The Father Says Today – September 2015

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

September 30, 2015.   The Father says today that I created every organ in your body to operate and function at peak efficiency far longer than the average life span of man in earth.  Death is not your natural state.  I came that you might have life and that you might it more abundantly.  That includes your physical body beloved. In seeking good health and long life you are not limited to the industries and economies of man that are only geared to make false promises and squander your resources with lies and half truths.  My promises are sure says the Father and My word is a ready resource even to strengthen your natural body as it instructs your soul and empowers your spirit to walk in My path.  Did I not say in My word that My wisdom is health to your navel and strength to your bones?  My word makes your bones fat says the Father, this very day with the life giving sap of health, and well-being.

You are taking that physical body says the Father into the millennium, and into eternity itself.  Your new body will be fashioned from the building blocks of the old and you will be known even as you are known – by the characteristics and familiar visage that you see in the mirror every morning.  So make a choice today to recognize that you are My temple says the Father and you are the place of My habitation.  Receive by faith in the shed blood of Calvary new life, new health, even divine health and healing as I said in My word that I would not allow the diseases that plague mankind to plague you.  I say to you this day you will walk in divine healing, divine health, and vitality that no diet, exercise regimen or nutrition plan will be able to take credit for.  I AM your health even this day says the Father, and I am the light of your countenance. 

September 29, 2015.   The Father says today you are redeemed from the curse of the fall.  The Spirit of life in Christ makes you free from the law of sin and death that was activated by Adam and Eve through disobedience.  You are free with the freedom by which I made you free by the suffering and the blood that was shed upon the cross.  There is no sickness in My kingdom.  Sickness does not originate with Me.  Sickness cannot penetrate the filter of the shed blood of Christ.  Those who claim that I AM pleased to strike you with sickness or disease or some physical malady are misled by religious, lying spirits.  1 Peter 2:24 is your portion says the Father.  I call you the healed.  I call you one the Father has delivered. The chains and bonds of sickness and disease have been broken over your life.

Sickness has no power to hurt you and no power to harm you.  You are free from all bondage and all captivity because I was made sick that you could be made well.  The curse is now broken, even the curse of hereditary and genetic diseases whereby the enemy has claimed a right to afflict you because of disease, passed down from previous generations.  I have drafted you into My generation says the Father, and the defective genes that exposed you to chronic illness are now healed and mended and transformed by My hand.  Behold I give you power and dominion and authority over your own body, and over every sickness and disease and defect that would assault you in your spirit, your soul, or your physical frame.  You are this day the redeemed of the Lord!

September 28, 2015.   The Father says today that I bore your sicknesses and your diseases so that you don’t have to.  I became sick with the sickness that made you sick so that you could become well and walk in divine health.  I was beaten that you might be amended.  I was bruised that you might be recovered from every wound.  I AM your substitute says the Father and that which was suffered on the cross breaks off of you every disease, every sickness, and recovers you from every wound for by my stripes you were healed and restored to complete and total health.  This day the legacy of the shed blood of Calvary becomes your portion.  Take this word and mix it with your faith and know it as the substance of that which you have been hoping for.

Yes, says the Father your healing is a past provision.  I do not make up My mind whether to heal on a case-by-case basis.  I provided healing with one stroke through the blood of the cross that makes deliverance available to whomsoever will.  You are not excluded says the Father.  You are not left out.  If you ask Me for healing will I give you a stone or a scorpion?  Say of your soul I will enter into the finished work.  Say of your soul the work was done before the foundation of the world.  I did it for you says the Father, past tense, final, and in full.  Your healing was bought and paid for 2000 years ago.  You are not trying to get well, I am according you wellness and causing you to walk in divine health.  Refuse, reject the attempt of sickness and disease and ill health to take hold of your body for it has no right to stay in your body for you are declared this day healed, healthy and whole in the name above every name.

September 27, 2015.   The Father says today refuse to be shaken by bad reports.  Your enemies will bring them and rejoice at your consternation.  Your friends will bring the bad report because they think it is something that you should know.  Learn not to answer the phone.  Learn to delete and remove those messages and communications that fall outside the parameters of what so ever is “good, pure, perfect, lovely and of good report.  Think on these things.  Don’t be phased by the sudden calamity and threat of the enemy that says My blessing is a lie.  My blessing in your life originates in My word and My word is sure and true and will come to pass in your life as you yield fully and consistently to the positive and powerful truth of what I did for you on the cross of Calvary.

You don’t need to know what your enemies are doing, or what others are saying, all you need to know is what I have already done, and what I have said about you and your circumstance.  I came that you might have life and life more abundantly.  There is no power in hell, no angel, no man, no demon that can overthrow who I have resolutely determined to be in your life.  So receive a good report and rejoice!  Receive a good report and the last laugh of He that sits in the heavens and holds the enemies of the cross in derision.  Run this day into the high tower of My name and be comforted all My beloved till this storm be over past.

September 26, 2015.   The Father says today that the enemy wants you to think he has you surrounded by problems and difficulty and that there is no escape.  This is the lie that you must choose to refuse and not accept.  Make it your determination not to listen or to give heed to the smoke and mirrors threats of the dark one, says the Father.  I AM on line, and on task and my angels have been dispatched to bring you through the challenge of this day and deposit you in a manifestation of glory and deliverance in a completely unexpected way.  Your enemy will scratch his head and be befuddled and puzzled.  For though he is certain he has you in his grasp you will evade and escape and come into a place of triumph and victory that will not be overcome says the Father.  You will never be smothered or be crushed by the enemy of your soul.  Though embarrassments and perplexity may rise up in the circumstance, despair and failure will not be your portion.  Refuse to give in to despair. Refuse to agree with the way people see you, choosing only to see your self through the lens of the shed blood of Calvary.

Though the enemy pursue you and persecute you, I will never desert you.  I will never leave you to stand alone against the assault of hell against your life.  No matter what the obstacle may be says the Father, I say to you never give in, never yield.  Refuse to give the enemy that which he demands.  Rather, yield in humility, contrition and tenderness of heart to My words and my guidance and yes at times correction, and yes even the correction of a loving Father.  You will not be denied says the Father because I will not be denied.  You will not be delayed because I will not be delayed.  Though others may faint in a time of adversity you will remain strong and courageous so be persistent and undaunted in your faith.  Refuse to quit.  I AM not a quitter therefore you are not a quitter.  Because I get to have it all, even so you get to have it all says the Father, when you adopt My mind and My heart response to the people and the circumstances that rise up against you.  So be valiant and fearless.  Be resolute.  For no weapon formed against you will prosper.  Victory is yours in the relentless pursuit of total and complete acquisition of all that Calvary affords you in this life.

September 25, 2015.     The Father says today that My strength on the inside of you is far greater then any pressure, or any problem, or any challenge that would rise up against you to intimidate you in any way this day.  You are above only and not beneath.  You are first and not last.  I declare this day that you will ride upon high places of the earth in authority and power and will not be dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, or the mundane everyday problems that so rule those who have not the faith and intimacy I have accorded you in the secret place of the most high.

Enter today says the Father into the pavilion of My presence.  Come into My presence and find rest for your soul.  Refuse to allow the spirit of the world to harass you and cause you to dash aimlessly and vainly from one crisis to the next.  Stop reacting and go down deep inside and breath the breath of the atmosphere of heaven on the inside of you.  I AM here. You need not fear.  I AM here – there is no place for despair in you for I am your resource and your provisioning for every crisis. Trust.  Rest.  Know with assurance that I AM responding to the words of faith and confidence you are sending to My throne by way of your faith filled prayers.  Refuse panic. Refuse vanity, anger and frustration.  I AM not frustrated.  I AM not wondering what to do next. Let this mind be in you.  Let My mind guide you.  Experience My peace and see the breakthrough I AM manifesting because of My unconditional love and unmerited favor that rests upon you today.

September 24, 2015.   The Father says today that My joy is a sustaining resource within you.  My joy is not an outward thing says the Father.  My joy is My kingdom even as righteousness and peace constitute my kingdom.  My joy on the inside of you is My kingdom manifest in your bones, in your body, and in your spirit.  Refuse this day to abdicate your joy to the circumstances of life.  In abdicating your joy, you are surrendering the one resource that will bring you to breakthrough, put you over in life and destroy the work of the enemy against you.  The enemy would drag you into depression and the doldrums.  I AM lifting you into joy and joy unspeakable, full of glory at this very moment.  Can you feel it?  Because it IS something you can feel says the Father.  I AM not just a God of the intellect I’m a God of emotions and passion and buoyancy of spirit to cause you to soar even on the high places of the earth.

So allow today My joy to energize you says the Father.  Because you are full of Me, you are full of energy.  Because you are full of Me, you are full of life. I AM your life and I AM your vitality.  Refuse to be moved by your feelings.  Receive My supernatural strength as right now weakness, tiredness, and weariness are removed completely from your day today and your life from this point forward.  You get to have it all, says the Father, because you are a kingdom seeker.  Because you get to have it all, you get to do it all for you can do all things through the strength that I bring online in your life right now.  Say of your soul “I will not be daunted or deterred”.  Be made courageous by My promise and be fearless for I AM with you – empowering and launching you into a whole new experience in life this day and from this day forward.

September 23, 2015.   The Father says today allow My strength to permeate your spirit soul and body. My might, says the Father, courses through you even as your blood flows through your body.  As the blood of Abel spoke, even so the blood of the cross speaks.  Allow that testimony to become your portion, says the Father this day, for it is a testimony of new life and new opportunity.  I speak strength to your sinews and strength to your bones, says the Father.  Fatigue is lifting and vitality is coming.  Clarity of mind is manifesting, and confusion, memory loss, and physical distress is dissipating from within you and being replaced with My mind, My strength, and My power on a whole new level that you’ve never experienced before.  The lifeline of your days is numbered according to the eternal scope of My plan for you, and not just a limited number of days.  No more weariness, says the Father, for I make you strong.  You will walk and not be weary, you will run and not be faint.  I AM the most high and I am dwelling in you by My anointing, and that anointing energizes you in this day, therefore all fatigue and weariness vanishes now from your body.

Make it your determination today that you will not be burdened down with the cares of this life.  Your portion is not to be burdened down, but to be lifted up, for the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, quickening your body, your mind, and your spirit.  The character of the resurrection is this day being stamped on every circumstance and situation in your life at every point of your need.  My resurrection power is coming, and death, detriment, disease, and disappointment are going.  My joy is your strength.  Your youth is being renewed according to the timeline of eternity.  Draw strength from My word, and be refreshed and revitalized by the power of My Holy Spirit that lives on the inside of you.  Because I am alive you are alive.  My divine nature and resurrection life this day become the template upon which your days are numbered, your strength is determined in vibrancy and fullness says the Father.

September 22, 2015.   The Father says today that I have placed you in your physical body just as I placed Adam in the garden.  I gave him authority from My throne and in Christ I have given you authority over every organ and every tissue of your body.  Open your mouth and take authority over your health this day.  If you refuse to act then the atmosphere of a fallen world will encroach upon you and contradict the divine health I have ordained for you to walk in.  It won’t just happen because I made provision – you must by the words of your mouth and corresponding action move yourself into the full benefits of Calvary.  Religion rejects this.  The sense ruled mind scoffs at the authority I have given you.  What will you believe?  The good report of My faithfulness or the evil report of sense ruled man?

Command your heart to beat in perfect rhythm and it will rise up and obey you.  Command your blood vessels to be free of blockage or defect of any kind and a creative miracle will spring to substance in your breast.  Take authority over your liver, your kidneys and your lungs just as Adam took authority over every tree and every beast in the garden.  Command your body to thrive and produce and manifest life and ward off death.  Speak says the Father.  Open your mouth and speak and all of creation will bend to comply with your faith filled words.  To do otherwise is to yield to the curse that is upon all the universe because of the fall.  I have reversed the curse through the death of the cross – and named you beneficiary of all of heaven’s resources!

September 21, 2015.   The Father says today that the curse is broken over your life by the blood of Jesus NOT your religious performance.  It isn’t up to you says the Father – this is My work and it was finished 2000 years ago.  When I sat down and broke bread with the 12 I was enacting the New Covenant in your behalf.  I inducted you into the full entitlement of all the promises of Abraham.  I brought you from the law based covenant of Moses into the faith based and grace activated covenant of the New Creation.  It isn’t up to you.  Your obedience is the product of who I AM in your life not the condition of who I AM in your life.  Failure to understand this will leave you on the outside looking in wondering why My word isn’t working in your life.

You are children of Abraham by faith says the Father.  I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.  I will execrate from your life those that even dare to trifle with you – what do you think I will do to those that so vociferously seek your hurt?  Blessing is yours.  Healing is yours.  You are redeemed from the curse by what I have done for you not through any performance on your part.  I have given you in that covenant dominion, power and authority over sickness and disease – whether yours or that of others.  Exercise your authority this day and choose to walk free and be in health, healing and wholeness.  I AM your strength.  I AM the health of your countenance.  I AM your vitality and nothing shall by any means hurt you for I am your defense and the fullness of your provision this day.

September 20, 2015.   The Father says today that you are redeemed from the curse.  The law of life in Christ makes you free from the law of sin and death.  The law only holds you in the areas of sin that remain unrepented of.  Repent quickly.  Make your escape into My name.  My name is your high tower.  Run into My name and be safe.  Cry out for My mercy and it will be your portion.  Be as the publican who cried out “Lord be merciful to me a sinner …”  That place of contrition and transparency is the launching ground into a new season of fruitfulness and blessing for you.  Find the posture of humility before Me this day. No more wrangling and arguing with those who say otherwise.

I break off of you the illegitimate authority of those who would deny My blessing in your life.  They don’t have that power.  They are not entering in and they would prevent you if possible but My hand is sweeping them aside.  You will not be denied for I will not be denied.  You will not be delayed for I will not be delayed.  Receive the embrace of heaven this day.  Receive and be forgive. Repent.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless and move on into your new fruitfulness for I declare unto you as you relinquish these matters to Me I will bring you to a whole new geography of blessing and entitlement and this ground of conflict you will see no more.

September 19, 2015.   The Father says today your errors, sins and shortcomings will not keep you out of My plans and purposes.  Come to Me.  Repent.  Be forgiven.  Be washed.  I wash you this day.  I cleanse you from every disqualification.  The stroke that your foolishness calls for fell upon Me 2000 years ago.  I took the blow that you might walk free.  I was bruised for your iniquities.  I was chastised for your rebellions.  The curse that descended upon you lighted upon Me and I extinguished it’s power upon the cross and came out of the grave victorious.  This is your portion says the Father.  This is the benefit of Calvary that accrues to every soul that comes to Me in contrition and humility.

I know you don’t know how to fix things.  You made a mess and you misrepresented your testimony in ways that contradict My word and My nature.  Repent.  Forgive yourself. Move on and allow Me to cleanse and purify you.  Yes there are consequences but I took those upon Myself.  I will shield and protect you.  No more flinching or expecting to be a casualty of your own disobedience.  Run into the high tower of My name and be saved.  Allow others – even those who have hurt and offended you to be afforded the same cleansing and forgiveness.  As you forgive those who have maligned and harmed you so I will cause you to be cleansed and likewise know in this life the full and unconditional pardon from the courts of heaven.

September 18, 2015.   The Father says today that you do not have to earn what I have freely given.  Salvation is a gift.  Healing is a gift.  Provision is a gift.  There are no secret, unreachable principles that you must grasp before your miracle is made manifest.  This day I am bringing you from demonstration of Spirit to demonstration of Power.  You are not going to have to talk about My power – for My power will be demonstrated IN YOU and THROUGH YOU.  Receive in yourself the recompense of the cross.  I paid the price and assigned to you the dividends of all that Calvary affords.  No more waiting.  No more distorted religious thinking.  Reject all such vanities and simply believe.

Fear not says the Father!  Believe only.  Where your miracle is manifest will not be attained or reached by your intellect or by some vain religious striving.  I love you because I love you because I love you and that’s all there is to be known or experienced.  Your job is not to be religious but to be My beloved.  It isn’t necessary to find that one place or one person who will make manifest your deliverance.  Remember the man at the pool of Bethesda?  He was waiting and then I SHOWED UP.  I AM showing up in your life today and I AM showing out in your behalf this day – this very day.  Your testimony will be intact.  You will not be ashamed.  You will stand and declare who I AM and what I have done in your life for that is who I AM and what I do – simply because you are My beloved.

September 17, 2015.   The Father says today that by the stripes of Jesus you WERE healed.  There is no other redemptive reality where your health is concerned.  Your life is in My hands.  Your health was on My mind when I bowed upon the stake and took stripes for every malady and infirmity that you would face in your lifetime.  Your healing is a past tense provision.  I do not make up My mind on a case by case basis whether to heal or not to heal. The same stroke that provided salvation provides for your healing this day.  Did I not say “whosoever will”?  If as deceived minds suggest I AM not willing to heal ALL then their logic would suggest I am not willing to save all.  This is a lie from the bowels of hell says the Father.  Listen to My voice and not the voice of bitter experience.  You are either going to adhere and embrace My word or believe the lie that experience and disappointment in these areas might suggest.

Reach out to Me in your suffering.  Come to Me in times when you are attacked in your body.  Healing is your provision.  Healing is your past provision.  Healing in your body was paid for on the cross.  I paid the price and there are no convoluted religious conditions that must be met before you experience your miracle.  I met the conditions for your healing upon the cross.  Tell your mind and those thoughts of unbelief to be silenced and come simply and expectantly to My presence expecting to be delivered, and expecting for healing to be your portion.  You will not be shut out says the Father.  Reach out as the woman with the issue of blood and touch the hem of My presence that rests upon you now.  I AM not respecter of persons but I am a respecter of faith.  Your faith will do what it can do and My presence will do what My presence can do and your situation will be reversed and healing will be your portion.

September 16, 2015.   The Father says today that when I sent Jesus into the earth He came to bear your sicknesses and to carry your diseases.  What I carried in Christ on the cross is not your burden to bear.  I AM not the author of sickness and I AM not the originator of disease.  No sickness can stand in My presence.  I do not use sickness or disease to chasten you or to punish you.  Sickness comes because you are exposed to a natural world in a fallen state.  Run to My presence.  Do not allow deceived minds to convince you that somehow I AM glorified by illness or calamity.  I AM not the author of calamity and I do not use calamity to bring glory to Myself.  Put your expectation upon My goodness.  Reject the theology that imposes upon you the suffering that I bore FOR YOU upon the cross.  I will never say no to what the cross says yes to.

I place no premium upon sickness or disease.  I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  There are those who say otherwise but beloved notice that those who claim I author sickness are not volunteering to be sick themselves?  Reject this hypocrisy.  Those who claim that I AM glorified in poverty are not volunteering to be homeless?  No more foolishness says the Father.  Step away from such thinking and allow Me to be who I represented Myself to be in Christ when He walked the earth and paid the price in full for your health and your provision and My kingdom purpose in your life.  This is your portion says the Father so rejoice and know that your health is springing forth speedily that you might live and rejoice and exalt in all My goodness in the land of the living.

September 15, 2015.   The Father says today are you ready for change?   I AM writing the word change over your life.  This is not something to fear or to be anxious about.  Change is not harmful – change is beneficial.  I AM the God that never changes but I call upon you to be willing to live in a constant state of shift.  Do you honestly want to settle down where you are this day?  Then up, and let others be going for there is a journey before you.  I AM transitioning you from limitation, restriction, and denial into My limitlessness, My favor, and the “yes and amen” fullness of My good in your life.

Hold everything loosely says the Father.  Set aside the toxic beliefs and the toxic relationships that no longer serve My purpose in your life.  Reject all false responsibility and man-imposed guilt.  You are not guilty says the Father, for I have cleansed you.  I have expunged your record.  If I have forgiven you then why would you ever allow someone to manipulate you because of your past?  Let the past go.  Forgive, release, bless.  Even bless those who have harmed and defamed you.  You can afford to bless says the Father, because this day I AM turning up the amplitude of My goodness in your life beyond all your expectations.

September 14, 2015.   The Father says today that you are going to have to ask Me.  You have desired and you have longed for and you have questioned.  It is now time to ask.  Ask and it shall be given.  Knock and the door will open.  Seek and I will guide you into the fullness that which has been set aside for you from before the foundation of the world.  This is who I AM and what I do – and you are going to have to make up your mind if you will accept Me on MY terms or believe the report of those who have no clue just how good in your life I am prepared to be.  There have been those who have suggested it would be wrong for you to ask of Me your highest heart’s desire.  It is not wrong to ask beloved – stop listening to the commentators of the Scripture and listen to My voice for I seek no one’s approval or permission regarding the promises that I’ve made to you this day.

Choose to live before Me in transparency.  I know what you think and I know the hidden recesses of your heart and what lies there.  I know all of this and yet I love you still.  I know the darkness and the struggle and I love you still.  I know the failure and the shame that you struggle with and yet I love you still and gave you Heaven’s best before you were ever born.  If I withheld not the Only Begotten what other benefit or blessing would I deny you now? Come to Me My beloved and accept the gift that is freely given.  Look into My face and be changed and transformed into My image for therein is the power and the glory and the transformation that you seek.

September 13, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM not willing to do the things in the Earth that I’m going to do without your participation.  I call you “first partaker” and “ready participator”.  Are you ready to move into a new place of participation with Me, says the Father?  Are you prepared to give up what is and what you have experienced to enter into what I AM NOW making available?   Step into your NOW says the Father.  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  Release your faith says the Father and partake of the NOW substance that is available to you.  Revel in the substance of My now promise over your life.  Sink your teeth into the full fruit of My “now” substance and let its juices run down your cheeks and know the sweetness of my fidelity in your life.

Yes – I understand that this isn’t what you’ve been taught says the Father. Make it your determination today to set aside the weak theology and the dead theology of restriction and sorrow and defeat.  I have not called you to be defeated but I have called you to be more than a conqueror.  Will you believe the good report?  If you will believe – all things are possible, only believe and accept and step out on your personal surety of My promise.  It’s a new day and it’s a new season this is the season of your declared now blessing – enter into it and know it as your default state in My kingdom.

September 12, 2015.   The Father says today that I pouring out upon you in fullness.  I AM opening the floodgates of favor and blessing over your life.  No more limitation and no more limiting thoughts because limitation and belief in limitation is the only thing that causes limitation.  You are not limited are you?  As in Earth so in Heaven.  I AM not limited therefore you are not limited.  I AM not restricted therefore you are not restricted.  Are you going to believe the circumstance or the opinions of men?  Or are you going to believe what I said in My word?  Only believe says the Father – resurrection is your portion!  Deliverance is your portion!  Supply is your portion!

This is a new day for you says the Father.  You are coming out of chronos limitation into kairos fullness.  This is the fullness of time for you – fullness of favor and fullness of substance, even all that I died the death of the cross to make available to you.  Do not accept the theology of restriction and those who’ve made a covenant with religious death and unbelief.  I offer you the covenant of life.  I extend to you life and life more abundantly.  Are you willing to step in right now to the “more abundantly” experience?  Is not My will for you to simply believe, I desire that you fully experience and today is the first day of that season.

September 11, 2015.   The Father says today that I am mocking the mocker in your life.  He that sits in the seat of the mocker is being exposed and brought to failure even this day.  You have been accused and you have been maligned but know this says the Father: I call you the beloved.  Though men revile you and criticize you and say all manner of evil against you falsely – you will stand and you will be victorious!  What men have murmured in secret councils I will expose to My divine scrutiny.  They will come before you trembling in contrition and humility for I have disciplined those that dared to touch the apple of My eye.

You are My beloved and upon you I do set the seal of My favor.  You’re going to find favor with those that you need to find favor with.  Though there be many who have preemptively sought to destroy you and to destroy your testimony – I will build you up and establish you. Rejoice says the Father.  Rejoice all My beloved for the mouth of the mocker will be smitten to silence as you put your confidence in Me and allow Me to be your defense and your advocate in this season of challenge.

September 10, 2015.   The Father says today though you look through a glass darkly, and though you see in part and know in part I am yet revealing the full scope of My blessing in your life.  My plan for your life says the Father, is to see the full dividend of glory manifest from Heaven’s potential into your reality.  My template for your life is “as in Heaven, so on Earth”.  Your testimony – scribed in the archives of Heaven is delineated “as in Earth, so in Heaven!”  Come out of the “less than” mentality.  Come out of the limited sense knowledge thinking that presumes My promise is one thing and your experience is another.  Did I not say in My word that you will taste and see?

Open your heart expectantly says the Father.  Open your heart knowingly says the Father. Those that know Me will be mighty and do exploits.  Let your faith today be bounded by nothing other than the full scope of My promise.  Have an exploitive faith in My promise.  It is My desire says the Father, that you completely exploit all that I have fully made available in the shed blood of Calvary.  It is not My will that one promise of My word would go unfulfilled in your daily experience.  No sickness.  No lack.  No fracture.  No heartbreak.  This is the wiping away of every tear and the rejoicing in your life this very day of all and every good thing that was paid for in your behalf 2,000 years ago.

September 9, 2015.   The Father says today aspire to normalcy.  I said in My word that the works that I do will you do, and in fact you will do greater works than I do because I ascended from a human condition to the right hand of majesty on high.  There is no aspect of sonship that has been denied you in your earth walk says the Father.  When My Son walked the earth I withheld nothing from Him, for I filled Him with the Spirit without measure.  This is that same Spirit that I’ve made available to you in your human condition.  Receive My Spirit today says the Father.

My Spirit that is given to you is not a lesser gift than the Spirit that appeared above Jesus in the form of a dove, declaring “this is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased hear ye Him…”   My good pleasure is available to you Beloved even as it was available to My Son when He stood before John the Baptist on the banks of the Jordan.  Command your eyes to see.  Look up into the heavens and witness the dove that overshadows you in every eventuality of life.  Your task is to be the beloved . Your task is to navigate through the circumstance of this day’s challenge with the expectation that all of heaven’s best is at the disposal of all those who seek first My kingdom.  This is the promise and this is the overshadowing favor of My grace in your life today.

September 8, 2015.    The Father says today it is a NEW day.  Today is the new beginning.  You asked for a do-over and I AM disposed to give you a fresh and a new beginning in My purposes.  My first and highest plan for your life is still available says the Father.  Do not allow the voices of unbelief to disqualify you.  I AM not mad at you and I am not holding out on you.  I AM not disappointed with you in any way.  When I look at you I never inquire beyond the Lamb that is seated on the throne of your heart.  The Lamb is worthy therefore YOU are worthy.  The Lamb is worthy to receive so how is it possible in the minds of the uninformed to think that I would withhold from you any good thing?

So partake of My goodness.  Be prepared for the working of your own faith to manifest the substance of that which you have asked Me for. Not just needs says the Father – I AM not a “food stamp” god.  I will get you of ALL MY GOODNESS.  You will have your needs realized and your highest heart’s desire become a reality.  Reject the theology of unbelief that has so mischaracterized My goodness.  I love you because I love you and because I love you behold I will withhold nothing from you that constitutes the full expression of My mercy and My grace that is this day multiplied in your behalf.

September 7, 2015.   The Father says today be rooted in My goodness.  Others may dry up and fail but make it your choice to sink your roots down deep into the aquifers, the water table of My blessing.  I AM your refreshing and the deep that you will be refreshed with when all others have given up and come to failure. I call you an entitled one.  You are My beloved.  You are eligible for all My goodness even this day.  There is no period of time that must pass – that is the lie of the enemy.  Say in your heart “now is the day of salvation…”  Can you take now for an answer?  Now is all I have to give you says the Father.

So have NOW faith.  Say in your heart and declare with your mouth “I have My Father’s goodness NOW …” and behold out of your now proclamation will come a NOW manifestation! Receive says the Father!  Believe that I AM who I AM and that I AM standing in your now to produce the immediacy of My faithfulness in your behalf. Drink deeply of the vintage of My “now” resource.  Stand under the honey-shower of My faithfulness and let it restore your faded hopes and renew the lost dreams of days gone by.  This is your time and this is the hour that I will invigorate and restore all things that you have committed unto Me against that day – even My now season which I declare over you.

September 6, 2015.   The Father says today be firm in your faith.  Be resolute in your expectation.  I will not fail you.  I will not deviate one iota from My promise in your life.  You need not look at the unformed answers yet to emerge and somehow distort them as though they were the extent of what I promised I would do.  There will be no mistaking what I AM doing in your life.  You will not need to construe or twist events to fit what I said I would do.  Have I not spoken and will I not perform My promise?  Have I not uttered a thing and will I not make it good?  I AM not holding out on you says the Father.  You don’t have to convince Me of My goodness in your behalf.  The blood of the cross is the ink that My letter of intent to bless you is written in!

Seek not to discern the vagaries of what the enemy is doing in his councils of fear and failure.  Why would you become preoccupied with the losing plan of a defeated foe.  I AM your victory says the Father.  Because I fail not then you will not fail.  I bring you this day into Myself in a new way – into the fail-safe territory of My goodness.  It matters not if others have tried and failed.  A thousand at your right hand and ten thousand at your left but it will NOT come near you.  I have set you as the pupil of My eye.  He that touches you or assaults you in any way I will EXECRATE from your life.  You will know My hand of protection and blessing and others will behold My goodness in your life and rejoice that there is a God in the land of the living who shows His mercy to those that call upon His name.

September 5, 2015.   The Father says today that My law of supply is made operative in your life by your active and practical faith.  Faith is practical says the Father – fear is impractical.  Fear does not fit you well for you are My beloved, even the entitled child of My fold.  I call you My own and you will not be molested by the enemy.  Your testimony will be an unbroken pattern of seed – fruit – harvest; seed – fruit – harvest.  The plowman will NOW overtake the reaper and your seeds sown will NOW produce a harvest before they hit the ground.

So laugh says the Father.  Laugh the laugh of faith.  Laugh the laugh that Sara laughed because she knew that the implausible was going to become the norm and the miracle of highest heart’s desire would now be her portion.  You are pregnant with My expectation.  Shall I conceive within you the desire of your longing and not bring to the birth?  Will I bring to the birth with groaning and travail and not deliver?  Rejoice says the Father for you are in the birthing chamber of My faithfulness and your rejoicing shall be great with great rejoicing at the full manifestation of all that I have promised.

September 4, 2015.  The Father says today that My thoughts are working and creating and coursing through your life in great power this day.  I AM reshaping and reconfiguring your life for a net breaking catch of full blessing and provisioning.  I AM your water from the rock.  I AM the Manna you will find on your ground every morning.  Have the faith to go to bed and rise up on the morrow knowing that My goodness awaits for the gathering.  This is the experience I have destined you for – that you might know that you are the sheep of My pasture and I AM the shepherd that makes you lie down in the greenness of My pastures and to drink for the stillness of My waters.

Be not dismayed or disillusioned.  Do not be intimidated by the smoke and mirror threats of the enemy.  He is the father of lies and is incapable of anything but falsehood.  Has the enemy threatened and will he not be defeated?  Has he raged and will I not silence him in your life with My full and robust faithfulness and fidelity in your behalf?  Be not afraid for fear is the lie of the enemy.  Be not dismayed for I am the stalwart resource that rises up to defend you.  I will destroy and I will crush the opposer and bring you into the safety and security of who I AM on the inside of you this day.

September 3, 2015.   The Father says today, I AM not willing to do the things in the earth without your participation.  I call you this day first partaker and a fully vested participant in the outpouring of My Spirit.  There will be those who will not drink of My vintage nor eat of My bread but what is that to you when I have afforded you a place at My table.  The angels assigned to your life will carry you daily if need be to that place of entitlement.  I will be your bread and I will be the vintage of your refreshing as every day shall require.  No need to store up for as is My faithfulness so is My sufficiency.  You will lack in nothing.

Eat the fat and drink the sweetness of My table this day says the Father.  I AM the fullness that will fill you “ALL IN ALL” till there is no deficit of joy or peace or supply in any area of your life.  I place no premium or esoteric, mystical value on suffering says the Father.  The suffering of the cross is your fullness.  Say this in your heart and let it echo down deep in the recesses of your soul “the Cross is enough!”  Then you will begin to enter into the full purchase price of Calvary in every area of your life.  This is your portion and this is My delight that you completely and fully receive of all that the shed blood of the Son has made available to you in this life and the life to come.

September 2, 2015.   The Father says today that I AM not limited therefore you are not limited.  Do you believe this?  As I said to the ruler of the synagogue who came with his sick daughter – “fear not! Believe only!”  Let your confidence in Me be the only option that you base your expectations upon.  Failure is not a possibility.  Because I will not be denied you will not be denied.  Because I will not be delayed you will not be delayed.  You are moving in God-Speed acceleration toward that end that I have assured and promised you. Stand fast in your trust that the thing you have committed to Me will be accomplished.  Listen to My voice and move forward even if the path seems implausible or even impossible.

I am the God of the possible says the Father and this is your season to go forth and do exploits in My name.  Expect My name to be the strong tower that you run into when you are intimidated and tired and weak in spirit.  Receive strength and supply from My word and go out against the giants in your land knowing that My right hand is your sure resource to fell every foe.  Do not rely on the lying vanities of those who only seek to make merchandise of you.  Set aside the distractions and put your trust wholly and completely upon Me.  This is your now season and you will not be disappointed in that which I AM accomplishing in your behalf.

September 1, 2015.    The Father says today go out in your day today and heal the sick, cast out devils and preach My unadulterated gospel.  I will confirm My word with signs following as you go out boldly and with great joy.  Lead with your laughter says the Father.  Laugh the laugh of faith even as Sarah laughed.  Sarah laughed and gave birth so I AM birthing blessing in you by laughter and My joy on the inside of you.  Be joyful says the Father. Let your joy be infectious.  My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy.  As joy comes so will My kingdom come.  My joy will breakthrough and dispel the darkness.  My joy will lift you up and bring healing and renewal.

Be renewed in joy and let My joy spread out from you to lighten and encourage others.  Be as Barnabas of old – a son of consolation.  What you make happen for others I will make happen for you.  Be a provoker says the Father.  Provoke joy and I will cause joy to break over you like a shower of benevolence and benefit to cleanse and wash away every influence of the enemy.


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