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The Father Says Today — September 2022 — 7 Comments

  1. All of it is true & right! It is certainly Gods Precious time for Women to come up higher in time ever. the Prophetic is so important time as ever for womento come up higher then ever before. People have been tested allot but as you saidGod is bringing His women up higher in the spirit realm than ever before & fast especially the one s that know God for sure. It is time. The woman that have been been through hell in their lives, it is now time for peace & get in the word as much as possible, pray in the spirit give God Glory,Pray in the spirit as much as you can ! He is waiting for us. He will give us that Gracy & Mercy to step up higher. This what He is saying even today. In His Love Gail Casperson Amen

  2. Thank you Lord who passed billion people to locate & chose me for testimony & greatness despite my weakness. Lord, take all the Glory that belongs to you alone. Give me the Grace to stay humble & obey your instructions through the Holy spirit of God. Thank you prophet Russell

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