Tremendous Change


“These are days of catapulting and launching into the times that will culminate the end of all time.

You are about to be shaken and stirred, changed and rearranged.  Yes, I AM changing the furniture around in My church.  I AM changing assignments with those I love.  I AM changing and rearranging so that all that I’ve told will be fulfilled.

I’m a Master organizer.  I designed the heavens and the earth, so nothing, nothing, nothing is impossible with ME!  NOTHING can stand in the way My beloveds of these days I have prepared for you.

You are coming out of the caves, and it is time to see the LIGHT of the SON!  You are about to get a spectacular view of the things to come.  It will come in surprising ways, and you will wonder when you look back, that you could have doubted or considered My words to you as your own flesh.

What you will experience, is nothing that you can compare to anything.  So don’t even try to speculate.  It will come, and it will come swiftly and just on time.  You will see the wisdom in all I have done, and your eyes will be more opened to the wisdom of what I AM calling you to do, once I have helped slay the giants in your land; in your minds and hearts.  Everything that is not of ME, will be laid waste in those who have been willing to count the cost.

Know that I AM WITH you and will be with you MORE in the most wonderful way.  Rejoice, and again I say REJOICE for what I am about to do, though you can’t see it yet… Be filled with thankfulness and praise and spend yourselves on ME, that I may fill you up in the midst of the worship!

I love you like no other loves you!  And I AM bringing to fulfillment many of your dreams and desires and the alignments that are important to fulfilling MY goals.  Don’t be afraid of the changes I call you to!  Let ME take the helm, for I know what is best don’t I.

I know what lies ahead!  Let go of all the control and TRUST ME with your lives.  I AM ARISING IN YOU!  I WILL BE SEEN UPON YOU BY THE MASSES!  They may doubt now, but when I’m done with the finishing touches, My how you will shine and lay waste all the doubt of the mockers.

Many will change and come to the LIGHT OF MY GLORY, but there will also be the stubborn, that though mountains fall in their presence, would not give in.  I will separate the wheat from the chaff in your perception and vision, that you will know who to spend time on and who not.

You WILL increase in discernment again, because the old strongholds, and old fodder will be done away with, and you’ll be able to see and hear more clearly.  KNOW that I AM in the still small voice!  Not the voice of harshness, not to My beloveds.

Remember those who stood with Moses wanting to hear for themselves?  Remember how they BEGGED him to be their mediary, after they heard for themselves?  For it was powerful and terrible to their ears.  They only prepared 3 days… and then many ran away, unable to handle the presence and sound of My voice.

Remember Gideon, how when they shouted, the enemy’s camp was thrown into confusion?  Do not think I have not had a plan for all those who oppose me.  YOU WILL DO GREAT EXPLOITS, because I will be with you even MORE in measure and you will not look back except to laugh that you could have doubted My goodness towards you!

Flexibility is a tool of the great warrior, because a warrior must be prepared for changes in the strategies of the enemy.  Flexibility will enable you to say YES, when I call for a dramatic change, without doubting!

If I say go to the train station and take a trip from New York to Mexico, or a plane from France to South Africa, you will do it without hesitating.  I will be giving you more specific directions.  And nothing will be withheld from your hands as the GLORY of My presence touches you.  Whatever your need, so long as you are willing to obey, will be met.  Do not question, do not doubt!

Remember Zachariah, the father of John the Baptist, how he doubted, and then lost his voice?  Keep your hearts from the things of this world.  For they are all perishable.  But YOU are My jewels and I will make you to walk on the high hills of the earth.

Authority is coming, a new authority, and a new HOLINESS, that will not be moved, that will not go backwards… that will not give in to the ploys of the enemy.  I have golden scepters to hand out to many that will obey my command to GO, and you will see the things your hearts have longed to see, in greater measure than you’ve imagined.

Honestly come before ME and let ME take all the issues of your life and heal them and make you WHOLE!  Come and behold My beauty, for I AM Your King and Your delight and YOU ARE MINE!

I will shower you with blessings and abundance, once I have purged My threshing floor, and you will go forth like prophets and apostles of old with courage and filled with My power to heal and deliver.  Even if people forsake helping you, I will see to it that your needs are met.

Even the ravens fed Elijah, so keep your eyes on ME and your ears on My chest.  Like My SON, you will not lack what you NEED, and power and authority will be given to those wanting HIS character, not just His hand.

Like My apostles, you will not go alone.  Those who have been alone, will no longer be lonely.  I will be with you, and I will yoke you with others that you may be MORE effective in all you do together.

Wherever two or more are together, I AM in your midst.  Do not yield to competition and petty jealousies, for it will destroy those who yield to it now.  Understand that My goodness is towards EVERYONE.

I AM not willing that ANY should perish.  All judging will be turned to LOVE!  All suspicion and doubt will be turned to FAITH.  All depression and sadness will be turned to JOY.

I have given you BEAUTY for ashes, and the JOY of the LORD will be your strength. Come and rejoice at the adventure that lies ahead of you.”


~ Priscilla
© 2003

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California &
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Tremendous Change — 4 Comments

  1. Oh such uplifting..  thanks dear one..  God bless and love you and all dear to your sweet heart!  Love, Patricia – NJ

  2. Amen…I receive this word unto my spirit… Lord have your way in my life…I’m ready… All glory to God!!! Thank you Lord for using your servant!!!