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  1. several night ago I was shown all the color of the rainbow. these color were in jewels beautiful stones.. I saw them laying on the top of a hangman frame work. like what Hamman set up 4 Moriia of Esther … I was on the way to get my hair cut n colored blue… when I notice a bronze statue. n I learn about a man name Dan Moody who broke the back of KKK in TX.. I went to his house. where he was born… where his mother sat in her bedroom rocking chair n prayer for her son, children, where intercession.. I started decreeing god word over the bed, rocking chair.. it released the power of God so strong it was knocking me to the floor.  God used me to release his mantle again into the world. for Justice.. It has set dead since 1966 .. it was released last sat. which was the 10 of August.. we know 10 means the law I then took the anointing from there n travel back to the court room he practice in to break KKK N DECREED it back.. I came against freemasonry.. bribes, in justice, crooked dealing.. I decree in the spirit all those who would not repent n had traffic anyone. 4 money, sex, killed, murder to start drying.. lest than 24 hour I heard Epstien 66 had died…

  2. I neeed to talk to you. Like so serious. Ive been seeing spirits in the trees for the last for months, or better known as the tree spirits. Im a true believer in Christ even thy though ive been talked down on, mistreated by family, friends, and often judged by those who dont know me as a wrong doer, hippocratic, basically a chielf sinner. My close friends and God can witness for me that i always consider others of more importance than myself, i judge no man because i know that im a born sinner and will take a look in da mirror 1st, and that ill sit and talk about God with any1 at anytime. I do and try my best to give God my life to be used by him daily as a witness to testify of his mighty works yhat he did in my life over and over.people say im fake cause i carry a bible around with me constantly, but i carry a bible so that in case im giving some1 a stripture and i might forget the exact words sometimes, ill open my bible to give them the word exactly how its written.  I got a real thirst for Christ and as much as im judged, as much as i sin, as much as i fall short, i still repent and continue to press towards the mark of the high Calling. Its like i go through sorrow and misery whenever i dont witness to some1. Like Jeremiah 20:9, i become weary with holding it in. Ive been seeking answers about the spirits ive been seeing. Always i pray and search daily. This morning i recieved revaluation that the spirits are good and that the gift of seeing them where from God. After the revaluation i opened my Bible to Psalm 66 which was my confirmation from The Lord My God.  Reading this prophecy is like walking into what God wants and wills for my life. After seeing the sacred serpant over and over on multiple occasions, i was at a point of fear, in which 1 night i was surrounded by spiritual serpents to the point i could open my eyes out of fear and i felt them crawling over my body, so many snakes, i just had to surrender and prayed for hour after hour to my lord and saviour that he come to my defense as he did in times past. Even after i couldnt feel the snakes crawling, i refused to open my eyes and continued praying without cease. It was daylight the next morning when i finally ended my prayer and opened my eyes. He had brought me out of the darkness again. Today was the 1st time i was able to truly see the beauty of the trees. God took away the fear and showed me his love. Hebrews 12 is my testimony of praise. Hebrews 12:18-28 describes 2 Mountains of the Lord, 1 of fear and 1 of joy. It said in verse 22,”but u have come to the Mount of Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly “. Today all i see in the trees are thousands upon thousands of angels. A mountain that would be impossible for any1 but God to produce. I can go through old photos and videos and my eyes have been fully open that the serpents are gone, i can finally see the Angel’s. I can see past the trees and witness the Beauty of the forest.  All this happened today. And today i read this prophecy.  I need more answers please and thank u. My wifi connection wouldnt let me watch the video, i could only read. But God bless u. Please write back

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