the Dunamis Power of My hand.  I have given you the kingdom and an unconditional entitlement of glory and grace that protects, defends and provides for you at every turn.

Nations rise and nations fall says the Father.  See that you are not troubled by the turmoils of kings and peoples.  All the nations of the earth are but the small dust of the balance compared to the weight of My kingdom within you.  Nations and regimes have a life cycle that goes through birth, maturity and decline but My government on your shoulders this day is EVER increasing in strength and power.

So rise up and shake yourself from the mesmerism of fear and doubt and unbelief that paralyzes the leaders of the earth and their like.  Remember you are a king and a priest unto your God. Remember that the scepter of My rule is a scepter of righteousness bought by the efficacy of the blood shed on Calvary.  Rejoice and rest and trust says the Father for I am with you and will never leave you or forsake you at any moment.

11 September 2013:   The Father says that I am defining you according to My truth and not the standards of man.  In the Christ that I have placed within you is neither male or female, Jew or Gentile, or any ethnic distinction.  My child you are a member of the ONE NEW RACE the ETHNOS of heaven and your citizenship is that of My kingdom.  You are the citizen of heaven and as such are protected by the Diplomatic Immunity of the Throne from the persecution of the Dark One.

Who shall bring charge against My Elect?  Who shall bring Challenge against Who I am on the inside of you?  You are a New Creation, an Entirely New Species altogether on the earth and IN CHRIST.  So establish your sense of self referral not in your gender or race or social station in life.  You shall speak before kings says the Father and you shall shepherd paupers and beggars.  You shall stand in the high councils of the earth and you shall bring healing waters to the darkest slums and tenements.

Hear My voice says the Father for the time is short.  The Karios timing of heaven is usurping the Chronos timing of earth.  The hour is come says the Father that the plowman will overtake the reaper and you will come rejoicing with the sheaves even the souls that I purchased with the blood of the Son in this hour says God!

10 September 2013:   The Father says today that abundance is your natural state in My kingdom. You are an entitled citizen of heaven says the Father. You are entitled to all that the cross affords. You are entitled to heaven’s bounty both in this world and in the world to come. There is no deficit in heaven says the Father. There is no unemployment in the heavens. I will see to it that you revel in the resources that the precious blood makes available.

As you pursue and seek intimacy with Me on a new level I will bring you to new ground. I will bring you to the fire that Moses saw and took his sandals from off his feet. I will walk you barefoot with a new sensitivity and you will know when to move forward and when to wait. You have an innate understanding of timing says the Father but I am putting My chronograph within you that you might know the days as I reckon them. In so doing you will awake with My mercies and walk in the renewal of My abundance for it IS your portion even this day says the Father.

9 September 2013:   The Father says today that I am opening the treasuries of hidden things around you for the purpose of blessing and benefit.  I am calling you to the realm beyond all that you could ask or think says the Father.  This is where I will meet you and where I will take your faith for impossible things and turn it into manifest reality.

There is much faith in you says the Father and with much faith comes much substance.  You are anointed says the Father to MANIFEST the SUBSTANCE.  This is the hour and the day that I will fill every void and empty place in your life.  You have refused to accept the false substitutes the world offers and I have seen that.   You made your commitment to Me and I am able to KEEP and to BREATH UPON that which you have trusted Me with says your God.

This is YOUR blessing time.  This is YOUR DAY even the day I have made to bring you INTO your portion laid in store for you from the foundation of the world.

8 September 2013:   The Father says today the waiting is over.  This day the signs and indicators of My confirmation will manifest and affirm that which you have expected and prayed for.  You have asked Me and asked Me and asked Me so it isn’t necessary to ask Me again says the Father.  I have heard you in a time appointed and My response is prepared and released in your behalf.

This is THAT day says the Father.  This is the day when My now promises become substance and reality in your life.  So go ahead and thank Me says the Father.  Go ahead and shout.  Go ahead and dance.  Go ahead and allow the fountains of joy and appreciation to flow out of you in abundance.  As you open your mouth even in the very act I will fill you with the full scope and spectrum of My goodness.  It is My good pleasure says the Father to give you the kingdom and it is My kingdom manifest in your life this day.

7 September 2013:    The Father says today I have called you to higher things.  The four living creatures before the throne have the face of an eagle as well as the face of a man.  I have endowed you with a heart and a desire to soar aloft on the eddies and currents of My high purposes says the Father.  Lift up your sights beyond the mundane cares and conflicts of every day troubles.

I have seated you in the placement that is only accorded by My Father to those who know who they are in the kingdom.  It is given to you to know the depth, the height and the breadth of My measureless love and the boundless favor of My Father that rests upon you.  Yes you are a favored child of heaven.  You are not forgotten or overlooked or neglected by My hand in any way.  So rejoice says the Father and spread your pinions.  The breath of My Spirit is bearing you aloft to the dizzying heights inhabited by those of a humble and contrite spirit before Me.

6 September 2013:    The Father says today that you can trust Me with your tomorrows.  Your tomorrows will not be denied you.  I have sown My promises like seed into your tomorrows and they will spring up and bear fruit awaiting to provide you with the bounty of My mercies at the time appointed.  I am a God of prompt response before the cry has even departed your lips . Before breath is drawn to cry the angels have exited My presence and are hastening to your defense.

Fret not says the Father.  Worries and fears are vainly expended on things I will not allow to happen in the first place.  Do you trust Me says the Father?  Be of good comfort says the Father.  Comfort your heart.  Call upon Me in the day of trouble.  Will I not answer and that right speedily?  I will lead you from the place of uncertainty and denial to the treasuries of My grace that await you on the morrow and are renewed with each days passing.

5 September 2013:     The Father says today that change is upon you and grace to accept the changes that I am directing in your life.  My overflowing kindness is breaking all the banks of your life today says the Father.  My goodness will haunt you this day at every turn.  A thousand kindnesses that proceed from My throne and arise from My heart surround and abound in your life today.

So sing the song of the redeemed and look not at the deficits or problems but at the delights and provisions that are addressing every need you have.  I know what you have need of says the Father.  I know what you need but I require that you ask.  I won’t do it without you.  I will not stand at a distance as some benign benefactor.  I want intimate cooperation and involvement so you are going to have to ask.  Ask largely.  Ask honestly.  Ask without pretense for I delight when you approach Me with transparency and sincerity.  The response of heaven awaits your asking this day says the Father.

4 September 2012:   The Father says today My child welcome to your now. I have crafted and created this space called NOW to be the container of all your hopes and dreams and expectations. In this NOW is the spontaneous fulfillment of every heaven-born desire planted by My hand in your heart. Now is a toxic environment for doubt, fear and unbelief because NOW is a component part of your salvation even as I said in My word.

Now is the eighth day on My calendar week. Now is the day of your salvation. Enter into your now TODAY says the Father. Revel in your now. Luxuriate in the NOW that I have prepared for you. There is JOY in this now and there is PEACE. I accord you in this NOW the peace of one whose warfare is ended for I have expelled every adversary from the ecosystem of My grace that surrounds you NOW.

Can you take NOW for and answer My son, My daughter? Yesterday is a dubious figment of what might have been. Tomorrow is yet to be crafted. Now is the setting in which I have placed the jewel of every promise I have ever made to you. Set your hopes on this now that surrounds and embraces you and allow it to flow into you like water on a parched tongue. I will not deny you. There is no delay in My NOW says the Father. So go out this day and greet the now that awaits you – prepared by My hand to express My unconditional and unreserved love for you as My entitled and privileged scion of all My kingdom’s treasure.

3 September 2012:   The Father says today hide yourself in Me this day.  Hide yourself in Me, clothe yourself in Me.  Know that every hour I am individuating Myself in you and rising up within you to the Full Measure of My Person in the Earth.  Even as I said in My word as I AM so are YOU in this world.  I have conveyed to you the expression of My personhood in the earth.  When the enemy comes to assault and attack make it your determination to find your concealment in who I AM in your life.

Yes says the Father it is your entitlement in the midst of the storm to PUT ON CHRIST and in so doing you have donned the armor of My Spirit that will protect and shield you from the violence of sword and the depredations of the enemy against your life.  So respond in My strength and respond in My person says the Father. You are not bereft of My grace or My favor.  Do not believe the lie of the enemy that you have placed yourself beyond the parameters of My unconditional love.  Forgive yourself and receive My forgiveness.  Allow the release of My love to cleanse and change you.  Receive the blessing of transformed character that makes you over in full today into My precise image.

2 September 2013:   The Father says I am bringing you to a new and unprecedented intimacy with Me. Beloved, beyond every human concept of religion or relationship to Me is a place of intimacy I have called you to. You are not bounded by dispensation or limited by theology or what man is saying or what man has ever said. Man is not in charge of your relationship to Me. Man cannot exclude you and man cannot impede you. Come UNTO Me says the Lord and ALIGN yourself with My resonant VOICE calling you, wooing you, drawing you unto Myself.

Even as the Shulamite in Solomon’s song I am whispering to you beyond the lattice of man’s constructed ideas about relationship with Me. I am speaking and releasing and calling you into My BRIDAL COMPANY that you might know the consummate at-one-ness that I am making available in this hour. So COME UNTO ME O BELOVED and we will take our fill of love and you will know the satisfaction of soul that is only available to those who have shut themselves away with Me.

1 September 2013:   The Father says today that you can create your own season in life.  I have given you dominion and authority to end the dry season and call for the beneficial rains of My Spirit.  You are not consigned to waiting upon some imprecise hope that maybe things will get better or that life will become easier.  I am the God of YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT!  I am the Master and Commander of every challenge set before you – and I am breaking the heavy yoke and breaking the chains of restriction and causing your soul to go free as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.

It matters not that the enemy of your soul has set you for a target.  There are those who have looked at you and predicted and even prayed for and expended energy to rob you of your blessing.  How can they curse what I have blessed?  Yes I have BLESSED YOU says the Father.  I have dropped the mantle of My favor on your life as an UNCONDITIONAL gift and there is no power on heaven or earth who can contradict My purpose to bring you to benefit, deliverance and joy in THIS SEASON IN YOUR LIFE!

So don’t look to a hopeful someday because I say to you that your someday is NOW.  My NOW promise is blossoming in your life.  Fret not because of those who have no faith and not love and no mercy.  The mercy of man is a cold comfort to the afflicted and oppressed but I am answering from that high and lofty place where every need in your life is met, every cry of your heart answered and your soul is brought to DEEP REST in Me.




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  1. Romans 8:14
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.