The Father Says Today – September 2016

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”

30 September 2016.   The Father says today that I AM beautifying your countenance with My glory.  I AM releasing to you the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding to hasten you into the blessing place I have prepared for you.  Your life has been occupied and busied about with many things but I say to you this is a season to sit at My feet and learn of Me.  This is a season of releasing of the mantle of dominion and authority that you have heard about but seldom seen operate in your life.  There is a nobility on the inside of you says the Father and there is a crown of glory accessible to you that I have set upon your head.  What I AM saying is that I AM activating the rule of God – the rule of My kingly authority within you IN THE GLORY.  This anointing and this authority will cause you to speak a word in season.  You will speak My word at the appointed time and it will go out and CHANGE that which needs to be changed and break every yoke of bondage.

Beloved, I have extended to you Edenic authority.  It is in your hand to speak the word that expels the serpent and establishes righteousness in your life and the lives of those around you.  I have placed you in your life even as I placed Adam in the garden.  I placed the first couple in the garden to tend and to keep it.  When the serpent raises its head, says the Father, understand that the angels with the flaming swords are there not to expel you – they are on hand to destroy the work of the evil one and implement the entitlements that were ratified on the cross in your behalf through the shed blood of Calvary.  You are going to look at the things that don’t belong in your life, that don’t belong in your family, and you will call on the angels with the voice of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you, and you will prophesy over your family and over your home to command deliverance.  Rise up today says the Father into your blood bought portion and mantle and deliverance.  Set aside every besetting sin and distraction for this is the day that the bars are cut asunder and the gates open up and victory is declared in your land.

29 September 2016.   The Father says, today I AM bringing you out.  You are coming out – this is your coming out time.  You are coming out of limitation.  You are coming out of restriction and into a new place of latitude and indulgence.  I AM an indulgent God and I AM indulging you in blessing and unconditional favor.  It isn’t earned or based on your worth or moral excellence.  I AM blessing you because I love you.  I AM blessing you because change is at hand and change (repentance) only genuinely comes about through My goodness.  I AM a good God says the Father.  I AM all God and all knowing.  There is nothing about your life, even in secret that escapes My scrutiny.  Yet for all that I move toward you with outstretched hands and a loving heart to take you to Myself that you might be changed and brought more perfectly into My image.

As I bring you forth says the Father, you are going to know that I AM the God who has a sense of humor.  He that sits in the heavens shall laugh and I have seated you in heavenly places.  You will know this as your personal truth as you allow Me to fill your mouth with laughter.  I invented laughter and mirth and joy says the Father.  Those who think being somber and sober is the only way to reflect spirituality are LAUGHABLY wrong.  They have Me all wrong! I invented light-heartedness.  I declare over you this day YOKE EASY and BURDEN LIGHT.  Your testimony in the midst of My greatness will be “it can’t be that easy can it?”  Yes beloved – I AM that easy to get along with and those who portray Me otherwise are misinformed.  Receive the yoke easy and the burden light.  Even this day I restore your joy and fill your mouth with laughter.

28 September 2016.   The Father says today it’s a new day.  This is a new day and this is a new world – a new beginning for you.  Even as it was in the beginning so you are stepping into a Genesis season and all things are becoming new and manifesting in your life in newness.  You are going to run again.  You are going to play, you’re going to leap as the hart.  You are going to rejoice as I put the dance in your feet to praise Me and know fullness of joy in My Kingdom.  Others will come to you and inquire of this new joy and you will reply that the God of the heavens has provisioned you afresh and anew.  This is the hour of deliverance, and healing, even miraculous recovery says the Father to His beloved.

I AM opening the ears of those around you that have been hardened to the truth of My word.  You are not going to have to convince them or cajole them to Calvary.  The Father says, I AM opening their ears and speaking in the depths of their souls.  They will hear My sound for My Spirit broods over to meet with them and cause them to know My love and My care over those things in their life that cause them to feel rejected and as outcasts in the earth.  I will bring them to Bethel even as Jacob and they will see the angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man.  I will come to them in the night seasons and the heavens will be opened and they will see and know and come to a place of yielding to the Cross that you have prayed for so long a time.  Your prayers are heard says the Father – it is a new day and in newness you shall rejoice at those things that I am about to do.

27 September 2016.  The Father says today, that “forgive – release and bless” sets the pace for your personal shift into highest heart’s desire.  Even as I said in My word when forgiveness is delayed torment and restriction is the outcome.  Forgive, says the Father. Release.  Bless.  Move on.  Forget the past.  I AM capable of stepping through your past and rewriting your destiny but I will only do so on My timetable and according to My purpose.  Allow Me to bless those who have harmed you and maligned and betrayed you.  Allow Me to bless them away from you that I might make room within you and around you for the full and complete purpose and plan and blessing that has been established and designed for you by My hand from the foundation of the world.

Forgive – release, and bless sets the cadence for your acceleration into heaven’s best benefit and dividend in your life.  Don’t look back.  Don’t withhold or decry the strategy that I enact in order to reshape your life excluding those illegitimate authorities, who never understood or saw you as I see you.  Cut the tentacles of insecurity and settle into My rest – even the rest of one who says in their heart, “I AM who HE says I am and I can DO what HE says I can do…”  I will not leave you behind, says the Father, but the hour is late and your cooperation is required as I implement the last full measure of My Kingdom purpose and plan in your behalf.

26 September 2016.   The Father says today walk in My perfection.  Who told you that no one is perfect?  Did that originate in My word?  Was that a God-breathed inspiration?  When I said in My word “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect…”  I released all the grace and power into the earth to see it done in your life.  It isn’t up to you in your own efforts or ability.  I AM the Father on the inside of you doing the work to bring you forth in My image, with My character and My perfection intact as your personal testimony.

Beloved, when the enemy of your soul tears you down and demeans your prospects – hold My word up as the shield for your faith.  When life, or circumstance or other people trash your dreams and visions, make up your mind then and there that you are going to believe the good report.  All things are possible.  I AM the God – living on the inside of you for whom nothing is impossible.  That is who I AM, therefore in Me, that is who YOU ARE.  You are the earthly reflection of My heavenly image.  You are the image bearer of the invisibility of My glory . Yield to that glory.  Embrace that glory.  Wrap your faith around that glory and see My perfection become your manifest portion in life.

25 September 2016.   The Father says today do not fall into the enemy’s trap.  The strategy of hell against you is to wrap you up in disappointment and fill you with frustration. Get your eyes off of man and keep them upon Me.  People will disappoint you.  Circumstances will frustrate you.  Learn not to put your trust in the arm of flesh but in the word that I have sown into your heart.  I will never forsake you or ignore the cry by which you make known your voice to Me.  Do you trust Me, beloved?  Then let Me step in and take things – all the things of life and care that pertain to you – from where you are to a place of victory and blessing.  My promises in your life are producing and generating the breakthrough that you long for.  Refuse to give your energy or initiative up to anything or any person acting or constituting contradiction to My promise.

The enemy wants to isolate you.  The enemy wants to cut you off from the very resources that will put you over and bring you to breakthrough.  Test the spirits beloved.  What some call discernment is nothing but suspicion and unbelief wrapped up in religious garb.  There is no fear in love.  Perfect love casts out fear.  Perfect love is unconditional, fully extended and completely at rest.  Enter into that rest that I have for you.  Forgive those you feel anger toward.  Forgive those you have dragged in your mind to the judgment bar of imagined injustice.  All feet are swift to evil.  All hands work iniquity.  The poison of asps is under every tongue.  The cleansing is found at the foot of the cross.  There I will release you and bring you to fresh and vibrant cleansing as you relinquish your demand to be right and your insistence that you receive justice that does not originate in My kingdom.

24 September 2016.   The Father says today your tomorrows are in My hand.  You may feel at times that life is out of control and that you have no options.  Know this – My sovereignty ultimately determines what happens next.  The battles that you can no longer fight are not surrendered as long as your faith and your expectation are upon Me.  Set a new high water mark for your expectations and hopes says the Father.  Know that I AM all about life and life more abundantly.  When your hopes are dashed and distractions abound, give yourself over to the disciplines of My word.  Read and meditate and absorb My word.  My word is the template that I refer to in regard to every affair of your life.  Trust My word.  Let My word set your expectation for what happens on the morrow.

This is a time of walking into and not just waiting on.  What you DO with what I have ALREADY said is much more powerful than what you are waiting for Me to do or say.  There is no need to look to Me to repeat to you personally what I have already confirmed generally in My word.  What greater certification than the shed blood of Calvary is necessary to get your attention and cause you to hope?  It is a new day My beloved.  Stand on My promise.  Lay hold through your faith the veracity of the certitudes found in the scripture.  There is not one testimony in the scripture that is outside the realm of possibility and availability in your circumstance.  I AM no respecter of persons.  When you do with your faith what others have done with their faith you will see the same results.

23 September 2016.   The Father says today be strengthened.  Do not give in to the impulse to get into strife and contention.  Resolve to maintain quietness of spirit in your heart when all around you is confusion and distraction.  The enemy’s primary tactic is to distract you because I won’t allow him to destroy you.  I have surrounded you with My loving-kindness and I AM protecting you on every hand.  There is no need to stop and give heed to the enemy’s threats because that is all he is capable of – threats that cannot penetrate the shed blood of Calvary that is applied to your life and your heart by faith.  Fear not.  Refuse to be afraid.  Fear gives energy and access to the enemy of your soul.  Faith deprives and starves him out of your life.

Do not be weary in well doing.  Never weary or grow tired of walking in simplicity before Me.  Others may boast of their so-called depth in spiritual things, but know this: only those that come as a little child are truly walking in My Kingdom.  So come to Me as a little one who wants to be picked up and held and nurtured.  I will gather you to Myself and hold you safe and secure until the present distress is set aside and becomes a distant memory.  Set your attentions to the assignments and commands that have been given you.  Prepare to apply yourself not to the distractions of the enemy but the mandates of My Kingdom.  In so doing you immerse yourself in My goodness and My grace.  In so doing you will put far from you the lying tongues and deceitful words of the enemy.

22 September 2016.   The Father says today, that if you seek first the Kingdom I will add the delights of your heart to your life and experience.  My plan for you is so sweet and such a blessing that it borders on fantasy.  I purpose to bring you into highest heart’s desire, greatest dream fulfilled as a base state for daily living.  It’s who I AM and what I do.  In spite of the religious misconceptions of those entrenched in unbelief.  I AM a GOOD God intent on doing good things until the full bandwidth of My goodness is the very definition of My relationship with you.

Set aside all those weak plans and anemic strategies that are simply vain attempts to figure out how I AM going to pull off the things I have in store for you.  Rest in Me.  Simply rest in Me.  Make rejoicing and praise the activity that marks your day this day.  Relax, says the Father, “I’VE GOT THIS”!  No more low living.  No more waiting for “the other shoe to drop”.  Nothing and no one – no devil in hell can rob you of the dividends of My unconditional, no-strings-attached love for you.

21 September 2016.   The Father today says no more timidity and no more fear.  I AM calling you out of fear and into perfect love.  Perfect love casts out fear beloved.  On the cross – through the work of the cross I brought perfect love online in your life in a perfect way.  I AM perfecting what you have committed to Me.  Relinquish the outcome.  Let go of every expectation contrary to My promise.  I AM bringing you to highest-heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.  I have not excluded you and I have not denied you – make it your determination not to exclude or deny yourself through unreasoning and unjustified fear. What I have done for you in the past is only the beginning of your new found fruitfulness.

Are you ready for the net-breaking catch?  Are you ready for everything you say and do to become as effective as if I said it and did it?  The season you are now in the threshold of is all about new entitlement – new experience of the entitlements of the cross.  The entitlements of the cross are impacting you even this day in your health, in your spiritual well-being, in relationships and even in in your finances.  Step up right now and eat the fat and drink the sweet.  The King has sent to you His worthy portion.  You are not being denied.  Receive it by faith.  Spend your faith and you are spending the currency of the kingdom on what the economy of man cannot purchase.  I AM with you and I will never leave you or forsake you.  This is your blessing time says the Father.

20 September 2016.   The Father says today trust in the power of the cross.  The cross of Calvary is where the covenant of blessing was ratified in your behalf.  The answers you seek and the needs you lift up before Me are met in the cross.  There is no need for you to cajole, or beg for a response.  I responded to any potential need of your life on the cross 2,000 years ago.  When I bowed My head and declared “it is finished” – it applied to you also.  Enter into the finished work of the cross.  You are not disqualified.  You are not excluded.  I haven’t left you out.  I AM not measuring your moral excellence or spiritual quality as a condition of answered prayer. In the cross you are validated.  In the cross your prayers are accepted as authentic and genuine.

The response is on the way.  I have removed the handwriting of ordinances against you.  You were holy and without blame before Me in love before the foundation of the world.  Nothing that has transpired in the intervening years has changed that.  I have not excluded you.  Make it your determination not to exclude yourself.  See yourself as one for whom the death of Calvary was brought about.  My love for you is boundless, measureless and unconditioned.  Come to Me weary.  Come to Me bone tired and ready to give up.  I will cause you to enter into My rest.  I will bring about change, transformation and deliverance as you abandon yourself to the hope of the cross and see that I have already met every need, every cry and every prayer from Calvary’s hill.

19 September 2016.   The Father says today that the overture of heaven is extended to you.  The only limitation on your life is defined by the parameters of latitude and indulgence characterized in My heart toward you.  I AM patient.  I AM longsuffering.  My only thoughts toward you are peace and solicitude.  That is not what you have always been taught but know this: the demonstration of the cross is the absolute and definitive expression of My lovingkindness and mercy not only for you but for all mankind.  The deepest dregs of My judgment and wrath were poured out upon My Son upon the cross.  Nothing was withheld.  Where is wrath then?  It is extinguished.  Where is judgment?  It only exists outside the parameters of that which is covered by the shed blood of Calvary.

When I laid down heaven’s Lamb for you there was a full price paid.  Why do you think so many failures and egregious mis-steps in your life have gone without recompense?  I AM a merciful God and a loving Father.  My patience extends beyond any human metric.  The only challenge to My mercy is when you make a choice to exclude yourself by flagrant disobedience from all that heaven has poured out to your benefit.  So accept the fullness of My love.  Know this day the depth, height and breadth of My love that is inexhaustibly poured out upon you and upon all humanity.  This is the mercy that endures forever.  Run to Me.  There are no angels with flaming swords to stand against you.  Only the foot of the cross that beckons you.  This is the grace extended to you this day.  Come and be cleansed.  Come and be refreshed.  Partake of the cleansing streams of My unconditional love and be shaped afresh and anew into My image.

18 September 2016.   The Father says today that your breath is never wasted in prayer. Let your mouth pray beloved.  I have communicated My will to you in My word.  Return My will to Me in prayer.  Your prayers are the coals on the altar before My throne.  As you pray they are offered up as a sweet smelling savor.  Your prayers constitute an aroma received before Me as incense in the throne room.  Your prayers establish the atmosphere around My throne.  The enemy marginalizes prayer as a cathartic act of desperation but I say to you that prayer is the catalyst in your life that brings transformation.  Prayer moves you from the mundane into the miraculous.  Let your mouth pray beloved – and see the mountains move and the hills tremble!

There is no mountain, however tall in your life that cannot, will not yield to the impassioned prayer offered up at the altar of your faith.  Prayer is what takes My promises and turns them into action reports for the angels assigned to your life.  The primary purpose of the angels assigned to you from birth is to hear the prayers concerning you and to hear your prayers and bring them expectantly before Me.  Do not allow prayerlessness to cause your angel to stand shamefaced and empty handed before My throne.  I AM disposed to hear your prayer.  I AM inclined to hear your prayer.  My default answer toward you is yes.  There is no reluctance on My part to be overcome in order to attain an answer.  The cross of Calvary is a statement, a declaration of just how far I will go to meet your need at the very hour of your greatest desperation.

17 September 2016.   The Father says today that I AM your irreducible life.  You may feel at times as though your energy and vitality are a limited resource, but that is not what I have said over you.  You may feel worn out and exhausted but what if you weren’t?  What if this was merely the lie of the enemy?  Even as the prophet Daniel said – the strategy of the enemy is to wear out the saints and cause you to despair by great swelling words against you and against My promise in your life.  This is the lie the enemy tells and it is all smoke and mirrors.  When the confusion lifts you will see the pathetic reality of just how limited the enemy is and how powerfully I AM standing up in the strength of My right arm to defend and strengthen you at this very moment.

So break the stronghold over your mind that begins every day with “I’m tired…” or “I’m exhausted…”  Reach out by faith even as David of old, says the Father, and know that you can run over a troop and leap over a wall.  I have taught your fingers to fight and your hands to wage war.  Go out in your day and give the enemy a nervous breakdown when he sees just how exuberant you are and how full of the life of My Spirit you are in spite of his best efforts.  Laugh at the enemy for when you see yourself seated in the heavens you shall laugh and hold in derision every imp of hell that would dare to trifle with the least of your concerns.  Because I AM mighty, you are more than a conqueror.  Because I AM more than enough, you will never run out, wear out, rust out or give out.  I AM with you so rise up, and shake yourself, and rejoice as the mighty warrior I have ordained you to be!

16 September 2016.   The Father says today trust in My timing.  I AM never late.  I always show up on time in your circumstance and your situation.  Understand that I AM not working from some secret agenda that is not discoverable to you or sensitive to your needs.  I know that you want Me to act and to act now to relieve and change and shift your circumstance.  Know that in your patience you will possess your soul.  It is also important for you to realize that the timing of what happens next is negotiable.  Those things that you are believing for are subject to the “sooner not later” prayer.  We can accelerate the deliverance but know this – it involves heat and pressure.  Even as I said in My word that with much tribulation one enters the Kingdom.  Are you willing to endure greater pressure to achieve quicker results?

Let your mouth pray says the Father.  Know that I AM not insensitive to your pain or holding Myself aloof from your struggle.  That is the religious lie that un-enlightened men have suggested.  There is not one nuance of struggle in your life that I AM not keenly aware of.  That is the great lesson and the great message of the cross.  I AM touched with the feelings of your infirmities.  In My earth life I was tempted at every point you are tempted – yet without sin.  So I say to you again ask what you will – without caveat.  There is a prayer that is a blank check prayer but let your fear be not that I will not answer but that I will answer and you must be prepared for the consequences.  There is the answer to prayer that results in leanness of soul.  Believe rather for My blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow.  I AM not a hard taskmaster.  You don’t have to overcome My reluctance to act in your life because I have none.  The ache in your heart is the prophecy over your life.  Your part is to be honest with yourself and transparent before Me as I move you forward to your destined purpose in My Kingdom.

15 September 2016.   The Father says today that the oil of My Spirit is flowing to you.  From the head – even who I AM in your life, it is dispensed to bring refreshing and transformation.  Receive it.  Receive this day the oil that ran down Aaron’s beard and flowed down even onto those priestly garments that girded his loins.  As you have stood for others in prayer, even those garments of intercession and prayer are the garments that the oil of My Spirit is flowing down upon NOW.  The glistening glory and deliverance anointings of power and illumination and freedom are saturating and changing you and your circumstance.  This is the anointing flowing now – upon you.  Receive it.  Receive it My beloved.  It is your portion as you stand by night in the Holy Place and make obeisance and praise and worship before Me.

The Shekinah above the mercy seat is yours – it is shining upon you now.  The Kabod – the weightiness of who I AM is yours today.  Forget about all the convoluted teachings of compromised minds.  There is no secret formula or hidden protocol.  Just come unto Me.  Come burdened.  Come heavy laden.  Come needing to be washed.  I AM unburdening you.  I AM lifting the heavy load.  I AM washing you and I AM turning your captivity and YES I AM turning the captivity of your children and your children’s children.  I receive the offering up of your heart to Me.  I will not despise you for you have approached Me from a posture of humility and contrition.  There is no hindrance.  There is no delay.  You have happened headlong into My YEA and My AMEN and from this day forward everything changes in your behalf!

14 September 2016.   The Father says today that I set the solitary in families – but you don’t always get to choose.  There are people I bring into your life that are there for their growth and their benefit.  Your commission in those relationships is to be part of their solution and not part of their problem.  They may provoke and challenge you but just keep walking in love.  I said in My word I would send forth deliverers from Zion.  That means that sometimes you are the one receiving deliverance and blessing and sometimes you are the one giving out in My name deliverance and blessing.  Do not think that it is a strange thing if people look to you and expect something from you.  Just let your heart attitude be one of “rise, take up your bed and walk!”

Purpose in your life that you will maintain the discipline of being a blessing.  You must also however, know where to draw the boundary lines.  Not everyone in your life will exercise the maturity and civility not to take unfair advantage.  Love them anyway – just not on their terms.  There are some relationships in your life that you have to set the boundaries because they will not.  When you let others cross your boundaries they become an illegitimate authority in your life.  So keep walking in love and exercising patience toward those who haven’t learned some lessons that you have learned and are in fact learning.  Be generous . Be kind.  Give them love, yes, but also give them limits for that is what your growth in this season is all about.

13 September 2016.   The Father says today that I have given you a mercy heart.  There is a mercy motivation in you that life can step on sometimes and cause wounding and even resentment and defensiveness.  I AM calling you to rise above all of that.  You may have opportunity to be disillusioned by things you see going on around you but I AM pursuing a program of benefit, increase and healing in your life.  Be healed of the offenses and wounds of the past. Let go.  Forgive.  Release.  Bless and move on.  I AM increasing you so that you will increase others.  I AM freeing you so you will walk free yourself and be an instrument of freedom to others.

The Father says I AM bringing you into that Daddy-God heart of love that loves even those who are obnoxious and difficult.  Love never fails.  Why step out of love when a step out of love is a step into failure?  Refuse to allow skepticism or pessimism to derail the tenderness of spirit I AM fostering in you.  Tenderness in My Spirit is a strength and not a weakness.  Eschew pessimism.  Forsake mockery and all scorn.  Embrace simplicity of spirit.  Other will call you naïve but I will call you the beloved of your Father which is in heaven.  I will teach you to love others on My terms and not theirs.  I will bring you into the ascendency of spirit that overflows all resistance and brings change into the hardest of heart’s in the hour of their greatest need.

12 September 2016.   The Father says today I AM doing a dual work in your life by My power.  There are two kinds of power in My Kingdom.  I AM bringing My exousia power and My dunamis power into your life and your experience.  Exousia is kingdom position and kingdom authority.  Dunamis is My immediate and transformative presence that brings the miraculous into manifestation.  You are even now learning how to walk in the authority that releases the immediacy of the miraculous.  There was a man in Galatians who was said to be one who “did miracles among the people…”  I AM teaching you and training you – allow Me to train and teach you how to move in the gifts of the Spirit until you can prophesy at will, speak in tongues at will, move in healing and discernment of Spirit and miracles at will.

I will use you in dry places to destroy doubt and the shackles of pessimism and religious mentalities.  I will destroy unbelief in you and cause you to be instruments through which I destroy unbelief in the lives of others.  You are a demonstrator.  You don’t have to talk about what you demonstrate.  I AM bringing you out of the mundane and into a place of participation in My purposes.  I call you first partakers – don’t look for examples for if you look at the example others have set you will have set your sights too low.  You can be encouraged by what others have done but I AM giving you that which is uniquely your own in the experience of the manifestation of My Spirit.

11 September 2016.    The Father says that My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. My joy is an explosive thing.  You are an IED device that I will plant in the highways and the byways.  Where others have no joy, no peace and no composure – where others are living their lives with frayed and raw nerves and ready to give up – I will cause you to be the solution to the pollution.  You know what it is to walk in dry places, but you are coming out of hiddenness and into manifestation.  The manifestation of My joy is going to flow out of you – you are a joy bomb.  Where bombs have fallen and fear has ruled, you will bring joy and rejoicing.  You will declare the mandate that the sky isn’t falling, the kingdom is coming.  This joy is not the mindless mirth of distracted and perverse minds.  This is the pristine joy of My Spirit and the exhilaration that makes life worth living and sustains those who have been without hope.

I have brought you to and established you in My Shiloh.  Be ready to receive those that come to you.  You will feel many times that you are giving out what you can ill afford yourself.  I so loved that I gave – as you give out of yourself I will bring increase.  I will increase your joy and increase your substance until you are bursting at the seams and unable to account for My goodness.  You will be poster-children for My goodness poured out in your life and your home even will be as the home of Obed-Edom who kept kept the ark of the covenant.  Things will tend to benefit and blessing and not downturn of despondency.  People will remark how they just love to be around you and even visit you in your home and you will have opportunity to say. “do you really want to know why things are so different?”  They will inquire and you will give the answer of hope and joy that comes by My hand and through intimacy with Me.  You will rejoice and those without hope and wallowing in despondency will become partakers and participators in that hope themselves.

10 September 2016.    The Father says I AM the God who never planted anything in a row.  I delight in keeping you guessing just what I AM going to do next.  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to find it out.  You are kings and priests unto Me says the Father.  You are bond slaves unto Christ but you are principalities and powers over every work of the enemy.  I AM breaking illegitimate authority in your life.  Those who have said you must, and you have no choice are completely in error, for where man forbids you to go you will find Me waiting for you.  I AM calling upon you not to wait on My glory but to walk in My glory.  My glory is something on the inside of you pressing to get out.  Let that birthing take place.  When you walk into a room, learn to say in yourselves “I release the glory here…” you will be amazed at the anomalous and unusual things that will take place.

As My glory flows through you, people will get up and leave the room for no reason.  Others will come up to you – total strangers and strike up a conversation as Philip did with the Ethiopian eunuch.  You know what darkness looks like – but know this I AM causing My light to shine out of your darkness. I choose you.  I choose you as an instrument of salvage for the unsalvageable.  You have a commission.  It is immediately in front of you.  Be prepared to act.  That which I now pour into you is constituting you and making you a conduit to pour out to those around you who are floundering in darkness.  You are called to be light in the LORD in many dark and desolate places but I will always be with you and will never forsake you.

9 September 2016.   The Father says today that My house is a house of healing.  The Father says I AM immersing you into the river of My healing gifts.  Life has left its’ mark on our lives and upon the level of your expectations.  Set your sights on higher things No more merely being content with lowering the bar and taking what you can get.  The disappointments that have imprinted on your expectations are being shifted and diminished.  No more anticipation of doubt and downturn.  The Father says I AM moving you into a discipline of spirit, the end thereof is a state of grace where everything you say and do becomes as effective as if I said it and did it.  This is My proof of life says the Father, that the dead will be raised and the sick will be healed.  The leper will be cleansed.

I AM releasing My virtue into you and through you.  You must make up your mind just exactly what you are prepared to believe Me for.  There is a healing virtue flowing to you that the woman with the issue of blood experienced.  She touched the hem of My garment and experienced immediate cleansing.  Be bold to expect manifestations of healing to you, in you and through you of a new testament caliber.  It doesn’t have to come with fanfare or a circus atmosphere.  My call on your life will draw you out time and again to bolder and bolder faith and audacious expectations.  The enemy wants you to look at the rising waters of this difficulty or that difficulty but remember, I AM in charge of what happens next in your life and your deliverance is by My hand.

8 September 2016.   The Father says today that we are going back over old ground to reclaim the harvest.  There are investments you have made in your life of your time and resources in times past that look like they cast their young and did not produce.  The Father says we play till you win.  The contest of heaven never leaves the field without the pennant. Your trophy case is not full.  Yet with every trophy there is conflict, and challenge and contention for mastery.  You not only have My favor in your life you have anointing and skill and talents given by My hand with the intent to bring about the expected end I promised in My word.

Raise the level of your expectations says the Father.  Past dreams are being reclaimed.  Set your sights on higher things not mitigated by your current perceptions of your limitations or boundaries. I AM moving the line of demarcation between the possible and the impossible.  Where you think the parameters of the possible and impossible are set are being moved – radically moved.  Get ready for the impossible to become possible as I raise the bar of My favor in your life to bring about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

7 September 2016.   The Father says today I AM near to you.  Regardless of the challenge, I AM on time and on task in your life.  Refuse to allow the circumstance to define My faithfulness.  Look to My word.  Look to the guarantee of My word.  I AM coming through for you.  Ask yourself what authority you will submit to – the authority of the circumstance or the authority of My promise in your life?  Consider My testimonies.  Refuse to immerse yourself in the garments of skepticism and unbelief when you tread My courts.  My word is founded forever – your challenges will yield to the supremacy of My word.  This is your heritage.  This is what your future looks like.

You will look back on the current distress and declare “what else could possibly go right!”  Though you might question “God what are you doing…”  Know this – that I AM bringing you into the place where everything you say and do will become as effective as though I said it or did it.  I AM the King of kings.  I have made you to be kings and priests in My name. Kings have kingdoms.  Satan’s authority is illegitimate in the earth.  Go out in your day and enforce the mandates of My kingdom in your life and the lives of others.  Be a follower – an imitator of who I AM.  Do what I would do if I were in your situation.  Walk on the water. Cleanse the leper.  Raise the dead.  Overcome for you are this day an overcomer in all things.

6 September 2016.   The Father says today fear not.  Fear not the encroaching darkness on the world scene.  Fear not when you see yourself bounded by the demands of godless persons who scoff at the truths you hold dear.  The truth always outlives the lie.  When the ungodly have hurled themselves against the bulwarks of truth until they are exhausted – My truth will stand unaffected and unconcerned.  There are those – even those who speak in My name, that are raising alarm, and insisting that the measure of your faith is the degree to which you are disturbed about what you see coming upon the earth.  My word to you is fear not little flock.  It is My pleasure to give you the kingdom! It is My pleasure to give you the kingdom in the looming shadow of ungodliness that rises like a specter over the land.  Refuse to acknowledge the smoke and mirror threat of the enemy.  At the end of the matter I will awaken My people and once again they will become that nation confronting army that Joel prophesied.

Be careful for nothing. In everything give thanks.  That is your assignment.  That is who you are.  That is where you belong.  Yes, there is gross darkness on the earth.  There is also morning spread on the mountains.  Where you put your attention determines what happens next.  When all the systems of man have failed, you will be left standing if you will choose to put your trust in Me and not any other contaminated, compromised false hope.  This is the day of My visitation.  The shift is upon us.  Let it begin in you as you return the Rock that bore you and offer up there your sacrifices and intercession that change might come.

5 September 2016:   The Father says today this is the day of your visitation.  I AM not merely passing by your way – I AM come to take up My abiding place in your life.  This is the way that must be prepared and the path in your heart by which My glory will be made manifest.  You are called to be a carrier of the glory.  You are called to a throne-life, serving before Me as a bondservant found willing and obedient.  Though you may see around you those who go their own way and make their own choices – make yourself available to Me.  I AM not seeking those who serve Me out of terror or dread.  I AM seeking those, and will be found of those who seek Me as a loving Father, even those who seek Me with a whole heart, fervently.  I will fill up all the empty places in your life and bring recompense to your house even this day – the recompense of My mercy, purchased in the shed blood of Calvary.

Make ready says the Father.  Be in readiness as the Israelites of old, eating the lamb with their sandals on their feet and their staff in their hand.  Purpose in your mind that you will know the day of your visitation.  Be resolute in your heart that you want more than a fleeting, cathartic spiritual experience – but rather deep and abiding indwelling.  What transient experience cannot bring about – the inward abiding of My Spirit in your life will produce.  I AM dealing with you as part of the bride and as such I desire not a mere dalliance with you but a lifelong, soul deep, overarching intimacy that envelopes all that you are and all that you will be.  So come unto Me beloved.  Yield by an act of your will, to the preparation of the heart that is in man, that you may receive the habitation of My glory inherent as the portion of every man and woman who abandon themselves to Me.

4 September 2016.   The Father says today that your distress has not escaped My notice.  As you have cried out to Me so I have heard your voice.  You have desired change and change is available.  Change is not a far off nor a distant proposition.  Those things you have looked at in your life that have brought grief and distress of soul are well within My capacity and willingness to adjust, make different and bring you out into a new and fresh dispensation of My favor.

Take no thought, says the Father, for the lying lips and deceitful tongues that have misrepresented and misconstrued things.  Know this – that the truth always outlives the lie.  What I have said about you establishes what happens next in your life and not any other thing.  Those who think they are in control are going to see My hand at work and know that first and foremost you belong to Me and I decide the path that your life takes.  So no more fighting your own battle for your dependence is on Me.  Even when things don’t look the way you wish, know that at the end of the day you will see My faithfulness and be at rest in a place of trust in every matter that pertains to your life.

3 September 2016.   The Father says today trust in My judgments.  When you fear Me you need not fear My judgments.  I will not leave you to your oppressors.  I will not abandon you to the dogs that seek to rend and tear your life till there is nothing left.  Those who persecute you and act against your best interests do not get to decide what happens next.  I went to the cross to deliver you from the happenstance and causality of living in a fallen world at the mercy of fallen men.  I AM your defense.  I AM your benefactor and your protector.

Go out in your day this day without fear. Know that I AM your security.  My word and the promise of My word is the co-signer for all your hopes and dreams.  Though many around you experience dashed hopes and destroyed dreams, that will not be your experience.  I AM a faithful God.  As you align yourself with My heart in every area of your life, things will begin to look different.  Your life will take on the character of heaven come to earth.  This is available . It is possible.  Refuse to be talked out of My goodness even by those who claim to speak for Me.  Unless it is My goodness coming out of their mouth, their words do not originate with Me.

2 September 2016.   The Father says today that I AM bringing you into a continuance of My blessing.  My favor and benediction on your life was never intended to be an occasional happenstance.  The cost of Calvary was paid to bring you into an abiding place of abundance and blessing. In the domain of darkness – everything tends to decay.  In My Kingdom EVERYTHING in your life tends to blessing.  You have been translated out of the domain of darkness and into the kingdom of light.  Walk as children of the light.  What is that like?  Walk in anticipation of things going RIGHT for a change.  Walk in anticipation of every situation in your life, every relationship, every transaction to come up in victory, blessing and benefit.

This isn’t what you have been taught but it is time to get rid of those weak tapes, those contaminated messages, and those books filled with unbelief dressed up in the hypocrite’s robes of false piety and high sounding sentiments.  I have not appointed you to wrath.  You are not destined for failure.  You are more than a conqueror.  The Greater One lives on the inside of you.  No more coping strategies.  The life and life more abundantly I have paid for in your behalf is not about COPING but about WALKING into what you have been hoping for.  This is your portion.  This is My blessing – step into that – align with that and you will begin to see what your eyes have longed to see lo these many years.

1 September 2016.   The Father says today that the commendation of heaven is upon you.  You have been robbed in times past.  You have been taken advantage of.  But you didn’t (as others suggested you do) shake your fist toward heaven as though it was My fault.  You remembered My promises.  You were in the heat of battle and chose to hold on to My word.  There is commendation for you beloved.  Your commitment and integrity toward My word did not escape My attention.  I saw you in the midnight hour when you called upon Me out of the pit of difficulty.  Know this – I heard you and your salvation is assured!

As you walked with Me in the difficult time so walk with Me this day.  We will step it out together as companions and friends.  I call you My friend.  Your faith has garnered to your life not just My Lordship but My friendship.  It will be said of you as it was said of Abraham of old – “this person was the friend of God…”  Others may simper and pretentiously boast of their deep spiritual experiences – but your relationship to Me is based upon the simple reality of your faith and your expectation of My faithfulness in your behalf.  You are so ahead of the game when it comes to dead religious profession.  You chose life and not pretense.  You looked to Me in the difficult time and beloved you will not be disappointed.


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