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  1. That is a very beautiful vision and dream—it really reminds me that sometimes, what had been cut down previously, will eventually be restored and will come back even stronger and more beautiful and amazing then ever before. In the vision of President Trump being in the Rose Garden, I know it is a picture of a meeting place specifically for Jesus and President Trump to be in—and, also I tend to think of it as a place of surrender—I find the willow tree/weeping willow to be symbolic as well in some way-I am not sure specifically. When President Trump was running up to Jesus, I felt that was a picture of pure joy he had, and I believe will ending up having in the long-term. It reminds me of when a parent has been away for some time, and they see their kids—just how exciting the child is to see the actual parents—I see that same picture with President Trump.

  2. I thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and dreams. As I have watched joe biden destroy every good thing in America ,I keep remembering back to your vision of the destroyed rose bushes and then was reminded that they would bloom again. Your words have helped to give me hope during a time that it has been hard to see anything that is hopeful. Thank you for sharing who you are with all of us. God bless you.

  3. OH MY!!!! I am astounded at the timing.
    Last night I watched an animated movie called ‘Inside Out’ where Joy and Sadness get extracted from their positions in the life of this child and fight their way back. It had to be that the two of them had to work together to bring this child into her proper destiny, and at the end, they did it. She embraced the pain and sadness she was running from and Joy was finally released!!!
    Sunshine always follows the rain.
    I’m also again reminded of Wendy Alec’s book ‘Visions From Heaven’ in the Chapter where Jesus walks through the baron Garden with her, and in an instant, before her eyes, she watches the desolation turn into the most beautiful and fragrant flowers she has ever seen, and the Lord walks among them, releasing His Life.
    Thank you for sharing Veronica.
    The attacks have intensified for so many, and your encouraging words are as water to a very dry sponge.
    Bless your beautiful heart.
    My prayers go out to you and yours :)

  4. Wow, I just listened to Hank Kunneman on Elijah Streams who was talking about a shift happening on the Super Flower blood moon as well. May this be the time of Extreme Rapid Acceleration you talked about last year.

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