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The Persecution Has Begun — 5 Comments

  1. Also had the dream about the tables with the bowls of fruit! The Lord is requiring us to bear fruit for Him! Very very important!

  2. I’ve just listened to the entire video, as of 7:17am, 06/28/2020. Mena, thank you, for making yourself available to The Lord, and to the people of The Lord.  On last night, I viewed brief excerpts on tv of a special program concerning covid 19. The program was really more about the planned vaccine for the masses of people to receive. I believe the covid 19 vaccine, is the revelation of what Jesus was coughing up, in the encounter you had. There are people with an agenda to push that vaccine. We should not take that vaccine.

  3. I think the last of the last days could go for another sixteen years yet. Today’s date is June 28, 2020
    It could be as far as 2035 before the trublitation starts. (I think this where we are now is going to be a long one from what I hear the Lord is saying.

    • I completely agree with you because I have seen myself ministering to a sea of people. I saw my nephews, who are 3,4 and 5, protecting me from the crowd trying to get on the stage. They were adults. I have had many visions and dreams about all the countries I am called to. I know, though, that I will be alive for tribulation. I have had countless dreams about that since I was six years old. I am always helping people hide from the government. The Lord did say I needed to start teaching people about the honor and privilege of being a martyr. So, it is all coming and I believe once 2029 hits things will really start getting hectic.

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